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Private/Closed Bloodpeak Academy reboot (A monster school RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Finch~, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Luss
    "See ya" said Luss as Ptolemy left him. Incubus ran to his dorm as fast as he can, becouse, nobody want to be late. He reached the door to his dorm and he opened. He already saw that someone was here, but before he start thinking about, what kind of monster is she, he said "Hello there, it seems that we are going to be roommates. My name is Lussuria, you can call me Luss as everyone" He said with a smile. After taking a closer look at the girl, He assumed that she is a Dragon.
    King (Gil)
    Gilgamesh finally found his dorm doors "I really hope that, my dormmate won't be a kind of annoying person."

    He opened the door and Ptolemy's Skull came out of nowhere, Gilgamesh jumped away in instinct and summoned from his gates of haven a longsword with a golden handle and a shiny blade, on a middle in a handle was a red rubin. He rushed with him at skull and stopped in a last second, as he calmed himself.

    He came closer to the skull and then, he noticed a camera in the room. With an angry voice he said quite loud "Ha, very funny... Okay jester, Now show yourself and say hello"
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  2. Saphrax had started to sort out his clothes when his roommate walked. He looked over to the girl. She looked a little uneasy in his presence. He hoped she would not be that way long. He smiled at her in a friendly way. "Hello you must be my roommate. My name is Saphrax. You do not have to feel uneasy with me around. I am not going to go on a rampage unless there is no coffee." He took the gutiar cases off the pile. There were three. One acoustic and two electric. He set them up against the wall for later.
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  3. Ptolemy
    "Well, hello." Ptolemy spoked through his detached head. The boy almost impaled his head with that shiny sword but the only thought that crossed Ptolemy's mind was 'oh, that's a nice sword'.

    His other parts of the body, the headless skeleton, picked up his head and reattached it back into where it should be. He used the confetti, then threw glitter powder and more colorful paper cuts into the air.

    "Welcome mate, to our room!"

    Interaction: @Clite of Dragonbow
  4. Aila
    Ah. So she wasn’t much of a talker. The girl shifted slightly, looking a bit awkward but otherwise fine. Not sure how to respond to Carla’s response, she just smiled and returned to unpacking, leaving herself to her thoughts.

    Shen listened to Drake attentively, chuckling under his breath at the other boy’s question. “Oh, nonono. Aila’s my stepsister, she’s.. well, she’s interesting. I wanna say she’s a selkie? Like, one of those Scottish seal people things. I think its like, human on land, selkie in water, but I’ve never seen her in that form, so I wouldn’t really know.”
    The boy watched curiously as Drake unpacked a plethora of items, all of which seemed helpful in the wilderness. Maybe he liked camping..?
    Ohhhh, that’s probably how he turned.
  5. Selkie? Now that was a creature that Drake had never heard of. Still, it made sense that Aila wasn't a Succubus. The only thing unusual about her was the whiskers on her cheeks, no demonic features as far as Drake could remember. And even then, being a, uh, seal person kind of explained the whiskers. So Alia was Shen's stepsister, not actual sister. Okay. Having pretty much unpacked, Drake sat back on his bed. He didn't really have anything to decorate the room with, no posters or anything. He decided to hang up the lunar calendar next to his bed. That was at least a little something to spruce up the room.

    Turning back to Shen, he noticed the Incubus looking at his camping gear and smiled.
    "Yeah, that's some pretty high quality gear. I'm one to judge, because it lasted me the last three months without breaking or tearing or anything." Drake said. He leaned back in his bed, getting more comfortable, and his smile grew even further. "You know, that pad's not that bad, but it's going to feel really, really good to be sleeping on a real bed again."
    Drake laid back on his bed, and a thought struck him. Had it really been three months? Three whole months... A quarter of a year, just gone. I wonder how mom and dad are doing...
  6. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Astrapi looked up at her roommate, smiling. “Oh, hello then. I’m Astrapi” Her tail flicked slowly, as if to say another hello. She got up and sat on her bed. “And well, as you can see, I’m a dragon”

    Star relaxed at Saphrax’s words. “To be honest, I would too” she chuckled, but then looked down slightly. “You’re probably wondering what I am. I’m a shapeshifter. And a shadow shifter too I guess, and I can’t feel pain.” She said, adding to herself “sounds great, but it’s honestly more like a curse than a blessing”
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  7. "Oh Cool. Well as you probably guessed I am a vampire. Do not worry I am way past the rampage stage. Will probably not go berserk on anyone soon." Saphrax had all of hid belongings out of the boxes and was putting everything on his side of the room. He was gald to have had thought ahead to pack everything he would need. He did have a little mini fridge that he had to bring. He would not open it until he was alone in the room. Did not want to freak out Star with what was contained within.
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  8. Luss
    "It's really nice to meet you. I'm sure that, we are going to have great time as dormmates and in this school" Luss said to Astrapi and started to unpack his things from the bag and suitcase. His clothes, some books, games, Black Poster with some symbols on it (hid under bed) and many other things.
    Gil was thinking for a while, but it seemed, that Gilgamesh.exe stopped working already. After a while of silence, he has said "Well, thank you for such ... Interesting welcome". After that, Gilgamesh hid his sword to a gate and started unpacking. Gilgamesh never needed any box, bag, suitcase or something to take his things with him. A few crystalic, shining circles (gates) appeard and shed the most important things for everyday life, He put them in their place and was quite prepared. He looked at Ptolemy as he ended "I hope that, we will get along quite well" He said and summoned a golden cup with a red wine, he took it and then he heard, how someone could say "You aren't allowed to drink, young man......". He put his cup again to the gate... "Hey, Ptolemy... I don't remember, if I met a skeleton before. You weren't born like that do you... Do your Mom and Dad a skeletons too?" Gilgamesh asked, as he really wanted to know. "As long as he won't disrespect me... We schould be okay for now"
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  9. Ptolemy
    Ptolemy watched with curiosity as Gilgamesh unpacked his things. He never met someone who own a portable storage like this one, well, at least one that was as big as Gilgamesh's.

    "Of course we don't born as pile of bones. Me and my parents become like this because of some bullshit big family drama."

    Time was ticking, Ptolemy wore his Bloodpeak uniform and preparing himself for the first assembly. He looks as neat as any fresh students. His last touch was a small red bowtie.

    "Allright Gi-boy, don't forget to come to the main hall. Don't want to get in trouble with the teacher on your first day of school, right? Wink. I'll go first and look around. Who know, maybe I can find myself a nice curvaeous bonefriend." Laughing at his own joke, Ptolemy walked out of the room merrily and headed towards the main hall.

    Interaction: @Clite of Dragonbow
  10. Carla could feel the rooms atmosphere get more awkward and looked over to Aila as she returned to unpack her stuff. That reminded the cyclops that her stuff hasn't arrived to her dorm yet. The one-eyed students mother had promised to teleport the big sports bag that her daughter had packed full of clothes and other necessary things that are required to have when you try to survive a school year. Carla's mother actually went to Bloodpeak Academy, so she knew how the dorms functioned in there. The cyclops thought about telling her roommate about a big duffle bag that's going to hopefully appear somewhere in their room soon.

    Before she could say anything, a magic circle appeared in the middle of the room. A teleportation circle to be specific. Out of circle appeared a dark blue duffle bag with white high-lights quite in the middle of the room (height-wise) over the magic circle, and as the circle started to fade away the big sports bag hit the floor with a thud. Trying to neutralize her emotions from the awkwardness, Carla got up from the bed where she sat and picked up the the bag that had just appeared in the room and dropped it on her bed.

    "Sorry about bag.. Parents teleport it here," the cyclops said, but didn't look over to Aila, but instead started to unpack the duffle bag.
  11. Shen
    Shen watched in mild amusement as the boy pondered for a moment, probably to process the whole selkie thing. Shen didn’t understand a whole lot either, but Aila promised they’d go to some lake or the ocean someday. The girl had seemed pretty excited, so naturally his expectations were a bit high. It was then that his phone vibrated, a text from the whiskered girl herself.
    Meet me in the hall? Wanna get to the assembly early. Bring ur roommate too, we’re kinda best friends now.
    Shen scoffed softly, a little smile tugging on his lip. He looked up from his phone back to Drake, who seemed lost in though again.
    “Hey, Aila wants to meet us in the hall to head to that intro assembly. I’ll be outside,” he mused, standing up with a gentle flick of his tail and slipping out of the door.

    She couldn’t take it anymore. This was too awkward, even for someone as bubbly and social as her. Silently, Aila took out her phone, sending a text Shen’s way, before tucking it into her pocket and going to stand.
    “Alright, I better g- eep!”
    The girl jumped backwards as an enormous bag teleported into the room through a circle in the ground, before the circle disappeared and the bag slumped onto the floor. Aila looked up as Carla apologized flatly, and the girl swallowed slightly before waving her hands around. “Ah- no worries! All good. I was just gonna head out to meet my brother.. I’ll see you later though, alright?” She explained quickly, before leaving the room with a tiny sigh.
    Really bad first impression. Way to go, Aila.
    On the bright side, though, Shen was in the hall waiting for her already.
    “Hey! Where’s your roommate?”
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  12. Drake glanced up at Shen when he spoke up.
    "Yeah, just give me a sec." Drake said, brushing off his thoughts. As Shen walked out of the room, Drake jumped off of his bed. He watched as Shen's tail flicked, then glanced out the window. Good lord... rooming with a demon. Well, Incubus. Shen didn't seem all that bad, so that was good. With a sigh, Drake stretched then followed Shen out of the room.

    Closing the door behind him, Drake found that Aila was already out in the hallway with Shen.
    "Uh... Hey." Drake said to Aila. Now that he was in a much less panicked state, he could get a much better look at the girl. She seemed... actually, really normal looking. Even the whiskers didn't really seem all that strange. Suddenly feeling a little sheepish, Drake rubbed the back of his neck and smiled. "Sorry for kinda... freaking out on you in the yard. I don't think I ever really told you my name. I'm Drake. Drake Lanthorn."
    Still feeling quite sheepish, Drake extended a hand to Aila.
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  13. Gil couldn't have his facade anymore, but he wanted to get rid of it later...Gods really have to hate him... Now they were just annoying with their decision... Becouse who, if not them... Could give him as a dormmate.

    As Ptolemy left, Gil didn't know, if he is happy or not. One thing he knew for sure. He needed to go to the main hall, but he didn't want to look like he will usually do. He summoned his gate again, and he took a while. Gate takes a bit of his energy, he took from it black t-shirt with golden crown mark in the middle and golden necklace with rubin. When he was wearing his new t-shirt and necklace on himself, Gilgamesh left his dorm.

    On his way to main hall, Gilgamesh noticed Drake, the girl from earlier and Incubus... Demons, second most disliked beings next to gods. This one didn't seem wrong yet.

    "Hi, Drake. Calmed down... If you want, I can go and don't bother you. Just let me say hello to your friends" He said to Drake and turned to Shen and Aila "Nice to meet you, My name is Gilgamesh"

  14. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Astrapi looked to Luss. "Hey, we should probably get going soon, for that assembly thing" She put the rest of her few things away quickly, then went over to the door to wait for her dormmate.

    Kezian & Zach
    Kezian looked at the clock on the wall of the room. "Huh, we should go to that meeting thing quickly, we don't want to be late"
    Zach nodded. "Yeah"
    The two got up, putting away the invitations they had already made and put them away for later, walking out of their dorm and to the main hall.

    "Im done putting my things away" Said Star. "Im going to get going early, see you in the hall"
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  15. Saphrax walked out of the room with Star. Not waiting for he walked to the assembly hall. Wanting to find a good seat, he got there a bit earlier. It did not take him long to find a seat in the back. Taking out the book he had in his bag, he started to read.
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  16. Aila perked up excitedly as Drake left his room, slowly meandering over to her and her brother. As previously mentioned, she'd already determined with 100% confidence that they were best friends. Shen, on the other hand, actually thought logically and was 100% confident that the feeling wasn't necessarily mutual. The girl's little whiskers twitched slightly as Drake spoke.
    Oh, wait. He was right, she didn't even know his name. Okay, maybe not best friends, then.
    She grinned toothily and happily took his hand, returning a firm handshake. Her hands were smooth, but a bit on the cooler side. Not quite cold, but people's hands were usually warmer, weren't they?
    "No worries! Must take some getting used to, especially for a h- well, former human. I'm Aila," she greeted brightly, before a new friend approached them. She tilted her head in the direction of the new voice, and admittedly had to refrain from laughing.
    Gilgamesh? Wasn't that the guy who wanted to kill the smurfs?
    Oh, wait, no. That's Gargamel.
    Actually, now that she thought about it, she was pretty sure this was the guy who had approached Drake while they were outside. He hadn't said anything to Aila, but now he had!
    "Gilgamesh," she repeated softly, mainly to herself. The word felt foreign on her tongue, and she scrunched up her face in slight distaste. Hands tucked neatly behind her back, she leaned towards Gilgamesh with a little smile. "Well, it's nice to meet you! I'm Aila- hey, can I just call you Gil?"

    Shen had sort of zoned out as Drake and Aila spoke, but his attention was brought back by a new person joining their cluster. Said his name was Gilgamesh. He seemed to eye Shen up and down, as if he was almost waiting for him to mess up. No, okay, that was definitely just Shen's anxiety. He went back to drawing his wings in, a nervous habit. In fact, the only time his wings weren't pressed taut against his body was when he was in his dorm. He sort of hoped Drake didn't notice, as it was a bit embarrassing that he was constantly in this state of nerves.
    Regardless, Shen managed a little wave and a tight-lipped smile.
    "Hello," he murmured softly. "I'm Shen, and that's obviously Aila, my stepsister."
  17. Drake smiled when Alia took his hand for a handshake. She had a good grip, and her hand was... smooth. Cool. It was a good handshake. Drake's uncle had always said you could tell a lot about a person by their handshake... She seemed quite nice. And while Drake could describe Shen's scent of being a sort of... sweet brimstone (if that makes any sense), Aila's scent smelled more like... the ocean. It, too, wasn't a bad smell.

    Smelling another scent, teen glanced over to see Gilgamesh approaching.
    "Oh, hey, Gilgamesh..." Drake said. He tried to subtly size up the golden-haired teen. He really did seem like a normal person, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary that indicated that he wasn't human. Or fully human. Drake wasn't quite sure what Gilgamesh was, he hadn't heard if Gilgamesh had confirmed that he was an angel or no. "Yeah, I've, uh, cooled down since then. Sorry about, uh, running away from you back in the courtyard. I just got a bit overwhelmed. But I'm fine now."
    Drake paused a moment, before shifting his weight and putting his hands in his pockets.
    "Hey, uh..." Drake itched his cheek nervously before continuing. "I don't know if this is rude, or something, but uh... What... uh..."
    Drake winced internally, since he couldn't think of a better phrasing for this question, but decided to ask anyway.
    "What, uh, are you? Are... are you an angel?" Drake asked.
  18. Luss
    Luss came to Astrapi as she waited for him in the entrence to their dorm. "Okay, let us go. We can't be late to this meeting. If there was more space in this hall, we could fly there... Hey Astrapi, aren't you a bit excited to go to this school. Old man never let me leave home, only to work for him. So I met in my life only another demons and (unlucky) humans..For me, this is really interesting experience" He said and smiled slightly.
    Gil (Is my name really that hard?)

    "So, Shen and Aila and you are step-siblings (...) Emm, (if it isn't disrespect then...) Okay, you can just call me Gil, if it will help" and he turned to Drake, as he asked him. "No, it wasn't rude. I wanted to keep it secret abouty, what exacly I am... To tell this to my entire class, as I meet them. But I can answer to you, Yes, I am in half an Angel." Gil said and materialized, kinda big, Golden wings that were on his back. He took one father from his wing, it looked like it was made from pure gold."Someone wants a feather, consider this as a gift. It's great that gold value in entire world is the same" said Gilgamesh.
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  19. Carla answered with a simple 'Mhm' but it seemed like Aila was already gone. The cyclops didn't even know if it was just an excuse to escape or if it was something else, but at the end of the day she didn't really care. A bit later Carla finished unpacking the big sports bag that was now empty on top of her bed. She closed the dresser that now had most of the one-eyed students things in it and moved the duffle bag under the bed instead of leaving the bag on top. The young cyclops wasn't really sure what she was supposed to do next, as the notice for the students to start moving to the main hall hadn't begun yet. Thinking that she could get a good seat somewhere in the back, Carla ducked out of the dorm and started to make her way out of the dorms to the main hall-assembly, even though it hadn't even started yet.

    A bit of walking down the hallway in the dorms Carla spotted Aila chatting with three boys. One of the male students was looking quite timid with white fluffy hair, gray-ish skin and had many demon-like features. Another one of the students was quite human like and had golden colored hair and mostly white clothing, but he had giant golden wings sprouting off his back. The third one was the very human-like student who Carla had bumped into a bit before the students were instructed to go to the dorms. The Cyclops didn't stop to listen what they were talking about, but instead continued walking down the hall and glanced over to them as she passed the small group.
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  20. Aila pursed her lips in a gentle “oooo” of dazzlement at the large golden wings that materialized from Gil’s back. Even Shen seemed intrigued.
    The girl looked up as Carla brushed by them, walking in the direction she needed to go. She felt a bit guilty for abandoning her, but she was at a serious loss of where and how to start a conversation.. Shaking her head dismissively, Aila turned to the three boys she had befriended. Flashing them an excited smile, she waved her hands as an invitation to follow her, promptly leading the way to the assembly with a bounce in her step.

    Shen followed reluctantly, leaning in towards Drake and Gilgamesh.
    “Excuse her,” he murmured fretfully. “She definitely comes off as intense, but she’s.. she’s just excited,” he explained, almost worried that they had negative impressions.
  21. "Whoa." Drake said softly, stepping back when two large, golden wings appeared on Gilgamesh's back. Upon further inspection, it appeared that the wings just look gold, it appeared that they were actually made of gold. But they couldn't be, right? Gold was pretty heavy, and there was no way Gil would be able to fly- oh wait. Monster school. Magic. Different rules here. Drake shook his head when Gil offered them a golden feather.
    "Uh... Thanks dude, but I think I'll pass. It's just too much." Drake said. Seeing Aila walking towards the auditorium, Drake smiled at the girl's excitement and followed after her.
    "Naw, she seems pretty cool. Excitement is contagious, after all." Drake said to Shen
  22. Gil hid his wings "Well, fine" and he looked in the way Aila go "It is nothing bad about being excited to go to new school. After all, every living being live for happiness and important thing is to be true with yourself" Gilgamesh said to Shen "Sorry, Shen. I will be careful with making friends with each other... I have bad memories with... Other demons" Gil whispered to Incubus' ear.

    Gilgamesh followed Aila on the way to Main Hall, on his way he saw another Incubus...
    Luss has reached the main hall, He saw Shen and Aila on his way here. He also noticed that Ptolemy was already in the hall. He saw an empty seat and quickly claim it. He waited for the event to begin.
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  23. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Star walked into the hall, sitting down near the front, waiting for the announcement.

    Astrapi walked in quickly, taking a seat near Luss. "So, how long are they expecting us to sit here for?" She asked, sighing.

    Kezian and Zach walked into the hall, sitting next to each other in the middle row. The hall was filling up quickly.

    (Sorry for a short post)
  24. Zana shambled down the hallways, letting out a small groan. She felt tired. Eating animal flesh just wasn't the same as human flesh when it came to replenishing her energy. Why did she have to go to this stupid assembly anyway? She wasn't even close to the the auditorium yet, and the tantalizing aroma of so much living flesh was so powerful. Why did everyone have to smell so darn good? Well, at least there weren't any pure humans here. If there were, Zana wasn't sure if she would be able to truly control herself. Finally making her way into the auditorium, Zana licked her lips as she looked around. So many new tastes, so little time... The zombie girl walked down the aisle, trying to determine where to sit. To eat or not to eat...
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  25. Harvey flew to the main hall and from above, he watched the rest of students. He wished that it would end fast, he started humming a pretty melody. He looked around, he noticed two dragons. One didn't have wings and second had, but both was really small...well in his human form he was smaller, but as a dragon was way bigger than them. Well, the only other dragon he ever saw, was his father, Bahamut.

    He noticed also many other monsters, waiting for announcement to begin.
    Luss heard Astrapi question "No clue, but I think they will be here soon"
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  26. ~Rinko~

    ~Rinko~ Previously PrincessPika~chan

    (Fumeko Fukuso)

    Fumeko went over to the other bed, “Oh, I didn’t realise that they sent some stuff to the school already~” she said as she noticed a black backpack with a fire pattern on it on the bed, she unzipped it and began to unpack what was in there, clothes and quilt. Fumeko tossed the clothes onto the night stand, then gently pulled out the quilt and plopped it on the bed, before yawning.

    (Wata Osean)

    Wata was bouncing around, unpacking a deep blue cylindrical bag with cyan piping, “Soo... Sing and sing and sing... listening to the birdsong on the great wide coast...!” she started sing as she struggled to shut a drawer, “Wait! Isn’t there somethingy-thing we need to attend? Race ya’ there!” she yelled out at Fumeko, before transforming into her fox-form and running off to the auditorium.


    “W-wait for me!” Fumeko sighed, ‘And here I thought I was going to relax and study and that my dormmate would be considerate and quiet...’ she thought to herself as she slowly walked out of the dorm to the auditorium.
  27. Carla had just made it to the main hall when students stared to flood to the assembly. Partially following the flood she sat in one of the back rows, as she was quite tall and wanted the smaller monsters to get a chance to be able to see. She wasn't really enthusiastic about this new school year, but she wasn't usually motivated about school overall. Maybe she should try to be nicer or more social towards her roommate, as Aila would most likely be someone who the cyclops would spent the most time with. There were a lot of different types of monsters that were filling the main hall and there was a lot of commotion going on as most of the monsters were talking and it made it difficult to even hear your own thoughts. There wasn't much to do other than wait, and that was something that Carla was already doing. Her gaze wondered around the giant room and every time she caught some starring at her, she scoffed and let her gaze continue wandering. Truth be told, she didn't really like to be stared at, especially by monsters that she didn't know.

    Blob was on their way to the assembly at the main hall and they were going at their own pace to make sure they didn't leave a trail of slime behind themselves that other monsters could possibly slip on. The light purple slime was nervous about this whole "New school year"-thing and being nervous usually made Blob leave a slimy trail behind that was often slippery to step on. Finally they made it to the assembly without any trouble. Now they had a new mission that still included to try and not leave a trail behind, and that was to find a seat. After a short moment of searching they spotted an empty seat and claimed quickly. Now the only thing left to do is wait.
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