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Private/Closed Bloodpeak Academy reboot (A monster school RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Finch~, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Astrapi woke up with a yawn inside one of the crystal caves that made her home. Astrapi walked past a table on the way out, brushing two photos with her claws. "Morning Mum. Morning Dad" She sighed. Today was the first day of school. Astrapi got changed into her clothes and sat down between two large crystals. "Woo... School today" She said unenthusiastically. "But who knows? I might even find a friend or too" Astrapi sighed. “If only” She gathered her things, put them into her large backpack then flew off and out of the cave, heading for Bloodpeak Academy.

    Astrapi landed in the courtyard and looked round. Not many students where there yet.

    Kezian woke up with a start. He was semi excited for the first day of school and rushed straight downstairs to get breakfast. "Morning Kezian. Your up early" His Dad said, chuckling.
    "I know Dad" Kezian replied, taking a bite from his stroopwafel "But I cant be late for school"
    "Never seen you exited for school. Anyway, your Mother left your clothes on the-"
    "I know Dad!"
    Kezian got dressed quickly and ran downstairs, shouting a quick bye to his Dad before grabbing his bag and running off to school.

    Kezian arrived at the school gates, his bag slung over one shoulder, smiling. Today was it. Sighing, he walked into the courtyard. He was greeted instantly by the sight of Astrapi, and grunted, saying under his breath, "Great. A new school, and I can already spot someome who will tease me for being a flightless dragon"

    Star woke up rather early - her parents weren’t in, so she had to leave as soon as possible. She got dressed quickly, then packed her bag, walking over to the door. She sighed, smiling, and opened it, walking out. She gave herself large feathered wings, not wanting to waste time walking, and flew to Bloodpeak.

    Star landed in the courtyard almost silently. She looked around and smiled. “Maybe, just maybe, I’ll make some friends”

    (I know this is a Copy paste (with some tweaks) from the original, but I needed something to post)
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  2. Lussuria Libidine
    Luss woke up on his quite big, red bed. His phone rang and annoyed the demon, as he took his phone he heard his mother "Luss, I just wanted to tell you to take your Laptop from the living room"
    "Thanks" he said and left his room, he quickly ate, took his things and flew to school. He landed on the courtyard "Well, let's begin this. I wonder how many interesting people will be in my class"
    (King) Gilgamesh
    Gilgamesh left his home without a word, he lived alone, dad died thousends of years ago and mother never visit him. He had been reincarnate not so long ago and each time he lives again, He forgets some things about his past self, sometimes he remember, sometimes not. He knew that he was once powerfull ruler, now he is a teenager. "Let's show those Mongrels, who is the boss" He whispered to himself and summoned by heaven gates a scooter. He drove on it to school.

    When He reached the school gates, his gate consume again his scooter and he was on his way to courtyard.

    (I know, I could do it better than that, but... I travel now and it is really hard to write a post)
  3. Ptolemy
    "Are you sure you have packed all your necessity, dear?"

    "Yes, mom."

    "Have you bring your milk tub?"

    "Yes, mom."

    "How about the books?"

    "Mom, don't worry. It will be fine, I'm just going to a freak school."

    "A-ahaha, of course, Poy. Of course. Come here, let mommy smooch you one last time."

    "Please stop hitting me with your teeth."

    "I'm kissing you in the forehead! Now that you have my blessing. Go ahead and be a good bone."

    Wiping her non-existant tears with a tissue, Ptolemy's mother waved her hand one last time at her only 'living' son. Ptolemy did the same and waved his mother goodbye, their bony hands swayed in rhytm as the younger skeleton positioned himself in the middle of a teleportation circle. A man covered in robe was sketching runes inside the outer circle and making sure that the teleportation's coordinate was spot on.

    "Are you ready?" The robed man asked, Ptolemy answered with a nod. The robed man pulled a magic wand from his pocket and prepared to cast a spell. "Thank you for using the trustworthy ArcaneQuick Delivery Service, please consider giving me a 5 stars rating to indicate your satisfaction. Now, teleporta marga!"

    The tip of the wand was glowing brightly in conjunction with the circle. Ptolemy was blinded for a moment, all he could see was white. Then the next moment he was thrown into a garbage bin, right at the front side of the school.

    "5 star my coxal. It's definitely a 1 star for him." It seems he was a bit stuck in the bin.
  4. Drake approached the school with his bags. To say that the boy was nervous was an understatement. Standing before the entrance to the courtyard, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small business card. Drake turned the card in his hand, reading it once again before sighing and looking up at the school. This was definitely the place. What had that man say? A place for people like you... A place for answers for your... 'condition'. Drake swallowed nervously, still hesitant. Would this place really be able to help him? He still had a week before... it would happen again. He still had time. And the school seemed to have quite a thick forest around it. Drake could hopefully be able to run deep enough in there when it happened, and nobody would likely be any wiser. Drake still didn't quite know what this school was about, or what that guy had meant when he said it was a place for people like him... But right now, there was only one way to find out.

    Drake entered the courtyard of the school. It was a nice, green space with a few benches around and a fountain in the middle. Glancing around the courtyard, Drake noticed that a few students had already arrived. Then the boy did a double take. Was... was today costume day, or something? Not far away, two students that looked like some sort of humanoid dragons stood. Another student looked like some sort of human-cat mix. A... a werecat, maybe? There was another student, one with... were those wings and horns? Standing in the middle of the courtyard. The only one that really looked normal was a student with blonde hair and a white t-shirt.

    Looking around in confusion, Drake flinched at the sound of a loud crash from the front of the school. It... it looked like someone had thrown a biology class skeleton out of the window and into the trash. Why would someone do that? Running a hand through his hair, Drake decided to try to approach the most normal looking of the students in the courtyard. Bags in hand, Drake began to make his way over to where Gilgamesh was.
  5. Aila
    The morning was brisk, with a gentle chill cooling the air as dawn set on them. The sun peaked gently over the horizon, sending glittering rays bouncing off of the ocean and illuminating the Addair household.
    “I swear to the Gods, I’m going to kill the sun!”

    Barked at an impressive volume, the sound came from under a massive pile of silk sheets. Underneath was Aila Addair, and the little Selkie was not a morning person. In fact, this wasn’t her first threat to eradicate the sun. Who knew what number she was on.
    Grumpily, the girl squirmed out of her sheets, squinting harshly as the sunlight beamed in through her curtainless window. She puffed out her whiskered cheek for a moment, and as much as she wanted to be mad, she seemed to remember what today was. Her pout turned to a tiny, helpless grin, before she headed for the living room, her little brown ponytail bouncing excitedly.

    He’d been awake for the past hour.
    Hurriedly tearing apart his wardrobe, gnawing at his inner cheek, trying to find something.
    No, no, no... why do I even have that...? Oh, Gods, I can’t go in looking stupid!
    The Incubus sighed softly, before flinching upon hearing a loud roar from the next door room.
    Ah... his stepsister. She was... something. He didn’t quite know how to feel about her just yet, he was still rather new to the sibling thing and so was she. But.. Aila was intense, and he wasn’t sure if he liked it just yet.
    Tiredly, Shen studied his outfit self consciously, pondered on what the students would be like one last time, and went to meet her in the living room.

    - -

    The pair approached the school after being lovingly sent off by Aila’s father. Shen’s tail flicked nervously, but Aila seemed perfectly fine. Her little whiskers twitched excitedly, even, as she surveyed the crowd.
    Shen, meanwhile, was already focused on one person. A real incubus. Bigger wings, bigger horns... he drew his wings closer to himself, feeling inferior, but saying nothing.
    The two stood together for a moment, before a loud crash startled them, as well as some others. A skeleton seemed to be laying limp in a trashcan.
    “Oh, my Gods.” Aila whispered quietly, grabbing Shen’s arm. “This schoolyard is an ancient burial ground, and thats the skeleton of one of the murdered founders. We’re doomed.”
    Shen scoffed slightly, squinting at the skeleton to get a better look. “Wait- no, Aila, thats- thats a person.”
    “What? No it isn’t, not anymore. That’s a skel-“
    “Hey-!” Shen shouted, making his way over. “Are you- are you stuck, do you need help...?”
    Aila reluctantly followed, although convinced her new stepbrother was insane. She halted by the trashcan upon realizing the skeleton was definitely alive, eyebrows arched in surprise.
    “Oh, wow, okay, you weren’t kidding.”
  6. Luss
    As he looked around, people keep arriving to the school. He heard a great noise and saw a skeleton in trash can, a girl and an Incubus. He flew to them, as he wanted to meet some people "Hello there, What's happening here. Do you guys are playing something... Where are my manners" He said and hide his wings "My name is Lussuria, you may call me Luss. Tell me if you need help in anything"
    Gilgamesh wasn't impressed in how school looked, you may say that, he was disgusted at first. But he calmed down, He said to himself later that at least in the first day, He schould be nice to others and look nice. Later, He saw a boy with brown hair was coming to him. He turned around and said "Oh, Hello there. Do you also are a new student here (Mind: Mongrel number 1 detected)? My name is Gilgamesh".
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  7. Carla waited for the bus to arrive at one of the many bus stops that were around the apartment where she lived in with her family. She sighed multiple times when she waited for the bus to arrive. She didn't like school and never she never has like she never had been a morning person. One of the few days she disliked the most was the so called "First day" at school. She was leaning on a pole with the bus sign on while scrolling on her phone with her gray backpack on her back. Once in a while she took a glance around her and noticed that other people around her age and younger were starting to gather around the bus stop, but luckily there was only few more minutes until the bus arrived to pick the young monsters up, which included the teenage cyclops. When the bus finally arrived it was already quite full so she decided to stand and wait for few stops for the bus to empty before sitting on an empty seat and luckily no one chose to sit beside her, so she could continue with being on her phone without the feeling of being judged by someone sitting right beside her.
    It took about twenty minutes to finally arrive at her destination, which was Bloodpeak Academy. Stepping off the bus along with other monsters Carla got her first glance of her new school. It was quite funny how the landscapes could switch around so easily as it looked like the school was completely surrounded by forest. With more students swarming in with different methods of transportation that existed in the monster world. She once again took a deep breath and let it out before she started to plow her way through all the students who had decided that it was a great idea to stay and chit-chat right where the students were dropped off.

    This day didn't start well for the cyclops with a lot people surrounding her nearly at all times, early wake up and most importantly, School. Finally overcoming the sea of students, Carla reached the courtyard. Some students were already waiting there, but she didn't really pay enough attention to what they looked like and the number of students was significantly smaller. She was not on a good mood and it showed. She felt like she wanted to get away from all of the students so she started to walk over one of the benches to sit and wait on. As she made her way there she happened to bump into someone. She wasn't sure who's fault it was, but she didn't really care at this point and took a glance behind her shoulder, but had to adjust her line of sight by looking a bit down to properly see who she bumped into. It turned out to be a very human-like male student with brown hair and what looked like a camo shirt. She let out an annoyed grunt, which mostly likely was meant to be some kind of an apology before she turned her one-eyed gaze away. She seemed to be so in her thoughts that the cyclops didn't notice another student who seemed to be in a conversation with the student that Carla had just bumped into, but frankly she didn't really care enough to pay attention to the other student.
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  8. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    (Fumeko Fukuso)

    Fumeko Fukuso rolled out of her bed, “Wha-? Oh, it’s still early, I think I’ll get some more rest now...” she sighed as she brushed her light brown hair a bit.

    “Fumeko! Remember that you’re headed to school today!” Fumeko’s father called out as he went up to her room.

    “Oh! Yeah, I forgot.” Fumeko replied, before getting dressed and then opening her door. “So, I need a ghost pepper or two and a bag of some sort right?”

    “Yes, I have it right here,” Fumeko’s father said as he handed her a rugged khaki cross-body pouch, Fumeko grabbed it and looked inside.

    “Mmm... Ghost peppers are so delicious~ Oh, there’s an apple too, neat!” Fumeko smiled as she shut the bag and placed it gently over her left shoulder and around to her right side. “Wait, will I have to run the way there?”

    “Not all the way, Mimara will get you well on your way, but not all the way.” Fumeko’s father said as he walked away; Fumeko followed, yawning slightly.


    When Fumeko reached the front door, a fair young woman with dull blonde hair and green eyes, “Ah, Fukuso, let me teleport you on your way now, I am busier than usual right now.” she said as she reached her hand out to stroke Fumeko’s red-ish brown fox-like ears; once she recoiled her hand a small pink-ish light glowed around Fumeko. The light quickly faded, and Fumeko had been teleported off a while away.

    “Well, I’m not far I think, oh, yeah, it’s over there... three kilometres away...” Fumeko sighed; she twirled around, her hair flowing around her shoulders and her three red-ish brown fox tails with white tips wrapped around her as far as possible; all before she leapt onto the ground, in fox form. She rushed down the path as fast as she dared as she hated to run and didn’t want to lose a pepper from her bag, which was loosely slung around her waist in that form.

    About an hour later, Fumeko reached the school gates and walked in slowly, still in her fox-form and for the most part zoned out, bumping into trees and occasionally people, apologizing regardless of whether they were animate or not.

    (Wata Osean)

    Wata Osean leapt out of her sand-covered bed and hurriedly got dressed, “I can’t wait to go to school now!” she yelled as she almost tore her bedroom door of the partially-rusted and worn hinges; she rushed to the front door and twirled around, her hair wrapped around her as so that not much else of her could be seen. She leapt onto the ground, as a two-tail cream fox, and started to look for the way to the school.

    Wata soon found out where to go, she ran as fast as she could due west and made her way the school gates, where she leapt up, twirled and transformed back into her human form, “Alright! How do you all fair as the coolest Kitsune girl around has come ‘round here?” she yelled out to everyone in front of the school, laughing internally at her pun.
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  9. "Uh... yeah. I'm, uh, Drake." Drake said to Gilgamesh. It was a bit of strange name, Gilgamesh. At least, in Drake's opinion. But that really wasn't the weirdest thing on Drake's mind right now. Glancing around the courtyard, he looked back at Gilgamesh then pointed at everyone else with his thumb. "Is there any reason why-"
    Before Drake could finish, someone bumped him pretty hard. A huge, and Drake meant HUGE girl roughly walked by, grunting what Drake took to be an apology. This girl was the tallest that Drake had ever seen, and wore a black hoodie. She stood higher than most major basketball players, Drake guessed! But the thing that really shook Drake was the glance he got at the girl's face! She only had one eye! Not, "she had lost an eye and wore an eyepatch", as in she only hAD ONE EYE AND IT WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF HER FACE. Drake couldn't stop his startled gasp as he took a step back from the girl. What the-... Wha.... What...

    Was she an actual cyclops?! Drake glanced around the courtyard once again, taking a closer look at each of the students there. Those horns on two of the boys... the Dragon-people that Drake had thought were in costume... The closer that Drake looked at all of them, the more and more realistic they looked. Even that skeleton Drake had seen get flung into the trashcan, that skeleton appeared to be moving as well!
    "Wh... what the hell?" Drake muttered, getting more and more panicked as he took another step back.
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  10. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Kezian sighed, a little frustrated, and turned around. Nobody here seemed interested in anything but themselves, so he shrugged and walked over to a bench and sat down. He took out his phone and started playing a game to pass the time.

    Star looked around, particularly for anyone who might need help. Two boys were talking, and one looked rather panicked, and confused. She tilted her head, walking over to the boy. "Hey, y'all right?" She asked. "You seem a little, well, panicked."

    Feeling a little unnerved in the crowd, Astrapi walked over to the corner of the courtyard and sat down with her knees up and arms wrapped around them, waiting for something of interest to happen.
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  11. Drake already started to annoy Gil, what happend that he panic like that. Also, Now there was 4 people Him, Drake, Cyclop and... Caracal like monster? He saw many things in this world, but he couldn't tell if he saw something like that before, maybe he forget. Gilgamesh summons his gate of heaven and took a golden cup of water, He didn't like an idea to share his things with mongrels but... Maybe this will help Drake a little. He came closer to Drake and handed water to him "Relax, drink it, everything is fine" and he turned to Cyclop "Hey, you could at least watch where you are going. Cyclops has quite good smell, aren't they?... Can I ask you to apologize to our friend (Mind: Do I really need to do this..... But, I don't want to have a panicked, confused...guy over here now)"
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  12. Ptolemy
    Getting thrown into a trash bin by a teleportation magic was embarassing enough, but now Ptolemy got three visitors, one was a girl that looks totally normal and the other two were male demons. He should be extremly embarassed right now... Or not. After becoming a skeleton, Ptolemy found that he needed stronger stimulus in order to evoke some emotions in him. Embarassed? Nah, nothing got under his skin! Instead, this was a good opportunity for first impression.

    "Oh, hello there. Perfect moment to relax yourself inside a trash bin, no?"

    Still in the bin, Ptolemy greeted the three casually. As if sitting in a bin was a normal thing to do. He put his only luggage, a normal-looking backpack, next to the bin before crawling his way out. He pulled a black fedora hat and a black jacket from his backpack, then smoothly drapped the jacket over his back with his left hand and put the hat on his head with the other one, all while doing an elegant but totally unnecessary spin and footwork, closed with both of his hands stretched out like a dancer that just finished a performance. Stronger stimulus, yes.

    "Greeting fellow new students. I'm Ptolemy Elraabi. Virtuoso of the dead, and the heir to the Elraabi magus family. Seeing all these unique and quirky students here make me sure that our time in this school would be a fun and fruitful one, yes, I can feel it in my bone."

    Interaction: @wintersolstice @Clite of Dragonbow
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  13. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Wata looked at the courtyard, “Soo... anyone wanna talk to me, Wata Osean, the coolest Kitsune girl around?” she called out to all the creatures there, still musing about her pun; she ran over to one of the corners of the courtyard, where she saw a mostly black humanoid dragon sitting on the ground, “Oh, hiiii~ What’s your name? Mine’s Wata Osean, but if you heard what I said a minute or two ago then you prooobably already knew that~” she asked, while a faint silvery-blue aura started to surround her left hand.
  14. The stepsiblings studied the skeleton with varied emotions. Aila’s whiskered face went from confused to absolutely delighted, while Shen’s went from concerned to petrified.

    Not because of Ptolemy, but because of the other Incubus he’d already made a note to be intimidated by. As Luss flew over to them, Shen instinctively drew his smaller wings even closer to himself, looking to the ground. Aila watched this entire inferiority complex with a bewildered expression, before looking to Luss with an inviting smile.
    “Hey there! I’m Aila.” She introduced, loud enough for both new parties to hear her. “And this is Shen, my stepbrother,” she added, slinging her arm around him. In a quieter tone, she added with a little smile, “he’s single.”
    Shen went bright red almost instantly, ducking his head and shoving her off with his elbow. She mumbled a little “ow” as he did so, but through a genuine smile.
  15. Drake's eyes widened once again as he watched a pair of small, golden, heavenly gates appear near Gil. Gil reached in the gates and pulled out a cup of... was that the Holy Grail or something?! It looks like this Gilgamesh guy wasn't normal at all. He offered the cup to Drake, but all Drake could do was stare at it in shock. When Gilgamesh asked the Cyclops girl to come back and apologize, Drake went back into panic mode once again.
    "No, no, nonononono. I'm, I'm fine. Really. Really, I'm fine." Drake said, stumbling back and quickly looking down. The last thing he wanted to do was to be caught staring at the Cyclops' one eye. Another voice greeted Drake, and the boy looked over to see the catlike girl approach him. She looked quite concerned, but as of now Drake could only notice how real those catlike ears peeking out of her head were.
    "I... I... I..." Drake looked from Gilgamesh, to Star, to Carla for a moment. "I... I gotta... I gotta go."
    Quickly, Drake turned and practically sprinted away from the group. In his rush, he ended up forgetting his bags. As he ran, the words that man had said echoed through his mind. A place for people like you... A place for people like you...

    Seeing a bench in the part of the courtyard with the least amount of students Drake slowed down and sat there, his head in his hands.
    Okay, Drake. Okay, just... just keep a cool head about this. Whatever you do, stay calm. Drake thought as he rubbed his face and slowed his breathing. People like you... That guy had said he was a werewolf. So by people like you... that guy must have meant other monsters?
    "Ohhh, hell...." Drake moaned softly, his head in his hands.
  16. Carla looked back towards the brown haired student as she heard someone to demand a apology, but before she could really react the saw Drake go into panic mode. The cyclops wasn't sure if it was her bumping into the now panicked student or if it was something else that triggered him. Carla didn't look at Drake directly, but at the people who were surrounding him right then. There was another rather human-like person, who demanded the cyclops to say sorry and a cat-like student with silver fur. Before she could say anything the panicky student started to ramble for not her to apologize and pretty much just fled. She didn't know if she should've ran after him or not, as she could've been the cause of the panic, so she assumed someone else was going to be the nice person and go after to take care of whatever it was. Besides, the likelihood of the cyclops and the brown haired human-like student to meet multiple times or even to be in the same class were quite low, so Carla just carried on to go somewhere else where there were less students. She walked a bit further away from all the groups and resumed waiting, by taking her phone from her hoodie's pockets and continued scrolling on her phone.
  17. Luss
    Young Demon smiled sightly to the group as they introduce themselfs "It's really nice to meet all of you...step-siblings huh, I can tell Shen is an Incubus too... I may really like to talk to you sometimes. Aila, I would be happy to meet with you sometimes too." He came closer to Ptolemy and raised his hand "Need help?"
    Gilgamesh was schocked, when Drake just... Run away? He drank his water and said in mind to himself "I will never understand Mongrels"

    As he tasted the clean, fresh water. He looked at the Star and said "Oh, hello... Sorry for my friend, He has bad day probably. My name is Gilgamesh"
  18. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Astrapi looked up at the girl who had just walked over to her, almost spooked by her suddenly coming over to her. "Oh, uhm, hello..Wata. I'm Astrapi" Astrapi stood up, wings folded behind her, and dusted off her clothes. "So, you're a kitsune?

    Star looked at Drake as he ran off rather concerned. She shouted over to him "Once you're okay, you're free to come and join us again!" before turning to Gil. "First day troubles, I understand. Im Elliot Star, but you can just call me Star, everyone does. Also, do you mind If I call you Gil? Gilgamesh is a bit of a mouthful"
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  19. Shen mumbled something meekly at Luss acknowledging him, and Aila grinned toothily. It was then that she noticed a frantic looking boy shove through a crowd, excusing himself to a lonely bench. Her lips pursed into a gentle frown as she tilted her head in his direction, her faint whiskers twitching slightly.
    Shen noticed his sister’s state of curiosity, following her line of sight to the overwhelmed boy. He seemed awfully human, even more than Aila. Nothing about him embraced the possibility of a power, and while Shen didn’t necessarily care, Aila seemed invested.

    “Don’t stare,” Shen chided softly. “It’s rude.”
    Aila pouted slightly, still watching the boy as he buried his face in his hands. “I’m not being rude. I’m being worried.” She mumbled flatly, eyes flickering. “I’m gonna go talk to him.”
    “Aila, no, thats-“ Shen stuttered quickly, but the girl was gone. “...the opposite of what he wants..” he finished softly, ducking his head and sighing almost bitterly. How dense of her.

    Aila sat down on the next bench over from the boy, on the side closer to him. She didn’t say anything just yet, just stared at the ground past her bangs, pondering. The freckled girl tilted her head back, resting it on the bench, before glancing at him. “Not what you were expecting, I’m guessing?” She hummed softly, keeping her voice gentle and calm.

    Shen, upon being abandoned by his sister, glanced nervously at Luss, and then to Ptolemy. He felt a lump in his throat as he looked to the ground. Suddenly all conversation experience drifted from his mind, and he could think of literally nothing to say.
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  20. Luss
    Lussuria saw as Aila ran to the boy, who seemed to have hard time and he left that to her. He may talk to all girls here later, as he thought about others as interesting things to learn, their emotions, dreams and etc.

    Luss focused on the other Incubus, Shen. He didn't looked as powerfull like Luss, but is hard to find any Incubus like Luss. As he is in truth also half-devil, he is more intimidating than most of the demons. He know that he schould have some powers becouse of this, but he don't know yet, what kind.

    He said to Shen to get a better picture of him "So, Shen. You had ever a date before. Let's talk a bit, I don't think you met other Incubus before"
    Gilgamesh blushed, sighly embarrassed by his new nickname "What... Gil... How dare some Mongrels give me a nickname.....Okay, she said it is becouse Gilgamesh mouthful... Maybe I will forgive her"

    "Fine, just... Try also say my full name sometimes, Star... I wanted to leave him alone, but if he will be still so uneasy... Maybe, it is better to help" Gilgamesh said as he looked at Drake, then he saw a girl that come to him... But still, Good King schould understand his people. So, Gilgamesh slowly go to them "Want to come along?" He asked Star.
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  21. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    “Yup, I sure am! That means I can turn into a fox and have some cool magic~” Wata smiled, “Eh, that pun’s run its course. Anyways, it’s nice to meet you Astrapi! How about I make icicle tiaras for both of us? It’s kinda hard and not the most fanciful tiara, but it’s the most I can do with my magic~” she sighed, “Oh, I’m rambling to much aren’t I? Soooooooorrrrrrrrrrrry~”
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  22. Drake flinched at the sound of Aila's voice. Looking over, Drake expected to see another monster talking to him. Maybe that Dragon girl, or that catlike girl again. But to his surprise, the girl talking to him was relatively normal-looking. In fact, the only thing that was unusual about her was the whiskers on her cheeks. Drake let out a sigh and ran a hand through his hair.
    "I... I don't know what I was expecting. But whatever it was, it wasn't this." Drake said to Aila. The boy looked over to the two incubus and the skeleton before continuing. "I guess it makes sense... After all, that guy said I was a werewolf. And if werewolves are real, then... then why not other monsters, right?"
    Drake grimaced and rubbed his face.
    "I... I feel like I'm losing it. Like... That thing killed me and I'm dying, and all those classic monster movies I watched with my Aunt are coming back to haunt me." Drake laughed a nervous laugh and fidgeted with his hands before looking back to Aila.
    "Am I just... Am I just crazy? Is this real?" Drake asked Aila, desperation tinged in his voice.
  23. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Astrapi shook her head. "No thanks, not really into tiaras and that sort of princess-y stuff. And, its okay. I'm just not used to crowds and such. Where I live, its rather quiet"

    Star shrugged, smiling. "Sure, the sooner we help him the better." She sighed. "What d'you think the school will be like? All the lessons, the things we'll get to try. I'm looking forward to it all"
  24. "I don't know, I never was in any school... I mean, our kind of school. Probably there will be many normal subjects like history, made 'more interesting', something about magic... I heard that they plan some event in one of the first school days" said Gil as he talked to Star. Then, he finally reached Drake and the girl that came to him earlier, as he didn't want to start with saying hello to another person and panic Drake again. He started talk to him "Hey, are you... Alright, did I do something, that made you panic (I don't get this Mongrel, like he saw magic for the first time). If yes, then I apologize (first and the last time)" Gilgamesh said to Drake. He was prepared that Drake may run again.
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  25. Saphrax was not happy to be woken up when he felt he could have had a bit more sleep. It was light outside which he hated seeing this early. Walking into the kitchen he got himself a cup of coffee. He would need it for the day ahead. Normally he would not drink something like this, but seeing as the school was open only when he was normally asleep.

    Going back to his room he took out what he wanted to wear for the day. He put on the clothes he chose last night. On his neck he placed a red gem choker. The gem held some special properties that would protect him from the sun. Saphrax went to his local witch's stop. He was able to get them to send him to the front gates of the school.

    Walking past the people who were there before him, he found himself in the school. He headed to the library to see what type of book he could find. Books were an escape for him. They calmed his mind when he needed to be somewhere else.
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  26. Shen
    The boy tended noticeably as Luss began to speak to him. He looked up, his attempt at eye contact a bit pitiful.
    “Ah- no, I don’t... I don’t really date around...” he mumbled sheepishly, fiddling with his hands. His wings were still drawn close to his body, his tail tugged meagerly beneath his legs. Almost like a wolf in the presence of an alpha. And frankly, that’s what this situation felt like.

    Aila listened to the boy ramble, and with every tiny crack of stress in his voice, her heart twinged. She smiled at him as if it hurt her; sympathetic, knowing. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, looking back to the ground.
    “Werewolf, huh..? So I suppose you’re pretty new to this.. well, everything. Born a human, raised as a human. That must be really stressful, I’m sorry,” she mused. “I’m sure you’ll adjust eventually, and I’m sure you’ll make friends along the way to help you out.”
    She offered him a gentle smile, before noticing a boy approach them. He glanced at her but paid her no more attention, instead speaking straight and directly to the rambling boy. She said nothing, because in truth she didn’t know what to say.
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  27. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    "Attention new students" A voice rang out from the speakers either side of the school yard, sounding almost bored. "As your first day here, you have thirty minutes to find your dorm and get settled in. After those thirty minutes, please make your way to the main hall, near the middle of the school. Staff you be there to escort you if needed"

    Astrapi sighed, getting up and walking to the doors. Dorm 2, she was in. ‘Hope my dormmate isn’t a screwball’ she thought.

    Kezian looked up from his phone, and got up, putting his phone in his pocket. He walked over to the doors, going in after Astrapi. He was in dorm 1, and he didn’t think his doormat had arrived yet. He shrugged and made way to his dorm.

    Star looked away from the group, wondering who her doormate would be. “Hey guys, anyone know what dorm they’re in?”
  28. Drake let out a deep breath as he listened to Aila. Whether it was the fact that he was having a conversation with a relatively normal looking person or that he managed to talk about all that stress, he began to feel a little calmer.
    It's okay, Drake. It's cool. It's just... the rules of the game of life have changed a bit, that's all. Think about it. The fact that there's a whole school devoted to teaching these monsters must mean that they're not going to be super aggressive or try to kill me/each other... Right? Drake thought. Those thoughts seemed to comfort him a little. Running his hand through his hair once again, he looked over at Aila and managed a small smile.
    "Sorry for dumping all of that on you." Drake said. He still looked rather stressed out, but was quite a bit calmer than a few seconds before. Another voice spoke up, and Drake turned to see Gilgamesh had approached him.
    "Uh... Sorry, that was, uh... All my bad." Drake said to Gilgamesh. Drake looked the golden haired boy up and down for a moment, thinking. "Hey, uh... are you an angel or something?"

    But before he had the chance to continue the conversation, another voice came up over the speakers. They were living in Dorms? That was news to Drake. Well, not really. Taking from his pocket the piece of paper that the guy had given him, Drake read it once again. Dorm 6. Well, now that made sense. It would be a good change from living in a tent. But... living in a dorm. That meant that Drake was probably going to have at least one roommate. Usually, Drake would look forward to something like this. But now, he wasn't so sure. What if he got a vampire roommate? Would they try to suck his blood? Or a zombie? Would they try to eat Drake's brains while he slept?
    Hey, shut up me. Drake thought to himself. There was no use adding more stress to his already extremely stressful thoughts right now.
    "I'll, uh, see you around." Drake said to Aila and Gilgamesh, then walked over, grabbed his bags, and began to make his way towards the dorms.
  29. Gilgamesh
    Gil listen as Drake apologize and he didn't know how to feel. Later, He noticed that Drake took a better look at him and asked, if he was an Angel. "...I didn't expected that someone could..."

    Before he answered to him, the voice just came and said, what they needed to do. After that, Drake quickly left him and the girl. "See you later" he said, then he turned to the new person "Sorry, that I didn't introduce myself to you. My name is Gilgamesh... Maybe we will get chance to talk later. Right now, I will be on my way to the Dorm." He waved to Aila as goodbye and was on his way.
    " Hmm, Dorm number 4... So, I will share a room with Mongrel. Maybe he will be nice and quiet... Or at least, he won't bother me too much"

    Luss giggled as he heard that Shen didn't date before, he also noticed that Shen didn't feel well with him around. "Okay, if you would like to have any help, I'm always here and hey, don't worry, I'm not that scary or am I?..." He didn't end as he heard the information. "I will be on my way to the dorm, Let's meet again sometimes... Oh, and Ptolemy, need some help?".

    "Dorm 2, I can bet my Dormmate will be a really cool person"
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  30. Aila would be lying if she said she hadn’t peeked over at Drake’s slip of paper. After the boy apologized to her, she smiled warmly and insisted it was no big deal. Then a speaker came on, informing the new students that they needed to get to their dorms. And, being the curious little minx she was, she had to look!
    Dorm room six. Well, I’m in eleven, so I hope he gets paired with someone who won’t freak him out.
    And she dismissed it like that.
    ...Until Shen approached her, looking antsy. He’d left Luss and Ptolemy with a gentle smile, although embarrassed that Luss found his lack of dating humorous.
    “Aila, please tell me you’re in room six.”

    Crap. “Well- no.. but I know who is..!”

    - -

    Shen stood outside dorm six, wringing his bag strap anxiously between his hands. Based on what Aila had told him, his roommate was a human up until very, very recently. Werewolves were mostly either fullblood families, or humans thrown into the mix against their will.
    Shen’s roommate was the latter.
    He slowly opened the door, drawing his wings in. It was the boy Aila had ran off to comfort, and Shen had no idea how that went.
    “Uhm- hey, I’m- I’m Shen, I’m your roommate..” he muttered awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck. “My sister told me- I mean, the girl you were talking to earlier, Aila- the.. one with the whiskers.. She told me that you’re, uh.. new to.. this.”
    He swallowed nervously. What was he saying.
    Convinced he had made the worst impression ever, Shen ducked his head and shuffled to his bed. “Um. So, sorry if this is, like. Intimidating.”

    Aila seemed to have beaten her roommate to the dorm, and she’d already started setting up her side and unpacking. She hummed along to some random melody as she set down a plush, hung up some lights, folded her clothes. The basics. Hope Shen’s going good with his roommate.
  31. Saphrax sighed as he heard the voice over the speaker. Well he better find his dorm. His stuff would be sent via the Witch's Stop. They had charged extra to do it, but it was worth not having tote everything around.

    Walking the halls he past many students who seemed to be all going in the same direction. Stopping at the door marked 5, he opened the door. It looked likt his roommate was not here yet. That was fine with Saphrax he needed the alone time to wake up.

    Being a vampire, his sleeping schedule is all off. He would need some time to get it back into the school time frame. Sipping his coffe he spotted his thing appearing in a cloud of smoke. He smirked as it all appeared.
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  32. Drake had reached his dorm before his roommate. It was a nice dorm. Two beds, separated by a small partition. There were two desks, two dressers, two chairs... Everything seemed pretty normal, actually. A small package caught Drake's eye, sitting on the bed. On it was a note that only read "Camo Boy". That... that was what the guy called Drake. Intrigued, Drake approached the box and slowly opened in it. There were only three things in the box. The first was a lunar calendar. The date for the next full moon, which was happening in the next week, was circled in red marker. The next thing was a necklace, with a charm on it that looked like a wolf's face on the moon. The guy had worn a necklace just like it. Why the heck would he send something like this? Why was he sending stuff like this at all? Drake didn't even know the guy above that one conversation they had about going to Bloodpeak. Drake touched the charm. Suddenly, a wolf as black as night lunged forward with a roar. Drake fell on his butt, dropping the medallion, and the wolf vanished mid leap. What... what the hell was that? Was... was that all in my head?

    Standing back up, Drake grabbed the necklace (careful not to touch the medallion), and shoved it into the desk next to the bed. He slammed the drawer shut, and turned his attention back to the box. There was one more thing in it... A letter. But before he had the chance to read it, Drake... sensed someone at the door to the room. Drake wasn't sure how, but he could hear the light footsteps approaching the door, and could... smell them? Whoever it was, they didn't smell bad. They just had a sort of a... smell. A scent. Drake wasn't sure how he could smell that, but he could. A side effect from being bitten by that... werewolf.

    The door opened to reveal a student, a guy, that stood a little taller than Drake. He was pretty thin, and had white hair. But what Drake really noticed was his small horns sticking out of his head and his unusual pointed tail. Was this guy... was this guy a demon? Did they bunk him with a demon?! But as the boy spoke, Drake's panic level began to quickly fall. This guy... Intimidating? The way he talked and held himself, it looked like he was more nervous than Drake! He almost felt bad for him.

    "Uh... It's, uh... It's okay." Drake said. Not quite sure what to make of the incubus, Drake put his bags on his bed then sat on it, facing Shen. "I'm, uh... Drake. Drake Lanthorn. Yeah, I guess I am new to this."
    Drake watched Shen for another moment. Was he really a demon? He acted so... timid.
    "So... Are you a... a demon, or something?" Drake asked.
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  33. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Astrapi opened the door to her dorm, hoping she was the first one in; she was. She smiled, putting down her stuff on her bed and putting her spare clothes in the drawers that had been provided for everyone. She sighed, lying on her bed. ‘This, is going to be nice’

    Star walked in and to her dorm, dorm 5. She opened the door and walked in, spotting her roommate. “Oh, hello” she said, smiling slightly. Her large ears drew closer to her head, almost as if she was slightly spooked by her roommate. She closed the door behind her, putting her bag into her set of draws then sitting on her bed. “So, uh, I’m Star. And I guess I’m your roommate”

    Kezian made his way to his dorm, but just as he was about to open the door, he heard a voice calling his name. A familiar one at that.
    “Kezian!” The voice shouted again.
    Kezian turned around. “Z.. zach?”
    Zach smiled, “Yes, me! I can’t believe you’re here, at Bloodpeak!”
    Kezian smiled too, slight tears forming in his eyes. “Me neither”
    Kezian hugged his old friend, the tears in his eyes fell down his cheeks. “It’s been so long. I thought you left”
    “We didn’t, turns out my parents just moved house”
    “W..why didn’t you visit”
    Zach looked away uncomfortably. “Theo..”
    Kezian shook his head slightly. “So, what dorm are you in?”
    Zach smiled. “Same as you”
    The two grinned at eachother then walked in, putting away their stuff then sitting on their beds. “What do you say we have a slumber party or something, we could invite everyone.” Asked Zach
    “Sure, seems like a good way to make some friends” Kezian replied, starting to write down some invites.
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  34. Carla made her way towards the dorms and while she waited for some of the other students to go by she pulled out a rather crumbled up piece of paper that had "Dorm 11" written on it. She made her way through the dormitory ducking at most of the doorways and stopped at a door with the number eleven on and noticed that the door was slightly opened. That could only mean that her roommate was already in there. Carla hoped that her roommate was someone who could just let her be to herself for the most of the time. She felt a bit nervous, but she didn't let it show and instead slowly opened the door to dorm eleven, ducked a bit to get inside and shut it behind her. Her one-eyed gaze wandered around the room. It looked quite nice in here. There was two beds, desks, drawers etc... all the basic furniture for a dorm. Her line of sight stopped when she looked at the other inhabitant of the room who was decorating her side of the room. She had light brown hair in a ponytail with messy bangs, dark brown colored eyes and faint whiskers on her face. The young cyclops wondered what kind of a monster her new roommate was, but that wasn't really important right now.

    She proceeded to walk to the other side of the room that was yet to be claimed without a word, put her gray backpack with black highlights on the floor and sat on the bed. The bed had a slight creaking sound when Carla sat on it and it was rather small for her size, but she could manage it. Now she just basically sat there waiting for something, but she wasn't sure what she was waiting for.
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  35. Shen
    The boy listened to Drake tentatively, now sat down on his bed. Instead of being scrunched against his body, his wings now relaxed loosely. The boy seemed much more calm with someone who wasn't a constant reminder of his inferiority, and Gods was that a relief. Keeping his wings tucked didn't only hurt his pride, but also put strain on the wings themselves.
    His ashen skin darkened into a purplish blush at Drake's question, and he glanced to the ground.
    "Well- the word is Incubus, but.." He ducked his head sheepishly, with a laugh that seemed almost bitter. "..but trust me, I don't fit the job description."
    He knew fully well of what an Incubus could do at full power. Get anyone to fall for them at the snap of a finger, feast on their feelings, manipulate them into death.. and none of that described Shen in the slightest. He was an anxious, awkward, complete-opposite-of-manipulative-and-cunning mess. But maybe that was exactly what Drake needed to not feel like the most nervous in the room, so hey, maybe he was useful for something.
    "Ah, but I guess it's good we got roomed together. Aila seemed to want to be your friend, and since I'm here, she'll get to talk to you and keep an eye on me. She's protective like that..."
    The last part was mumbled faintly, probably out of earshot to a normal human. But, hey, surely being savagely attacked by a werewolf had its perks, so maybe he did hear it.

    Aila twisted her body at the sound of the door creaking open, glancing at the door as her roommate entered.
    The girl was tall. Like, really tall. She had a sort of intimidating aura around her, but nothing that could stop the social wonder that was Aila Addair. Also, she was a cyclops. That was also worth mentioning.
    "Heya!" she greeted warmly, turning to face her as she sat perched on her bed. Her roommate had short, brown hair, shaved on one side. Her eye- singular- was large in size, and a pretty teal in color. She had a big jacket, as well as some cute earring studs, and another thing Aila noticed was the tiny bump on her nose.
    "I'm Aila, nice to meet you!" the whiskered girl cooed softly, watching her roommate shuffle to her bed. The frame creaked in response to the large girl sitting on it, but seemed fine otherwise. Her roommate didn't seem nearly as inclined to move or decorate or talk as Aila was, and the little selkie awkwardly bit her inner cheek, but still waiting for a response with the same inviting smile on her freckled face.
  36. Ptolemy
    It was too bad that the school called them all before Ptolemy could ask his question for these two incubus, there's something he can learn you know? Ah, but may be next time. For now, he must look for his room.

    "I'm okay, but thank you for the concern." Ptolemy took off his hat and gave the incubuses in front of him a bright smile, which didn't even show up on his face since he had no flesh. "Take care you two, we will meet again later."

    The skeleton excused himself and walked off toward his designated dorm room. It was number 4, right? Took him some time to find it. Before he open the door, he read the plaque on the door with his name and his roommate's name written on it.

    "Gilgamesh. Huh??"

    Ptolemy opened the door and found out that the room was still empty. Looks like his roommate hadn't arrive yet. Which neans.....

    "Time for prank!!"

    It's okay. The school gave them thirty minutes. It's more than enough time. Ptolemy set up a simple trap using some strings and his own skull. When Gilgamesh open the door, his skull would sways left and right in front of Gilgamesh's face while the rest of his body sat on a chair in the middle of the room with some confetti in hand. He didn't forget to prepare a camera while he's at it.

    Yep, enough preparation. Time to wait and record this Gilgamesh's reaction.

    Interaction: @wintersolstice @Clite of Dragonbow
  37. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    (Wata Osean)

    “Oh, I get tha-” Wata got cut off by the announcement, “Oh, c’ya sometiiiiime~” she said after the speakers finished. Wata twirled around and leapt onto the ground, before dashing off to find her dorm, ‘Which one was it again? Oh, yeah, dorm number 3, I wonder who else is there?’ she thought to herself as she reached the door for her new dorm, she sighed and transformed back into her human form, ready to great her dorm-mate at the door.

    (Fumeko Fukuso)

    Fumeko snapped out of her thoughts when she heard the announcement start. At the end of the announcement, she started zone out a little, “I don’t know how I’d cope that well if my dorm-mate is really loud or talks all the time... Well, I’ll just hope that they’ll leave me alone when I’m trying to relax...” Fumeko sighed as she wondered around the dorm area (that she only had been in for a minute or two), just as she bumped into someone standing around.


    “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” she sighed as she leapt and twirled, transforming back into her human form, “Wha-? Oh, another Kitsune? Well, I guess I should’ve expected that but, oh never mind, my name is Fumeko Fukuso, want a pepper?” Fumeko bowed slightly as she introduced herself, then reached into her pouch and pulled out one of the ghost peppers as she finished talking.

    Wata smiled, “Nah, not really hungry, I’m Wata Osean by the way, you in this dorm by any chance?” she motioned to the number on the door as she spoke.

    “Oh, yes, I am, I would assume you are too then?” Fumeko looked slightly surprised.

    “Yeah~ Of course I am!” Wata replied as she pushed the door wide open, “I call dibs on this one!” she yelled as she leapt onto the bed on the left.

    Fumeko sighed, ‘Oh great, someone loud and annoying, just GREAT. They probably thought that because we’re both Kitsune we’d get along perfectly...’ she thought to herself, shaking her head.
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  38. Ebony
    On top of the school's roof, the black cat stood elegantly. He literally looked down at those naive brats that just came into the school. A crow roosted itself next to the cat, it's eyes gleaming with intelligence as it scanned through the streams of new students.

    "Find anyone suspicious?" The cat asked. The crow just answered by shaking its head.

    "Good. Here is your payment." Ebony gave the crow a lunchbox filled with raw fishes from the cafetaria, just like they agreed on. The crow ate all the fishes in mere seconds before it flew away. That crow, Morrigan, was a magical crow that can see deathly aura surrounding a person. If the person likes to kill recently, Morrigan would know it straight away from their aura.

    Being a school filled with abnormal students, it's not unheard that some students might be too dangerous to keep around. Like several years ago the school accidentally accepted a vampire that was still in their frenzy phase, it ended up with some students became victims of the vampire's rampage. Fortunately the principal was able to hide the accident smoothly and keep the school's reputation clean. As a (self-proclaimed) guardian of the school, it's just Ebony's natural duty ro provide another layer of security for the school ground.

    "Hmmph, I'm just that heroic." The cat talked to himself. After the students dispersed to their respective dorm, Ebony ended his surveillance duty and took a nap on nearby maple tree.
  39. Carla's new roommate seemed nice enough, which was already something to mark on the positive things list that the cyclops had in her mind for people. She tried to press the name Aila to her storage system in her head, which is also know as a brain, to try and remember her dorm-mates name, as the whiskered girl was probably going to be the student that Carla was going to spend the most time with. Looking at Aila's side that was already decorated with some light's and with some kind of a plushy made the one-eyed girl's side look quite boring, but that was alright. Now it was Carla's turn to respond, so she tried to think of the right words to use from her already limited vocabulary.

    "I am Carla. Nice to meet you," the cyclops finally said before things became too awkward between the two students. The way she said was in the same style as a child trying to repeat something that someone else said, and that was pretty much it. The one-eyed student had just basically repeated what Aila had said, with the change of the name's of course and she didn't have a child's voice. Rather, her voice sounded slightly deeper than the average girl in her age.
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  40. "Whoa." Drake muttered as Shen revealed his wings. He hadn't seen those when Shen had walked in. So he was an Incubus? Drake hadn't heard of that type of monster exactly, but he had heard of Succubus before. But all Succubus were female. So... an Incubus was probably a male version of a Succubus. It kind of made sense, looking at Shen. Slightly demonic features, check. Fairly attractive, check. Feeling a little less... weary of Shen's presence, Drake got off his bed and began to unpack his clothes. He listened as Shen trailed off. Protective, huh?
    "Is, uh, Aila an Incu- Well, I guess it would be a Succubus, as well?" Drake asked as he unpacked. He didn't exactly have that much stuff... Three pairs of clothes had already been destroyed when Drake had transformed. Well, at least this time he would know better and sleep in the nude. Oh shoot. He'd have to run out into the woods the next time there was a full moon, wouldn't he? Drake hoped that whoever was in charge of the academy here would be okay with that. I mean, they probably would since it was a school for monsters and Drake guessed they probably had at least one werewolf here before.

    The only things that Drake had for him to unpack were his clothes and some camping gear that he had. A small, portable stove. A sleeping bag and pad. A tent. Drake slid all of these under his bed, and stuck his Swiss Army Knife into his pocket. And just like that, he was pretty much unpacked.

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