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Hoenn Remakes?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Munchy Lax, Aug 14, 2010.


Do you think there will be Hoenn Remakes?

  1. Yes and Ill get LavaRuby

    17 vote(s)
  2. Yes and Ill get both

    23 vote(s)
  3. No

    7 vote(s)
  4. Yes but Ill get neither

    3 vote(s)
  5. Yes and Ill get SeaSapphire

    22 vote(s)
  6. Yes and Ill get LavaRuby

    16 vote(s)
  7. Yes and Ill get both

    23 vote(s)
  8. No

    7 vote(s)
  9. Yes but Ill get neither

    3 vote(s)
  10. Yes and Ill get SeaSapphire

    22 vote(s)
  1. There have been some rumors floating around that there will be Hoenn Remakes at the end of Gen 5, I think they're right though.
  2. While a Hoenn remake wouldn't be 'needed' in the same way that the Kanto and Johto ones were (i.e. the original games were incompatible with the modern generations), I suspect they may appear. And I'll probably download them. I can't remember if BW will have a Pal Park feature that will allow trading from the GBA games, so I could see them remaking the Hoenn games since it will become clunky to have to trade Gen III --> Gen IV --> Gen V. It also seems like they're phasing out the GBA slot on the new DS versions, so I think that a remake could be likely. It's also possible that the remake will be for the 3DS since each remake has so far appeared two Gameboy generations down the line from its original. (RBY: GB -> GBA, GSC: GBC -> DS) It would probably be easiest to make a DS remake, of course, and BW isn't a new gen game itself.
  3. It seems pretty likely. The parallels between Diamond/Pearl and HG/SS are kind of obvious with the appearance of Jasmine and Steven. Especially considering Steven's line where he suggests you should visit Hoenn, it seems remakes are right on the horizon.

    I'm guessing we'll have something along the lines of LavaRuby and SeaSapphire...
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  4. If they make Remakes i hope the Pokenav's trainer call function will return.
  5. I think we'll be getting a Gen. III remake within the next three years. I'm pretty exited about them, too. I'd imagine Hoenn would be pretty awesome in the new Gen. V style.
  6. I think at this point it'd be weird for them to not remake Hoenn. It seems like it's something that'll definitely happen. And I'm happy about that :D

    Hoenn has always been my favorite region and I replay my Ruby version alllll the time so it'd be really awesome if they made remakes. Even before there was talk of HeartGold and SoulSilver I've been hoping for R/S remakes, and after playing SoulSilver I've been hoping even harder. So yeah I think it's just a matter of time before we get Hoenn remakes, and I'm all too excited :3

    The Gen III games have always been my favourite. The graphics were much better then FR/LG, even without depth, the colours were so much deeper and more vibrant and everything looked so cool in a nostalgic way; The people, the buildings, the trees and the rocks. And the music was so awesome- even the D/P/P music couldn't beat it. Great tunes that were beautiful without getting annoying, and wonderful use of instruments (Anyone remember Mt. Pyre? :'D). I'm not sure if a second Kanto remake will come first, but I hope not.

    Can anyone even IMAGINE a Hoenn with the same or even slightly better graphics then B/W? As long as they don't twist the music around too much~ I do wonder what the new bad guys will be though, with Team Magma and Team Aqua being gone. Team Aero, perhaps?
  8. If Nintendo, Gamefreak or who ever manufactures and produces these games are going to make a remake of Gen 3, then the stuff from Gen 5 will surely be added to it. Say like pokemon, moves and abilities, and it wouldn't be right for them to leave everything as it is.. also would this game be only compatible with the 3DS or something like that?

    Also if they do make it.. I woukd be so happy :D It was an awesome game :D
  9. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    If they remade Gen III, it would set a horrible precedent that, essentially, every time a new Generation comes along, by the next one removed, you'll have to just buy the exact same game again.

    The previous two remakes made sense as those generations were seriously hindered by the technology of the time. It's not hard to understand why they'd want to make those games the way they really wanted to in the first place - especially when it comes to HG/SS' case and a lot of what had to be cut previously finally returns.

    For R/S/E, though, aside from a few mechanics, graphical style and the amount of Pokemon available, they're not that different to what we have now, and Emerald is just as complete a game as any of the Gen IV games are.

    It'd be nice if they made a Hoenn game, though. Just not a remake. But, as I said, if they made a remake of Gen III, then it'd just mean that a few years later we'd have to all buy Gen IV again with slightly prettier graphics, and then the same for Gen V, and so on and so on and so on. It's not good for the series.
  10. I believe so there's a 50/50 chance there will be a remake or not,if there is it will Just be the game engine of BW (considering B/W's map has a bunch of stuff Hoenn has). Gen V Pokemon will be scattered around Hoenn ruining the nostalgic feeling considering its a fairly new gen. Although,if one did come out I wouldn't waist my money on it.
  11. Agreed. Plus, if we think about it, sooner or later, we'll be wanting more Kanto remakes, then Johto, and about around the 9th gen (if it ever comes in the next century) we'll be having 6 or so different remakes, 12 if you count different versions. They need to draw a line somewhere, at least that's what I beleive.

    However, I do think that they should make "sequels" to games like this, instead of a remake every ten or so years. It'd be like Final Fantasy VII, with the original games, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, etc., only it would also satisfy nostalgia fans, as well as give the game makers an excuse to add on to the story.

    Plus, I would really, really love it if when they did make some Hoenn based game that they would also include Kanto too. Kanto is the one region that has been apart of all 4 generations, granted that two sets were remakes, but I think that if they could put in special mechanics, then they could make both a RSE game and a RBY game. THis would kill two birds with one stone.

    And before anyone says "No cuz then Hoenn would go the way of Johto", they could make a mechanic that either

    A. Brings in Battle Tower mechanics and lowers a pokemon's level so you could travel through both regions, and still be able to experience good gameplay levels, or

    B. Put a level lock, limiting you to bringing one, say, level 5 pokemon to Kanto, and still letting you choose a starter.

    To me, it could work, like the sequels to FF VII, they could make a sequel to not just one, but two games. I could imagine it now... (Red Ruby and Blue Sapphire) :)

    Either that, or kill three birds with one stone by including other regions into Black and White.
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  12. im not sure if they will make it or not but it would be nice if they did.
  13. I'd say its a hard call, especially since they seem to be making Generation 5 out to be one that stands on its own with how Isshu is far off from the other regions. But I guess it all comes down to if there are any subtle hints towards Hoenn within B/W like there had been in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald towards Kanto and Diamond, Pearl and Platinum towards Johto.
  14. Doctor Oak has a good point, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want these remakes. I think Hoenn is a beautiful region and would love to see it on the 3DS. Well, I lie about wanting 'remakes." As I said in a previous topic, I'd rather have a whole new storyline that just happens to be set in Hoenn. They could then tweak around the cities (layout, building etc) because it'd be an entirely different game. The changes would be easily explained as progression. Then we'd have a fresh game set in old region ♥
  15. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I don't really want a 'remake' of Ruby and Sapphire, as those made little sense as is - Emerald was amazing and fixed everything. It's near-impossible to work the Hoenn storyline into a split Magma/Aqua plot again without it being completely ridiculous. An Emerald Remake featuring the type split and the new mechanics of Gen 5 COULD be nice, but quite frankly, considering the sheer randomness of a few of the redesigns on the GSC characters... meh.

    And re: a new Hoenn Game - considering how horribly Kanto was fucking raped for Generation II and its remakes, I don't want to see them touching an old region for a new game. Ever. Again. >>;
  16. DoctorOak is right, but still, having remakes are a positive thing. It's more exciting to know that you can play that game again, but with new features which make it twice as fun as before. So I hope the Remake tradition continues for Generations to come.
  17. I'm all for Hoenn remakes, as now GBA games are disappearing from stores. I'm having trouble even finding the popular ones anymore, including the third generation of games.
  18. I know! nowadays it takes you hours just to find a FireRed!
  19. That could possibly happen, if it does I won't buy it unless they make some REAL changes like with the sevii islands in FR/LG and maybe some changes with the Battle Fronteir.
  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I hope they dont it took me [move]days days days days days days days days days days days one hour day dyas days and days![/move] to beat it actually i]I started over even though Hoenn is my favorite region EVER I hope they don make one.
  21. It would only be reasonable if they included a lot of new changes. For example-

    1) A Battle Frontier- I love that place. It provides for whatever gameplay style you prefer.
    2) Some sort of post-Elite Four deal that is NOT the Battle Frontier. Something to work towards. >coughcoughRedcoughcoughELITEFOURREMATCHcoughcough<
    3) Wifi trade, and some sort of Dream World Situation. I mean, it looks pretty cool, and if it goes over well...

    And finally,
    4) Take out that goddamn Mirage Island. It teases me with its inheirit lack of general existance.

    If it's a complete port, save for its shiny new graphics, I ain't buying.
  22. Emerald had a battle frontier.

    Also, remakes (if it is a remake) are never a complete port, they always have a few new features.

    I don't care if it's a remake or a brand new game (although a brand new game would be interesting.) I just want to revisit the region, which IMO is the best region out of them first four.
  23. Well my Judgements [shadow=red,left]ARE[/shadow] starting to change about this,eventhough hoenn was my least favorite region
  24. Some here have said that the main idea behind the Gen I and II remakes were mainly to update the technology, and that it would be senseless to remake a game that already is pretty up-to-date, and I'm completely on board with that statement. However, from a purely personal standpoint, I'd like to see remakes, seeing as Sapphire was my favorite game.
  25. Really, ElectricGymLeaderAutumn? I thoght the Hoenn region was easy to play and fun to transverse. I was astonished at how enjoyable just walking around was! Even at the frustrating Elite 4 the battles were amusing. It would be stupid for them not to make them.
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  26. Wow i have no idea why you people like hoenn so much.. Its the worst region! The music DID in fact get annoying, there was no point for your rival to even be in the game besides to get your pokemon stronger, there were waaay too many blocked entrances and made you need to go all the way around even after you beat the game, the storyline was completely wack seeing the 2 main bad guys apologize for what they did, when you look at the pokemon in their status and battling they just looked wierd, and always surfing to go to new places got boring quick. The one good thing is that your character doesnt wear a hat for once yay what a real reason to play the game. The whole game was just about new berries and natures what a real fruity game.. So i do agree for them to make a remake of that game but change almost everything about it. Change the music! I mean come on go to sootopolis and put in headphones and listen and see how much you want to kill yourself.
  27. WHAT!?You shouldnt hate Hoenn that much.Hoenn is awesome!Its the games that have problems, not the region. I agree that Sootopolis had bad music, but didnt you ever think thats part of the reason they should make them?If they made remakes, dont you think they will try to fix those problems?Think it through.
  28. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    hmmm....should they remake the region that has mudkipz, i say yes ;D
    so i herd they should remake mudkipz :D
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  29. Okay? If you were paying attention i said they SHOULD make a remake of it and change almost everything about that game
  30. If it is going to happen, I'm going to buy SkyEmerald~ But if not, probably LavaRuby because Groudon > Kyogre IMHO.
  31. SkyEmerald? No, they dont do remakes of the third version, they might make an exception but its probobly going to be SeaSapphire & LavaRuby.
  32. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Its just a little upsetting I did that and if I got it I had to do it all over I got lucky wile battling the Gym leaders very lucky so I dident actually win or thats what I think. I just beat the gyms outta luck. And the Pokemon League probaly took me a year to beat.
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  33. Oh, okay. my little brothers do that all the time, then I have to help them.
  34. I hope they make the Acro and Mach Bikes come back. I loved switching them to get to new areas. :)
  35. Oh Yeah, the Bikes. I almost forgot about them. they were SWEET! They just HAVE to return. :)
  36. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Same with my little brother. :D
  37. Another thing I hope will return is the Battle Pike in the Battle Frontier, it was really fun. ;)
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  38. i would by any remake of the Hoenn Games. Ruby, Emarald where the best GBA games
  39. I literally killed my Sapphire Game, starting it over and over... and I agree with Kerauno, AWESOME music, and the only music that I really disliked was the Wild Pokemon battle. Then again, It was only FR/LG's wild Pokemon battle that I didn't get pissed off over. XD

    But true, it is kinda pointless. The only reason I'm gonna buy SeaSapphire is because of those awesome graphics...
    Steven's overworld Sprite got absolutely revamped in Gen IV, so I wonder what would happen with the other characters from use of Gen V graphics, and the camera, too, shifting over the whole, beautiful Hoenn...

    That is coolness~ (Oh Kerauno, before I forget, Groudon has a type disadvantage against Kyogre, but Groudon I prefer over the two. =3)
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