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[CLOSED] Jey's digital emporium

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Jeydis, Jul 10, 2014.


    Greetings ladies, gents and everything in between. I am opening up the old spriting thread once more! Now keep in mind I am way out of practice and do have a full time job soooo I may not be super duper fast. But I promise to do my best to suit your needs.

    Here are some of my old works to give you an idea of what you can request. Please stick to these types of requests for now, id rather practice with what I know.

    The ever popular team shots. Please provide your choice of trainer sprite and feel free to suggest any Pokemon sprite if you have preferred ones. (Typically if its a full 6 'mon team I will go for the spread out style.)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    Chaos/chibis, the lil buddies are back! Keep in mind that these are free to use in any of your signature spaces so even though you request a specific 'mon other people are permitted to use them (this is so I don't have to make 30 eevee chaos for example). Exception to this would be if you request an OC of yours in chao/chibi form, of course that would be unique to you.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Angels and Demons, these are drastic recolors with added elements to match to pokemon to its new "class". I leave it up to myself to come up with these added splices/elements but if you have suggestions, let me know.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Fusions, these always get tricky, I may refuse some if I really cannot get it to look the way I want. To go along with fusions I am also looking into making retypes of pokemon. Examples pending.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Cosplayers, similar to fusions I may refuse requests if they are particularly not doable. please select a trainer sprite to use as a base.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Userbars are back! Classy and not too bulky for your signature area these are great statement makers. (Please provide the text that you would like as well as the subjects.)

    And that should do it for now. Of course I can always do simple recolors and edits if you let me know. Now request away!
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    Last edited: Jan 20, 2018
  2. Seeing as these are really good and no one seems to have requested anything, I'll request provided it's not too much trouble, a Zigzagoon cosplayer using Nate as the base ^^;
  3. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Ahhh I completely missed you reopening this! I miss the little chao buddies, those were my favorite things back in the day~ When you say OCs, do you mean Pokemon only or do people/other creatures also count?
  4. Working on it through out the day today.

    Feel free to request other creatures and I will do my best to accommodate. If they have sprite art that always helps but I will do my best since its chaos it shouldn't be too hard.
  5. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Then I'll be requesting a Kyubey chao from Madoka, if it's not too much trouble ^^; I made a sprite of him myself if that helps? I can't find official sprite stuff for him, though.
  6. Jhan Garc

    Jhan Garc Formerly AkenabeShiro

    Maybe a Lucario cosplayer with Hilbert or Ethan.....
  7. Completed the Zigzagoon cosplay for Alexxander :D
    Let me know if you would like anything changed.
    EDIT: Ended up doing the chao as well.
    I will do the lucario cosplay tomorrow.
    #7 Jeydis, Jul 18, 2014
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2014
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  8. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Both sprites are really well done! The Zigzagoon player is awesome, and the CHAO AHHHH SO CUTE~

    Danke for your hard work! ♥
  9. Awesome job, Jeydis. While it isn't the base I wanted, the base you've chosen looks really good with this cosplay so I'm happy with it. Thank you for your hard work :)
  10. Here is Ethan in a lucario outfit :D
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  11. Jhan Garc

    Jhan Garc Formerly AkenabeShiro


    Amazing!!! Thank you very much!!
  12. Can you make me a sprite with Daniel (My RP character) and a Togekiss, using Silver from HG/SS as a base?

    Daniel has green eyes, brown hair, a red jacket, and shorts.
  13. Would you have a source image I could use as a reference?
  14. I would have to make one, so excuse me if it takes a bit...

    P.S. I apologize, I didn't realize the resources it took to make these. I'm such a blind idiot.
  15. Oh its ok I just dont take requests for OC trainers often. I want to make him justice.
  16. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    Can you make me a Luxray chao?
  17. @SpaxThePacifest: I have wrapping up your trainer sprite tonight, ended up scratching most of it so it look longer then expected. Just working on getting the hair right.

    @Luxray901: Here is the Luxray Chao: [​IMG]
  18. Jhan Garc

    Jhan Garc Formerly AkenabeShiro

  19. Can I Have A Shiny Sylveon Chao.If Not A Oshawott Chao
  20. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    This isn't a request, but this has free-to-use sprites for X/Y.
  21. that is an awesome find, thank you :D
  22. @Luxray901 The XY sprites in B2W2 style are actually made by the Smogon community, and are originally from the Smogon Sprite Generator. Just a heads up.

    Anyways, I love your sprites. Could I maybe please make a request? If so, could I get a shiny Stunky chao? Thanks :)
  23. [​IMG]
    There we go :D Pretty much everything except for the face and pose was scratch which took a while.
  24. It looks absolutely fantastic. Thank you very much, you did a good job on him!
  25. Jhan Garc

    Jhan Garc Formerly AkenabeShiro

    One question:Is only 1 request per user?
  26. Depends on the content, if you request a chao for like 10 different mons ill tell you to cool it, if its like 2 I can probably accommodate you.
  27. Jhan Garc

    Jhan Garc Formerly AkenabeShiro

    Hmmm.......i want a Zoroark chao if possible
  28. Here you go :D [​IMG]
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  29. Thank You! It's So Adorable!
  30. Here is Stunky
    And the Zoroark. Didnt end up with as much hair as I intended but its tricky working on a 20 pixel scale lol.
    #30 Jeydis, Jul 26, 2014
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2014
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  31. Jhan Garc

    Jhan Garc Formerly AkenabeShiro

  32. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    Could you please do a Torchic chao for me? :)
    #32 Burgundy, Jul 27, 2014
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2014
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  33. Thanks so much! I'll put it in my signature (With credit.). :)
  34. May I request for a team shot? If so, could you add a Vaporeon, Sceptile and a shiny Keckleon?
    Oh, and before you do it, I really like that sprite of the girl in the blue dress and a blue hat, so could you put her as the trainer? If not, then the female protagonist from B/W.
    Thanks in advance!
  35. XenoRed

    XenoRed Formerly Charizard F

    Can I request for a Chao Charizard?
  36. Here is Torchic.
    Would you be ok with using the one from the main topic or would you like a particular look to it?
    Ill work on the team shot tomorrow, I applaud your choice of Shiny :D
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  37. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    Thank you!!! :love:
  38. Here is your request.
    The girl is actually a blond version of the lady sprite so no issues using it :D
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  39. Um can I request a darkrai chao? thanks in advance ^^
  40. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    Uh,could I have a Latias Chao?

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