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Private/Closed Crazy MMORPG Role Play Idea

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Captain Cardboard, Aug 18, 2018.


Guild Name?

Poll closed Aug 22, 2018.
  1. Stardust Warriors

    0 vote(s)
  2. Phantom Crusaders

    6 vote(s)
  3. Stardust Falcon

    0 vote(s)
  4. North Star/Polaris/Sirius

    2 vote(s)
  5. Exodus Crusaders

    0 vote(s)
  6. Exodus

    0 vote(s)
  1. Rairah is definitely the furry. She is the cat person. XD
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  2. Hey @Captain Cardboard im wondering if we should have a sort of floor guardian boss system like in Overlord. What does our guild look like anyway?
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  3. What do you mean, floor guardian boss system? I haven't heard of that.

    As for our guild, we're just a gang of players. We don't really have a theme, if that's what you mean.
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  4. I mean Guild building

    And the system is basically a NPC created to guard the guild as a boss when players attack
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  5. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    So, uhh
    Should Swirl x Jay be a thing or no?
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  6. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    i give you guys permission to drag kenzen around, it wouldnt be logical if he woke up 2 seconds after passing out
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  7. Ah, let me get to that then lol.
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  8. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Wow this RP is making everyone perverted.
  9. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    And I'm completely okay with that. If I had to blame a singular source, it'd be @E.K.A.N.S.
  10. @E.K.A.N.S. asked me to tell you guys not to post before she posts
  11. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Sure, I've got time.
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  12. So... who's supposed to post now?

    I guess me since everyone's trying to deal with Rairah...I kinda wanna 1vs all the guild... but what shall we be doing after that?
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  13. Ask Cardboard. He found the unconscious girl so he should know where things go from there. I also floated the idea of a racial tensions arc a while back. If you want to fight all of us, that's not a problem as long as things don't drag on too long. Rairah just got healed while Jay is severely weakened from the fight and shaken by the moderated status, so she'll likely die.

    On that note, a quick public service announcement. I'm modded now, so my messages await staff approval before any regular member can see them. What this means is that you probably won't be notified when I post, since notifications happen the moment a reply is made and at that point it's still invisible to you. I don't think getting approval sends out any notifications, but I could be wrong. My tags may not work either.

    Sometimes it takes longer for posts to be accepted because everyone's asleep, so if the RP is moving fast I ask that you slow it down a bit to let mine fit in. Otherwise, we might have a situation where I reply first, then someone else does in the time it takes for mine to come up, and when both posts appear they don't make sense together. I can get around this to an extent by privately asking Rohan (or the next person from whom the RP demands a response) to let you know in the discussion when I've replied.

    This goes without saying but expect fewer innuendos in my posts unless it's deemed okay. Thankfully I went the character development route earlier so I have a canon reason to be less dirty.

    I tried to make the announcement of my moderation canon as well by writing it into the story somehow, completing the post 5 days ago but strategically letting the RP die off a bit, so I could shock it back to life with the big reveal and generate a spike in activity. Like last time when the RP went quiet and that epic fourth wall break suddenly revived it. But I didn’t expect anyone to reply within that time and trip me up. :p

    Anyway, I won't do this again, or it'll become an obvious gimmick.
    #374 E.K.A.N.S., Oct 29, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2018
  14. Well, the plan was for everyone to head back to the surface town, maybe chill out there for a little bit at the shops before heading back to the Sirius Crusader's Base. There we'd be approached by Xenox.

    I was thinking about throwing in an encounter with the Myceneans now, but I don't think I will since our characters just got out of a combat. They don't need to be thrown right back in one.
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  15. I got us to town. #PowerMove
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  16. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Nice, good, and other synonyms I should put in this post to avoid this from being a one worded post.
  17. “When anyone can reply, but no one wants to”
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  18. I'm trapped in suspended animation within a distortion of space time :T

    Though, that reminds me, i didn't read your last post. If that's changed then I would've posted xD
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  19. Well I don't really know what to do right now
  20. I replied last and can't double post, but I would do what Cardboard said and hit one of the shops. Maybe find something interesting, a cursed item, or work in some comedy, like a shady vender scams us or some shit. Or if it's one of those medieval towns, go to the saloon where all the players are afflicted by the [DRUNK] status. Or, maybe we see some street performers doing cool stuff, we praise their performance and get to know them better, they find out that we slayed the Three-Horned, realize we're a badass guild, and ask us to help them with a sidequest because it turns out they're a less successful guild who can't do it on their own and all they can do to make in-game money is perform on the streets. Or who knows, maybe we could just storm into town proclaiming our victory over the Three-Horned to everyone and their mom (because it's a pretty big deal) and that attracts some kind of attention. #EndlessPossibility #SnakeEyes

    You made Ender Eye and Dragon Ball Burst. Do some worldbuilding, make like Rairah and flex those RP muscles... :blush:
    Might wanna read it then, because it has. Nice tits btw
    #381 E.K.A.N.S., Nov 18, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2018
  21. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    *doesn't know what to post*
    Well that's a problem...
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  22. Dialogue-heavy posts are the best.

    *Squeezes Retro's cute pfp*
    #383 E.K.A.N.S., Dec 9, 2018
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
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  23. From now on Jay is Jibril in my head lmao
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  24. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Don't worry, I still like this RP, the other one I'm in has just been eating up my time, anyway, thanks to Ekans reviving it, I've gathered up enough interest to post, even if I think it's mediocre at best.
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  25. I forgot to post this, but

    “The strongest stuff for the weakest player” :-O >_< <.> ;_; :D >:D :o :blush:


    Yo... that would’ve been a devastating roast... if Jay was there to be a bitch >_<
    I love how you slurred his thoughts because he’s drunk. It’s a rhetorical device called metaplasmus, when you deliberately misspell words to characterize a speaker. And I fucks wit it heavy
  26. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Swirl: You say that like she isn't already, but it's okay, cause she's a likable alpha bitch instead of a regular alpha bitch.
    *corrects the spelling*
    Whoops, time to fix my fixing lol.
  27. Accidental genius lmao

    You should’ve left it the way it was
  28. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    I unfixed it lol.
  29. If my posts seem shorter to anyone, it’s because my computer won’t turn on anymore and I’m now using my phone, which makes my paragraphs look longer to me.

    @kyuukestu Is it too soon for a bathhouse episode?

    If so @Captain Cardboard , you can skip us to the base unless anyone wants to get some posts in. Unlikely, since some of us don’t know what to do right now.

    I gave Soul something to respond to though
    #390 E.K.A.N.S., Dec 11, 2018
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2018
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  30. It is never too early but I thhink we should wait till the next arc
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  31. I think we should use the bathhouse as an episode to plan the next arc. More in-character discussion than Rper discussion and then poof next arc.

    That being said, it certainly isn't too early. It's probably too early for lengthy flashbacks though :v
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  32. So we’ll get naked and talk about what we’re gonna do next? Technically, the next arc is the initial plot of this RP which is the Xerox dude coming to ask us to help the Dragonic Order. There’s no way for our characters to plan that since it’s an unexpected visit. Cardboard was originally gonna have Felix meet us at our base but we can always run into the leader of Hyper Zero’s most powerful guild in the shower, half-naked and wearing a towel.

    In that case, take off Rairah’s clothes and put her in the bath, Jay and her melons will be joining you shortly.

    That’s where we’ll meet back up then, if we all agree @kyuukestu @UniverSoul @Retro Master @Rohan Kishibe @ScorchPlayz @Captain Cardboard
    Jay always wins in the end.
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  33. Yeah, sorry that I haven't posted for a while. *makes vague excuse* oof. I'd say sure, why not have them meet at a bathhouse XD. I'm down for it.
  34. Considering the nature of VRMMO and the ethnics that come with it, public bathhouse and bathrooms wpuld probably be locked into the gender of the player rather than their avatar :v

    There might even be some sort of unisex bathroom, errr cross-gender bathroom?

    Either way I doubt Jay could walk into the female side since she's actually a he lol

    Doubt he could walk into the men's side either for that matter.

    Of course this assumes where ever we're going has a gender divide.
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  35. Yeah, but the game doesn’t know the player’s real gender... :-O

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  36. I...kinda highly doubt that the game doesn't know your gender. The same ethical issues would make quite a bit of information mandatory before they'd let you into a virtual reality game.

    Regardless, I don't believe it matters that much.
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  37. Something about my post really rubbed me the wrong way. <.>

    So I made major changes to it, so that it’s more consistent with my character development post pre-moderation (oxymoron lmao). Please give my latest edits a second look. We’ll get ranty Jay later on in the RP, but not now... <.>

    I do miss the old pervy days though. :p
    #399 E.K.A.N.S., Dec 15, 2018
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
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  38. I personally liked the narcissistic flame, it'll give me something to jab back at with Rairah since I notice Jay's been salting her lmao. The change does add a bit of depth to the character beyond Jay's sexual...errr, preferences? I'm not really sure how to label that one, but I think you could've gotten away with some of what was in the initial post.

    Depends on who's reading it though.
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