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Ask to Join Dragon Ball : Last Route Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dead account, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Roleplay thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/dragon-ball-the-last-route.21465/

    Dragon Ball: Last route

    In the vast universe 7

    80 Years after Super...
    Most of earths defendants died of old age ((makes you wonder why they don't wish for immortality ))
    Goten, now a grandfather
    Gohan, on the brink of death to age
    Trunks, same as Goten
    Piccolo, disappeared mysteriously
    Goku and Vegeta? Dead, forever training because there's nothing better to do

    But with the new generation being born
    A threat emerges
    "Aw shut it and bring them to me! I . WILL. DESTROY. THE. MONKEY'S. PLANET.!"
    "YES MY LORD "
    Pokecharms rules
    If you want romance, nothing past a kiss
    If you read throught this write "Sly Cooper's prime" somewhere in your bio

    Race((Half sayians, frieza race,Namekian,human,ect)):
    Items held :
    Transformations?: pm me for original transformations , or something PAST super saiyan))
    Power level? ((Optional))

    Name: Toma
    Nickname??: none
    Age: 15
    Appearence: with his red hair with black streaks and red eyes, Toma stands with a great muscular build, standing with 5"5 and weights about 123 lb's. He wears a striking dark blue vest with a black T-shirt underneath, grey jeans and some brown sandals
    Personality: always in a great spirit to fight and train, he doesn't like fighting too often, since he has school and other things to do
    Race((Half sayians, frieza race,Namekian,human,ect)): Half saiyans
    Items held : none
    Moves:keeping that a secret for the rp
    Transformations?: pm me for original transformations , or something PAST super saiyan))Super saiyan, Kaiokenx2 & 4
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  2. I think I still have some Rp in me.

    Name: Nitro Pantarei
    Nickname??: N/A
    Age: 16
    Appearence: Standing at 5'7, he has Spiked black hair and Grey eyes. During school, He wears a Brown open jacket with an orange outline, along with a White Gi bottoms. He wears Blue boots with Black additions, along with Black fingerless gloves. When out of school, he wears a Yardrat top with Red pants, along with the same shoes and Gloves.
    Personality: He enjoys a joke or two, andfeels the need to poke fun at a few things he comes across. Just arriving to earth from planet Yardrat, he still has yet to get accustomed to the ways around Earth.
    Race((Half sayians, frieza race, Namekian ,human, ect)): Saiyan.
    Items held : ?? ?
    Moves: Spirit Slash, Wild Bullet, Ki blade, Instant transmission.
    Transformations?: pm me for original transformations , or something PAST super saiyan)) Super Saiyan, and two Unknown Transformations.
    Power level?: ? ? ?
    Sly Cooper's Prime
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  3. Eh, I haven't role-played in a bit, so I'm gonna shake off the RP rust or something.

    Name: Haknues
    Nickname: None.
    Age: 21
    Appearance: He has almost night-black eyes, and very short, spiky hair. On his left cheek, there's a small scar across the cheek. He always wears a deep red jacket that goes down to his knees (similarly to the ones Goku and Vegeta wear for a lot of DBS: BR), and he has multiple green stripes running down his arms. Underneath, he wears a simple grey t-shirt and trousers.
    Personality: Haknues is a very composed fighter. He usually plans accordingly to the current situation in a fight. He doesn't really have a ton of friends, since he spends nearly 90% of his time training, which makes him struggle at conversation when the topic doesn't relate to anything other than training and fighting,
    Race: Saiyan
    Items held: None.
    Moves: Raid Blast, Focus Flash, Split Finger Shot, Spirit Stab.
    Transformations: Super Saiyan
    Power level: In his base form, he's around the same as Goku's base form during the Android saga (before the Cell games).
    Sly Cooper's prime
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  4. Is there still interest in this?
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  5. Okay, literally just read a ton of Dragon Ball so I'll sign up. Hopefully it will pick up.

    Name: Anne Jenara
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Anne stands at 5'2", and weighs in at 145 lbs. She has blonde hair that she keeps back in a ponytail, and gray eyes. For hear clothing, Anne wears a red shirt, along with a jacket and jeans. Annie also wears earrings.
    Personality: Annie is quite peppy and upbeat, always trying to see the bright side of things and make friends. She enjoys making new friends. Being an Android, she has an incredible memory and can pick up new skills very quickly. Anne is a fan of martial arts, but has never decided to actually learn anything. She's sure to support her friends, and likes to watch fights.
    Race: Android
    Moves: Since Anne hasn't had any real training, she doesn't have any real techniques. However, since she is an Android, Anne has no detectable ki or aura. She also has a perfect memory and can mimic techniques pretty quickly.
    Other: Her father worked at a tech company designing robots. When she was a child, Anne was killed in a car crash. Her father, distraught, attempted to bring her back and rebuild her as an Android. It succeeded, but at that cost of his wife divorcing him and serving all contact. There was also the problem that even as a child, Anne had immense power. So Mr. Jenara put in as many power suppressors in Anne as possible (without it being obvious), in order to keep her strength down. Her current power level was the closest to a normal human he could get. Mr. Jenara quickly moved away in an attempt to hide Anne and himself from the past, and started a new, normal life. He keeps the fact that Anne is an Android a secret from her, so she is under the assumption that she is a normal human. So she goes on with a normal, human life.
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  6. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Much too powerful

    Nice, accepted

    @SoMeOnE yOu KnOw
    @Captain Cardboard
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  7. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Yes! We are
  8. Alright, so if my character is too strong, could you give me a range of strength I could choose from in order for me to be accepted?
  9. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Since this is the beginning, i'd say at maximum Cell saga Ssj2 gohan
  10. Alright then! I'll change it to be something below that.
  11. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

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  12. A couple questions! What was the darkness that Toma was talking about? Was it, like, something blocking out the sun? Or was it more like "a disturbance in the force" darkness, or a premonition of bad things to come? Also, where is Toma studying? At his home? In the woods? At the gym? At school? At the library? Some more detail would be appreciated.
  13. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    No, when the dragon balls are used, the weather changes and it becomes dark, it's always been like that
  14. Okay, that was my bad. I assumed for some strange reason that Frieza didn't use the Dragon Balls on earth. But, uh... where is Toma at right now? I'd like to know so I can make it easier for me to introduce my character and maybe interact with him.
  15. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    He is currently in a park on earth, studying
  16. here is my bio if you will have me...

    Name: Arctico
    Nickname??: none that he is aware of.
    Age: 24
    Appearence: 5' 10ft. (like every dbz character he is very muscular), red eyes, dark blue marks beneath his eyes(kinda like frieza except blue) cobalt blue skin with white bio armor(dark blue crystals), he looks similar to fifth form cooler except without the mask, longer spikes, and large femur guards.)
    Personality: Overconfident but not arrogant or evil(nor is he sadistic, killing weaklings is boring and mostly pointless). He is also friendly especially to people he deems useful. He has a somewhat disdain for the weak(im not talking yamcha weak, i mean average unnamed humans weak).
    Race((Half sayians, frieza race,Namekian,human,ect)): Frieza race of course.
    Items held : his fists are all he needs.
    Moves: death beam(like frieza uses), punisher drive, instant transmission, sauzer blade(can he do this with both hands or would that be OP?)
    Transformations?: pm me for original transformations , or something PAST super saiyan)): he might be able to unlock one in the distant future? (Arctico ha no interest in having a first, second, or third form like frieza or king cold).
    Power level? ((Optional)) Very? (numbers in dbz don't really mean much considering pretty much anyone other than humans are over 9,000...)
    (almost forgot to write "sly cooper's prime"...) I didn't immediately read the rules, i thought to myself oh cool a dbz RP! i wanna be a frieza race! (cause dragon ball xenoverse 1 and 2 were dope and being a rad edgy frieza race that may have been slightly cheesy but was totally awesome. you best believe I was a fast hitting melee boi! nothing but basic attacks! Because i'm stupid and rarely used strategy. however since this is an RP and not a video game he is going to be smarter and use strategies.)

    side note... seriously though... everyone in dbz is buff. i wouldn't be surprised if the announcer guy was secretly buff too.
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  17. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Pretty sure it's Cooler fifth form
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  18. Ah! Your right! Nice catch.
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  19. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Now he is accepted, sorry for the delay
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  20. Alright, thanks. I didn't want to say anything because I didn't wanna sound mean about it.
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  21. Since I just beat Xenoverse 2 about a month ago, here I am. I apologize for the long backstory, but I didn't want him to look like a cliche strong quiet guy.

    Elijah Parker

    Monster (By his former colleagues)


    Elijah stands at 5'10" and is exceptionally muscular all around, but you can really see his muscles throughout his back and core area. He bares black, scruffy hair that's kind of spiky, along with two dark-brown eyes. His complexion resembles a mocha color, though outside of his natural appearance- he can usually be seen wearing plain black Gi pants, with a brown belt wrapped around his waist. Additionally two white boots cover his feet as well as tucking in his Gi pants. Elijah barely ever wears shirts, as he feels that they aren't necessary.

    Elijah keeps to himself these days, not going out of his way to talk to anyone. Though he can mostly be found wandering the streets with no particular goal in mind. It truly looks as if he's from another world, and it seems like he never gets bored from the same routine of wandering around.

    Being a prodigy at Judo will no doubt gain you at least some recognition in the world, be it good or bad. However, in Elijah's case it was horrible. Since the boy was learning at an extraordinary rate already, passing up his acquaintances in belt rank and overall skills, his sensei acknowledged his learning prowess and wanted him to be the best there was, someone who would never lose- in order for himself be known as the greatest Judo instructor there ever was.
    By the time Elijah reached age 17, the sensei asked if he wanted to get stronger in front of the whole class. This was normal routine for when someone was to advance to the next belt level, so of course he obliged. The test was vastly different from the others, as the sensei led him into a dark room, telling him that he'd need to hone his skills "without the sense of sight." Though before Elijah could agree, he was knocked out... when he'd finally awoken, his hands and feet were bound to a table while three men experimented on him. One he could identify as his sensei. They seemed to be rebuilding or remodeling him, even when asked to stop. However, after the operation was "successful" Elijah was able to free himself and get revenge on the two men assisting his sensei, sending them into a coma. Both accounts were dubbed self defense. Unfortunately the sensei was able to escape, which deeply angered the vengeful Elijah. When he tried to go back to Judo under a new instructor, he ended up breaking his colleagues bones or seriously injuring them way too often, which ultimately got him kicked out, along with receiving the title: "Monster."


    Moves: Super-powered Judo skills

    Sly Cooper's prime
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  22. Seems pretty cool! What kind of Android is he? A fully robotic one, or more akin to Android 17 and 18?
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  23. I was literally just looking at the Android types, but I think the "The Infinite Energy Model" (17 & 18's kind) would make the most sense for him though.
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  24. Sorry for the double post, but I have a couple of questions. First, are you guys still in the park or are you just outside somewhere? I'm asking so I know how to introduce Elijah, if he's accepted.

    Secondly, when can we expect for the main plot to pick up? Like a hint on the news or a lowly villain(s) that lead the 'new generation' to finally team up for the first time. A suggestion would be that a couple of Frieza's men suddenly raid Earth.
  25. Juni, Anne, and Toma are all out in the wilderness outside the city right now. Arctico is currently flying towards a mountain (I think).

    And also, evidently Freeza is already on earth or something. I don't know.
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  26. i have a couple questions... are korin's tower and the lookout still standing? are Korin and Mr.Popo still alive? what about Dende? (they do need dende for the earth dragon balls unless he's been replaced).

    Edit: what about beerus? Is he still breathing? Maybe he's sleeping though its slightly hard to believe him or whis wouldn't want earth food anymore...

    Lastly is there be any reference to the other universes(I'm not talking about meeting characters... well that too but mostly just the reference part).

    Sorry for asking a lot of questions! Thanks in advance...
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  27. @Lazy Millenial Just incase your notifications shut off. Also I changed his white Gi pants to black and his boots to white. I didn't realize Nitro already had white Gi pants, oops.
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  28. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Korin is much older, popo and dende are still standing, so is master roshi

    Beerus does still come from time to time, although without goku or vegeta around, it's becoming more rare

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  29. I'm not an avid Dragon Ball fan, but recently I've been binging TFS's Dragon Ball Z Abridged and become rather interested in the franchise as a whole. If I mess up, please feel free to correct me. Below is my character application.
    Name: Ocari
    Nickname: None
    Age: 25
    Appearance: Like most Namekians, Ocari is a green humanoid with two antennae. He is slightly taller than the average human and usually wears grey light body armor over his torso that provides some protection without hindering his movements too much. He also wears white pant which, while not baggy, certainly approach the line of being called as such.
    Personality: Everyone has heard of the sort of person to whom strength is a primary goal - the sort of person who trains as much as physically possible. Ocari takes that ideal to the extreme, living only to become more powerful. However, unlike many others, he does not suffer from an overabundance of pride, being painfully aware of his many failings. He is a cold and calculating combatant, and in a serious fight will try to avoid allowing his opponent to "power up." He knows his limits, and knows that the stronger an opponent he faces, the higher chance there is that he will lose. Towards other people, he can seem rude and condescending, but in reality he is just very bad at conversation, having spent so much time on his own. Ocari tries to keep his promises, but will occasionally "forget" them if doing so would be too dangerous.
    Race: Warrior Namekian
    Items held: One-Handed Sword (used if Ocari wants to switch up his fighting style to confuse an opponent)
    Moves: Flight, Energy Shield, Kiai - Shockwave Fist, Telekinesis, Typhoon Blast (an energy-based cone attack), Sword Blast (w/ sword), Rapid Sword Stream (w/ sword)
    Transformations: Red-Eyed Namekian (can only maintain for up to three minutes)

    Sly Cooper's prime
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  30. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

  31. Is it too late to join, or can I introduce my character as well?
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  32. Lmao with how many of the cast are in the same locale currently, I'd suggest this would be the perfect spot to kick off the plot. Unless you've already got it planned out and now isn't the time.
  33. @TheWanderer Btw, all of our characters are in an open wilderness outside the city limits, not a park.
  34. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    I have all arcs and villains and plots written down, you'll see
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  36. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Yes, villain number one will be an Android named Android #2 (female), abandoned project by doctor Gero, this can make all our characters stronger , Julie and Anne can learn about shooting ki blasts there
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  37. when the villain makes an appearance hows it going to go down? will adroid #2 have back up or will she be alone? I'm pretty sure it would be a curbstomp if we all decided to jump in and gang up on android #2...
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