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Private/Closed Crazy MMORPG Role Play Idea

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Captain Cardboard, Aug 18, 2018.


Guild Name?

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  1. Umm... Hi! So, I'm not really one to actually make an RP (usually). But now that I have a computer and am no longer going to be vanishing for weeks (hopefully), here's my idea for an RP.

    So the story goes like this. You are a member of a small guild of 5-6 players in the newest, most popular MMORPG known as Hyper Zero Fantasy World. It's a huge world of science fantasy, mixing elves and orcs and knights with lasers and guns and vehicles. Overall, a very fun game. Your guild has been together for a little while, and you're all quite close. Not only that, but your guild also is pretty good at the jobs it gets. It's not famous or anything, but it's on the way to becoming quite a strong group. One day, you've just come back from a mission when another player contacts you, asking for a job. It's the leader of the Dragonic Knights, the largest and most powerful player guild in the game! He needs your guild to do a bit of investigating, as he suspects members of the Dragonic Knights are up to something behind his back.

    That's all I feel like revealing for the plot right now. Now, on to the setting!

    Like I said before, Hyper Zero Fantasy World is the largest and most popular MMORPG to date. So let's see a few places and groups you might encounter throughout the game. The game's setting is quite fantasy based, with medieval like towns, lush plains, deep forests, dungeons, and jungles, and huge mountains and castles. Around the map are very steep, wallike mountains that are impossible to climb or fly over. Recently, however, the Dragonic Order managed to tunnel through the edge mountains. On the other side, they found only a seemingly infinite plain of grass.

    The only thing science fictiony about this game is the gear. Like I said before, laser swords, guns, power armor, all that stuff. Players get stronger not by leveling up, but leveling up their items and giving them perks. You level up your weapon by earning "points" in tasks designated by said weapon. After you get a certain amount of points, you can level your weapon up. Now when your character would die, they would lose their one-shot items and any points on their weapons. They would not, however, lose their weapons or the perks on them.

    Not only does Hyper Zero have many, MANY original items and weapons, but it also has quite a few items and weapons from other videogames! Called "special items", these cannot be leveled up and are usually quite strong, and not super common. There's also a limit on the number of special items a character can carry. A player can use only two "permanent" special items (weapons, armor, etc.) And three "one shot" special items (stuff like Mario Mushrooms or Pokeballs).

    Hyper Zero also allows players to have companion NPCs, which are quite intelligent (almost player like, really). These can either be tamed, befriended, or purchased. And just as a player can have items from other videogames, a player's companion NPC could also be from a videogame. These aren't usually big characters, more like assist trophies type deal or Pokemon or Digimon. A player can only have one companion from a different videogame, and unlike "special items" these are EXTREMELY RARE.

    Now, into the two other guilds you're probably going to encounter in this RP.

    The Dragonic Order- The most powerful and largest player guild in Hyper Zero. They are lead by Xenox, the Wyvern Knight (who is an extremely powerful player). They have three main generals, Kiara the Serpent Knight, O'Talon the Drakeon Knight, and Nigma the Hydra Knight. There's rumors that the Dragonic Order tends to bully new players into joining the guild.

    The Mycenaeans- The main rival guild to your guild, having about 8-10 players. They dress up as some weird sci-fi Greeks in all the same armor.

    So how does this idea sound? It's been kinda bouncing around in my head for a while (and yeah, it's a little inspired by Ready Player One, but whatever). Anyone interested? Any suggestions? Should this game have different races other than humans?

    Here's a bio and stuff.

    In-Game Character
    Personality (can be same as player's personality):
    One-shot items:

    Name: Kyle Lanthorn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Kyle has light brown hair, and stands a bit shorter than most other people his age. He has blue eyes, and commonly wears jeans and a simple t-shirt.
    Personality: Kyle enjoys playing games, and is quite competitive. But at the end of the day, he's only in it to have fun and tries to be a good person. His favorite color is grey, and he tends to get nervous in crowded situations.
    Hobbies: Playing Video Games, reading, playing baseball

    In-Game Character
    Name: Falcon Raibe
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: Older Teen/Young Adultish
    Appearance: Kyle's character, Falcon, looks like a 22 year old human. Falcon has blue hair, with one side of his head shaved. He wears an aviator jacket that has been enhanced with an armor bonus, as well as boots and light leg armor. Underneath his jacket is chain mail armor. On his left arm is a tattoo of an arcade cabinet. Falcon has gold eyes, and wears goggles.
    Personality (can be same as player's personality): The main reason that Kyle plays this game is because he loves to explore. And since Kyle loves to explore, so does Falcon. Since he explores a lot, he has a bit of money, but not as much as players who really go at it. He also enjoys a close fight, and adventure!
    Photon Blade LV3- An upgraded version of the Photon Blade, it is a one handed broadsword with a laser blade that has been boosted in attack speed and damage.
    Plasma Skorpion LV2- A machine pistol that fires plasma rounds. One of the weapons native to the game. It's been upgraded to transform into an assault rifle as well.
    Galaga Ship- A rare item, it's a small Galaga space ship that launches from Falcon's wrist to attack enemies. It is destroyed in a single hit, but if Falcon focuses the ship is pretty agile. If it gets destroyed, it takes a while to recharge.
    Armor: Leg Greaves, LV2- Boosted to be lighter and have better defense.
    Chain mail, LV3. Boosted defense and agility.
    Leather Aviator Jacket, LV2- Boosted defense, added perk of less fall damage.
    Cronus Goggles- Perks include night vision and first person perspective on his Galaga Ship, as well as enemy tracking. No armor bonus.
    One-shot items: Fire Flower, Fortnite Portafort, Invisibility Potion
    Companion(s): Page, the Sun Fairy- A very rare companion, Falcon recieved this companion in a deep dungeon. A small fairy with short blonde hair, she wears what looks like a shirt and pants out of leaves, and has light butterfly-like wings. She was found encased in a rare gem, a Sun Crystal, and has power of light magic.

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  2. I’m totally interested! I’d like a MMO role play that is more in the spirit of Ready Player One than compared to SAO.

    As far as suggestions go, I would be interested to see how the characters balance real life with gaming. While the majority of the plot would be within the MMO, I still think having detailed interactions in the real world would be good for character development as well as plot consistency. Other than that, just pile on as much world building as possible, world building is always good.

    As far as other races, maybe you can throw in a couple of elves, maybe orcs. I do feel though that if other races are included, they should be relatively rare.
  3. I agree with the balancing of real life and gaming. It would be interesting. Maybe the players know each other in real life?

    As for other races, well, I do want to through in NPCs of other races. But I was referring to players. Should players have different races to choose from while making their characters, or should they just all be humans? Also, what should the punishment be for a player death? Should there be some sort of setback if a player dies?
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  4. umm... @E.K.A.N.S. ? Would this be something you're interested in? Also you seem pretty cool, and a good writer. Plus I wanna do an RP with you. What do you make of the situation?
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  5. Aww I feel like a boy just called me pretty and asked me out :blush:
    Sure we can date

    Oh wait, you just wanna do an RP with me.

    RP and chill? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Aight I'll stop, this does sound interesting if I can manage to be active through all the RP's I'm in and college which starts back up soon (this week is a breeze cause yesterday was my last day working and I got all this time now). In response to players being other races, why not lol? It's a minor detail and gives characters more ways to describe their appearance, plus this is a fantasy world anyway so different races are welcome (the way SAO did it in the Alfheim arc is by determining players' races at the start of the game and then dividing the races into different kingdoms, so I guess making this mmorpg a diverse liberal heaven where there are no racial tensions is unrealistic) Racial tensions could even possibly be a story arc, unless that's wack and you don't fucks wit it

    I'll say this next bit real quick before I get mobbed by sjw's for calling race a minor thing. Maybe completing missions gives players "mission points" that they can use to upgrade and level up items as an alternative to using them in combat, and player death drops your points significantly
  6. Hm.... yeah, I can see that thing about weapon upgrade points working! Sounds cool to me!

    As for the racial tensions story arc, that'd be cool. If we get past the first story I have planned, though XD
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  7. ohohoho y e s

    I was just about to ask about a real life sub-plot, like a little “beach episode”, if you will, between intense in-game situations, but it seems @HonestlyMoney beat me to it~

    I’d love to join! I’ll make a bio ASAP.
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  8. I don't know a lot about other games so I can I just make up my own gear
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  9. Yeah. Gear from other games are supposed to be just kinda bonuses or rare items and stuff. The only permanent gear my character has that's from a different game is a little Galaga ship that works as a drone.
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  10. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    you got me at mmorpg I'm in
  11. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    so what happens to the points?
  12. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Will the guild expand or 6 max?
  13. I would say six max. And the second part was supposed to say that weapons don't lose their level or perks, not points. My bad XD
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  14. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    highest level for weapons? Is it specific to each one or??
  15. I dunno. What I have decided is that there's a pretty big power difference between each level, and every item can only be upgraded a certain number of times. Maybe 10 as the max level? 15? But i don't think anyone in our guild would have a weapon level maxed out.
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  16. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Name: Kenny Zenwood
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Red hoodie; Black T-shirt; Brown hair; Black eyes; Jeans and Gray High Tops; 5'6"; black rectangular glasses
    Personality: Friendly and focused, doesn't like being disrupted when he's in the middle of something
    Hobbies: Playing Games, Hanging out with friends; Sleeping (even though he goes to sleep very late)

    In-Game Character
    Name: Kenzen
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human (doesn't like pointy ears)
    Age: Older Teen/Young Adult
    Appearance: Black and Blue Hair; Yellow eyes; 5'9"; All clothing in "Armor"
    Personality (can be same as player's personality): Same as player's personality
    LV 2: Cyber Blaster- An Upgraded version of the Cyber Blaster. Normally it just shoots small plasma blasts like a regular gun at rapid rates. However by upgrading it, it can now shoot a much larger bomb like Plasma Blast with much more damage and radius. The normal mode also has boosted fire rate and damage. (looks a bit like a minigun except without the handle) - Native to Game- Purchased
    LV 2: Cyber Blade- An upgraded version of the Cyber Blade. With the upgrade the sword made out of plasma energy has longer range and does more damage. (aka boost damage and range) - Native to Game- Purchased
    Ancient T-Shirt- Rare Item- No armor bonus, allows him to replace his hands and summon his weapons with them. Has yellow circle called "Core." IE Cyberblaster shooting rounds of plasma pellets where his hand should be and when someone gets close can stab with Cyber Blade- Found in Dungeon; Black Color - Has secret perk that hasn't been unlocked yet
    Ancient Wheel- Rare Item- Found in Dungeon- Add-on to Ancient T-shirt; Worn like a backpack; a singular wheel with a "core." When activated it spins very fast and the yellow core glows. Boosts damage on CyberWeapons- Has secret perk that hasn't been unlocked yet
    LV 2: Conductor Gear- Goes over Ancient T-Shirt to keep it hidden; Metal "Chestplate" with yellow stripes around it. Boosted Defense. Shocks things that touch it. Less heavy perk
    LV 2: Conductor Greaves- Metal "Leggings" with yellow stripes around it. Boosted defense. Shocks things that touch it. Less heavy perk
    Lv 3: Lightning Cloak - Has metal part that allows it to conduct like the rest of his armor (not including ancient stuff); Black and yellow striped pattern, has black hood which he usually wears- Speed bonus - Perk helps shock ability on other armor - Lightning Speed Perk (allows short bursts of incredible speed that's perceived as lightning moving)
    LV 3: Black Glasses- (were easy to level up since they aren't that useful); Normally just an accessory and no armor boost. However Kenzen has put the time to level it up and add perks to make it so he helps seeing bullets and other things much better and in more detail than normal
    One-shot items: Every one he's ever gotten he keeps away in a secret stash
    Companion(s): Doesn't have one since he considers them a burden so if he gets any he just sells them.
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  17. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

  18. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan


    Ok, I’ve calmed down now...
    I’m 100% going to join this!(hopefully). I just have a question. In terms of what the weapons can be, are there any that can’t be used?
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  19. ... Um, I dunno. What were you thinking?
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  20. Ahhhh~ swooons

    Since I've read too many VR-type novels for my own good I'm first gonna have to bombard you with questions, though I'll probably join either way. Hope that fine~?
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  21. Yes, that is definitely fine!
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  22. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

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  23. Mmmmm.... okay, as long as you make your character balanced, sure!
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  24. Well, I'll just ask about these since they're the most concerning.
    1. You stated that players level up their items, and I have no issues with that but I'd like to question the existence of skills and proficiencies.
      E.g. Swordsmanship to determine how skilled one is with a blade, or Marksmanship to determine accuracy.
    2. How do the weapons match up against each other? Do bullets move at a speed a player could hope to react to, or is bringing a sword to a gunfight just gonna get you killed?
    3. Are classes up to us to make up? Do they even exist or is Wyvern Knight, simply a nickname because of a Wyvern companion?
    4. How realistic are we talking about? 70% simulation? 100%? Do characters get hungry, tired etc. Or are those things not simulated?
    5. Does the game have some sort of accelerated time, or is it in sync with real time?
    6. How about Craftsman profession or crafting in general?
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  25. 1) Well, I haven't really thought about that, actually XD. I can't really think of a way to incorporate that, but if you have any suggestions i would be glad to hear it!
    2) In this, swords and guns usually match up well with one another. Usually, to make up for the lack of range melee weapons deal more damage than ranged weapons. Not only that, but bullets are also slower in this game then they are in real life.
    3) Officially, classes don't exist. Still, players in guilds do find it easier to focus on certain aspects that classes would usually have, eg support, defense, range, etc.
    4) Well, kinda realistic. I'm still thinking about it, really. I'd be okay with characters getting hungry, but nothing too crazy like pain or something like that. Maybe they could get tired if they were struck by a Sleep status effect or something? I do know there's gonna be a weight limit on how much your character can carry.
    5) I'd say that yeah, there's an accelerated time thing, maybe every hour or so it changes from day to night.
    6) Yeah, craftsmen are totally a thing! Both Gamers and NPCs can forge items for other players to buy.
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    1. It's just sorta unrealistic for some teenager who's never held a weapon before in their life to suddenly be a world-class marksman or something. It's an easily fixed issue though, just make a skill and call the rest System Assist. Characters might not be able to shoot worth a damn in real life, but the help of the game system itself would fix that.
    2. gotcha o7 I just don't wanna get pumped full of holes trying to run up to an enemy.
    3. Lots of room for customization then, I like! In that case...do stats exist?
    4. Pain nerfing is how they'd usually do it for 'ethical' reasons.
    5. So normal players would spend at least 2-3 days in-game per session.
    6. Great!
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  26. Yeah, system assist is a good idea. That'll do.

    Well, what I was going for was that the player's items would be what gave them stats. The better items you had, the more powerful you became. If that kinda makes sense?
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  27. Makes perfect sense :D

    and my last question (I promise xD), are the Permanent Items something like soul-bound items in games? and would a Pair of daggers count as 1 item(a set) or 2 separate items?
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  28. Don't think i don't see through your trickery! That's technically two questions.:D

    1) Nah. I just called them permanent items because i couldn't think of what to call them. When I referred to perminant items, I just meant swords and shields and armor and stuff. But when a character dies, they respawn with all their items so I guess they're soul bound? But i'm assuming you were referring to a special case.

    2) Sure!
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  29. I’m interested save me a spot
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  30. *Sees Rohan’s post and realizes there’s only 4 spots left*
    That’s it, I’m done lurking now. I’ve been here but am working on my character atm. One question though, is it more PvP or PvE?
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  31. *see's retor's post, sweats*

    My character is incompleted by I've got most of her details in mind, let me just post the incomplete bio to get my spot before I finish it up :(

    Name: Lysia-Ann Statice
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance: A petite figure, at only 4"9, with black hair almost as long as she is tall, a set of narrow-rimmed glasses and pale brown skin, Lysia is the picture definition of 'waifish' and some might even call her nerdy. She generally wears sweaters which are too big for her along with the occasional pair of either jeans or a nice skirt. For the most part, she dresses plainly, only spicing up her looks for occasions she considers important.

    Personality: A bookwormish girl in real life, she uses games as a way to let loose. Her small figure and passive approach can cause her to seem somewhat timid, but she's feisty when provoked, and is both sassy and sarcastic with friends.

    Profession: 1st Year College Student.

    Hobbies: Reading, Gaming, Cooking

    In-Game Character

    Name: Hurairah Rieka
    Race: Beast-kin Hybrid (Cat-kin | Dog-kin)
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female

    Standing at 5”4’ with skin the color of espresso- seasoned lightly with cinnamon- and a rather average build Rairah isn’t quite the definition of ‘a looker’. Her face is unmistakably feminine, as feline eyes, a dainty nose, and puffy, pinchable cheeks, accompanied by a single-fanged, toothy grin partially concealed with glossy lips and a noticeable lack of human ears, gives her a middle ground between delicately plain, and gracefully mischievous. Her hair, which is faded from Red-fox to Ombre pink, is twisted into a rope-like braid which hangs over her left shoulder and cuts off at her waist, while flipped over her right eye is a thin curtain of bangs. A set of animalistic features betray her lineage, most noticeably the pair of feline-like ears, with fur tufts that are a deeper crimson, and her sleek semi-feline tail which once again fades into an Ombre pink flourish reminiscent of a wolf’s. Her slit-like eyes are heterochromatic, the color of blood ruby on the left, and imperial garnet on the right. Unpolished, retractable nails adorn her fingers. They are meticulously taken care of and are last resort weapons.


    Rairah has a multifarious personality that alternates along a slider between her canine side and her feline side. She’s usually settled somewhere in the middle but on occasions, she will flip to either extreme. When influenced by her canine side she becomes galvanized, sometimes seeming hyperactive. Her aggression levels increase and in rare instances, she may be prompted to bark are things she considers ‘threats’, however, her canine side is also her more intimate and amicable side as she’ll quickly buddy up to those who appeal to her. In comparison, her feline side is aloof, lazy, and almost calculating often emitting a noticeable air of smugness. When she’s at neither extreme she carries the lithe grace of a feline accentuated by the loyal, reliable aura of a canine companion.

    Strike & Sever Lv.3 - A set of easily concealable obsidian black daggers, not the best for sword fighting but perfect for an assassination.

    Stinging Hornet L.1 - A small plasma pistol which doesn’t shoot very fast or hit very hard, but makes up for what it lacks with uncanny precision and an almost soundless discharge.

    Cat’s eye Alexandrite Lv.1 - An auxiliary accessory which boosts the user’s dexterity & agility.

    Chameleon's coat Lv.1 - A hooded cloak which provides little to no protection, but allows the user to more easily blend in with their surroundings.

    Fleet-footed Lv.1 - A set of fur-coated boots that provide a moderate boost to agility & dexterity.

    One-shot items:

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  32. My mouth is watering
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  33. I don't blame you, Rairah is quite the treat ;)
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  34. That's all I'll say as this isn't one of our pervy statuses ;)
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  35. Name: Blake Reiz

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Short dirty blonde hair, brown eyes. Thin build and is 5’9”. Usually wears shorts and a T-Shirt.

    Personality: Social and enjoys being around people who share his interests. Extremely competitive to the point where it could be considered too much at times. Especially confident about his gaming skills.

    Hobbies: Gaming, trolling, eating (ironic considering he chose to be a robot)

    In-Game Character

    Name: Eriz (Pronounced Aries... see what I did there ;))

    Gender: Male

    Race: Robot

    Age: 18 robot years I guess? Lel

    Appearance: Basically this without the gloves and backpack. Also, replace all the green with gold...


    Personality (can be same as player's personality): Similar to Blake’s. In game, he’s more of a long range fighter. While his teammates fight upfront, Eriz snipes from behind, clearing out opponents from afar. He also believes that he should considered one of the best snipers in the game.


    Flip Sight Lvl 3 - The Flip Sight is of great use during situations where the range of targets may vary greatly in a short amount of time. A semi-automatic rifle with a small magazine which fires precise, piercing plasma rounds. The user can turn the weapon into a deadly long-range rifle by simply flipping the scope on.

    Elemental Blades Lvl 2 - Simple blades that are formed from his robotic hands. The main potential of the blades are reached when it’s around elemental users. Be it friend or foe, the power of the blade changes too whatever element it comes in contact with.


    Optical Headgear Lvl 2 - Boosted accuracy. Perks include enemy tracking and more vision settings as it levels up.

    Heavy Jacket Lvl 1 - Boosted Defense

    Sturdy Grieves Lvl 2 - Boosted defense and accuracy.

    One-shot items: Fortnite Cozy Campfire, Halo Bubble Shield, Transformer Mini-Turret

    Companion(s): TBD
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  36. @kyuukestu Looking good so far! Your spot has been reserved.

    @Retro Master well, I hadn't expected to see a race like that, but okay! Your spot has been reserved as well!

    Also, to answer your question on PvE or PvP, the answer is both.
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  37. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Let me cut to the chase, the investigation thing sounds cool but it only seems like one arc, which unless your ok with just the RP ending on one arc, do you have any other plot ideas in mind? Or maybe the investigation is part of multiple arcs? Cuz if we just do that and then we’re done with the RP, it’ll feel a little unfinished.
  38. Well, I would start thinking of more story arcs, but to tell you the truth very few RPs I've been in have made it through their first story arc completely. Perhaps, I'll make more story arcs after this one's complete. Like I said before, I'm open for suggestions (so what if that was about game mechanics, I also open for suggestions about future stories, quests and stuff XD). I have a second one brewing right now. But it's also possible that I might end this RP after the first story arc and make another RP (introducing different characters) about another story also in Hyper Zero Fantasy World. I dunno, I just try not to get a head of myself.
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