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GBU 2013 International Challenge Sign-Ups Open

  1. Demelza

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    The Sign-Ups for the latest Wi-Fi tournament for Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 hosted through the Pokémon Global Link are now open. This tournament goes by the name of 2013 International Challenge: January and once more has Championship Points on offer for the Pokémon trainers who rank highly enough. Not only that, but players who entry will also be given a Jaboca Berry. Read on to find out more!


    Like most Pokémon Global Link tournaments the rules for this one are the VGC13 rules, and like the last tournament players are being split into different age divisions. The last Wi-Fi tournament only split players into two different age divisions, Juniors and Masters, but this latest tournament will be introducing a Seniors division to make it a bit fairer and generally more interesting for the players.

    Sign-ups run until the 24th of January, with the tournament then starting on the 25th and running until the 28th, it currently isn't clear what the limit on the number of players is, so if you want to take part you best hurry. Best of luck to all those who take part and may the best Pokémon trainer win!
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