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Favorite shooter game?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by WillIsMyName, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. I know that these types of games get lots of flack today, but there are still plenty of good shooters out there that actually are great games. When I mean "shooter game" I'm counting FPS's and other third person shooting games. (No, platform and top-down games don't count, unfortunately).
    Which shooting game do you think is the best?

    1. Team Fortress 2
    Insanely fun with lots of charms. Nine unique classes,(not to mention they all have great personalities), with a large variety of weapons for each class, large selection go game modes, and the "team" factor means that there are always an infinite amount of ways to play the game. This game also incorporates the community in a very efficient manner, allowing users to create their own items that can be potentially included in the actual game. And let's not forget the HATSHATSHATSFHATSBULOUSHATS.

    2. CounterStrike: Global Offensive
    This game is so uber-competitive, and requires such a tremendous of amount of focus and skill that it actually becomes addicting and draws you in whenever you play. Great online multiplayer shooter, and a great game to play with your friends.

    3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    What I consider the best COD game so far. It introduced a variety of great video game aspects, such as the kill streak system. Delivered a great and efficient multiplayer system, and it actually had a decent storyline.

    What are your guys' thoughts?
  2. _Umbreon_

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    Call of Duty WAW.

    Nice game. Gets bad rep for hackers. Classic. Nuff said.

    Shadow run.

    Mix Borderlands,Halo,Parkour and Cod and Skyrim, and you get This amazing game.
  3. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Doom. Not only is it my favourite FPS but it's also my favourite game of all time. I first played it when I was 9 years old - I'm 27 now and I still play it at least once a week. I'm also fond of the numerous mods that have come out for it (especially Brutal Doom) as well as the other games made using its engine (Heretic to some degree and Hexen especially.)

    Honourable mention goes to Destiny, which is currently my favourite console FPS by quite a margin. I honestly expected to hate it when I first bought it, and going in with no expectations whatsoever may have done good in the long run as it very pleasantly surprised me by being a rather amazing-looking shooter that provides a bit of everything and does it all pretty well.
  4. The first Borderlands game. The general gameplay isn't as advanced and polished as the second one, but the environments and general feel of the game makes me feel like I'm indeed on a wasteland of a planet (as opposed to BL2). And I actually LIKED that you were pretty much restricted to a couple weapon types if you wanted to simply get through the game. Made you think and plan your build somewhat like in Diablo 2, which is my favorite action RPG. People think I'm nuts for this, but I prefer the first one over the second. It's also the only game I ever dumped enough time into to actually get all the achievements.

    Honorable mention: Halo: CE. I've played Halo for years, but the original CE is the one that I don't really get tired of playing. I feel it has stood the test of time better than any of the other Halo games. Not to mention the story is great.
  5. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm really not an FPS person - most of the genre feels egregiously same-y and too many of them seem to be afraid to actually be fun because they're busy trying to be gritty war movies, sci-fi or otherwise. Oh sure, some of them have some nifty creature designs or a great story/universe and I actually enjoy watching them being played but... yeah, for me, while the occasional fit of running-around-and-killing-things is fun, it's rare that an FPS holds my attention unless there's something more to it than just running around and shooting.

    In terms of relatively recent games I'd say that the Borderlands series is probably my favorite FPS at the moment - mostly because it really doesn't take itself too seriously. Its particular brand of humor and the rather ridiculous manner some weapons worked made it quite enjoyable as far as I'm concerned.

    Less so in terms of gameplay and moreso in terms of universe and story (because the gameplay was absolutely bog standard) I quite enjoyed the Halo series (particularly 2) before 343i took over and completely effed the storyline up the arse. Ah well. I can continue pretending anything past Reach doesn't exist.

    Going further back in the time tunnel lands us with System Shock and System Shock 2 - and frankly, I don't even need to go on about them. They speak for themselves. In SHODAN's voice. And yeah, always some respect for the absolute classics in the forme of Doom. xD

    And lastly, these only half count as they're generally more RPG than shooter, but I am absolutely in love with the Mass Effect series. Mind you, again, I enjoy them more for their universe, story and characters than the shootery bits (which were rather god awful in 1, fairly enjoyable in 2 and then took a straight dip into the "HURR DURR TACTICAL COVER BASED EVERY OTHER FUCKING SHOOTER EVER" turd-blossom in 3. Ah well, at least we got charge-nova).
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  6. I do play Team Fortress 2, and I really enjoy it.
    I also like Call Of Duty, especially Black Ops 2.
    I like GTA as well (but I don't think you count it as first person shooter)
  7. Sylvious

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    COD. Yep. End of story.
  8. Alway loved the 007 games..even if they are old haha
  9. CursedTea

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    It would usually be either the Battlefield Bad Company series, or the Fallout series~
    If Fallout even counts haha
  10. I would say fallout
    I would say fallout counts
  11. That's a pretty funny game actually. Saw some gameplay of it, and it looks quite funny.
  12. War, war never changes.
    Fallout 4 for life
  13. I like Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light, something about the claustrophobic environments combined with the post apocalyptic scenario struck a chord with me. Then tension, the sense of despair, the fact that at any moment you could find yourself completely out of ammo in the middle of a monster infested tunnel (at least, in the Ranger level difficulties). Something about it just stuck with me in a way Fallout (despite being excellent games) didn't. What can I say, Russians know how to make post-nuclear apocalyptic scenarios. Oh, and I like the " make shift, cobbled together firearms" that the games had, those were cool too.
  14. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    I'm going to be awful and admit that Splatoon is my favourite shooter-type game, too. It's great fun no matter how long it's been since I last picked it up.

    I don't really play anything else from that genre... ^^;
  15. THMarrionette

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    Not the biggest shooter player- I prefer story centered JRPGs and Horror- but DOOM is just amazing.

    Also Half-Life/Portal and The Evil Within as definite HMs.
  16. Sylvious

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    I said COD a while ago. I do like it, but i'm not exactly good at it. Recently, I've been playing Splatoon. I've been raging quite a lot, but I still love the game.
  17. ShinyZekrom009

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    DanCahill (PS3), Schdrummer16 (PS4)
    Some CoD games, mostly the Infinity Ward ones, but also Modern Warfare 2, although it is now only population very sparsely, and mostly by trolls, hackers, and the dreaded quick-scopers. *shudders*

    Halo's pretty neat too, although it's not sometime I love playing all the time.

    Left 4 Dead, maybe, because of the cool teamwork aspect.

    Oh, and Splatoon as a matter of course; I enjoy steamrolling people to oblivion while painting large swaths of map simultaneously! :arr:
  18. OnePiecefan11

    Saints Row is my favorite. The writing is hilarious, fun gameplay, and has a lot of memorable characters. It was also the series that got me into shooter games. I also like Metroid even though I haven't played a lot of the games. And despite not being a FPS person, Borderlands 2 and FEAR are pretty good.
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