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Charmsian Dissidia (You bet it's going to be awesome)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Zachary, May 15, 2011.

  1. New idea, better results.

    So with my magical bro's and I in my channel, we came up with an awesome idea.

    Charm's Dissidia. (Go google it if you don't know what it is. Noob.)

    So basically it begins with your respective character doing whatever in their home realm/world/galaxy/dumpster, then a mysterious man comes along and says "The payment is due, there is no arguement. Join the fray." and takes whatever you hold dear to you, anything goes like memories. So he teleports you to whatever side you choose. The Rebellious Suns or the Lunar Order of Emoness(working title.) There you will meet your team mates and such and fight against the opposing side. There is a twist though, the foil to your character is on the opposing team, like mine is Jester and he's on the Lunar Order, you can use one already made from you Canon or have one of us make it, it doesn't really matter. We have a plot line already drawn out, but suggestions are welcome and don't get mad if we don't accept them.

    The RP takes place in the land called Charming Dominion, it's a hybridization of everyone's land in Charms. So tell us about one thing that stands out to you the most in your world's canon and we'll add it into it.

    Sem's filling in for Chaos on the Lunar Order, I'll fill in on the Rebellious Sun's side as Cosmos but if anyone wants to be her, then by all means.

    Sem and I are going to update the first post often with people on each side, look here to see who's on what.

    Moon Order side
    Sem as Chaos
    Sorena (Sem)
    Lysis (Sem)
    Jester Y. Hebi(Zachary)
    Blue Thunder(Tobias)
    Elliot (El)

    Rebellious Suns
    Zachary Ira
    Kieran (Sem)
    Ryder Rainer(Rex)
  2. Just confirming that I am in this and think it will be super-duper!

    To note, I am pretty much Ethan and Kiki. I may end up switching Kiki with another girl, but I'll say if I wanna later.
  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    So I'm controlling half the people so far |D

    Here's a question or five. What happens if a character dies? Are they resurrected like in Dissidia? Also does anything happen if a character defeats their foil?

    And, not like it'll happen, but what happens if one side did defeat the other? And what role will this mysterious man play beyond summoning the characters?

    I'm also assuming that our characters keep their memories, unlike the characters in Dissidia, otherwise the whole thing wouldn't really work but just making sure.
    #3 Sem, May 15, 2011
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  4. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Can I get in on this? << >> << Didn't catch any details on what to do to join so I figured with no chat access I'd ask here ♥ It'll make good revision for my English Lit. and I just finished Duodecim 012 (including Chapter #000) So I couldn't be more eager.

    If I can join I'd like to linger on the Lunar Order side. Also I figure the most important thing in my canon is the dependancy on magical crystals 'n crap. So I figure something like the FFXI map in Duodecim.
  5. @Sem, when a character dies in Dissidia, they'll just reform at their respective base so that way we save trouble from it. The sides won' defeat each other unless you actually make an effort to be a dick in the RP and try to demolish them on the go.

    And as for the memories thing, I made it so you'll lose the thing most precious to you, so my toll will be loosing memories of a certain someone. Anyone's toll can be different for everyone, so that way we don't have a bunch amnesiac kids running around.

    @Karu, it doesn't necessarily have to be an item, it could be some idea or form or even a certain feeling that they cherish.

    And yes, you can get in on this. :p It's Charmsian so everyone is allowed in! (Except Toru >:3)
  6. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    So, like I said in chat, I'm interested in joining this RP on the Lunar Order's side~ I'll probably be Shiny/Lyn, with Virt as my foil or something. And, um, the thing most precious to me is probably my pride in playing various instruments, so that's probably what's going to be taken from me.

    Might end up changing things like, my side, my foil, and my toll, but I'll edit this post until I get my final combination. XD Nevermind, I'll be sticking with this~

    ... and because everyone else is posting their little mini-bios

    Name: Lyni Sorrel
    Side: Moon Order
    Manikin: Pristine Snow
    Lost Possession: Musical Abilities
    Crystal: A pale blue snow crystal

    Name: Jasper "Jazz" Sorrel
    Side: Rebellious Sun
    Manikin: Whispering Harmony
    Lost Possession: His sister's memories of him (as opposed to his memories of his sister? |D)
    Crystal: A smoky quartz in the shape of a music base clef
  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Oh this sounds fun! >:D

    Psycho Monkey is in on the Rebellious Sun's side. I'll have to think what gets taken from him/me/us and who his/my/our foil is because as far as I know P_M has none..
  8. I thought about joining this, because only twenty minutes of Dissidia is enough to understand how awesome it is. However, I hesitated about using my Charms persona, because although I haven't revealed much about him, I'll say this; he's already a dimension traveller, exiled from an unknown world on the brink of a war he may have caused.

    So I pondered it a bit, then I had a bit of an idea for two new characters that could fit into his past, and allow for some explanations through their conflict. Although they do have half their memory stripped, both have fragments of history that fit together to form the picture of their past, and Brendan's.

    So for this RP, I'll use these characters as foils to each other. And in each of their encounters, more of their backstory will become apparent. So if you want to know the history of Brendan and his homeworld, then stay active in this RP, and let Garret and Sverton, of Rebellious Suns and Moon Order respectively, tell the tale.
  9. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I'll enter Sylvia on the Moon Order side, with her toll being her sense of duty and honor.

    I'll also enter Sara on the Rebellious Sun side, with her toll being her companion, Luna.
  10. I'll join - this looks like a lot of fun :)

    Grey on the Rebellious Sun side - his toll being his control of his powers. Manikin - Illusory Mage

    Cobalt on the Moon Order side - his toll being his moral compass (basically, losing it makes him do anything necessary to keep order.) Manikin - Impossible Priest
  11. So we're also adding Mannikins, go to finalfantasy.wikia.com to find out more about them, your in charge of coming up with your own name for your Mannikin's, so make sure they're awesome!


    Zachary-Rebellious Blaze/Blazing Rebellion
    Tailon-Phantasimal Arcanist
    Ethan-Tabula Rasa
    Vivian-Deceitful Saint
    Ramses-Counterfeit Intelligence
    Jester-Chained Ouroborus/Alchemic Serpents.
    Sorena-Apocryphal Witch
    Kiki-Crumbling Necromancers
    Lysis-Tricky Fox
    Sara-Illusory Gunslinger
    Sylvia-Deluded Honor
    Lyni-Pristine Snow(Whine whine whine >> )
    Virt-Whispering Harmony
    Sem-Purjurious Ocean
    Elohim-Hope's Reclaimer.
    Karu-Light's Reflection
    Tobias-Gallant Geo
    Blue Thunder-Wandering Cyan
    Chadwyck-Forlon Warrior
    Reginald-Evanescent Fencer
    Blazi-Vengeful Blaze(copy cat >=O )
    Rex-Shadowed Animal
    Ryder-Halfhearted Criminal
  12. So I'm totally in on this. I'll be joining as Chadwyck for the Lunar side. His toll will be his memories of his friends. Manikin name - Forlorn Warrior.

    His foil is Reginald on the sun side, obviously. His toll will be the pleasure he gets from the kill. He's a bit messed up like that. So pretty much, killing people holds no joy for him, and it's pretty much what he lives for. Manikin name - Evanescent Fencer.

    I may throw in more characters from my canon at a later time, but that's it for now.
  13. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Meh, I know who the Mannikins are in Dissidia. Poor creatures.

    Moving on, call my Mannikin Light's Reflection. My crystal? Gimme a small replica of a white angel wing made of white crystal with black thorns (of crystal) creeping about it. My personal item will likely be a black crystal feather, but a lot less shimmery and magical and not so instilled with [spoilerspoilerspoiler]. xP

    Also if I might ask, which cycle are we on and who has won the last one? PM if you must ♥
  14. That was pretty much you asking me to join xD

    Anyways, I'm totally up for this RP - I'll be using Tobias for Rebellious Suns, and his Foil will be Blue Thunder on Moon Order.

    Tobias Aurelio
    -Side: Rebellious Suns
    -Mannikin: Gallant Geo
    -Lost Possesion/Memory - His Friendships
    -Crystal - A rugged, unpolished transparent brown crystal, like a boulder you can fit in your hand.

    Blue Thunder
    -Side: Moon Order
    -Mannikin: Wandering Cyan
    -Lost Possesion/Memory - His Freedom - explaining why he's resorted to evil again (then again most of you don't know about his stroyline so bluuh)
    -Crystal - A long, stretched octahedron with a cyan colour.
  15. Tobias should be on Moon Order side, so he and Zacky can fight against each other :O

    Not to make this post spam, I'm gonna post the date where the RP will be up. If it's not up by this weekend, most likely monday
  16. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Okay, I feel sort of reserved about this, but I suppose I will join.

    On the Moon's Order side, I'll be using Rex Thompson. He's lost his Umbrakinesis, since he's rather dependent on it, and his Mannikin is the Shadowed Animal.

    For the Rebellious Suns, I'll use Ryder Rainer. His Mannikin would be the the Halfhearted Criminal, and he would have lost his, as cliched as it is, memories of his closest friends.

    The most important thing about my world(s) would probably be the sprawling cityscape. Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Deviant City, the cities are where all the action takes place in my stories.
  17. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Yeah, um... possibly change Lyn's manikin into Pristine Snow? I'm beginning to think that Verisimilitude Winter doesn't fit her that much ^^;
  18. I'm totally joining~

    I'll have Blazi in his Reshiram armor (hopefully that's okay, if not, just post SSBC Blazi then) on the Rebellious Suns side. His Mannikin will be Vengeful Blaze, his crystal looks like a crystalline candle flame and the thing he lost is (clichéd, kinda) all memories of his closest friend, Dinova.

    As for Moon Order...

    I don't have anyone :<

    If you have any ideas, I will gladly use them ^^
    #18 Blazi, May 18, 2011
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  19. I'd prefer if you didn't use anything SSBC related, considering we don't know what will happen in it because it's not over/or it's completely dead. I'll figure out a character for you to use on the Moon Order.

    I should also mention if at any time you decide to quit this RP without warning, Sem or I(depending on what side your on) will take control of your character and kill them off. Fair warning, I think, because we're doing this so the RP won't just take a nosedive into oblivion.
  20. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I can throw someone out to be Blazi's foil if that's any help?
  21. That would work, I'd just run it by him though. He might be creating a foil so we should make sure he doesn't have one before we give him one.
  22. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Hear that, Blazi? PM me ASAP!
  23. Nya, sorry if this is too late D':

    Indie Reeper
    Side:Rebellious Suns
    Mannikin:Slothful Reaper
    Lost posession:His most treasured spell, The Atlas Ram.
    Crystal:A deep indigo sphere that is carved into a ram's horn shape on one side.

    Ramen Igneous
    Side:Moon Order
    Mannikin:Mountainous Magus
    Lost possession:His artificial eye
    Crystal:A light brown heptagon that has darker brown lines flowing from the bottom side.
  24. If that's the case, I'll, just use my post-SSBC Blazi in all his glory.

    And I haven't started working on my foil yet, so I'll PM KoL Elelelelelelelelelel (El dammit!) ASAP

    Fair warning Zacky, I'll keep it in mind.
  25. KoL, Blazi? You mean El don't you?

    Anyway, finished crafting the characters, so I'll post the info you need to know here.

    Name: Garret
    Side: Rebellious Suns
    Manikin: Stunted Axeman
    Lost Possession: Memory of his close friend, and the one he's trying to find. Only remembers that he has to stop a war.
    Crystal: A light green crystal shaped like an axehead

    Name: Sverton
    Side: Moon Order
    Manikin: Stalking Sorcerer
    Lost Possession: Most of his memory, only remembers that there is a man he has to kill, but not his name.
    Crystal: A deep red crystal that emits a visible faint aura.

    So there, all set to begin the awesomeness
  26. I have more characters I really want to use, I'll post their info, but if there isn't room for them just say so Zacky. I figured I'd post them here for the heck of it. But I'll delete them forever if there isn't room. Of course, Sem could always spare some room ;D

    Name: Father Balthasar McCormick
    Side: Moon Order
    Manikin: Lackluster Faith
    Lost Possession: Memories of his brother and his morals.
    Crystal: A light blue crystal shaped like a cross

    Name: Ozias Ferguson
    Manikin: Relinquished Catalyst
    Lost Possession: His body dead body was taken over by a demon, but his personality remained intact. His price for fighting in the war is his personality, leaving him as nothing but an empty shell.
    Crystal: jagged and red.

    Like I said, if there isn't enough space for them then go ahead and let me know and they're as good as gone. I just wanted to use Balthasar in an RP |D
  27. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Blazi, if you have any objections to this, PM me.

    The foil for Blazi's character will be my own self-insert:

    Elliot, who's price for entering will be his moral compass. His manikin will be "Fabulous Fake", and his Crystal will be a prism-arch, which refracts light into the colours of the rainbow.

    Additionally, Sara's crystal will be a completely clear bullet, made of diamond. Sylvia's will be a flat disc of amethyst.
  28. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Posting now >:D

    Name: Psycho Monkey
    Side: Rebellious Suns
    Manikin: The Fallen Lord
    Lost Possession: His status as Lord of the Evil Space Monkeys
    Crystal: An obsidian orb

    And by Zacky's suggestion...

    Name: Raiden Arka
    Side: Moon Order
    Manikin: Third in Line
    Lost Possession: His honor
    Crystal: A citrine shaped like a lightning bolt
  29. Right, I'm drawing up the map of Charming Dissidia because I'm bored and I didn't go to prom because of work and such. If you have any landmarks/area's you would like added, just let me know.


    #1-The Floating Paradise: Avanatasia, it's Elohim's and by default, the Rebellious Sun's base. It's a beautiful paradise with tons of flowers and a very hot chick. Lay back, get a good tan and try not to fall off the edge like Mr. Ira.

    #2-Palace Oceanus, The Moon Order's lair, in comparison to the natural beauty of the Floating Paradise, Palace Oceanus harkens a bold competition towards the opposing base with its man made beauty. So imposing!

    #3-Crowns Port, the crown of the sea! It's a busy port but it's incredibly romantic! If you want to get to Eiken Island, then Crowns Port is for you!

    #4-Eiken Island is a mysterious place, an advance civilization once co-existed with another one back in the day then one day, it suddenly vanished without a trace.

    #5-Zanderstrikion, quite a mouthful but that's the name of the ancient ruins in the desert. No one knows the languages on the monuments and in the scriptures left behind, but maybe one man can read it...
  30. If Zacky was willing to add this one in, I wouldn't mind ♥

    Gardens of the Damned, a field upon which endless red spider lilies seem to bloom. it is oft avoided, for it was said that a great massacre took place on its hollowed ground. As each soldier fell, the flower seemed to bloom from their stomach, claiming the dead and fatally wounded, absorbing them into the earth. It is an eerie, yet breathtaking, field.

    The map's so big, so i dunno where you want to place it. I sort of wanted it to encompass both my characters (And possibly be a place to kill people off if they drop out)
  31. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Just saying Karu is a stand alone, no blah de blah much like in the original Dissidia with Gabranth & Shantotto. If I DO require one, then I'll have a word with some people. As an evil thingie do I still require a toll?
  32. Yes, Karu. Everyone has a toll and has to have one.

    I feel like I should mention this. The Moon Order isn't the bad guy side at all neither is the Rebellious Suns team the good guys, its like with Team Black and White from SSBC, all they are is just two teams fighting for different reasons. So you don't have to pile all of your baddy foils onto Moon Order, y'know.

    Also, It's the 17th Cycle if anyone cared.
  33. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I knew that Zacky, I just chose which side seemed most interesting/appropriate. Psycho Monkey is rebellious and Raiden is orderly ;)
  34. EDIT:EDIT again:
    Wow a Charmisian Dissidia didn't see an RP like this one coming, I am very interested.
    Felt I needed to edit how I entered my character.

    Name: Yami
    Side: Rebellious Suns
    Manikin: Blackened Heart
    Toll: The memories of his origins
    Crystal: a cut Tourmaline, that sparkles in the moonlight.
  35. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Just postin my stuffs here for some sense of officialness.

    Talon Raid
    -Side: Rebellious Suns
    -Mannikin: Phantasmal Arcanist
    -Lost Possesion/Memory - His Teammates
    -Crystal - A brilliant cut crystal which seems white when under total light, but seems to change between red, blue, and yellow when struck by light from different angles.

    -Side: Moon Order
    -Mannikin: Striking Energy
    -Lost Possesion/Memory - His true evil, leaving him but a rival to Talon.
    -Crystal - A heavy, prism shaped crystal that glows faintly blue.
  36. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Then my toll shall be his memories of anything but his time with people from Charms, leaving him confused with only pieces of memory to go on. Also, changing his Crystal to an elongated red oval with the small black wing coming out of it. Personal effect : black feather.

    Just going over it 'n all that with final corrections D:
  37. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I suppose I'd like to join... Here are both of my characters.

    Name: Dwayna
    Side: Moon Order
    Manikin: Draconic Knight
    Lost Possession: Someone she loves dearly.
    Crystal: A dark green (emerald) diamond that sparkles silver.

    Name: Violet
    Side: Rebellious Suns
    Manikin: Dark Adversary
    Lost Possession: Her soul.
    Crystal: A black (onyx) skull with purple (amethyst) eyes.
  38. Do you mind if I join? Here is my character:

    Name: Benjamin Jackson
    Side: Moon Order
    Manikin: Wandering Scientist
    Lost Possesion: His traveling companion, Yushako
    Crystal: A ruby with (pink) garnet at the center of the torso and head

    Okay, I finally finished designing a foil for Benjamin:
    Name: S.E.R.V.O.
    Side: Rebellious Suns
    Manikin: Corupted Program
    Lost Possesion: His free will
    Crystal: A blue-green crystal
  39. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Alright bitches, this is MY RP now! Zacky just reliquished control of it to me, so yay.

    Right, first things first, unless you're 100% committed to this RP, make a comment saying so 'cause I'm having no lollygaggers!

  40. *imagines El mugging Zacky and stealing Dissidia from him


    I´m still committed BTW, I have submitted everything I needed to add, manikins, crystals, characters, the whole shangbang. So if there is somehow something else you need from me, be sure to let me know

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