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Private/Closed BnHA: Your Hero Academia

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by GalacticDeg, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. Behind the doors, was a mystery to be unveiled. It was said that it wasn't robots this year, but something else to face. The U.A. Entrance Exam's Practical was a nerve-racking thing for most people, as this was the harder half to the written tests.

    'Uh, right, so... this is the second half of the U.A. Entrance Exam. Only 40 people get through the exams, and if you fail this, you probably won't get in.'. Earphone Jack, known as Kyoka Jiro was shouting through the microphone, and explained the simple rules that everyone already knew. After what seemed like five minutes, she had finished, took a deep breath, and then caught everyone by instead of shouting to get ready and go, it came out as a...

    'Get ready to..... go in five minutes.'.

    After his adrenaline start had been cancelled, Konyo sighed heavily, and turned around, to see another massive load of people, behind him, just like ahead, and decided to talk to someone.
    'Earphone Jack really is a bit like an annoying sound, huh?'. The person he was looking at was a brown-haired teen, who looked as if he was one of the silent but deadly types of people.

    (@Aether Ace)
  2. funguy

    funguy Previously j o n a h

    Fuku pushed past the crowd as he made his way to the front, "Excuse me, a future hero coming through!" Fuku pushed through as he made it to the beginning of the crowd. He overheard some other applicants talking about how annoying Earphone Jack was, but he decided to ignore. "Man, whish I could've prepared for this," Fuku said moving his shoulder. Fuku listened as Earphone Jack talked and as she began to yell he began to yell.

    "PLUS ULTRA!" Fuku heard a cry from Earphone Jack and some other teachers.

    He faced them with a grin, "PLUS ULTRA!" Fuku touched the metal doors softly. "Time to strut my stuff," Fuku said laughing. Fuku looked at the equipment he was wearing. Quirk enhancing gloves and air pressurized boots. "I'll surely make it to Class A with this!" Fuku said as readied himself for what was beyond the door.
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  3. Akiko got up from her seat once the 'speech' was finished. She went over to the doors to get ready, only finding a boy already there. He only looked about a year older, so she slowly approached him. She stepped in front of him, half chuckling, half smiling, "I'm sure you will, but there's some hefty competition this year." She stared up at the seats, trying to figure out what everyone's quirk would be, also noticing their muscular bodies. A shiver rolled down her, "I hope the test isn't too bad, I've seen the massive robot from past years.." @XBD
  4. "Those robots won't be a problem. Atleast not for me" Naya said with a smug smile as he was bouncing a metal ball up and down on the ground. This shouldn't have been possible for most people but with the quirk Naya had, it was possible.
    "Unfortunately we won't be able to work in teams or i could have helped you with your robots. And it's also a bit of a 'may the best man/woman win' scenario and i don't want to fall behind everyone else. Not that i think it's possible" he added, pretty cockily. He usually wasn't this cocky but he just knew that he would be able to pass this easily. Like a walk in the park.
  5. Benjiro sighed in relief when the annoying speech was done, he was about to leave when he saw a massive group of people try to get through the door. He sighed and proceeded to walk through, before the touched the crowd, his entire body appeared to have exploded into a large cloud of smoke that dashed through the crowd until he was at the other side. "If I don't make it through this physical exam, I won't have any other plans in life. I need to become a hero." He said to himself quietly, he made his way to the door and double checked to make sure he was wearing his equipment... it wouldn't do much for him or his quirk, but it was certainly useful when it came to his martial arts which he hoped was enough for dealing with a bunch of walking tin cans. A small smirk appeared on his face, he was clearly ready for the exams and the chance to let loose.
  6. "Well, gotta go now" Naya said and made the bouncing ball into a stepping plate and stepped up on it. He saw a smoke cloud move past him and figured that must've been somebody's quirk. Then he took off by floating up a bit above every other student (except for those who had a quirk that made them either fly or hover themselves) and going in through the massive doors. He looked at his left arm and his metal ring was still there and good to go. He used his quirk to remove it and made a few small bullets out of it. These would come in handy against the smaller robots but he would need something bigger in case he faced the bigger one's. But he figured he could just take parts from the smaller robots and use them to fight the bigger one's.
  7. Akiko shrugged, "Sometimes team work makes the best results, you have to leave people behind, that's right, though.." She looked at the floor, then felt smoke go past and shot her head up again, and when the boy re formed, she waved over to him with a smile. They would be starting soon, so she decided to get a move on and get some stretches done. She'd need to be ready to run and attack, she obviously didn't want injuries just from the exam.
  8. funguy

    funguy Previously j o n a h

    Fuku charged toward the door aggressively, "When do we start!" Fuku pounded his fist on the metal door waiting for it to open. Fuku slammed his head against the door over and over again. "Come...com-come on!" Fuku said as he swung his head at the door again. Fuku ran all the way to the back of the crowd and back to the front. "Hey, Earphone Jack (@GalacticDeg)! When do get a move one!" Fuku shouted over the crowd. Fuku ran to a girl stretching (@Jodie.xox), "Hey, hey! Do you know when it's gonna start?" Fuku revealed about six bananas in his pocket. Fuku vigorously took one out and scarfed it down, "Want one?"
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  9. Akiko giggled, “I’m sure the teachers are just preparing everything for us.” She happily took a banana, “Thank you!” She peeled it open and tried to scarf it like the boy in front of her before the exam started, “I think you were faster..” She shrugged, throwing the peel into a nearby bin.
  10. 'Banana monkey, be patient!'. Earphone Jack shouted back down to the boy who'd shouted up to her, until she looked down and noticed something on the screen in front of her. 'Ah. Get away from the doors or you're gonna get hospitalised.'. Konyo immediately took steps away, even though he was a large distance from the doors.

    The doors immediately burst into thin air, after an explosion puffed its way through the crowd, and it caused things like Konyo's hair to fling backwards from force, before the entire crowd charged off into the massive long rectangular stone path, but it didn't have the usual massive mechanical humanoids, it had.... actual humanoids, or rather, people. Young to old, all of them were wearing costumes, that a hero would wear.

    Taking a large gulp, Konyo ran forwards, through the crowd, and put his hand out, to draw the shape of a sword, and then a shield, and ran at a hero, with vivid bright blue hair, and then only noticed his stupidity half-way through. He didn't know the hero's Quirk, and it could be anything. But, this time, Konyo was lucky, as the hero fired his arms at him, as they were attached to his torso via springs. Using his shield, he managed to counter the arm, he ran around the spring hero, and quickly made an explosion, pushing him backwards, only for another hero to push him forwards with wind power, forwards at the first hero, and he was knocked into the air and slammed to the floor. The two heroes started to corner Konyo on the floor, and then he heard Earphone Jack on the microphone again.

    'Forgot to mention, you can arrest the heroes using any method possible, and push the button wherever it's located on them, to gain points.'.

    However, Konyo was already pinned down by his arms, from both the spring hero who was standing a distance away, with the wind hero behind his head, and there was nothing else to do.

    (@Aether Ace, you haven't posted yet so I tagged you so if you forgot.)
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  11. Alyssa stayed quite as yelling erupted in the crowd ahead of her. She was in the back of large group of people, not that she minded. The girl wanted to be a hero, just as much as any other kid standing around her; but she was too busy to worry about being the first into the arena or the loudest one on the floor. The girl had to keep relaxed and content, it made her glue strongest when her body was in the best of it's condition.
    "I can't beleive I'm standing here! I'm so ready!" Lyss bit her lip to keep her smile from growing too large it hurt her. Then suddenly, the crowd started moving- pushing the girl forward. She hadn't even heard Earphone Jack, but a poof in the distance confirmed that the exam had begun.
    By the time that Alyssa had gotten into the large arena, eveyrone had already syarted fighting. The heroes were scattered and she couldnt ifnd a single open opponent, "The others must be farther up." Lyss muttered. The girl looked around before her vibrant, green gaze landed on what seemed to be someone in trouble. She hesitated, wants he competition? Did she get points for helping out other students? Slowly, Lyss shook her head "Stupid priorities." The girl smirked. She couldn't even imagine ending up like this kid, after trying so hard. In a swift, single motion the girl ran towards the spring-hero and swiped her both of her across the hero's shoulders, immobilzing the limbs as they were stuck in place and unable to retract or expand from the shoulder-blades.
    Then, the girl's eyes fell upon the small tdd button which stuck out form the hero's suit. So she would be able to get points after all!
  12. A girl had now jammed the spring-hero's springs, and Konyo was back up again.
    'Thanks for that! He jumped ahead, about to press the button on his neck, but then noticed the girl who'd helped him. 'You know, you take that.'. Without hearing her response, Konyo dashed ahead, to get to the wind hero whom he had got up so fast that the hero didn't react in time, and now was head to head with the 15 year-old. The hero looked similar to Present Mic, but much bulkier, and his brown cone-like hair was must shorter, as if it was stuck in the position it had been blown in.
    Once again, with a plan this time, Konyo started drawing a rocket, which the wind-hero embraced for, only for him to switch mid-doodle into a firework explosion, which caused the hero to be distracted, and then his button on his palm was pressed within seconds, and he sighed, whilst escaping the battleground.
    He went back to the Alyssa girl, to give her a bit of a thank-you gift.
    'I think this place is like a maze. If you spot ahead, you can see it twists into two directions. I'm thinking that it's a maze course, scattered with heroes.'.

    What Konyo didn't know, is that he was right with the "scattered with heroes."., but he was wrong with the maze idea. In-fact, it was a large course, filled with sections for different skills. Next up, after the massive-but-simple skate-park looking battlefield, would come a ninja-training-like part, with thin, tall poles, scattered over a pit, but with swift heroes located all over. That is, if you took the left turn. The right turn would be a trap, where your chances of escaping are slim.

    With the perfect path made in his mind, he drew an army tank after quite a few mistakes, and a few battles with heroes he won against. He got into it, and with the simple driving mechanic added, Konyo stormed through the battlefield, knocking heroes down, to then press their button quickly and get back in the tank. Up until, a hero managed to blow his tank open, and he was left with nothing, but to fight.

    Whilst fighting, he could hear a female voice in his head.
    'You're hearing this because of a certain well-known retired pro-hero with the ability to talk to specific people. Also because you're currently in the top 40. Keep it on!'.

    Knowing that, he knew to advance would be best, so Konyo made his way, still pressing buttons in fights, to the fork. Until he was pinned down by a hero who had a very intimidating face. His fanged mouth was extremely wide, going to his cheeks, and his eyes had black skin around them. 'Pinned again... woahhhh.'. For someone like Konyo, it wasn't a hard thing to realise what his Quirk was. His appearance must be able to scare anyone, as it took a lot of power for the teen not to scream in fear. Especially without being able to move. Even though he wanted to shout out for help, nothing could come out. The thought of wanting to give up on the test was definitely edging into Konyo's mind, even though it shouldn't have. That must have been an add-on to the Quirk.
  13. Benjiro quickly turned into smoke as the door flew open and the crowd charged into the hall like a raging stampede. he looked back to see that rather than the typical robots others would battle, he saw other heroes with certain marks on them which began to spar with the new heroes to prove their worth. Benjiro smirked as he reverted back to is human form and nonchalantly walked in. "The place in school will be mine." He said almost sinister like, he did wish to be the first of the top 40, but his main priority was to be in the 40s to begin with so he could have access to the school... and is lifelong dream of becoming a hero.

    As he calmly walked around in the hopes he would find someone to battle with, he was surprised when he saw a bat like humanoid swoop toward him alongside a female who appeared out of Benjiro's shadow and attempted to strike from behind. Benjiro quickly realized the situation he was in and quickly turned to smoke which caused the bat creature to collide with the shadow girl, he reverted back and quickly searched for the marks on them, pressed them and quickly moved on to battle hero to hero. He barely used his quirk as he felt he didn't need to, especially after he exceptionally dodged many attacks from other heroes all thanks to his martial arts which he used to subdue some heroes.

    After battling a few heroes and hearing that he was somewhere within the top 40s, he turned to look at a large and heavily armored hero. Benjiro couldn't help but laugh with excitement as he assumed a Muay Thai fighting stance. "Bring it on!!!" he shouted almost at the top of his voice, both the armored hero and Benjiro charged toward each other, the armored man attempted to deliver a devastating punch only for Benjiro to turn into smoke just before the hit was landed, he quickly used his smoke form to create a large cloud of smoke around the entire body of the armored hero which rendered him confused. As he looked around for Benjiro, the latter reappeared and delivered devastating kicks in order to knock him down only to see the button was on one of his shoulders.

    Instead of going straight for the button like the armored man would have likely predicted, Benjiro reverted back to human form on the armored man's arm and began to run across it, the armored man tried to swat Benjiro away like a fly, but he managed to dodge most of the attacks whilst he turned to smoke in order to evade what his human form couldn't until he gave the armored man one last kick to the head and pushed the button. After he jumped off the armored man with a graceful flip, he looked away whilst the armored man fell back with a booming thud.
  14. Akiko gasped, then stood back as the doors exploded. The blast made her hair fly back, which she quickly responded to by putting her arms in front of her face while the blast went out. The crowd ran in, with her a bit dazed. She eventually went in herself, only to see everyone battling heroes and trying to press buttons on them. She ran towards someone that made a small storm in front of them, then Akiko sprinted through it and got out sharp claws. She pounced onto the hero, then pressed the button on their back before they could move the storm back over to Akiko. She breathed a sigh of relief before running on to get one, then two more. She chuckled to herself at her success, but she was tiring from all the sprinting. She could only go fast for short bursts of time, but she kept having to keep going. She got down on her knees for a break, panting lightly, not realising someone jumping ontop of her before she was able to stop it. She floundered around on the floor, trying to grab hold of their arm. “Get off already! There’s no pride in this!” She pushed them with her legs, then bit their arm, which they pulled away and grabbed hold of. She laughed, “Never mess with something if it has TEETH!!”
  15. "Well, time to get to business" Naya said and began to float into the arena. It hadn't been robots as he had first thought. It was people. "Damn. There goes my strategy. What now?" He thought to himself. He couldn't destroy these people like robots. Robots could be rebuilt but humans couldn't. They could be healed, but they might not ever recover from big damages. And big damages was what Naya had planned. He didn't have more time to think about it because people had already started to attack each other and if Naya wanted to get into UA, he needed to keep up. So he started to trap people left and right. Some of them broke loose with quirks that made them shrink, super strong or with acid. Those who shrunk wasn't too much of a problem because he could just trap them in mini cages which would hurt if they decided to grow again. Those who were super strong however was another thing. There weren't many ways that Naya could trap them but some of them weren't as strong as the other so metal cages work for them too. He fled from the rest. And those who could use acid was the biggest problem of all. Naya could still manipulate metal in the liquid form but with the acid added to the mix, it was harder. Besides, what could he with liquid metal? Only kill the people. That's what. So he ignored them. Then there was those who could melt the metal with heat. He had the same problem there as with the acid people. So he ignored them as well and just proceeded to trap all the other people.
  16. funguy

    funguy Previously j o n a h

    Fuku was thrown back from the doors opening up. Fuku then rushed through the crowd jumping and pushing through everyone. Fuku ran threw many heroes quickly tapping there buttons. The heroes began to use their abilities on him, but it seemed to have no effect. Fuku, while activating his quirk, was constantly tripping and stumbling because of his soft bones. Fuku tripped on a hero that had just fallen onto the ground, "Nice job, man!"(@Red Gallade) Fuku said quickly jumping up and sprinting away. Fuku bodied his way through many heroes quickly tapping their buttons. He was making his way through quickly until three heroes sprang onto him stopping him in his tracks. Fuku pushed one of the heroes off as the others began to activate their quirks. One turned into solid stone and the other melted into thin air. Fuku tried to push the solid hero off, but he began to almost break Fuku's bones. Fuku went soft as the solid hero began to sink into his body. "Ok, it i-it's now or never..." Fuku slapped the ground as his position and the road behind him became liquid. Heroes and participants began sinking (along with the heroes that pounced him). Fuku got up as his back bled severely. Fuku ran with his pressurized boots and shouted back to the heroes and participants behind him, "It wears off in a minute!"

    "You forgot about me?" A voice came from above him. The liquid hero melted back into matter and fell to the floor. He leaped up and charged at Fuku slashing his arm around.

    Fuku sprinted as quick as he could as he ran to the end of the tunnel. There were more heroes chasing after him as he progressed through the tunnel. A hero with a stone quirk created a wall separating Fuku and a few others from the rest of the participants. "Not my problem," Fuku said running away. The stone hero created a pillar lifting Fuku up and trapping him between the ceiling and the stone pillar.
    Fuku went soft as he began to be crushed by the pillar. "Com-come...on you-your a hero!" Fuku stuttered as he struggles to get off the pillar. Fuku bled from his mouth as his soft body began to wear off.

    A voice quickly spoke in Fuku's head, "Don't give up! You're in 27th place! You're almost their!"

    "I...wo-" Fuku passed out as the pillar began to lower down.
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  17. Alyssa smiled along as she tapped the hero's button and nodded away at the male's advice. He seemed like a good guy, the girl meant to ask for his name, but there was no time before they had to part. Lyss clenched her fist: 53rd place, she would have to work harder. Suddenly, something flew there the air and toward Alyssa. The girl let out a yelp as she just barley avoided the rock, and glaring at her was a pro-hero with several more stones piled into his hands. "I dont have time." Alyssa sighed, but the man paid no regard to her complaint as he threw another rock, just barley being evaded once more. He seemed to have an unlimited supply, like his body was making the stones. Each time that a large rock would hit the wall behind her, the girl winced, before suddenly she had a plan. Smearing her gooey substance over two of the stones she ran at the wall, and flung the stones; one higher than the other, onto the verticle surface. Lyss, then, proceeded to climb up the stones like a ladder- just as she had planned, the hero came closer.
    Alyssa, after whispering a pray, jumped from her perch and at the hero; but the girl's green eyes grew wide as in the opposite direction, a rock hurdled its way towards her. Lyss closed her eyes and oustretched her hands. When the rock made contact with her, the young girl fell to the floor and sputtered by the heroes feet.
    "Too slow, too rash." The hero muttered while shaking his head, but when he took a step- the man found his left foot glued the floor and Lyss's flat palm resting atop his shoe. Alyssa took deep breaths before sitting upright; when the rock hit her, the girl glued it to her palm, forcing it to stay in place without hitting the rest of her body. The only problem now was her likely shattered hand and the rock stuck onto it. Panting, the girl stood up; her rock filled palm sung at her body, and she used her left hand to push the heroes button.
    As Lyss stood sttaight, she looked up at terrain-contorlling hero who seemed to give a lot of the students trouble. She wondered if they were alright, figuring she'd waste her time; and start confrontation with someone else who was taking down that hero; she moved the other direction and broke into a sprint. 51st place.
  18. Akiko threw the hero off herself with her legs and quickly pressed his button. “45th place, don’t give up now..” A voice said to her, which made her jump up and run ahead to find more. Some had gathered around the people she’d seen earlier, and one was passed out on a pillar. She ran from behind the hero who made the pillar, then pounced from the back and pinned him down. She fought with him on the ground for a bit before he made a wall between them, but Akiko quickly pressed the button from over the only small wall. She took back her outstretched hand, looking up at Fuku and sighing. She saw his bloody back, which she could admit, didn’t look too good right now. She dragged him off the pillar to the floor, kneeling next to him. “Can we get some help.. please? He’s not doing too great..” She tried to look at a camera which the teachers could see them through, hoping they would call the nurse. @XBD
  19. Naya heard a cry for help and sighed. He figured he was gonna be alright for the test anyway so there was nothing wrong with helping someone else before he finished. He actually was at a pretty good spot already. One of the 10 best so he had nothing to worry about.
    "Ugh. Fine. I'm coming" he said and floated into that direction. He saw the girl from the front door and another guy. There were blood all over the guy's back.
    "Well, you're in luck. Blood are rich on iron so i can help you here. And i can sow the back together. It'll hurt, but it's better than bleeding to death" he said and started to put all the blood back inside the body, except for what had touched the ground and gotten dirty. Then he took some nearby iron and made them into nails which he sowed into the skin over the wound. This way the guy wouldn't lose more blood.
    "There. A temporary treatment. But he can't have it after this. I did make sure the iron i used to cover up the wound was clean but too much iron in your body is also dangerous" he said calmly.

    (I hope you're fine with this @XBD. I only made sure he wouldn't lose too much blood and so on. I didn't make him wake up. If you're not fine with it, i can edit it)
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  20. funguy

    funguy Previously j o n a h

    Fuku slowly lifted himself. "Dammit," Fuku said as he thanked the girl and boy (@Killerbunny and @Jodie.xox) that had somewhat helped him, "Thank you but I'm alright." Fuku sprinted off still enduring hits and quickly tapping their buttons. Fuku quickly passed many students, "Come on, there's an opening!" Fuku motioned for them to follow as knocked a few heroes out unconscious. Fuku ran with the two as they neared the end of the tunnel.

    The voice of the female hero echoed in his head again, "You're in twelfth place, keep it up."

    "I'm in twelfth so yo-wait, what were your names again?" Fuku questioned as he sprinted to the end, "Nevermind, Magneto you're in the eleventh and Nala (Lion King) you in tenth!"

    Fuku was being weighed down by the metal but he was rapidly softening his skin to keep him quick on his feet. As they neared the end Fuku stomped on the floor turning the ground behind them into a somewhat ocean (since he softened the floor and it became somewhat liquid).
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  21. It had been five minutes, and he was getting closer for his mouth to shout to quit, but he still refused. Then, he had an idea, still intimidated by the man's appearance. Risking his own health, he swung his head forth, and it hit his attacker, making him let go to feel his head. After sliding away quickly, Konyo checked his own, and it was bleeding, although not drastically. He'd also decided to stick away from the hero whom he had headbutted, and look around. There was some sort of tunnel and pillar thing that had been created, and a large crowd of people around the edge of the large tunnel, now starting to disappear, so Jesse decided to see what was next.

    On his left, was a lot of poles, with a lot of heroes, and to his right, a seemingly easy path of just more heroes. Definitely left, and Konyo took a running jump onto one of the poles, before being smacked away by a large tail. Quickly, he grabbed onto one of the poles, and pulled himself up, managing to do it before any more heroes struck at him. As he pushed his head up, he saw who had hit him. The well-known pro-hero, Tailman. He wasn't the most creative person, but he was definitely powerful, and swift. Open up for another attack, Konyo felt himself go flying again, and he landed on one of the poles, barely getting his balance. Again, another strike.
    'Everyone, give the boy a second. Let him get a move out.'. From that small bit of speech, Konyo didn't know how to think, and he got his balance, and started thinking. 'If you're not going to try and get a hit on me, then I will take that opportunity.'.
    With the idea finally in mind, Konyo began expelling the graphite trail out of his finger, and made a quiver, along with a bow and arrows, and began to try and delicately jump on the poles, whilst firing arrows. That definitely didn't work, as he couldn't aim in time, and decided to burn the archery set with his trail. He was being destroyed by Tailman, and couldn't do anything... oh.

    If his drawings came to life, what would happen if he made wind marks? After he had jumped over to the other side of the enclosure, he started to repeatedly draw wind, but it just burned up. After being hit again by the tail, he sighed. Hopefully someone else would make their way to the ninja place, and they could team up on the Tailman. Not to mention, but the other heroes were just watching, sitting on the edge of the walls, it was only Tailman on the battle.
  22. Akiko watched Fuku run away, then got up herself. "Thanks for that, I owe you one, and I'm Akiko, by the way." She said to Naya, quickly finishing up the short conversation, "Anyways, bye! I need points!" She waved, then swiftly sprinted away. The sprint slowed to a run, and the run to a walk as she stalked up behind a new hero levitating mid air. As she pounced on them, they shot weird purple balls at her, which she managed to avoid with fast reflexes and moves. She grabbed them mid air, holding on tight as they levitated high enough that Akiko couldn't touch the ground. She climbed up them to press the button on their back, then lost hold and fell to the ground. She rubbed her back, "That'll make for a nice bruise.." She got up again and got moving. When she heard someone say she was in tenth, she was confused, she'd stopped to help someone, but she wasn't too far back.

    (@Killerbunny He means Naya is Magneto because of metal powers and Akiko is Nala because of her lion mutation if you didn't get that)
  23. "I'm Naya! I hope we'll see each other in class 1A later!" Naya shouted after Akiko. Then he continued with pressing buttons on the heroes. "That guy i helped said i was now in eleventh place. I need to do better!" Naya said to himself. He easily deflected attacks from the heroes with a shield he had made from his unused ring, and at times he just fired it towards the heroes and trapped them until he could press their button. It didn't always work, but if he could catch them by surprise it did. Eventually he saw the guy that he had helped to heal earlier.
    "Hey! A warning before i'm back on my way, i only made a temporary surgical thing on your back. You should get it fixed as soon this is over! Iron isn't good in too much amount!" He shouted to the guy and then quickly continued to press buttons.

  24. Benjiro looked around and smiled at a few of the heroes who were trying to prove their worth like him, but here in the halls, he saw it as every man for himself, so he focused on stopping opponent after opponent. He made sure his moves were elusive, unpredictable and unnoticeable until it was too late, his moves were almost equivalent to that of a ninja. "This feels like a war... And I love it!!!" Benjiro shouted almost triumphantly as he was about to be attacked by another hero, but rather tan dodge or phase through the attack, he blocked it and showed his opponent a sly smile followed by a faint chuckle. The hero he fought possessed similar fighting techniques to what Benjiro had as well as a few other recognizable martial arts. "Huh, Muay Thai and Shaolin, nice mix, I look forward to beating you." Benjiro said as he bowed to his opponent who responded with the same gesture. Then both assumed a stance and began to fight each other in what seemed like a dispute between equal power. "This one's mine!" Benjiro shouted to any hero who wished to defeat his current opponent.
  25. As Alyssa, who eventually pried the rock off or her hand; though it was limp and likely broken, had more or less gotten into the groove of things. He passed heroes swiftly, they didn't expect her quirk as she slathered them and stuck them to the floor- which she found to be the most efficient way of dealing with the heroes. But it seemed that with every 5 or so buttons she had pressed, Lyss was moving farther and farther from being in the top 40. The girl had began taking long distance shot, balling up the glue secreted from her palms and throwing it at heroes's feet.
    The girl looked up for a moment before wincing, every time she stood still she could feel her throbbing hand, she wasn't used to dealing with such pain. As she moved forward and watched the many small battles, Lyss found herself amazed by and unsure of how some of the other students were still smiling; she felt horrible- she wanted it to end already but she knew she had to keep fighting.
    No longer aware of her rank, or the rank of anyone around her- Alyssa focused on the tunnel ahead of her. Whether she were sprinting or jogging, the girl did not know; her mind raced as the light grew, brighter and brighter and she soon exited the underground portion. Thin poled surrounded the girl, heroes balancing on on sides of her- their eyes just burning into her as if waiting for her to enter the arena. Yet, in the distance a familiar figure caught the girls attention, "Oh!" Alyssa gasped as she recognized the hero he was up against.
    At being below the large poles, Amelia could quite angle her glue. But it looked to be that the heroes weren't interfering with Konyo, maybe she could ignore them. Weaving between poles at full speed, though she wasn't the most agile of heroes, the girl looked above at Tailman and Konyo. The girl climbed up the pole in a matter of seconds before squatting to keep herself from falling back down. @GalacticDeg
    "Hey, again!" Lyss smiled, "You seem to attract the strongest opponents. Need some help?" Alyssa asked. "That's a pretty cool quirk. Would it help if I got him to stand still?" Lyss asked as she rubbed her palms together. She knew that it was wasting her time, but this kid helped her earlier when she couldn't find the other heroes: honestly she wanted to see him win right alongside her. Perhaps she was getting too attached to her class already.
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  26. Tatsu had quietly anticipated the start of the exam, knowing full well it would be quite different this year.
    "Just shake off the nerves....you've been training for this." The boy mumbled to himself internally as the heavy doors were thrown open, causing a slew of students to rush in and challenge the first hero they saw. This was not Tatsu's plan, he had a target.

    Among all the rather dramatic fights taking place around him, one black cloaked figure stood out, sitting completely still while observing the battles. Apparently no student had attempted to approach him, likely to do with his ominous appearance.
    He hovered in the air about three feet off the ground, two strands of thick bandages were trailing out of the figures baggy sleeves, the ends of which were planted firmly in the earth beneath him, keeping his body elevated off the ground.

    "Kazue 'Vex' Isamu.....The Mummy Hero." Tatsu finally spoke up, a long pause occurring between each word as he was utterly shocked to be standing in front of this particular pro hero.

    "....oh? You recognize me? Hehe....doesn't happen very often, what your name, kid?" The newly revealed Vex spoke back in a smooth, low voice. His tone was incredibly intimidating, yet completely nonthreatening, which only unnerved Tatsu even more.

    "I'm uh...." The boy cleared his throat, his words sounding quiet and strained, "...My names Tatsu Omigichi, I'd like to challenge you." He finally spoke up, his tone more confident and solid than prior.

    "Very well, I admire the occasional fan, so I'll humor you. Come at me." Vex replied, his feet quickly slamming on the ground as he spoke, followed the the swift removal of his cloak.
    Vex was pale, with dark eyes and messy black hair. Most of his body was still cloaked in a black trenchcoat, the only visible areas being his face, and the bandages that were once wrapped around his fists, but had begun receding up into his coat, revealing his lightly scarred fists.

    With one long, slow breath, Tatsu locked onto his target before charging forward, knowing this was where bit all began.

    "Hm, fast for his age, nice, but clearly not an augmented fighter, already a huge setback in close combat." The more experienced hero analyzed the boys movements, making no attempt to dodge as the young man sent a full force punch into the pros face.
    "....your in great physical condition for your age, but attacks like that won't get you anywhere." Vex responded in a muffled voice through Tatsu's fist, it now becoming very apparent that the blow did nothing whatsoever. He aimed to show this kid the real deal, and he wouldn't have this battle turn into play time.
    "Now get serious!" The Mummy Hero continued, slamming a semi-hard palm strike into the boys chest, knocking him back on the ground a few feet with a loud thud.
    "Huh? What was that about?" The pro thought to himself, noticing that his strike felt a bit...off.

    "You want it, you got it!" Tatsu was back on his feet almost instantly, also showing no sign of fatigue after the blow. This caused a wide grin to form on Vex' face, now getting a small idea of what this boys quirk may be.
    Tatsu planted his feet firmly in the ground, taking a deep breath in....a very deep breath in. In fact, the breath was so large, that his chest expanded outwards by a painfully large looking amount.
    "Not to widespread, but not to concentrated." Was the last thought that ran through the boys head as he shot out a powerful blast of air, being just big enough to barrel into Vex' chest, causing the pro to slide backwards on his feet, nearly losing his balance before being pressed against the wall firmly.

    "Ah, so that's how it is, eh?" The pro replied in an intrigued tone, dusting his shoulders off as he slowly approached the Titan Lunged boy. This was gonna be a good fight.
  27. funguy

    funguy Previously j o n a h

    Fuku was about to speak to (@Killerbunny) Naya as he opened his mouth a hard jab to the stomach stopped him in his tracks. Fuku, instead of passing out, spit out a bit of blood because of the pillar accident. Fuku looked up to see the "Iron Hero: Real Steel"! "So, your the rea-" Fuku stopped to grasp his stomach, "Real deal?" Fuku backed up clenching his stomach with both hands.

    "I am. The 'Real Steel'!" The hero said coating his body in steel. The hero ran towards Fuku jabbing him in the face and in the stomach with both arms. Before Fuku could react the hero lifted him up and threw him to the ground. "So, are you quirkless or you just can't defend yourself?" The hero said walking off towards Naya.

    "Hardening and softening isn't a good match," Fuku said weakly stumbling up. He was bleeding from his mouth and his back since he was thrown onto it. Fuku stood up and threw a punch at the steel hero who proceeded to throw hits at him.

    "Well, opposites attract." The steel hero said as they both rapidly threw punches at each other as their fist collide.

    Fuku didn't respond instead he attempted to speak but instead bled from his mouth. Fuku's soft coat on his fist was wearing off and he was beginning to bleed. Both of them were rapidly punching as Fuku yelled for Naya to run. He took it upon himself that this was his opponent. Fuku before finishing his thought was punched in the face by a cracked metal fist. The steel hero seemed to be fatigued a bit less than him but was still injured. The hero charged at Fuku grabbing his arm and shoulder and throwing him down. Fuku coughed up blood as his back hit the floor. Fuku watched as many people passed him while on the floor. Fuku stood up grabbing the heroes arm and beginning to soften it.

    "You remind me of my friend Honenuki from my class a few years ago!" The hero said touching his arm. The hero took Fuku and pushed him into a wall as his arm began to soften to the extent of immobilization. Fuku pushed back as realized that the softening had begun. Fuku tried to touch the steel heroes legs but was countered with the hero breaking the gloves with his quirk. Fuku looked up activating his boots. He flew away as the steel hero reached for him. Fuku clenched his back as he flew but soon realized he was slowly getting closer to the ground. The steel hero was relentless as was chasing after him.

    "Come on, ma-man!" Fuku shouted softly landing. He activated his soft body as the steel hero tackled him to the ground.

    Another hero ran in glaring at Fuku intensely. He was wearing a shimmering knights helmet and a similar armor. "Bonjour!" The hero said blasting the beam from is stomach at the two.

    "It's the sp-sparkling hero," Fuku said pushing Real Steel off and quickly leaping off, "'Can't stop Twinkling'!" Fuku watched as the beam flew between him and the steel hero as they leaped back.

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  28. "You've already forgotten my quirk? You did come up with a pretty good nickname for me. I like Magneto. He's cool" Naya said and was just floating out of reach for 'Real Steel' and with an iron shield directed towards 'Can't Stop Twinkling'. This way he'd be outside danger.
    "Want help?" He asked. He didn't immediately intervene because he knew how important it was for someone to fight their own battles. Then, from out of nowhere, all that Naya could see before he had to react was a bit of brown hair flying towards him. He raised his iron shield in time but was still knocked off from his iron plate that he had used to float around. He hit the ground.
    "Ouch. That hurt my head" Naya said and looked up to see Rikido Sato or the sweetshero 'Sugarman'. He stood up. Until now none of these people had been able to be more than a mild inconvenience but 'Sugarman' probably would. Atleast if he would keep that sugar.
    "Alright, so should i give you another emergency surgery? Or will you be alright?" Naya asked Fuku
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  29. TIMESKIP - After the Entrance Exam, the top 40 get letters revealing where they came, and what class they're in, among all the forms like hero-costume requests, items you'll need, how the dorm systems work, etc. Then, after if you decided to want to do that, as it's optional, you will need to do where you arrive at the U.A. Gates and make your way to Class 1-A, and then do whatever. If there's any questions, ask them on the Discussion

    'Konyo! There's a package for you! Get it on the kitchen table, I think it's special!'. It was now two weeks after the U.A. Entrance Exam, and one of the participants was still awaiting his letter. A package was not what he was expecting, and he hadn't ordered anything. Konyo walked down the stairs of his Musutafu flat, and to the large, dark blue package, wrapped with a red and gold ribbon, for his heart to leap. He looked at his mum, and his mum smiled back. Pulling up the ribbons, the package opened,and he peeled it. There was a pile of papers, and letters, but what was prominent, was a small card:

    Rikimaru Konyo
    U.A. Student
    Class 1-A (Hero)

    An acceptance letter was behind the letter, and then information on dorms, maps, and other pieces of information. But the one card was making Konyo shake. He was in U.A. . Finally. His hero career would begin. The world was spinning around him, and everything went black. He'd fainted.

    The days of the rest of the summer holiday was a case of Konyo doing anything to help his future at U.A., whether it was excersise, or studying a villain attack at the shopping centre. But, the one day had finally come, after what felt like a few years since the letter.


    Once Konyo had made it through the majestic blue gates of U.A., Konyo skidded to stop himself, and take a look at the titan-size U.A. building. Only up close did it look so much more majestic, but also gave a question to the new student, why was it made of glass? U.A. had a lot of strange qualities to it, but he had to put it behind him, and make his way into the school. Going through the halls and staircases, it was amazing to see how many amazing Quirks there were, people were showing others their Quirks, as the use of it wasn't restricted as much as it was in public. Taking advantage of this, he used his Doodle Quirk to create a skateboard, and attempted to ride it through the final hall, but he fell straight over, into the empty Class 1-A's homeroom.

    'Get up.'. The first thought to come into Konyo's mind was that surely he was dreaming.
    'L-Lord Explosion Murder?!'. How did such a ferocious, antisocial hero who had so many ambitions become a U.A. teacher?
    'Yeah. Me. Get in your seat.'. Konyo pushed himself up, and nearly ran to the back right-corner seat. 'What were you doing with that skateboard. You obviously can't ride it.'.
    'Uhm... I wanted to get to class fast, my watch must be late!'. It was an excuse, saying he wanted to make an impression was probably considered stupid.
    'Sure. Give your non-existant watch a fix.'.

    [===] | (that left thing is the teacher's desk, the downwards line is the door)

    O O O O
    O O O O
    O O O O
    O O O O
    O O O K (seats are like that, so the one that's K is where Konyo is sitting)
  30. After waiting for what seemed to be around two weeks, Benjiro was beyond pleased to see that he had been accepted into U.A.. His father couldn't help but weep in joy at his son's success in gaining the chance to fulfill his dream as a hero, much to Benjiro's embarrassment. Bejiro got himself prepared, lightly waved his father goodbye before he made is way over to U.A. "This is it. time to show the world what Benjiro Shinigami can do!" He thought to himself before he made his way inside and looked around to see many other heroes showing off their quirks, he couldn't help but show off his own, but wanted the best 'excuse' to do so.

    When he made his way to Class 1-A's homeroom, he stepped inside to see who else was there as well as who was teaching them. He made his way over to a desk, mainly one close to the door. As excited as he secretly was to train hard and become a strong hero, he wanted to be the first one out... even if he wasn't entirely familiar with U.A's layout. He sat down informally at his desk and patiently waited for everyone else to arrive as well as the lesson to start.
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  31. funguy

    funguy Previously j o n a h

    Fuku sat in his room eating a banana as his brother softly sang a song behind him, "Quiet, Sukasshu!" Fuku rapidly typed on his phone and began to stand up. "Alright, I'm out of bananas," Fuku said pushing his chair away with his foot, "I'm out, you want anything."

    "Get me a ca-no a bagel," Sukasshu said taking the chair for himself.

    "Okay, I'll be back in a minute," Fuku said rushing out of the house as he pulled on a yellow jacket and slipped on slick black shoes. Fuku rushed out only to trip straight on a thin package which he kicked into the house on his way down into the floor. Fuku stood up clenching his head, "What good is this quirk if I can't activate it in time," Fuku stood up and walked inside lifting the package. It was from U.A Highschool, "Finally! This may be a rejection," Fuku tore the package open revealing a small envelope. "Class A, what do you know?" Fuku said grinning. Fuku sat down to read the long paragraph about the dorms, classes, hero costumes, and requirements. Fuku stared at the bottom of the page, "Twenty-seventh. If it wasn't for that tin man I would've been higher." Fuku tossed the envelope onto the table and rushed out of the house to get bananas and go to U.A of course.

    A few minutes later Fuku was running in the halls of U.A with a bag of bananas and a backpack full of school supplies. Fuku watched as everybody was showing off their quirks in the halls as he pushed through them. Fuku ran into a girl who was confusingly staring at the door in front of her. Fuku tapped her on the shoulder once he stood up, "My bad." Fuku said.

    The girl turned around quickly with a smile on her face, "Sorry, it's really my bad. I'm Baburu!" The girl extended her hand towards Fuku.

    "Well, I gotta get to class, but nice meeting you," Fuku said shaking it quickly and rushing off, "I'm Fuku!" Fuku stumbled into Class 1-A with a huge grin on his face. Fuku walked into the room and sat on the teacher's desk, "Hey, Katsuki," Fuku looked at the hero with a smile, "I didn't know you were our teacher?" Fuku leaped off the desk and walked up to him, "Yawarakakusuru Fuku or you may know me as Fuku." Fuku walked to his seat before the hero could answer he sat in his desk and laughed as he waited for the hero's reaction.
    [===] |
    O O O B
    O O O O
    O O F O
    O O O O
    O O O K
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  32. A faint knocking caused Alyssa to look up from her computer; locked inside her room with the blinds closed, Alyssa looked kinda scary with h the single light form her screen projected onto her tiny face "No." The girl shot back at the door. No response, then suddenly the door was busted open by a large man and his wife, who stood behind him quietly. "How? I thought glued that shut." Alyssa shot up in alarm by her father's ease in opening the door.
    "Guess you need more training." the man grinned. Alyssa just puffed her cheeks out at her father's teasing comment, which she was in no way amused by. After a moment, Alyssa turned away from her parents and looked back to her computer; pulling the blankets over her head like a hood. "You can't spend the whole summer sulking." a serious tone replaced the man's joking voice, he looked down upon his daughter and huffed. Alyssa sighed. Alyssa's father was a pro-hero, he went by Spike in the field- though he was known well in his time; the man was growing old and slowly doing less and less hero work. He wanted more than anything for his daughter to carry out his legacy. He always got serious when talking about Alyssa's future as a hero. Spike was especially unhappy by the girl's comment about her lack of points of standing out during the entrance exam, she was sure she failed it. "This is ridiculous." Spike growled at the girl, her messy room, and her lack of interaction with the world for the last couple of weeks. Surrounding Alyssa was jars of glue, proof that she still trained silently, but she did look like she hadn't had her life together in years. At his daughter's silence, the pan simply tossed an open package onto Alyssa's bed; "Come join me for training when you;re done being a baby." he muttered as he turned around and left the hallway, his loud steps growing faint before disappearing.
    Alyssa huffed at the fact that her father had gone through her mail, but looked at the box with curiosity. "U.A" the girl read the label in a whisper as she rubbed her fingers across it. A rejection letter? They just had to rub it in. But the girl couldn't stop herself from looking into the box; the thrill was absolutely killing her. Suddenly, an excited squeal erupted from the girl's room. She hopped out of bed with such ferocity that the ground shook beneath her feet. "I did it! Nothing can stop me now!" Alyssa yelled triumphantly before racing out after her father. The rest of the summer was much more interesting, while her computer collected dust the girl went out everyday with her father, and afterwards she trained by herself until the sun rose in the morning. Alyssa was determined not to fall behind, she wanted to stand out; the girl was ready to step up and make a name for herself, just like her father wanted.

    Alyssa's body trembled with anticipation as she stood and stared in awe at the school. Her clothes were neatly pressed against her body, bright pink bag standing out against the uniform. Alyssa had eaten a huge and healthy breakfast, the butterflies in her stomach now made the girl only pray her eggs didn't come back up. She didn't know how she was so nervous, after all she ran these scene through her head over a hundred times. Yet the girl couldn't move her feet, the occasional shove would cause the girl to look around excitedly, otherwise she just watched the crowd move around her. "I'm so ready to make a difference." Alyssa clenched her fist. She had removed the bandage form
    her right hand, feared people would judge her for injuring herself, or think she's week for not healing by now; it hurt, but the adrenaline kept the girl from truly feeling her hand.
    Alyssa took a deep breath before pressing forward, she squeezed the straps around her shoulders and smiled as she turned to face the entrance to her classroom. A sign outside the door read 1-A, but Alyssa checked it about 6 times before convincing herself she wasn't about to embarrass herself by walking into the wrong room. Alyssa walked into the classroom, and was forced to take an obvious second to collect herself. She knew who the teacher would be, of course, but she had never met the guy in person. It was amazing! "Good morning, Sir." Alyssa nodded cooling before turning around, upon not facing the man the girl gave herself a celebratory high five and grinned like a five-year-old.
    Alyssa immediately picked out a familiar face out of the few kids in the classroom. She gave Konyo a wave, some of the other people she noticed too. She remembered most people by their quirks, and the girl had a feeling it would be hard to compete with and stand out against a class like this one. She just barley slithered through the entrance exam, and it was mostly off of 'rescue points'.
    With a sigh, Alyssa took a seat towards the middle of the room, part of her wanted to go sit by the only person she somewhat knew, but Alyssa figured she'd get the best experience right in the middle. The girl fidgeted in her seat until the other's arrived. There were so many, and she was one of the few female's. They looked so strong, some of them. She wondered if she didn't put enough effort into her summer training.

    O O O B
    O O O O
    A O F O
    O O O O
    O O O K
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  33. 'You wouldn't call Deku by 'Izuku" would you? I'm-'. He took a sharp breath, obviously trying not to break. '-Lord Explosion Murder. And I know your own name, Tongue Twister.'. He made a bit of a bitter laugh at his own joke, only to make Konyo and probably a few others who had arrived by now shiver. 'I can also give you detention or explusion, can't I? I like how Aizawa expelled a lot of his students, it's a good example for me to go off for my years of teaching.'. Konyo whimpered a little bit, nearly unaudible.

    (Bakugo calling Fuku by 'Tongue Twister' refers to how long Yawarakakusuru is, if it didn't make sense.)
  34. Kazumi was less than indifferent when he received his acceptance letter briefly glancing it over before continuing with his training. He had never doubted he was going to be accepted, but the confirmation did help bolster his slightly fractured confidence.

    Kazumi Sawatari
    U.A. Student
    Class 1-A (Hero)
    Placing 4th

    He had struggled to maintain control over his new neodymium format during the entrance exam and was kicking himself for only placing 4th overall. He had been aiming for top 3 but at least he hadn’t been placed outside the top 5. None the less Kazumi had seen his soon to be classmates and rivals during the entrance exam, motivating him to train harder than ever to hone his skills and outshine even the best of his classmates.
    Kazumi now stood at one end of an abandoned basketball court; tires, barrels and various barriers scattered across the former court
    “30 seconds to finish the course or we run it again” said the slightly raised voice of Kazumi’s father “Go!”
    Kazumi raced forward from his starting position in human form, hopping his way though the tires and jumping over barriers with ease. Morphing only his fists in order to crush or smash the variety of barrels filled with various materials.
    *RATTLE* ... *SHNICK*
    Kazumi let out a sudden cry of surprise as a razor sharp shard of metal grazed his thigh “What the hell was that for!”
    “You were too focused on speed that you stopped being aware of your surroundings. Do it again! We are not leaving until you can finish this course unscathed and under the time limit, you need to be able to morph at even a seconds notice!”


    The U.A. Building was even now breath-taking in its grandeur, Kazumi stood at the gates just soaking in the Atmosphere “I’m here and this is real now” he thought to himself as he took the first step and joined the growing throng of students moving to their home rooms. Kazumi slipped into 1-A as silently as possible taking a seat four rows back as a neutral starting position for his new life. Half looking out for the cute magnet quirked boy he’d noticed in the entrance exam, Kazumi must have been lost in his own thoughts because it wasn’t until about 5 minutes of sitting at his new desk flipping though his welcome pack that he realized who his home room teacher actually was. ‘It’s Lord Explosion Murder!’ Thought Kazumi Squealing internally with anticipation, “maybe jsut maybe I’ll be able to test my new tungsten skills against some proper explosive power”
    He couldn’t help chuckle when Bakugo sent a student racing to the back corner, “He’s not someone to be messed with you realise that right? Any way I’m Kazumi and you are ...?” facing the new boy with a smile

    O O O B
    O O O O
    A O F O
    O O K O
    O O O K
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  35. It was rather a delayed question, but regardless, Konyo was glad to have to be able to respond to someone who wasn't just as scary as a villain.
    'I'm Konyo. I already know generally heroes aren't to be messed with. I mean... shouldn't that idiot over there have some respect for one of the top heroes?'.
    Lord had evidently overheard, as he gave a bit of a smirk after hearing the rainbow-haired student.
    'Wait, you were talking to me, right?'. Konyo was hoping it was a yes because it would be very much embarrassing to receive a no in such a situation.

    (I'm probably gonna call Bakugo by Lord in future because he had to have such an annoying name)
  36. Naya was in his room where you usually found him if he was home. His family wasn't the wealthiest but they could afford a computer for Naya. And it was on that computer that Naya expected an email from UA. But he never got one. Instead, his dad knocked on the door.
    "Naya, you have a letter here!" He said.
    "Alright. I'm coming!" Naya replied, switched off the computer and walked out to see his father with the letter.
    "It's from UA" his dad said.
    "Really!?" Naya said and quickly opened the letter where it clearly stated that Naya was accepted. He had apparently done better than most other's in that exam. These news made Naya quite happy and he immediately began to prepare for whatever lessons he would come to have.

    -Later, at UA-

    Naya was uh... 'skating' on the metal board that he often used as a skateboard. But he wasn't sure he should call it that. He didn't skate on it. He floated on it. Anyway, he headed over to UA and opened the doors to go inside. Where he started 'skating' again. He was gonna ask what kind of rules applied to him when it came to skating. His last school didn't want it to be unfair for the other students so they wouldn't allow him to skate in that school. Maybe UA thought the same way? Anyway, he 'skated' over to the classroom that he had been assigned. There he made the metal board into small balls so they wouldn't be so heavy and put them in his backpack. Then he entered through the door.
    "Oh. Hello Lord Explosion Murder. Didn't know you were our teacher. Nice. I got a question, since my quirk makes it possible for me to manipulate metal even in liquid form, i want to know if it's still against the rules for me to skate here. Don't worry. I have my metal board in my bag. It's in the shape of balls now" Naya said. Meanwhile he waited for the answer, he took a seat in the back.

    O O O B
    O O O O
    A O F O
    O O K O
    (N) O O K
  37. “You’d expect so but He and Deku have some really complicated history, I still wouldn’t be calling a Pro-hero an ‘Idiot’ if I were you” replied Kazumi noting Konyo’s obnoxiousness as a potential character flaw to be further investigated ‘this guy must have a death wish or something, there’s a difference between confidence and arrogance seems like he is definitely true latter, I mean insulting you Home Room Teacher on the first day is bad enough, but when that teacher happens to be prone to explosive outbursts of violence this behavior is beyond moronic’ out of the corner of his eye Kazumi noticed the classes newest arrivee “Hey you’re that magnet quirk guy right?, I’m Kazumi”
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  38. funguy

    funguy Previously j o n a h

    Fuku sat in his chair and slowly turned his head to the person on his left, "What's up, fam." Fuku extended his hand to Alyssas. "You know that Katsuki, is one son of a gun." Fuku laughed as he spit his words out, "He'll be fun for a whole semester." Fuku leaned over to Alyssa, "So your the girl with the cemedine quirk?" Fuku leaned back in his chair and glanced at her he put his hands into a hole and turned away with a glare. Fuku waited for the other students to arrive as he decided to scare some more of the students.

    "So, your the two with the metal quirks?" Fuku turned back in his seats facing Kazumi and Naya, "Hey, Magneto? Guess were in the same class, huh?" Fuku looked at the other student, "Who's this? Well all I know about you that your similar to that Tetsutetsu hero I fought during the exams." Fuku glared at them intensely, "I'd like to see us all compete in the future," Fuku turned back facing forward, "But don't expect me to let you win. That's not fair for me."

    Fuku then stood up and trudged to the back of the room sitting in the chair behind Kazumi and next to Kyono, "I love to draw too you know." Fuku then shouted to Benjiro, "Don't get too hazey!" Fuku sat back down in his seat with Lord Explosion Murder staring at him grinning. Fuku laughed, "I do my research." Fuku held up a peace sign as the other students rolled in.
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  39. Mai's walking pace grew slightly more frantic as she turned a familiar corner for what she believed was the third time. She often struggled with directions, so UA's sheer size did not favor her chances. She took a quick glance at a clock on the wall only to realize that the information didn't help her. What time did class start again? Eh, surely she wasn't yet late, as there were still students in the hallway. After requesting careful directions for a second time, the girl found her classroom at last.

    The figure emerging through the doorway of class 1-A hardly looked like a student. Her uniform appeared awfully tight, her floofy maroon hair enlarged her head with its presence...and she was in bare feet. Her face expressed not a hint of unease as she strolled scanning the room of curious characters for a perhaps a tad longer than one might deem appropriate before dropping down in a front seat...the one closest to the teacher's desk, a mistake she was destined to repeat after her many years of in-class nap-times.

    After sitting down, Mai proceeded to casually rest her shoulder on her chair as she turned her head to gander at her fellow classmates and their conversations with wide-eyed intrigue, not a worry in the world.

    After all, she made it.

    M O O B
    O O O O
    A O F O
    O O K O
    N O O K
  40. “Hahaha trust me Real Steel, ain’t got nothing on me, But whatever you say man.... wait you’re the literal human punching bag right?, I thought they were kidding when I heard about you, it’s a very... unique... quirk, how far have U tested it? Because a punching bag is great against blunt force but even a tiny cut can deflate the whole thing” smiled Kazumi sharpening his fingers into blades in a slightly sadistic way before breaking out laughing and retracting them “sorry dude I had to, you aren’t the only one who did his research, names Kazumi”

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