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Private/Closed Captured by the future. (CBET Alt)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Hecotoro, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Maker woke up on her king size bed. She sat up and squinted as the sun light came in. She had ate a lot of sugar the night before and her memories were a blur. She dreamed of when Azumi left with Ray and telling the rest to stay back. Maker didn't like the idea, but she didn't argue back that time.

    She walked out of her room, wearing a tank top and short shorts, which is what she used to sleep. She scrubbed her eye and yawned as she sat down on the couch and turned the TV on. The news talked about how Sinnoh had fallen and the new evil team was now spreading in Johto.

    "We are going to be okay here in Unova." Maker said as she turned the TV off. She looked at her reflection on the TV screen. Her long blonde her reminded her of her sister, which made her miss her. She remembered Whiton's death and his last words. She shook her head, it was to early to start being sad. Eve walked over and got on the couch. Maker petted Eve and took out her Pokegear. She saw the numbers of her friends and wondered if they were okay. It had been five years since she last saw them, she was now 24 and the world was no longer a free place like she hoped it would be. She lived on her father's money and even stopped pursuing her dream of being the best fire trainer in the world.
    Eve looked up at Maker and whined.
    "You're right Eve... Maybe I should check on them." Maker said as she petted her Flareon. "Nana! Breakfast!"

    The fully evolved Gardevoir teleported in the living room. Ever since Azumi had left her behind with Maker, she had evolved and her attitude was more serious. Nana used her psychic powers to prepare cereal.

    Maker looked at her Pokegear and created a group conversation with all her friends from back then.

    "Hey everyone! Maker here! I hope you're all okay... I'm in Unova... In case someone wants to visit me :) I miss you all!"
  2. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli sat on a bench in Alola, taking a stop as the Eevee master, he was not required to be anywhere, but he licked traveling to new regions to meet people aspiring to beat him.

    Eli heard a ring and picked up the pokegear, seeing the message, he thought about what had happened since the last time he saw
    the crew, he and Halt had learned how to switch control, and even go to sleep while the other was in charge, as well as communicate without speaking out loud, he became the Eevee master, lost is title, then reclaimed it, he responded "Yeah, just finishing off, will be there tomorrow, meet me at the airport" he got up and went to the plane station, buying a ticket and heading to Unova
  3. "Finally, I can go home..." Michael said, his eyelids feeling heavier than iron. He turned the sign over and slowly began putting one foot in front of the other, when he knocked into someone. He staggered back, squinting his eyes at the person. It took him a few seconds before finally realizing it was his best friend, Jodi.

    "Michael! You finished your shift!" She said, grinning from ear to ear, but her smile turned into a frown when she saw that her friend looked like a zombie. She put her hands on his shoulders and took a better look at his face. "Man, you always look like this when you have the night shift..."
    "Way to state the obvious, genius!" He snapped at her, and then rubbed his forehead. "Sorry, I always get cranky when I don't get sleep..."
    "I know, that's why I stopped getting mad after the first three times." She chuckled and brushed her hair behind her ear. "But hey, in a few days, I'll be able to join you and try to keep you sane!" Michael smiled weakly at his friend.
    "Thanks, but I gotta warn ya, alcohol is not that good. I mean, the drinks I make are awesome, but it still has that weird taste." Jodi rolled her eyes and smirked.
    "Of course you wouldn't like liqour, you don't even like meat!"
    "What's THAT supposed to mean?!"
    "Nothing..." She gave him an innocent smile. "ANYway, I came here because I guessed you didn't check your PokéGear." Michael raised one eyebrow, confused. "Just check it!" He sighed and looked at his PokéGear he got years ago. He noticed that someone named 'Maker' had messaged him.

    "Who's Maker? And what kinda name's that?" Jodi groaned, getting impatient.
    "Oh, Arceus! She's that annoying older girl who had red hair and tattoed her Pokémon team on her arm?" Michael just stared blankly at her. "Come on! Acting like a teenage girl, desperate for a date?" Just kept staring. "Ugh! She's the girl who mentioned that she hopes that you would be cuter when you're older or something like that!!!" Realization dawned on his face.
    "Ooooooh, yeah! Maker, of course I remember her! She was right 'bout me bein' cuter when I'm older, I'll give 'er that, but why would she suddenly message us after all this time??" Jodi gave him a smirk.
    "There's only one way to find out, isn't there?" Michael groaned as Jodi began dragging him to the airport, buying two tickets online.
  4. Maker was painting her nails on the couch, she was still in the same spot, except now Nana flipped through the channels on the TV.
    "You should choose one and just leave it like that." Maker said as she looked at her nails.
    Nana glared at her, stuck her younger out and continued to flip through the channels.
    Maker rolled her eyes. "If Azumi saw you behave like this..."
    A crashing noise was heard. Nana had bust the TV with a psyshock. She glared at Maker and stormed off, going into the bedroom and slamming the door with her psychic.
    Maker looked down sadly. "I always forget not to mention Azumi..." Maker said with a loud sigh. She looked over at her pokegear. "Hey! There's a reply!" She read Eli's message. "Eli is coming! It says Jodi read the message, I hope she comes over also." She then smirked and held her Pokegear in the air.
    "Hey Nana! There's a chance Jodi might come over... That means she could bring Michael!"
    Nana teleported instantly and looked at the Pokegear. She twirled in joy and then teleported away. Maker laughed. She knew Nana really liked Michael back then and looks like she still did.
    Maker got up and walked to a full body mirror. "At least I'm still in great shape! Let's go train Eve." She changed into a sport outfit and called out to Nana. "I'm going for a workout! I'll be back soon." She left with Eve by her side. She ran down stairs, told reception they needed a new TV and left to the GYM.
  5. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    Adolph and his group were still together, mostly held together by the bond after Adolph and Vypyskha vowed to protect Katyusha, after she turned out to be one of the most brilliant minds from the universe she came from, even if it may not look like it. Katyusha, on the topic of her, was training her Pokémon as her duty as the Unovian champion. She was currently in her new home region, as it was where she was born back in her home universe, or at least it's equivalent, and was outside Adolph's apartment in the training arena out back. Indeed, the three lived together, but in seperate semi-detached homes. Of course, it was extremely retro-futuristic and Adolph had a workshop in the basements, but it was quite lovely. As Adolph and Vypyskha recieved Maker's conversation request, they looked at eachother and looked somewhat confused, as they haven't spoken to her for quite a few years. They paused their work on a strange alien-looking vehicle in their workshop and turned to eachother, Adolph holding his communicator out as the screen unfolded and extended from the wrist cuff. "Maker? Is that you? I... We haven't seen you in quite a while! Did you hear that our Katyusha became champion of Unova? It's lucky that you are here in Unova, as we have lived here when NanoCorp transferred ownership to a special someone! How have you and Azumi been?"
  6. Maker was in the middle of her kick boxing lesson when Adolph's call came in. She rushed quickly to her pokegear. "Adolph the scientist?!" She shouted into the speaker. "I'm glad you're alive and well! No I didn't know she was champion, I'm a little retired from battles these days... I haven't heard from you since..." The flashback of Azumi and Ray leaving came back. She remembered Nana crying after Azumi and Maker hugging her tightly. "..since when we got separated.... I haven't heard from Azumi since then..." She shook her head to get rid of the bad thoughts. "Anyways! Where are you? Come visit me you crazy scientist! I got a small flat on main Street in Castelia. Some of the others are coming over tomorrow, but I wouldn't mind the company now... I don't really socialize now a days."
  7. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    He chuckled softly and nodded, switching the communicator to his visor, as he walked upstairs, and with Vypyskha's help, got his homemade PC to work again, and managed to get his team out. "Sounds lovely, we will be there right away! I just need to groom and appologize to my team after I left them in storage for a few days while we attended another session of Katyusha defeating a round of trainers, and we will be right over! I have to show you my new team, I have ben training them, as while I despise violence, we will have to fight when Tempest or whoever they are try and take over Unova! Protection is worth violence, we will defeat them with as little lives lost as possible!" He replied, his voice shaking slightly as underneath his cheerful demanior, was a man badly injured over the years of pain and suffering from watching NanoCorp use his research and developments for evil deeds, until a special someone took over and made the organization what it was originally made for, to provide the world with an organization striving for the betterment of mankind and pokemon.
  8. Maker laughed nervously as Adolph spoke about defending Unova. She had given up fighting against evil teams and didn't even battle anymore. "Sure! I'll be home in about an hour. I'm number 356, let me know when you're there." She hanged up. Even the scientist was willing to fight, she planned on leaving Unova if it ever got attacked. She went back to her gym workout.
  9. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli arrived at the airport, checking his bags, Plasma at his side as he walked down the hall, stepping out into unova, he looked around, hoping Maker would be there
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  10. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    Adolph smiled sadly, and had no real idea that she quit battling, only leaning that she stopped fighting today, essentially. He nodded, and took the time to get ready, basically polishing his balls as he got ready(his pokeballs, I know what you are thinking, pervert.) "Alright, sounds good, we will be there soon! We will not leave you hanging like we did twice, long, long ago." He replied.
  11. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Kathren just received Maker's text, the next day. She sighed angerly as she sat there, stuck in Johto. All travel outside of the region has been banned, as well as most travel inside. Kanto was the only way in and out, but it was too stressful to deal with. It frustrated her. She read the text, angry that the government read it before she did. She considered texting Maker back but decided that it was a better idea just to call her. She knew it would be monitored, but at least Maker would get it at about the same time she sent it. She tried to call Maker, as she continued with her day in Johto. Derp Lord was being a sweetie to Kitty, her Delcatty. She smiled at the two, though she considered returning Kitty and placing her back inside of the box. She decided that it was not a good idea since she was trying to get on better terms with this Pokemon. Kitty was sweet, in an innocent, loving way. Kathren sighed as she waited for Maker to pick up.
  12. Maker picked up her phone. "Hello? This is the cutest trainer in the world speaking. Is this the owner of the world's cutest Quagsire, or am I mistaken?"
    Maker walked through her apartment's front door, she was carrying bags with groceries and had her phone pressed between her ear and shoulder. Eve walked in skipping and barking joyfully, letting Nana know they were home.
    Maker had decided to prepare food for Adolph and company, she was a bad cook, so it was mostly stuff she could do in the microwave.
  13. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Kathren smiled. "Yes, it's me, Kathren. I just wanted to tell you that while I would love to visit, I'm in Johto right now and it's under lockdown." She got out of her bed and slipped on her white slippers. "Right now, this very call is being monitored." She made her bed, holding the phone with her shoulder and ear. "Fortunately, Renz is with me. But we won't be leaving anytime soon. The only entrance and exit is the Kanto Gate, and it's a very stressful process."
  14. "What?! Really?! Aw man... I really wanted to see you guys..." Maker put the groceries down and sat down at her couch, where she began to take her shoes off. "What about if we go over? I'm sure my Dad can get me in quickly. But only if you are available though, we can get a hotel. By the way is Renz there? How is Ty? I really miss Ty."
  15. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Kathren giggled. "Oh, nothing." She walked out of her room and walked down the stairs, looking for Renz. "If you have so many questions about him, how about you just ask him yourself." She stopped for a bit, looking around her before continuing. "And trust me, you don't want to be in Johto right now. We're stuck here for a reason. Have you seen the news? Johto is being attacked. There's high security for a reason."
  16. Renz was crouched outside in the yard of Kathren’s house, watching a Mudbray pawing at the grass. The Pokémon was one he had been given to raise as part of his own training to become a Gym Leader. However, this training had been cut off when Sinnoh had been taken over. He had had to leave, and he had decided it would be a good time to visit Kathren. Of course, not long after he arrived in Johto the security tightened and he couldn’t leave. He didn’t mind, of course. It gave him extra time to spend with Kathren. But now his thoughts were focused on the Mudbray in front of him. He had seen plenty of Mudbray back home in Alola, but there was something about Pokémon: they were all individuals, with their own personalities and preferences, likes and dislikes. He was trying to learn about this Mudbray in particular, and to try to bond with it. His other Pokémon were inside their Pokéballs at the time, since he was trying to focus on the Mudbray only. He would play with the others later.
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  17. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    After a while, the triple screeches of a Staraptor, Skarmory, and a strange sound of an extremely advanced plasma engine filled the air above Maker's house, and Adolph and Vypyskha arrived riding their respective bird pokemon, while Katyusha rode some sort of strange contraption, which seemed to be a small, two man hovercraft with extreme futuristic appearance, looking to be sleek, sexy, and utterly cool, despite being made by hand. They landed shortly thereafter, and Katyusha stepped out of the craft with a hiss of steam escaping the craft, looking like she just came from the future, ironically! Instead of Adolph taking the lead and knocking on the door, the hovercraft pilot and Unovian champion knocked on the door, adjusting her armoured visor, which was essentially a special helmet for pilots and such. "H-hey? W-we've arrived!" She shouted, her voice sounding nervious, despite being the champion, as she never really knew Maker like Adolph and Vypyskha did, as even Vypyskha had a bit of a friendship with her, or at least thought she did.
  18. "Attacked?" Maker said, her fears slowly crept up her spine. "Um... Well I'll talk with the others." She then heard the arrival of Adolph and company. "Oh Adolph is here! I'll call you tomorrow okay? Give Derp Lord and Ty a big kiss for me!" She hanged up and rushed to the door.
    She opened it and smiled brightly. "Hello! Come in come in! I bought ice cream and pizza rolls. I hope you guys like them."
  19. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    Katyusha gave her own smile, and typical of those from her region back in her universe, pulled Maker into a gentle hug, releasing her after a second or so to make it less awkward. "Ahh, that sounds great! We haven't had anything to eat yet apart from breakfast, as before you called, we were all busy! Thank you, dearly!" She replied, seeingly in a very good mood, as was Adolph as he followed his friend inside alongside Vypyskha, who looked as if she was trying hard to be cheerful, but unfortunately, something Adolph said while they were flying in upset her, specifically on the topic of love. It seems she developed feelings towards him, and he rejected her love with the simple fear that it would turn out badly, as he only felt a deep friendship towards her, rather than love, and did not want to ruin it.
  20. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli looked down at his pokegear, checking the address and moving through the street, eventually finding his way to Makers house, he saw the interaction on the front porch and moved in "Hey! long time no see!"
  21. Maker saw Eli approaching them. "Eli Deli!" She ran over to him and hugged him. "I missed you so much!" She took a step back and looked at him. "Woa! You're tall and handsome now! I'll grown up!" She hugged him again and dragged him to her apartment.
    "Adolph! Look! It's Eli Deli!" She called out as she reached her door. "Come in Eli. Mi house is your house."
  22. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    Adolph smiled and held out a gloved hand to Eli, for a polite handshake. "Well, if it isn't the master himself, I've heard about your recent endevoirs, as one of my contacts is a pretty big fan of yours. How are you?" He asked with a gentle chuckle, his eyes sparkling. Meanwhile, Katyusha stepped towards Eli, and gave him a one armed hug, trying to steal Adolph's fake Key Stone(well, not fake, but not functional for mega evolving pokemon, as none of his pokemon had a stone) from his wrist gear, which was currently just a metal cuff, with her other arm.
  23. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli shook Adolfs hand "A fan where he works?" Eli smiled "Yeah, I've been getting more of that since I took my title back, I'm great! how are you?"
  24. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Kathren sighed. She hated being in Johto, at the moment anyway. She knew about her friends' achievements, but she found that she had none herself. Though, she was going back to school. She found that being a big-name trainer was not for her. True, she could open some sort of daycare for Pokemon, but she needed a license for that, and to get one, she needed to go back to school. She stepped outside, watching Renz watch his Mudbray. "So, you're going to be training him? Or are we just going to observe the Mudbray all day?" She smiled at Renz.
  25. Renz looked over his shoulder to see Kathren standing nearby. He grinned, while the Mudbray looked at her curiously.

    "Oh, hey Kathy. I was planning on observing for the time being, just to get a better idea... but I suppose observing the way it uses its moves would be a good thing to do. Care to watch?"

    He stood up from his crouched position, and the Mudbray backed up slightly. He pulled out a Pokeball and pressed the button, releasing his Garchomp. His Krookodile might have been better for the training at hand, but Renz was letting most of his Pokemon take a good break. The Psuedo-Legendary looked around, waved to Kathren, and then turned to face Mudbray.
  26. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    She smiled at Renz. "While you know I would love to, right now I have to get ready for school." She winked at him as she turned to re-enter her house. "Can't miss a day. Trust me, I'm going to get that daycare opened up one of these days." Her smile turned into a frown. "I just hope I'm right for the job." She sighed and entered the house. "See you after I come back."
  27. "Okay, see ya later."

    He waved goodbye as she left. Turning to the Pokemon, he issued instructions for the training.

    "Now Garchomp, you're on defensive, okay? And Mudbray, could you please show me your different attacks, aimed at Garchomp? Don't worry, I'll make sure nobody gets hurt and we can get some food afterwards, that sound good? Just relax, I want to see your battle style."

    The Mudbray seemed hesitant at first, but then nodded and took a stance. Renz took care to observe the Mudbray's posture and movements closely as the Mudbray began using its attacks. The donkey Pokemon moved lightly, seeming to only graze the ground as it moved, looking to Renz more like the movement of a timid Deerling than a sturdy and solid Mudbray. It started with a Bulldoze attack, stomping on the ground with its front paws and causing a wavelike effect on the ground which impacted against Garchomp’s legs, although Garchomp seemed hardly to notice, and his stance barely shifted. Renz nodded, seeing the Mudbray’s ground type move, but he was slightly surprised it hadn’t done more. However, he realized that the Mudbray has used the tips of its hooves to strike instead of the whole hoof, and he had a feeling that was why.

    Next, Mudbray used Double Kick, running lightly over to Garchomp, wheeling on its front legs and striking with its back legs as it made a U-turn and ran away towards where it had stood. Again, it seemed to strike lightly with its hooves, sacrificing damage for a quick getaway. Garchomp had blocked the attack with one arm, but nodded, signaling for the Mudbray to attack again. This time it ran forward again, just as it had for its Double Kick, but instead of wheeling around to strike with its back legs it jumped, coming down on Garchomp with Stomp. Again, Garchomp was able to keep from getting hurt by the attack by raising its arms so that the Mudbray landed there instead of the chest. Continuing with the momentum, the Mudbray jumped off Garchomp and landed behind the dragon.

    Renz thought for a moment or two, and then had the Pokémon run through its moves again, this time giving more instruction. They continued this training, Mudbray attacking, Garchomp deflecting the attacks, and Renz taking notes.
  28. Maker pushed Adolph and Eli inside. "You two can catch up in her. Hey V, could you help me make lemonade?"

    Nana peeked from her room, saw who had arrived and disappeared.

    Maker began putting pizza rolls on a plate. "Did you have a good flight Eli?" She called out to him.
  29. Michael and Jodi were on the plane, travelling to Unova. Michael was sitting by the window, because he wanted to see the outside, even though he should get some sleep. "Okay, so I've told my family, our friends and my boss that we're goin' to Unova," Michael spoke, arms resting on the food holder.
    "And your boss let you come?" Jodi asked, clearly surprised. "But I thought she was the biggest bit--"
    "Jodi!" Michael cut her off. "It's rude to call someone that, even though they deserve it!" He rolled his eyes. "Anyway, she quit since she couldn't stand the employees anymore. The new one is much more nice and understanding."
    "Okay... Anyway, Mike, are you excited to see Maker and Eli?" Michael looked confused.
    "Maker and who?" Jodi groaned.
    "You know, that guy who is obsessed with Eevee?" He just stared at her. "The guy with his clone stuck in his head?" Just kept staring. "The guy who clearly had a crush in Maker even though she was five years older than him and he was a minor?" He finally remembered.
    "Ooooh, yeah, Eli! Man, that kid was another kind of weird. But he was okay."
    "Yeah, unlike Adolph and his girls, they were super weird." The response she got from Michael was a stare. "Oh, come on! You know, those creepy people who just kept staying with our group even though they had nothing to do with us and our quest?"
    "Oh, yeah! I hated those guys! They kept tuggin' on Maker's sleeve and followed her around like she was the mama duck and they were the ducklings!" He sighed. "At least Renz and Kathren were normal, even though they hated the cute Spinda."
    "So you do remember some people of our group."
    "How could I not?! I am 90% sure that they are in a relationship now."
    "Only 90%? But I thought your shipping sense got better!"
    "Yeah, but there is some distance between us. Plus, I haven't really had the time to think about shippin' now that I work."
    "Oh, okay... But do they know you have this power and can just check on them whenever?"
    "Nah, haven't told them. No one from our group even know how I got the power. The only ones I have told are you, Nate, Alex, Tyler, my brother and Riley."
    "Wait, Riley knows? Since when?"
    "I told her about five years ago. She was about to go to some tournament in a region I never heard about, Soliera or somethin' like that, so I told her so she would know if she's got her eye in someone, I would know. Anyway... how are you feelin' about seeing out old friends?" Jodi smiled at him.
    "I am completely stocked! I can't wait to hear what everyone's been up to!" She brushed her hair behind her ear. "Anyway, Mike, did you bring Zangoose and Pyroar?
    "No, they like stayin' at the ranch so they could chase each other, they are so cute together. But did you bring Clef?"
    "Of course, I wouldn't want to leave her with my brother. He would probably force her to learn another move. But the one move that she has right now let's her use the majority of all the moves out there... She's really special." A small smile formed on her face. "Anyway, Mike..." She looked at him, but he has fallen asleep. Jodi groaned, frustrated. "Ugh, now I don't have anyone to talk to..."


    The two friends got their luggage and dragged them to the exit of the airport. "Finally, I thought I would die if I were in that plane another second with nobody to talk to." Jodi complained, rubbing her forehead.
    "Hey!" Michael said, slightly hurt. "I didn't sleep all night, I needed that shut-eye time. Now, I feel much better!" He looked around, then back at Jodi. "So, where to?"
    "...Shoot. I knew I forgot something. Just a second." She got her PokéGear out and texted Maker.
    Hey, Maker! Um, just out of curiosity can you tell us where you live?
  30. Maker was watching the pizza rolls turn in circles in the microwave. It made her feel like a chef that way. She even bought some sour cream and poured it on to a bowl so it looked more professional. Maker's pokegear rang as a message came in. She looked at it and smiled. "It's Jodi!" She cried out. She replied right away.

    Main Street! Big fancy Building with fancy apartments! I'll send my location.

    She sent her location and felt really excited. "I can't wait to see them!"
  31. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    As Vypyskha was asked to assist Maker, she did not respond, as she seemed to be in some sort of trance, unresponsive as she stood. Adolph did not seem worried though, and neither did Katyusha, for after a few minutes, she came back to reality, and shook her head as if trying to clear it. "Hmm? You wanted me for something? Sorry, I did not hear you properly." She replied, looking only slightly dazed. "If you're concerned about her sudden 'zoning out', it's normal. She gets these 'visions' of events that happen in either the future from this timeline, or what she believes to be the future of another timeline entirely. It started happening a few years ago, and actually helped us a few times before." Adolph explained, crossing his arms together. Meanwhile, Katyusha was fiddling with what seemed to be her helmet, which started sparking randomly, and which she was trying to repair.
  32. Jodi got the message that Maker sent her. She turned to Michael and said. "I know where it is." Michael smiled, but then his expression turned into worry.
    "Should I have brought cupcakes? It would've been polite..."
    "No, Mike. Too late now. Come on, let's go." They headed to the adress that Maker sent them and arrived at a big building. They went to the lobby and asked for Maker Towers. They took the elevator up and were soon in front of room 356. Michael began knocking, in the rythm of the Pokémon Advanced Series Theme Song.
  33. Make looked at the scientist confused. She had no idea what they were talking about most of the times, but she still liked their company. "It´s okay!" She heard the knocking on the door. "Michael is here!"

    Maker ran over to the door and opened it. She saw Michael and Jodi standing there. She covered her mouth with her hands. "Jodi! You are so beautiful!" She hugged her tightly. "How do you do it? Magic?" She then turned her attention to Michael and her eyes brightened. "If it isn´t the most handsome man in the world!" She hugged Michael. "Did you get taller again?" She compared her height to his. "You sir, are the living example of what every man should be." She grinned and pushed them inside. "MICHAEL AND JODI ARE HERE!" she yelled.

    Nana teleported into the living room and looked at Michael closely for a second. She then smiled and snuggled against him.
  34. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    Vypyskha and Adolph turned towards the door as Michael and Jodi arrived, with a soft groan from the female. "Oh god, it's them... The two who absolutely hate us and would likely be happier if we were brutally killed."
    She groaned softly, lowering her voice so only those within a few metres of them could hear. Adolph gave her a friendly smack on the head, to which she reacted to by giving him a gentle glare. "Vypyskha, don't say that! Just because they dislike us doesn't mean they would be happier if we died! And besides, take a good look at us Pheonixes, and give me a reason as to why ANYONE would like us."
    He replied, his voice equally as soft. Vypyskha went silent and looked down at the floor, obviously ashamed at what they are, and have become. Meanwhile, the lovely Katyusha fixed her helmet and wore it proudly on her head, looking at the new arrivals. "More visitors? Who is? Friends?"
  35. Michael and Jodi smiled as the door opened to reveal Maker, who immediately hugged them. "Whoa!" Jodi said, caught off guard.
    "Hi there!" Michael blurted out as he was hugged. As Maker ran back inside, they looked at each other.
    "Maker said I was beautiful!" Jodi whispered with a smile, but then she gulped. "But, did she say that you're the most handsome man in the world?" Michael nodded with a frown in his face.
    "I know, and then she said I'm how every man should be... Should I be worried?"
    "Definetely. But... that's how Maker acted towards you before, isn't it?"
    "But we're adults now! It's different..."
    "Let's just hope it's just the reunion vibe. Now, let's enter." They both took in a deep breath and smiled confidently as they entered the room. But suddenly, a Gardevoir teleported into the room and snuggled againts Michael.
    "Nana, you evolved!!!" She hugged her tightly. "You're so beautiful as a Gardevoir!" Jodi chuckled and glanced over at Eli as Michael looked over Nana's shoulder.
    "Eli! It's great to see you again!" Jodi said to her Eevee obsessed friend. The two of them moved their gazes to the next people, and their faces flickered with annoyement as they saw Adolph and his girls, but quickly patched it up.
    "Oh, hi." Michael said with a strained smile. "Didn't know you three would be here..." He looked around awkwardly. He gave Nana a pat on the back and then pulled back.
    "When we heard that Maker would want to visit her, we had a feeling that she would invite the rest of the group." Jodi said, flashing a brilliant smile. "Shame Kathren and Renz aren't here."
    "So," Michael began asking the group, "what have y'all been up to?"
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  36. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli smiled "Good to see you two again" Halt asked Eli "Were they friends or siblings?" "Don't remember" "I've become the Eevee master, worked things out with halt, and am seeing some old freinds"
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  37. "Halt?" Michael whispered to Jodi, confused.
    "Copy inside his head." She whispered back, rolling her eyes.
    "Gotcha." He smiled at Eli. "So you took Jodi's advice and you did become a Eevee Master! Hope that calms your Eevee obsession!" Jodi elbowed Michael in the ribs. Hard. She looked at Maker.
    "What about you, Maker?"
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  38. Maker was watching the conversation and flinched a little when the attention was switched to her. "Oh! Um...." She thought of something good to say. "I bought this flat! Isn't it neat? In the middle of the world's safest city! I can go shopping, there's a good court and my gym is close by." She grinned, looking a little nervous. They didn't know she had left battling behind and just lived off her father's money.
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  39. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli raised an eyebrow "I did not know you thought I had an obsession" "I would look like that to someone else" he walked over to the table and took a seat, realising Plasma, and Drip(Vaporeon)
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  40. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    The three scientists(or rather, two scientists and a champion/engineer mix) would look at Michael, and before the two scientists could speak, the regions champion spoke up, with a pleasant smile. "I guess you didn't get the news, but I obtained role of champion for region of Unova! And perhaps, in the future, I become the world champion! It not be too hard, considering how I easily defeat trainers, but it will take much effort!" She chuckled happily, the beautiful woman giving some fluid hand gestures as she spoke. Adolph simply gave a nervous smile and a wave, while Vypyskha simply tried to escape the area by hiding behind Adolph. "Well, yes, Maker sent us an invitation, and we figured it was as good as a time than any to patch things up with the group." He replied, his eyes clearly visible as his visor was now a transparent, faint green colour. "Although, I have never realized why we were in the group to begin with... We failed in our goals, and we did nothing to help... Not that I am aware of anyways..." He said softly, seemingly ashamed of himself.
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