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Chat Roleplaying: A brand new game (or roleplay)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Zachary, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, it's Zachary here. You clicked this thread and went "Oh Nine Divines, he's trying to start another fail RP again."

    Well no, it really isn't like that. (And my RP's are good, Katie says so ;_; )

    One thing I noticed about Roleplaying threads in general is that they often die within the first week, mostly due to an unfathomable amount of causes that range from laziness to family issues to school to undisclosed issues. Yeah, we're all guilty of it, even me and it'll never go away unfortunately. We can only go over an idea so much in our heads before it just gets boring and we never post again.

    Another is obviously the lack of users on the forums to even create the influx of RPs that we once had. It's not a big secret, in fact we could use all the activity we can get. Sure, we have users like El, RX, Sem, Rex and myself who are lauded for creating original ideas for stories and RP/PRP's but speaking for myself, most of my ideas that I use for RP/PRP's are just throw-away ideas that I don't really think I could use in my writing career like Charming Dissidia or Nex of Eterna. We can only come up with so much and people can only like so many ideas we have before they go, "Eh" and look the other way. (Not saying it happens to everyone, but it usually happens to me)

    So you must be wondering; "So Zachary, what are you leading up too?" and I'll tell you. It's a new thing called 'Chat Roleplaying'.

    (Okay, maybe not new but just a new concept to most of you that you can use.)

    What Chat Roleplaying is instead of setting up a thread, typing out your posts and conversing with an ungodly amount of people to see if the post is okay, rechecking it, editing it, yadadadada, you actually Roleplay inside an IRC client in the channel #rphere. You might be scratching your head now but give me some time, I'll explain it.

    When you RP in the chat, you might be wondering how does it work so I prepared a little sample to show you guys how it works.

    See? Looks easy right? It actually is for some and harder for others, with thread RPs, you can take your time and think about the battle or scenario and add what you want to it but in chat RPing, you need to be on your toes at all times because anything (within reason) can go.

    So we have rules in the chat RPs, mostly the same as the forums rules, but whoever has the highest OP OR whoever created the scenario is the GM or Game Master. Why? Just easier that way, trust me.

    IF you want to join in on this stuff, you can! We won't stop you but if you join during a RP that is in session, please be a visitor and use () which are the OOC tags as I like to call 'em.

    If you want to submit a scenario, use this form to do it and post it in the thread, we'll discuss it here and see if it'll be a good one or not. We'll do long ones and short ones, battles and just talking, we'll do anything!

    When will we do it?:
    How long will it take(an hour, a day, years?):
    How many people can join it:
    Any limitations?(No repeating power users in the RP etc.):

    The point of chat RPs is to save the clutter from the forums and use the sudden urge of RPing in one motion so it doesn't go to waste. I feel that it offers a more personal attachment to the cause and it allows you to directly converse with the people in the RP so you can let them know how you feel and such. Not only that, it also can save time so if you want to RP, jump on and see if anyone is on there, type out a quickie and hop off!

    I've been doing this kind of RPing for almost three years now and honestly, I like it. Whenever I have a cool idea to use, I usually bully Toru into RPing with me and honestly, all the times we did RP, I had so much fun and when others like Shiny or Ethan joined in, it was even more fantastic. I just want to share this with everyone.

    If you have any questions, let me know on here. I'll do my best to answer them and if you make a good point, we'll add it to the rules of chat RPing. Obviously this is still a work in progress so bare with me! (and the mods and admins if they choose to help out with the idea)
  2. I actually really like this idea, Zacky, it takes a lot of the unenjoyable parts of trying to get an RP started and keeping it going and keeping it simple. Of course, thread RPs are still amazing and all that jazz, but with the lack of new threads/people lacking the time to commit (myself included since work started picking up) this may just be what some of us need. I'm interested in participating, and I hope that this becomes a popular thing so we can get a wide variety of stories and interactions going.

    As an aside, the main idea that draws me to this idea is the chance for characters to interact in real time, it brings a new dynamic to RPs that makes it so that it doesn't necessarily need to be action driven; RPs that focus on conversations and character interaction aren't that difficult in this scenario.
  3. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    I must say, having some previous experience RPing in IRC, it makes for MUCH smoother character interaction than forum RPing, as well as faster action.

    It also means that RPing isn't restricted to people who have a lot of free time, as it is very simple to drop in or out at any time unless a specific plot event is happening.
  4. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Woo! Definately up for this. Was wondering when the channels would revive. I put forward that perhaps we should also refine the criteria form for it, for example if we should like the RP to be continuous or feedback here perhaps on if a particular one should be revived? I have no laptop or means of access to IRC as of the moment but will be finding a way to make my handheld devices bend to that will one way or another so until that bill is paid at home and I give my stuff a kick in the teeth, I'll be watching this thread >.>
  5. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I love doing chat RPs~ I actually kind of miss doing these kinds of RPing, and I would always like to join another one of these sometime. However, I'm only free Thursday evenings and a few hours on the weekends now, so I dunno if I can even participate anymore... (and most people know I rarely even pop into chat anymore, too)

    But I guess that's what makes it so nice, too, is that people can just come in or out more easily as Tailon said. XD Hoping that I can join in sometime when my schedule allows it~
  6. Congratulations, Shiny. You're the first person to suggest an RP now :p Just joking of course >:D

    I can set up a RP soonish if anyone agrees, it'll be something simple like a school dance for our characters or a cook out just to give some leeway into trying it.
  7. Yes, yes and yes. I've been doing this a lot with Zacky, and of course I'm all for it. The best thing about this is that it's helped me to refine ideas and characters of my own, whilst also enjoying myself a fair bit. I'm definitely up for this. Something light - hearted and comical for a beginning RP sounds good - it'd be good practice for doing a chat RP with several people.
  8. I've never done RPing before, so this sounds like a good way to start and practice. I like this idea, and if I join in, please make an attempt to be patient with my lack of experience, if you can. I can be an aggravating fellow when I'm new to something. :p
  9. With so much support, now is the perfect time to do our first offical Pokecharms RP. As to use what Toru said, it'll be light and comedic while being cool and awesome.

    Scenario: A masquerade ball is about to commence, you were invited by Prince Palistar and Princess Ipaula to enjoy the festivities but a storm is on the horizon....
    When will we do it?: Sunday, January 13th at 5 PM (New York timezone for me, so add/subtract for you)
    How long will it take(an hour, a day, years?): couple hours
    How many people can join it: Unlimited
    Any limitations?(No repeating power users in the RP etc.): Just don't be a overpowered turd nugget and we'll be fine.

    As such, I'll be the Game Master for this RP. I hope most of you will get to join us, if not, it'll probably be Toru and I.
  10. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I just want to say - if you're establishing a canon within the Chat RP, it'd be worth everyone keeping logs of exactly what has happened. If it comes to canon clashing, you can then validate anything that has happened that hasn't been on the forums.
  11. Good idea El - regarding this canon idea too, is there going to be a unique area where the characters culminate if we are doing a canon? Or will it be separate for each arc/rp/whateveryouwanttocallit?
  12. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I have reservations about how canon it can be applied, but I'm not about to go nazi over it and say it's not allowed. Personally, I would say things like friendship and such can be forged through chat RPs but not significant plot events for the characters in general.
  13. Just a quick notice for all who are interested or are still unsure - We're going to be starting in 10 minutes. Remember, to join us simply type /join #rphere into the chatbox, and join us for the Masquerade Ball.
  14. That was uber fun. (I'm mrattano btw) cant wait for the next installment.
  15. So I think it's time for another RP to be set up.

    Scenario: Ruins of an ancient civilization has been discovered in the land of Sheol, where swords and mysticism still rule. An ancient evil is awakening.
    When will we do it?: Saturday, January 26th at 3 pm Eastern.
    How long will it take(an hour, a day, years?): Couple hours.
    How many people can join it: No limit
    Any limitations?(No repeating power users in the RP etc.): Please if you have a character who can read dead languages refrain from trying to decipher words that will be used in the RP like "Zvevi rao Zancrow ier Sol Invictus" or "Duchess Vouple oumswen ov loptisk". They play an important part within the RP.

    Join in if you want, more the merrier!
  16. Oh man, I have a wedding to attend that day haha lame.
  17. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    in if someone gets on skype and reminds me I guess? XD Because I've been so busy lately that I missed the last one OTL
  18. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I'm just gonna say again now, if you guys want to establish this as part of a canon, you need to declare that upon the initial specifications of the RP. It would also be better if you established the canon in this topic as opposed to in the chat itself, because many of the RPers who don't frequent the chat RP wont see the changes in canon.
  19. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Scenario: Birth of the Ice Prince

    Karu, the water elemental has lived longer than was ever intended by his creators. Having escaped the war of his homeland his soul crystal has entered a stage of degradation, the call of his brethren from the cold void beyond destabilising the magic at his core. Experiencing a shift in his physical and arcane composition as the crystal spasmodically destabilises, the warrior appears to have been possessed by the malice of those vanquished seeking out revenge on all living things with those frozen souls embracing his heart.

    (Testing out using the ice prince with a bit more of a story this time. Curious to experiment with Ice Magic and what my imagination says this would do to a crystal blade.)

    Date/Time: 17/03/2013 19:00 GMT + 0

    Timespan: As long as is required, less than a day.

    Player Limit: 5 - 6. (Open Observation)

    Limitations: None.

    Canon: Personal, Chat.

    - - - -

    Event Over!

    Characters Involved:

    Karu - Young Karu, Ice Prince Karu, Nioyu, Larenth, Crystal Spearman
    Brendan - Brendan
    Zachary - Prosper
    Toru - Alistair
    Tailon - Talon Reid

    End Summary:
    The Abyssal Capital, a city long held underwater heralded as the home of the Water Elementals has surfaced from it's sea-bed home in the centre of the ocean. As people flocked to the location exploring the ruins for treasure or other plunder, various travellers came to this place. Guided by a mysterious hologram known as Larenth, the travellers were individually evaluated and logged. After a brief conversation where it appeared that some of these travellers had been logged into the records already, under the ID of Knight K-100894.

    Upon obtaining this authorisation it became apparent that the Abyssal Capital risen to the surface was a testing ground for a prototype elemental type, Crystal Elementals; beings meant to act as commander units over others and harness the soul crystals more directly. Alas they ultimately proved unstable and with a natural tendency to develop existentially nihilistic urges. Along with this came the knowledge that all of the Elementals on-site had mysteriously vanished two days prior in an energy surge in which the Larenth hologram had been knocked offline temporarily. However, communications and observational systems within the Throne Chamber were severed leaving the Larenth unable to guess at if there were or were not any survivors remaining.

    Upon activation of the Throne within the Larenth became able to open the way, inviting the identified travellers inside and remaining elsewhere whilst they searched within. Finding naught bar a large crystal levitating over a pedestal with a skeleton upon it, spine hewn in twain and a sword encased in crystal beside it few answers were offered. Eventually returning, the Larenth offered answers. The corpse before them identified as Knight K-100894 "Karu" much to the puzzlement of the gathered. Suddenly reviving, it became apparent this was not the Karu they had once known, using ice magic and donning a crown.

    Aided by what appeared to be a replica of a younger Karu with his original powers and a woman proclaiming to be the Nightmare Queen, a long and hard battle was fought with the heroic five winning ultimately and restoring Karu to his original body at the cost of two crystal Thrones and the Abyssal Capital as the battle raged on.

    After restoring him, Karu unveiled that the two were in fact the earliest attempts at constructing Crystal Elementals though the power of the ice prince halved and that of the Queen sealed away. Explaining that the power of the prince is halved between crown and his weapons Karu has kept hold of the crown for safe keeping and entrusted it along with the final Throne - the Nightmare Throne containing the true body of Nightmare Queen Nioyu, to the Princess Larenth on whom the holograms were based.

    With the Abyssal Palace demolished and all those who dwelled within the numbers of Karu's kin has thinned significantly across the world, leaving him to lead a new nomadic life now that the Throne's that once perpetuated the balance of his people's souls have been vanquished to smite their oldest foes.
  20. Scenario: 15 years ago, a virus was unleashed upon mankind in a religious driven attack that caused humanity to become zombies. The survivors of the attack dealt with various other calamities such as EMPs. The wilderness claimed much of the cities back and the dead thrive. The mayor of the town of Freedom is feeling nostalgic and wants a group of Wastelanders led by a mysterious man to adventure to the mayor's home town and retrieve something of importance for him but they encounter something incredibly dangerous.

    When will we do it?: This Sunday, at 3pm Eastern.

    How long will it take: A couple hours.

    How many people can join it: 6-7, people may watch.

    Any limitations?: No super powers, can't be famous bounty hunters or zombie hunters. Don't have crazy weapons like a RPG.

    Canon: None because it's based off the story I'm writing.
  21. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    I'm in! That's 8pm GMT, people. I'll see if I can tag a couple people in to watch or participate but unfortunately no guarantee. I should have some luck with at least one, though.

    EDIT - Yeah, Sorry. Issues over paying the bill resulted in the internet going down and I had no way online. Will definitely be there for the repeat, however.
  22. Considering its Easter that day, I might reschedule it. If I don't reschedule it by Saturday then its still on at the original time.
  23. Postponing the chat RP until next sunday, same time. I forgot it was Easter so most of the usuals won't be on for a while.
  24. Scenario: Zachary Ira has been sent by the Sheolian Army to investigate an ancient lighthouse on the shores of Sheol. It's design is not Sheolian at all, but that of the forerunners of humans. It holds an ancient secret that could bring forth a new disease.
    When will we do it?: This Wednesday at 3Pm Eastern(can change time)
    How long will it take(an hour, a day, years?): Couple hours
    How many people can join it: 6 is the limit.
    Any limitations?(No repeating power users in the RP etc.): Nope.
    Canon: To the Death King storyline, yes.
  25. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Sign me up! Sounds like something fun with interesting (what I'm assuming are) villains.
  26. Sure why not, I'll try and be there.
  27. so I'm pretty new to roleplaying but this chat roleplaying sounds rly interesting can anyone explain how to get started or something?
  28. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    As summer embraces our free time I'm sure another CRP (chat role play) event will crop up! Please feel free to come and observe it when it occurs, likely in the next week or so. That way you can witness the RPing in action and sort of gather an idea. I do however advise you read through the various guides and rules found in the roleplaying section to get a general gist of things, even if CRP is a much abbreviated and sped up method and form of the interaction.
  29. ok thx but where do the crpg's take place
  30. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Enter the Chat on this site, enter your chosen character name, and when the main chat appears, type:

    [tt]/join #RPHere[/tt]

    into the message box and press Enter. You'll find yourself in the RP room :)
  31. ow ok thanks

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