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Friendship, Mythology, and Extreme Challenges!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Eevee Lover, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. ((I actually want to bring this back to life, seeing as I was interested in joining earlier...))
    The doors to the Pokemon center open with a electric buzzing sound as a dark-skinned Teenager slowly entered, quiet exhausted. His research on the Three spirits of Sinnoh and the 'Original One' was leading itself into a dead end. He had dropped by Lake Verity and Dr.Rowan's lab earlier that day, but seeing as he had accomplished nothing, he set off again, deciding to go to Valor next, hopefully to grab maybe just a bit of info on the lake's legend. He had traveled almost all of the Sinnoh Region and came up short of anything useful.

    "Evening, Dr.Joy." He called out with a chuckle as he entered. "Chaos! I told you it's Nurse Joy!" The Nurse said with a blush. Of all the Nurse Joys Chaos had met this one was among his favorites. It had been just a while that Chaos arrived in this region. However, when he stumbled into this town, old memories began to push themselves into his mind, and he could barely sleep that night. The Nurse Joy of this Pokemon Center found him in surprise, as he had made his way into the lobby to look out the window and stare at the moon. It wasn't long after when they engaged in a long conversation, eventually lulling him to sleep. Ever since, when he visited this part of the region, he'd stop by and say hello.

    "Find anything?" She asked in a low voice. "No. It's been quite slow lately...I haven't found out anything new. I might head back to Valor or I'm thinking of heading up Coronet for a look." Chaos replied in a similar voice. Recently, He had been gaining some popularity in Sinnoh, as he was caught in Celestic Town studying the Ruins by a film crew. His picture had been published in many of the regions Poke`Magazines since, even a small review of his work in Johto and Hoenn was featured. "I think I might Rival Lance in popularity in a couple of Months out here." he joked, placing his poke`balls on a tray in front of the nurse.
  2. Samantha tossed and turned in her bed, awake and still tormented by her experience. She absolutely could not sleep, so she ventured down to the PokeCenter lobby. There she saw Nurse Joy and somebody she'd seen in a magazine, one of her favorite magazines too, about Mythology. It had featured Cynthia, Team Galactic (because they somehow convinced the magazine interviewers their intentions were good), and a guy named Chaos. Samantha had always had a fascination with myths, especially the Sinnoh myths, hence why she wanted to move to Sinnoh in the first place. But, she could only go so far, she just learned to drive, and having no Pokemon (until now), she was unable to find safe places to research, except Lake Verity. There, she had experienced a myth in action.
    *Flashback mode* Samantha had gone swimming in Lake Verity. She was enjoying herself, and also was looking for the cavern rumoured to be there. It appeared in the middle of the lake, but was quite deep underwater. So, Samantha dived down to see it, but without a Pokemon. She almost reached the cavern, but then she ran out of air. She passed out, but something teleported her out. When she awoke, her emotions ran wild, the side effect of being rescued by the Being of Emotions.
    *Normal again* Samantha could never forget that day, and so thought it would help Chaos' studies. The only thing blocking her was the lack of nerve buildup to talk to a rising star. She approached Chaos, and...
    "Aren't you researching The Spirits of Sinnoh? I've actually had an encounter with one, the Being of Emotion. If you want, I could give you a detailed description." Samantha blabbed.
    Samantha, knowing much about the myths, but with no actual experience, (gotta love the inside dirt on the net, she always says), knew that it was actually called Mesprit. Also, she knew there was 3 other beings tied to the Original One, and even got a name on one of them... Giratina. Also, visits to the top floor of Canalave Library helped, as she memorized the myths recorded there.
    Then, a reporter caught Samantha and Chaos...
  3. Chaos smiled as he turned around to see a girl, slightly shorter than him, with brown hair and a red line across her face . He took a few steps toward the seats in the lobby, "Please, would you?" he continued, pulling a small notepad from his jacket. "Nurse Joy, make sure Megami doesn't get out of her poke`ball. We don't want a repeat of the last time I was here." He called back to the Nurse as she walked back into the infirmary to heal his Pokemon, "Don't need to remind me!" She called back, the electric door closing behind her. "Ladies first." He said politely, holding his hand out toward the seats behind him as he turned back to her.
  4. Samantha, due to her excellent memory of the event, explained everything in the best details. As she went on, the reporter seemed to get more and more excited about it. So both Chaos and that reporter continued their notes on Samantha's story, but of course, the reporter was secretive about her writing. When she finished, the reporter casually left, as if she didn't just get her leading story in "Current Myths and Rising Stars" magazine.
    OOC: Yes, I made that up to match what was happening.
    As a big fan of the magazine, Samantha instantly noticed that reporter, whose name happened to be Kathy. Samantha rushed up to Kathy, and started another babble marathon.
    "Hey, is the conversation I just had with Chaos going to be in your magazine? Please, please please put it there. Are you really Kathy? Or just a look-alike?" (and many more babbles, too) Samantha went on.
    "Relax young lady. I will submit your conversation, and hope the editors and managers and all of the other staff enjoy it. But with a story like that, I doubt that they'd say no." Kathy replied.
    "Oh cool, thanks!" Samantha said, calmed down by Kathy's serene mood.
    "Wow, I bet Chaos and Kathy think I'm a bumbling fool..." Samantha thought, but accidently said it in a hushed tone.
    After awhile, Samantha went back over to Chaos.
    "Need any more informations? I've read lots on the Internet and memorized everything in Canalave Library's mythology section." Samantha asked.
    But then, Samantha noticed it was 4:00 in the morning.
    "Oh, I'm so sorry, but my friends went off to find whatever was messing with my head. But it's been a very long time, so I wonder whatever happened to them? Want to come help me look? I'd probably need the help anyways." Samantha blabbed again, because it was, after all, Chaos, she was talking to.
    With the bravery that came with the fact that her friends might be in some form of trouble, Samantha was willing to go outside where something tormented her, and not with Torment attack. So she eagerly awaited Chaos' answer.
  5. ((XD Nice name))
    "It's so early in the morning and you're still so energetic!" Chaos said with a smile and a sweat-drop. He stood up and stretched, then placed the notepad back in his jacket. "I'll help you out, can't leave a lady in need for sleep." He said, stretching some more. He walked to the counter, rotating his right arm around to stretch his joints. He slid over it, and walked through the sliding door into the infirmary.

    Minutes later Chaos stepped back out with a single poke`ball in his hand, tossing it up and catching it repeatedly. "Well then lets go." He said, hopping the counter again and taking steps toward the doors of the center.
  6. "I kinda get boundless energy at night and early morning, even without daytime sleep. It's wierd, I know..." Samantha answered.
    OOC: I am the same way, lol.
    Samantha lead Chaos to where her friends said they would look for those ghosts, and it was still fairly dark. After searching for awhile, nobody had appeared.
    "Eevee, please, come to my aid!" Samantha exclaimed throwing Eevee's and Zigzagoon's PokeBall, "And you too, Zigzagoon!"
    The two shiny Normal Types began sniffing, but the scent had almost completely faded away, so there was nothing to follow. Samantha got very worried, and didn't know what to do from here.

    OOC: Um, Sparkling_Palkia, if you can still access this, could you please make them show up? This RP is about to hit a dead end without your input, and then we'd have to move on, and your characters would have to reappear at that challenge!
  7. Chaos moved his flashlight up and around, still finding no trace of anyone else in the area. He pulled out the poke`ball from before, holding it out and pressing the button. Out came Yami in a ball of light, letting out a small growl as he was released. "Yami's eyes should find anything out there, don't worry...Uh....um..." Chaos blushed when he came to the realization that he hadn't asked for her name yet."Um...What was you're name again?" He asked, growing a even redder tint. "Gomen." He apologized, scratching the back of his head.
  8. OOC: Sorry I couldn't reply yesterday, I was spending the day at my family's cabin in the mountains. And yes, it's ours, not a crappy rental one.
    "It's Samantha, and don't worry, it's OK that you had forgotton to ask. I guess it would actually be hard since I started out talking too much anyways." Samantha replied, embarrassed that she didn't introduce herself.
    A rustle in the bushes came out of nowhere, and the Pokemon all became alert of it. They went over, and Samantha uncovered that it was Kathy, still taking notes.
    "Ummm... I was just getting some fresh air, (quietly) in a bush..." Kathy lied.
    "Oh really? Or were you trying to get your latest scoop?" Samantha, annoyed, asked.
    "Weeeeeeeeeeeellll, gotta go!" Kathy yelled, already far off into the distance.
    "Well, I guess we should go back. I don't think they're going to show up, at least not now." Samantha said.
    Being upset by her friends' disappearance, Samantha slinked off to the PokeCenter.
    "If I ever wake up, see you tomorrow. Hopefully we can find them later." Samantha told Chaos.
    Deep in sleep, Samantha dreamed and had nightmeres about what happened to her friends. At about 11:30 A.M., Samantha awoke, and went to the lobby. A buzz of reporters then attacked her.
    "How was it? Where did you get this story? Blah blah blah!" the reporters yelled at her.
    "Holy crap! Would you give me a break? How'd you even know about this already?" Samantha yelled back.
    The reporters pulled out "Current Myths and Rising Stars" magazines. It had under the title: "Instant Update! Chaos gets story from a newbie trainer!" which, again, somewhat insulted Samantha. So, Samantha escaped into a hallway.
  9. "Nande?" Chao's head popped out of a nearby door, his jet black hair in a complete mess, spiking in several directions and falling about his face. Around his shoulders and covering most of him was a red blanket, his favorite that he kept in the back of the infirmary.
    "Chaos! Mr.Chaos! What do you think of the Girl's story? Is it possibly true?"
    "Mr.Chaos, is such luck possible?"
    "Chaos sir, what are your theories that can possibly relate to the girl's story?"
    The reporters pestered the sleepy boy with thousands of questions, only quieting down when he raised his hand, the blanket dropping off his left shoulder to reveal he was shirtless. "Please people." Chaos said sleepily, pulling the blanket back up. "I'll explain my thoughts all in due time....over breakfast. Please calmly wait in the lobby, and don't bother anymore trainers. Please?"
    The mass of reporters turned back and left for the lobby, Nurse Joy pushing pass the crowd and stopped in front of Chaos. "Well now, that's a first." she said,putting her hands on her hips.
    "Not for Kathy and her scoop. You're cousin in Hoenn almost had my head one time when this happened."
    "What happened?"
    "Same thing here, only on a larger scale. The reporters insisted on making me show them the Lugia pup that Kathy caught me catch-ow...I bit me tongue." Chaos said, twisting the tongue in his mouth.
    "Well then I guess I've got to make a big breakfast..." Joy said with a sigh
    "Take Megami and Hanuman out to help, they both know how, after watching me make breakfast a hundred times." Chaos said, "Oh! Samantha! I'm sorry what happened out here. Do come and have breakfast with me." He said with a smile, lazily closing the door behind him.

    "Mr. Chaos, was is the chance of someone coming into contact with such a being?"
    "Extremely Extremely rare. I've had several run-ins only thanks to the luck of a draw, or being at the right place at the right time." Chaos said, fully dressed, sitting down on a table and chowing down half a sunny-side up egg. Megami was busy wrapping his turban around his head, much to the awe of the everyone there.
    "So how can you clarify this girl's story to be true?"
    He swallowed his food, "Excuse me. There is a theory, that has been consistent in almost all the regions, of children born in certain towns that are in the favor of the gods. Such children can possibly be Yellow and the famous champion Lance himself. These two have been called "Viridian Child" and such. Both of them have the ability to communicate almost telepathically to their Pokemon and heal them by touch." Chaos began to explain, taking a sip of juice. "In the Johto and Hoenn, there isn't anything different. Children born near major landmarks, eventually growing to be great trainers, breeders, the like."
    "So what? I was born near Lake Valor! I'm no 'Great Trainer'." A rather rash reporter said, as he stood.
    Chaos smiled, "So you're a failure?" He joked, reporters chuckling and the now frowning reporter, "I didn't say it was every child. There is a year-based rate between these lucky children. Even then, It's quite rare." Chaos explained, starting on a bowl of rice. "Now, There's no DEFINITE proof. It's possible that it's just amazing luck and all that I just said was a pile of rotting trash." He continued to explain, comically raising his shoulders in a "Who knows?" look, chopsticks in his mouth.
    "So are you saying that her story is true?"
    "I can't say Samantha's story is true, but I also can't say it's false. These rare pokemon are still under much Research and debate. As soon as more info comes up, I'll submit something to Dr.Rowan."
    "I have a question!" A trainer on the sidelines said, jumping up and down in anxiety.
    "Do tell."
    "What are you searching for now?"
    Chaos blinked in response to this, taking a mouthful of rice. "Why you ask?"
    "Curious." the trainer replied.
    Chaos swallowed the mouthful of rice, then began to chuckle. "I'm searching for God."
    "There is a legend in Sinnoh, a legend that concerns not only the creation of Sinnoh, but all Pokemon general. It is the most complex project I have ever done, alongside the "Unknown or Written Language" project that I did in Johto."
    "You mean the Creation Myth?"
    "Yes, The Creation Myth. Every Myth or legend in Sinnoh, revolves around this Myth." He continued, "Hanuman, if you would." He said turning his head toward the Monkey pokemon. Hanuman stopped eating his own bowl of rice and turned to the reporters. He raised the black armband to reveal a red plate under it, held onto his arm by a chain. "I found this in a excavation underground. It apparently increases the strength of Fire pokemon and moves of that type. There have been reports of duplicates and similar plates too. On the back of this one..." Chaos began to explain again, as Hanuman took off the plate and flipped it. "The Original One breathed alone before the universe came." Chaos recited from memory, as the only thing on the plate was ancient scribble. "This is undeniable proof of the Creation Myth."
    "Please, before my own food gets too cold, you should all eat yourselves." Chaos said with a smile not wanting to say too much. Megami had finished the turban and had begun to sit down to eat as well. Hanuman resumed to eat, replacing the black armband. The crowd of Reporters turned and sat down on tables set up by several pokemon earlier. "Whew." Chaos sighed.
  10. OOC: Actually, the rules say you can't actually own a legendary Pokemon, as I learned quite some time ago, so let's say the Lugia baby was befriended or something to avoid any form of a hassle!
    "OK, I think breakfast would be good. I need the energy." Samantha replied.

    {At breakfast}
    Samantha was being interviewed with nearly identical questions, but had a different set of answers. Her explaination about her connection was that after spending enough time there, and wanting to find a legend for honest reasons instead of wanting to find something out of greed was what attracted such a rare Pokemon. Not to mention she was in a life or death situation. Thus, Mesprit felt safe to appear. When the reporters asked to see her Pokemon, a shock rushed among them all. They were both shiny! So, more questions arose. Samantha, as this being her first time with any form of a press attack, tired out quickly. Now, going to Jubilife may be a problem, considering that there was a famous TV Station there. Samantha took a step outside to calm down.
    Then, an enourmous tremour occured. Samantha saw an explosion come from the area of Lake Verity. So, she ran in to tell Chaos.
  11. ((I actually have it where Chaos has released any legendary pokemon he's caught into a Nature Reserve or preservation to prevent poaching. He can't ever have a legendary in his team EVAR, unless he like, catches it in the story or something. So in a since, he never really owned a legendary.))

    Chaos was surrounded by newbie trainers, bickering him with questions. "What's it like in Kanto?" "Have you seen the Red gyarados at Lake of Rage?(?)" "How many Pokemon have you caught?" "How did you get you're Lopunny to wrap a turban?"
    "Amazing, you'll love it there, it always has nice weather." "Lance has custody of the Red Gyrardos right now, but I did see it. He sure loves using Hyber Beam with that thing." "I've got a good amount over a hundred or two, but I rarely use my old ones, save for Akatsuki over there." "It took a LONG time to teacher her." Chaos answered, his plate and bowls empty. His pokemon were busy finishing or showing off to some of the new trainers and the Reporters. It wasn't long before they all felt the tremor, Megami clutching to him dramatically. He watched Samantha run in, and stood up himself to meet her, Megami still hanging on,"Ni!". "What happened?" He asked, Nurse Joy right behind him.
  12. OOC: Ah, I see. OK, then, nothing else to say!
    "Apparently somebody set off a bomb at Lake Verity. I think it would be wise to head over there to find out what happened." Samantha explained.
    Samantha rushed out the door, and ran towards Lake Verity. She arrived at the lake, and saw oddly dressed people there, and what seemed to be 2 important members of this gang battling 2 young kids. Then, a Skuntank and Purugly delivered the final blow to a Turtwig and Piplup, both of the Pokemon looking very inexperienced.
    OOC: Say hello to Dawn and Lucas, who took Samantha's Piplup and Turtwig she originally wanted.
  13. ((XD))
    "Nurse Joy, Keep EVERYONE here. Kathy, DON'T MOVE." Chaos said, pointing in Kathy's direction. He pulled out several poke`balls in a single hand and returned his entire team. "This seems awfully familiar." He muttered, chasing after Samantha, placing the poke`balls back into his jacket as he ran.

    He stopped behind her, looking around. "These guys....Oh, not again." He muttered, hanging his head. Team galactic had to be the most sorriest excuse for a national crime syndicate that he ever faced. Not only did the supply their subordinates with Pokemon that are too weak for any type of defense, they had the lamest excuse for a goal in the world. "Those two seem familiar..." Chaos muttered to Samantha, pulling out a single poke`ball as if to get ready for a battle.
  14. "Yeah, I saw them in a magazine. They must be Mars and Jupiter of Team Galactic. But the magazine reported that their intentions were good... But I never believed it. Especially because--" Samantha explained, but was cut off.
    "Hey you 2! I didn't say anybody was allowed here! Even you, Chaos. Thanks for almost stealing our spotlight in that magazine. And you Samantha, who I know from--" Mars yelled, also getting interupted.
    "Would you not go into a rant, then explain what we're doing! Dear lord, sometimes you're the biggest idiot for an admin I've ever met!" Jupiter interrupted.
    OOC: Feel free to take control of Mars/Jupiter as well, Phantom, they aren't my characters.
    Samantha pulled out her Eevee's PokeBall, and called it out, prepared for battle. Then she looked unto the lake. The water level had dropped an enourmous level! And, that cavern was right there, in the dead middle.
    OOC: If anybody's dying to know this Samantha-Galactic relation, either you already know from the character bio Samantha used to have, or PM me and I'll explain. But I don't want just anybody to know, just those who want to and are members.
    Samantha, swept over by a rush of emotions and memories of the cavern, fainted. Right then and there.
  15. ((Alright.))
    "Ms.Mars and Ms.Jupiter, alive and well I see." Chaos stated, before Samantha collapsed, "Samantha!" He knelt down beside her, first checking her pulse. "She's only lost consciousness, Heaven-bless." He muttered.
    "HEY DON'T IGNORE US!" Mars yelled, grabbing Dawn by the arm. "We've got hostages!" she yelled with a grin.
    "Forget you guys..." Lucas muttered, giving Jupiter the slip and rushing to Chaos's side. "Take care of her." Chaos commanded,standing up. "But what about-" Lucas began.
    "Not to worry." Chaos cut Lucas off, pulling a Ultra ball from his assortment of poke`balls. "Akatsuki, defend these two." He said, as the ball burst open and the Scizor came out, the claws chomping away in the air. Several Galactic members fell back and edge away from the fearsome Pokemon. He dropped the Dusk ball in his hand, and out came Megami dancing about happily. "Well then ladies, battle for the custody of the young lady?"
    "Why not? You sure like to gamble quite a bit. Especially since our last encounter." Jupiter said with a evil grin. "But if we win, you're coming with us." She said pointing a finger.
    "Hey wait a minute I'm no prize to be won!" Dawn yelled from her position, attempting to break free of Mars's grip.
    "Not to worry, Ma`am. I'm battling for your safety." Chaos said, petting Samantha's Eevee,"Will you help me?" He asked. ((Are you going to take control of Eevee or me?))
  16. OOC: I'll do Eevee, unless of course you want to. Control Eevee on your post if you think of a good idea!
    Eevee nodded, as to say yes. It jumped into the battle area. Mars called her Purugly, and Jupiter called upon her Skuntank. The battle began!
    {Cut scene}Samantha, being moved around by Lucas as an attempt to wake her, had her Zigzagoon's PokeBall fall out of her pocket. It was released. It laid down next to Samantha, and napped as if nothing was going on.
    Eevee, having the characteristic "Thoroughly cunning", knew that a Dig attack would work wonders on that Skuntank. So down it burrowed.
    {Cut scene again} A figure with blue hair in an absurd shape emerged from the cavern in the center of the lake, holding a special Galactic Ball. He used a form of jet pack to get to the edge of the lake, where everything was happening. Upon approaching Samantha with the ball, she awoke, with an enourmous amount of will power and emotions. She sent in Zigzagoon to attack, but he used a snag machine just imported from Orre to catch her Zigzagoon in it's tracks with another Galactic Ball. He walked away, and Samantha took chase. She grabbed him, and punched him square in the face, then the stomach, and he released the 2 balls. Samantha grabbed one, but he managed to get the other first. She did a release throw, and it was her Zigzagoon. Then, she re-captured it. As the character ran off, Samantha fainted again due to the powers of Azelf and Mesprit leaving along with the man.
  17. "Saturn!" Chaos yelled as he got away, but stopped with Mars's intensified grip on Dawn's wrist.
    "Nah nah naah!" Jupiter said, waving her finger. "Don't move, or she'll get it." Mars said with a grin, only for it to become a frown as Megami shot up above Purugly and kicked it straight in the face, sending it flying back. "Ni nii!"
    "You were saying?" Chaos muttered, "Lucas, check up on Samantha!" He commanded, as Eevee shot up under the Skuntank, flipping it onto it's back. "Right!" Lucas replied breaking into a run, as Akatsuki followed.
    "Zubat! Toxic!" Mars commanded, as the Pokemon burst from the galactic ball. A blob of Poison shot out at Lucas, but was stopped by a swing of Akatsuki's claws.
    "You should pay attention to the real problem over here." Chaos said with a frown, waving his hand.
  18. OOC: Sorry for no reply, I was busy...
    Eevee, taking the window of even the Pokemon looking at Chaos because of his waving, rammed Skuntank with the hardest Tackle attack it could do. The Skuntank, with Spinda-eyes, was called back and replaced with a Golbat.
    "Golbat, Poison Fang on that bothersome Eevee." Jupiter commanded.
    Eevee was hit, and poisoned by the bat Pokemon. With energy being drained, Eevee called upon all of its power, and unleashed a Trump Card attack. It ultimately defeated the sinister Golbat. But Eevee's health was on the line. The poison was getting much worse.
    OOC: That's a real attack, no kidding! It always gets a critical hit, and the power goes up the less PP you have. It has 5 PP total.
    Samantha was just lying there, and woke to see Lucas trying to get her up and well. She couldn't get up, though. And she saw her Eevee, there battling Pokemon without command along with one of Chaos' Pokemon.
    "Thank you. Who knows how long I'd be fainted if you didn't get me up. Your name?" Samantha, almost breathless, said.
    "Lucas, here to help you!" Lucas answered.
    "Nice to meet ya. What is going on over there?" Samantha asked.
    "Chaos and what appears to be your Eevee are battling 2 Galactic admins. But you got up earlier. How? And why'd you faint again?" Lucas replied.
    "But I could've sworn that was a dream... I don't know why that happened, sorry." Samantha explained.
    Samantha managed to get up, and saw her Eevee lying there, poisoned. She dug through her purse, and found an Antidote. She sprayed her Eevee, and it got up, ready for more. But, one more powerful attack and Eevee would be out of the battle.
    OOC: OK, now I (well, Samantha, since she got up) controls Eevee. Unless it's absolutely needed that you do so something happens the way you want!
  19. ((Not to worry, I know what Trump card does XD. Eevee learns it at lvl57 or so. Training an Eevee that's under lvl22 is a pain T.T))
    An Ice beam from the tip of Megami's ears, and the zubat ((should have been a golbat XD)) fell to the ground like a rock. Mars returned both of her pokemon, and sent out a bronzor, Jupiter following suit. "This is it!" They said in unison, both pokemon spinning in rapidly toward them. "Megami, finale!" Chaos commanded, as the bunny happily jumped up and spun, her leg out. The end of her foot glowed a bright light, as it finally rushed out and down on top of one of the spinning Pokemon [Giga impact]. Crushing it into the ground, one bronzor was completely out. "No!" Jupiter yelled in horror, though Mars's bronzor, however, got the upper hand as Megami was recharging, and struck a direct hit. Megami was flung back a good couple feet and slid into a landing, but took moderate damage. "Team Galactic still can't raise powerful Pokemon, huh?" Chaos said darkly, "Treating them as tools for a job will prevent them from growing!" He yelled, as Megami happily began to dance again. "Silence! Galactic will succeed in it's mission!" Mars yelled angrily, "Bronzor, Extrasensory!" She commanded, pointing at the entire group that apposed her.

    Chaos fell to his knees, the pressure around him increasing in strength. Megami herself could feel it too, as she struggled to keep standing. However, before
    it reached Lucas, Samantha, and her pokemon, out from the blue came a beam of light, blasting the bronzor out of consciousness. Akatsuki stood fully erect despite the pressure, his pincer held out and open. Chaos looked up exasperated, breathing heavily. The psychic attack was vicious, bronzor's mental power kept with the rumors. "Well now....huff....huff...You've lost....huff...huff...Hand over the young lady...huff..." Chaos managed to call out, the pressure lifting.
    (Sorry for playing hero without you ^.^;)

    "........" Mars just stared angrily at the boy, tempted to throw Dawn into the former lake behind them, "Mars, let her go." Jupiter said quietly, pulling Dawn away. "Just as before, you've proved yourself a thorn in our sides." Jupiter said, pushing Dawn a couple steps forward. "....But..." She continued with a smirk.
    Dawn didn't take but a single step before she was pulled back and over the edge of the lake, holding on to the side with a single hand, "Help! Oh man! Help!". "We plan on making an escape!" Jupiter rang with a proud voice, pulling Mars with her deeper into the forest while everyone was in shock.

    "DAWN!" Lucas yelled, running to the girl to help her up, with Megami and Akatsuki close behind in worry. "DAWN!" he called again looking around, "I'm right here! Now pull me up!" the girl yelled, as she attempted to pull herself up. Chaos himself crawled a couple steps before falling beside Samantha's Eevee. "You alright?" he asked, flipping himself to his back, as Lucas pulled up Dawn with Megami's and Akatsuki's help.
  20. OOC: Go ahead, I don't mind if you play hero without me. And is who alright? Samantha, her Eevee, or Dawn?
    Samantha called her Eevee back, amazed by such an experience.
    "I think now's the time to head to Jubilife. My friends seem to have disappeared." Samantha decided out loud.
    OOC: Sparkling_Palkia, if you ever come back join in whenever!
    Samantha went to go check on Dawn. She seemed alright, but a device on her arm seemed to have busted by the water.
    "Crap. Now I have to get a new one! Hey, mind if I go with to Jubilife? They have a shop there for Poke Watches, or PokeTch for short. And as reward, I'd be glad to buy you one!" Dawn said.
    "I'm OK with that. Plus, I wanted a PokeTch for awhile. I need one anyways for the map." Samantha replied.
    "Oh, if you need a map, here you go. I don't need it anymore." Lucas said, handing Samantha a Town Map.
    "Thanks! But I still need to get a PokeTch for the other features. Not to sound ungrateful, though. I do like it that you'd just give me a map." Samantha said.
    "Hey, Chaos, would you like a PokeTch as well? It might help with your mythology, it has some features that'd help." Dawn asked.
  21. ((An open question, Samantha, dawn, Eevee. Your choice ^.^))
    "Nah. I've got one, I just don't wear it." Chaos said, recovering his breath rather quickly. He dug his hand into his sash and pulled out a blue poke`tch. "I've got a poke`nav on me too, so getting lost isn't an issue. I've traveled almost everywhere here in Sinnoh anyways." He continued, sitting up. "But I wouldn't mind helping ya'll there, I've been meaning to talk to a friend over there." he said attempting to stand, only to fall down again. Megami ran over to him in a fit, holding him close. "I'm fine Meg-" He managed to say, before he was smothered by the bunny Pokemon's fur and ear.
  22. Samantha went along with Dawn and Chaos out of the lake area, and arrived back at Sandgem. Samantha ran to the PokeCenter, to heal her Pokemon.
    "Are your Pokemon OK?" Nurse Joy said, looking at the heavily injured Pokemon.
    "I think so. A quick heal should take care of their problems. I hope..." Samantha explained, with a hint of worry in her voice.
    Nurse Joy went into the back room to examine the Pokemon, and came back out with good news.
    "All they need is to be placed in the healing machine. Nothing serious at all happened to your Pokemon." Nurse Joy said, putting Eevee's and Zigzagoon's PokeBalls in a healing machine.
    "Thank God they're OK." Samantha gasped.
    Samantha got her Pokemon and thanked the nurse, and left the building. She saw Chaos and Dawn waiting.
    "Does anybody's Pokemon need healing? I can wait if so!" Samantha asked
  23. "There's nothing.........ngerous........way for me......But Dawn and.......Lucas....ter heal......Their.....mon." Chaos muffled voice managed to say from under the hug of the Bunny pokemon. "Megami....Chan......ease.."
    Megami lifted herself up, but still kept her arms around his neck. He let out a refreshing sigh, "Oh no! You're right!" Dawn moaned, dashing past Samantha with Lucas close behind.

    "They're over here!" A familiar voice called out from in front of Lucas and Dawn. A team of reporters made their way toward them, running past the Sandgem trainers and straight for Chaos. "What happened?"
    "Who's work was this?"
    "What happened to the lake!?"
    "NNIII!" Megami yelled, pounding the nearest reporter with her ear. "Megami-chan..." Chaos said, sighing again. "I'm not saying anything until Officer Jenny is here. Until then, wait for the press release." he stated, much to the dismay of the reporters.
    "How do we know you didn't drain the lake during the interview earlier?" Kathy yelled from the crowd, followed by a dozen other questions in similar tones. "NNNIII!" Megami yelled again, slamming her ear again on another reporter. "And what would I achieve? I've sent Pokemon down into each lake and come up with nothing but a large strange mural at the bottom of the lake in a small cavern." Chaos replied calmly with his eyes closed. He opened them, his red irises shining in the lights of the cameras. "I'm a researcher, not a thief." He said.
    "You've also been named a 'Hunter'." Kathy said, taken aback slightly when she finally realized the eye color of the boy.
    "A nickname, nothing else."
    "...........But still-"
    "If you have nothing else, I suggest reporting the illegal draining of the lake first." Chaos said, now weakly raising to his feet with help from Megami.

    Now the crowd turned from Chaos toward the lone Sandgem trainer, Samantha. As if to glided over the grass, they quickly made there way over to her, now badgering her with similar questions.

    ((Did I do something to make you stop coming or something else?))
  24. OOC: Sorry for my very long absence, I was taking a lovely trip to the Europe mainland. No, it wasn't you Phantom, it was me.

    Samantha answered every question she could as honest as possible, and ran off after it got too annoying.
    "I'll meet you at 'said city', Chaos!" Samantha yelled across the reporters.
    Dawn managed to catch up with Samantha, and asked if they could walk. Samantha looked around, and no reporters were to be seen. She replied with an out-of-breath, "Oh fine..."
    The 2 young girls reached Jubilife City, and Samantha darted into a nearby mall. She came out with a celery green skirt, a white top, temporary blonde die, and new shoes. She came to Dawn.
    "Who the hell are you?!?" Dawn nearly screamed of fright.
    "Don't worry, it's me, Samantha." Samantha explained, "This disguise will make those crazy reporters go off track. When I look like this, refer to me as Kaitlyn."
    "Ummm... OK? Well, sure, to keep those reporters away." Dawn agreed.
    So they waited on a bench near a fountain, also with the entrance to Jubilife City that Chaos should enter any minute now, in clear view.

    OOC: Lolz XD
    Some people'll get why. Lolz again. And again. Rofl. Lmao. You get the point.
  25. ((From your previous story I take it? XD))
    A crowd of children gathered around a juggler, whom was balancing on a big red ball with black stars, who had just happened to "roll" by the fountain. The juggler wore a split smiling mask, on side black and white the other side the inverse. The man began to juggle several Premium balls in the air, slowly spinning in place as he did, "Gather one and all! Be amazed by Sora the red clown!" The juggler called aloud, As several children and their parents joined the crowd. Sora then sent all the poke`balls into the air in a single line, as he jumped off the top of the red ball and landed before the crowd in a comical pose. The White spheres fell to the Earth, running along his shoulders and neck, and up his other arm, stacking themselves one on top of another. Taking a moment to balance himself, Sora spun in place again, as the top ball fell from its place and it burst open against the ground revealing a Drifloon with a black tip on the top of it's white fluff of "hair". Sora popped the White poke`balls into the air and into the hands of some of the Children as he grabbed hold of his ghost balloon friend, whom lifted him into the air and back onto the top of the red ball. "That was short lived." He muttered with a chuckle, as some of the children jumped in the air while he was lifted off the ground. As Azrael happily landed on the head of a child, much to the dismay of the parents, Sora flipped upside down and held himself up in a handstand on the ball. "cha!"
    "Come one come all!" he called out again.
  26. ooC: I'm back! Thanks Morphing Emotions for informing me you changed the name. I was worried >_<
    Ok enough of that I'll continue the roleplay although I'm a bit lost. Don't mind me. Are PokeMorphs allowed Morphing Emotions?

    Taylor sleek and pretty was leaning against a tree. She had taken a leave from Samantha's trip to catch some new pokemon and become a gym leader. After beating the Elite Four she decided to head back and see how Samantha was doing. Of course not finding her on the dirt road she headed out to find her. Finally Taylor had stopped in Jubilife city. Empoleon chirrped happily finally being able to rest his flippers. He sat beside Taylor soaking up the warm sun. Taylor looked over at Jubilife she remembered traveling through here. It had been quite some time ago though but none the less she had missed the city. She got up and started to walk around admiring the city.
  27. OOC: You live! Cool, we've gone to 3 people running the RP. PokeMorphs? Sure, why not? Also, I'll PM you with the twist that we should do. And, if that TC in your sig is Taylor's new party, beware, you can't have Palkia as hers. Just to prevent any trouble coming your way!

    Samantha saw Taylor walking around, but something was different. She seemed a bit older, and more accomplished. Samantha was awaiting her to come over, until she remembered that she was still in disguise.
    "Hey Dawn, could you wait here and keep looking for Chaos for a bit? I need to check something." Samantha said, standing up.
    "No problem, but what is it?" Dawn asked.
    "I'll explain later." Samantha replied, walking away.
    Samantha lost track of where Taylor went, and eventually began to run. Jubilife City was huge, so it was going to take awhile. Samantha began to enter buildings after her search was going poorly. No sign of Taylor anywhere. So Samantha gave up and went back to the bench. But on the way, she ran into Taylor.
    "Hey, Taylor! Taylor! Where've you been? And why do you look ever so slightly, but still, older?" Samantha asked, running up to her old friend.
  28. ooC: Ok well yes don't worry I'm just showing Palkia on my card but I look like my avatar and my other form is me on my trainer card so I look like Dawn you know. But more Older.

    Taylor looked confused then regonized Samantha through her exspressions.
    "Oh Samantha! I have been looking for you! Traveling everywhere in Sinnoh!"
    Taylor was a bit older and more mature then she had been when she had left Samantha. She had been working on something. Studying Palkia and Dialga but not so much of them but mostly studying the three legendary birds Moltres Zapdos and Articuno for she had found out they had a connection with Uxie Azelf and Mesprit. It turns out Moltres had lay an egg which had become Mesprit. Zapdos had lay an egg to become Uxie and Articuno had lay Azelf. Taylor was studying them as her new adventure but she was delighted to see Samantha again!
  29. Samantha suddenly had a few different memories. Including a memory of Taylor winning the Pokemon League. And for some reason, an image of Dialga ran through her mind, using an attack, which hit Taylor. But then this image went away, but not memory of it.
    "I suddenly remember this out of nowhere, but congrats on the championship you won!" Samantha complemented.
    Samantha took Taylor over to where Dawn was sitting, to wait for Chaos some more. Then...
    "Chaos! It's been awhile, so I don't know where he could possibly be. I think we should just go back, and with the disguise on, the reporters can't recognize me." Samantha exclaimed, already on her way.
    Samantha saw quite the large group of reporters, signaled the "Follow-me" hand movement towards her friends, and tried to push through the sea of reporters. She just knew Chaos had to be in the center, being drowned by annoying questions.
    OOC: Beware my metaphors!!! Mwahahahaha!
    EDIT OOC: Total oops! I forgot that the Drifloon was Chaos'. Well, I can cover it up with my crazy ability: Story-Teller~This Pokemon can instantly make up stories that cover gaps in other stories!
    Samantha swam and made it into the middle, upset to find Cynthia the one there. But, Samantha, a huge fan, pulled out Cynthia, just for some time with one of her idols.
    "Thanks for taking me out, but who are you?" Cynthia said.
    "Sa- Kaitlyn. I'm Kaitlyn." Samantha lied.
    "Not quite. You began to say Samantha, and your face is definately hers. No worries, I won't reveal. I know sudden fame is a pain." Cynthia replied.
    "Damn you're smart! No wonder you've made it so far!" Samantha exclaimed, "Also, have you seen Chaos, I'm sure, if you've heard of me, you've heard of him."
    "I saw him head to Jubilife, but he was putting on a disguise, too. Maybe I should come with to help." Cynthia answered.
    "That'd be great! Thanks!" Samantha said.
    "It's nothing." Cynthia said.
    Walking back to her friends, Samantha introduced Cynthia. After a little bit of introductions, they went to Jubilife, and Cynthia instantly noticed Chaos' Drifloon.
    "That's him. The clown." Cynthia pointed out.
    Samantha rushed over, and noticed the red eyes that were Chaos'.
    "Thank God I've found you!" Samantha exclaimed.
    Cynthia stayed beside Dawn and Taylor, for some unknown reason, instead of leaving.
  30. OOC: Coolio Ok I like metaphors ^^

    Taylor was somewhat of a celebratie now that she had completed the Elite Four and she was a little bit of a model but mostly for her career she was famous. She followed Samantha and asked quietly

    "Who's Chaos?"

    All of a sudden she was surrounded by reporters she felt impact. She looked up then had a huge flash of the pain that had Dialga had caused when he had hit her with some power he had. All of a sudden she felt the pain and fell to the ground still staring ahead. She heard a reporter gasp and say

    "What's happening?! Someone get a medic!"

    Taylor felt a cold rush of air sweeping through her. She heard a voice but tried to ignore it and couldn't move she wretched as she felt more pain impale her. She wondered where Samantha and Dawn were. She hoped they were close by. She still wondered if Chaos was a friend of Samantha's. Her head hit the ground and she felt another wave of pain impale her body stabbing her hard. She tried to reach out but couldn't manage her body didn't obey her anymore. She heard a noise like a syren then everything went black.
  31. ((ROFL Sudden appearance of Cynthia))
    "Hello there me-lady!" The clown said, spinning in place on the ball again, "How can I help yo-" Chaos began under his guise, only to stop due to the call out of, "What's happening?! Someone get a medic!", by a reporter that surrounded the girl near Cynthia and Dawn. He fell down on top of ball and pulled the mask off his face, "Samantha, is that a friend of yours?" He asked, as he made his way through the crowd and forcing them back to make room for the girl.
    "Please, move back! Give her some air people!" He heard Cynthia's voice yell from behind him, "Make way for the ambulance Plleeeaaasee!" Dawn's voice came from the same direction, only to his right. The loud wail of the ambulance Siren roared over them, as it sped down the nearest street. "Damn they're fast...." Chaos muttered in surprise, looking over the crowd, only to be temporarily blinded by the flash of many many cameras.
  32. OOC: It seems pokecharms is down but not the website strange...

    Taylor was zooming through time. She looked to her right as Palkia appeared there then she looked to her left as Dialga appeared. Strange where am I? She thought. Then at the same time Palkia and Dialga roared and a giant sonic blast came zooming into Taylor. She saw a sparkling Ninetales ahead of her. It's sparkling ruby eyes glaring at her. It's tails were a flurry of golden flames. She was flying backwards she couldn't control herself


    She tried to cry out. Dialga and Palkia started going towards the Ninetales. She reached out but she wasn't able to move forward. dang them.. She thought flying backwards at warp speed but she could still see Dialga Palkia and Ninetales...
  33. ((I've been meaning to ask, what exactly are pokemorphs? Are they those Half-human/half-pokemon things?))
    By now the Ambulance had arrived, the drivers pulling out a stretcher from the back and making way through the crowd, yelling demands to get out of the way. With Help from Cynthia, Chaos lifted the now struggling Taylor, as Cynthia told him, onto the stretcher.
    ((So short XD))
  34. OOc: Yeah Pokemorphs are like on my trainer card they can morph into pokemon and yes they are like half human half pokemon! ;D

    The ambulance took about 2 minutes to get to a hospital nearby. Taylor was now concious but stuck in her dreams. She heard a distance roar of Dialga and Palkia. Jeez they roar like my mom.. Taylor thought she could hear flahses as the medics carried her out of the ambulance. She was wheeled into a room with many lights she was laid on a bed. It was comftorble. The a doctor came in and shooed everyone out. She wondered what was going to happen.

    OOc: Yeah short post for me too >.
  35. OOC: Wow, a lot can happen when I get offline!
    Samantha, not allowed in the operating room, nervously chatted with the people she knew: Chaos, Cynthia, and Dawn. It seemed like days until the doctor came back out of the door.
    "She's fine. She just fainted. But when we examined her, something unusual was causing the faint. But I did what I could, and she's all fine, and up." the doctor explained.
    Samantha rushed into the room, and came over next to Taylor.
    "You OK? That was rather odd. And the doctor agrees. Something is odd about when you fainted. Plus, I could've sworn I heard 'Dia... Palk... Nineta...' when you were unconscious. Was it some sort of dream?" Samantha quietly asked.

    OOC: Mine's short, too. But, that's the only choice considering we have to wait for another real person's input, since I nor want to or am allowed to control other's characters. Btw, does anyone else not have the clovers in the backround, just white that hurts your eyes?
  36. ((I'm getting the same here.))
    "If I could take a guess..." Chaos whispered to Cynthia as he held the swinging door open for both Dawn and Cynthia, "It had something to do with the Pokemon of Time and Space, I take it that what you what you were going to say?" She replied with a smirk, "Dialga and Palkia's names were a given, but...why Ninetales?" She muttered, now standing beside Samantha, "You feeling better?" She asked with a smile. Chaos stood by the door while Dawn followed in to greet Taylor's recovery, he himself wasn't acquainted in any way to the girl, but merely a bystander to the entire incident....and one of Samantha's scapegoat for worry.

    'Ninetails, the Nine-tailed Fox pokemon. Said to be able to live for thousands of years and capable of understanding human speech. They are known to keep old grudges for hundreds to thousands of years, cursing those who touch their magnificent tails. Ancient folklore say that the Pokemon Vulpix were born from the Kyuubi no Yohkai(?), an enormous Ninetails that raged across the world after a human touched it's tail as it slept. It only stopped when it first gave birth (talk about hormones....) to a litter of Vulpix, which absorbed the souls of the fallen and instantly evolved into several Ninetails without the need of a stone. These Ninetails gave birth themselves and finalized the existence of Vulpix..As the tall tale says...' This was the first paragraph to come into Chaos's head as he watched the girls do their talking. Not surprising, seeing as how a Vulpix itself was his first pokemon when he escaped to this side of the world. A small piece he had written in the small notebook that comfortably sits in one of the many pockets that were actually standard to him. 'Hmmmmmm....
  37. OOC: Strange...

    Taylor looked at Samantha and sat up.

    "Dialga and Palkia I saw them! In space! They roared and whenever they did I felt pain. It was strange."

    She looked at her trembling hands but continued

    "Then I saw Ninetales. He kind of spoke to me."

    Taylor shook her head and said

    "This is all too strange."

    The doctor had to keep her another hour for exams but finally with no conclusion on how she fainted she was let go from the hospital. She found her friends in the waiting room and forced a smile.

    "Hey guys. Where should we go now?"

    She just wanted to leave this quiet gloomy place.
  38. OOC: The clovers are back, along with the site! Now my eyes aren't bleeding while I type. Also, soon I'm going to be a lot less active. I have to start Junior year. :-\

    "Dialga and Palkia, the beings of Time and Space? Odd. They never really want to come to Earth, or even this dimension any more, most humans have made it far too unpleasant." Samantha replied.
    "Yes, but they could've been summoned by a Red Chain, or one could've been injured, and seeked energy." Cynthia explained.
    "Yeah, I guess. Anyways, I agree with Taylor. Let's leave." Samantha said, "Oh wait! Taylor, this is Chaos. He's a well respected mythologist. And Chaos, this is Taylor, one of my friends we went looking for awhile ago."
    Samantha then remembered something, about the Ninetales being there as well. She wondered. And then she saw Chaos' face, obviously remembering something and pondering about it.
    "Chaos, what is it? I've seen that face, something came to your mind." Samantha asked.
  39. ((Your not alone, but we can keep this thing alive, little by little, during the school year))
    "Hm? Oh, It's nothing. Just reminiscing on old times." Chaos replied with a smile, walking over to the group. "Nice to meet you Taylor, you gave us quite the scare." He said holding out his hand. "How about I treat everyone to dinner today? We can talk there." He continued, keeping his smile.
  40. OOC: I'm glad that we can keep it alive. If I'm not swamped with homework, then I can post quite a bit, too.

    "Dinner sounds great, I'm starving!" Samantha replied.
    "It'd be quite alright with me, too." Cynthia answered.
    "And of course, I'd want to eat!" Dawn exclaimed.
    Samantha, feeling there was no need at the moment, removed her wig. Luckily, the hospital's hallway appeared empty. She went into a restroom, and came back out with her normal outfit.
    "All ready to go, how 'bout you guys?" Samantha asked.
    "Sure!" Dawn answered.
    "I'm set." Cynthia replied.

    OOC: I can't answer for you 2's characters, so I have to stop here. Sorry it's so short!

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