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Open Alone (Jump-In RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ~Pokelover~, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. The tiny Eevee opened her eyes, almost instantly shivering in fear.
    Where was her mother? And her big sister?
    And where was she?
    It was horribly loud. There were no trees or grass, but hard stuff that slightly burned her paws with each step she took. There wasn't much shade... the little Eevee was thirsty. And hungry. But there were no Berries to munch on.
    The little Eevee found a long black thing with yellow stripes down the middle and tried to cross it. But a huge monster came roaring, charging at her, and she barley moved out of the way in time. It spit a bunch of smoke out at her as it passed.
    A tear fell down the Eevee's face as she hid in an empty box next to a dumpster, waiting for her mother to come back.
    Somehow, a part of her knew she wouldn't.
  2. The Flareon was shuffling through the trash quietly, as not to attract predators. He found a stale Oran Berry and snapped it shut in his jaws. He gaged at the taste but swallowed reluctantly and searched for more food. He flipped over an empty box, and came face to face with a small, Eevee, probably still a kit. He took a step back. He heard a growling behind him, and a Poochyena snarled. He spat out a stream of flame and the candid Pokemon yelped before fleeing. He then returned to the Eevee, and sat down. He raised his body heat and crawled into the box with the Eevee trying to at least warm it.
  3. "Oh damn it, Embertail hold up a sec' I stepped in dog crap again", Curt yelled to his Charmander companion as he began scrapping his shoe against the side of the nearest building. A powerful, foul stench assaulted his naustrals as he removed the feces from his footwear, the strength of the oder told him this wasn't animal crap, it was, instead...

    "Reat roughs rauk rerakeran roug", Embertail growled, pointing at his shoe, a small smile on his face.

    "Yes, Embertail, I know it's Pokemon crap, not dog crap, ugh, this stench is going to be on my shoe for a week", Curt groaned as he finished scraping the turd of his boot, or at least, as much of it as he could. But he couldn't be bothered with that now, they were on a mission, a mission to find....A BOX!

    The microwave oven they ordered was defective and they needed to send it back, unfortunately Raviel ended up puncturing a million holes in the box while playing sailors with Embertail and Lockjaw, thus rendering the box useless. Curt didn't blame Raviel, he should have made sure the microwave worked before giving the Jolteon the go ahead to play in it. Thus, their quest around their local garbage bins for a medium-large box began. Despite the initial pain the task seemed to be, Curt and Embertail were, to their great surprise, actually having fun sifting through trash. They found a bunch of cool stuff, like a skateboard, a (in their opinion) perfectly good chair, a slinky that they were able to untangle, just about everything except....

    "Rahrough", Embertail growled in excitement, pointing eagerly at a rather large box near a dumpster.

    "Ah, sweet, way to go Embertail!", Curt said as he made his way over to the box and began to pick it up. It was much heavier then he expected, and quickly realized there was something in it. Deciding to just dump the contents out and be done with it, Curt and Embertail gave the box a small heave and:

    "Oh, Embertail, I think this box is already taken", Curt said as an Eevee and Flareon came tumbling out of the box. For a brief moment, they all stared at each other, waiting to see what the other party would do next, until Embertail finally decided to speak up.

    "Regh rough regirve vroh reh rourehruf ro reh roah (Oh, hello! Uh, we'll give each of you three Pokepuff's for this box)". Embertail offered the two Pokemon.
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  4. The Flareon had been dozing. When he opened his eyes he felt the cold rush on to him. He sat up and stretched before looking at ember tail. He gave a territorial growl to signal that this places was his and to tread lightly.
  5. The Eevee woke with a start. There was a Charmander, and a Flareon... and one of those things that stood on two legs and wasn't a Pokémon. She was told that one had taken her father away in a small ball a long time ago.
    The Eevee became terrified. She ran behind the Flareon, who looked to be protecting her. She didn't want to be stuck in a ball...
  6. Nuri padded after the human and silently watched as her threw and eevee and Flareon our of the box. Nuri growled and slowly sneaked behind him. She used physic and levitated him and his pokèmon in the air before looking at their flaring forms and then at the two pokèmon. "Are you alright?" The Ninetales asked concerned.
  7. "Well, this escalated quickly", Embertail thought as the Flareon began growling at them and the Eevee ran behind him, scared. Things got even more tense when a Ninetales suddenly appeared out of nowhere and jumped to the two Pokemons defense. He knew Ninetales were magical Pokemon, but dang, that gal appeared on a freaking cue!

    "I think they want to keep the box Embertail", Curt told him as an worried expression began to appear on his face, they didn't want trouble, all the wanted was a box, "could you tell them we aren't going to hurt them, or capture them? I mean, I already have Flare as a friend, I don't need a third fire type on my team, and that Eevee is waaay to young to legally capture!"

    "Yeah", Embertail replied, his years engrossing himself in human society had allowed him to say simple human words and phrases. As they put the box down and began looking around at thier company.

    "Uh,,,errough, ragg Embertail rengahhhour rehna rena lough blah regeho reh (Uh, hello, my names Embertail, uhhh my friend Curt, the human, doesn't want to capture or hurt any of you, he already has a Ninietales, two fire types, and that Eevee's too young to capture!)", Embertail said to the group of Pokemon, trying to resovle the situation peacefully, "(sooooooo, you want me to up the offer to five Pokepuffs each for the box)?"
  8. Nuri looked at Embertail and sighed "tell Curt to call out the Ninetales" Nuri said. She didn't want to let them go just yet so she levitated them a bit lower to the ground but just out of reach.
  9. The Eevee was really confused now. Was the yellow Pokémon with nine huge tails helping them? And how were they being lifted off the ground? The Eevee's ears drooped sadly. She just wanted to go home...
  10. Embertail told Curt what the Ninetales asked of them, even though he knew Curt wouldn't be able to do that.

    "Uh, here's the thing, Flare's kinda back at my apartment at the moment, the rest of my team is too, in fact, except Embertail", Curt said, nodding at his Charmander companion, "So, I guess buying the box from you is out of the question?" Curt then looked at the Eevee and Flareon they had tried to barter the box from. Some people would have just taken the box from the little Eevee, and other's would have been set off from the box due to the risk of the Flareon attacking. But Curt knew Pokemon were more often the not reasonable, which is why he was surprised that they didn't jump on the trade from food. They could get another box easily, but food was a bit harder to come by, especially delicious stuff like Pokepuff's.

    It was then Embertail noticed that the little Eevee was looking exceptionally crestfallen. They learned from Raviel, who himself was once an Eevee that grew up on the street's of Celedon, that this life could be tough, almost as tough as life in the wild. Constantly searching for food or shelter, always being dirty, being chased out of somewhere because another, bigger Pokemon claimed it as their territory. It was here Embertail walked over to the little Eevee, gave here a big, warm, friendly smile and said:

    ("Hey, are you upset because you're sick? 'cause you look a little sick, and getting a disease out here would be bad, maybe even kill you bad!"), Embertail said with all the smoothness of a Cacnea. Embertail meant well, he really did, but like his trainer, he was NOT good with words, albeit for a different reason....
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  11. Nuri closed her eyes and a box appeared "Here... now leave..." Nuri said so Curt could understand. Nuri examined the other two eeveelutions.
  12. The Eevee whimpered and hugged Flareon's tail. She didn't want to get sick! She just wanted to go home! This wasn't like the forest at all...
    The Eevee crawled inside Flareon's tail, hiding away until the commotion was over.
  13. The Flareon felt like he should protect the small Eevee since she couldn't defend herself. He growled and barked at the charmander. His body doubled in size as his mane poofed out to make him look stronger.
  14. Nuri stayed silent, how did that Flareon double in size?. Nuri sighed knowing nobody would talk to her so she trotted to a closed dumpster and layed down. "Why doesn't anyone take me seriously? Why can't they just notice me? All I want is a friend..." Nuri said and gazed at the sky.
  15. "ROH, RAH RE ROU REEND RAH ROUGH RAKEN RENDS (OH, I"LL BE YOUR FRIEND, I LOVE MAKING FRIENDS)!", Embertail said jumping to the Ninetales and waving his arms. Embertail was...very friendly, Hell, it barely registered to him that the Flareon was threatening him just a moment ago. Curt loved that about his buddy, but he was still worried about the Eevee, despite the less then subtle way he put it, he was right about the Eevee catching some sort of disease. Unfortunately, he wasn't willing to risk getting fried by the Flareon for that Eevee's sake....not yet anyway.

    "Hey, Embertail, do you think you could tell that Ninetales that we should probably get that Eevee to a center to get her shots?", Curt asked the Charamander, "I mean, I know it doesn't sound pleasant, but she seems like a Pokemon from the forest, and if a forest Pokemon doesn't get vaccinated they could easily end up dyin-getting really sick", Curt told Embertail. Most city Pokemon had parents who lived in the city all their lives and already developed immensities to the numerous virus's that commonly plagued cities like these. But a forest Pokemon didn't have those anti-bodies and was almost certain to get very sick, maybe even die!

    Embertail, his mind back on track turned to the Ninetales, letting her know of the situation and that she needed to help him to get the Eevee and Flareon to understand said situation. Though both Embertail and Curt knew that the Eevee was young and probably wouldn't like going to the Pokemon Center very much, a few quick shots were much better then the alternative... Plus, they gave you candy right after you were done, and who wouldn't look forward to that!?
  16. "O-ok" Nuri said and got up using psychic so the Flareon and eevee is levitating. Nuri pulled out a pokèball from one of her tails and put it in Curt's hand. Nuri then turned to Embertail "Thanks, so where its the pokèmon centre?" Nuri asked as she placed Embertail on her back.
  17. Eevee popped her head out of Flareon's tail to look around. Everyone was still around. How long would this take? She didn't want to be around these guys any longer. They were scary. And the Charmander had mentioned something about 'shots'. They sounded scary too.
    The Eevee hopped out of Flareon's tail and tried to run away.
  18. The Flareon scrambled after the Eevee Kit. He knew newborns were very fragile becuase they're bodies hadn't fully developed yet. Her turned a corner and another. And eventually he caught up with the Eevee. He saw a hole in a Apartment building. He gestured for the Eevee to follow him inside. It lead to a closet. There was plenty of clothes and blankets around so warmth wasn't a problem.
  19. "Oh crap, EVERYONE AFTER THEM!", Curt yelled as they all gave chase. They ran through the thick of the alleyway's, weaving through trash cans, scaling fences, and leaping over the homeless. All to drag that young Eevee to a Pokemon Center so she could get jabbed with needles so she didn't get a disease and die. Eventually, they made their way into an abandon apartment, at least, they thought it was abandoned. Some of these apartments were on the verge of being condemned, but were still technically "opened" because the state officials didn't want to risk getting stabbed coming down to this part of town to condemn them.

    They saw the Flareon attempting to get the Eevee into a closet to snuggle up with some blanket, which was potentially a bad idea. A Flareon's body temperature could potentially heat up to well over a thousand degrees. It was one thing when all they had for warmth was an open box, but with a lose clothes and blankets, the Flareon could unintentionally roast the Eevee alive if the Flareon wasn't careful. Understanding the situation, Embertail hopped onto Curt's back, dug around his backpack, and hopped down once he had pulled down a box. Inside were treat that were completely irresistible to hungry wild Pokemon:


    Embertail walked over to the Eevee and Flareon, a brown one in his left hand and a pink one in his right, and carefully made his way to the two Fox Pokemon. Once he was close enough (but not to close) he extended the sweet treats to draw the Pokemon closer, showing them that they were no threat what so ever. They needed to earn these wild Pokemon's trust before they could help them, and the fastest way to earn a wild Pokemon's trust is through their stomach!
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  20. The Flareon hesitated breifly. He snapped at Curts hand angrily. He took these few seconds to drag the Eevee into the apartment. Being gentle he slowly curled up around the small creature. And slowly began to warm it, making sure not to try it in the first place.
  21. Nuri jumped in front of Curt and Embertail and growled at the Flareon. "Stop being over protective, we will give her back!" Nuri hissed and grabbed the eevee with one of her tails. The grip was firm so even Curt can't get the eevee out of her grasp. "Now let's get going" Nuri said and turned around. "You ok Embertail?" Nuri asked concerned.
  22. The Flareon bit down hard on the tail. He would protect her anyways. "Stop it!" He growled angrily. "Your Scaring her!" He snapped.
  23. Curt and Embertails eye's grew wide as they saw the Flareon bite down on the Ninetales's tale. refusing the Pokepuffs were shocking enough, but bitting a Ninetales's tail!? They had not only heard the rumor's, but they personally had a Ninetales as a traveling companion and friend, and knew from her personally what happened when you even touched a Ninetales' sacred tails. But that Flareon bit down on it, hard, and that meant only one thing.

    "Reh roughdy, rhy rough rink rhou rough rah rohn rat(Hey, uh, buddy, I don't think you should have done that)", Embertail said, knowing full well that the Flareon was as good as cursed. Flareon were strong Pokemon, but even they were suseptible to a Ninetales curse, though how deadly that curse was depended on the strength of the Ninetales. Flare (their Ninetales) was very powerful, and could lay a generation long curse on an entire family, giving them nothing but terrible misfortune. But less powerful Ninetales may only curse you with a couple weeks of bad luck at worst, they weren't sure how powerful Nuri was.

    Still Embertail and Curt stood ready just in case crap hit the fan. They didn't want to, but they'd fight this Flareon if they had to.
  24. A slight noise rand in the mind. It tortured the poor Buizel as he tried desperately to drown it out by humming a tune, soft enough not to wake his baby sister. The humming turned into quiet singing, "One... twenty one guns..." He sang. He looked over to the baby Cubone he was cuddling. "Such a beautiful little girl..." He kissed her forehead. "It's okay, Bitter, we'll get to the forest soon!"
    She seemed uneasy in her sleep. Satoshi pulled his old Ocarina out of his backpack. He smiled at the inscriptions on the bottom of the hand-carved instrument. "To my son, Satoshi. May I always be with you... -Your Father" He blew a small tune into it for his sister, which seemed to soothe her. It always worked to calm any child.
    The commotion in the other room grew more intense. Bitter opened her small Cubone eyes. "S... Satoshi?" She whimpered. Satoshi smiled. "Yes Bitter, I guess it's time to eat," Satoshi insisted. Satoshi held her close in his fur.
    Satoshi looked in his backpack. Bitter looked with him. "Sorry bitter! Last bit of Moomoo milk will go to you, and there's only two Oran berries, and three Pecha berries!" He said. He gave his sister the milk and ate a half of an Oran berry. He gave the other half to his sister. "Might as well go see what the commotion is about..."
    Satoshi held Bitter's hand as they walked to the abandoned apartment next door. There was an old window. Satoshi let his sister climb onto him to get on the windowsill then he jumped up. What he saw surprised him. A Flareon, Eevee, Ninetales, Charmander, and a human were all in one room. Satoshi examined closely and it seemed as if the trainer was capturing the Flareon's child (at least he thought). Satoshi slid the window open, although the old thing didn't open too smoothly.
    Bitter jumped into the room as did Satoshi. He stood tall in front of his sister, in case this human was dangerous. Satoshi's fur fell over his eyes, and he quickly swiped it away. He relieved an old scar upon his eye. "Let the kid go!" He yelled. His tail spun and spattered water in random directions. He redied his fists, but tried not to let himself look too big to not scare the child.
  25. The Eevee tried to escape Nuri's grip, panicking. Her claws were doing no damage and neither were her teeth. She reached for Flareon, tears in her eyes.
  26. "ROAGH RAHP", Embertail roared as he leaped out of the way of their new arrivals Water attack, he instinctively grabbing his tail and pulling it close to him to avoid getting it wet. Out of nowhere a Buizel and a young Cubone had suddenly appeared, probably attracted by the noise, and decided to attack them. It was really starting to seem like fate wanted this Eevee to die, but Embertail and Curt weren't so easily swayed. Thankfully, the noises the Buizel and Cubone made getting into the apartment tipped them off to their location, giving them some time to avoid the attack.

    "Awww great, what now, are all these wild Pokemon THAT impulsive?" Curt said aloud, starting to get a little frustrated.

    "(Don't worry Curt, I'll talk to them)", Embertail said to his partner as he approached the Buizel (albeit a bit cautiously), "(Uh, hiya, I'm Embertail, I'm sorry if we disturbed you, but please let me explain, this Eevee is from the wild and we're trying to get it to a Pokemon Center so she doesn't get sick, that Ninetales, Nuri I think she said he name was, is trying to help us, but that Flareon is making it difficult for us)". As Embertail finished he looked over to Nuri and the Eevee, who was now trying to bite and scratch at Nuri's tail to escape but wasn't doing any damage what so ever. It was kinda adorable to see her struggle in vain like that.

    "(If you want to help that Eevee, help us get her to a Pokemon Center or get the Flareon to calm do-on second thought, don't go near the Flareon)", Embertail continued, casting a worried look at the Flareon,"(he just bit Nuri's tail, so he's good as cursed, but the Eevee can still be saved)"! Embertail finished giving the Buizel and Cubone a warm smile, hoping they would join them on their quest to get the Eevee shot up with needles.
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  27. The Eevee was getting tired but she didn't want to give up. She began to flail her paws aimlessly, thrashing about and waving her tail back and forth.
  28. The Flareon Grabbed the Eevee and used smokescreen, and dissapeared. He had escaped through the wall. He headed down town to the police station. He walked in and hid in the infirmary. "Your safe now little one..." He said too the Eevee gently rocking her back and forth.
  29. "OH COME ON!", Curt yelled as the Flareon, once again, escaped from their grasp. This time he was clever enough to use Smokescreen so they wouldn't be able to track him nearly as easily. They attempted to follow their smoke trail but lost them in an ally. They still continued to search high and low, but failed to locate them, it wasn't looking good.

    DAMN IT, just our luck", Curt yelled as he stomped the ground, "Now how are we going to find that Eevee?" Just then they overheard some commotion from a near bye couple.

    "So, apparently a Flareon with an Eevee just barged into the infirmary at the Police Station, just out of the clear blue! Luckily, it's currently empty, but that Flareon seems to snap at anyone that comes near it!", said the girl of the couple.

    "Yeah, I heard they tried to call the Pokemon Center for help, but they're to busy to run down right away, and they don't want to mess with the Flareon unless they have to, but if they need to use the infirmary, they'll have to tranquilize the poor things", the male of the couple said.

    "Rough, rhat ras ronrenient(Wow, that was convenient)", Embertail growled.

    "Yeah, let's head down there, but first, I should make a call", Curt said as he pulled out his Cellphone while following Embertail down to the Police Station. Hopefully they could get their before either of the Pokemon got tranquilized, but this time, they were going in with back-up!
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  30. The Flareon Led the Eevee towards a cabinet. Inside was a blanket and some other Pokemon goods. His "adopted trainer* worked he and let the Flareon hang around while he was on duty. He was a doctor so the Flareon brought the Eevee here so he could help.
  31. "Well..." Satorshi said, but before he could give a speach the Flareon had already got away. The Charmander and his human trailed off after them. "Well Bitter... Better go inform them, not that it's our business but they'll never get to that wild Pokemon," Satoshi said. Bitter had already gone off, attracted by the fire of the Charmander's tail.
    When Satoshi caught up to them he saw Bitter striking at the tail of the Charmander. "Hey buddy!" He called out to the Charmander with his arms crossed. "You're never gonna get them to concentrate that way!" He laughed. "For starters... you approach is far too rash! You gotta be calm! Another thing is, your human there is gonna rial them up! Most wild Pokemon don't like the sight of a wild Pokemon, especially when a baby is involved! Trust me on this, children come most important to a Pokemon's heart, and when they detect a threat, they strike! You need a way to soothe them before you can even talk to them! Here... let me give it a try..." Satoshi said.
    Satoshi searched around for a while. He finally caught the fresh scent of cinder. "Fire type..." he spoke under his breath. Bitter trotted up quietly. She was about the Eevee's age. She stood in front of the Flareon. "H... he.. ow?" Bitter said. She held her hands together tightly. "I... y... you.. wan.. to... play?" She asked the Eevee, too young to notice she was in danger.
    Satoshi entered slowly. He stepped closer to Bitter. "woah sis, you may want to step back," He said. "Sorry for my sister... we mean you no harm, she's just so young..." Satoshi said.
  32. The Flareon nodded. "It's Alright. But if I see that trainer again then I'm gonna Blastburn him to the distortion world." He said sitting behind the Eevee protectively. He had lost his mate in child birth and his child as well. So being in complete denial he thought that this Eevee was his daughter.
  33. Nuri growled "nobody touches my tails" Nuri teleported in front of the Flareon and eevee. Nuri's claws glowed a dark purple and she slashed at the Flareon. The purple liquid that was in her class entered his vein system. Nuri's fangs glowed a dark purple and she sprung at the Flareon. Her fangs dug deep in his neck. Nuri let go and smiled "happy dying!" Nuri grabbed the eevee in her mouth and teleported to Curt and Embertail.
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  34. The Flareon spluttered and fell too the ground. He twitched as he watched his daughter being dragged away. His whol body felt hot and cold at the same time. He retched on himself.... "Come back..." He moaned trying to follow after them. He collapsed a few steps from the door. His vision grew blurry and he lay there, wondering if this was the end.
  35. Nuri made a muzzle appear and she strapped it over the eevee's mouth. Nuri put the eevee in Curt's hands and teleported to the Flareon. Nuri sighed and pressed her nose to his and a blinding light surrounded him. Nuri took her nose off his and sighed "Your better and don't worry, I'm on your side but I don't want your eevee to die" Nuri said and looked at the way witch Curt and Embertail were. Nuri looked back at the Flareon "C'mon but if you hurt them I won't save you" Nuri said and got up, walking to Curt and Embertail.
  36. "She's allergic... To... The... Vaccine." He gasped as the nine tails helped him up. He was still recovering from the hot flashes and the cold flashes. The wounds were dripping blood as he staggered.
  37. "That's not possible, I even scanned her and it was fine" Nuri said and wiped away the blood with one of her tails. "Oh and, when you bit me, it hurt..." Nuri said and licked the blood that ran down the bitten tail. Nuri used Psychic and brought the eevee to them. Nuri snapped the muzzle off her and placed her on her back. "Well ok, do you wanna go to the lake?" Nuri asked the Flareon. "By the way, I'm Nuri" She said and whimpered as her bitten tail sent off a wave of tremendous pain.
  38. Embertail and Curt were at the police station, they had informed the police chief that an Eevee and a Flareon they were looking for were hiding out in the infirmary. The next thing they knew, the chief got into a huge argument with a doctor about "taking in stray's again". They had no idea what was going on, they just wanted to help the Eevee, Curt even donned his special gloves to protect against the Flareon's fire.

    Just as things were heating up, the Buizel and Cubone from earlier popped up. The Cubone started fiddling with Embertail's...tail with her bone, to which he eagerly responded to by swinging it around, playing with the young Pokemon. Embertail heard the Buizel mention that he was being to rash in his approach and that Curt was frightening them off, then he offered to show Embertail how to handle the situation.

    "(B-but I offered them food, food with a smile, how can ANY Pokemon resist that?"), Embertail said with a confused look on his face. Still he decided to give the Buizel a shot and beckoned Curt to follow them into the infirmary. The arguing police chief and doctor didn't even notice them leave the room. The infirmary was about what you'd expect, propped up white bed's, IV stands littering the area, with curtains to cover the area around the beds, the usual.

    To their surprise, the Buizel and Cubone seemed to be having more success then them in calming the two wild Pokemon down then they did, at least they seemed to have gotten their attention. Curt and Embertail looked at each other and nodded in confermationion, they knew what this meant. If they were going to strike, it had to be now while they were distracted.

    Just then Nuri appeared in a bright flash of light and she looked pissed as all Hell! Embertail and Curt didn't have much time to be surprised though as she instantly assaulted the Flareon with a barrage of attacks imbued with dark magic, damn near killing the poor creature! Well, one thing was certain, that answered their question whether Nuri was powerful or not.

    "GOOD LORD WOMEN!", Embertail screamed as Nuri walked over and dropped the terrified Eevee into Curt's hands. Needless to say, both were shocked by the brutal display, granted the Flareon was getting on their (well, mostly Curts) nerves, but they didn't think he deserved THAT! Embertail watched as the Flareon desperatly clawed his way to them, in spite of the poison mentioning something about the Eevee being allergic to the Vaccines. Embertail had to wonder how he could possibly know that if the Eevee came from outside the city very recently and the Flareon had just meet her. Thankfully, Nuri took mercy on the Flareon and remoed her curse on him in addition to slightly healing his wounds. Now it looked like the Eevee wasn't the only one who needed to go to a Pokemon Center.

    "Well, that Flareons doctor friend is still here right, I'm sure he can patch him up, either way we finally have the Eevee", Curt yelled in jubilation as he lifted the still rather terrified Eevee into the air in celebration...and accidentally bashed her head on the ends of one of the Metal IV holders with a loud "CLONK"! Embertail and Curt's eyes grew wide as the room went silent except for a single noise, which might have been sobs from the Eevee after being hit on the head , they weren't sure.

    "Uuuuuhhhh, well....we're going to go give this Eevee her shots, bye!", Curt said as fast as he could before he and Embertail booked it out of the Police Station (the officer and the doctor were still arguing) with the Eevee still tight in his grasp.
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  39. The Flareon jumped and smashed through the large window closest to curt as he chased after him. "FLAREOOOONN!" He barked launching several Flamethrowers at him as he ran. He was not happy at all. His body was nearly on fire as he chased Curt down the street.
  40. Nuri growled and teleported in front of Curt, Tripping him. Nuri grabbed the eevee and grabbed the Flareon before she teleported to the lake. "There, now your safe" Nuri said and put the eevee down by the Flareon's feet.

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