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Game Revival and New Game Requests

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Teapot, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. What is the person above you's avatar thinking?

    People take turns to say in each post what they think the person above them's avatar is thinking. It would be something like....
    The avatar above me.png
    So on, so on, so on... (Sorry for terrible image XD)
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  2. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Wouldn't that literally only work once for each person? Lots of people don't change their avatars that often, including me.
  3. I agree with Teapot on this, I do get that people will have different interpretations but they'll likely be very similar and will require frequent avatar changes to keep it alive
  4. I actually played that game on another website, and it's quite successful. If enough people play, then there will be a lot of different opinions on what the avatar is thinking/saying.
    But I get what you're saying, and I can't force you to do anything about it.
  5. Riff-off
    You give out a line on a song and then the last word on the line will be the first line on the next post with another song.

    P-1=You don't know you're beautiful
    P-2=Beautiful in my eyes
    and so on and so on...
  6. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Yush, this would be quite fun.
    I would also like a new H&H, as I have never participated in one.
  7. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    The Suicide Game. Definitely the Suicide Game.
  8. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    What this be? Sounds Fun.
  9. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

  10. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Did that. Cool idea.

    My own: Failure battle.
    People try to make an epic fail using materials from the last fail.
    Player 1: I'm not looking where i'm going and I fall off a cliff.
    Player 2: I walk by the cliff and Player 1 falls on me.
    Eh? Eh?
  11. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    Or maybe the King of the Hill, that one was funny looking
  12. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Hey so since SSB4 came out earlier this week how about a H&H of those characters? :'D I know we had one in the past but that was literally years ago now, with a different roster and whatnot.
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  13. I totally agree with @Kyubeon That would be sick.
  14. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    This. So much this.

    Better yet, do a master roster, with every character to ever be in a Smash game?
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  15. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    I wanna fourth the Smash idea! Either version would be cool!
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  16. Can we start a new game of Mafia? It's been a while since the last game.
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  17. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    I want a new Roll to Dodge. Because I am still new-ish and want to learn forum games. Also it looks fun.

    P.S. I was reading the old games. We need a new Pokebattle Game.
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  18. How about a friendly game of Would you Rather?
  19. Could i start a new game now?
  20. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    What game would you want to start? I can't start a game I know nothing about :p
  21. i was thinking it could be a pokemon trivia game, you could give certain information about a pokemon lets just say 3 facts about it and then the other people try to guess what that pokemon is and the person that gets it correct first then puts down 3 facts about another pokemon and so on and so on
  22. Make Your Own Sandwich

    How To Play: You Have To Make Your Sandwich With Anything (Even A Character From A TV Show) And The 50th Ingredient Eats It And The Game Start Over


    Person 1:1. Pickachu
    Person 2: 2.A Pokeball
    Person 3: 3.A Cookie

    Sample 2:

    Person 4: 50. A Nuke
    Person 5: 1. Charazard
    Person 6: 2. Mega Stone

    And A Game Called Count High As Possible Until A Admin Posts
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  23. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Crush a Wish seemed to be really popular back in the day. Maybe? Just as a suggestion ^^;
  24. I have a game I played with my mom before I went to college. It's a word association game called He Said, She Said.
    If you saw the game show episode of phineas and ferb you mght know where this might lead.
    Rules are pretty easy. A moderator of sorts gives two or more players a word or topic and players take turns keeping the game going by saying something synonymous. the twist? It's called, He Said, She Said for a reason. Players must come up with an associated word or phrase that a male or female would say! First player to post at the start posts a word or phrase that a male would say, the next person would post a word or phrase that a female would say, and the game goes on until someone posts a word or phrase unassociated with the word or topic.
    So what do you think?? Feel free to drop a line (PM me) if you think it's cool!!
  25. Rio1ink

    Rio1ink Formerly Derpy Lucario

    How 'bout a game where one person says a Pokémon type, and another person says its weakness...
  26. I tried to make this game happen a while ago, but my clear idiocy let it get deleted because I didn't post it here.

    So anyways, this is a game that I played back in my CyberNations days. It's called 'King of the Hill', and I'll explain how to play.

    So, the object of the game is to control 'the hill' by any means possible. How does one control the hill? They type ways to thwart the controller. Here's an example...

    John: I step on to the hill. My hill.
    Jane: I shove John off the hill. My hill.
    Joe: I call in a helicopter equipped with mini-guns to shoot at Jane. My hill.

    The idea is to come up with increasingly ridiculous ideas to control that hill. Do they have to make sense? No! Does it have continuity? With deaths, no, but with things like force-fields and armor (Yes, it does get to the point of which force-fields are REQUIRED) continuity is preferred.
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  27. How about The Choice Game?
    First, it starts off with a person minding his own business, and then a problem happens. You have to pick a choice to solve the problem. After you solve the problem, come up with another problem, more like a chain. It should be set like this:
    Optional: [CHOICES]


    Bob: A boy plays Poker. He loses.

    What should he do?

    Andy: He should try again, but he loses again.

    Should he go home?

    Troy: Yes he should. But when he walked home, he found someone sick.
    Tool Choices: Stethoscope, Medicine, Needle.

    What tool should he use on the sick person?

    There you have it! Thank you for listening, I might think this game might not make it. :|

    By the way, you don't need to do the colors, Its just so you won't lose track on reading. In mine btw:
    Don't do name because that is your username, which is the color black
    Blue is Scene and Problem
    Gold is choices, which is optional
    Green is question for the choice.
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  28. How about a story game?

    The way the game is played is that one person starts the thread describing the character, and the first thing that the character does, with only one sentence. Then, anyone else can add to the story, but they can only contribute one sentence per thread. A person cannot add another post until someone else has contributed another sentence to the story. There are no limitations on what exactly can happen in the story. It would look something like this:

    DeagleDOubleGG: Once upon a time, a man named Stanley woke up and decided to go to work for the day.

    Arcaeus420Weed: Stanley left his house by jumping out of his window on the 16th story of his apartment building.

    TrapKing: However, instead of falling into a street, Stanley accidentally fell into Narnia, where Aslan the Lion awaited him.

    DeagleDOubleGG: Stanley immediately took out the baguette that he kept in his pocket, and started whacking Aslan with it.

    See what I mean? The story can take any sort of turn. If let loose into the forums, this thread could potentially lead somewhere interesting. So what do you all think?
  29. I have an idea for a H & H, we could do Mario kart characters.
  30. I've gotta game idea, it will be called "I'm A..." and someone says something like I'm a pizza and then the next person will say something related to the first person and so on EX: Player 1: I'm A Roller Coaster, Player 2: I'm A Scream
  31. Alright. I know there's some people who are artistically inclined in this community basically here's what would happen. I'm trying to basically say I want to make a Rap Battle Game. People vote on a topic, and then two people, or two teams rap against eachother. I'll give an example.

    Umbreon Vs Espeon

    Espeon. I can use dazzling gleam even though I'm not a fairy so dragon users you better be wary.

    Umbreon: Good thing I'm not a dragon or else you'd be scared, with shadow balls and dark pulse beware. The darkest hour is my nicest compared to when I'm angry the clouds boil over and it begins to freeze when the moon draws full, so good bye petty Espeon, your full of bull.

    Espeon: Oh wait. What was that. Did I hear. Sorry must of been something in the air. You're a mongrel a scoundrel someone who lives in fear? What's your sob story, peasant dear? Your parents disowned you? I'm sorry that's sad to hear. I'm just gonna sit here and leer.

    And so on and such.
  32. Meh, thought of another game.
    How about the Hurt and Heal game of Disney characters?

    After all, Gravity Falls IS a Disney XD show, and has ended lately, and also, the new release of Zootopia! So, that's not all.

    I thought of another game.
    The Guards and Robbers game

    So it starts off in jail.
    And then you escape.
    After that, you need to make a choice on how to break in the museum of some sort to get the suitcase with money.
    Either its to break the wall, open the door, or fly to the rooftop.
    When you do one of those choices, the guard wakes up.
    No one is the guard, so everyone is the robber.
    When the guard wakes up, do something to distract the guard, or stun the guard.
    While its distracted you can take the suitcase.
    But the cop comes after you
    You need to make some choices on how to escape.
    Everyone escapes, don't worry.
    But then someone can take the suitcase >:)
    Then you must try to take the suitcase away.
    It ends when you run with the suitcase away.
    Only 1 move, so it goes like this:

    InfinityInfinite: I steal the suitcase and escaped to the rooftop. I own it.
    xXSniperShotXx: I distract InfinityInfinite so I can take the suitcase. I own it.
    ShadowNight: I take the suitcase away for xXSniperShotXx. I own it.
    DogeLover: I kick ShadowNight and ShadowNight lets the suitcase go. I own it.
    AlienLife0: I stun DogeLover. I own it.
    Wolf O'Donnell: I take the suitcase from AlienLife0. I own it.

    As for trying to take the suitcase, everyone works together, until someone takes the suitcase. As you see here, InfinityInfinite used two moves. Say "I own it." If you take the suitcase. Once you steal the suitcase from the guard, you also have to escape. Put that all as one post. So like this:

    InfinityInfinite: I steal the suitcase and escaped to the rooftop. I own it.

    It's not really that hard. You just have to make 2 moves when you take the suitcase. Your ownership and your escape is all in one post. Easy, right? No? Let's make it easy. Just read over it, and you will get it. So you work together at first, and then once someone takes ownership of the suitcase and escapes with it, you don't work together anymore, you have to fight over it. It ends when you.. Wait, it doesn't end. Run doesn't count as a move. So if you run home with the suitcase, it ends and you play again. Since that's cheating if everyone does it, when you get home, someone can break in and steal it. That breaks the "The End" part. Here is how it goes. You have to say "NOT SO FAST!" In the beginning if you want to steal it from their home. So it goes like this:

    xXSniperShotXx: I take the suitcase and run home. The End.

    Wolf O'Donnell: NOT SO FAST! I break into the house and steal the suitcase. I also run away to a desert so no one can find it. I own it.

    You have to say "The End" if you made it home. Long explanation, easy game.
  33. This seems interesting, but how do you win? I like this idea tho, a good game :3
  34. Wait for 30 minutes, and if no one replies, that's it.
    Everyone says you win

    Pretty much :)
  35. So, I played this game on a different forum, and it's very fun. It's called ready, aim, fire.

    It's very simple. Every round, you do one of three things:

    1. Shoot [living player who is not you].
    2. Shoot myself.
    3. Do nothing.

    Shooting a living player kills them. Shooting yourself kills you, but if someone else shoots you they die instead. You can opt to do nothing, leaving yourself open to be shot, but if you survive after doing nothing, you get a piercing shot, which pierces someone shooting themselves and is a guaranteed kill. You must specify you are using the piercing shot to use it that round.

    These actions can be sent to me in a pm, and then I will write what happens up in a funny short story for shits and giggles. The game ends when you are the last one standing! Hope you accept this!
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  36. Mafia please please please please please?
  37. I played a rather amusing game called "Fortunately, Unfortunately." Basically, each person takes turns saying "Fortunately" and "Unfortunately."
    Player 1: Fortunately, a story began
    Player 2: Unfortunately it ended.
    Player 3: Fortunately, we started another one.

  38. Finish My Sentence!

    In thia game the first person who starts has to start a sentence.

    Example: I love Sandwiches!

    But he cant say the entire sentence. He has to have someone else finish the sentence for him.

    Charmer 1:I love-
    Charmer 2: Pizza!

    Then that person comes up with a diffrent sentence, so on, so forth.

    Final Example:
    I love- Pizza!
    Pizza is-
    the Best!
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  39. Hey, what about bringing back Roll to dodge? It seemed quite fun.

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