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Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Rex, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    (OoC: If you'd like to keep track of events happening in the GTS+ RP, you can visit viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3341 for a fic!version of them.)

    BiC: It was snowing in Outpost Opelucid. Snow in August was a rare sight in Hoenn, in fact, it was all but impossible. But here, the frozen wastelands of Unova made snow a common occurrence year round in the still habitable areas of the region. Or at least, that’s what Seifer had been told. Truth be told, the Scizor had never been to Unova in his life. Now that he was, he was trying his hardest not to think about the circumstances that brought him there.

    The Scizor wore only a black duster, though he kept it in good condition. Seifer had always lived simply. It was one of the lessons the elders of his home village had pounded into his head. Not that there was anything wrong with that. The simplistic lifestyle had suited his wandering tendencies just fine. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in Unova for any old reason.

    He was here to save the life of the comrade who was walking next to him. Dodger Reinse, a Dewott, his boss, the leader of Black Ops. His best friend, someone he would give his own life for. Black Ops had been discovered, betrayed. In return for the safety of their members, and the secrets their Engineers had discovered, Dodger and Seifer were now hounds of the Mafia. They were here on their own little suicide mission: reach the ruins of Lacunosa Town, and discover what the humans hid there.

    Thankfully, Dodger had lived in Unova most of his life, and knew what he was doing. Despite his years in Unova, were regulations on clothing were next to nonexistent, Dodger wore a white hooded jacket, and black pants. He also had a light gray newsboy cap on, and a pair of orange tinted sunglasses, which had a very thin frame. The hat was the hat of the working class. It had become something of a uniform for Black Ops, most of its members wearing a newsboy in the same way the Mafia’s men wore fedoras.

    Seifer took a moment to look at the outpost around him. Most of the human buildings were long gone, having been incredibly old even when humans were still around. The largest that still stood was up on a hill, and showed signs of recent repair work. It had been city hall before humans disappeared. It was a brown building with a red roof, showing an older human style. In the time of humans, Opelucid was an old city, resistant to the technology of the time, claiming to respect history. Amusingly enough, its last Gym Leader was a young girl, the exact opposite of what one would expect.

    “So they’ll provide a party for us?” Seifer asked, to break the silence.

    “So I’ve heard, they won’t give me specifics though,” Dodger replied.

    “So when we survive this, want to visit Kanto for a while?” Seifer grinned, lightening the mood a bit.

    Dodger chuckled, “How about we round up our friends and family and just move there? Knowing the locals, we could probably sell what ever we discover here and buy a whole city.”

    Seifer pushed open the door to what was once city hall “Sounds like a plan.”

    The two Pokemon entered the building, and let the door close behind them. They would meet who ever would be travelling with them here. This center of humanity history, and current base of operations for the outpost, would be the launching ground for their expedition into the frozen east.
  2. The snow continued to fall from overhead. Mari sneezed as another snowflake fell on her nose. She hated snow, and cold for that matter. A light chilly, breeze began to blow in Mari's direction, blowing flakes of snow into her face. The Leafeon lowered her head to try and keep the wind from blowing into her hood. She never had to deal with weather like this in Sinnoh. It was just her luck that when she finally got some work, it was in some Arceus forsaken snowball like this.

    Mari was dressed very simply. She wore a brown cloak, the hood of which was pulled over her head to try and keep her head warm. The cloak was held closed by a single gold clasp around her neck. She was still shivering underneath but at least she hadn't frozen yet. Hidden under the cloak, she wore a khaki bag lined with dozens of pockets, each one containing various tools of her trade. It wasn't much of a fashion statement, but then it wasn't meant to be. She did have a job to do after all.

    Mari considered herself an exceptional archeologist. She was an expert in pre-modern period homo-sapien civilization, or in layman's terms, human ruins. However, if you mentioned the Leafeon's name to another archeologist, they'd be more likely to describe her as a treasure hunter or thief. It wasn't that she disrespected the sites she visited, she was truly fascinated by the artifacts she found there. There were just some artifacts that were too important to leave in the hands of others, so she would devote her own "personal" protection and research to it.

    Rumors began to circulate about her and the artifacts that went missing from digs she participated in. Though no one was ever able to prove her involvement with the disappearances, she was soon barred from digs and was out of work. It was in this state that she was contacted about helping with some sort of expedition to the east of icy Unova. She had jumped at the chance to get back to work. She didn't care that Unova was borderline arctic, beggars couldn't be choosers after all.

    Now that she was here in Outpost Opelucid, the snow a constant reminder of how ill-suited she was for this climate, she wondered if beggars couldn't get picky at least once. As she approached the brown, red-roofed building, she realized that in her haste she had forgotten to get any real details about this expedition. She knew it was in the eastern part of Unova, but apart from that she knew nothing. Perhaps there would be someone involved with the expedition that could shed some light for her.

    The Leafeon entered the building, shutting the door behind her. She relished the warmer air and shook herself, some of the metal objects in her bag making a light jingling noise. As she removed her hood, she realized she was not alone as she spotted a Scizor wearing a black duster and a Dewott in a white jacket who had arrived before her. She approached the pair and introduced herself.

    "Hello? My name is Mari Emers. I'm an archeologist and I was asked here to help with some sort of expedition in the east? Are you members?" She asked the Dewott, since he was the only one of the two she could look in the eye.
  3. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    The flakes of snow constantly fell upon a small yellow and black pokemon, taking the cold environment with the utmost indifference as he trudged through the white landscape, the ground snow seemingly getting thicker and thicker as he neared Opelucid, his destination. It wasn’t a bother to him all that much, being a steel type for one, but also, due to the fact that he was far too bothered over why he was coming here in the first place. He just mindlessly left his practice back in Rustboro and traveled all the way over here to join some ragtag expedition on a dangerous journey that many had taken before, all with fruitless results, all because of a note he received asking him to come along…yet only now, did he really realize how stupid this all seemed. He had finally started to turn his life around after all these years, and he left it behind on a whim. Why?

    Well, simply put, he was getting sick of it. As good a detective as he was, his jobs were consistently the same sort of business, and not even a business all that worthwhile…a stolen heirloom here, some idiot thugs causing trouble there, it didn’t take a genius to put two and two together…yet apparently no one wanted to use their brains, and they all went to the same guy, this scarred up, aging has-been of a Mawile named Falk, to solve their problems. Of course, he knew why petty theft was the only job that came his way, what with the mafia breathing down his neck. He wasn’t going to get anything else if he didn’t want to risk getting his throat slit.

    Still… whether the jobs never changed, it was a living, and he wasn’t going to whine over some repetitive business if he was getting his income. That didn’t mean, however, if he got the chance to do something fresh and different, that he was going to pass it up. That was why he was doing this, he reminded himself, even if it was a horrible excuse. So what if it was a little chilly? It was better than the alternative extreme…anything but that forsaken fire. Type weakness played a part in this contempt, but there was more to it than that, namely the reason why, though he did everything he could to make himself out to be the kind and approachable type, Falk was a very irritable and ill-tempered pokemon.

    The Mawile wore a light brown raincoat, with black slacks and a black shirt. He had considered getting a hat of some kind to offset the fact that one of his extensions had been crudely bitten off after a conflict with a just as irritable Krokorok, but his... “hairstyle”, wasn’t exactly the easiest to accommodate. With the struggle that it was to find reasonable clothing that fit him, he wasn’t going to make any attempt over finding a simple accessory.

    With some of the outpost coming into view, Falk took out the note that had sent him here out of his coat pocket, reexamining it. He found it on the desk within his makeshift office, one of the few habitable places left in that area that used to be occupied by those peculiar human creatures ages ago. It was some pretty basic stuff: Comments on his detecting, the desire to have him accompany that exploration, and the directions to the site in which this group was to meet up at. If he was reading it right, he was going to reach said meeting place very soon.

    “Sure hope whoever sent this is a little less vague in person…” He grumbled to himself in his usual hoarse tone. The note said nothing about the group’s agenda upon meeting up, and nothing about their plans to navigate the ruins, just that they were going there. Even if he was accepting the invitation, it all left a sort of bitter taste in his mouth. Their intentions for finding whatever was hidden within these ruins seemed particularly sketchy, concerning the withholding of information, but then again, that was probably just the instinctual suspicion that Falk always had whenever something seemed too simple. Just a perk that came with his trade.

    He was in the center of the ancient town now, looking around and observing for a moment before spotting the red roofed building up ahead, the place where his note said to go. He entered the building, brushing off the snow from his jacket upon making contact with the warmer climate of the confines, noticing three other pokemon, a Scizor, Dewott, and Leafeon, occupying the place already, a group he assumed made up at least part of this promised expedition team. The Leafeon had already asked what was on the Mawile’s mind as he had made his entrance, so he decided to just stand there quietly and listen to what one of the other two had to say in response.
  4. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The door swinging open announced the arrival of the first Pokemon to be joining their group. The two Pokemon looked over, and sized up the Leafeon as it shook itself, metal jingling inside its bag. The Leafeon approached Dodger and introduced itself, not acknowledging Seifer.

    "Yeah, name's Dodger Reinse, and this is my partner, Seifer Ramsey," the Dewott replied, offering a hand, "I guess you say we're the leaders of this expedition, though Seifer might say that I'm the only leader."

    "I am, and always will be, your Second-in-Command, Dodger," the Scizor replied cheerily.

    Neither noticed the Mawile's silent entrance until afterward. It was Seifer that waved to the Pokemon with a claw. "Hello there, you hear for the Eastern trek, too?"
  5. The Dewott, Dodger, introduced himself and his partner, Seifer, as the leaders of the expedition, though Seifer seemed content to call himself the second-in-command. Dodger extended a hand in greeting and Mari returned the gesture, placing her paw in his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you both." she replied, shaking Dodger's hand.

    She was still in the mostly in the dark about the expeditiion, but she figured Dodger would be the one to ask, "Since you are the expedition leader, could you tell me just what we're looking for out there? Since I'm here I assume it has something to do with humans."

    Mari also noticed a Mawile quietly enter the room as well. Seifer waved over to the Mawile in greeting and Mari did the same, introducing herself. "Hello, will you be joining us?"
  6. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    'Well of course I'm here for that. What else do you idiots think someone can do out in this frozen dump?' Falk thought to himself in annoyance at the sound of both the Scizor and Leafeon's questions, his jaw-like appendage clenching tightly as he restrained himself from saying it aloud, instead, responding with a much more polite "Why, yes, that's exactly why I'm here. Good to know I found the right place." He let out a small sigh as he struggled to keep his cooler-headed demeanor up. "Name's Falk by the way, Falk Bristol." He added, making sure he got to introducing himself before he forgot about it.

    He looked over each of these three pokemon with a little more attention to detail to keep himself occupied, away from his inner-angst. An interesting line-up of characters indeed, simply by their varying style of clothing, with varying practicalities among them, which could imply different behaviors, or different careers perhaps. Notwithstanding the fact that the Dewott and Scizor were apparently acquainted from long before this trek was conceived, at least, from the sound of this 'second-in-command' business, it appeared that they all more likely than not held some kind of specific trait that was desirable for the coming journey, the likes of which brought them here in the first place. If that was the case, then at least now, Falk knew these guys most likely took this whole thing very seriously, and weren't just going on some spur of the moment type of adventure that would simply get them all killed.

    He stayed silent for a moment longer, as the Leafeon who called herself Mari had once more asked the question in his mind concerning what they were looking for. If he was lucky, the grass type would keep this up so he wouldn't have to speak very much at all.
  7. Amidst the dancing snowflakes, a faint glow flickered to and fro as it travelled across the grey sky. “Geez, Louise, you’re getting heavier each day. You need to start losing weight,” it grumbled.

    “It’s only because you keep feeding me all this high-cholesterol food, honey.”

    “Oh well excuuuuuse me then for being a decent provider. And the only reason I keep giving you all that food is so you can keep it in a safe place; not shove it straight into your mouth!”

    “Oh well I am so sorry I don’t have the same figure I had three years ago. But you’re no better. You’re all skin and bones right now! What happened to the tall, strapping young man I ran away with.”

    “Louise, I’m all plasma. I don’t have skin or bones!! And even if I did, I’d be thinner than a toothpick because you’re so darn gluttonous!” The two voices continued to bicker as the stream of light fell to the ground, landing on the soft snow with a light plop. Sitting in the snow, the glowing object took the shape of a small, orange Pokemon. It bore a striking resemblance to a lightbulb, and like it gave off a warm radiance.

    Wrapped around what might’ve been its body was a worn out knapsack, covered in stitches. A particularly large stitch was sewn across its body, and what appeared to be a pair of eyes drawn on it with a marker made it look as though the bag had a face. The sack itself did not seem to be alive, but its owner seemed to think it was as he set it down on the snow.

    “Mother was right,” said a high-pitched voice. “I never should’ve ran off with you. All you ever do is insult me.”

    “Well if you love your mom so much, why don’t you go and marry her,” said the Orange Pokemon furiously.

    “You seem to be under the weather, dear; you’re just talking nonsense now,” the high-pitched voice replied haughtily.

    “Me? Talking nonsense? I ain’t the one going on about marrying her mom.”

    “You’re insane!”

    “So are you! That’s why we’re in this bloody mess to begin with!” The orange Pokemon then formed two tendrils of light from its body. Curling them into fists, he shook them angrily as he yelled at the bag.

    “But, I suppose that’s why I ran off with you in the first place.” Upon hearing this, the scowl on the Pokemon’s face widened into a look of surprise, and then a gentle smile.

    “I still think we’re perfect for each other, Elgi. I’m perfectly happy with you as you are. I just wish you could do the same for me.” The high-pitched voice grew even higher, as though its source was trying not to cry.

    “Well, guess there’s nothing wrong with being a little chubby. You know, you’re still as cute as ever from the day we met,” replied Elgi.

    “Oh, Elgi, you charmer. I love you, you crazy fool.”

    “I love you, too; Louise,” returned Elgi. The Pokemon looked at the knapsack affectionately before saddling it on its back once again. “Now then, let’s find ourselves a nice warm place to settle and have some dinner!”

    “Leave it to me, hon. My man could use some relaxing after carrying around this chubby dame.” The Orange Pokemon chuckled as he spied a large building in the distance. Hovering in the air briefly, he then zipped across the snowy sky towards the structure.

    Landing at the door, the Rotom took a moment to examine the building. It seemed like a decent enough structure to resist the cold. Its paint job was kind of tacky, but in this weather, he didn’t really mind. It never crossed his mind that it might be odd to see a structure like this in the middle of nowhere. By a normal Pokemon’s standards, this was a very unusual sight. But then, Elgi was hardly a normal Pokemon. In fact, a Pokemon once said this to him, to which he casually answered: “Well duh, I’m an Electric/Ghost type Pokemon.” The Pokemon would later choose to avoid further interaction with Elgi.

    “Welcome home, Louise,” Elgi whispered as he pushed the door open.

    “Welcome home, Elgi,” he said in a high-pitched voice.

    Upon entering the building however, the Pokemon was surprised to find that it wasn’t empty. Several other Pokemon were standing around the premises, conversing with one another.

    Unfazed, the Rotom yelled out. “Louise, dear; it seems we have some guests.”
  8. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Dodger nodded, "I can tell you what I know. It's supposed to be some sort of artifact that tells what happened to the humans. Though, it's only rumored to exist. Really, any old human artifact that's still in a relatively good condition is worth something. Go wild when we get there, so long as you leave said object, if we actually find it, to me or Seifer here."

    "I myself assume it would be some sort of document: a book, or a journal," Seifer continued. "Can either of you read human text?"

    "If you can't, don't worry about it," the Dewott grinned, "I can, so if you find something in good condition with text on it, just call me over and I'll look through it."

    At that, they were interrupted by the door opening and closing. In walked a Rotom, who seemed to be a little lost. They called out to someone, saying that they had guests. Dodger waved a bit.

    "Sir, I think you're in the wrong place. This is the headquarters of the Outpost, it's a public building," the Dewott explained, "We're explorers, and we'll be launching our exploration from here once it seems apparent that everyone else has arrived."
  9. "Wha- Of course I can read human text! I'm not an amatuer who needs her paw held!" Mari said indignantly. She was a little offended by Seifer's question, moreso by Dodger's offer. It was part of her job description to read human text.

    Despite her annoyed look however, she was honestly buzzed. She felt as if she had just been struck by lightning. Something that tells what happened to the humans? It would be the biggest discovery of the century, and she would be involved! That would certainly help bolster her reputation. She was a little unsettled that this was basically an expedition to pocket whatever they found, but then she wasn't really one to talk. At least she'd be able to keep anything she found, so she could make sure some things got preserved.

    Suddenly, her thoughts were interuppted by a Rotom entering the room. He loudly announced to his partner that they had company, only he was completely alone. The poor dear didn't seem to be all there.
  10. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Falk gave a quiet growl at the sound of Mari's response.

    'Sounds like someone's a little full of themselves...' He thought, already starting to feel perturbed by this grass type, just by how pretentious she was making herself out to be, at least, from his perspective. The scizor's question and his comrade's offer for help were more than appropriate in his opinion, seeing how it wasn't like everyone around knew how to read a long dead language. She was probably one of those big shot explorers or archaeologists who hated the very notion of being treated like anything below their supposed rank. Oh, it was going to be great fun trying to hold his tongue with one of them around...especially when and if they came across any of these artifacts or relics. He wasn't going to have any of it then; he was planning on getting some much needed payment from all this once it was over with, and he wasn't going to have anyone stop him from doing so.

    "I've got a pretty good grasp on that sorta text myself. Get a little info here and there from travelers passing by my hometown." Falk answered in response to the question, his jaws tightening as he continued this charade. He definitely could've used a distraction right about now to help keep his composure...

    Conveniently enough, such a distraction just then entered the room in the form of a Rotom carrying a knapsack...and talking to itself... The Mawile blinked before staring at the plasma pokemon, one eyebrow raised to make his confusion all the more prominent.
  11. OOC: So first off, Chadwyck is nowhere to be found (because he's dead very, very busy), so Rex offered a slot to me in chat, which I eventually gave in and took. So here I am, I hope there's no confusion about this (and Sowwie Chad :()

    “Nobody told me that it would be this cold. Why does it have to be so cold? And the snow! There’s so much of it…” The light green Pokémon complained to herself as she hopped through the snow on her single stumpy leg, with more falling on top of her. She shivered as snow sank into her yellow flowers and around her dark purple spines. Her pink eyes watered from the cold, and she was certain that her tears were freezing as she shed them.

    “What am I even doing here? I could be relaxing in my little desert paradise, with sun, and sand, and lots of space to dance!” She jiggled slightly as she spoke, almost in an urge to break out and dance right then. “But no, I can’t stop. Darman is out there, and he needs me!”

    Caryona thought back of her friend Darman, a fierce fire-ape Pokémon that she knew since they were both young. While she was carefree, he was more active in chasing his dreams. The last time they met, he asked her to come with him to Outpost Opelucid, because he wanted to go on an expedition to find out more about humans, the strange creatures that once lived on this world. Caryona, of course, refused, and let him go on his own. So now why was she here?

    “I miss Darman,” she admitted to herself, which was all she needed to keep on going. She was going to go up there, find Darman, give him a piece of her mind, then drag him back to their desert home. “Yup, that’s what I’ll do!” The Maractus barely even noticed when she jumped face first into a brown building with a red roof. She looked around and realized that she had been hopping around the outpost for a while; several Pokémon eyed her with curiosity, since she was such an odd species to see in such a snowy place.

    “There’s nothing here to see, move along pokéys!” Thankfully, most of them happily ignored her. She looked at the building in front of her, some sort of hall, a remainder of human existence. Darman would have loved a building like this: a monument of the long-gone humans. If he was anywhere in this freezing cold place, it was here. She decided to start her search here, immediately jumping into the building and shouting out loud, getting the attention of just about every pokémon in the room.

    “Daaaarrrmaaaan! Are you in heeeeereeee?! I've cooome for yoooouuu!”

    (we're going to have lots of fun with this prickly girl. And yes, she's shiny, shinies of this species look more like cacti to me anyway)
  12. "Sir, I think you're in the wrong place. This is the headquarters of the Outpost, it's a public building," the blue Pokemon explained. Elgi narrowed his eyes at him briefly, then looked at the other Pokemon standing around with the same expression. "We're explorers, and we'll be launching our exploration from here once it seems apparent that everyone else has arrived," the Pokemon added.

    “Oh, is that all?” replied Elgi. He seemed rather relieved for some reason. “Never mind, Louise; it doesn’t look like they’re staying for dinner after all,” he then called out.

    “But I just started on the salad already, dear,” said a high-pitched voice. The Rotom approached the group of Pokemon and casually placed his ‘arm’ of pure energy on the Dewott’s shoulder.

    “You guys like salad, right?” he asked them with a serious tone. But before he could hear their reply, the door behind him swung open. The wind howled as it announced the arrival of yet another ‘guest’ and died down as the door slammed shut. Barely having time to turn around, the Rotom was greeted by a very exuberant voice.

    “Daaaarrrmaaaan! Are you in heeeeereeee?! I've cooome for yoooouuu!” yelled the green Pokemon, grabbing the attention of the entire group. Elgi gave the newcomer the same steely gaze he did the others before cupping a hand to his mouth.

    “Dear, I think your salad might be a tad too raw,” he said.

    “Oh sweetie, don’t be silly. That’s not my salad at all,” Louise whispered back.

    “Oh, good, I thought I might;ve gone crazy when I saw the talking plant,” Elgi said with a chuckle.

    “If you ask me, dear, the only crazy one in here is that Maractus,” Louise told him.

    “I think the misses is right, guys,” whispered the Rotom towards the other Pokemon. “This one seems like a real loon coming in here.”
  13. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The Leafeon did not appreciate Dodger's offer, apparently. The Dewott put up his hands, "Alright, alright. Sorry I said anything." He seriously hoped that she wouldn't be like this the entire time.

    Dodger glanced at the Mawile, and then back at the Leafeon. "It's not all that common a skill where I'm from, so I thought I should ask."

    Seifer put a claw up to his chin. "Wait a second, does that mean I'm the only one of us who can't read it? Now I feel left out."

    As for the Rotom, well, unfortunately for Dodger, it took note of him first. The Rotom approached him, and placed an arm, if it could be called that, on the Dewott's shoulder. If Dodger had any doubts this Pokemon wasn't all there, they were all gone now. The Dewott didn't know how he should answer the Pokemon's question, though he was worried the Pokemon's energy would burn through his coat, or even singe his fur.

    "I'm... More of a carnivore myself, but I, uh..." the Dewott began, but thankfully he didn't have to finish. Another Pokemon burst into the scene, this one seeming no more sane then the last. A Shiny Maractus, who immediately diverted the Rotom's attention. Not for too long though, the Pokemon returned its attention to them, and called the Maractus crazy.

    "Pot's calling the kettle black," Seifer chuckled.

    Dodger shot a glare at the Scizor. He really didn't want to see if this Rotom had a berserk side to it. Next thing was to turn his attention to the Maractus.

    "Miss, I'm fairly certain there isn't a Darman here," he said, glancing at the Leafeon, Rotom, and Mawile. "And I'm also fairly certain that there was no one in this building before we entered. Do you have the wrong place?" It seemed this might be a running theme.
  14. Caryona looked around, and saw that there was one group of pokemon in here, apparently having a full on discussion, among them were a Scizor, a Dewott, a Leafeon, a Mawile, a Rotom, and a bag with a face on it. While most of them continued talking among themselves, the Dewott turned to her.

    "Miss, I'm fairly certain there isn't a Darman here," he said, "And I'm also fairly certain that there was no one in this building before we entered. Do you have the wrong place?"

    "Oh, okay then." Caryona said, a little disappointed, but maybe he could still help her. "Alright, have you seen my friend by any chance then? Big Darmanitan, bushy eyebrows, really stupid smile." Caryona paused, realising that her description could wind her up with any Darmanitan that may be here. "Wait, let me try again. He has this interest in human history; old buildings and artefacts and that sort of thing. What would be the best place to go for such things?"
  15. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    First the..."questionable" Rotom, and now this obnoxious Maractus had barged in...this place was going from launch site to nuthouse real fast, and Falk wasn't liking it at all. Still, he had to pretend this wasn't such a bother, seeing as he didn't want to accidentally clobber (or consequently get clobbered by ) one of his new teammates in a fit of rage. Now, usually, he'd at least be interested in the missing pokemon issue, but the cactus pokemon wasn't the most descriptive of sorts, the most detail she gave outside of the usual Darmanitan appearance being the interest in human history.

    'Oh no...that won't mean she's gonna...' He couldn't even bother finishing the disturbing thought. It was extremely likely now that the grass type was going to tag along with them for some time, at least until she found this friend of hers.

    'Just more stupid pokemon, coming along on this stupid trip...ugh, this is more than I bargained for...'

    While thinking through these little inner monologues, Falk didn't say a word as the off-kilter individuals carried on, not finding any polite things to say in the first place. So far, the only decent occupants of this building from his perspective were the Scizor and Dewott, but he suspected that they'd irk him sooner or later; everyone always did.
  16. After the less than lucid Rotom, yet another strange pokemon barged her way into the outpost. If Mari had thought that she was ill-suited for the weather, this shiny Maractus had her beat out for that prize. A desert pokeomn in a place like this...

    She explained she was searching for a Darmanitan,by her description it could be any Darmanitan on earth, but she did mention the Darmanitan's interest in humans. That might mean that this Maractus was going to join up in order to look for him. Mari smiled quietly to herslef, it was a little romantic really. Chasing someone this far out of the way on a hunch.

    Mari had to admit, this was strarting to look less like a staging ground for an expedition by the second. Not wanting to sit awkwardly for however long, she decided to strike up a conversation with the only other pokemon not preoccupied at the moment, Faulk.

    "Well, what do you make of the group so far?" she asked politely, approaching the Mawile. "Dodger and Seifer seem capable enough, I'm obviously the expert opinion, It's rather obvious why the Maractus is here." she smiled coyly at that part.
    Another little outburst from the Rotom drew her attenention,"I have no doubt that poor dear has absolutely what on earth is going on, but he may be useful if he tags along."

    "But to be honest I have know idea why your here, you strike me as the observant type, though, considering you look everyone who comes in here over like you're dissassembling them." Faulk's little once-overs hadn't gone unnoticed by Mari in the slightest, and she had been wondering why he had been so quiet this whole time. "So why are you here, eh?"
  17. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Falk had just started to think that he was going to have the good fortune of solitude, only to have such hopes smothered by the Leafeon approaching him, trying to start up a conversation by the looks of it. Oh, goody, 'cause he really wanted to hear more from this conceited broad...

    "What do I think?" He started, already working on a better response than the one playing out in his mind.

    'I think this is the saddest excuse for an expedition team I've ever seen in my entire life! Only four of us are here for the purpose, and the other guys are off their damn rockers! How is that supposed to constitute a proper crew?! Our leaders may not seem so bad, but if this is the gang they were expecting, then I can't see how they can be all too bright. And you? The expert opinion? Sorry sweetheart, but so far the only thing I see you being the expert of is the expert of stroking your own ridiculous ego!'

    "Well...This is kind of a...small number of folks. Guess it'll be easier to interact with one another that way though. Kind of interesting how we're not all here for the actual quest..." Yeah, interesting was the word. "...Still can't really sum up the head of the expedition and his pal there. Hopefully they're up for the task..." Now to sugarcoat his thoughts about her...Or maybe he'd just skip that and save himself the trouble. He didn't expect her to really notice if he did anyways.

    At the sound of her remark over his observations, his eyes flared up for a brief moment.

    'What I do is my own business!' Sort of hypocritical, but, that's why he wasn't saying it aloud. Hastily calming himself, he continued with his response.

    "It's sort of a habit of mine I picked up. I'm a detective back in Hoenn, so it's pretty much mandatory I keep a keen eye and all that. Actually, that's the reason why I'm here. Guess word about some of my work spread pretty far at some point, 'cause I got a note sent over to me not too long ago, asking for my accompaniment in all this. Business was getting slow, so I figured I'd give it a shot."

    Falk felt like he was going to have an ulcer from the strenuous efforts he was making to sound polite. If that verdant pokemon knew what was good for her, she'd drop their little chat now.

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