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Creative Corner 1.0.4 Released

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
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    Hi! Today we've released a long-awaited update for the Creative Corner. Sadly, this does not have the series functionality that has been talked about, but it does have many smaller features we hope you'll find useful (and lots of fixes to things that were broken!)

    Today's update has mostly focussed on moderation, so a lot of the improvements are on the staff side. Firstly, works can now be reported if you feel staff need to look at them - for example, if the work is in some way broken or has broken the Creative Corner rules. Secondly, staff can now attach warnings directly to works - this won't have many noticeable changes for users, but it does make us more efficient.

    We also have some general improvements:
    • You can now see how many works a user has made on their member card.
    • Work thumbnails are now centred in their boxes.
    • Uploaded artwork can now be edited properly, including changing or deleting the images and adding more. This is a feature artists have requested for months - and you can now modify existing visual works without having to delete the whole thing and reupload.
    We also have lots of bug fixes, including:
    • Fixed an error that occurred when you tried to Like a work without JavaScript (such as when you clicked the Like button straight after loading a page, or tried to open it in a new tab)
    • Search results now display the correct date on works.
    • You can now search artwork descriptions, making search a lot more useful (and actually functional now!)
    That's all for today - but watch this space for more!
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