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Ask to Join Dragon Ball : Last Route

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Hungry Badass, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    Dragon Ball: Last route

    In the vast universe 7

    80 Years after Super...
    Most of earths defendants died of old age ((makes you wonder why they don't wish for immortality ))
    Goten, now a grandfather
    Gohan, on the brink of death to age
    Trunks, same as Goten
    Piccolo, disappeared mysteriously
    Goku and Vegeta? Dead, forever training because there's nothing better to do

    But with the new generation being born
    A threat emerges
    "Aw shut it and bring them to me! I . WILL. DESTROY. THE. MONKEY'S. PLANET.!"
    "YES MY LORD "
    Pokecharms rules
    If you want romance, nothing past a kiss
    If you read throught this write "Sly Cooper's prime" somewhere in your bio

    Race((Half sayians, frieza race,Namekian,human,ect)):
    Items held :
    Transformations?: pm me for original transformations , or something PAST super saiyan))
    Power level? ((Optional))

    Name: Toma
    Nickname??: none
    Age: 15
    Appearence: with his red hair with black streaks and red eyes, Toma stands with a great muscular build, standing with 5"5 and weights about 123 lb's. He wears a striking dark blue vest with a black T-shirt underneath, grey jeans and some brown sandals
    Personality: always in a great spirit to fight and train, he doesn't like fighting too often, since he has school and other things to do
    Race((Half sayians, frieza race,Namekian,human,ect)): Half saiyans
    Items held : none
    Moves:keeping that a secret for the rp
    Transformations?: pm me for original transformations , or something PAST super saiyan))Super saiyan, Kaiokenx2 & 4
  2. I think I still have some Rp in me.

    Name: Nitro Pantarei
    Nickname??: N/A
    Age: 16
    Appearence: Standing at 5'7, he has Spiked black hair and Grey eyes. During school, He wears a Brown open jacket with an orange outline, along with a White Gi bottoms. He wears Blue boots with Black additions, along with Black fingerless gloves. When out of school, he wears a Yardrat top with Red pants, along with the same shoes and Gloves.
    Personality: He enjoys a joke or two, andfeels the need to poke fun at a few things he comes across. Just arriving to earth from planet Yardrat, he still has yet to get accustomed to the ways around Earth.
    Race((Half sayians, frieza race, Namekian ,human, ect)): Saiyan.
    Items held : ?? ?
    Moves: Spirit Slash, Wild Bullet, Ki blade, Instant transmission.
    Transformations?: pm me for original transformations , or something PAST super saiyan)) Super Saiyan, and two Unknown Transformations.
    Power level?: ? ? ?
    Sly Cooper's Prime
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  3. Eh, I haven't role-played in a bit, so I'm gonna shake off the RP rust or something.

    Name: Haknues
    Nickname: None.
    Age: 21
    Appearance: He has almost night-black eyes, and very short, spiky hair. On his left cheek, there's a small scar across the cheek. He always wears a deep red jacket that goes down to his knees (similarly to the ones Goku and Vegeta wear for a lot of DBS: BR), and he has multiple green stripes running down his arms. Underneath, he wears a simple grey t-shirt and trousers.
    Personality: Haknues is a very composed fighter. He usually plans accordingly to the current situation in a fight. He doesn't really have a ton of friends, since he spends nearly 90% of his time training, which makes him struggle at conversation when the topic doesn't relate to anything other than training and fighting,
    Race: Saiyan
    Items held: None.
    Moves: Raid Blast, Focus Flash, Split Finger Shot, Spirit Stab.
    Transformations: Super Saiyan
    Power level: In his base form, he's about on par with Super Saiyan 2 Goku during the Goku Black Arc.
    Sly Cooper's prime

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