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Every Journey Begins with the First Step

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LaenVulpix, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. [OOC- Sorry in advance for pointless-seeming plot ^^; I haven't PRPed in awhile]


    The bright, penetrating sunlight flushed out the small patch of weed-riddled tall grass on the outskirts of Viridian City. A delicate breeze swayed the grass as if it was a singular mass, making a soft shhhh sound that accented the cheerful summer's day just right. A few wayward trees were scattered sparsely before the building that separated the dense Viridian Forest from the tiny Route, making a few handy perches for lazy Pidgey and Spearow; perhaps far less of the latter, but those small details were unimportant.

    Sitting with his elbows propped carelessly on his knees, with his hands cupping his face, Grey watched the pleasent scene. A curious Caterpie had all but climbed onto the trainer, unaware that he was fully alerted to its presence. After all, he appeared to be interested in nothing else but the startlingly white Charmander sitting several yards away, its back turned purposefully to the grey-haired teenager.

    The bug Pokemon inched a few inches closer before placing its antenna on Grey's arm. A smile finally adorned the distracted continence of his face, and he turned to the Caterpie slowly.

    "Sneaky, aren't you?" he asked it in a carefree manner, the smile growing wider when the tiny Pokemon gave an alarmed cry and scuttled backwards and into the safety of the tall grass.

    Now free to make elaborate gestures, Grey took to his feet - but not before picking up the white-colored Pokeball, and enlarging it for use.

    "Okay! You win for now, Reiu...after all, four days of traveling could've had us halfway through the Forest by now, even if we stopped to catch Pokemon." he called out to the insistently antisocial Charmander.

    He raised the Pokeball, watching in a defeated manner as the fire-lizard was enveloped in red light. As soon as the deed was done his face fell into that of disappointment, and he held the ball up before his eyes.

    "You know, my visions of my first Pokemon outstrip this relationship by far..." he murmured, setting the ball into its place on his belt.

    Five, normal colored, unoccupied Pokeballs rested in the other places, though he hadn't worked up the steel to command Reiu in a battle. No matter if the Charmander obeyed him (though everything he did was with the attitude of a sulky, proud child), he wanted a cooperative partner, not a slave.

    He turned to the looming building with these thoughts, staring longingly at every Pokemon, wishing he could add its data to his mysteriously obtained Pokedex.

    "Can't be helped..." he said in a forced, cheerful voice, stepping into the building that would admit him into the dark forest.

    He'll warm up to me eventually...I just wish I could figure out what'll tip the scales, he thought, taking a temporary seat on one of the overstuffed chairs as he checked his supplies.
  2. [OOC- I'm sure the plot will evolve. You've layed the foundation for an epic adventure ;) Anyway, since this takes place in Kanto, I'm gonna say this takes palce before "Orre Exploration", so the Pokémon in Mike's bios might not match up to the ones here]

    Mike Harris had entered the Viridian forest a while back, excitedly anticipating his fifth badge at the Viridian gym. He was psyched because he had just won a Boulderbadge without loosing a single Pokémon. That was a first for Mike, but sadly it didn't seem like he'd be able to repeat the deed any time soon: Mike Harris was completely lost. He looked around for any landmarks he could use to find his location on the map he had with him, but with no luck. There was nothing out there but trees.
    "Argh... Stupid forest..." he muttered to himself, as he looked around. The wind blew through the forest, suddenly catching the map and carrying it off to god knows where. Mike tried catching it, but it was no use; the map was already out of his reach. He threw his hands up in the air, in total surrender. There was no way he'd find his way through this forest now. He sat down in the grass, leaned back and looked up at the sky, barely visible between the treetops. He had tried everything; first he tried following the path... That plan was abandoned once he got lost. Then he tried scouting the region with his Pigeotto. That plan didn't work either... The forest was so thick that Pidgeotto wouldn't have been able to spot it's trainer and return, had it found a way out. Now his last plan, the map, had blown away...

    He suddenly realized something else was missing. He hadn't seen his Charmeleon in quite a few minutes. It usually stayed a few yards behind Mike, taking it's time and checking out the scenery, but it was nowhere to be seen now. Mike quickly bolted to his feet and looked around. He saw Charmeleon sitting directly in back of him in the grass a few feet away, similarly to how Mike had been sitting just a moment earlier. It looked at Mike with a slightly puzzled expression. Mike sighed a sigh of relief.

    Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye he spotted something in a bush. The bush was rustling for a while, but then turned silent. Mike didn't move a muscle. Suddenly he saw a Bulbasaur coming out from behind the bush. This could be what Mike needed. The bulbasaur probably knew these woods like the back of it's... paw. Mike didn't waste any time. He had the type advantage, but the bulbasaur was in it's natural environment, so he knew he couldn't take this too lightly. Suddenly the Bulbasaur noticed Mike. It's eyes scanned him for a while. Then suddenly it turned to flee. Mike wasn't going to let it get away, though!
    "Charmeleon! GO!" yelled Mike. The Charmeleon quickly got to it's feet and raced over. It looked up at it's trainer. "You know what to do - flamethrower that bulbasaur!" Charmeleon snorted some flames out from it's nostrils, and then let out a burst of fire from it's mouth. The bulbasaur darted back and forth, obviously shocked and panicking. In the last second it dodged the attack and hid behind a tree. Suddenly the familiar sound of a vine whip echoed through the forrest, and a split second later two vines were coming out from behind the tree.
    "Ember attack!" yelled Mike. Charmeleon followed it's orders and as the flames spread through the air, the vines retracted for fear of being burned.
    "All right. Great job buddy. Now go around it and use flame thrower one more time!" This time the attack hit right on. Mike couldn't see what was going on during the attack, as the flames wrapped around the tree, but when it was over, he could clearly see barbecued Bulbasaur lying on the ground, clearly knocked out. Mike gave Charmeleon a thumbs up and then threw one of his empty Pokéballs at the Bulbasaur. The Pokéball shook slightly, but then locked itself with bulbasaur in it. Mike picked it up and admired it for awhile. He then let out Bulbasaur. He looked at it and kneeled down to approach it at eye-level.
    "Hi there Bulbasaur. I'm Mike and this is Charmeleon" said Mike and beckoned to Charmeleon to come closer. Bulbasaur answered with "Bulb."
    "Welcome to our little family" continued Mike and gave Bulbasaur a little pet on the head. "I hope you'll be happy with us. Anyway, maybe we should get to the point... We're kinda lost..."


    The doors to the building opened with a whoosh and in stepped a dirty beaten up Mike, a slightly bruised Charmeleon and a Bulbasaur. Obviously from the way they looked Bulbasaur had led them through some harsh terrain, but they didn't care. After all, they were finally out of the forest. Mike shoved his way through the crowded room and collapsed in one of the many chairs littering around the room.
    "Great job Bulbasaur, thanks. You deserve a long nice rest now." He recalled the Pokémon into it's Pokéball. As he replaced it on his belt, he spotted a kid sitting right across from him, with a Charmander. It caught his attention especially much because the Charmander was white.
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  3. [OOC- Hooray, someone joined ^-^]

    Grey's head shot up without his consent as soon as the doors to the building - the doors leading into Viridian Forest, not to the City - rattled open. A small tingling in the back of his mind, as was usual to him by now, introduced the Pokemon that accompanied the boy. He remained silent (he surely wasn't one to introduce himself to another trainer out of nowhere), but his gaze still sat on the Pokeballs where the Bulbasaur and Charmeleon rested. A worried look danced on his face, and for the first time since he received him, the Charmander wasn't his main concern.

    Perhaps noticing this, the stark white Charmander turned to the trainer and snorted a bit, small tendrils of smoke momentarily coming from its nose. Curious as to Reiu's feelings for this trainer, Grey locked onto his Pokemon's mind, and tapped into the small tingling sensation that was the Charmander's emotions. After a moment he sighed, and stood up. He's impressed of course. But how can I impress him if I can't even fight with him?

    Reiu eyed his own trainer in a condescending way before curling up on the linoleum and appearing to fall asleep.

    Grey stood up in a decisive way--then walked nervously up to the Charmeleon owner. If he was going on a Pokemon journey it was better to have a few friends, after all.

    Well, it sounded like a good plan until he got up to the other trainer.

    "Erm, hi, I'm Grey...I saw you come in...and...well...your Pokemon are tired and I thought...can I see them?"

    Smooth, Grey.... he groaned inwardly, knowing he sounded like some sort of Poke-maniac or weirdo.

    But if he could help them it'd be a relief; he loved helping out, and Pokemon were always easy conversation starters to him.

    He shoved his hands into his pants nervously, looking fixedly at a place precisely an inch above Mike's face. Reiu lifted his head up off of the cold, slightly dusty floor and watched the comical introduction.

    [OOC- Meh, I'm bad a conversation starters >
  4. Mike's tired gaze slowly rose from a dead stare at the floor to the boy who was approaching him. Though he was very tired and in a bad mood he forced a smile. The boy looked sort of nervous. His stare moved slightly above Mike which made the whole situation a bit uncomfortable.
    "Erm, hi, I'm Grey...I saw you come in...and...well...your Pokemon are tired and I thought...can I see them?" said the boy.
    Mike felt he was caught off guard by the introduction. It wasn't really what he had expected. This actually worked for the conversation, rather than against it, as Mike now was very intrigued as to why Grey had asked to see Charmeleon and Bulbasaur.
    "Hi Grey, I'm Mike. It's a pleasure meeting you" Mike replied. He reached out his hand to shake Grey's, but drew it back again to wipe off some dirt from it. He then extended his hand again and completed the shake. "Sure, no problem. Hey guys come on out!" said Mike and released the Pokémon. Both of them quickly materialized and looked up at Mike. They both seemed like brothers now, standing next to each other on the floor, thought Mike. Nobody could have guessed that only a while back Charmander was frying Bulbasaur with a flamethrower attack.
    "Well, there they are! The tired ones at least, ha ha!" said Mike, smiling at his two companions. "So are you the trainer of that white Charmander?" asked Mike, pointing at Reiu on the floor, "It caught my eye as I sat down here. It's a shiny, right? I've never seen one before. It's really something."
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  5. Grey let his gaze float down to meet Mike's as he shook hands tenatively. After that he felt better, though he saw that the other trainer was tired, and possibly not in a very good mood. He flushed a bit but bent down to get on eye-level with the Bulbasaur. He introduced himself casually, then reached out to it, touched the bulb with his fingertips. He waited to touch the Charmeleon, and answered Mike's question.

    "I suppose you would call Reiu mine...but he sure doesn't like that prediciment himself." he said in an amused voice, glancing over at the blue-tailed Charmander. It blinked at him once and grumbled inaudibly, then went back to sleep.

    He dismissed Reiu quickly though; if he didn't want to come over and meet Mike, that was fine. He was more concerned about trying to refresh the Bulbasaur and Charmeleon in front of him--after all, they had actually been fighting instead of lazing around and being stubborn.

    "Heya guys, lesse if I can help you out a bit until you get to a Pokemon Center." he said cheerfully to the fire and grass types.

    He settled his other hand on the Charmeleon's arm, then closed his eyes awkwardly. If he pretended Mike wasn't there, then maybe...

    He touched the Pokemon's minds to soothe them, then tapped into that unusual power that he had always known how to use. His fingertips dimly glowed blue, then stopped as Mike's Pokemon's bruises, cuts, and scratches faded away. As a final touch he gave them more energy, in fact letting a bit of it flow into the other trainer.

    He opened his eyes and winked at the Bulbasaur as he stood.

    "you wouldn't be the first to ask how I did that," Grey mentioned to Mike, feeling more comfortable with the Pokemon minorly tended to. " but I have no clue how I do it."

    He frowned and turned to the slumbering white Charmander, but his lips lifted when he saw the Pokemon look away quickly, and then lay his head down. Something interesting, huh Reiu? he thought to himself before turning back to Mike.

    "I guess you're headed to Viridian City then?" he inquired,taking a seat closer to the other trainer.

    {OOC- Bleh, I s'pose I'm bad at human-encounters in general. ^-^;}
  6. [OOC - Nah, your'e no worse than me :p]

    Mike was stunned. His eyes probably hadn't blinked for at least a minute. How? How did he do that?! His fingers started glowing... and then...

    He looked at the trainer, who now seemed more relaxed. Grey sat down next to Mike.
    "I guess you're headed to Viridian City then?" asked Grey.

    Mike was silent for a while, staring at his Pokémon. They seemed to be all better. He couldn't find a single scratch on either of them. Mike also felt that he, himself was a bit more refreshed. Was it just his imagination? It had to be, Mike decided.
    I've never seen anything like this! He completely healed my Pokémon, and he just dismissed it like it was nothing...

    Suddenly Mike snapped back into reality and realized he had been asked a question.
    "Oh er... huh? Oh sorry... It's just that thing you did with your hand... It's utterly amazing. Reiu should consider itself lucky, having you as a trainer. Just think of how you could treat it's injuries without seeking medical help... It's baffling!"

    Mike was silent for a second and then continued,
    "Anyway, yes, I am heading to Viridian City." Mike unzipped his jacket and showed Grey the four badges he had pinned inside. Mike grinned.
    Inside was a Rainbow badge from his hometown of Celedon City, A Marsh badge from Saffron City, a Cascade badge from Cerulean city and lastly, his newly acquired Boulder Badge from Pewter City.
    "I'm going to the Viridian gym for my fifth badge! How about you? Did you visit the gym while you were in the city?"
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  7. "I appreciate the compliment, especially from a trainer with four badges." Grey said in an impressed voice.

    He smiled modestly at Mike and his opinions on his talents, but sighed again at Reiu.

    "I'd like him to have the same feelings, but he came from someone else, and I'm not sure how they trained him before." he explained.

    Considering his thorough investigation of Viridian City to make sure he missed no important pit-stops before heading to the Forest, Grey shook his head regretfully at the admirable trainer.

    "I saw a Gym, but it didn't look very well-off..." he said thoughtfully.

    After this consideration he was surprised that he hadn't checked out the gym. But all of the guides he had read suggested starting a Pokemon Journey at Pewter, trying your luck against the Rock Gym Leader there, and he'd followed their advice readily.

    Grey scratched the back of his head as his gaze drifted inevitably towards the lone, slumbering Charmander, both eager to head off into the forest to try and prove to the fire Pokemon that they could be partners, and willing to lag behind to investigate the Viridian Gym with Mike.

    "Well if you're heading back into town, maybe I could accompany you, if it's not a hassle," Grey finally decided, seeing no hurry.

    After all, he had missed a few opportunities to catch Pokemon back there, and mayhaps he would just grit his teeth and go through a few battles with Reiu to catch them. Another battling member of the team might be handy anyways. He stood up again, dusting nonexistant particles of dirt from his pants before holding out his Charmander's Pokeball and withdrawing him reluctantly. His bangs fell in his eyes, and he swiped them off to one side before waiting for Mike's opinion.

    [OOC- Wow, it's 5:26 A.M. here and I haven't been to bed ^_^; ... *dashes off and flumps onto nearby mattress...too sleepy to proofread my speedy-writing, sorries ^^;;;]
  8. [OOC- Wow, you're like some... creature that doesn't sleep :p Anyway, does this story take place before or after Giovanni leaves the Viridian Gym?]

    Mike was happy that Grey had suggested to join him. It had gotten pretty lonely on his trips recently; despite having Charmeleon and his other Pokémon, he really felt he needed some humans to talk to as well.

    "It's no hassle at all! I'd enjoy your company a lot." Mike said joyfully. "And I guess you probably know the layout of the city better than me, so you'd be a great help... I just hope I'm not keeping you from going through the forest."

    Mike moved his gaze for a few seconds to check on Charmeleon and Bulbasaur. They were playing a few feet away, and seemed to be having a lot of fun. Mike smiled a bit. He cared for Pokémon with all his heart, and even seeing them play like that brought up some warm feelings. He looked back at Grey.

    "You're probably right about the Viridian gym though. It's not a good place for beginners... I don't know if I'll get the badge, myself. You see, I come from Celedon city and I took a pretty stupid route around Kanto and ended up in Pewter after four badges. I'm gonna have to backtrack, but since I was so close to Viridian City, I might as well take on the gym leader."

    Mike stood up to face Grey at eye-level, and extended his hand.
    "Partners?" he said, with a smile.
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  9. "Partners!"

    Grey smiled genuinely, taking Mike's hand in his own. He shook hands firmly with his new friend, laughing slightly at the Charmeleon and Bulbasaur's antics. He reached and shook the Charmander evolution's claw, and then gave Bulbasaur a pat on the head.

    Considering for a moment, he sent out Reiu once more, and introduced Mike's two Pokemon to the white Charmander. For his part, Reiu studied Charmeleon with an impressed look, and looked curiously at Bulbasaur before sitting silently at his trainer's side.

    "Yep...a regular wild guy," Grey said in amusement, patting the solemn Pokemon's head. " So I guess we should head to Viridian, huh? Not much in between here and there after all." he added, looking at Mike.

    [OOC- Bleh for short posts >
  10. [OOC- actually, I was hoping it would be after Giovanni as well ;D Oh and I hope you don't mind me steering Grey out of the building... Otherwise it would take us two posts just to get through the door ;)]

    BIC -
    "Sounds like a plan!" Mike exclaimed, allready heading towards the door. Grey followed. Mike was a lot more refreshed, and felt willing to take on the gymleader allready. Grey's healing really did the trick for him.

    The summer breeze swept into Mike's lungs as he passed through the exit of the building. It was a lot nicer here than in the forest; More open spaces and a clear view of the sky...

    In the distance, perhaps a few minutes walk away, he saw the outskirts of Viridian City. The building he and Grey had just left was perched on the top of a small hill which gave a rather nice view of the city. It was certainly very viridian to look at: Almost anywhere you looked in the city, trees were scattered along the streets.

    The most striking feature of the city however, was the utterly massive Pokémon center that loomed up in the distance. Mike remembered reading someplace that the center had been targeted for terrorist attacks by Team Rocket several years earlier, and that it took quite some time to rebuild. Mike's thoughts momentarily drifted back to Grey, as Mike still hadn't quite gotten over his ability yet.
    Huh. If it hadn't been for Grey I would have probably been on my way over there now....

    Mike couldn't quite make out the gym from this far away, but then again, it was a much smaller structure than the Pokémon center and perhaps not as easy to identify from a distance. He continued looking for it for a couple of seconds, but soon gave up. He'd see it up close soon enough.

    Charmeleon and Bulbasaur, now way to playful to want to be kept in their Pokéballs, followed Mike out the door and continued their fun outside. Mike didn't want to call them back, but he also didn't want to worry that his Pokémon would get separated from him, like what almost happened in the forest. He therefore he made sure to keep check of where they were, every minute or so.

    Once he had taken in all of the surroundings, Mike turned to Grey as they walked down the path to the city.
    "So, you say you just started training, huh? Where are you from anyway?"
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  11. [OOC- That's good then ^_^ And I don't mind autoing small things like that]


    Smiling, and with Reiu trudging along beside him in a gloomy manner, Grey looked at the view of the city they were descending into. The beautiful breeze and bright, lush sunshine hadn't faded since he entered the building, and the air-conditioned coldness he had felt inside vanished in the warmth.

    "Actually, I come from Pallet Town, just a ways from here," he explained to his new companion, hopping off of a small overhang and scattering a few Pidgey away. " but I didn't get my Pokemon from the lab or anything...it's strange. Some guy stopped me on my way back from here a few days ago and gave me all the equipment I have."

    He glanced at Reiu, who was fixedly watching his own claws as he walked, blue flames burning brightly.

    "You haven't seen a man with wild gray hair recently, have you?" he asked as it came to him.

    He was about to give a more detailed description when a sudden outcry shifted his attention. Grey peered through the swaying weeds and was surprised to see two Rattata rolling over in the grass, each desperately fighting to pin the other. As natural as it was for two Pokemon to be quarreling, the neat collar on one registered in his mind.

    "That Rattata belongs to someone in Viridian." he mentioned to Mike, pointing to the smaller of the two purple Pokemon. "I don't know what it's doing out here..."

    As he pointed, the collared Rattata was knocked a few feet and, caught off guard, headbutted by the wild Rattata.

    "Hey! That's not fair...that Rattata doesn't know how to fight!" he snapped at the larger of the two, diverting its attention long enough for the tame Rattata to dart behind the trainer.

    As the half-weakened Pokemon growled angrily at him, Grey looked at Reiu, then nodded to himself. The Charmander looked as if he expected a battle anyways.

    "Reiu, use Sunny Day, then Ember!" he ordered, hoping for a short battle.

    The Rattata lunged in, trying to sink its fangs into the white Charmander, but it dodged off to the side, flattening some grass as well. Its tail fire flared briefly and Grey could feel the sun's intensity grow. He almost immediately began to sweat, but Reiu wasn't affected, instead using the Rattata's miscarried momentum to launch small bits of fire from its mouth, knocking into the rat Pokemon. Already weakened, it squeaked in alarm before stumbling to face Reiu.

    "Now finish it off with a Scratch attack!" Grey announced, feeling lost in a temporary haze. All he was thinking of was the Charmander's moves, and which ones could effectively win the battle.

    Reiu growled in dismissive consent, lunging at the same time as the Rattata, his claws marking it as it headbutted him in the stomach. The Charmander flew backwards a few feet with the Rattata on top of it, but as it stood, the normal-type fell over, unconscious.

    Immediately, Grey unattached one of his Pokeballs and threw it at the Rattata, enveloping it in red light. It shook two times - shuddered - then clicked in confirmation.

    "You did it!" Grey shouted immediately at Reiu, picking up the Pokeball as he ran over to the slightly bruised Charmander. He gave the proud Pokemon a fierce hug, both of them flickering a brief light blue as he did so. He then smiled at the Pokeball and released the catch.

    Reiu backed away looking momentarily confused, as if the trainer's reaction wasn't what he'd expected. Then it snorted and walked out of the grass.

    "Hiya, energetic fellow," Grey said, patting his new Pokemon on it's short, purple-furred head. "You can be 'Nezi' unless you don't like it."

    The male Rattata chittered, then bit Grey in a friendly way before dashing off to check out Mike. Remembering his new traveling partner, Grey broke out of the tall grass as well, plucking a few bits of sun-fried yellow weeds out of his clothes.

    "We caught my first Pokemon!" he exclaimed carelessly to Mike, before remembering the older boy had already done that feat.

    His cheeks grew red as he pointed at the now curious Rattata. He supposed his pat on his head had rejuvenated Nezi, for he was now tumbling (now playfully instead of angrily) on the path with the collared Rattata.

    "Thanks, Reiu." he said to the white Charmander, that merely grumbled and watched a Caterpie inching up a great oak tree.

    [OOC-The need to catch something kill-zored me >
  12. "Great work Grey; Congratulations!" exclaimed Mike, "And the same goes for you Reiu!" Mike winked at the Charmander, and then turned back to Grey.

    "Man, I remember my first catch..." Mike said, thinking of that day not too long ago, just outside of Celedon City. Mike fumbled around his belt for a moment, and then removed a Pokéball. "All right, come on out Pigeotto!" yelled Mike and threw the Pokéball into the sky. The large bird materialized just as Mike caught the ball in his hands. He replaced it on his belt while the Pidgeotto flew down and sat on the ground a few feet away, polishing it's feathers.

    "Pigeotto, this is Grey. Say hello," The Pidgeotto did as it's trainer wished and let out a loud "Pigeooo!" before settling down to polish it's feathers. Pidgeotto was one of Mike's most trusted Pokémon. It sometimes has a bit of a short fuse, and had been known to hold grudges, but it was always loyal to Mike and always did what it was told.

    "This guy took me nearly an hour to catch," exclaimed Mike with a slightly embarrassed expression on his face, "No matter how hard I tried, it kept dodging my Charmander's attacks. I tried direct attacks, tricking it... you name it. When I finally did catch it though, I was so happy I couldn't describe it, even if I tried."

    Mike's gaze moved to Reiu, who was still studying the Caterpie. It's fixation on the little bug actually resembled Pidgeotto's fixation with cleaning it's feathers. It was actually comical to watch, because they were sitting opposite each other and took no notice of the other.

    Mike pointed at Reiu with his thumb and turned back to Grey.
    "You know, Reiu is a surprisingly good battler for only being in your possesion for a few days... It must have had some experience with battling before you got it. Or perhaps you're just one hell of a trainer."

    Mike thought of the strange man who Grey said had given Reiu to him. He hadn't really gotten a good description of the man, but he was fairly certain he hadn't seen anyone like that recently

    "Speaking of which... I don't think I ran into your mysterious friend, but then again, I've been lost in the woods for some time. I wonder who he is and why he wanted to give you his Charmander..."

    They kept walking for a while, drawing closer to Viridian City. The Pokémon were all tagging along in their own way. They were now passing the very outskirts of the town, leaving the dirt road and stepping onto paved sidewalks. As they continued, they passed a few houses. Inside, Mike could make out little children playing, and a grown-ups watching over their children; usually while at the same time cooking or cleaning or doing other housework.

    Mike stared at the collared Rattata which was scurrying along next to Grey and then raised his eyes to meet Grey's
    "So.. Did you say you knew this Ratatta? It certainly seems to belong to someone anyhow, but I don't get what it was doing out there in the wild if it's someone's pet. I think maybe we should return it before we continue to the gym..."
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  13. Grey shrugged, he hadn't really expected anyone to have seen the man who had given him Reiu; somehow he felt like the man had almost been an apparation, even if he had a Pokedex, PokeNav, and Charmander that collided with that thought.

    "I imagine he had some training, since he's my first Pokemon to train...but my Pokedex said he's low level, so maybe he was just a good fighter to begin with." he said sheepishly, continuing to walk along (as soon as he did the appearently-ignoring-him Charmander turned and marched behind him)

    "Yeah, this is Ritz, she belongs to a small girl...." he added befor looking around. Then a smile bloomed on his face. "right over there."

    He pointed to a small firey-haired girl of about six, being bowled over by the tame Rattata. She giggled happily as she wrapped her arms around the purple Pokemon, then looked up at Grey and Mike with shimmering emerald eyes.

    "Hello Grey! You found Ritzy didn'tcha?" she shouted over at the more slowly approaching trainers.

    Grey waved to her in greeting, then tugged his hat off momentarily to ruffle his messed hair. As he resituated it, the tiny freckled girl ran up to him, tugging on his pants.

    "Mommy said, she said, that you was going to leave and go gets lots of Pokemon! Are you? 'Cause if you are you had better get me a cute one to play with Ritzy!" she declared in an amazing run-on sentence.

    Grey laughed again weakly. "I sure am. And I'll look for a Pokemon that's perfect for you, I promise." he said lifting her momentarily. "But until then, you had better keep a closer watch on the one you have."

    Setting her back on the neatly cut lawn, he glanced over at Mike and his Pokemon. "This is Mike, and his Pokemon Charmeleon, Bulbasaur, and Pidgeotto." he introduced, pointing to the corresponding figure that went with the names.

    The young girl's eyes went wide at the Charmeleon, then she ran up to Mike and said in the same declaritive way,

    "I'm Ren, but everyone calls me Rennie! I like your Pokemon, especially the small green one! He's cute!"

    Grey shrugged in slight embarrassment at Mike, and talked when the firey-spirited girl was out of earshot, playing with Ritzy and Nezi.

    "She's always been like that...to tell the truth it took me forever to get used to her. I don't see where she gets the nonstop energy."

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  14. [OOC- That may be, but you still do one hell of a six year-old girl ^^]

    Mike looked at the girl with astonished eyes. She just kept going and going!
    "She sure has a lot of spunk, doesn't she?" he said, chuckling slightly, "And I can kinda see her loosing a Pokémon or two from time to time" Ritzy and Nezi were now chasing Rennie through her garden.

    "Hey Mike could ya let me play with your, that green Pokémon with you for a bit, cause it's really cute and I have this game I'd like to play but we're one short on players?" yelled Rennie after Mike, who had to stand quiet for a few seconds before he fully understood Ren's request.

    "Err... sure no problem!" said Mike, blushing from the long pause between the question and answer. He wasn't really too good with kids. He sometimes felt he had trouble understanding them, but this was outrageous.

    "Bulbasaur," said Mike and looked at his green friend, "Why don't you go and play with them for a while?" Bulbasaur scurried away towards the lawn and joined the fun.

    They both stood silently for a while, watching Ren play with Ritz and Nezi. She had probably been worried about Ritzy before, but now she just seemed happy. Mike missed the days when he could think the same way; to just forget all the bad things that had happened and enjoy himself fully.

    He thought about his parents. When he was ten, he had to postpone his Pokémon journey, because his parents had lost all of their savings. He decided to stay home for what ended up being five and a half years to help them get back on their feet...

    He had basically wasted five years of his life, and although this saddened him, he couldn't help but feel it was necessary.
    He was actually very envious of Grey, who seemed to be a year or two younger than him... and allready exploring the world.

    Mike shoved his hands into his jacket pockets.
    "SO how did you come across this girl anyway? I mean, I have a rough idea of where Palett is and it's at least a day or two away, even if you walk in a fast pace. I mean, it's not that likely you just bumped into each other... DO your families know each other or something?"
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  15. Grey was surprised at the question at first, then reminded himself that he hadn't told Mike anything of his history.

    "Erm...not exactly. I grew up in Pallet, but everyone always seemed to need errands done...and the people that didn't like Pokemon, well, I was more than happy to do them." he explained. "I guess you could say I've never had trouble with Pokemon...people said I'd be able to tame a Rhyhorn..." he laughed weakly. "I hardly doubt that."

    "As for family...well...I guess you could say Pallet Town as a whole is my family." he said evasively. "But, yeah, me and Rennie met each other a few times, since her mother has a neice or something in Pallet and she likes to send her gifts. I suppose she'll mail them now, though..."

    He smiled at Mike, feeling on level with him even though the boy was obviously a more veteran trainer. He was easy to relax around. Maybe I can become like him with training, he thought dedicatedly.

    He was quickly shaken from his thoughts when Nezi launched himself at the trainer's face before scampering on top of his hat. The tiny mouse Pokemon seemed very affectionate now, if rambunctious and curious as well. It's tiny paws dug into the felt material as the Rattata peeked over the hat's brim to look at Grey. As the bright lilac eyes met with his own, Grey smiled, some of the Pokemon's happy-go-lucky emotions leaking into him.

    "You're definately a change from Reiu...." he trailed off, his smile fading as he saw the Charmander sitting a distance aways, watching the playing girl and Pokemon with an unreadable expression.

    Making sure that Nezi was secure, Grey walked over, his boots shuffling in the short green grass, and kneeled beside the eye-catching Charmander.

    "You know if you want to join them, you're more than welcome." he said, startling Reiu, who hadn't noticed his approach.

    The small white Pokemon turned to face him, blinked, the glared at him in a forced way.

    "Char!" it snapped in an indignant way.

    "Ratta tat..?" Nezi seemed to respond, and Grey gently lifted the Rattata down and left the two to their conversation.

    "So...is..that...your...Rat-i-tat...Grey?" huffed Rennie from the garden before getting tackled over by a combination of Bulbasaur and Rattata.

    "Yep, my first catch." he called back after she had scrambled back to her feet, holding Ritzy to her chest by the Rattata's midsection. "But we're going to have to go...Mike and I are going to check out the Gym."

    Rennie considered this then turned back to her game.

    "Wow, no response...there's a first." he chortled, slate-blue eyes turning upwards to watch the delightfully fluffy clouds drift by.
  16. Mike was sort of confused by what Grey meant by "Pallet town as a whole is my family", but he didn't think about it too much. He had obviously hit upon a subject Grey wasn't too keen to talk about, and he didn't want to push his luck.

    Mike was rather relieved when Grey announced they had to leave. He was pretty anxious to get to the gym, but he also didn't want to ruin Rennie's fun.
    From the looks of it though, it didn't seem as if leaving was a huge concern to Ren, who just continued playing with Ritzy.

    "Hey Bulbasaur! We have to go, so come on!" yelled Mike. Bulbasaur looked a slight bit disappointed over having to go, but got over it in a second. It leaped away from Rennie and slid across the lawn, before making a jump over the fence with it's vine whip

    "Bulbasaur!" it said as it left Rennie and Ritzy. It quickly took it's side next to Mike and started chatting with Charmeleon.

    Grey and Mike waved to Rennie who momentarily paused her playing to wave a reply. Then they continued their walk towards the gym. As they continued and got a little further into Viridian City, the streets began to bustle with life and cars and other vehicles began showing up at every intersection.

    Although he usually enjoyed the great outdoors, Mike was really happy to be back in a city again. After all, he came from one of Kanto's largest. He hadn't really been in a large city since Pewter, and thanks to the Viridian forest that was quite some time ago.

    after about a quarter of an hour they saw an impressive building looming up in front of them. It was the gym. Built with a roman design, the building had large steps leading up to the front entrance which was decorated with massive marble pillars. Climbing up these were many diffrent types of tree-vines.

    Looking at the fancy building, Mike almost began worrying he wouldn't be let in if he didn't wear a tuxedo or something. It reminded him of a mansion almost.

    "Well, here we are... Might as well not post-pone this any longer." Mike said to Grey with a forced smile. He was nervous. What Grey had said before was certainly true... This was no place for beginners. He hadn't been this nervous since his first gym-battle.

    Mike purposely avoided looking at his Pokémon. He knew that if he showed any kind of weaknesses to them, they wouldn't have the same confidence and trust in him during the battle.

    Mike climbed the steps leading to the entrance and knocked on the door. He was a bit shocked when it opened almost immediately. He looked at the face on the other side of the door for a moment, trying to figure out where he'd seen it before.

    It was an old lady with grey hair and a purple, rather out of date dress. She was smirking at Mike's reaction to her.
    "What's the matter boy, surprised to see an old lady here?"

    That's when it snapped. Mike suddenly knew who it was and his blood ran cold. This certainly wasn't anything for beginners... He had heard that the Viridian gym was tough, but this tough?!
    "You're A... Agatha, aren't you? Agatha from the Elite four?" Mike swallowed half of the words.
    "Very good. So... have you come to challenge my gym?" came the answer cooly.
    "errr.... yeah" came Mike's reply. He felt like an idiot. Was that really the best response he had?

    Agatha beckoned for Mike to enter, and he did.

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  17. Agatha? Here!? Grey panicked, starting to back off until she ushered Mike inside. Fearing the idea of looking like a moron more than that of approaching the woman from the Elite Four, he shuffled in behind the older trainer, trying to look anywhere but at the old lady.

    Reiu on the other hand stared at her openly, his bright blue tail flame swaying as he walked. His eyes held more than just interest, a kind of respect...probably because she had the power to intimidate Mike, who he considered an able trainer.

    "That Charmander has a lot of potential, boy." the grey-haired woman remarked dismissively as she led them deeper into the dark mansion.

    Is this really a gym? Look at it! Grey mused, his hands digging into his pockets for nonexistant objects. He heard Agatha's comment, but figured if he tried to respong he'd end up blurting out some jumbled word, so tried instead to look appreciative.

    Their footsteps echoes on the floor, and Grey could neither see the exact stone it was made of, nor even catch the slightest hint of the ceiling. He slowly placed the palm of his right hand on the back of his neck, scratching it in a nervous gesture. Nezi had resettled on his head, giving him a rather childish look, but this was actually one of the things he didn't mind. The simply curious Rattata's warmth (and probably its lack of fear, too) gave him enough bravery to continue putting one foot in front of the other.

    "Remind me to come to this gym last..." whispered in a choked voice to Mike, watching their shadows flow into the depths of the room.

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  18. [OOC- Oh I can't beleive it... I just wrote like half a page and accidentally deleted it. And I can't get it back... Guess I'll have to start over :p]

    They were led deeper into the mansion and eventually arrived in a gigantic bourbon room. The room was decorated in a french style with golden bordered panels running across the walls. The room was virtually empty except for a battle stage painted onto the floor. Directly above the stage was a huge dome shaped skylight, but despite it's size it allowed a minimum amount of light to enter the room.

    At the opposite side of the room to where Mike had just entered, he saw a massive balcony, which overlooked the battle area. The only piece of furniture in the are was located on that balcony in the form of a rotating chair. It let whoever used it to both get a great view of the battle and the outside of the building through a massive panoramic window.
    Mike assumed that this would be where Agatha was going to do her battling from, but she simply took place at the opposite side of the arena floor, like a trainer would usually do.

    The only other interesting feature of the room was a boarded up metallic door, close to where Agatha was standing.

    Mike inched his way to his place opposite of Agatha. He gulped and looked with a worried expression over at Grey who was standing in the sidelines.
    "Well then... Are you ready?" asked Agatha in a commanding voice. Mike looked at her and nodded slightly.
    "You don't have to look so worried," she continued, "It's not life or death, ha ha!"
    It sure feels like it thought Mike.

    Agatha didn't waist any time. As soon as she had seen Mike settle down a bit, she began the instructions for the battle. The same instructions Mike had heard several times before, but somehow they seemed more important now.
    "This is an official gym Battle for the Viridian City gym. Each trainer will use two Pokémon. The trainer may exchange their Pokémon at any time during the battle, though the gym leader may not. Once all of either trainers' Pokémon are rendered 'unable to continue battling', the match will be over. Do you understand?"

    Mike nodded, and upon receiving the confirmation, she beckoned to a judge, who had appeared and was now standing next to the battlefield. The judge lifted his hand into the air and said "Let this official gym battle begin!" He brought his hand down quickly to signify this. Agatha was lightning fast, and before the judge had managed to close his mouth from the previous statement, she had already thrown her pokéball.
    "Golbat! Go!" she yelled.

    Mike's battling instinct kicked in, despite his nervousness! Hmmm... a golbat. That's a poison-flying type. Which means grass attacks are out... I could really use an electric type, but I don't have one... which means I'll fight fire with fire, or rather, flyer with flyer!
    "Pideotto, go!" Pidgeotto flew up from the sidelines and hovered in front of Mike.

    "Go! Use hyperbeam now!" yelled Agatha. The golbat let out a huge beam of energy that nearly knocked Pidgeotto out of the sky. Wow. I never thought she'd start off using something like that! thought Mike. Agatha quickly pulled off another hyperbeam, but this time Mike was ready.
    "Pidgeotto! Use quick attack to get out of the way!" cried Mike. Pigeotto quickly darted away, leaving the hyper beam to hit a nearby wall and make it erupt a cloud of dust. Before the dust had settled Mike knew to take advantage of Pidgeotto's superior eyesight.
    "Pidgeotto! Use wing attack now!" he yelled. As the dust cleared Agatha could just barely make out the bird swooping past her Golbat.
    It cried out in pain as the wing attack hit it straight across the wings.
    "Heh heh heh, you're going to have to do better than that to defeat my Golbat! she told Mike "Golbat! Use supersonic!". Suddenly the room was filled with a screeching noise, unbearable to everyone except golbat and Agatha, it seemed. Pidgeotto was frantically flapping around the room, not knowing how to get rid of it. Mike too, was unable to think straight.
    "Argh! Use quick attack Pidgeotto!" yelled Mike. Pidgeotto hurled itself towards the source of the noise and made a perfect hit. The golbat fell from the sky and landed on the arena floor.

    Agatha withdrew the Pokémon. She smirked a bit. "Well, you're not complete trash at least" she said, taunting Mike.
    "Gengar, go!" she yelled and threw another Pokéball. uh oh. That thing's made of gas, and I just have normal physical attacks when I use Pidgeotto. thought Mike. He looked up at the bird, who seemed worn out after the previous battle.
    Mike decided to hit hard from the beginning.
    "Pidgeotto, use Steel wing on Gengar!" cried Mike. Pidgeotto did what it was told, but it was all in vain. As it approached the gengar, the Pokémon suddenly dissapeared and re-appeared behind Pidgeotto's back.
    "Gengar, use lick!" said Agatha in a cool but commanding tone, eyeing Mike. The ghost type extended it's large tongue and swooped it over Pidgeotto's back. Immediately, the Pokémon started shivering. It was in paralasys. It couldn't possibly battle anymore.
    Mike recalled the Pokémon into it's ball.

    He looked over at Charmeleon. Fire attacks would work.
    "Go Charmeleon!" Mike commanded pointing towards the battlefield. Charmeleon raced out onto the battlefield.
    "Ok! Use flamethrower!!" Mike yelled, hoping for the best. It did the trick. The Gengars' naughty smile turned into a frown as the flames surrounded it. It jumped back, but Mike could see it was bruised. This was it. If he could just keep this up, he'd win.
    "Very nice, but I'm afraid you haven't proved yourself to me yet, young man!" Agatha boomed
    "Actually, the name's Mike!" yelled Mike. He was smiling. The battle was finally about to turn!
    "All right then... Mike. Let's see how you handle it when I kick it up a notch! Gengar, Shadow ball!" continued Agatha.
    Suddenly the Gengar formed a huge ball of what appeared to be dark matter, completely black, and lunged it at Charmeleon.
    "Dodge it!" yelled Mike. Charmeleon missed it by an inch. It returned the attack with another flame thrower. The gengar again jumped aside, this time without taking any damage.
    Dang. It's not working any more... I have to use a diffrent method Mike thought.
    "All right Charmeleon! Use fire spin!" he commanded. The Charmeleon spun up a massive tornado of flames which enveloped Gengar and forced it to cry out in scorching pain.
    "Now quickly! Focus punch!!!" yelled Mike. Charmeleon threw a massive Punch into Gengar which made it fly out of the fiery blaze and into a wall. Charmeleon quickly followed it and pinned it's body up against the wall with it's claws.

    Mike looked over to Agatha with a smile and said "This is over." Agatha smirked again.
    "It would seem that way, wouldn't it?" she replied in a calm collected voice, "but you forgot two things Mike... You forgot to pin up Gengar's arms too. And then you forgot that your Charmander is way too close to Gengar. NOW!!!" At this Mike threw his eyes back to Charmeleon, just as it was hit by a massive shadow ball. Charmeleon flew half way across the room before landing with a thud.

    "CHARMELEON!" cried Mike and ran over to his friend. It lifted it's head slowly as Mike embraced it in his arms.
    "You okay?" he asked. Charmeleon simply nodded. Then in a more quite voice, Mike said "You did good, my friend. You did a fantastic job"

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  19. [OOC- Fine by me ^_^ Not much Grey could do anyways =3]

    As was only his nature, Grey began taking mental notes of the impressive and destructive battle. A few times he jumped back a ways, not intent on taking a blast of the waywards flying energy to thje face. Reiu, however, remained in the exact same place, it's claws clentched intently as the four Pokemon in turn clashed. Grey took no motice of this, he was trying to get as much advice from this high-ranking gym battle as he could.

    He had his own fight to do later on, and this event gave him indispensible knowledge. As the Pidgeotto was sent into paralysis he had to fight down the compulsion to rush out into the battlefield, to heal it. This same demanding urge intensified as he watched Charmeleon, hurled backwards onto the painted floor.

    This time he actually rocked on his heels a bit, feeling the fire-type's shock and pained mind. And he worried that if he reached out and helped it right now, he'd end up giving to much away, and wind up exhausted.

    He imagined the battle was over when Mike broke from his stance and sprang to his Pokemon's side.

    "Ratta a tat tat." Nezi chittered, seeming on the whole side entirely unaffected by the affair.

    "Quiet..." he whispered back in a hushed voice, taking an uncertain step towards Mike and the injured Charmeleon.

    Wait... he told himself, you don't know nything about gym battles....maybe there has to be some official declaring-of-the-winner first...

    An odd idea, but once more he reoccupied his small patch of floor. The darkness was unsettling, and as far as he was concerned, the large and wide-grinned Gengar didn't help the haunted house feeling. The near-useless skylight had been a letdown after his initial hopes at a brightly lit arena...not that he'd really expected that from Agatha, but he had hoped it anyways.

    "Is the match over?" he called out in a directionless voice, trying not to seem ignorant.

    Of course, it's hard to not seem like something you are...I may be good at sucking up to Pokemon, but battle rules and traditions are pretty damn elusive to me... he considered.

    Reiu looked pointedly away from him ,as if to explain that he wasn't Grey's Pokemon by choice. But Nezi took this as some sort of invitation to investigate, and he bounded casually off of Grey's back in an attempt to run around the room. Reflexes kicked in luckily, and the trainer caught the Rattata as his from appeared at the top of his vision.

    "Not now, Nezi." he chided softly, setting the mouse Pokemon down beside Reiu and resettling his hat.

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  20. Mike ignored Grey's question. Of course the battle was over. He only thought about Charmeleon now.
    He sat with his friend for some time more, and then looked up at Agatha. Her eyes were completely diffrent form the cold eyes he had seen in battle. Now they were full of compassion. She approached the two and stood about six feet away.
    "I'm sorry your Pokémon got so hurt. You really should have seen that coming though. Perhaps you should try again when you're more experienced" she said.

    At this Charmeleon sat up straight up with an expression of pain across it's face as it moved.
    "Hey Charmeleon, don't move! You need rest..." said Mike, but Charmeleon didn't listen. It stood up on shaky legs and moved away from both Mike and Agatha. Mike reached out for the Pokémon, but it kept going.

    As it stumbled over the battlefield it grunted in pain with every step it took. Then it sat down in a corner, as far away from everyone as possible.
    Mike carefully stood up, his eyes fixed on his old friend; It's spirit shattered, like a fallen vase. Mike sat down next to Charmeleon and looked at the wall in front of him.

    "You didn't do anything wrong, Charmeleon. You fought as well as you possibly could. If this is anyone's fault ...it's mine. I let you down, so please, don't blame yourself." Charmeleon looked down onto the ground. A tear drop fell from it's eyes. Mike didn't have the connection Grey had with Pokémon, but at that moment, he could feel just what the orange Pokémon was feeling.

    It had never really seen defeat like this before. Not at this scale. There's nothing that can prepare you for something like that. Charmeleon felt it had let itself and Mike down. Charmeleon stood up again. A shadow seemed to be covering it's once bright and livefull eyes.

    Mike grabbed it's paw, and looked into it's eyes.
    "I promise you, Charmeleon. We will train harder, and take on anyone who stands in our way. And then... then we'll come back to this place. And we will win the battle." Mike said. He remembered his first day with Charmander.
    "Do you remember our first day together? Do you remember what we said? 'Through thick and thin; good times and bad'. We will reach the top. It will be hard and we will meet many defeats, but eventually our day will come."

    Charmeleon looked into it's trainers eyes. Mike did the same with Charmeleon. Suddenly, as Charmeleon took in his words, the sad eyes changed. He saw new energy in them; New dreams spark to life again. But then the Pokémon suddenly collapsed.
    "Charmeleon!" cried Mike as he saw his friend fall. It flinched in pain. This had been to tough on Charmeleon. I never should have pushed it this far.. thought Mike.

    Mike struggled, but managed to pick up Charmeleon in his arms. He carried the Pokémon over to Grey. He then put Charmeleon down and looked up at Grey.
    "Please Grey. Help it. I need you to help Charmeleon."

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  21. I [kimi] was walking and using my psychic powers to amuse my eevee and vaporeon. Hmm Ive got my sixth badge I guess I'll go for the viridian one now. The news said there was going to be a substitute i wonder who is taking place?

    "Eevee look were almost in viridian! A little while longer and well be at the Pokemon center. Finally we'll be able to rest! We all could use the rest!", I said happily.
    "Eevee!" ,Which was eevee's way of saying it was happy.

    Ahh were here! It's going to be nice to take a brake! Wow Viridain is beautiful I wish saffron was this beautiful! I thought.

    "Finally eevee were here! Time for a good rest we've been fighting for days. I think everyone wants to battle! Well for now lets go to the Pokemon center so we can all get a rest!"I was happy to say.

    Looking at the Pokemon center it was very big, much bigger then a lot of the other ones. Well I walked in and gazed around for nurse joy, as usual she was at the front counter with Chancey. Getting my Pokemon healed and a room would be nice instead of camping out all of the time. Maybe they'll even have some food thats not in a can.

    "Excuse me nurse joy. Would you mind healing my Pokemon? Uhhmm could I also get a room?" I managed to say.
    "Sure I'd be glad to heal your Pokemon! Let me check.... Oh yes heres an open room!" nurse joy said cheerfully.
    "Eevee return! Okay here are my Pokemon." I said.
    I handed her my three Pokemon eevee, vaporeon, and espeon. She walked off with my Pokemon so they could finally get a brake from all of that hard work. Considering I just got there I couldn't find the elevator [:p], so for about five minutes or so I searched for the elevator. I looked at the key and it said floor two room thirty-one. When I found my room it was much better then I thought it would be. I unpacked my stuff and got ready for a shower, a little after I finished I got a knock on the door and one of the volunteers was there to give me my Pokemon. He walked away and I decided I needed a nap. After about three minutes I fell fast asleep.

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    Next I need you to understand the work we put into writing this stuff. My post showing my gym battle was 69 lines long, and I even thought that could have used some extending. You manadged to introduce your character, and then get from somewhere unspecified outside Viridian City to having finished your battle in 26 rows (and most of those rows were just ten words or so long). As it even says in the RP rules "God is in the details". The more detailed you make it and the more time you spend on it, the better the result will be.

    The I'd like you to bring more attention to the previous posts in the RP. We had a very dramatic scene when you first came into the picture; which in itself may have been a reason for you to wait a post or two before joining. Also the characters were filled with emotions at the time and alot was happening, but you simply ripped those emotions out of the story and to as great of an extent as possible, ignored the events to make it fit what you had planned. This is also pointed out in the rules to be a no-no

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  26. [OOC- Thank's for the appraisal, Stel. And yes, let's get this thing rolling again!]

    As Mike saw his Charmeleon regain it's strength, his worry instead partly shifted to Grey, who was now fast asleep. His attention was still mostly with Charmeleon however. It still seemed quite weak. It lifted it's upper body up off the stone-floor and supported itself by it's elbows, still clearly dizzy.

    Mike thought of trying to wake Grey and extended his arm to shake him a bit, but decided against it. This was maybe a normal reaction to healing larger wounds. He didn't want to cause any harm to Grey accidentally. He slowly retracted his hand and then turned back to Charmeleon for advice. It looked just as puzzled about Grey as Mike was.

    Agatha, whom Mike had completely forgotten approached the two trainers, quite confused by what had just transpired.
    "What did he do to your Pokémon?!" she demanded. Mike wasn't sure of what to do... Mike imagined the consequences of letting the world know of Grey's gift perhaps wouldn't be to Grey's advantage. On the other hand, Agatha had allready seen the healing.

    "Well, you see, Grey has a... gift. He can heal Pokémon." started Mike. He was interrupted by Agatha.
    "He can do what?" she asked, stunned. Her eyes were wide with confusion.
    "Listen. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to spread this around. I'm not sure what Grey would want, but I think you should talk to him first." continued Mike.
    Agatha stood silent for some time. Meanwhile, Mike turned back to Charmeleon, who now sat up, clearly feeling much better.
    "Yes... Ok." said Agatha, finally. She figured that if this was to be kept a secret, she had better not dig into it any further.

    She was still intrigued and very curious about Grey, so she stayed in the room so she could speak with him later.
    "I'll talk to him when he wakes up, then" continued Agatha. She hoped he would reveal more about his unique talent, but also understood that he might not want to.

    Mike turned back to Charmeleon.
    "How are you feeling?" he asked. Charmeleon yawned slightly and then stood up. It seemed much better now. Mike smiled.
    "Char, charmeleon char." came the answer. Mike felt he could understand what the Pokémon was saying to him. Not particularly in words, but rather he understood the overall message. The connection he felt with Charmeleon now seemed just like the one he had felt a few moments ago, while trying to talk to Charmeleon after the battle.

    He had heard that with experience, trainers would get a connection with their Pokémon; That they would share a bond, stronger than one could imagine; That despite the fact they they spoke diffrent languages, they would be able to understand each other. He had so far not understood fully what that meant, as he had never experienced it. Now however, he finally knew what that bond was like.

    Charmeleon looked at Mike for a while and then went over to Reiu. Reiu immediately started chatting with Charmeleon about the battle and what Grey had just accomplished. It actually seemed to take some interest in Grey now, although it was still reluctant to show it.

    Meanwhile, Mike checked back on Grey, who was still sleeping. Nezi had now curled up next to the trainer and stayed as close as possible.
    Grey suddenly opened his eyes. He seemed a bit confused; almost like when Charmeleon had just woken up. He was still unsteady, so Mike helped him to his feet. Mike looked into Grey's eyes, seemingly searching for something, or perhaps just studying them.
    "Grey, thank you for your help. Are you ok?" Mike asked, as he kept a supposting arm behind Grey's back.

    [OOC- Btw, sorry for the long wait for this post. I had a really tough day at school and din't come home untill eight thirty :(. Anyway, I kinda felt out of tune when I started writing. Might just be my imagination, but if it isn't, sory for the poor quality :p]
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  27. "Uhm...yeah..I'm just fine...." Grey muttered, trying to shake the the foggy cloud of sleepiness that was always stubborn about letting go. "...but why did I fall asleep?"

    His confused state was completely genuine. He remembered Mike's astounding and enthralling match against the former Elite Four member...and he recalled the Charmeleon's shamed state, which had been cleared by Mike's speech.

    ...but after that he didn't even have a blur of what happened. Just an obvious skip in time. He couldn't remember anything, even though the forming cramps from laying on a less than suitable surface said much more had happened. This particular problem had only happened two or three other times before, and each one was a more than annoying issue for the trainer.

    "Did you heal Charmeleon?" he asked, gesturing with growing alertness to the Pokemon, who appeared to have made a complete recovery. Reiu turned to him and his head quirked neatly to one side before resuming his 'Char' filled conversation with Charmeleon. Nezi was trying valiently to reclaim his position on Grey's squashed safari cap, though he was simply picked up by the distracted trainer and petted behind his large ears.

    The two veteran trainers' expressions baffled the trainer further; their expressions said that they had seen what had happened, and were surprised that he didn't (he had, after all, spoken during the event).

    You're confused? I'm the one that seems to have amnesia! he groaned inwardly. He dusted himself off nervously, and apologized profusely for...strange as it sounded to his own ears...falling asleep in Agatha's gym. The skylight's originally feeble streaks of sunlight now seemed painful to him, warning him that he would be suffering a headache as well as the embarrassment of having his own actions explained to him. By two trainers he respected fully, even worse. He cast his eyes downward shamefully, wishing he had been able to reassure Charmeleon when it's feelings were in such turmoil...to tell the truth, he wasn't able to because he had been on the verge of tears himself.

    It wasn't that he had no other dreams than that of running to make every Pokemon happy. It was that, if he didn't, then he himself would be miserable every time a Pokemon was feeling extremely emotional. A double-edged sword, without a doubt, as well as an odd twist on the word 'fate'.

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  28. Mike looked at Grey with a confused expression on his face. He doesn't know what happened?
    "Actually I didn't heal Charmeleon. I don't even have a potion on me! You did. Don't you remember?" started Mike. He glanced over at Charmeleon, now as happy as ever, sitting in the corner with Reiu. This was the first time Charmeleon had ever really interacted with Reiu, which was quite interesting. Their discussion seemed intense, whatever it was about.

    "You healed it completely. It was incredible! I could see the wounds healing before my eyes, and your hands were on fire! At first it was like when you healed before, but then it really started burning!" Mike was almost incoherent as he was telling Grey of what had happened. His eyes lit up with excitement and he was moving his hands, copying what he had seen Grey do to increase the realism of his story,

    "The blue flame sort of reminded me of something, like..." Mike stopped mid-sentence and turned his head to look at Reiu. Sure enough it's blue tailflame was very similar to what he had seen emanating from Grey. His mind suddenly became crowded with thoughts.

    Did this have to do with why Grey got Reiu in the first place? Did the mysterious man Grey had met know about his powers? Who was that man, anyway? For that matter, who is Grey, really? Mike had so many questions and so few answers. It didn't help that Grey had told him almost nothing. Mike couldn't tell if it was from a lack of knowledge or simply that Grey didn't want to tell him, but he was obviously very uninformed, and that was something Mike didn't enjoy being.

    Mike though that Grey might actually have even more questions about himself than Mike had. Even now, when he healed Charmeleon, he seemed utterly perplexed by what he had done.
    This was at least something Mike could help Grey with. He wanted to let Grey know what he had done for Charmeleon, but now, not only to thank him, but also to return the favor and help his new friend out.

    Mike continued to tell Grey about what had happened, "As soon as you finished your healing, you simply slumped over and, well... fell asleep." Mike thought for a second and then added "Err... I thought of waking you up, but I guessed this was something that usually happens when you treat larger wounds... Perhaps it's not. I was pretty sure you were safe though, because your Pokémon didn't seem all that worried about you. It was almost as if they knew you were going to be safe."

    "Do you really not remember anything of what happened?" came Agatha's voice from the opposite side of the room. She slowly approached Grey. "What you did, young boy... was unlike anything my old eyes have ever seen before. Oh, and don't worry about falling asleep on my floor, heh heh."
    She closed in on Grey and stopped right in front of him, before taking one step backwards. She put her hand on Grey's head. Mike felt like Agatha was pushing him away from Grey; not physically of course; she was rather stealing the conversation from Mike.

    "Child, how long have you had this gift? And how did you do use it? Can others learn it too? And more importantly, would you be willing to share your knowledge?" she continued, very curiously, but not in an uncomfortable way. Even if Mike had heard the answers to most of these questions, he inched closer, waiting to see if some of his questions might finally be answered during Agatha's questioning.

    Even the Pokémon stopped what they were doing. The entire room concentrated on Grey.

    [OOC- Kind of a short post, but I thought this would be more Grey's moment than Mike's so I didn't want to take up too much room ;)]
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  29. [OOC-Your short posts are as long as my attempted long ones ^.^ So no worries there]


    Grey felt a sense of satisfaction in Mike's explanation, but more than anything was humility. After all, the amnesia had always occurred before where nobody was around, usually on the trip between Viridian City and Pallet Town. And the healing wasn't something he thought of amazing; it was just a mixture of a gift and burden, and he used it. What kind of person would he be not to?

    "I suppose this has happened before, since I have several other blank areas from other times. But I imagine it's just with larger wounds after all...only I can't remember what I healed or why it was needed for every time I have no memory of. Was Charmeleon hurt pretty badly?" he said in one lengthy breath.

    His eyes alighted Reiu's tail flame as well when Mike described his healing signs with elaborate and enthusiastic gestures. What a coincidence...maybe... he couldn't help but think. He wished he could fully understand Pokemon instead just their emotions, for the two fire-type Pokemon were fully enveloped in a discussion.

    While he was distracted, Nezi managed to achieve his throne atop Grey's head, squeaking proudly. The trainer blushed, as he had just been turning to try to answer Agatha's questions.

    The thick ache in his temples was subsiding, so he turned to Agatha with a bit more energy, though he also showed more shyness and nervous respect.

    "Well, no, I can't really remember anything from when Mike gave his speech to Charmeleon. I remember that because I was able to think clearly again...before that I was kind of, well...imersed in Charmeleon's feelings myself. And then it's not even a blur, just a time skip to me sleeping on the floor."

    It suddenly broke on him that he hadn't told her (or really told Mike for that matter) of his emotion-sharing powers.

    "Along WI the...uh...healing, I can also sense and sometimes help with Pokemon's emotions. But if they're too powerful, it takes a lot of effort to keep myself from feeling exactly like they do. That's what I meant by feeling what Charmeleon was feeling, and--" he turned back to Mike. "--you truly helped a lot. I'm sure you know."

    "How do I use my healing power...well..." How DO I use it? "I suppose I kinda reach back into this spot in my mind, and find this sort of...spot...in it that stands for the Pokemon, and try to connectt with it. It's harder to merge more, and I haven't ever completely connec--well...I don't remember ever fully connecting. After I connect enough, I just, turn some sort of knob, I guess, and the healing flows out. It's harder for changing emotions, but it's kinda the same process."

    He blushed at his inadequate description, but it WAS what he felt was happening, and he figured it was as good as he could describe it. The flush in his cheeks was rising, but he was surprised by Agatha's next question.

    "Can others...learn it?" His wide and puzzled eyes gave away the answer before he said it. "I have no idea. I suppose you'd have to be able to locate a Pokemon in your mind...and figure out what..well...what 'knob' to turn, if that makes any sense."

    The blue-eyed boy smiled weakly, shifting his glance back to Mike and Agatha in turn. Then he groaned and looked over his shoulder. Yep.

    All of them were looking at him.

    "I know it sounds crazy...maybe it's a talent from wherever I'm from? I don't know where I was born after all... I only have my earliest memories from Pallet Town." he offered. Anything to get them to stop looking at him so curiously.

    "It's really no big deal! There are people that can use psychic powers and have telepathy and stuff, right? Well, I just have healing powers and...well..empathy."

    He lifted Nezi from his head, and sensing a need, the Rattata let him. Grey held him to his chest, scratching behind the Pokemon's oversized ears.

    [OOC- I'll be better when it's just two in a convo. instead of three ^_^;;;;;]
  30. Mike didn't understand what Grey meant when he described turning a knob in his head, but he was now sure that Grey wasn't actually hiding anything. The stuff he hadn't talked about - he really didn't know. Mike felt a mixed feeling of relief and guilt sweep over him. He felt relief that he wasn't being kept in the dark about anything and that Grey apparently trusted him enough to tell him all he could about his abilities. The guilt came because he felt he had forced a more detailed description out of Grey. Even if Agatha was the inquisitive one, Mike still felt he had equal part in it because he was endorsing it.

    "Was Charmeleon hurt pretty badly?" the question wasn't that surprising considering Grey's blackout, but it still caught Mike off guard.
    "Yeah. It was pretty bad. I'm glad you could help." replied Mike. Grey again didn't seem like he thought it was a big thing. Mike wished that Grey would see just how amazing it was.

    It's true that others have telepathic powers, but this was diffrent somehow. It was as if telepathy was an egotistical force; one that was used to manipulate the world towards the persons own wishes. Greys power was; just as he himself put it empathic and totally selfless.

    Once more, Mike got a flash-back from earlier, when he "communicated" with Charmeleon through that special bond.
    "Grey; I can't imagine what you feel when you use your healing, but that thing about sensing a Pokémon's emotions... I think I know what you mean." Mike said, his sentence slow and thoughtfull as he simultaneously tried to sort through his jumbled thoughts.
    "I... I kind of felt the same out there with Charmeleon. I've heard trainers say they share a bond with Pokémon, but until now I've never felt it." Mike stood silent for a second, his gaze on the floor.

    He then looked up at Grey.
    "Maybe what you have is a stronger, er... much stronger version of what I just felt. And maybe it's part of the reason for why you can heal Pokémon. I mean... you did describe it as being pretty similar... the healing and the emotional thing. It's just an idea, but who knows?"

    Agatha turned to Mike,
    "Sounds reasonable to me..." she said before turning back to Grey again.
    "Allright son, it seems you don't fully understand your power. But I want to propose something: If you ever feel you truly master and fully understand your skills; come look me up... I'm sure we can find ways for you to help a lot of people with it!"

    Mike thought the whole conversation seemed a bit like she was trying to bribe Grey into telling her his secret. Mike imagined that she somehow must have sensed his thoughts because she turned to him and whispered:
    "I know this might look like I'm trying to use Grey, but I'm not. I have a duty as a member of the Elite four to make sure that we fully understand our Pokémon and can care for them in as great way as possible. And your friend seems to have an ability that will let us increase our capabilities in both these fields. So don't worry."

    Mike was baffled by the response to his unspoken words and merely said "sure."
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  31. "Allright son, it seems you don't fully understand your power. But I want to propose something: If you ever feel you truly master and fully understand your skills; come look me up... I'm sure we can find ways for you to help a lot of people with it!"

    Grey was both surprised and alarmed at this offer...and, of course, a bit proud as well. He, Grey of Pallet Town, and orphan and odd character in general, was wanted by Agatha of the Elite Four. He nearly dropped Nezi when his arms started to go slack, but his care for the rat Pokemon overruled his shock.

    Maybe, if he didn't know what he wanted to do when he was through with this quest of his, he could make a difference by making the fullest of his abilities and helping Pokemon.

    "I...I certainly will, ma'am!" he stuttered, his tongue betraying him in his rush to resond.

    Reiu seemed very set on something as he snorted in frustration at Charmeleon and turned away. His opique blue eyes settled on his trainer, passed him, and then alighted on Agatha. He tromped over in her general direction instead, stopping convieniantly next to Grey. Instead of annoyance, the boy laughed and patted the Charmander on his head.

    "No need to get all worked up over me, ya know?" he said in light-hearted sarcasm. Now that everything had been explained and accomplished here, Grey felt an odd longing to get back on track. He was actually glad that he had come back to town, since he had accidentally passed the opportunity to get a look at the Indigo Plateau. He imagined there were a few more Pokemon to catch out that way as well.

    He turned back to Mike, and smiled sunnily; before, Mike had looked slightly uneasy about something...maybe he had just been worried about Grey's odd condition. Falling asleep out of nowhere was a pretty odd occurance.

    "I was wanting to make a pit stop by the Plateau before I headed to Pewter...I'm not sure if you really want to head off course that way, and I thought you'd want a heads up." he told his friend, feeling it was nesassary to explain his traveling plans before setting off. Mike probably had his own goals, and a detour to the Indigo Plateau would bring no benefit. Grey just wanted to fixate his own goals. He wanted to step in there with courage and determination and an optimistic outlook one day.

    Reiu looked at him once more in interest, he had probably heard of it from his mysterious owner before. Nezi simply took ahold of Grey's blue hat in his mouth and leapt to the floor.

    "Raaaatatat!" he announced.

    "Hey, watch it! Those teeth aren't the best things to use for playing tug-of-war!" Grey scolded in a defeated way. It wasn't like Nezi would obediantly give it back, anyways.

    [OOC- Hooray, I was bored a while back, but now we are teh RPing more again ^-^]
  32. [OOC- Finally we are on our way again! Seemed almost as if we were gonna be in that gym forever :p]

    Mike hadn't planned on going to the Plateau just yet, but the idea actually seemed nice. It would be a great motivation for the rest of his trip; and if Charmeleon still felt de-spirited in any way, Mike was sure that those issues would be solved once it saw what was waiting at the end of their journey.

    Besides, Grey had so kindly joined Mike to the gym; and he agreed to that long before he even knew Mike as a friend. Even if he didn't feel like going, there was no way he could say no to Grey. Still, it was lucky that Mike actually did feel like it.

    "Well, I hadn't really planned on making another detour... But what the hey! Let's do it!" Mike said with a broad smile. He looked down at Charmeleon, who responded with a quick happy snort.

    Agatha now extended her hand towards Mike. He took it and as they were shaking hands, Agatha began speaking.
    "I wish you luck with your trip," she said and switched to extending her hand towards Grey, "It has certainly been an interesting experience meeting the both of you."

    She re-centered her eyes towards Mike and also to Charmeleon.
    "Mike, I want to apologize for hurting Charmeleon so much. Maybe I was going a bit overkill." she chuckled to herself. Mike ´nervously laughed along and replied with a quick "No problem."
    "I wanted to say that you're always welcome to come back and try again; but don't think I'm going to go easy on you!" she said.

    Then she turned and headed out a door, with out saying another word. Mike suddenly thought of something he had to ask. Something that had hidden in the back of his head since he first saw it.
    "Agatha!" he yelled after the old woman
    "Yes? Something else you want?" she replied in a calm voice.
    "Yes... there's just... well, something has been bothering me since I first set foot in here... I just have to find out... What's with the big steel door over there?" Mike pointed towards the boarded up door he had seen earlier.

    Agatha's eyes flew wide open for a while, seemingly alarmed by the question. She calmed down quickly though, and simply answered him by saying
    "Well, it's nothing much really. Just a door that isn't really well built. That's why it's boarded up. We're waiting for the repair-man.

    Agatha turned and left. She didn't like lying, but this was a secret she did not want to share with the young trainers. Mike knew that she was making it up, but decided against pushing the topic further. He was intrigued by the door, but this was a Pokémon gym and he did not want to start an argument with the gym leader he was going to challenge some time not too far into the future.

    He turned to Grey and shrugged and then proceeded towards the exit. Grey and all the Pokémon followed. As they exited the huge building, the sky appeared so bright that they had to close their eyes. Despite all the windows in the gym, it was still surprisingly badly lit. Mike slowly took the front steps down to the road and started walking in a general direction.

    After about ten steps, he realized he had absolutely no idea of what he was doing. He didn't even have a map. He saw Grey standing behind him with a confused expression. Mike smiled awkwardly and returned to Grey. Maybe he should follow someone with a general sense of direction
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  33. Grey had been mostly confused when Mike set out in the exact opposite direction of where they were headed, but at the older trainer's awkward facial expression, he couldn't muffle the peals of laughter.

    "You could use one of these gadgets, too." he said, gesturing for Mike to come over. He plucked a small, sleek-looking black device from his pack's shoulder strap and held it in front of them. He then proceeded to pen it, revealing a screen with a set of options. Using a few keys to scroll down to 'map', Grey tapped the enter key.

    A magnificently detailed map of Kant was projected in front of them, but of course it was too far zoomed out for use in town. He tapped the screen with his finger where it read 'Viridian City' (it was also where a flashing red dot representing him was). Now it revealed a handy map, showing them a close-up of the city. It took Grey a moment, but he finally found the path leading to the Plateau. It had been difficult to locate thanks to the fact that it was barely on screen, on the far left-side. A very lengthy walk from where they're red dot blipped, in front of the gym.

    "I might be good with directions and know my way around Viridian, but this thing simplifies everything." he commented, starting out across an intersection. "I got this, Reiu, and a Pokedex from that man...and I'd like to thank him for it, but...." he thought of the man's words. "..well...I doubt I'll seem him for a long time."

    He had no need to check on Reiu, who was acutely walking behind hid trainer, but he did nonetheless. It would be a disaster to lose the Charmander this deep within the city.

    He felt more relaxed as the traffic, buildings, and streets thinned out and eventually were replaced with homely cottages and dirt roads, waving to Rennie as they passed her by. He would've stopped by, but she was helping her mother with laundry, perched precariously on a stool to pin up the clothes, and he had a feeling that if he interupted her then she'd never get back to her chores. Such was the six-year-old's concentration.

    A chilly breeze ruffled through Grey's clothes, and he shivered at the unexpectedly cool air. The time of day brought to his attention, he squinted up at the sky, unhappy to see the sun making a break for the foliage on the horizon.

    "What do you think? Should we stop at the Poke Center or try to get as far along to the Plateau tonight?" he asked, looking to his side at Mike. Nezi purred lazily from on his head, appearently napping for lack of anything better to do. Personally, he was eager to be going, but he wasn't going to object to having all of their Pokemon properly healed before making the short trip.

    [OOC- No kidding :p It was taking awhile, huh? XDBut now we're a'going again]
  34. [OCC- ive been waiting awhile for u guys to finally leave the gym well anyways here it is.]

    I woke up with a baby eevee laying on my head waiting for me to wake up. I picked the baby stuck her on my bed and checked my bag for the case with my egg. The case was empty and I thought that it would be nice to have another member to my team. I picked her up off my bag and stuck her back on my head.

    " So I guess you hatched from my egg." I said.
    " Eevee? Eevee!" She agreed.
    Well I guess I should show you the rest of my- excuse now our- little family. Come on out guys!" I threw the pokeballs and had the baby meet my Pokemon. "Hey guys she's what hatched from the egg grandma gave me. Well I guess I gotta name you so I'll name you.... Maige. Yea I'll name you that because your so cute. So Maige meet eevee, vaporeon, and espeon, and guys meet Maige."

    I picked up Maige off my head and compared her with my starter eevee. Maige was very tiny to eevee- but eevee was much older and experienced.

    " Guys since we have a newbie should we play the backwards game?" I asked.
    "Eevee, vaporeon, espeon!" They said meaning yes.
    " Well Maige the game is you and eevee steer me out of trouble while I walk backwards until we crash. Got it?" I explained.
    "Eevee..." said Maige in an unsure voice.
    " Okay after we play the game we'll be on our way!" I said happily.

    While trying to leave we searched for the elevator forever. After finally finding the elevator and giving nurse joy the key we started playing our little game. While playing I walked pass to two bays who looked at me strangely, otherwise eevee and Maige did a pretty good job- CRASH! I walked strait into the wall when a bunch of the near by people came by to see if I was alright.
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  36. [OOC- Well, looks like Lunareon couldn't quite cut it as an RPer... thus it looks like it's back to just you and me FireFox! Oh and thanks again for the compliments, Stel! We appreciate it!]

    Mike wanted to get going towards the Plateau. After the defeat at the gym it just felt like he had to get moving again. He obviously needed more training and there was no way better to do that than to get back on the road. There was no need to stop at a Pokémon center. There was something odd, though. He had the feeling he had forgotten something important.

    Mike looked down at his belt. He suddenly realized to his alarm, that in the all the confusion surrounding Charmeleon and then later Grey's amnesia, he had completely forgotten about Pidgeotto. He felt awful for forgetting his Pokémon's wounds, even if it was understandable under the circumstances. Mike removed the Pokéball and squeezed it tightly.

    "Actually I kind of need to go to the Pokémon Center," said Mike and looked intensely at the ball. "...Pidgeotto got pretty banged up back there." Mike imagined that Grey might be the kind of person to volunteer to help Pidgeotto, even despite the weakened state he was in. He didn't want Grey to help. The only thing Grey should be doing is recuperate. He lifted his head towards Grey and smiled.
    "And Grey, don't even think about helping out with Pidgeotto" he said in a serious voice, despite the smile, "I don't want you to wear yourself out. You still seem a bit shaky from the last time, and we're not that far from the center, so it's no emergency."

    A cold wind blew past Mike, who absentmindedly tried zipping up his jacket, although it was allready closed as tightly as possible. He gazed at the sun, which was slowly drifting off to other parts of the world. It wasn't as blindingly bright any more as it shone through the treetops.

    Mike turned towards the city, where the Pokémon center's round facade almost mimicked the sun. It was far away. It would take them at least an hour to get there. Mike wished he had spoken a lot sooner; before they had managed to leave the city.

    Mike replaced his Pokéball on the belt and looked back to Grey.
    "I hope you don't mind" said Mike. He pointed to the center. "It's a pretty long trip. ...And once we get there, Nurse Joy will probably put us on curfew and lock the doors for the night."
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  37. Grey's own features crunched in mingled frustration and his own stubbornness. Not only would they be stuck inside the Pokemon center until morning and have to backtrack and therefore lose ground instead of covering it, but all of those inconveniences could be avoided simply by using his healing one time. At first the suggestion seemed merely logical and slightly appealing, but the Pokemon center - however large - was only a figure looming in the horizon.

    "Why can't I heal Pidgeotto if it means we can get further tonight?" Grey inquired, entirely aware that now he was contradicting his own question. "Minor healing has never bother me before, and I don't know why right now would be very different."

    He kept his tone level and tried to sound merely reasonable, the Pokemon center's circumference laughing at their contradictory feelings. But it's not even our feeling that are contradictory! He wants to go too....why did I have to make a scene in there? he concluded, watching the healthy, full moon peeking slyly in the opposite direction of the fading sunlight. It was almost as if it was cautiously checking to see how much longer it had to wait before it was able to present itself, changing bright warm sunlight into a silvery flood.

    Even as Grey told himself and Mike that he was fine and would be after a small act of empathy on his part, a wise and honest part of him shook its head. He wasn't completely fine. His better-than-perfect vision was blurring things far away together, and he felt as if he had slept wrongly on...well....almost every part of his body. But Mike was a trainer, and had no doubt persisted even in discomfort worse than bad vision, and Grey had every intention on proving himself. To who? the same sly part asked him.

    He supposed it was himself.

    "Just let me try to heal him, if it's difficult, I promise I'll tell you and we can stop at the Pokemon center for the night. It won't take a long time anyways, right?" he added in, trying to sound sensible. Nezi bit his ear slightly, and he looked at the young, energetic Pokemon in confusion.

    "Rrrrrrrraaaat!" it explained, punctuated with a loud grumble from his stomach.

    "Erm...either way, we hafta eat soon." he further added, blushing and falling silent to give Mike an opportunity to respond.

    The sky was quickly fading from true blue, splotches of purple and pink accenting the twilight sky, growing more frequent as the eyes ventured towards the nexus of color, the sun. The white fluffs of clouds magnified these colors, and a beautiful picture was painted as a free flock of Pidgey flew across the vista. The truly viridian area's vast assortment of trees wavered in the next breeze, leaves lifting and turning, in their fullest potential from nutrients from the summer sun. The city had no mark against this view, the sparse but still existant pollution creating an unnoticeable fog wavering slightly over the city. Unseen to most. Reiu was captivated by this, and was a mixture of emotions that resulting from it. Elevation, joy, and awe of course, but he also felt dislike and annoyance for the people that, so confident in themselves, were exchanging nature for comfort.

    But maybe Grey wasn't like them, just as he sensed Mike and Agatha weren't. Maybe.

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  38. [OOC- YAY! 50th Post! (No I'm not going to celebrate every ten posts I make :p) Now I'm a trainer!]

    Mike was slightly surprised by Grey's response. Throughout the day, he had gotten the general impression of Grey as being a shy and quiet character, (well, except for when he was around Pokémon) and considering Grey was posing a question to Mike without indicating any preference of an answer, he imagined that any answer he gave would be accepted. He never imagined Grey to actually object.

    Of course, at the same time, Mike realized in retrospect that he might have been rude to tell Grey whether or not he could heal Pidgeotto. After all, it was Grey's gift and he probably knew it's limitations better than Mike did. Mike eyed Grey, and did actually see a somewhat hidden expression of irritation in his face. Ugh... I should have kept my big mouth shut thought Mike.

    Maybe it was better to just let Grey do his healing and then head off... At least they both wanted to get on the road and not get stuck in a Pokémon center over night. This compelled Mike to decide against heading back into town. He tried putting his feelings aside so he instead could make a rational decision. Sadly this wasn't going too well. He thought of what to do as he juggled both choices around in his mind.

    If Grey feels he is up to it, who am I to stop him from using his healing power anyway? thought Mike. He stopped juggling the ideas and turned to Grey, who seemed to be growing slightly bored of just standind there, waiting for an answer. Mike hadn't really thought about how long he had been thinking. It must have been over half a minute now.

    "Well, if you feel that strongly about it, we'll go. But I still don't like the idea of you healing Pidgeotto. I guess you'll have to, but you don't look too good, so be carefull." Mike couldn't let Grey heal Pidgeotto without pointing this out. He didn't know why, because he was sure Grey allready knew. Perhaps he just wanted to make sure Grey didn't neglect himself to help his Pokémon.

    Mike unclipped Pidgeotto's pokéball again. It looked very diffrent in the beautiful sunset. The pink sky overwhelmed the white bottom of the Pokéball, making the entire sphere bright red. As Mike handled the ball, he noticed how not only the ball, but his hands, clothes; in fact everything around him had gotten a warm pink hue to it.

    "Pidgeotto! Come on out!" yelled Mike as he tossed the ball. It bounced once against the ground and then opened up. The red energy that was stored inside the Pokéball leaked out and materialized to form the shape of a bird. It looked rather weak, but was still standing, at least.

    "Hey buddy. Sorry for the long wait, but we're going to fix you right up." He looked over at Grey, before turning back to Pidgeotto.
    "All right. Now you just do everything Grey tells you to, all right? I know this isn't really how you're normally treated, but you'll be fine." Mike smiled as Pidgeotto replied with a "Pidgeoooo!"

    Pidgeotto slowly trotted over to Grey and stopped in front of him. It looked back at Mike and Charmeleon, who were lined up opposite of Pidgeotto. Charmeleon said a few "Char"'s of encouragement to the large bird. It stood silent for a while and then turned back to Grey.
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    Grey tried to let the warning bounce off of him, but a part of him held it, and the words 'you don't look too good' were persistently thudding in his temple. I know, I know. But it's just a minor healing he lectured himself, smiling warmly at the large bird of prey in front of him. He momentarily admired the large pinions, dyed different shades of pastel colors in the sunset, then reach out tentatively.

    He set his fingertips on the soft downy feathers on the Pidgeotto's chest, and exhaled. The bird Pokemon ruffled a tiny bit, but seemed to steady more with Chameleon's encouragement. Grey let the distractions of the beautiful lighting seep from his clogged mind, locating Pidgeotto's mind and touching it mentally.

    At this moment pain flared in his head, but nothing more major than a migraine. He resisted the urge to grit his teeth and form fists with his hands. You're fine, just heal now he whispered mentally, regaining his concentration. Now the dancing blue light flicked across his fingertips as always, whipping playfully over Pidgeotto's wounds and seeming to absorb them before whisking out of existence.

    As Grey let his hands fall away, the same event as always had occurred, with the setback of a sinus headache pounding above his eyes.

    "See? I'm fine....but I'm sorry I was rude just now." he said humbly, dipping his head. "And I guess for the rest of the trip I won't heal, just in case." Pidgeotto was looking at him quizzically, so he smiled at it shyly.

    He realized that they needed to get on their way before the last dregs of daylight were gone, especially since Rattata were known to be seen more often at night, and he didn't care to wade through herds of small purple Pokemon the whole way.

    "The sky looks nice right now." he mentioned lamely as they started out once more, bidding a temporary farewell to the tree-riddled city. It was a major understatement, but he had felt compelled to say something about the view.

    He remembered his younger days when he'd climb a healthy oak tree and, underneath its protective foliage, stare out across the sky, feeling at loss to explain the wonder he felt the world held. Those days, whether he was camped out along Route 1 or cuddled in the covers of some caring citizen's house, he was always under the impression that there were no boundaries to the wonders the world held.

    He still felt that way, even though he was older and understood more about life. Common knowledge and logic was great and all, such as knowing that if one was to manage to get through the thick woods guarding Viridian City from all else there would be ocean, and across that ocean was a pass dedicated to cycling. But sometimes Grey liked to ignore it, and imagine that there were countless possibilities to what awaited on the far side of those trees.

    That was why he smiled broadly even at his lame comment, reaching one hand up, fingers spread, as if to capture the sky in the palm of his hand. To complete the picture, Nezi squeaked and bounded off of his head in the direction his arm was outstretched, paws reaching for the heavens as well.

    "What're we waiting for?" he asked Mike in a free voice, something we wouldn't have done if he hadn't just finished reminiscing. "There's a whole world out there!"

    With those words he launched himself into a run with Nezi beside him, then turned a bit as if to beckon the rest of the group to come see what was ahead.

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