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Ask to Join Eeveefree forest 2.0

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Finch~, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Signup: https://pokecharms.com/threads/eeveefree-forest-2-0.17862/#post-524876

    Delphi strolled through the forest holding a few pecha berries in her mouth. She climbed up a tree and started to eat, before going back down and gathering twigs to make a treehouse.
    Infree walked, with a dull expression on his face. If it wasn't for that annoying luxray, Swish, Ether would of been his! He grunted and retreated to his den in a cave.
    Touri was bored. She walked to the river and lapped up some water, before she spotted a fish leaping out the stream. She quickly swiped it with a paw, and knocked it onto the ground. She started to eat, hoping no-one would see. Usually (Unless your a vaporeon) Eating fish is considered a bit...gross.
    Auttum leaped of a tree into lovestruck lagoon. The water was cool and warm at the same time. Auttum swam to the bottom of the lagoon and curled up. (Vaporeon can breathe underwater) She was lonely.
  2. Meanwhile, on a hill overlooking the forest, Lucidum observed it, having traveled very far to arrive. He didn't know why he decided to come, it just seemed like the best option, especially considering where he was before. "So this is the Eeveefree forest," he said to himself. "It's a bit more underwhelming than I imagined, but at least it's safe." Without thinking, he jumped down the hill, and into the forest. He would be easily noticed on the hill. The less pokemon who knew he existed, the better.

    Ensalada, unlike Lucidum, had been in the forest for about a week. At that moment, he was in a tree he was using as a temporary shelter. "I really should find an actual home," he thought to himself. The tree was comfortable, but he doubted he could ever consider it a home. Figuring that day was as good a day as any to start looking, he jumped down on to the ground. He looked around at the forest. It seemed very intimidating down on the ground, but he'd never get anywhere just standing there. So, reluctantly, he started walking, in search of somewhere to stay.
  3. Willow sat in her tree sleeping. She heard someone talking and looked under her tree to see another leafeon. Willow started to gasp but covered her mouth with a paw, hoping they didn't hear.
  4. Frost walked away from her house inside a cave. She looked up at a tree filled with Sitrus berries. "Berry trip!" She cheered, and shot out an Ice Beam to make a stairway to the tree. Frost climbed up it, and grabbed a few berries, and started back down.
  5. While walking, Ensalada heard a faint noise. He wasn't able to make out what it was though. It sounded like a gasp, but he wasn't sure. If it was a pokemon, there was a cahnce they could be hostile. He didn't really want to take a chance, but he didn't want anyone to be following him either, especially if their identity was unknown. "H-hello? Is Someone there?"
  6. Kuro had been peacefully sleeping until she heard a small noise then someone asking if anyone was there. She sighed and stood up, stretching. She knew that she needed to get food but didn't want to get out of her warm and cozy cave filled with the smell of books. "I think that emotion is called lazy or just too comfortable," she muttered to herself, looking at the books at the sides of her oval shaped cave. She sighed once again before walking out of her cave, the chilly air and wind ruffling her fur and she shivered. She looked t a berry bush not far from her cave and walked over to it, picking a few berries with an expresionless face. She knew for a fact that she was not a morning Pokémon and rather a night Pokémon being that she was a dark type and all. Her ears stood up straight, searching for any sound and her tail stayed down, the tip softly touching the ground. When she got her berries she walked back to her cave and set them down. She took a bite of a berry, savoring the flavor that hit her tongue.
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  7. Justice adjusts his headband so he can reach the itch that has plagued his forehead for the past few minutes. After a while of exploring, he finally reaches Lovestruck Lagoon. "Finally! I've been searching for this place for hours! Man, it's even more beautiful than I thought!" Justice sticks one of his paws into the water then immediately yanks it out. "God, that's cold!"

    Brooke emerges from a pond at which she calls her home. The water is clear and beautiful due to her taking absolute care of it. She is very protective of her territory, only allowing children and other water Pokemon near. If any other Pokemon were to approach, she warns them to stay away, only resorting to force when provoked. She basically serves as a guardian, or a queen of some sorts, to the children and water Pokemon around.
  8. Loki was gliding overhead of the forest. It was mating season for any Eeveelutions, and pretty much everyone else at the forest. He knew he was going to have to organize for the mating season this year again. But that also meant more pranking, so that was fun. He remembered just before he set off flying he taped joy buzzers all over the trees. The results were quite shocking to say the least. Loki stopped gliding and landed in a clearing, in close proximity to a pond. It looked quite clean compared to most he'd seem. He just stared at the water, for a while to say the least.
  9. Brooke talked and laughed with the children close by for a while. Once the children run off, her attention turns to the Gligar in the clearing. She puts on her most annoyed face and leaps into the water. After swimming closer to him, she bursts out in a tempered manner. "Might I ask who your are and why you've come her? Her face and tone shows that she means business.
  10. Midnight Sat at the shallow part of a lake. He created small splashes here and there, while relaxing. He grabbed a few berries that day next to him, chowing down on Sitris and Tomato berries. "This is the Life, no constant annoyances, no people shouting at me, or telling me what to do. I feel great!" Midnight yawned. He lied down, where the water was up to his mouth, STILL able to breath to his nose. He smiled, dozing off.
  11. Finally, after countless months alone, Splash finally knew that it was the mating season for this year, which is known to last the next few months. Swimming far from her home, she stumbled upon Lovestruck Lagoon. It was her first time there. She saw many Pokémon, most of Eeveelution and such. She saw a Vaporeon curled up underwater, a Pokémon she can’t really tell the identity of in a tree, and much more she didn’t catch the species of. She decided to peek her head above the water, just for a better view. She got head to head with a Umbreon dozing off right in front of her. “H-hello?” She studderded, blushing.
  12. Kuro finished her berries after a while then she decided to go to Lovestruck Lagoon. She walked the path toward the Lagoon that she knew quite well. When she got to the Lovestruck Lagoon she looked at the many Eeveelutions that were there. "Never mind," Kuro muttered to herself and backed away from the lake, trying to hide her Shiny Umbreon self in the shadows so no one would know she was there.
  13. Justice became aware of the Pokemon around him but decided to ignore them. All he was interested in was filling his canteens with water from the lagoon. He then took his headband off and soaked it in the water to clean of all of the sweat that had accumulated in in the best few days. Soon after he finished cleaning his headband, Justice caught his eye on the Vaporeon submerged in the water. He decided to start a conversation with her. "Hi, excuse me. Is this your home? It's very clean and well kept." he said with a smile.
  14. ClockWork Breezy

    ClockWork Breezy Formerly VaporeonPlayz

    Jolty grumbled to himself as he walked along, adjusting the bulky and warm clothing he had been wearing in the previous area, which had been much colder than here. He stumbled along, looking for a place to rest. The googles on his face, combined with the thick cloak and wrappings on his body and appendages, he looked practically nothing like the Jolteon he was. He glanced up in shock and amazement at the massive lagoon ahead of him, and the eeveeolutions around him.
  15. When a new Pokémon came towards the Lagoon, Kuro didn't know what it was. She decided to keep her distance from all the Pokémon and pressed herself against a tree in attempt to hide herself.
  16. Silk ripped off her collar with a bit of glass she found near eeveefree forest. She was done being a silly house pet! After, she looked up at the endless forest, the start of a life with no responsibilities, no expectations,a day where anything could happen was just about to begin for her! As she padded in, the first thing she noticed was that all of the Pokemon were going the same direction. Forgetting all about her nervousness, she followed them to lovestruck lagoon. Suddenly, she saw lots of pokemon "oh, what have I done!" Silk muttered to herself. "Why didn't I notice that if I followed lots of Pokemon, they'd lead to more Pokemon?" Silk immediately hid behind a leaf
  17. ClockWork Breezy

    ClockWork Breezy Formerly VaporeonPlayz

    Jolty pulled the googles off, and unwrapped his face, glancing around. After a moment to dig through his satchel, and pull out his glasses, he looked at lagoon, chuckling at his reflection. Suddenly, he became aware he was being watched. A Umbreon, a shiny one at that, seemed to melted his or her form into the tree. Impressive, he thought. He sighed, and thought some more. I guess I could try talking to somone. But how to approach them.... He decided to say the first thing that came to mind. Not the best idea of his ideas, but he ended up saying ¨As impressive as that is, I can see you, sir or ma´am.¨
  18. Midnight looked at the Vaporeon who had spoken to him. "Hello to you too." Midnight yawned, sitting up to face the Vaporeon. "Umm, would you like a berry by chance?" Midnight asked, using Psychic to pick up a few berries to hand to the Vaporeon. "What is your name again?"
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  19. Frost climbed out of her cave. Walking around, she saw some commotion around the lake. She ran over to it and saw many eeveelutions hanging around it. "Hey, what's up?" She asked, running around the beach.
  20. Kuro jumped at the sound of the voice of the Pokémon that she had seen but didn't know what it was. She turned to the Pokémon and noticed that it was a male Jolteon. "Female," she said, referring to her gender.
  21. “M-my name I-is Splash, an-d s-sure, I would l-like some b-berries.” Splash replied, she than looked at the trees, than looked back at Midnight. “What may y-yours be?” She asked kindly.
  22. Midnight handed her the berries. "Oh, I'm Midnight! Nice to meet you Splash." Midnight yawned, before lying back again. "I hope you don't mind but I was kinda hoping to relax today." Midnight frowned.
  23. Justice took notice of the Glaceon. He spook after tying his headband back on his head. "Salutations m'lady. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. What brings you here on such a fine day as this?"
  24. Frost looked over to the pokemon who spoke to her. "Not much. Just wondering about the commotions. Not very common, you see." She said, struggling to keep a formal tone presented. She was a more up and joyous type.
  25. Kuro felt a small heat climbing up to her cheeks as she looked at the Jolteon. Finally, she decided to step out of the shadows to reveal herself to the Jolteon. "My name is Kuro, what is yours?" She asked, her bright yellow and red eyes glancing around before looking at the Jolteon but aboiding eye contact.
  26. Splash grabbed the berry. “Right... s-sorry for b-bothering you. Splash blushed in embarrassment. “Th-anks.” She swam to the other side of the lake, and then, when no one is looking, She heaved herself up to shore and went behind a tree.
  27. Midnight frowned as the Vaporeon left. "Well, bye!" Midnight shouted as the Vaporeon swam off. He noticed the other Pokemon that suddenly appeared. "When did all these other Pokemon get here?" Midnight frowned. "I can't ever relax, huh?" Midnight sighed. He got up, eating the rest of his berries before walking away.
  28. "Ah, I see. Well I myself am not very common among these parts. For I have traveled from a land quite a ways away. I've had the pleasure of acquiring some knowledge of this forest and decided to pay a visit myself. I must say, it is quite beautiful around here. From the trees, to the lagoon, to the Pokemon." he replies with a smile. Before giving a chance to respond, he turns to Kuro. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I go by Justice. It is a name I had acquired a while."
  29. Frost looked kinda confused by the sudden shutting out. "Well, I didn't want to talk anyway." She turned and ran away into the woods.

    Frost slowed down after a few minutes of running. She always felt shut out when people ignored her. She laid on a tree root, and tried to fall asleep, but failed to.
  30. Kuro nodded, thinking that, just from appearance, the name suited the Jolteon. "I think it suits you, at least for now," she stated then added, "it is a pleasure to meet you as well." She looked at another Umbreon that passed her, her gaze sharpening a little bit. When the Umbreon left, her gaze came back to Justice and relaxed slightly.
  31. When Splash finished her berry. She decided to explore around the area. “Surely there has to be more than this!” She thought to herself before beginning to walk around the lake, trying to see any nearby places that could catch her interest.
  32. (OCC: You know I responded to Frost right?)
    Justice watched as the Glaceon ran off, confused by her comment. "Thanks. I happen to think it's quite heroic. Like, "Oh no, we're in trouble! Who will save us now? Oh wait, look! It's Justice the Jolteon! We're sa-" Justice had cut himself off when he notices Kuro watching the Umbreon. "Er, everything alright?" he asked as he watched the Umbreon walk by.
  33. Kuro's eyes widened a small bit before he nodded, realizing that he had acted upon instinct. "Yes, just, um, instinct," she said, a nervous smile surfacing on her face. She hadn't even realized she had looked at the Umbreon that passed behind her.
  34. ClockWork Breezy

    ClockWork Breezy Formerly VaporeonPlayz

    If Kuro was still speaking to Jolty, then he responded with: ¨Ah, my apologies, ma´am. My name is Jolty. I am sorry if I disturbed you with my appearance, I promise I will do you no harm. I was just in a cold climate, and needed gear to help myself survive and thrive.¨ You look at this strange looking Jolteon, taking him in. He is wearing black garments on his appendages, midsection, and has bandages wrapped thickly around his paws, and they seem to have a light blood stain to them. He also appears to be wearing a dark grey hooded cloak, scarf, a blue star necklace, and a pair of googles. Broken, weathered glasses rest comfortably on his nose, and a strange marking is on his cheek. He regards you curiously. ¨May I inquire why you where hiding behind said tree?¨ He gestures to the tree who´s shadow you had blended so well into.
  35. Kuro looked at the Jolteon she had spoken to her earlier. "Oh, well, I-I, um, like to observe before I talk to most," she said with a nervous chuckle, a blush of embarrassment forming on her cheeks. She had been nervous that she would seem weird from what she had just admitted, even though she had always done it her whole life.
  36. ClockWork Breezy

    ClockWork Breezy Formerly VaporeonPlayz

    Jolty chuckled lightly. ¨I wasn´t teasing, I was merely asking what you where doing. I apologize if I came across as rude. Anyways, greetings Kuro. It is a pleasure to meet you. He gingerly touched his glasses, and grinned, though it was brief. He wasn´t bad looking, but he definitely seemed tired, and worn out. And was the blood on his paws getting more and more noticeable?
  37. Splash looked and looked, but she soon got tired. “I’m going to go to sleep for a little while...” She yawned to herself. She curled up beside and tree and tried to hide her legs, then she dozed off. She was dreaming of her home.
  38. Kuro was surprised that Jolty didn't seem weirded out by her but smiled at the Jolteon. "You weren't coming off as rude, anyone would want to know what I was doing," she said just before she noticed that Jolty was bleeding. "Um, are you bleeding?" She asked, taking a closer look at Jolty's paws yet not knowing what to call him.
  39. ClockWork Breezy

    ClockWork Breezy Formerly VaporeonPlayz

    Jolty glanced down, swearing under his breath, and he began to pull off all his belongings, putting them into an organized pile, and setting them next to the edge of the lagoon, save for his glasses, and the bandages he began to unwrap. A moment later, and the bandages where unwraped, and you stare in shock at the bloody, mangled mess underneath. He looks like he has been walking nonstop for days at a time, which he was. He dips into the pool, his fur looking soft and fluffy after a moment´s wash. He begins to wash his paws, attempting to scrub off the blood. Jolty looks at Kuro. ¨Um, miss? Could you go into my bag, and get the medical kit? It´s the white box with a red cross on it.¨
  40. Kuro looked into the small bag that Jolty had mentioned. She grabbed a small box that was mainly white with a Red Cross on it. "This one?" She asked, picking the box up and showing it to Jolty.

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