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Games That Have Scared/Startled You

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Fluffy the Flareon, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. Basically, anything in a game that has scared or startled you. Me, I'd have to say Death Chamber in SA2B was freaky. Especially the boss right after. I was 5 or 6 when I fought him. I nearly crapped myself. XD The music when you're underwater too long, same thing.
  2. Dead Space freaked the hell out of me
  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    System Shock 2, ye gods.

    This was around... like... late 1999, or 2000. I was 14, maybe 15 and had given my computer a nice upgrade at the time. New graphics card, good speakers... what have you.

    Even at the time I was a very nocturnal creature. and this one night, I fired System Shock 2 up. The upgrade was mostly done so I could actually play the damn thing properly.

    So here I start the game beyond the training simulator segment in the beginning of the game. You wake up on the ship having no clue what the eff is going on, no weapons, nothing. Finally you pick up a wrench or something. And then this murmur...this really... creepy murmur... at 4 AM, with good speakers.

    THEN THIS HYBRID MOFO APPEARS FROM BEHIND ME OUT OF NOWHERE AND SWEET SHIT IT HAS THE CREEPIEST VOICE IN THE HISTORY OF VIDEO GAMES and it attacked me and I jumped five vertical feet away from the computer, quit the game, and haven't touched it again for months.

    REALLY want to replay that thing.
  4. Teapot

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    Most games have the ability to make me jump miles if they're immersive enough. I remember one night, playing Metal Gear Solid 3 in the dark, I was creeping around (as you do ^_^) and moving really slowly through a facility. And then I stopped for a moment to look around... and DRRRRRRING. An enemy had popped up. I had no idea he was there. I jumped about six feet and had to pause the game, it took me by surprise that much. XD
  5. Magpie

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    Stel's answer made me giggle XD

    Dead Space. I'm a jumpy person at the best of times, but that game nearly finished me off for good. Playing it at night was a bad decision, but playing it before I had to walk home at 1AM was utterly stupid. If so much as a leaf moved I was on red alert. I'm surprised I didn't have a break down.

    It was just how one moment you'd be alone in the room, then the next one was on you, three more were coming out of vents in the wall and another was running towards you screaming and flailing those claw-arm things they had. Evil game. Never again.

    Plenty of other games have made me jump, because like I said, I'm very jumpy. Tomb Raider possibly holds the best record for making me scream. Me and my brother used to play the second one on our PC downstairs. Mum and dad had gone to bed and we had just got onto the level where you start out underwater. After a couple of failed attempts to find air due to sharks we found it and mistakenly believed the sharks wouldn't be able to follow us. I let go of the controls for a second and the next second one of the sharks erupted from the water and took out most of our health. We were both screaming and I was frantically trying to regain control of the situation and flee from the shark. Mum didn't let us play after dark on that game again XD
  6. Fallout 3 I would play it at night in complete darkness besides the TV and I would have a heart attack when the super mutants would surprise attack me screaming.
  7. Half-Life 2. That just gave me the heebie jeeblies.

    Ravenholm... possibly the creepiest place ever. In any video game. And I was using my brother's computer (home made, but it had some of the best graphics and audio you could ever find). Yeah... just walking around with your crowbar, and BAM, a bajillion zombies. And head-crabs. And I was nine at the time. Good times...
  8. Hmm..love this.. Any game that makes my heart pound is my lover. REALLY. >> -ahem- ANYWAY...

    First off, I have a very bad memory, so the description might not be that great.. But when I was about 10, I was over at my friend's house.. It was very late, and her house was pitch-black, her mom was asleep... We decided to play Alone In The Dark. (The original, I believe) I remember two moments in that game that frightened me at the time.. 1. When lightning strikes around the dark gate at the front of the mansion, and creep shadowy figures are suddenly seen... and 2. I remember something with dogs barking and chains and I don't know what the hell else, but it SCARED me... I liked it =)

    Also.. Silent Hill 3 creeps me out, which makes me love it sooo much more
  9. I can only think of two instances where a game actually managed to freak me out- once when I was genuinely terrified, and another when it startled me so much I may or may not have thrown my DS away from me.... ' 3'

    The first one was a gradual thing, when I picked up Haunting Grounds for the PS2 for no other reason than because it looked good. You move through the game as a young blond woman with ridonculous boobage who wakes up on a blood soaked butcher's table, her dignity spared by a sheet of silk. Way to be, chick-a-dee.
    So what happens is, you first crawl out of the cage thing and off the table thing and awaaaaaay from the general creepiness with the hanging meats and carving knifes. Running around the creepy mansion, she manages to get into some guest room with clothes and a creepy butler waiting for her to get dressed in something decent but obviously a size or two too small because what decent videogame wouldn't expose mass amounts of cleavage? Then you find a dog who is your only means of protection you stereotypically weak skinny blond thing, you.
    Also the next time you step outside you start to be pursued by a DAMN MONSTER WAVING HIS MONSTER MEAT HANDS AT YOU BECAUSE HE WANTS TO PLAY DOLLY WITH YOUR SPINE. In order to avoid him you need to work your way through the house filled with seriously uncalled for death traps and creepy-ass children's bedrooms. It got to the point where I was getting so freaked out by it that I just up and gave it up. No intention of returning to the game ever, and I don't care to find out if she died or not. Not really.
    Maybe I'll get back to it eventually ' 3'

    The latter of the two was actually not that long ago, a few months, a year maybe.
    My friend offered to let me play Resident Evil- the first version of the game on the DS. I got about ten minutes into the gameplay as Ms. Valentine after spending a good while chuckling with him over the sheer awfulness of the voice acting, when I started down a hallway and was promptly attacked by the hellhounds from nowhere. I didn't expect it at all, of course, so I instinctively slammed the DS shut and tossed it away from me, much to the amusement of said friend.
    That was the extent of my time playing that particular game :V
  10. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The game that scared me the most would have to be the original Dino Crisis, I much younger when I played it, and the dinosaurs come out of no where and there are so many mutilated bodies.
  11. I would have to say that any of the Metroid games have. Mainly Prime. In the Primes, things can just suddenly pop up and get you and because it's 3D, you can't see the whole room, thus, not being able to see your attacker til its drained half of your health.

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