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Friendship, Mythology, and Extreme Challenges!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Eevee Lover, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. OOC: This was "Starting in Sinnoh", but we aren't starting anymore, so the title changed. If a member of this RP wants a different title, please PM me about it!
    Samantha was picking out an outfit. Of course, this was hard because she must make a good impression for Prof. Rowan on her first day. She finally picked out a pink dress. She brushed her hair carefully, and rushed downstairs. There, her mother was preparing breakfast, but instead of staying to eat Samantha grabbed a cereal bar. Her mother stopped her before she left.
    "Don't you want more to eat?" Samantha's mom said.
    "Nah, I need to hurry. I've been waiting ever since we moved here." Samantha replied.
    "Well, I should tell you, Prof. Rowan is at Lake Verity, not Sandgem Town." Samantha's mom mentioned.
    "OK, will go there! Thanks, mom!"
    Samantha ran towards Lake Verity, gazing at some wild Pokemon as she went. She arrived at the lake, and there was Prof. Rowan and his assistant, Donna. They noticed Samantha, said hello, then left. They had already finsihed studying the lake. She tried to make contact, but they left too soon. Then, the lake began to become very windy. In the center of the lake, a cave appeared and a pink light shone within it. Samantha stared in awe, and an invisible-but-you-can-sorta-see-it figure appeared. But as instantly as it appeared, it disappeared along with the cave.
    On the way back home, Prof. Rowan was there. He seemed to have forgotton something, and...
    "Young lady, could you possibly go back to Lake Verity and get my briefcase? It has some important notes I will be needing for furter research." Prof. Rowan asked.
    "Sure, no prob. By the way, I'm Samantha, and I would like to become a trainer. Could I have a Pokemon later?" Samantha replied.
    "Well, at the lab we're running low on starters, infact we have only a single Chimchar." Prof. Rowan answered.
    Samantha was quite displeased, as she wanted a starter, but absolutely not a Chimchar. So she slumped towards the lake.

    OOC: Donna is just a made up person to replace Dawn/Lukas. This RP is where they operate on their own, not with Rown.
  2. Max's alarm clock sounded at 9:30 A.M., as he opened his sleep encrusted eyes he realized that he was late to go meet professor Rowan! he quickly threw on his black shirt with a yellow V on it and a pair of jeans along with his new running shoes, then bolted out the door yelling, "bye mom, gotta go, bye!"
    sangem town was not very big, but the pokemon lab here made it worth liveing there. max pushed open the doors and ran inside when he saw Professor Rowan standing next to a table, his breif case sitting on it.
    "Ah, Max, your 30 minutes late, but not to worry, there are still three pokemon left." said professor Rowan smileing. Professor had always trusted Max after he became him reaserch student. he alway made sure that Max had a big role in anything, but when Max told Professor Rowan that he wanted to go and take the Sinnoh league challenge, the Proffesor was overjoyed and told max to meet him at 9:00 tommarow morning.
    "Pokemon?" said max in a puzzled voice.
    "Yes my boy, you need a partner for this long journey that you have ahead of you." said Rowan, still smileing.
    " Awsome, can i see them?" said Max.
    "yes, you may." said rowan, he opened his breif case and produced three poke balls,"come on out Chimmchar, Turtwig, and piplup!"
    "do i get to pick one of those!"
    "Yes". said rowan
    "Okay then i choose... Piplup!" said max, starting a chain of events that would unfold into a new rivalry between a close friend. Just then Max's best friend paul walked through the door.
    "hello proffessor, you called me here?"
    "yes, i did, i seem to have two pokemon left and i thing you should have one, too."
    "Thank you, Max which on did you choose?"
    "Piplup." said max
    "well in that case, i choose Turtwig, Hey max, Wanna battle?"
    "You bet." said max in a very hot headed way.
    "alright, go Turtwig!"
    "hu, Go Piplup!"
    "ready, lets go, turtwig use tackle!"
    "Piplup, dodge it then use bubble!"
    Piplups bubble landed but didn't do much to the grass type, he hadnt intedded to. after the smoke cleared pplup went chareingin, "use Peck Piplup!" the attack landed sending turtwig flying into the ground.
    turtwig attempted to get up but fell right back down, uncoseouse.
    "turtwig is unable to battle, Piplup is the winner!" annonced professor rowan.
    "maby next time Paul."
  3. Samantha ran into the lab, and saw evidence of the previous battle. She also saw why Piplup and Turtwig were unavailable. Somebody else had taken them! So she went to Prof. Rowan.
    "So, do you want Chimchar? Or will you wait?" Prof. Rowan asked.
    "Neither, really. Sorry to sound spoiled, but do you have anything else?" Samantha answered.
    "Well, I did receive an Eevee for my evolution research. But it doesn't seem to want to be in a lab, but adventure. You could have her." Prof. Rowan replied.
    "Great, thanks!" Samantha exclaimed.
    So an Eevee with abundant energy and Samantha, full of excitement began to go off.

    OOC: Sinnohmaster135, this is where, if you want, Max should join Samantha!
  4. Taylor sat on a rock wall taking a bite of the crisp apple she was holding. Her Empoleon chirped as he ate happily away at the pokefood he was eating. It was sunny out and Taylor felt the cool breeze colide with her hair. Her friend Ares leaned against the wall his eyes closed but still alert his Flareon around his neck. Taylor didn't specialize in any type of pokemon but Ares specialized in fire type. Ares was a extremley strong trainer and his older brother Jake happened to be a ranger. Taylor said to Ares
    "Where do you think Max and Samantha are?"
    Ares didn't open his eyes but replied with a light tone to his voice
    "Dunno, They should show up soon."
    Taylor nodded. Ares still leaning against the wall whispered silently too Flareon who jumped off his neck and started to twitter his ears which could sense anything around them. Then Flareon jumped back on his neck and made a little sound. Ares nodded and said
    "Samantha and Max should be coming."

    OCC: Ares can talk to pokemon and the two trainer cards for him are before and kind of after you can pick which one.
  5. Tai held his wii-mote carefully and made sure link got to the peak then he saved. He put his Wii away and took out his gamecube and started playing pokemon colleseum.
    "Tai! You've been playing that game all morning go outside and play with your pokemon!"
    Tai's mom called from the kitchen where she was making cookies.
    Tai complained but he knew his mother was being seriouse. Tai mumbled and saved his game then turned off the TV. He wondered where his older brother Ares was. Probebly with his friend Taylor.
    Suddenly the phone rung but his mom picked it up before he could. Her face lit up and she hung up.
    "Tai Rowan wants to see you over at his lab right away!"
    Tai turned his face into a wide grin and sprinted over there. He walked into the lab slowly. He felt the cold AC rush to him as he closed the door. He saw Rowan over at his lab station and walked over nodding at his assistants.
    "Prof. Rowan you wanted me?"
    Tai looked in smiling. Rowan looked up from his computer at Tai and he smiled too
    "Oh yes! Tai today your 13 right?" Tai nodded
    "Well you havn't got a pokemon? I thought you would get one when you were ten."
    Tai shook his head sadly. Then Rowan went over to a table and pushed a button and a tray with two pokeballs. Tai looked dissapointed. Only two?! Rowan saw his exspression and quikley exaplained that Max had come by ealier and had picked up Piplup. Tai wanted Turtwig anyways. He took the ball and grinned. He threw the pokeball and Turtwig came out smiling. He saw Tai and went to him then he sat down on Tai's foot. Tai looked up.
    "I like him Rowan thank you!"
    Rowan waved as Tai and Turtwig ran out the doors and down the road.
    "Hey Turtwig lets go show you off to Ares!"
    Tai said excitedly running towards them.
  6. ooc: Hello!I'll join in.Exuse me,My posts will be kinda short :'( Don't hate me!


    Stella's eyes opened quickly as she jumped out of bed.Today was the day!She ran and slipped on her dark blue skirt with her light blue blouse along with a slightly light colored jacket.She put her long black hair into two braids.The twelve-year-old girl rushed down the stairs,and her mother greeted her."Sorry Mom,Can't stay,Getting Pokemon!"She grabbed her bag and a few snack bars.

    Stella's tennis shoe pressed against the sand as she stepped out of her house onto Sandgem beach.Her black braid raced behind her as she ran.She stopped at the entrance of the lab to see the bunch of trainers she walked over to the porfesser who greeted her happily,"Why,Stella!You're late!Not to worry though,I have one for you to start with,Chimchar!"

    Stella frowned.She did NOT want a fire-type,"Well....Do you have any other Pokemon?I like Ice-types."She tried to crack in a smile,"Well,I do have one Ice-type I've been saving for that one special trainer."He led Stella to a room.

    The room had millions of Pokeballs on Shelves,Each labeled,There was Fire,Water,Grass ect.But,When Stella finally found the Ice section,There was one Pokeball,The professer said,"Release the Pokemon inside it." Stella threw the Pokeball,An Iceon appeared.She smiled and hugged the Professer."She's perfect!" she smiled happily."Then take her." The Professer replied a bit sternly.Stella put the Iceon back into her Pokeball and the Professer handed her a Pokeball belt,It was of normal design,But,In light blue on the front,It had 'Stella' sewed into it.

    The Professer and Stella exited the back room,Coming into the main room where the other trainers were.She released Iceon,knelt down and got face to face with her,and looked at her for a minute."Astrea."She whispered to it.Astrea seemed delighted at the name.Stella stood back up and said,"Anyone wanna battle?"
  7. Ooc: *cough* Sorry,eplace Iceon with Glaceon.0.o My friends said it was called Iceon.
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Okay... it must be said.

    While this is RP, sparkling_palkia and Shadow Eevee, don't double post needlessly. Next time you have something to add, use the modify button. You're just clogging up Eevee Lover's topic with posts that aren't necessary. Edit: Both of them have PM'd me about it now, though, so no worries.

    Happy RPing!
  9. OOC:Well this is my first RPG here so don't be too harsh on me if I'm not that good.


    Seth was woken up by the sound of his alarm.
    "Why did I get this thing?"he asked as he mashed the snooze button and got up.
    Seth started to get ready for him to get his starter.
    He pulled on his black and blue sweatshirt and blue jeans after combing his messy purple hair like his father Paul's was.
    "See ya Dad!I'm going to go get my Pokemon!"Seth said as he ran out the door towards Sandgem Town.
    After Seth got to Sangem Town...
    Seth burst into the door of the lab breathing heavily.
    "Professor Rowan,do you have a Chimchar I could start with?"asked Seth.
    "I happen to have only a Chimchar left.So it's your lucky day,"said Rowan handing Seth Chimchar's Poke Ball and a Poke Dex.Paul had already given him some Poke Balls.
    "Thank you Professor.See ya!"said Seth as he left the lab.
  10. OOC: Wow, in my absence this RP actually started! Cool! Thanks people! OK, well the reason I was gone is because my internet is broken, and is still recovering. Well, what can I say? It's AOL. Dial-up. I hate it, but back on the RP topic:
    Samantha arrived at where Taylor and Ares where. OOC: Should she already know them? Or will this be a Dawn moment when everyone just wants to go together automatically?
    "Nice Pokemon, guys. I'm guessing you've had them for awhile?" Samantha commented.
    OOC: And as for your posts Shadow Eevee, it's OK with me if they're short. As long as this RP keeps going! And Seth, when should you join this now large group?
  11. OCC: I think it might be best if she knows Ares and Taylor if thats ok with you

    Taylor looked at Samantha and replied
    "Yeah I got Em a while ago. Hey what did Rowan give ya?"
    Ares opened his eyes and looked at Samantha
    "Yeah nice pokemon what do you think Eon?"
    Ares asked his Flareon. Flareon nodded and rested his head on Ares shoulder. All of a sudden Tai came running up the road clutching a pokeball and grinning widley. Ares groaned and said
    "Great my annoying little brother come to play."
    But Taylor smiled and kicked Ares with her foot
    "Come on! Your brother is soooo sweet!"
    Ares looked up at her then shook his head. Tai finally got to them panting he waved too Taylor who waved back then said
    "Hi Samantha havn't seen you in a while. Rowan just gave me a Turtwig!"
    Tai looking proud threw his pokeball and a small Turtwig came out smiling. He soon suddenly saw
    everyone and ran behind Tai. Tai looked up blushing and said
    "He's....Shy hehehehe"
    Ares shook his head but Taylor smiled and nodded. Then Taylor spoke again
    "So I was thinking the Pokemon Colleseum World Championships is coming up and there taking teams so I was thinking we could gather up a team and train and when it comes we'll be ready!"
    Ares nodded aproval Tai's eyes filled wiyh excitment and they waited for Samantha's reply. They would gather any trainer they could from the town.
  12. OOC:I don't know. ???

    Seth walked out of the lab holding Chimchar's Poke Ball.
    "Chimchar come on out!"Seth said as he called out the Fire Pokemon.
    "Chimchar I'm going to be your new trainer,Seth."said Seth to the little monkey Pokemon who climbed onto his shoulder.
    "Chimchar Chim,"it said happily.
    "Let's get going to the next Route,Chimchar,"said Seth as he walked past where Samantha and the others are.
  13. OOC: It's OK with me, so they do know each other.
    "Sure, why not? A collesseum challenge, especially with teammates would be great!" Samantha replied.
    Then Samantha noticed the other just-starting trainer walking by. She felt nervous, but it was now or never so:
    "Hey, could you come here please? I wanna ask you a question!" Samantha yelled to Seth.
    OOC: Well, I'd like to continue more, but basically I need to hear Seth's reply first.
  14. OCC: Sorry If I'm double posting I just forgot to put this is in my last post...DONT KILL MEE!!!! ^_^

    Taylor looked down the road as though she were exspecting someone but knowone came. Yet. Ares saw her and asked curiously
    "Who you looking for?"
    Taylor hesitated then said
    "William said he would meet me here."
    Taylor said glancing quickley at her watch. William was a specialist in Eevee and mostly in phychic types of pokemon he was also amazingly strong for he was sickly as a child. Then of course just about when Taylor was going to freak out William came walking up the road his blue-ish hair waving in the breeze. He grinned as he got to them his Umbreon around his neck just like Ares had Flareon around his neck and William's Espeon right by his side like a loyal dog. He smiled and said hi to everyone including Tai and Ares who were also there brother. They were called the Sunny Shore brothers because they were all born there but of course at different time periods. First came William then Ares then last Tai. Taylor had had a crush on William for months it seemed like now. Ares and Tai couldn't help but feel jealous. William always wore a maroon suit for some reason mostly because he was always at contest's or meetings. He was in touch with this company to make it a better world for pokemon and trainers. It was a good orginazation with recruits from around the regions scattered everywhere. But William wasn't a recruit he practiclly was the president but he enjoyed nothing more but to hang with his best friends.

    OCC: Williams appearence might change within the story so don't be scared and so may Tai's
  15. Seth walks over to where they are and says,"What is it?"
  16. "Oh, I was just kind of wondering, would you like to join our ever-expanding group? We need as many new trainers as possible!" Samantha replied.
    Samantha felt very nervous asking someone totally new a totally random question. Samantha was giving a very obvious nervous aura and her Eevee sensed it, so her Eevee became nervous as well.
  17. Stella smiled.She ran out with her new Glaceon,Astrea.Unfortunately,She was going extremely fast and well,She went on a tumble.She rammed right into Samantha's backside."Sorry."She got up."I'm Stella.This is Astrea."
  18. "Sure.Not like I have anything else to do,"Seth said.
  19. Samantha fell over, and mumbled with her face in the ground, "It's great to have you! And Stella/Astrea, nice to meet you!"
    Samantha got up, and limped over to rest on a tree. Her back, which had already been hurting from the spring mattress bed she had slept on last bight (her lovely Tempur-Pedic was being cleaned) so she had already had it rough.
  20. William thought about Samantha's offer and replied
    "Thanks we're pretty much a group but we could join yours for the time being. I guess. I'm at least headed out to the Tournament of Champions."
    William was proud and very strong he had been training side by side with his Emberon and Espeon ever since he was eight. Now he was 18 and he was as strong as ever. Taylor looked up and smiled and said
    "I'd love to join your group for the time being I guess!"
    Taylor was excited she hadn't been in such a big group as this. But Ares just looked away and shook his head.
    "I shouldn't be wasting my time. But what the heck sure."
    Taylor looked puzzled then replied embarassed
    "Sorry about, Ares."
    Then she lowered her tone to a whisper and said
    "His mother is very ill in the hospital and his father has abandon all hope on her recovery and refuses to pay for the medicines that will only kill her."
    William looked away and then back and said
    "My father will pay every bit of pain I inflict on him for what he's doing."
    William unfortunetly had a quick and hard temper to deal with.
  21. Samantha went southward towards the beach.
    "Aren't you guys coming?" Samantha said dizzily. Then she regained conscience. "Where the heck am I going???"
    After noticing her mistake, she just casually kept walking that way to make it look natural.
    "Where are you going Samantha?" A group member asked.
    "To enjoy the beach while I'm here!" Samantha only half-lied, because she actually did want to see Sandgem Beach. After a bit of enjoyment, and finding a Pearl, she went back.
    After a bit more group discussion, the group headed towards Route 201.
    OOC: Is it OK with you guys that we leave now? Because this is really growing, but we need to get moving. If not, I'll make the major edits to this post.
  22. OCC: I think its great we're finally moving! lol

    William nodded and walked along with the group. He and Taylor locked eyes for a minute then he looked away and blushed. He walked steadily his Umbreon feeling the affectionate impulse from Taylor he squealed with delight but William calmed him down saying "Hush Um don't give anything away about me and Taylor."
    It was true that William and Taylor had dated a couple of months ago but they hadn't really broken up just went their seperate ways which made Taylor's heart ache with longing for William. Taylor looked ahead of the rode and smiled. She stayed back a little from Ares and walked with William who smiled at her through his dark sunglasses. Then without notice took her hand in his and held it tight. Taylor knew this relationship was just beggining.
  23. As Samantha and the group moved on, her cell-phone blurted into the scene with a loud, but ear-pleasing, tune.
    "Hello? Gab gab gab gab... OK, thanks!" Samantha went on, "Hey guys, I just got word that today there's a swarm of Zigzagoon in this Route. Let's all try to get one, just to start things off."
    Samantha searched and searched, found many of them, but after checking her PokeDex, none of them had exactly the hold item she was searching for. Then she saw a reading for the item: Starf Berry. She had always heard that special Zigzagoon held these, and when she saw the holding Zigzagoon, she saw the special part of them. It was shiny!!!
    "OK, my new Eevee, come to my assistance!" Samantha exclaimed while calling out her Eevee.
    Her first battle started, and she almost fainted the poor Zigzagoon. But, she got lucky and it didn't faint. Just as it was about to eat the Starf Berry, Samantha threw a Fast Ball at it.
    *Wiggle* *Wiggle* *Wiggle* *Tink!* The Zigzagoon had been caught. She asked for the Starf Berry, and it happily gave it up.
  24. Hears a rustling in the bushes and pulls out his PokeDex and it shows the stats on Zigzagoon.
    "Chimchar go in their and Scracth!"said Seth as Chimchar came out scratching a Zigzagoon as he added,"Scratch it again so I can catch it."
    Zigzagoon is scratched some more.
    "Heal Ball go!"said Seth as a pink Poke Ball went spinning at the Zigzagoon.
    It started shaking until it made a loud ping sound and started glowing,it was healing Zigzagoon.
    Seth walked and grabbed his Heal Ball.
  25. OCC: Remember we're going to the colleseum tournament of champions! Where your fate will be decided!!

    Tai eyes wide grinned at all the Zigzagoon and began to battle one his TorTerra thrashing out at the Zigzagoon. Ares his eyes still closed sent out 4 pokeballs and they all captured the helpless Zigzagoon's without a fuss. William paid no attention for he had caught a Zigzagoon a while back and it was already a lvl. 98 Linoone so he had no need for one anymore. Taylor just set out some pokefood and watched the cute creatures eat as her Jolteon sniffed at the food. Taylor loved pokemon and didn't catch much of them for she liked caring for the wild ones who were always her friends. William admired her of this because she was so kind. Ares put the wiggling pokeballs in his bag and leaned against a tree his eyes still closed. William looked toward him than looked away quickly
    as Tai looked at both of them. Taylor smiled a pretty smile to William and then looked away blushing.
  26. OOC: I have a char. bio on the bios page, however, this is not the char. I will be using here


    Vince woke up and looked at the alarm.
    "Oh my God! It's 6:00pm!"
    He jumped out of bed and scurryed to get his clothes on. While doing so, he muttered:
    "I must have set that stupid clock for PM instead of AM! Grrrrr.........!"
    He got the last of his shoes on and scurried out the door. He raced to the lab. at breakneck pace.
    When he got there, he burst open the door yelling
    "Prof. Rowan, Prof. Rowan, I'm here i'm here!"
    "Vince," said Rowan, "your 12 hours late."
    "I know! Do you have any pokemon left?"
    "C'mon! Please?"
    "Well.....there is one, but it's not quite a starter."
    "I don't care! Please can I have it?"
    "If it means that much to you.... then OK."
    "The Pokemon i'm going to give you is a Shieldon. I think you two will get along. You're both stubborn."
    Rowan handed Vince the Pokeball. Then Vince Thanked him and ran out the door.
    "Wait Vince! You forgot your.....pokedex.........."
    But it was to late. Vince had already run clean out of town.
  27. William looked at a figure coming up in the distance and called to the others
    "Hey! Its Vince guys!"
    And sure enough it was him but he was far off maybe they should wait. Taylor found a nice spot and lay down in the shade. Ares leaned against a tree his Flareon still around his neck. William sat beside her.
    Smiling and holding her hand. Tai sat away from them taking out his pokedex so far he already had 34 types on it. He grinned proud of himself. His Jolteon picked at the grass and found a nice spot to lie down. Tai sat beside him taking out a candy bar and taking a big bite out of it. All of a sudden his Jolteon was against his leg begging for a bite of his candy bar. Tai sighed and held the candy bar out then Jolteon opened his jaws and took the whole thing running off towards Taylor. Tai got up quickly and shouted
    "You little theif get back here!!"
    But Jolteon was already at Taylor who was stroking him and soothing him from the startel. Tai marched over there and said
    "Taylor! You shouldn't be rewarding him! HE TOOK MY CANDY BAR!"
    Tai sounded exsasperated and tired. Taylor looked up at him
    "Well Okay but he was hungry! You can't blame someone for that."
    Tai rolled his eyes and slumped down by them.
  28. She ran off,And after not too long,Stella spotted one,"Astrea!Ice beam!" She smiled as the Zigzagoon was frozen.She threw a Great Ball at it.It was caught!She smiled and put it into her belt.She walked over to Samantha.
  29. Tai looked over his shoulder and smiled at Taylor. He pet his Jolteon and scattered some food out for the Zigzagoon's to eat.
    "They must be hungry just living off the land..."
    Tai mumbled to Jolteon pulling out another packet of food for them. He scattered them about then quickly walked back to the tree he was lying against. He sat down again and took out his gameboy and began playing Zelda his favorite game of the century. He wished he could be like Link and save a beautiful princess one day. But that was all fantasy, he shook his head and cleared his mind of those thoughts.
  30. Sonjo had just got back on his journey to become the greatest Pokemon Trainer. His Rilou was excited to be back on the road, too. Sonjo looked down on it, to see Rilou happily looking ahead.

    Sonjo then heard some mechanical pings and pongs. "What's that, Rilou?" He asked his companion. His ears rose, as he pointed towards the tree on the side. "Rii!"

    Apon gettng closer, Sonjo and Rilou discovered Tai playing his Gamboy. Ths ought to be a good time to meet some new freinds. he thought.

    "Hi there!" Sonjo greeted. "Are you a trainer, too?"
  31. "Come on out Zigzagoon!"said Seth as he threw Zigzagoon's Poke Ball into the air,calling out the Racoonlike Pokemon.
    "Let's go train guys,"Seth said to his Pokemon as he walked off to the grass and started training his Pokemon.
  32. OOC: Here's a little twist!
    Out of nowhere, a Pidgey with a letter attached to it's foot flew to Samantha. She seized the letter, and read it.
    "Oh no..." Samantha gasped, "I was supposed to compete in a collesseum challenge! Ummm... Guys! I have something"
    She shows them the letter.
    "Can and should I go? I know we have a collesseum challenge, but this sound kinda fun... But, I'd give it up for you guys!" Samantha explained.
  33. "Hey guys! I'm here!" Vince called as he caught up with everyone.
    "Sorry i'm late. Kinda a long story. Anyway I saw a few pokemon on my way here."
    He then looked over at Samantha.
    "Hey, whats that you're holding?"
  34. "Oh, it's some letter. A random Pidgey brought it over. I'm confused about it." Samantha replied.
    She examined the note better. On closer inspection, she noticed it said "of Champions". But that couldn't be her, she just started. Then, that same Pidgey came flying over. It pecked at Samantha's hand, and she dropped the letter. The Pidgey picked it up, and flew it over William. Samantha whined and fell over (like the characters in the Anime when something unpleasant happens).
  35. OOC: Hey guys, I also started another post called Searching for kyogre if any1's interested.

    "Whatever. There is no way that letter is for us. We're noobs!"
    Then Vince pulled shieldons pokeball out of his poket.
    "So, who wants to see the pokemon the profesor gave me?"
    And without waiting for an answer, Vince threw the pokeball into the air yelling
    "GO SHIELDON!!!"
  36. Ryuki continued lazily along the path. having just arrived from Hoenn and having no knowledge of the Sinnoh region whatsoever, he found the trek to be bringing him nowhere. " Ugh.. this is hopeless. I barely even know my way around, let alone what gym leaders and pokemon lie before me." he whined, staing at the pokeball he held in his hand. His prized Cyndaquil lay inside the technological marvel. " I really have to find someone that knows their way around...."
    Thus began Ryuki's long(and uneventful) quest to find a traveling partner

    OOC: Seriously, I know absolutely nothing about the Sinnoh region! I need some help.
  37. OCC: Sorry for my long abscense.

    William looked up and caught another one from a Pigedy. So did everyone else. Taylor read it.
    She folded it and put it in her pocket
    She said too herself. She looked at William then Ares. Ares nodded and William grinned
    "Guess we're going!"
    Tai looked up and said
    "Yeah! My first tournament ever!"
    William smiled again and ruffled Tai's hair
    "Thats my little bro."
    Tai blushed then looked away embarasssed. Taylor looked at Empoleon who squealed with excitment. Taylor smiled and looked up to the sun. It was setting slowly. Soon it would be dark she called to Samantha"
    "Samantha! It will be dark soon we should head too a pokemon center if we can find one before the sun sets."
    They didn't want to get caught in the dark not so nice pokemon lurked about that time for food and too scare the wits out of trainers just passing for a midnight stroll.
  38. Kiro wandered around aimlessly for another few minutes, before deciding that it was pointless to continue unless he could find a map or something. "It's starting to get dark, too...." he murmured, staring at the blackening horizon. Thankfully, he could see lights from town, which would give him a faint enough light to see if anyone was coming. Even though he wasn't very far from where he started, he decided to camp. There's no point in traveling if you don't know where to go, and Kiro knew he'd have an even worse time trying to find a place to go in the dark.
  39. OOC: Thanks, Sem, for the deletion and confirmation PM telling me about the spam leaving this RP. Please, other people, don't spam my topic (or a slow, painful death awaits...).
    Samantha caught another one, and this time got to keep it.
    "I know it's getting dark, but I kinda want to look for those night-only appearing Pokemon. I'll be there with you guys soon!" Samantha replied.
    Relieved to have another note, except it didn't say "of Champions", but instead said, "of Newbs" (which made Samantha feel upset), she went into the forest-like area of Route 202.
    Samantha felt a cold breathing in her ear... Then she heard footsteps. Some leaves rustled. Samantha could've sworn she heard distant and distorted laughter. The wind picked up a bit, a branch touched Samantha's shoulder. She screamed, and ran like the wind. A few ghost Pokemon appeared behind her and made the laughing louder, just to freak her out more. She arrived at the PokeCenter with her friends, and went straight to a bedroom in the PokeCenter.
    OOC: As you could probably tell, I was watching scary stuff on TV. (It was A Haunting on the Discovery Channel. And lol, it made my mom scream with terror!)
  40. Occ: I love horror shows ^^
    Taylor was heading towards a small inn/pokemon center for traveling trainers when she heard Samantha scream she turned around along with Tai Ares and William and looked about.
    "Maybe we should go back and see whats wrong.."
    She said nervously. William nodded agreeing with her Tai shurgged but Ares looked into the night
    "The night pokemon I persume."
    He said feeling the slight night breeze on his face
    "I think we should go see whats up and maybe have a chance of catching some new pokemon."
    He said. Tai lit up and said
    "Yeah! I really would like to catch a Haunter if possible."
    He almost ran into the forest but William grabbed hold of the back of his shirt.
    "Stay close Tai."
    He said in a big brother-like way that made Tai want to kick him. But Tai stayed close not wanting to cause a big fight, Tai looked at his Jolteon and smiled. Jolteon jumped atop his shoulder and he said
    "Okay lets go then."
    William nodded and began to walk with Taylor into the forest Ares followed next to Tai with his Flareon on his neck looking towards the sky.

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