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Private/Closed FAKEMON Carios Journey: Sign-Ups

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Crimson Sun, May 14, 2017.

  1. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    ~ ALL FAKEMON CREDITS AND REGION IDEA GOES TO RJAMEZ.THE.V ON INSTAGRAM (https://www.instagram.com/rjamez.the.v/?hl=en (Ryan James Elegado Valdez (@rjamez.the.v) • Instagram photos and videos)) ~

    Welcome to the Carios Region, a Fakemon region based on Egypt! There are all types of new Pokemon that can be found here, with the inclusion of old Pokemon as well. In this region there are: New Fakemon, Cariosan Forms, New Mega-Evolutions, New Eeveelutions and don't forget---the Legendary Pokemon. Once again.......... Welcome, to the world of Pokemon Scorched Sand and Arid Gust!!

    • Follow regular PokeCharm rules
    • Has to be a regular human, with no "magic" powers
    • Has to write a decent paragraph
    • Starter must be in Pre-Evolved Form
    • Be dedicated to the Roleplay, it's going to be a long one since its a whole journey
    • Since its a region you don't know about, don't make stuff up
    • I wouldn't recommend more Fakemon due to the huge amount of Fakemon in already, but i would allow it if it has some relation to the region itself (Egypt)
    • Message/Ask me if there's any confusion
    • Only looking for a couple of people, so sorry if you don't make it!
    Sign-Ups (Doesn't need to be in depth except for RP SAMPLE):
    • Name:
    • Age (recommended 13-18 ) :
    • Class (You can choose up to 2 classes):
    • Personality:
    • Appearance:
    • Hometown (Want the regions hometown? Message me!):
    • Other:
    • Species (Want the regions fakemon? Message me!):
    • Nicknames (Optional):
    • Gender:
    • Ability:
    • Moveset (Isn't limited to 4 moves, but 4 moves to start off journey):
    • Personality (Optional):


    My Character:
    • Name: Greyson Hughes
    • Age (recommended 13-18 ) : 16
    • Class (You can choose up to 2 classes): Pokemon Coordinator and Trainer
    • Personality: Greyson is an adventurous and gentle guy, but is easily frightened. He also has sass and sarcastic-ness to him.
    • Appearance: Brown-Spiked Hair, Brown Eyes, Glasses, Red-White Thin Hoodie, White Top, Black Cargo Pants, Red Sneakers, and Brown Messenger Bag
    • Hometown (Want the regions hometown? Message me!): Hearthome City, Sinnoh
    • Other: N/A
    • Species (Want the regions fakemon? Message me!): Eevee
    • Nicknames (Optional): Vivi
    • Gender: Female
    • Ability: Adaptation
    • Moveset: Swift, Tackle, Assist, Helping Hand
    • Personality (Optional): The cutest optimistic little thing

    Carios Squad: (Space for 0)
    @Crims0n Greyson Hughes
    @PrimrosePearl Rose Angela
    @Charlespark Eduardo Kailo
    @TeamPlasmaAdminLazuli Fletcher Areta
    @Excalibur Queen Zana Rasha

    Rivals: (Space for all)
    @Crims0n Marianne
    @Ry_Burst Austin
    @Cryronn Tommy
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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Just pointing out that I have been contacted by the starter of this RP with proof that the creator of the fanmade pokemon allowed their use in this RP, with the proper credit. Proper credit has been given, so no need to report this - we are aware. ^^
  3. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Let me introduce some characters and Pokémon:

    Professor Persea:

    Bunnalope (Grass):
    Bunnalope, the Jackalope Pokémon. This Pokemon can easily detect locations of berries and stores them inside its cheek. It uses its horn as a defense to opponents

    Sluguntus (Water):
    Slugob, the Sea Slug Pokémon. This Pokémon can easily blend itself when it's in water. It's slimy body protects it from the harsh environments

    Coburnt (Fire):
    Coburnt, the Baby Cobra Pokémon. This Pokémon stays at arid deserts and uses its collar to store heat energy from the sun

    And here are the Badges of the Gym Leaders of the region:
    IMG_0868.jpg IMG_0870.jpg

    • Name: Angelica Breeze (Angel)
    • Age: 13
    • Class: Breeder and Trainer

    • Personality: Rose is a sweet girl who just loves Pokemon. She loves everything about them and wants to take care of them. She's friendly and is quite sensitive around intimidating people. She can be shy at time as well.

    • Appearance: Angel has pale skin and has dark brown eyes and straight, dark brown hair usually tied up in a high ponytail. She's average height for her age and is quite slim. She wears a white, silk dress that goes down to her knees. She wears a gold ribbon tied around her waist and a gold ribbon in her hair. She also wears white boots.

    • Hometown: The region's hometown
    • Other
    • Species: Coburnt
    • Nicknames (Optional): Blair
    • Gender: Female
    • Ability: ?
    • Moveset: Ember, Flamethrower, Bite, Poison Sting
    • Personality (Optional): She's very sweet and shy. She cares about other Pokemon a lot though.

    Here's an RP sample of an OC of mine:

    Airalyn trudged through the thick sand of the Hoenn desert. Sand slipping into her shoes and clothes. Her Shiny Gardevoir, Sapphire, hovered next to her, luckily not going through as much uncomfortableness. Airalyn covered her face and ran through the desert, hoping it would end soon. "Sapphire!" She yelled through the strong wind, "A little help?!"

    Sapphire rolled her eyes and swiftly flew over to Airalyn, holding her hands or in front of her, she formed a light blue shield preventing the sand being blown into Airalyn's face. "Jeez Sapphire, what took you so long to figure it out? You know I hate sand!" Airalyn snapped. Sapphire rolled her eyes again and plodded down on the ground next to Airalyn. "Well, it's not my fault we're lost now is it" Sapphire said telepathically. Airalyn looked around, darnit, in al this confusion she'd gone the wrong way! Now they were lost, on a windy day in the middle of a desert.
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  4. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Great! Welcome to Carios!
  5. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Oh my! New Cariosan Pokemon Forms have been found?!?!?!

    Oddish / Gloom / Vileplume

    Gardevoir / Gallade


    Skorupi / Drapion

    Ghastly / Haunter / Gengar
  6. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Introducing the Villians of the Carios Region!

    Team Rebirth

    Team Rebirth Commander: Father Rava

    Admin Auset

    Admin Rashida

    Admin Gamal

    Team Rebirth's Objective? To Capture the Pyramid Trio

    Or maybe something even bigger........
  7. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Who are these 3 strangers?

    Is one of them the Champion?

    Is one of them the Leader of Team Rebirth?

    Is one of the the Guardian of the Legendary Horcon (first) and Setheval (second)?

    Join the Carios Region to find out!!!!!
  8. Because I have permission and approval, I will be using an unused Pokémon for the roleplay that is widely unknown here. I am finally finished with my character bios, so here they are below!

    OC Information:
    • Name: His name is Eduardo Kailo.
    • Age: He is about 13 Years old.
    • Class: He is a Rich Boy and a Mystery Troop.
    • Personality: Emitting off vast deference to others he meets, Eduardo is a lively, humble boy that is considered the social bird from some groups. He is rather careful when faced with actions and decisions, since he attempts to conceal his true identity from everyone as much as he can; no matter the cost. When it comes to battling, he can be rather hesitant on giving decisions to his Korechu, since his decision making is at a minuscule level. Although he can be rather silly with his clumsiness that gets a laugh from everyone from time to time, his sociable nature can occasionally turn them around.
    • Appearance: Eduardo has short, blond hair, fair skin and a modest build with some muscular mass. He has hazel eyes and some patches of freckles on his big nose and cheeks. He wears a monocle on his right eye, as he also wears a gray, twentieth century era fedora. In addition, he has on his golden necklace around his neck that has the symbol of a mockingbird on the bottom. He also wears a black raincoat that is as black as the night skies. Concealed within the moderate layering of the raincoat is his white, buttoned tuxedo with his gray tie and his pale gray, flat front, long sleeved pants.
    • Hometown: His hometown is in Lumiose City, Kalos.
    • Other: N/A
    Starter Information:
    • Species: Korechu
    • Nickname: N/A
    • Gender: Female
    • Type: Electric
    • Native Region: Her native region is currently unknown.
    • Ability: Overdrive (The Pokémon's Electric-type moves will increase in power if the Pokémon is in trouble.)
    • Moveset: Pound Rush, Benediction, Electro Buster, Pandora's Cast
    • Appearance: Korechu is a small, quadrupled, mouse-like Pokémon that has a pale blue body. She has big ears that bear resemblance to a mouse's, as the inner area is slightly pink. She has black, beady eyes and a small mouth that seems to be lacking teeth. On her chest is a small, yellow, orb-like pouch that is used for storing and discharging electricity. She has short, stubby arms, as her paws are yellow and lack any digits whatsoever. Like her arms, her legs are also stubby, as her toeless feet are also yellow. The visible part of her modest, slender tail is yellow near the end tip, as the rest is blue like her body.
    • Clothing: Korechu has on a white silk cloak that covers most of her body, as there is a hidden pocket that can be used to store small items. She wears a white, silken bonnet on her head that covers the majority of the top area and all of the back. She also has on a smooth, grayish scarf around her neck that is mostly under her cloak; the scarf has something embroidered on the inside.
    • Personality: When it comes to social interactions, Korechu can seem like an outcast to most, since she often attempts to avoid them at all costs. Her reserved nature can often times lead her to extreme questioning from her trainer and even from other Pokémon, since she rarely speaks at all. She can get carried away with her temper at times, since she despises being bombarded with questions like the bombings of World War II. Although she may seem quirky to most, she can show her true, soft side if given some time and space.
    • Other: She carries around a special plant in the pocket of her cloak. (More will be revealed about the plant in the roleplay.)
    • Moves Information:
    Type: Normal
    Catagory: Physical
    Power: 10 x 5
    Accuracy: 100%, but can be evaded more easily
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Enemy
    Range: Close Quarters Combat
    Description: The user swiftly attacks the target with a quick, impulsive strike.
    Effects: No special effects inflicted, though this attack has increased priority; allowing the Pokémon to execute this move first than other Pokémon with lower priority moves.
    Type: Normal
    Catagory: Status
    Power: N/A
    Accuracy: Sure Shot
    Power Points: 10
    Target: Self or Ally
    Range: N/A
    Description: The user utters out a short invocation for divine help, bestowing the target with a blessing.
    Effects: Restores the target's HP by 25% and also may grant Shield or Screen if the Pokémon has full HP.
    Shield: The Pokémon's defense is increased by 50% for five turn cycles.
    Screen: The Pokémon's special defense is increased by 50% for five turn cycles.
    Type: Electric
    Catagory: Physical
    Power: 85
    Accuracy: 100%
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Enemy
    Range: Close Quarters Combat
    Description: The user swiftly attacks the target with a brute strike of ionized electricity.
    Effects: May inflict Paralysis on the target.
    Paralysis: The Pokémon's speed is reduced by 75%, as the Pokémon is also not able to sometimes act in battle.
    Type: ???
    Catagory: Special (Exclusive Move)
    Power: ??? (Dependent on move executed.)
    Accuracy: ???% (Dependent on move executed.)
    Power Points: 20
    Target: Enemy or All enemies depending on move
    Range: Dependent on move
    Description: The user releases their bottled up anger within themselves, bestowing a harsh climate of malevolence upon the opposing Pokémon.
    Effects: Effects are dependent on the move used after this move is executed.
    Possible Moves: (NOTE: One random move is used here!)
    • Forsaken Ambience: Inflicts PP damage on all opposing Pokémon and may also inflict Petrify; making the Pokémon unable to act in battle, if the Pokémon has 0 PP for any moves.
    • Blast of Affliction: Inflicts major Dark-type damage on an opposing Pokémon and may also inflict Twinge; making the Pokémon unable to use Physical-based attacks in battle.
    • Thunder Burst: Inflicts major Electric-type damage on an opposing Pokémon and may also inflict Conductivity; halving the Pokémon's Electric-type resistance.
    • Atmospheric Fright: Inflicts major Dark-type damage on all opposing Pokémon and may also inflict Cower; forcing the Pokémon to flee from other Pokémon at all costs.
    • Cursed Miainein: Inflicts one or more of the following on all opposing Pokémon: Burn, Paralyze, Sleep, Poison, Block.

  9. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    I Love The Forms, anyway...​
    • Name: Fletcher Arteta
    • Age: 15
    • Class: Trainer, Coordinater
    • Personality: Fletcher is Calm and Brave. Fletcher is okay at socialising. Fletcher is usually kind but sometimes, he takes things too far.
    • Appearance: Fletcher has short Chestnut Brown hair and Hazel eyes. Fletcher wears a Magenta Cap with a Pokeball engraved on the front. Fletcher has Tanned skin and average height for his age. Fletcher wears a Purple Hoodie with black cargo pants and Magenta Sneakers. Fletcher also has a Silver Backpack
    • Hometown: Verdanturf Town, Hoenn
    • Other: N/A
    • Species: Ralts
    • Nicknames: N/A
    • Gender: Female
    • Ability: Telepathy
    • Moveset: Confusion, Double Team, Heal Pulse, Magical Leaf
    • Personality: Timid

    Rp Sample:
    This is a sample from an Rp I participated in (It's Dead) Which was about the Sinnoh Region

    Beckett arrived at Verity Lake with a big grin on his face. "I have just started my journey again!" Beckett Thought in his mind optimistically. He purposley went this way instead of going to Sandgem town first because Beckett heard rumours that rare pokemon lived there. Beckett casually walked until he spotted a strange Pink and Brown Pokemon. He took out the Pokedex and scanned it from far away... The Pokedex said,
    "Shellos, the sea slug Pokemon. Its colors and shapes differ from region to region. In the Sinnoh region, two types are confirmed."

    Beckett took out a pokemon and threw it and to his suprise he caught it. He screamed in delight! He caught his first Sinnoh Pokemon! He sent out Shellos, "Shel! Shellos!!" Shellos Said. Beckett put Shellos on his shoulder as he made his way out of the Verity Lake area and started to head to Sandgem Town.

    Fun Fact: Shellos and Gastrodon were intended to be in Gen 3.
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  10. Hi, just want to let the Rpers on this RP know that I'm changing quite a lot of my character's info, so please look back at that
  11. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Great Welcome to the Carios Region my friends! You're both in!
  12. Is that all the people we need, or do we need more?
  13. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    There's one more person still asking me a few questions now, so IG we wait a bit more
    • Name: Zana Rasha
    • Age (recommended 13-18 ) : 18
    • Class (You can choose up to 2 classes): Pokemon Coordinator and Trainer
    • Personality: Zana is a mysterious girl who loves Pokemon. She has some pretty big dreams and isn't afraid to chase them. Some words used to describe her are imaginative, inspirational, and wise.
    • Appearance: Zana has short black hair, light brown skin, and brown eyes. She wears a light purple shirt with a picture of the Cerulean City Gym Badge on it, as well as tan cargo pants and blue shoes. Zana also carries a tan and green backpack.
    • Hometown (Want the regions hometown? Message me!): Cerulean City, Kanto
    • Other: N/A
    • Species (Want the regions fakemon? Message me!): Venurr
    • Nicknames (Optional): Venom
    • Gender: Male
    • Ability: Keen Eye
    • Moveset (Isn't limited to 4 moves, but 4 moves to start off journey): Psybeam, Poison Sting, Bite, and Agility

  14. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Great! You're accepted! Welcome to the Carios Region my friend!

    The RP may be starting today, but it's finals so it may take a while :D
  15. Would I be allowed to use my own fakemon for this? I can provide drawings if need be, they wont be fantastic but I can try.
  16. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    If you have permission then yes, but the only thing required is that it has to be related to Egypt somehow
  17. Righto....I'll get right on that! Thanks man, the only permission I needed was from you if its my own fakemon.
  18. Still open? Because you said you are starting, I didn't know. I'll definetly join if I still can.
  19. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    There's only 1 spot open left to make it a solid team of 6 people

    If y'all don't make it, you guys can make cameos in the rp if you would like. Just ask me, we are going to need competitors and rivals after all
  20. So does that mean yes?
  21. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Yes, still open for 1 more person
  22. Ok, can you reserve a spot for me for like 10 minutes? Gotta take a poopoo and fill out my character.
  23. Ok. If i understood, All pokemon exist but there are also cariosan fakemons, right? I hope so.

    • Name: Connor Ace Holloway
    • Age (recommended 13-18 ) : 16
    • Class (You can choose up to 2 classes): Trainer classes? Ace trainer, If you understood the joke. No? sorry, I'll stop.
    • Personality: GTG, later mate
    • Appearance:
    • Hometown (Want the regions hometown? Message me!):
    • Other:
    • Species (Want the regions fakemon? Message me!):
    • Nicknames (Optional):
    • Gender:
    • Ability:
    • Moveset (Isn't limited to 4 moves, but 4 moves to start off journey):
    • Personality (Optional):

  24. Well, I have introduced another major Pokémon character for the roleplay, so I will be putting his character sheet down and updating it as more becomes revealed about him.

    Name: His name is currently unknown.
    Species: Currently unknown.
    Gender: Male
    Type: ??? ???
    Threat Level: Lvl. 9 █████████
    (More on this will be revealed in the roleplay, though I may also put it on here if it is too vague.)
    Personality: (More will be revealed in the roleplay when reading between the lines, as most of his personality is unknown for now.)
    Moveset: Fire Breath, Quadrant Strike, Draconic Rush, Draco Comet, Whispering Wind, Syphoned Slash, Thanatosian Roar. (More information will be avaliable on the moves later, since the Pokémon had just been introduced.)
    Held Item: None that is to be known of yet.
    Backstory: Most of his past is unknown since there are so little records on him that are significantly vague. All that is known about him is that he ran away from a familiar region after the result of a relentless assault from Team Rocket's grunts.
    Other: N/A for now!
    Special Notes:
    • 165/165
    • Weak against Dragon, Rock and ???.
    • Impotent against ???.
    • Immune to Ground, unless if a move is used to negate this.
    • Utilizes speed to attack quickly, overwhelming Pokémon if they are not prepared.
    • Often tires out if forced to constantly use attacks or guard against incoming attacks.
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  25. Name: Monroe Klashkin
    • Age (recommended 13-18 ) : 18
    • Class : Trainer/explorer.
    • Personality: Monroe is a free spirit, one who dislikes strict rules and being told what to do. Instead he would rather be doing things in his own style, and this generally involves tackling the problem head on. He is relatively sociable and has no problem chatting with strangers about anything, the weather, current events, whatever it doesn't matter to this young man. As a child he watched his father go about mapping out new regions and as such picked up on his sense of curiosity, its Monroe's key driving force and the reason for most of his life choices.
    • Appearance: Monroe's usual attire consists of a dark blue bomber jacket with grey arms made from a much more fluffy material than the rest of the coat which is made of a more waterproof material. Under this he wears an assortment of t-shirts although his favourite is one with a simple motif of the symbol representing steel types. On his legs he usually dons a pair of dark denim jeans and a brown belt with a silver buckle. He never takes off his headphones which are always either around his neck or on his head. Physically he possess a mess of short dark brown hair, thick and dark eyebrows and gold/brown eyes roughly the colour of golden syrup. He stand at about 5ft 8 with a relatively muscular physique, not buff or anything but you can tell he is strong. His smile is always a little crooked as he has an odd habit of only doing it with half his mouth which makes it more a smirk than a smile.
    • Hometown : Laveridge, Hoenn.
    • Other:
    • Species: Scamulet (Steel/ Bug)
    • Nicknames (Optional): Dusty
    • Gender: Male
    • Ability: Sand surfer, in a sandstorm all rock, ground and steel type moves get +1 priority.
    • Moveset: Rollout, Entomb (Rock type move, works life protect but lowers of speed of any foe who makes contact) , Fury attack and Metal claw.

    RP SAMPLE HERE: (from another RP of mine.)
    Asher's breath was coming short and fast now. The inside of his helmet was bathed in a soft red glow, the result of several warning lights vying for his attention on the armours holographic UI. Elevated heart rate, blood loss and of course the largest warning sign, "External armour compromised". You could say that again. With a groan the young man looked down at the large purplish spine sticking from his side, damn thing had managed to get in right through a soft spot in his armour. He had heard stories that spoke of thrasher spines possessing a kind of venom that burnt like fire. They were wrong, this was worse, so much worse.

    Suddenly light could be seen at the end of the gloomy waste pipe Asher was staggering through, light that seemed to white to just be the suns rays. After a few agonising minutes of half crawling, half walking he got close enough to see why. It was snowing outside, thick and fluffy flakes of the stuff tumbling earthwards where they had already settled into a deep blanket of purity, one that masked the decay of the city underneath. How long had he been in that underground maze of death? A week, two? He could have sworn it wasn't Winter when he entered. That seemed so long ago now, just another step on his journey to, to...do what exactly? Avenge a bunch of nameless faces by throwing himself at an enemy that might as well be a god? Yeah that sounds about right.

    The scavenger came tumbling out of the pipe's mouth like a new-born trying to take its first steps. Clumsy, uncalculated and without grace. Ironic really seeming as they very well may be his last. He only made it about 7 feet away from where he had fallen before he came to a stop. His body had decided to give up on him, not a response anywhere in his system. It was with an almost welcome sigh that he fell to the ground, much like the snowflakes swirling around him, and came to what would probably be his final resting place. There had been worse. Here between some rusted out cars, a giant sewage pipe that had long since dried out and the carcasses of skyscrapers all of which have been filled with new life in the form of vibrant vegetation that stood out against the stark white of the arriving Winter. The plants weren't the only thing, Asher himself was a red stain on an otherwise plain canvas, blood seeping from the hole in his side and mixing into a warm slush on the ground.

    "Well sorry Mum, guess we just weren't meant to make it huh?" he whispered to himself, his own voice sounding distant and alien. "Goodbye world, can't say I'm gonna miss ya."

    And with that the man closed his eyes, his hand curling into one last middle finger to the world.

  26. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Sorry can you wait a bit? there's another who wants to sign up and i have to choose between you and the other person
  27. Yeah sure, I dont think he is going to be back for some while though. Is everything in order with the fakemon?
  28. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    yeah thats perfectly fine
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  29. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Since @ngalili hasn't responded, @Nebula-Newt is accepted


    but if you'd like, we may need some rivals so if you want to make cameos, message me to make some cameos and become rivals
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  30. Oh, I should've finished... I'll see about that, maybe later.
  31. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Can't believe I forgot these forms:



  32. Ooh mind if I dibs the Decidueye?
  33. Well, since we can have some Fakemon for the roleplay, I will be using one of my major Fakemon OCs since there is so much behind him. (I am also gradually updating the dragon Pokémon's character sheet, so check it for more information if you desire.)

    Name: His name is currently unknown at the moment.
    Species: He is a Neourk.
    Native Region: His native region is Vietbac.
    Type: Water
    Age: His age is currently unknown, though he does look awfully young.
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Neourk is a quadrupled, blue shark-like Pokémon, as his head to body ratio is slightly large. His eyes are light blue, as there is a curved fin on his head that is parallel to his body. He has a tiny nose with two nostrils, as his mouth is very small. Two small, pointed teeth can be seen when he opens his mouth. His arms and feet are stubby, as his arms lack claws while his feet each have one tiny, gray claw. His gills are located on his neck, while his upper body is mostly a darker shade of aquatic blue. The bottom of his body is sky blue, while his tail is short and tapered.
    Clothing: Neourk wears a tailor-made Wehrmacht dress suited for his body type and small size, as it appears to resemble a tunic-like uniform. The tunic is in a light shade of tan, as the short sleeves cover most of his forearms. The tunic goes down towards the lower area of his chest and underside. Some pins and medallions can be seen on the front of his uniform, as one of the pins has the hakenkreuz etched onto its golden layering. Beyond his tunic uniform, he wears a double-layered garment over his bottom that gives off the impression of what babies typically wear; the garment supposedly serves the purpose of protecting this area from the sun, since he had stated that his bottom area is quite sensitive to direct sunlight when some friends of his questioned him. To avoid public embarrassment, he wears a black cloth wrap that is snugly wrapped around his bottom to conceal the peculiar garment of his.
    Personality: Neourk is rebellious, as he often argues with others a lot. He can be a crybaby at times, since he always likes things to go his way. He can be very emotional and dramatic at times, as he has a very short temper. Although he may seem like a fussy baby to most, he can be someone beyond a friend if given some time and proper care.
    Ability: Uprising (When the Pokémon deals damage in battle, the Pokémon's HP will regenerate in increments of up to 10% HP per turn. However, the effects of regeneration will cease if the Pokémon has a major status condition.)
    Primary Moves: Linear Slash, Echonic Cry, Rilling Spurt, Parabel Aim.
    Other: He wears a golden anklet around his right leg, as it has his name and other miscellaneous information on it. He is also the Water-type starter for the region of Vietbac.
    Fakemon Creator: @Charlespark
    Poké Browser Entry: "Be aware, as Neourk usually consider Trainers to be rather untrustworthy in first moments. They are often seen near the mild beaches, as they take short naps by digging small patches on the shore or in shallow waters."
    Primary Moves Information:
    Type: Normal
    Catagory: Physical
    Power: 45
    Accuracy: 100%
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Enemy
    Range: Close Quarters Combat
    Description: The user slashes the target in a sequential fashion with their claws or any other sharp parts.
    Effects: May reduce physical defense on the target by one stage if attacking from the side.
    Type: Normal
    Catagory: Status
    Power: N/A
    Accuracy: Sure Shot
    Power Points: 20
    Target: Self
    Range: N/A
    Description: The user lets off a cry that echoes across the battlefield.
    Effects: Temporarily increases accuracy of moves and grants Acceleration.
    Acceleration: Increases the Pokémon's speed by 25% for five turns. This stacks with other speed buffs, like having increased speed from using Agility.
    Type: Water
    Catagory: Special
    Power: 25 x 3
    Accuracy: 85%
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Enemy
    Range: 15 Meters
    Description: The user blasts the target with a series of forceful shots of pressurized water.
    Effects: N/A
    Type: Normal
    Catagory: Special (Exclusive Move)
    Power: Typically 40 for most moves.
    Accuracy: Typically 100% for most moves, not taking factor of the target's speed and evasion.
    Power Points: 20
    Target: Enemy
    Range: 50 Meters
    Description: The user takes aim at the target with their sidearm and blasts them with supersonic projectiles using various techniques.
    Effects: Depends on the move used.
    Possible Moves: (Note: This might be a questionable move to some, so I am definitely prepared to face some incoming questions.)
    • Sharp Shot− Neourk fires at the target with an unfailing shot, as this is excellent against evasive targets.
    • Swift Shot− Neourk quickly fires at the target with impulse, as this move has higher priority than other moves, but it also has lower accuracy however.
    • Aim: Mouth− Neourk fires at the target at their mouth, which may inflict Muzzle, preventing the target from using moves that require use of the mouth.
    • Aim: Arms− Neourk fires at the target at their arms, which may inflict Twinge, preventing the target from using Physical-based moves.
    • Aim: Chest− Neourk fires at the target at their chest, which may inflict Stun, making the target's turn cycle jump.
    • Aim: Head− Neourk fires at the target at their head, which may inflict Confusion, causing the target to attack others in random directions.
    • Aim: Legs− Neourk fires at the target at their legs, which may inflict Hold, making the target unable to switch out or flee.
    • Aim: Heart− Neourk fires at the target at their heart, which may occasionally inflict Contusion, reducing the potency of healing and item usage on the target.
    • Aim: Vitals− Neourk fires at the target at one of their pressure points, which may rarely inflict KO, making the target faint on the spot.
    • Barrage Shooter− Neourk fires randomly at all enemies four times, as it deals lower damage per hit and has much lower accuracy than usual. This move is excellent against grouped up targets, though this can quickly drain PP if consistently used.
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  34. image.png Name:Vertis
    Class:pokemon Trainer
    Personality:Rude, Battle Obsessed, Ready to dish out a flurry of fire any time
    Appearance:Brown hair, Poke'Ball Cap, Red shirt, Blue, ripped jeans, Red sneakers
    Hometown:Radius Town, Mallos Region
    Other:Comes from a royal line

    Pokemon:Strandyghost (Look up to see Picture)
    Type:Ghost, Dark
    Evolution:Raggedyghast (Level:20)
    Move set: Astonish, Confuse Ray, Leer. (<--- Starts with these moves) Bite Lv.9 Scary Face Lv.13 Night Shade Lv.17 Flash Lv.19 Dimmlet Lv.22 (Lowers opposing Pokemon's accuracy by 2 stages) Zen Headbutt Lv.26 Double Hit Lv.28 Rapid Spin Lv.33 Shadow Punch Lv.34 Yawn Lv.37 Play Rough Lv.40 Hypnosis Lv.44 Dream Eater Lv.46 Dark Pulse Lv.50 Nightmare:51 Shadow Ball:52
  35. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Are signing up to be a rival of the crew? If so accepted

    Are you signing up to be part of the crew? Sorry we are closed for the main cast, but I can direct you to the question above

    EDIT I ALMOST FORGIT; Did you get permission to use those Fakemon? Or are those yours?

    EDIT 2: I see the fakemon on the web, so did you have permission to do so?
    #37 Crimson Sun, May 21, 2017
    Last edited: May 21, 2017
  36. image.png RIVAL TRAINER
    Personality:Rude, Battler
    Appearance: White Skin Color, Brown Hair, Red Shirt, Holey Jeans, Red Sneakers
    Hometown:Nightbeetle Town, Ikinin Region

    Pokemon:Lostyphant (Look up), Crybon (Look Down)
    Lostyphant's Species: The Spook Pokemon
    Type:Ghost, Dark
    Native Region:Ikinin Region
    Native Area:Creaky House
    Evolution:Strandyghost (Dusk Stone)
    Move Set:Shadow Sneak(Egg move), Astonish, Leer, Screech.
    Level-Up moves:Double Hit Lv.9 Sand Attack Lv.11 Bite: Lv.15 Night Shade Lv.19 Bide Lv.22 Rapid Spin Lv.24 Knock Off Lv.27 Belly Drum Lv.30 Detect Lv.33 Zen Headbutt Lv.36 Shadow Punch Lv. 39 Double Team Lv.40 Red Beam (Power:70 Type:Dark Accuracy:100% 50% Paralyze chance) Lv.45 Shadow Ball Lv.47 Memento Lv.50 Shadow Ball Lv.51 Lost Attack (Power:120 Type:Ghost Accuracy:95% 50% Chance to lower user's Sp.Attack by 2)
    Crybon's Species: The Cryrogen Pokemon
    Native Region:Ikinin Region
    Native Area:Blizzard Updraft
    Evolutions: Cryfrox (Lv.25) Frostyflash (Lv.33) (Becomes Ice/Steel type as Cryfrox
    Move Set:Icy Wind, Tackle, Chill Air (Power:--- Type:Ice Accuracy:50% Freezes or Burns the target)
    Level Up Moves: Metal Claw Lv.8 Headbutt Lv.11 Hone Claws Lv.15 Icicle Spear Lv.16 Ice Shard: Lv.17 Iron Defence Lv.23 Scary Face Lv.25 Spikey Sheild Lv.27 Cold Sore Lv.29 (Power:--- Type:Ice Accuracy:75% Deals 6 damage every turn, doubling each turn.) Gyro Ball Lv.33 Protect Lv.36 Tri-Attack Lv.38 Curse Lv.40 Ice Beam Lv.43 Iron Head Lv.46 Blizzard Lv.50 Chill Burst (Power:95 Type:Ice Accuracy:88% Hits 2 Times ) Lv.53 Sheer Cold Lv.59
    Evolution Moves:Cryfrox->Frostyflash: Flash Cannon

    Just a reminder this is a Rival Card and do not think I am an actual player. The region and locations are made by me and Pokemon were made by people on DeviantArt.
  37. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Alright you are accepted! If you want more info on anything! Just message me!
  38. First off, @Cryronn, do you have permission from the devi-art artist who created the daemon image, to use it?

    Secondly, I have been approved as a rival, in a private chat, and am giving this as my character sheet. I have left some things out, that only @Crims0n and I know, as of now.

    Name: Austin Maples
    Age: 17
    Class: Pokemon Trainer
    Personality: Austin is cruel and cunning. He looks after himself as much as possible, and is very prideful. However he isn't bluffing. He is a strong battler, and there is rumors, on how he will sweep the Leauge. He believes that the relationship between People and Pokemon, is that Pokémon are tools, and should follow orders.
    Appearance: Austin has dirty blonde hair, cur short, into a crew cut, and pale blue eyes. Around his neck he wears bandages that are tied loosely, as to cover his face in sandier areas. He wears a yellow, v-neck t-shirt, with baggy black cargo pants.he wears black hiking boots. Around his forearms are white bandages, and around his wrists he has golden bracelets.

    Species: Sandile
    Nicknames: Ripjaw
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Moxie
    Moveset: Bite, Thunder Fang, Leer, Sand Attack
    Personality: Ripjaw has a soilder mindset. He follows orders to a key, and is very fierce with his attacks. He is proud of his strength, and walks around with the body language that says, "I'm tough. I'm better than all of you!"

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