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Friendship, Mythology, and Extreme Challenges!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Eevee Lover, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. OOC: Yes, I too will be on not that much but we'll try to keep it going!

    Taylor nodded and said

    "Sure dinner sounds good but I'm not that hungry sorry. But I do know a good diner."

    She smiled and took Chaos's hand

    "Nice to meet you Chaos, yeah I gave myself a scare too.''

    She laughed walking out of the doors of the hospital. Her Ninetales followed her very close as if protecting her.

    OOC: Sorry about short post >.
  2. Chaos followed them a smile still bright on his face, going crazy in his head. 'Is it possible that Dialga and Palkia are trying to reach out to Taylor, or is something higher at work here? Could Taylor had possibly gotten involved in something no human should? If her dreams are paining her, I hate to see what would happen if we were to become face to face with them, though that's highly improbable.'
    "So, Where are we eating?" He asked from behind them, tugging on the collar of the juggler's suit and pulling it slightly open. He reach deeply into it and pulled from it a folded black jacket held together by a long White wrap. He pulled the knot and the Jacket folded itself apart, which he instantly swung onto his shoulders. He then swung the Wrap around his neck and wore it like a Scarf, then pulling the entire suit open to reveal his bare chest. "Ahh... That feels better." He murmured in relief.
  3. Taylor thought a lot about this weird dream.

    "Well I know a good diner its right over there."

    It looked fancy but the food was cheap and good. Taylor sped ahead of them and asked for a seat. The waiter brought them menus and such.

    "I'm not that hungry I'll just have a salad I guess."

    Taylor told the others putting down her menu. Her Ninetales under the table wrapped around her legs.
  4. The instance he sat in the middle of Cynthia and Dawn, Chaos was the subject of several glares and angry stares, upon which a sweatdrop fell down his face. "Why do I feel the heavy weight of a thousand Evil eyes?" He muttered, comically scratching his cheek with his index finger.
    "Hm. I haven't had a professional dinner in a long while.... Maybe a Steak would be nice..." He said scratching his chin, looking up from the menu in his hands and reaching out to the glass of water that had been placed in front of him.
  5. OOC: Sorry for me not posting for awhile, it's not school (yet), it's the fact that I can't get on the computer much on the weekends. Personal stuff, it is. But Junior year does start on the 8[sup]th[/sup]. o_0 Help me...

    "Actually, I'm quite hungry. I think I'll have a slice, no a wheel of pizza." Samantha said, looking at her menu.
    Samantha was practically a walking, picky stomach. She could eat and eat, but only food she knows she likes. She went on chatting with everyone at the table. Then the waitress came over to the table.
    "Hello, may I take your order?" She asked.
    "Sure. I'll take a wheel of cheese pizza." Samantha blurted, rude de to her stomach.
    "Just a salad's fine." Cynthia replied.
    "I'll take just a couple slices of cheese pizza." Dawn answered.

    OOC: This post has to be short, sorry. But I can't answer for your characters! :-X
  6. ((Advice-mode:An easy way to make a small post seem bigger, is to have an actual conversation with Cynthia and Dawn, rather then just saying 'She went on chatting with everyone at the table', you could have a paragraph of her asking Cynthia questions or talking to Dawn about foods or pokemon and stuffz. XD Example below!))
    "I'd enjoy a steak please. Well done if you don't mind. Cola to drink please." Chaos ordered still looking through the menu. "Oh wait, one more steak, medium rare please, and two salads, one Fruit, one greens only please. Those are to-go." he continued to order, finally closing the menu, as the waitress nodded while she wrote down every order.
    "So Madame Cynthia, what brings you to Jubilife?" Chaos asked rather lazily, leaning back against the chair.
    "Well Mouesiour(sp?) Chaos, I was paying a surprise visit to the Trainer's School. I wanted to see the Sinnoh's future Trainers." She replied with a smile, taking a sip of water herself. "You don't mind if I reiterate your question?" She asked, slyly looking back at him.
    "I'm here to talk to the president of the Poke`tch company. I sent him a request for a Application a while back. Want to know how that turned out." Chaos revealed with a grin. "And what kind of App would it be?" Dawn asked, her interest sparked. "A language translator." he replied, " I go through nights of translating by hand, it's better to have something that can scan and translate for me. I've also requested some hardware changes for a personal poke`tch." He continued. "Wouldn't that cost a ton!?" Dawn asked in surprise. "It's coming out of my personal research budget I admit, but it's cheaper then getting a specialized laptop." He explained, draining the glass of water. "Hmm...Maybe I should get a Trainer bag again...." he muttered to himself, putting the glass back down.
  7. OOC: That's a good idea. Thanks! I had to drop my brother off at his school, my mom had to drive directly to her job, so I had to let him in my car... And school for me is tomorrow. Also, Phantom, you can have a custom avatar now. Maybe we should do a 3 piece one, for all of us in the RP.
    "A language translator? Sounds nice. But it might only do literal translations, so the words could be jumbled. We have to remember, English is quite different than other languages." Samantha explained, "Yet, we could still get the basic info we'd need."
    "It would be quite helpful." Cynthia said.
    "I'm gettin' it!!!" Dawn said in a must-have voice.
    The waitress brought over their food mid-conversation.
    "Hope you enjoy your food!" the waitress said.
    She walked off back over to the kitchen. She seemed excited a bit, probably about overhearing about the new PokeTch App.
    Samantha chomped into a slice of her pizza. She swallowed, and said, "Well, I wonder where we sho--" Samantha was cut off by her phone, and answered it, "Hello? Oh hi! Are you kidding? Cool. Should I enter? OK then."
    Samantha turned off the phone, and put it away. She turned to her friends, "There's going to be a contest in Jubilife, tomorrow too! I think I should try one, the sound quite fun. Oh wait, I don't exactly have 2 very appealing Pokemon. And Zigzagoon doesn't like me much, it didn't seem to worried about being kidnapped."
    "Really? That's not right." Dawn replied, "But if you need an appealing Pokemon, I do happen to have a shiny Pachirisu. You could have it, it gets quite jealous of my other Pachirisu that I've been using for so long."
    "I would like it, but are you sure?" Samantha said.
    "Yes. It does need somebody who can always look after it." Dawn answered.
    "OK. Thanks, but let it wait until later tonight." Samantha said.
  8. ((I take it Sparkling has disappeared once again?))
    "I don't know. It was actually for translating Runes and stuff, but it might be quite helpful to the normal person on imported items and the like. I guess it could work." Chaos said, beginning to cut into the steak with a rather sharp knife. "You don't mind if we watch?" Cynthia asked Samantha, pouring ranch dressing into her salad, while Dawn began to bite into her own slices of pizza.
    ((ROFL writer's block -.-))
  9. OOC: I think she has. Except this time, how do we make it fit along with the story??? o_0 Her character is at the place our characters are...

    "It would be great if you guys watched! It would be easier on me to know my friends were watching and supporting me." Samantha replied.
    Samantha continued eating her pizza, as with Dawn, and Cynthia began to eat her salad after covering it in ranch dressing. Samantha finished another piece of about 8, leaving 6 for her to eat. Dawn finished the only 2 pieces she had. Cynthia, though, was still eating, she had hardly even made a dent in her salad.
    "Well then, good luck on your performance. I will try my hardest to attain seats close to the stage, as to better watch your performance." Cynthia said, swallowing a small bite of salad before speaking.
    "Actually, I was hoping to join the contest... You're OK with that, right Samantha? I really wanted to, my first contest was here." Dawn explained, sounding guilty.
    "That'd be great! Some friendly competition wouldn't hurt, and if this contest has some sentimental value, then especially join!" Samantha answered happily.
    "Thanks, Samantha. But I'm not going easy on you." Dawn said.
    "I wasn't going to, either. Good luck!" Samantha said.
    "To you as well." Dawn replied.
    "So Chaos, will you watch?" Samantha asked, hopefull.
  10. ((Sorry, first days of school and stuffz))
    "Hm?" Chaos looked up from his steak, one he was half politely eating-half gorging on (ROFL Contradiction). He blinked, then swallowed the large piece of beef that he had successfully torn to even smaller pieces in his mouth. "Don't worry I'll be there. I might be a little late though." He continued, now returning to cut the steak. "What are you working on this time?" Cynthia asked, now sticking a fork full of greens into her mouth. "Same thing you've been working on for all this time, the Creation Myth." Chaos replied, following suit with a piece of steak. A second later after Cynthia ingesting the greens, she looked back at Chaos. "Really? Have you seen my journal?" She asked, taking a sip of water.
    Chaos again followed suit, now putting down his fork and knife, as he had finished most of his steak save for the small chewy piece of fat on the side of his plate. "Your grandmother is sweetheart, you know that?" He leaned onto his wrist with his elbow against the table in Cynthia's direction, smirking as he did.
    "Oohh, stop it." She replied, comically making a shooing gesture.
    "Anyways, your journal was very detailed! That was practically the only progress I've made this month!" He said with much enthusiasm, breaking into a bright smile.
    "I sure hope it did." She replied with a smile, returning to her salad.
    "Hey Samantha, What pokemon are you going to use in the contest?" Chaos asked, deciding to save the subject for another time.
    ((Good point....))
  11. OOC: Swamped with homework, sorry...
    "I think I'll be using Eevee, and the Pachirisu Dawn said I could have." Samantha replied, "By the way, I'm glad you're coming, Chaos."
    Samantha finished eating another slice of pizza. She once again returned her gaze to Chaos, and a little towards Cynthia.
    "So, could you tell me more about this Creation Myth? I've only heard little, only what the Canalave Library could provide." Samantha asked.
    "Well, apparently one Pokemon created almost all matter. First, that being, called the 'Original One', created 2 Pokemon. Those 2 Pokemon created matter, as the legend goes." Cynthia explained, "And then the 'Original One' created 3 more beings. Those 3 supposedly created spirit. One of those 3 is said to be Mesprit, the Pokemon you had your encounter with."
    "That's quite amazing!" Samantha said, mouth full of some more pizza.
    OOC: OK then, let's have your character explain some more, Phantom! (If that's OK...)
  12. (XD)
    "That's just the tip of the Iceberg." Phantom said, sitting back in his chair. "The Original One was said to create the entire Universe with it's thousands of Arms, but there was no space for it to be placed within nor did it move at all. So The original one Split a part of itself into Dialga and Palkia, the Beings of Space and Time and put them into the small universe. Together these two Expanded space and began to set time into motion."
    "By the time the first life appeared in the Universe, The Original one was said to have again split a part of itself into the Three spirits, like I said before. These Spirits were Azelf, Mespirit, and Uxie, the beings of Willpower, Emotion, and Knowledge." Cynthia continued, "By the time this planet was created, scientists think that the Spirits had visited thousands of planets, creating duplicates of themselves for the beings that live there."
    "Of course this is just in theory. It could be possible that Dialga and Palkia and the Spirits are unique to our planet and that the others out there have there own. It's almost impossible to know at this point in time. By the Time of our children's children's children, that's something that could be in there grasp."
    "You believe in interstellar travel?" Cynthia asked, raising an eyebrow. "You should know the best about achieving anything if you set your mind to it." Chaos replied with a chuckle. "True enough." Cynthia replied with a giggle. "Anyways, When intelligent Humans appeared on this planet, the three spirits taught them many things, then virtually disappeared from existence, become things of myths and legends, and very little people outside Sinnoh actually believe in them." Cynthia continued.
    "Save for those who have seen them, research them, or enjoy Myths and the like." Chaos finished.
  13. Samantha had finished her pizza while Cynthia and Chaos were explaining. She had noticed, even though she'd been using baby-bites, Cynthia had finished her salad. Dawn had long since been done. ((You decide how far Chaos had eaten his meal, especially 'cause I can't!))
    "Well, I'm quite ready to leave, get to a Pokemon Center, receive Pachirisu, and sleep. I'll pay for our meal, it's nothing." Samantha said.
    "I'm set, I've been set to go." Dawn replied.
    "All ready, and getting quite tired." Cynthia answered, yawning, "But I insist you let me pay. It's nothing, when I defeat somebody, I get half their money."
    "No, no, I'll pay! It's really no problem!" Samantha insisted, pulling out some Poke from her purse.
    "Oh fine. Just don't let it make a dent in your money, that wouldn't work out too well." Cynthia said, hoping to avoid any arguments.
    "Chaos, ready to go?" Samantha asked.
    OOC: I'll rephrase her question after you decide how much he's eaten.
  14. ((Oh, he's been done, not to worry XD))
    "Sorry my dear Samantha, but I wouldn't be much of a gentleman if I didn't pay for this meal." Chaos said with a grin as he lifted himself from his seat. He lifted a small black card that had been in his jacket, "Like I said, this one's on me." He continued, his warm smile returning to his face.
  15. OOC: Sorry it took forever, I have so much homework I could swim in it.
    "Oh whatever." Samantha replied, putting the Poke back into her purse.
    The waitress came over and swiped the card from Chaos, took it to the counter, and swiped it in another way through a machine. She brought it back over, and handed it to him.
    "Thank you, come again!" The waitress said, with a fake happy but no real emotion behind it.
    Samantha rushed out of her seat and outside, Dawn not far behind, but Cynthia ((whenever you do post he moves out, remember to control her on the way over)) waited to walk calmly with Chaos. Samantha and Dawn ran to the nearest Pokemon Center. Dawn logged onto the lobby PC, and almost instantly a PokeBall appeared in a small machine next to the PC.
    "Well here you go, Samantha!" Dawn said, handing Samantha the PokeBall.
    "Thanks, Dawn." Samantha replied, "Oh wait, we were so rude, and left Cynthia and Chaos behind. We should go wait outside for them."
    "Alright." Dawn replied.
    Samantha and Dawn walked right outside to wait.
    OOC: If needed, control Samantha in your next post, for the sake of advancement anyways. Again, sorry!
  16. Ooc: Please forgive me! I've been busy for so long I hadn't had time to get back onto pokecharms. Artiste been banned! And just when I finished that picture too....
    Chaos slowly walked out, again in thought. "Cynthia, I've been meaning to ask you something." he said, stopping in front her. "Go ahead, shoot."
    "What is the Azure Flute?" he said, looking into her eyes with a stern look upon his face.
    "..........." She stayed silent, then turned around and looked up at the faint image of the moon against the blue sky. "Evening Twilight, my favorite time of the day." She said, closing her eyes and smiling. "Cynthia-tama."
    'He who stands atop of the World with a pure heart and soul.'
    'Play the song of the Gods with thy reed made of the sky.'
    'Play the tune that reaches out to the heavens above.'
    'The song that mimics the choirs of Angels!'
    'Play it from the very depth of thy soul.'
    'Then, bear witness to the chaos from above'
    'and ascend to the Hall of first birth and creation.'
    'There you shall shake the thousand hands of The Original One,'
    'The Creator, The Origin, The First and The Last, and The Executioner.'

    She recited with a smile still across her face, finally walking away and towards the Pokemon center to meet with Samantha and Dawn, leaving him to ponder the meaning of the poem.
    "......The Reed made of the Sky, eh? Can't get more complicated than that." he muttered, following suit.
    As they came to a stop in front of the two girls, Cynthia broke the ice, "So, what now?"
  17. OOC: Ah, nice to see you back! I forgive you in full, don't worry, I know school-work is a pain in the arse. I just take an hour off everyday after school to devote entirely to PokeCharms, that's how I'm still active. Yeah, I'm that much of a no-life.

    "Now I think we'll just stop here for the night. I'm too tired to do anything else. I'll book our rooms, Chaos, I assume you want your own room, er, so nobody suspects anything to happen." Samantha explained.
    "Oh Samantha, that's just so wrong in so many ways, I won't go into further detail!" Dawn exclaimed, disgusted.
    "And what was it you two were talking about on the way here?" Samantha questioned.
    "Oh nothing Samantha. Just chatting about our favourite subject." Cynthia replied.
    Samantha darted in towards the front desk, and began describing what she needed for the rooms. Nurse Joy happily handed her some card-keys, and Samantha handed one to Chaos, one to Cynthia, and kept the last.
    "Sorry Dawn, but we've got to be roommates. There are no rooms left. You're OK with that, right?" Samantha explained.
    "That's perfectly fine with me." Dawn replied.
    OOC: Again, since this would be pretty hard to do without an extraodinarily short post, control Samantha if needed!
  18. Chaos slid the card key into his jacket with a smile, just before turning to leave. "I've got somethings to finish, I'll be back later." He said, taking his leave deeper into the city.
    "Don't be out for too long!" Dawn called out, while Cynthia stretched her arms above her head. "Well, I feel like taking a bath, see you girls later." she said, walking into the Pokemon center, a hint of exhaustion in her voice. Dawn and Samantha followed shortly after, agreeing that was something they themselves needed too.

    Chaos stepped inside a large building, and entered their bathrooms, pulling off the Clown Jumpsuit and fitting his jacket and pants back on. He kept the turban cloth as a temporary scarf still, not bothering to tie it back onto his head. He folded the jumpsuit many times, then tucked it away inside an inner pocket of the jacket (IT HAS HAMMERSPACE ROFL). Stepping back out, he turned his gaze toward the receptionist. "Is President-dono here?" he asked, brushing some of his ebony hair out of his eyes.
    "The President is upstairs working on something right now, but can I help you?" She asked, not lifting her sights from the computer screen. "I'm here to pick up my order." Chaos replied.
    "And you are?" She said, glancing in his direction.
    "I'm Chaos, I personally spoke to president-dono in regards to a application and poke`tch."
    "Hmm...Chaos huh? Give me a sec."
    A sigh of relief left his chest. No special treatment, just treated as a normal customer. That was something Chaos felt should have been the same reaction everywhere, Had it not been for a certain reporter. Though, the attention wasn't a bad thing either, it proved he had a name for himself at some point in his life.
    "Says here he finished it not to long ago, go ahead and head upstairs to pick it up."
    "Thank you."
    Trekking up the flight of stairs, He stopped before a table that with random parts and tools sprawled across it's surface. "Hello?"
    "Over here." A warm voice called out, it's source a stout man standing over a opened poke`tch. "Evenin`Sir." Chaos greeted.
    "Good evening Chaos. Seems you've been having a rough week." the President replied, twisting a screw.
    "Don't remind me." Chaos said in a lazy tone, taking a seat across the man.
    "Well, I have that modification added and the app has already been installed, we'll just transfer your personal data over in a sec."
    "Yes sir."
    "Ha ha ha, almost always so formal."

    Moments later, both Chaos and the President are standing in front a single computer, commandeered by the President's Son, Dan. "No matter how smart I'll ever get, I'll never invent anything like you guys." Chaos said, glancing at the machine-ridden table. "It takes time, but you get the hang of it eventually." the President said, a progress bar popping up on the small screen. "The Poke`tch-to-PC port is on the left side and it's the latest version, the screen has better resolution and clearer picture, and the scanner has been tuned up. Not bad for three months of work." Dan gloated, "Expect the best from the best." Chaos praised, watching the bar fill in a matter of seconds. The President unhooked the Black poke`tch and handed it to Chaos, "Have fun young one." he said with a warm smile.
    "Thank you sir." Chaos replied, returning the smile, as he lifted his sleeve and fitted the device over his left wrist.
    "So what do you plan to use that app for?" Dan asked, curious of the boy's intentions.
    "Nothing much for now, just to translate those plates we keep finding all over the place."
    "Good luck, and do call if you need anything else." The President said, patting Chaos on the back.
    "Thanks again sir, Thanks Dan, goodnight."
    With that, Chaos trekked back down the stairs, also bidding the receptionist goodnight, and was surprisingly replied back with a "Goodnight." in a dull tone. He stepped out onto the busy street, zipping his Monochrome jacket up to conserve his warmth. Since there were no clouds out that night, it was a bit chilly...Well, maybe just to him. Of all the things in the world Chaos hated, it was the cold. His expeditions up mountains were like living Hell for him, as the Chill and snow felt twice as worse on his Desert-conditioned body. Of course there were freezing desert nights, but Chaos was never out in the desert during the night, only during the day, and on rare occasions at that. "I guess I'll get something to drink before I head back to the center." He muttered, rubbing his arms, while also attaining strange looks from the others one the sidewalk.
    ((Have fun describing your time at the Pokemon center! Be creative!))
  19. OOC: Yeah, I know I'm taking the time off homework to type this. Why? Well, I take the entire hour off that I get before I go to get my brother, because that way, when he comes home, I can shut him out by doing my homework. Also, I get time to spend on this site. OTHER READERS: you may join if you wish, in fact it would be pleasurable, it's sort of hard to run an RP with only 2 people, who are both in high school at the moment.

    Samantha, along with Dawn and Cynthia, went off to the washrooms down a hall in the Pokemon Center. They each went into a washroom, and, er, got ready. ((Really, I'm only going to describe Samantha's experience for a bit.))
    Samantha turned the hot knob over quite a bit, the cold one over a little bit, and finally twisted the middle knob, and the fountain that spilled water shut off, as the shower head sprayed water. Samantha stepped in.
    Samantha stepped out, fully dressed in a new outfit, this time with a little less fasion, obviously her sleeping clothes. Her shirt was pink and read "I *skull/crossbones* stupid boys." and ordinary white pants. Samantha pulled out her card-key from her purse, and read the room number again. Dawn stepped out of her washroom as Samantha stowed the card-key.
    "Well, ready to get some sleep?" Dawn said, barely surpressing a giggle at her new appearance.
    "Yes." Samantha replied, with a tinge of anger at Dawn for almost laughing.
    Cynthia arrived out in the hallway from her washroom, and pulled out her card-key, and with a wave and goodnight, she went of to her room. Samantha and Dawn followed suit, going into their room. Two beds. Thank God. Samantha dived into her bed, but Dawn went over to the room's radio.
    "Hope you don't mind terribly." Dawn said.
    "No, go ahead." Samantha replied.
    Dawn turned it on, and scrolled through a bit, but didn't find anything she wanted. So, she went over to her bag, and pulled out a pink iPod Shuffle, plugged in her earphones, and turned it on.
    "...Worth pursuing, but I won't be caught standin' sti--" Dawn accidently sang aloud, being interupted by Samantha.
    "Please, though, no singing." Samantha said rather loudly, as so Dawn could hear.
    "Sorry!" Dawn exclaimed, her voice loud due to the music in her ears.
    Samantha shut off her lights, and relaxed her body. Dawn lay down with her iPod still playing a bit, but it had passed onto "Insomniatic", merely by coincidence. Samantha readied herself further to sleep, then instantly shot her body upwards...
    "Chaos! I haven't seen him in awhile!" Samantha said, quietly yelling ((there's an oxymoron for ya)) and turning on the light, "I could've sworn I saw him in the hall, but paid it no mind."
    "I'm sure he's fine." Dawn said, rather irritated.
    "Well, I'll be back in a bit." Samantha said.
    "Whatever." Dawn replied, and turned off her iPod. She lay it on a table next to her bed, after taking out her headphones.
    Samantha left the room, and searched through the hallways. Nothing. She searched the lobby, the dining area, and several other public rooms. Nothing. She waited by a couple of men's rooms. Nothing. She ran outside, although doubting he'd be there.
    I'll bet he's just in his room, sleeping away.
    Nope. Samantha saw him almost as soon as she came outside. In fact, she almost bumped into him before stopping herself.
    "What the hell are you doing out here so late? You should sleep." Samantha said, rather cranky due to her lack of sleep, "But, as long as we're out, shall we go to the PokeTch shop? That was the reason we came, after all."
    OOC: I figure Chaos should say something like, "No need, the president is here." Of course, can't do it myself, you didn't say I could control him.
  20. [[Argeth teh school work be vicious. TGIF.]]
    ((Actually he was coming out of the Poke`tch building. But I'll have him act as if he just arrived. You can control
    him when needed, not to worry.))
    Chaos blinked at the girl, holding up his tea mug to keep it from spilling. "eneh?" he said, a bad habit of his when he was surprised. "I think it's a tad bit late to go out there. We'll go first thing in the morning though, promise." He said with a weak smile, lowering the cup to about chest-height. "Right now, a shower and bed rest would be nice." he lied, knowing that the first thing he was going to do was sit on the PC in his room, and record somethings in his notebook. "C`mon then." He said, walking past her and allowing the doors to slid open.
  21. OOC: Omg, it was that way. I feel so stupid, as you can see sometimes I can be a bit careless. That's just me! Also, 2 major things hit while posting this: a new rank, and a total of 4 days logged in! I'm a Charms freak, as this site is basically my second home.

    Samantha followed, and after brief goodbyes, the two went off to their rooms. Samantha came to her door, and only just realized she left her purse inside the room, along with the card-key.
    *Knock, knock*
    No answer, even after waiting awhile. Samantha heard faint music all of a sudden, as if Dawn wanted to ignore her. Samantha kept knocking, and eventually a tired Nurse Joy came down the hall.
    "What are you doing so late?" Nurse Joy asked.
    "I accidently left my card-key in there, and my roommate is apparently ignoring me, or just can't hear. Although the latter is more unlikely." Samantha explained.
    Nurse Joy pulled out a card-key, swipped it, and opened the door.
    "Alright, there you go. Goodnight." Nurse Joy said with a yawn.
    Samantha entered, glared at Dawn for a second, and then just dived into her bed. She fell asleep almost as immediately as her head hit the pillow. Dawn, still fairly annoyed, gave it a rest and slept too.
    Light peeked through the room's window. The room's clock went off, and both Samantha and Dawn awoke with refreshed attitudes and bodies. Samantha went off to the room's washroom, and came out with a scarlett dress, ruffled at the top, no sleeves, a choker with a red heart attached, the heart laying just above her collar bone, gold soled-red high-heels, and her hair pulled back with a headband.
    "Well, this is my contest outfit I decided on. Like?" Samantha asked.
    "Like? I love it! It's gorgeous." Dawn replied.

    OOC: Although my post ended with it being morning, please continue with Chaos during the night. Or even better, don't and make me have to wonder! Please excuse any typos, it's late and I'm getting fairly tired.
  22. ((I'll keep you wondering....and give you an awkward scene!))
    The Poke`mon Center's Chansey made her way down the hall, past Samantha and Dawn room, and began to knock on Chaos's door. Despite how early it was, she hadn't seen Nurse Joy since she got up to make her rounds that night. After viewing the Security tape for the night, she saw Nurse Joy reprimanding Chaos from his open door for how late it was, then actually entering a few moment's later, the door slowly closing after her. She never came back out.
    After a couple of moments of no response, the Chansey rummaged inside her pouch and pulled out a Master key card similar to Nurse Joy's. The door swung open, revealing a large lump under the blanket of the bed and Chaos himself, whom had fallen asleep in front of a blank PC screen, in the chair, and shirtless. In a frenzy of hysteria and worry, the Nurse Pokemon charged in and literally lifted Chaos into the air, chunking him into the hall. It wasn't until he was mid-air did he wake up, letting out a yell of surprise until he crashed into the opposing wall of the hall. "Ao...Ao...osa?" He muttered in surprised, loosing consciousness moments later. Most likely due to the noise, Nurse Joy lifted her sleepy head from under the blanket, rubbing her right eye. "......Huh?"
    The Chansey flung herself onto the Nurse, "CHANSEY!"
    "Chansey? Where am....Oh dear!" Nurse Joy blushed in complete embarrassment, realizing she feel asleep telling Chaos off for staying up so late and after he asked for her help in what he was working on. "Oh no! What time is it?" She said, turning to look at the clock on the wall. "Oh thank goodness." She said with a sigh of relief, it being just before the other trainers usually woke. Stepping outside, she looked down to see a jumbled up Chaos, sleeping(As shown by the large snooze bubble bellowing from his nose) against the wall in his broken position. "Chansey, did you do this?"
    The Chansey peered to the side in shame, but then made her way toward Chaos and again lifting him into the air by his back.
    "Quite the Night, eh Nurse Joy?" A female voice called out from behind them. Cynthia was making her way down the hall to see what the commotion was, fully dressed and awake. Other trainers were popping their heads out their doors, still way to sleepy to notice anything strange. The Nurse turned bright red, "No no, I just kinda..." she began shaking her hands wearily.
    "Fell asleep on the job? Don't worry I've been there." Cynthia said with a warm smile, "Now let's get you ready, then give this boy a check up. I wouldn't be surprised if he broke a few bones." she continued, as Chansey happily began to bounce the hall, Chaos violently flopping up and down like a lifeless doll.
    "Oh dear. This is all my fault." Nurse Joy began worriedly as she and Cynthia followed behind.
    ((Oh god, I killed myself writing this. I've always wanted to write something so retardedly unlikely.....Did I scare you off Sam?))
  23. OOC: No, you didn't scare me off (as I said in the PM I just typed), and speaking of that PM, I guess it wouldn't hurt to spend the time to type this up, it's the least I could do. Sorry, its just, I have no luck when it comes to things I like, something always goes wrong (well, except the Mod/Admin Hurt and Heal, but that's very minor.). Life basically hates me.

    Samantha, after showing Dawn her dress, heard a muffled THUMP in the halls. It was rather early for any noises, but a thump?
    "Did you hear that? Kinda odd to hear something like that at this early hour." Samantha asked.
    "I thought I had heard something..." Dawn blushed, "But I was nervous to ask in case it was just me."
    "Hmmm... Let's check it out." Samantha said.
    "OK, whatever." Dawn replied.
    Samantha opened the room door, and saw a Chansey hauling a seemingly lifeless Chaos. She saw Nurse Joy and Cynthia closely behind, and was so puzzled a question mark nearly appeared above her head, it would've, had it been possible.
    "Wh-what happened?" Samantha asked.
    "Uh, er, well, Chansey..." Nurse Joy replied.
    "Eh, you don't have to continue. I think I get the point." Samantha interrupted.
    Samantha and Dawn joined everybody else in walking down to one of the few, of about 3, human operating rooms. Chansey plunked Chaos into the stretcher in the center of the room. Samantha, Dawn, and Cynthia were kindly asked to leave the premises, as Nurse Joy and Chansey were to do an X-ray. With a Luxray. There was only one protective shield for a human, and Chansey was fine on its own. Chansey ((yes, Chansey)) pulled out a PokeBall from its pouch, and tossed it, revealing your ordinary Luxray. A flash (not the attack) filled the room. 13 broken bones. Even though Nurse Joy was told to believe science over superstitions, she thought that was terribly unlucky. Chaos also glowed for a few seconds.
    After the X-ray, Chansey used its Aromatherapy, which soothed Nurse Joy quite a bit, and woke Chaos. Nurse Joy had barely noticed his eyes open.
    "Chansey, please, Sing." Nurse Joy asked.
    "Chan, chan, chan-sey, cha-an-se-y" Chansey sang in that all-to-well known tune, as Chaos' eyes closed from their barely open state.
    Now with Chaos in quite the deep sleep, Chansey used its Heal Bell, which seemed to do the trick. The dislocated parts of Chaos' body went back into place, but it'd still hurt quite a lot when he awoke again. So Chansey used Softboiled, broke it up into non-chokeable pieces ((some people might know where I got that)), and carefully put each piece into Chaos' mouth. Now all he had to do was wake up, and everything should be fine.

    OOC: I actually, although it seems that I did, I didn't control Chaos himself very much. Chansey did, though. Now for him to wake up, and to get bitch Double-slapped into next year by Chansey. XD
  24. Chaos literally jolted awake, much to the spite of Chansey, yelling "PINK RHYHORNS!(sp?)", before falling back onto the stretcher, clutching his abdomen in slight pain. Of the thirteen bones broken, one was his lowest rib. The pain receptors in his bones were going insane, and he had felt this bad in years. The last time he had felt this bad, he had fallen off a tall tree, and was left with a broken leg for a good month. Chansey took it to herself to knock a bit of sense into him, so she proceeded to whack him in the face for a good couple seconds. "CCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY!"

    Holding the ice pack against his face, Chaos sat there while his nerves calmed down from his recent operation. "osa...."
    Chansey nodded there in a bossy fashion, while Nurse Joy looked on in worry. "Sorry about that Chaos."
    "Not to worry Nurse Joy, though, this is the first time I've ever broken bones for staying up too late." he continued with a chuckle, which was followed by a quick, "ow."
    ((Not to worry about the controlling Chaos part, since we don't have many people in this thing, you can control him when needed.))
  25. OOC: My luck has been extraordinarily high this weekend, so it figures I'd get a post sooner or later here! Now life seems to like me. I think with all this luck, something absolutely horrid is going to happen at the end of it all...

    Samantha heard Chansey's abnormally loud cry, after an indistinct yell from Chaos, wondering what on earth could be happening in there. Probably nothing, Samantha thought to herself.
    "You may all come in now." Nurse Joy said, coming out of the operation room. She held the door open, Samantha, Dawn, and Cynthia entered, with Nurse Joy soon following.
    Chaos' face was quite red, in Chansey-hand (if you can call them that) shapes in a few places. This was alarming to Samantha and Dawn, but Cynthia had the same emotion as before, slightly worried on the inside, but knowing Chaos would be fine on the outside.
    Samantha caught a glance at a clock in the room. Damn, it was the same time as when she left the room, apparently the Luxray's fault. Then she glanced at Dawn's PokeTch, noticing the time.
    "OH MY GOD!!! I'M LATE FOR THE CONTEST!!!" Samantha screamed, running outside.
    "OK then, I'll be going with her." Dawn said shortly after, giggling a bit at Samantha.
    "I'll stay for a bit longer." Cynthia said as Dawn left, "So Chaos, feeling well enough to go watch Samantha?"
    "Most likely," Chaos replied, with a tinge of pain, "But not until the contest is actually starting."
    "Alright." Cynthia responded.
    Nurse Joy, lost in thought of the situation, just remembered something about the contest, too. She was a judge!
    "You should be fine with Chansey, and you, Chansey, be nicer to Chaos." Nurse Joy explained, leaving too.

    OOC: Oooh, Cynthia and Chaos (near) alone. If you want, they should have, like, a relation or something that barely shows. But, again, you can skip their time (almost) alone, make me wonder some more, and have them at the Contest Hall.

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