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Open Hoenn Trainer RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ombree, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. Rules:

    No legendaries
    No Mega Evolutions
    Z-Moves are allowed, if approved by an administrator
    No godmodding
    No Mary Sues
    Follow Pokecharms Rules
    1-3 Pokemon to start with, you can then catch more


    Previous Regions

    My info

    Name: Ava
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Trainer
    Appearance: Profile
    Personality: Friendly
    Team: Eevee, Lillipup
    Previous Regions: Kalos Alola Sinnoh
    Other: A Pokemon Trainer from Alola.

    RP. Ava watched as Slateport City drew closer and closer. Her Lillipup sat in her bag and her Eevee stood on the railing of the boat. She couldn't wait to arrive in Hoenn. She wanted to meet lots of new Pokemon. She looked around the boat and saw many trainers like her.
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  2. [OOC]
    Name- Jack
    Occupation- Travelling Trainer
    Appearance- Profile
    Personality- Adventurous, Keen to Battle
    Team- Growlithe (Shiny), Deino, Gastly
    Previous Regions- Alola, Kalos, Sinnoh
    Other- Originally From Sinnoh, Travelled to Kalos to see the sights and experience the culture, Visited Alola with friends and started a career as a trainer.
    RP-- Jack walked across the deck of the boat, his growlithe proudly walking beside him, He Leaned on a railing and looked at the ocean behind them, and Slateport city in front. Growlithe Barked Happily and scratched at Jacks pocket where his fellow pokemon were held inside their pokeballs. "Not now Bud, they'll scare everyone, they aren't the friendliest looking pokemon" Jack said as he patted growlithe on his shining golden coat.
  3. Ava looked around the boat and saw a boy with a shiny growlithe. Her Lillipup jumped out of Ava's bag and ran over to the growlithe.

    "Lilli! Lillipup!" Lillipup said to the Growlithe.
  4. Growlithe turned and barked at the Lillipup as it came bounding over "Woah there bud, settle down, its just another trainers pokemon" Jack Looks at the lillipup and bends down to pat it. "Wheres your trainer little guy" Jack asks the lillipup.
  5. Ava ran over to Lillipup and picked him up. "I'm so sorry!" Ava said, "My Lillipup is a naughty little thing"

    Lillipup jumped back into Ava's bag and looked curiously at the growlithe. Eevee jumped off the railing and ran over to Ava. It was a little bit shy.
  6. Growlithe Sat Patiently beside Jack and stared at the girl who had just approached them. " It's no problem really, Im used to pokemon around me now, ever since ive become a trainer! are you a trainer too?" Growlithe Barked Happily
  7. "I am" Ava said, "I'm from Alola"

    The boat came into Slateport City and Ava picked up Eevee and started to walk. She still was talking to the boy with the growlithe as she walked into Slateport City.
  8. " Yeah I'm from Sinnoh! although i wasnt a trainer there, I started visiting different regions like Kalos and Alola and ended up becoming a trainer in Alola when i met this guy!" Jack Said eagerly as he patted growlithe on the head. "So what are you doing in Hoenn?"
  9. "Looking for new Pokemon and just travelling I guess" Ava said. She wasn't exactly sure why she'd come to Hoenn, she just had a feeling it was the right place to go.

    Suddenly Lillipup jumped out of Ava's bag and ran off. "Lillipup!" Ava shouted and she gave chase.
  10. Jacks Growlithe Bounded off after the girl as she chased her lillipup. "Hey Wait Growlithe don't run off!" Jack Shouted .growlithe turned and barked at jack and continued to chase the girl. Jack scrambled after it
  11. Can I join? I know this is not the place where you post sign ups but i couldn't find it in discussions

    Name Aiden
    Age 11
    Gender Male
    Occupation Trainer
    Appearance Light brown hair, Green friend ball shirt, Brown shoes and jeans.
    Personality Friendly, Adventorous
    Team Shiny mudkip named Jerry
    Previous Regions Hoenn
  12. Ava chased Lillipup until he came to a stop. He was looking up at a van with a man selling ice cream.

    "Lillipup oh Lillipup, what am I gonna do with you..." Ava muttered. She turned around and saw the boys growlithe running towards her.

    "Lilli!! LilliPuuuuuuuuuuup!" Lillipup pleaded. Ava went up to the counter and bought 5 ice creams. She gave them to Eevee, Lillipup, The growlithe and herself. She had one left for the boy who she could see coming.
  13. Yes you can join. I'm going to post a discussion page a bit later.
  14. Thanks. I'll wait for a good time to join
  15. Jack Finally caught up to the girl and Growlithe. out of breath jack panted " Hey, Sorry about that, I've never seen him do that before, I think he must like you" Jack Smiled at the girl, "I like your lillipup by the way, Ive always wanted one since i saw a man with a stoutland in Kalos!"
    He turned to growlithe, "And as for you, Don't go doing things like that again! Don't you remember those team skull guys in Alola!"
  16. Ava laughed and handed the boy the ice cream. "I'm Ava" she said.

    "Lilli Lillipup!"
    "Eevee Vee!"
  17. "Mudkip! What are you doing?" He said. Mudkip jumped around on some boat he saw. "Come back here right now, or I will have to-- to-- I don't know."
  18. Jack replied "Oh right, We never really Introduced ourselves either, Im Jack and this is Gro......" Growlithe interrupted "Growlithe Growl"
    Jack laughed "Yeah he's Growlithe, he's special because he isnt the same colour as the other growlithes, but i still love him"
  19. (Sorry for a second I forgot he has a nickname) "Oh come on jerry! Please...?" Jerry kept jumping and jumping on the boat. "Oh I know! Just you wait here, Jerry." He went to a berry shop.
  20. "Yeah, he is different" Ava said, "I'm catching a ferry to Rustboro City soon"

    "LilliPup Lilli!" Lillipup said playfully to the growlithe.
  21. "Here, Jerry! Your favorite berry! Tamato berry!" He didn't see any boat. Jerry wasnt there either. "Jerry! Where are you?" "Mud! Mudkip!"
    Jerry swam out of the water. "Oh noo... Did you sink the boat? I don't even know whos it is! oh, jerry..."
  22. "Rustboro City?, isnt that where the Devon Corporation is? Im sort of new to this place and i don't know much about it... Im not sure where im gonna go now!" Jack Patted Growlithe and smiled at the lillipup
  23. "It's in mainland Hoenn, so you can travel from there." Ava said, "I'm not challenging the gym, but there is a gym too."

    Lillipup playfully ran around growlithe and then jumped back into Ava's bag. A lot of people were starting to come near where they were so Eevee jumped up into Ava's arms.
  24. "Hmm? Did someone say gym? Hey! you there! You said theres a gym, where? I want my first badge already!" He said.
  25. Ava turned when she heard the new voice. "There's a gym in Rustboro City and a ferry going to Rustboro in about 10 minutes" Ava said.
  26. "Well im going. Thanks, whoever you are. Wait, where do you buy the tickets?" he asked.
  27. Jack was excited " Hey miss Ava, can I come along to Rustboro with you too? I'd really like to try and take on a gym!" Jack saw another boy approaching them asking about the gym too. Growlithe sat patiently and watched the boy running. " See Ava! Growlithe is usually well mannered around people, He doesnt usually chase anyone." Jack Said
  28. "Hmm? This growlithe is yellow. Why is it yellow? Jerry, come on, dont smell it! what are you doing jerry? come here, ill give you a tamato berry if you'll stop." Jerry didn't stop. "Oh come on! why do you never listen to me, jerry?"
  29. "What pokemon is that!" jack exclaimed pointing at the mudkip. "It looks so cool. Ive never seen anything like it! and growlithe here is a special guy, I don't know why he is different but he is, I think it makes him cooler" he smiles at the boy

    Growlithe Barks happily at the Mudkip and licks it once.
  30. "Why don't you two just follow me" Ava said. She walked towards the dock and bought 3 ferry tickets. She gave the two spare tickets to jack and Aiden. She walked aboard the ferry and waited for the other two to come.
  31. "What? Its just a mudkip! its my best friend."
  32. "umm... okay... I wont notify you that you just paid for me..." he signalled the kid *come on! she already paid for us, don't make her let us pay!*
  33. Jack Walked on to the Ferry "Ava, Have you ever seen a Mudkip before? Ive only ever seen alolan and Kalosian Pokemon nothing like this! Thanks for the ticket too!" Jack patted Growlithe and offered Ava a Malasada "I bought these with me from alola, theyre still good to eat!" Jack remarked. "And whats your name", he asked the boy
  34. Ava took the malasada and ate it quickly, "I've seen a mudkip once in Sinnoh"

    The ferry began to quickly pull out of Slateport city and began speeding towards the mainland. After only a minute or two they could see the outline of Rustboro City.
  35. "Aiden. And what? it's just a regular mudkip. Why do you think its so special? are its cheeks too big?"
  36. "Aiden... A normal mudkip looks like this" Ava said, pulling out her pokedex and showing a picture of a blue mudkip.
  37. "WHAT?!?!? then why is jerry pink? I got it from the professor! I thought it was normal! what is it?"
  38. As Ava looked through the pokedex she gasped. "It's a shiny mudkip!" Ava said, "Shinies are rare cases where a Pokemon is differently coloured then normal"

    They were very close to Rustboro city now. Lillipup was sleeping in Ava's bag and Eevee was sleeping in Ava's arms. The boat here from Sinnoh was a tiring trip for them.
  39. "So that's why... uhh.. whoever the kid with the growlithe has a yellow growlithe?"
  40. "I think so" Ava said.

    The ship stopped at the dock in Rustboro city. Ava walked off the ferry and into the city. She was very excited about her new journey in Hoenn.

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