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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Pheonix, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Soo... totally spammed this in chat tonight, but I feel it should be shared with all.

    http://io9.com/5890843/watch-a-new-scen ... -right-now

    But might as well make this thread a general Avatar thread. Thoughts and feelings about the original The Last Airbender series and the new one of Legend of Korra are more than welcomed here.

    My thoughts about everything I have seen, which includes the short teaser trailer that Nickelodeon has put out and this, is that the videos are making me super excited about this upcoming series. I'm so happy that the humor is still there, and little Korra had me fairly giggling like mad in my chair. I REALLY need to get me an official copy of the original series though (and for that matter rewatch it too).
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    Re: Avatar:TLA and LoK

    I can't wait to see the first full length episode of Legend of Korra. All of these trailers and episode snippets are turning into a tease. Does the show have an actual air date yet? D:

    Anyways, I spammed Pheo in the chat about this already but anyone who's a fan of the Last Airbender series and its artwork owes it to themselves to pick up the Art of the Animated Series book. It's hardcover, the price isn't bad (currently under $20 on Amazon.com), and the content within is both informative and gorgeous. You won't be disappointed.

    While I enjoyed the entire book, my favourite section is definitely the origins of the show and how Aang and Appa's character designs developed. The original show that the creators wanted to make was very, very different... XD
  3. Re: Avatar:TLA and LoK

    I don't know why it took me so long to watch this series, but it did. I finally got around to it when my friends in the dorm lobby heard that I hadn't seen the series, and insisted we marathon it over a period of weeks.

    Best. Decision. Ever. It's probably one of my favorite series now c:

    We've also watched a bunch of the LoK trailers, and we're looking forward to spamming it in the lobby as well c: If we could ever get a release date D:<
  4. Linkachu

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    Re: Avatar:TLA and LoK

    We have a date! :love:

    Also one extra tidbit:

    I actually don't receive any TV stations that will/may be airing this show, but I'll find some way to watch it. I must.

    And to finish off, here's the latest Nick trailer:

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    Re: Avatar:TLA and LoK


    Go the the website and like/share and we could unlock the premiere online next Saturday. Like a month before it airs on TV ;)

    Doit doit.
  6. Re: Avatar:TLA and LoK

    Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely loved Avatar; The Last Airbender as a series. I would vote for it as one of the best works of animation ever achieved by humanity, and possibly even one of the best works in general. Withing its own context, it's up to par with, let's say, Harry Potter and Game Of Thrones.

    Today I saw the first episode of Avatar; The Legend Of Korra and I've got a few things to say about it. Without spoiling it for any one of you, my two main points are;

    1. It was brilliant.
    2. It could've been better.

    Honestly, no matter how you look at it- This is by the studio that did Avatar TLA; It's set in the same universe, with the same artstyle, and combined with friggin' steampunk- It's an amazing work of art and animation so far, as expected. I was absolutely mesmerized troughout the whole thing. The martial arts scenes, the graphics; Everything was reminiscent of the original series' glory.

    Yet, I can't help but feel the whole thing could have been executed better.

    It had everything that made Avatar TLA as good as it was, but it was all kind of thrown in and everything seemed rather hurried. There was practically no introduction to the characters or their surroundings, and the whole thing seemed rather all over the place.

    I guess what I'm trying to say it is; I'm going to be watching this series regardless of everything, because it's, y'know, Avatar. But nonetheless I hope that this series will improve and mellow out over time and become even more enjoyable to watch.

    Here's the link to the Vimeo; http://vimeo.com/38705962
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    Re: Avatar:TLA and LoK

    I actually disagree with Dark Soul. I loved it - all of it. While the environments were very different from the Last Airbender, the music, action, and characterization that I love was all there. ^^

    A lot happened in this first episode but all of it was laying the groundwork for future events. I personally wouldn't have wanted them to flesh things out anymore than they did because the plot is meant to revolve around the city. Getting Korra into the city and showing us her personality, particularly how she differs from Aang, were what this first episode needed to do - and that's exactly what it did.

    This is just the beginning. We have a whole season ahead of us to flesh out all of the questions this single episode presented. Lots of foreshadowing for a 24 minute episode, eh?

    Bottom line though? It's not easy being the second act. I'm fully aware that I'll be comparing LoK to TLA even though I don't want to, but I'll try my best to give Korra a clean slate and enjoy it for what it is. ~:)~

    In other news... Ugh. When I got into Avatar: the Last Airbender season 1 was already on DVD. I was a good girl and waited for each DVD release after that, but for Korra...? Not happening, even if watching week to week will make the cliffhangers that much more cruel. The show hasn't even officially aired yet and I'm already dying to see episode two! ;_;
  8. Re: Avatar:TLA and LoK

    See, I refused to watch the leak on principle. Someone posted it to our lobby Agni Kai group, but I just couldn't bring myself to click the link- I kind of want to turn on the TV on April 14th and see it new for the first time. Then again, I may not be able to resist if the official leak occurs c:

    See, I came into the series super late, so I didn't have all of the waiting and gnashing of the teeth waiting for cliffhanger episodes - we just watched them straight off of Netflix. I kind of want to do this this time, because I feel like I should have to go through it sometime.
  9. Re: Avatar:TLA and LoK


    I am craaaaaaaaazy pumped for the third episode of Korra next weekend. Love the series and I love Korra. But I'm displeased that the shipping wars have already started. REALLY PEOPLE. REALLY. I ASK YOU.
  10. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: Avatar:TLA and LoK

    I'm really liking the new series, even just two episodes in. I think the fact that the characters are older is more appealing to me. It's still a children's show, but they seem to taking themselves a bit more seriously while still having kooky fun with it.

    I also really like this intro as opposed to the first episodes of TLA, as I was really rather turned off by them even when I first saw them. I promos and intro are what made enticed me and made me put up with the first bit to progress to things far more exciting and interesting.

    As for the shipping that Keleri mentioned, Korra will pretty obviously be with the brooding brother. The end of Episode 2 indicates that much pretty obviously. The flirty brother will be comic relief/haplessly lovelorn after many girls throughout the series. Or so that's what the second episodes seems to indicate.
  11. Re: Avatar:TLA and LoK

    Can't believe I haven't posted in this before now.

    I honestly love the series so far! Episode two is where I officially got hooked; pro-bending looks amazing, Bolin and Mako are great, and we got the hilarious one-liners we're so used to ♥ I particularly like how Korra's 'challenge element' is air instead of fire because of her combative personality. LoA placed fire/water and earth/air as opposites, so LoK turns that around.

    Honestly I can't wait to see more of the characters and actually FIND OUT what happened to Zuko's mother.
  12. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: Avatar:TLA and LoK

    One of the things that I'm really looking forward to is when Korra goes into her spirit form thingy and talks with Old-man Aang. Partly because I'm interested in seeing him as a proper adult, but also because of the vagueness of things leading into LoK.

    I mean, Aang clearly put some planning into the training and upbringing of his successor, so I'm wondering why he did so. Just general niceness/precaution, or was he fearful of something on the horizon that he knew he wouldn't live to stop.

    So many questions as a result of this time skip! Also, who's running the Fire Nation now? Are we going to meet Zuko's children? Or is he still alive? I'm fairly certain it was stated Sokka is dead, so that ties up him. Toph is still technically unconfirmed one way or the other too.

    It's weird to be so uncertain about all of these beloved characters fates. I just really hope that they touch on them in some capacity throughout the run of the series, even just for the sake of the hardcore fans.

    ...Holy crap, I am reading way too much into this series when we only have two episodes. XD But alas, they gave us a lot of plot threads to work with already so I'm drawing up connections as I feel fit. :p
  13. Re: Avatar:TLA and LoK

    Digging this up since we have four episodes now...


    Two words: Oh snap! As Tailon said last night, Amon is now a much more credible threat with his (possible) energybending. I can definitely say that I didn't see this coming. I'm quite loving the character development so far and the darker elements involved. However, I'd like to see more non-benders against Amon just to see if it is indeed benders versus non-benders. So far it's all a bit vague. Either way, the series has been excellent so far!

    And on a random note: I though there might be a Mako and Korra ship brewing, but then Bolin also seems to have a crush on her. After Twilight and The Hunger Games I reeeeeeally don't want another love triangle. Not that I'll enjoy the show any less or anything ♥
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    Re: Avatar:TLA and LoK

    I must say, Amon already feels like an antagonist who's on the level of Fire Lord Ozai and his character has so much presence that it's almost unnerving. They've just done such a damn good job at making him feel genuinely threatening. The climax of episode 4 was bloody brilliant, although it's made me start to question if things with Amon aren't quite as they appear to be~
  15. Re: Avatar:TLA and LoK

    Y'know... how could you guys be missing the most important thing from episode 4? SEEING TOPH ALL GROW'D UP ♥ Seriously though, Aang as an old dude with a beard was slightly amusing with his srsfaceImmagonnabeatudown flashback scene. I'll be more interested to hear about how Amon probably got beat down by the previous Avatar and now just holds a severe grudge against all benders. Neat seeing several of the old gaang in there if even only for a split second.
  16. Linkachu

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    Re: Avatar:TLA and LoK

    I meet your comment, Pheo, with this:

    I was just avoiding specifics as much as possible. ;)
  17. Sir Red

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    It was a very cool episode, but the flashback was definitely my favorite part. I'm just a sucker for seeing characters that I've come to know and love be older and badass. :x

    I'm thinking that Amon, the dude Aang stopped before and the Water Council guy are all connected in some evil way. The Water guy just seems too...smarmy to not be evil.
  18. I was actually a little disappointed by episode 5 this week. I'm really annoyed by the developing love triangle (a literal triangle at one point)/square especially since it's pitting two girls against each other for one dude (the inferior dude, too-- Bolin for ever). I was also really annoyed because Korra and Bolin have an awesome, fun evening and I thought for a moment that it was leading up to showing a good example of what healthy dating looks like, but instead it was to emphasize that they're "just friends" and to play into the idea that "real" romance involves drama, confusion, backbiting, cheating, etc. and worst of all, making heartfelt FEELINGSDECLARATIONS to people who are already in relationships.

    The conclusion of the episode seemed to indicate that the triangle was semi-resolved, so I'm hoping that we won't revisit this thread for a few episodes and can get back to the good stuff: Amon, airbending, what exactly was going down in the Aang flashback, etc.
  19. Totally got that love triangle/square I didn't want. But unlike Keleri, I loved the episode and found myself loling from almost the start. Bolin is absolutely adorable and hilarious. After the last uber intense episodes, this was a nice break.

    "I told you dating a teammate was a bad idea!"
    "You're a bad ideaaaaaa!"
  20. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Although I do like Bolin more than most comic relief characters in animated action shows (usually anime, but Avatar falls into this category too :p), he is still in the show for comic relief purposes. From the moment Bolin and Mako were introduced it was pretty obvious which of them Korra would be with, in my opinion at least.

    Bolin will get a love interest or two down the road, much like Sokka did in TLA, but Korra and Mako are going to end up together. And I feel like to save face for Mako his girlfriend will turn out to be either evil, or just a mean person. Something to make the audience neglect the fact that he will be leaving her for Korra other than that he simply chooses Korra over her.

    I agree with Keleri, I want to know about that damned flashback!
  21. Linkachu

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    ^This. All of it.

    That said, I'm with Carmen that I rather liked the episode. It gave us the chance to see a side of the characters we hadn't yet seen, and it was only a matter of time until the Bolin-Mako-Korra love triangle 'sploded once Mako hooked up with that new girlie. It was fairly obvious that Korra's been crushing on Mako for awhile now, and I got the feeling from this recent episode that quite a bit of time has passed since they initially met.

    While I can't wait to see more on that too, I'm personally in no rush for answers. I believe in these guys and their abilities to weave a story, and I have faith that everything will be tied up perfectly by the end (assuming the series doesn't get extended to multiple seasons). Until then, I'm just along for the ride~
  22. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Bolin in this episode. Bolin and Pabu 4 lyfe. : D
  23. Yeah, Pabu is adorable ♥ And if the previews for the next episode are to be believed (and I'm sure they are), episode six will be extremely intense as well as Amon moves in on the Pro bending tournaments and be a general buzzkill. I'm hoping we get to see non-bending supporters of benders aside from (obviously) Asami and her father and Pema.
  24. Linkachu

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    "No! Not my Cabbage Corp!"

    The whole of Episode 7 was awesome, and I'm really enjoying the direction and pacing of Korra's plot, but that one quote won the episode. You know this in your heart to be true.
  25. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    As soon as the mentioned the Cabbage Corp I thought of how excited everyone on Charms would be that they acknowledged the cabbage vendor.

    It wasn't until this episode that I really realized how different this series is than TLA. LoK has a very different structure and story technique. TLA was all about the adventure and running away from the Fire Nation. This time, the adventures are staying home in Republic City and focusing rather largely on politics, thus far.

    This episode could very well be a turning point for the series that establishes the status quo moving forward (seeing as they really haven't allowed for it to fully develop yet, but more on that in a minute). With Chief Bei Fong quitting and The Equalists threat growing things are starting to move towards a war, which I like. Also, Water dude is evil, still calling it. He's gonna seize power and either 1)try to crush Amon and fail, thus dooming the city; or 2) join Amon and reveal that they are connected with the flashback dude that Aang fights.

    The status quo for the show has been weird thus far. It hasn't really gotten a proper chance to settle and establish itself, as things keep constantly changing. There really haven't been any "filler" episodes, where they simply focus on the characters and their relationships as they are and let them be. Nearly every episode introduces something new to shake things up and have the story progress. I'd like for them to firmly establish a status quo sooner, rather than later.
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    I've had a lingering suspicion that they may actually be the same person. I'm sure this prediction can easily be smashed, but have we seen Amon and the Water dude guy together in one place yet? :arr:

    I'm not fully sure what your definition of status quo is in this context, but I figure that the next couple of episodes will establish such now that the Pro Bending plot has wrapped up and all the core characters will be living in the same place. Air Temple Island is sure to become the new base of operations. That being said, if this series is meant to be contained within a single season I could see things continuing to race forward with one plot twist after the next. Avatar: The Last Airbender had a lot more time to flesh stuff out, but Korra doesn't necessarily have that same freedom.

    Actually, I found that the love triangle episode was very much a light-hearted character focused episode. It may have moved the plot along in the process but the focus was definitely the character interactions, conflicts, development, and Bolin silliness.
  27. Sir Red

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    The episode that I felt was the most filler-esque was the one where the need to make money for the Championship Tournament. It started out very filler-like, with Mako and Bolin going off and doing jobs to raise money. And then Amon battle happened...

    Personally I'm really hoping that Korra last beyond one season, as I'm really in love with the world that they've created. It's a combination of the Roaring 20's and classic Avatar world. It makes for a very cool, Steam Punk type atmosphere.

    Yeah, I thought of the same thing about Amon and Water guy. He's obviously some form of an antagonist, it just remains to be seen in what capacity.

    Also, I love seeing Chief Bei Fong and Tenzen fight. It's just really cool to see some hardcore bender by masters like that.
  28. So next week is the season finale...

    With fewer episodes to work with, they sure are putting us through the ringer. I mean wow. But that's not what I came here to talk about lol. I wanted to discuss Korra's role as the avatar and what Amon is doing. The Avatar is supposed to be restoring balance, but so far we haven't learned what Korra needs to do in order to make that happen. Shall we find hints of that next week?

    Honestly right now it looks like Amon is doing more to bring justice
    what with Zolt and now Tarrlok
    than Korra has. Also am I the only one whose noticed that, aside from threatening Korra, Amon hasn't taken away a woman's bending yet?
  29. *Whistles* I haven't been here in a while. I blame summer semester and Mickey D's eating my time. However, I have been watching the Legend of Korra and commenting on it greatly in my head. Recently, I got a fellow dojo-buddy into it. He saw the first two episodes and said it wasn't as good. Here, I copy and paste my response to his email. :p


    I must say I wholeheartedly disagree. I will break down your important points.

    "I still feel like it lacks the wit and humor of the Last Airbender"
    As times change (as in the present and in the show's universe) what is considered funny also does. That is not refuting anything, just an observation on the perception of change and the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia. What is 'wit' and 'humor' is partially and issue similar to Congress's definition of pornography--"I know it when I see it."

    "Bolin does not by any means live up to the hilarity of Sokka"

    Bolin and Sokka are two separate characters with two different roles. In my opinion, their roles in the show (not counting in-universe) are foil (Korra's foil that is) to Mako's serious nature developed in adaptation to street life (versus Korra's rather sheltered life) and a mirror of Korra's fun-loving nature without the burden of being an Avatar, while Sokka is comic relief and a non-bender's perspective on the then-heavily bender-ruled world.

    "I think the plot is kind of transparent"

    Transparency does not always mean bad. From the viewer's standpoint, we are familiar enough with cliches to point them out, but the characters don't have that perspective of all of the presented plot. In addition, referencing my next point, hindsight is twenty-twenty, to use another cliche.

    "The power-hungry councilman was a lying bad guy?"
    Power and ambition does not necessarily mean evil (*coughcough*Slytherin*coughcough*). At first, Tarlokk struck me as an ambitious, though relatively normal power-seeker just looking to make his own living comfortable and to pursue his own goals. Only later in the show was his parentage and special skills revealed. In addition, his convincing nature and ability to round up all non-benders is a parallel of Nazi Germany (a cliche to us, but there is no Germany in the Avatar world) leads a frightening parallel to what happened in history. The show is aimed at children, who may not always pick this up, but their parents have a much greater chance of seeing this, adding a darker tone to the series.

    "And the wealthy industrialist was too?!"

    As stated before, power and ambition don't always lead to evil. Mr. Sato's offer was portrayed in a manner to not make it look like cover, but a generous investment benefiting both the Fire Ferrets and Future Industries. I have to agree, the firebender killing Ms. Sato was a bit cliche, but I hoped that Mr. Sato would have the sense to see that not all benders are evil, given time to recuperate of course. Going along with previous statements, evaluating past episodes with the perspective of recent ones can always twist our thinking into picking out little tidbits that may not mean much.

    "the voice talent is lacking"
    That is simple opinion. New does not always mean bad.

    "the animation is more like your traditional run-of-the-mill anime"
    From what I have read from critics, the art is said to be a stunning combination of Eastern and Western animation, paralleling the East and West combination of the two Avatar series. There are elements of both in Avatar, making it unique.

    "I feel like the whole thing is just for the most part just kind of cliche"
    As TV Tropes is famous for saying, tropes used responsibly can enhance a story.

    Now on to my own points.

    In my opinion, Amon is like a combination of Hitler and Big Brother. Amon is a great orator, raising a crowd to an uproar for a point that is actually valid, if not accomplished in the best ways. Yes, benders do have an advantage that non-benders can ever hope to achieve in any way. This philosophy of power and its use is a deep thought point for the show. Yes, benders have oppressed non-benders for years, causing nearly every war (the war between Oma and Shu's villages is one that was not--the lovers learned earthbending from the badger moles). Yes, they can use their abilities to harm others, but many use them to help. Even if they become irrelevant to society, they are like bows and arrows to today's guns--an important part of culture and useful for other things. For example, waterbending for healing, earthbending for fast, simple building construction, firebending's lightning generation for clean power, and airbending for its peaceful manner of disarming opponents, with or without wind. A parallel would be Germany's great history tarnished by the events of World War I, using the second World War to get revenge and feel better by using scapegoats, similar to Amon. Both Hitler and Amon have valid points, but oppressing another group of people, be it Jews or non-benders.

    Now on to the Big Brother portion. As he has demonstrated time and time again in the series that he is a superb planner, evasive, and highly observant, both personally and with his spies around the city. He seems to be many steps ahead of the Krew and the city's official forces, as well as conspirators within the city such as Tarlokk. Again, he rallies the crowd to a cause which on the surface is amazing (i.e., socialism so everyone is equal, stripping away an innate part of oneself to make them equal, etc.), but with great flaws that can be overlooked by some people with differing outlooks.

    If any character is a bit bland so far, it would be Mako. Why is Korra interested? Is it because he's a attractive and a good bender? His personality does not seem like much more than a nice guy who turned a bit cynical, a less extreme Zuko one may say. Mako's good points are a nice foil to his brother and Korra, with the addition of a sense of levelheadedness to the Krew. Mako's decent, but needs a bit more development which I think he will get in the last three episodes.


    Now this is a good character from the series. Similar to Korra, he keeps up a shield of bravado, but breaks down like a normal human under stress, like when he thought he was going to lose not only a part of himself, but his earthbending livelihood that kept him off the streets. He may be dramatic at points, but some people are like that. To some, it is endearing, while to others, irritating, just like in real life. He talks to Pabu in a manner suggesting that he wishes he was taken more seriously, but enjoys a touch of lightness to diffuse a difficult situation.

    Asami's okay. Too many people in these two series have been killed by firebenders. Why can't a nonbender or some other bender be a murderer for a change? Yep, she has a nice strength to her (shown through her defeat of the Lieutenant and her rejection of her father) countered by a slight naievety from a privileged upbringing, but she hasn't had enough airtime to be much more than a love interest, though like Mako, she still has a chance.

    Naga is one of my gripes. In the first serious, the dang spirit companion of the Avatar was a lot more important, not just a failed ride and a prank. The personality shown in the first episode had the nice cross between almost-human intelligence and animal instinct (like Appa), but she has not been shown much. Part of the issue is essentially a giant dog in the rather tiny streets of a young city, but she should have some personality bits here or there.

    Future Aang, Toph, and Sokka

    Thank goodness Toph kept a little bit of her humor. I understand a police force needs some decorum, but I enjoyed the mild jibes that occur between Aang and Toph. Aang lost a bit too much of his normal enthusiasm. This was probably not a normal scene for him, but I expected a little something out of the pre-arrest scene.

    Sokka...is Sokka. Yes, he turned out a lot like his father, Hakoda. He can be serious, with a sense of humor and a magnetic speaking quality, such as with his explanation of atypical benders.

    Yakone is a 'must...know...more...' point for me. Bloodbending in the daylight nowhere near a full moon?! For all I know, he's a descendant of Hama, the original bloodbender.

    Overall, I can see on a shallow level why you say it does not live up to Aang's journey, as there isn't as much exploration of the world, jokes, and a typical black-and-white plot that is loved by many. However, I believe that due to the multiple levels of plot and the food for thought arisen by Korra's legend (not to mention it breaking the 'adventure to learn' cliche in a nice manner), this darker tale with fascist and socialist references makes it superior as a standalone, but both are excellent cartoons together and apart.


    On the side, Borra is adorable.
  30. I've gotten a lot more excited about Korra again after my initial disappointment with the shipping episode. I'm enjoying the show but I really do feel like this series is weaker than the first.

    The big factor is that all of the episodes have been written by Mike and Bryan--ONLY Mike and Bryan--and once someone pointed that out to me, everything became clear. A:TLA was also written by them, but was then put through the wringer by a team of other writers to ensure every character had a unique voice, that the jokes were snappy, that the dialogue sounded like something a real person would say.

    The voice actors for Korra are fine, but the problem is that they just aren't given a polished script to work from. There isn't much that really jumps out at me as being OMG BAD but it's merely spare and serviceable. Most of the characters convey very little of their character through the interactions we've seen; when any character gets a chance to speak, it's almost only ever to convey information in a straightforward way. Bolin and Korra have gotten more of a chance to do this since Bolin gets a lot of comic relief moments and Korra is the main character, but Mako and Asami have paper-thin characterization. I feel like I know Tenzin, Lin Bei Fong and even Meelo better than I do Mako or Asami. I DEFINITELY don't feel like Korra's Krew has the strong relationships and cohesion of the Gaang. I *do* appreciate that things are still kind of coming together for Korra so I'm hopeful that the writing will improve in later episodes and we'll get more character moments.

    The action has been very good but I miss the really good bender duels of A:TLA. I also feel like the individual plot threads, while exciting and interesting, are poorly shifted between. The way they were playing up probending and Korra shifting her bending techniques because of it, I thought it was going to last a lot longer and be a major part of the plot, but instead it was over within a few episodes and completely dropped. Tarrlok had an incredible unique bending ability but his threat disappeared inside of two episodes. I'm sort of left wondering what the second season is going to be about, it seems like we're heading for a final conflict with Amon already?

    I've also heard complaints that they're "watering down" the special bending abilities by making lightning bending, metalbending, etc. more common, but I actually like that about the series--this dissemination of secret techniques to more people and sharing of information for the benefit of the city (lightning = electricity generation, metalbending police force).

    I also do like Amon and I think he's a great villain-- we actually know very little about him and that's really keeping me interested. I thought we were getting something from Aang's memories but that was about Yakone. Amon is playing everybody and using benders' arrogance against them to turn non-benders to his cause. He feels like a credible threat and he seems to have multiple unique abilities-- I originally wondered if he was a sham, using intense chi-bending to make a person *think* they could no longer bend, but when he resisted Tarrlok's bloodbending it was a great OHHHH SHIIIIIIT moment.

    Finally, the shipping. I hate it. I feel like this is a classic case of *trying* to give the fans what they want-- never do this. Never do this. It whips the intense weirdo shippers into an embarrassing frenzy and annoys everyone else. (I was also left cold by the "CabbageCorp" joke--it was set up so poorly, I felt like Bad Joke Eel was telling it.) Mike and Bryan saw the kerfuffle over the shipping in A:TLA and went YES WE SHOULD DO MORE OF THAT, DELIBERATELY AND HAMFISTEDLY and now it's just... ugh. I was squeeing over yesterday's episode but it was marred by the stupid "DOES MAKO REALLY LOVE ME" moment and THEN by Korra needing to have that "I've been saved!" moment with Mako at the very end. I feel really icky about it. She saved herself, dawg, with some amazing ingenuity and power-- and she gets home and it's like OHHH LET ME COLLAPSE INTO YOUR ARMS MY SWAIN. Bl-freakin-ech. I hate love triangles, I really do, and I hate SURPRISE SEXIST STATUS QUO BULLSHIT.

    So yeah, there's my rant. Overall I like the series! I do! Korra is a badass, Lin is a badass-- ASAMI is the Republic City Transporter and I want to see more! But I feel like the less polished writing is really hurting it; the cool ideas and characters are there but they're not flowing well into one another and so we get these cool moments with disjointed dialogue and sudden transitions. And enough with the fkin shipping.

    Ahem, yeah. Once again, an emotional wringer (thanks Keleri for showing that was spelled with a w <<). I quite liked the episode but it was definitely real. The Equalists have now brought the threat to the entire city. I really wish we knew more about Amon. I mean, I know firebenders killed his family, but there has to be more. Or maybe he isn't and he really is having a more extreme reaction than Asami (and also Jet from TLA).

    Aside from the episode, I didn't want to talk about something else

    I strongly disagree with this because it implies that a strong female character like Korra can't have her moments of...well whatever you call that. Having more romantic moments in no way takes away from her awesomeness and she still doesn't rely on a man to save her. Mako maybe pissing me off right now, but her ship with him isn't detrimental to her. That said...I still prefer her with Bolin.

    Also, this episode made Asami my favorite character. Despite having two very good excuses for angst (Mako being stunningly tactless and her father, her only surviving parent, work for the Equalists), she was a major boss taking out all those Equalists and saving Tenzin. I'm just hoping she keeps fighting for Team Avatar and doesn't betray them because of Mako.

    Well, there goes that.
  32. Today's episode was REALLY good. I really dislike Mako as a character, though.



    ETA: One thing tumblr spurred me to think about: all the (defined) relationships between female characters in this show are antagonistic and it's all over men. Korra and Asami are fighting over Mako-- they're nominally friends but the antagonism is there. Lin and Pema are fighting over Tenzin-- still! Pema doesn't trust Tenzin to be alone with her, even briefly, even after 4 kids. Lin is antagonistic toward Korra because... ummm... reasons. Tenzin reasons. Which get better, but.

    It fails the spirit of the Bechdel test, I think— it doesn’t allow women to be friends but instead defines all their interactions by how they’re concerned with/fighting over men. And this really sucks because this is how society divides and weakens women, by making them antagonistic and encouraging them to cut each other down. Women-women friendships are so important and provide essential support but they're constantly ignored in favor of heterosexual romantic drama and that's crap. My Little Pony is beating LoK by a MILE in this regard.
  33. Squee! Iroh! I hope he's not a bender, just for the sake of good character balance.

    You know, I have found a meme called Perfect Man Bolin, which is actually pretty accurate to the show.
  34. I think I was much more surprised to hear Zuko's voice coming from General Iroh. Overall I like where this is headed though~
  35. :/ So disappointed. So much telling instead of showing. Lame Mako/Korra with no connection between the characters. I felt more when Lieutenant guy was all betrayed by Amon. Korra gets everything handed to her. She airbends because of Mako, not because of, say, Tenzin and the kids. Korra ex machina. Korra learned nothing.

    So disappointed.
  36. I was a tad disappointed with the finale. It was beautifully presented deus ex machina, but still deus ex machina all the same. I didn't see the Amon being a waterbender thing, but I was expecting something cooler, like being the 'spiritual half' of Korra born when Aang died during the second season finale, but meh, waterbender and traitor to cause was cooler.

    Now to the airbending--I'm surprised it didn't occur sooner, but I would have been happier if Korra stayed one through to the second season. It would make her interesting, especially as she trains using air for the first time, not just the forms.

    Blargh! I wanted Borra! Makorra has little real chemistry, other than one of convienence and 'he's hot and a good bender!' What's Asami going to think, cutting her off like that?

    Now to restoring people's bending: I think that it should not have occured this soon if at all. I'm sure Lin was a good fighter without her bending, and seeing her adapt would be interesting.

    On Amon and Tarlokk: This was the ultimate bit of deus ex machina. Yakone is Tarlokk's father, and now he's Amon's too?! Woah! *sarcasm* I'm disappointed. At least the brothers had an interesting end, with the boat explosion.

    On a more fangirly note: Need moar season two nao!
  37. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Frankly, the ending was a predictable mess, barring a few minor exceptions.

    Like what Amon actually was, for example. I expected him to be a bender, but not what he specifically was. I also wasn't expecting the paint (I mean, it wouldn't be surprising if he DID get his face burned in a different way). It explained quite a bit, really, but still.

    "Ex Machina" seems to be a recurring theme in this season and I don't mean the bloody machines everywhere. I don't know if it's due to the rushed nature of the series or the fact pretty much everyone was OP, but it was basically a battle of Hax VS. Hax, and every episode seemed to exist to build up the Hax value of these characters until the inevitable climax where Korra Picks an Epiphany. I personally expected her to glow it up once Amon had her caught up and Deus Ex it even MORE, and was pleasantly surprised when it didn't happen.

    And of course the ending bit. Did you honestly expect her to not get her bending back? She's got a contract for a second damn season. And it was pretty obvious she'd be lightly poked by Avatars Past for that. Aang's comment about how being open to change when you're at your lowest point is rather true - and when you think about it, Korra was never at a true state of loss of options. She really only managed to figure out how to airbend (or move like an airbender) when things got dire and she absolutely had to operate outside the box. Which is also a deus ex machina, but where EVERYONE IN THE FUCKING SERIES does the Deus...

    No one does.

    (Fucking Syndrome)

    As for the Korra/Mako thing... Yeah. It angers me. Normally I'm not one to argue with canon pairings (quite the opposite really, see also my general dismay towards Zutards) but I find absolutely nothing to defend about Korra/Mako. Partially because I've never seen something this forced since Tidus/Yuna, but mostly because I seriously dislike Mako. Anyone who can be dating a person and claiming they "truly care about them" while at the same time doing this sort of shit is not an honorable person and frankly, deserves to be punched in the fayus with a... 1920s Alternate Universe equivalent of a Buick, I suppose.

    And poor Asami. What does she have left now, really? She lost her family (to firebenders and assholitude), she lost her boyfriend to the freaking Avatar... Totally unfair that someone THIS badass gets so thoroughly shafted by this series.

    Ah well, she was too awesome for that complete jerkwad anyway. I just hope they don't pull a predictable Hell Hath No Fury and turn her into an antagonist later on. >>;
  38. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I can almost put up with the 'ex Machina' stuffs and actually quite loved the Avatar state bit near the end, but the rest of it... Feels like a bunch of damn cliches and poor writing.

    Korra suddenly Airbends for no real explained reason, just because it's a fun contrived plot device. The least they could've done is had her meditate for two seconds on what Tenzin taught her ages ago. She was definitely not in a calm state at the time either, and isn't that kinda the point of airbending? But all things considered, the most-predictable-pairing-that-nobody-wanted being shoved in our faces was far more facepalm worthy.

    As Stel put it, are we supposed to be happy that Mako has officially two-timed/been leading Asami on, or was their very brief conversation near the end of episode 11 meant to be the "breaking up" conversation? Because if they intended the latter, it sure as hell went over my head. Even ignoring Mako's side of the situation, Korra knew he and Asami were together (or would've at least still thought they were) yet happily went along with his advances. My respect for her met the floor in about a split second. :?

    For a show that targets pre-teens and young teens as their core audience - a group that's just starting to learn about romantic relationships themselves - they made some pretty bad writing calls with this finale. I can only hope that season 2 can redeem it somehow. For now, I'll just continue facepalming.

    P.S. - Is it just me or did Korra's abilities never reach the level of Aang's in any of the elements? Even though she was years older than him and had lots of time to practice Water/Fire/Earth bending, it was only in episode 11 that she truly displayed some kickass water bending. I guess you can blame it on her hotheaded/lazy nature and the fact the series was rushed to hell, but it still makes her seem much, much weaker overall (Avatar state not included).

    Anyway, more than anything the season finale made me ache for the fact that we didn't get a full season. You take all the events that happened during Book 1 and stretched them out over a twenty-four episode season and I truly think it would've been amazing. For example, having little foreshadowing bits that Amon was a waterbender scattered out over the season and actually developing the relationships in Team Avatar would've strengthened the series big time. That said, Asami and Korra are still awesome, Bolin is still hilarious, and I still want to punch Mako in the face.

    This rushed season makes me realize how much I value those breather periods/episodes in a series. I cherished every random moment Book 1 had to offer because there so darn few of them (Pema stealing Tenzin from Lin is a good example). It also means that episode five (the shipping episode) is in my top three favorite episodes just because we actually got to see a different, more light-hearted side to everyone.

    Before this turns into a tl;dr, I think I'll stop here. I could go on all day about the shipping xD

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