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Open Alola Journey

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by PurpleYeontan, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. Rules:
    -No one-liners -
    Be nice and cordial and all that stuff
    -Include other people
    -No legendaries
    -No swearing
    -No automatic evolving
    -No automatic legendary sightings
    -Please use the following information guide to let others in the RP know your character:
    - You can control two characters if you want

    Trainer Class:
    Previous Regions:
    Home Region:
    Current Team:

    My Form:
    Name: Lucy
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Trainer Class: Pokemon Rider
    Previous Regions: Kalos
    Home Region: Kalos (Vaniville Town)
    Appearance: red hair, blue hoddie (not always caring it on), red T-shirt, white shorts, silver sneakers, red shoulder bag
    Personality: friendly, kind, loyal, selfless, caring about other
    Current Team: Foxy (Fennekin), Rose (Eevee)
    Other: Lucy always wanted to became Pokemon Rider. She grew up on Ranch and she new how to befriend with Pokemon, so she will rather befriend with Pokemon then battle, injure and catch it. She already now how to ride Horse Pokemon and Arcanine.

    Lucy stepped from plane which she took to the Alola. "Wow! Look how beautiful Alola is!" Lucy exclaimed. Her Rose and Foxy followed her from plane and jumped on her.
    "Yeah, I know you will like it!" Lucy smiled to her Pokemon. "Now, let's go to the Cafe to take a break and eat something." Lucy said and went to the nearest Cafe and sat there. She ordered tuna sandwich and cherry milkshake and some Pokepuffs for her Pokemon,
    "I can't wait to explore Melemele Island! Maybe we meet someone on our journey," Lucy said
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  2. Name: Bailey
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Trainer Class: Ranger (in training)
    Previous Regions: Kalos, Unova
    Home Region: Kalos
    Appearance: Brown Hair, red and white shirt, black bag, black sneakers, dark blue trousers
    Personality: Kind, Brave, Trustworthy
    Current Team: Pikachu and Litleo
    Other: Used to study at a ranger academy but decided to drop out and train with Team Eevee in Unova before heading to Alola
  3. Name: Kemen

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Trainer class: Performer

    Previous regions: Nita (My fan made region), Unova

    Appearance: Tall, pale-skinned, with curly black hair, and brown eyes. Wears a black shirt and capris, when he's not in his performer outfit. Sometimes wears his tap shoes out in public

    Personality: Gentlemanly, refined, and worldly.

    Current Team: Don (Honchkrow), Aoki (Shiny Pachirisu) Roxanne (Salazzle) Marion (Banette), Freeze (Alolan Ninetales) Burn ( Regular Ninetales)

    Other: His parents are professional shiny hunters, and for a large fee, they will catch you any shiny pokemon that you want. He is also dating a coordinator named Daniel

    Name: Daniel

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Trainer class: Coordinator

    Previous regions: Sinnoh, Kalos, Unova

    Personality: Polite, independent and wise.

    Current Team: Serperior, Mightyena, Shiny Honchkrow, Plusle, Lopunny, Machoke.

    Other: He uses a wheelchair, due to having Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and is Kemen's boyfriend

    A couple sat in the far corner of the café, one with a glossy concerto cake and a tall mug of black coffee, the other with a Frasier dessert, and a fat latte. A honchkrow rested atop the shoulder of the boy on the left, crowing approvingly as his master exchanged sweet words, words just as sweet as the desserts the two were eating, with his partner, Daniel, who had all of his pokemon safely in their balls.

    "Shame about your contest, babe," Kemen said sympathetically, "You were so close to winning as well!"

    "Yeah, but you won your showcase," Daniel answered, "You were great with Freeze and Burn!"
  4. Name: Amber
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Trainer Class: Artist
    Previous Regions: Kanto, Hoenn
    Home Region: Hoenn (Sootopilis City)
    Appearance: Black hair with a purple headband, purple shirt, pink skirt, white knee socks and black boots.
    Personality: happy, Jolly, kind
    Current Team: Lapras, Lopunny, Cinccino, Ribombee, Sceptile and Growlithe
    Other: always carries art materials just in case a beautiful sighting appeared, Amber was born in an TV is everything family. She didn't like TV much so she decided painting and drawing. It brought joy to her. Went to Alola to stay.

    Amber stepped of the plane happily. "Yay, we finally made it!" She said to her Cinccino. "Cin! Cinccino!" It cheered happily. "I can't wait to explore, Alola. I always wanted to."
  5. Name: December Carol Lewis <-- I love this girl too much lol, she pops up everywhere.
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Trainer Class: Ice Type Trial Captain on the reserve list because they haven't finished her trial site...
    Previous Regions: Kalos, Kanto, Sinnoh (Although she only got her Amaura from Kalos)
    Home Region: Alola
    Appearance: She has slightly tan skin, with light brown hair naturally ridden with golden streaks and tips. She has heterochromia, resulting in a deep brown/golden right eye and a dark emerald left eye. Her hair is naturally full of beautiful curls near the ends, and lots of loose hairs fly everywhere giving her a sort of free look. She barely scrapes 5'6", and is build long and thin. She can be found wearing dark wash skinny jeans with some areas silvery from damage. She can be seen wearing ash grey thigh boots with dull and dark blue along the front, and ice blue laces all up the front. The toes have a metal cover, with two lines carved into it to give it the appearance of paws, even the soles are made in such a way to leave paw prints behind. She wears a t-shirt that has dark blue sleeves and dark blue across the collarbone, with the rest being ice blue. She has a dark blue winter jacket, dark grey on the inside with white fur lining the hood and cuff of the right sleeve, the left one had been taken off. The jacket is hung around her neck by the top button, and hangs behind her like a cape, sometimes covering her shoulders, but rarely she wears it. Sitting on her head is a dark blue ball cap with an ice blue front, and it has a little foam crest mimicking a Glaceon's. She wears a black belt with a pouch on each hip, and along the back of the belt are six Pokeballs. Each one has been painted with a dark blue top and ice blue bottom, each team member has a different snowflake with the button as the middle. The sixth poke ball is in the middle of the other three, and is pitch black.
    Personality: A little dorky, but optimistic, open, and friendly. She's very considerate but prone to mood swings like a blizzard, raging in anger or sadness or any other extreme. Needless to say, she a joy to be around, and she has made a bit of a name for herself. The community adores her and she runs her own Pokemon Rehab center.
    Current Team:

    Flayke (Male, Shiny)
    Glaceon, Snow Cloak
    Hail, Frost Breath, Ice Beam, Blizzard
    Holds an Icy Rock

    Glace (Male)
    Alolan Sandslash, Slush Rush
    Iron Head, Swords Dance, Ice Ball, Defense Curl
    Holds Metal Coat

    Snowwe (Female)
    Alolan Vulpix, Snow Warning
    Powder Snow, Tail Whip
    No held item

    Fross (Female)
    Aurorus, Refrigerate
    Freeze Dry, Ice Beam, Aurora Beam, Hyper Beam
    Holds Z-crystal

    Iglis (Male)
    Weavile, Pickpocket
    Beat Up, Avalanche, Punishment, Night Slash
    No held item

    Other: Prefers and is referred to as C.C, helped shut down her parents old business which was cruelly breeding Pokemon for shiny traits, Algophobic (Fear of pain) and takes medication, Snowwe is a newly hatched Vulpix and can often be seen carried around by C.C in a bundle of blankets. C.C also carries around a pitch black Pokeball, but she never uses it and no one knows who is inside.
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  6. Name: Jo
    Age: 21
    Gender: male
    Trainer Class: Ace trainer
    Previous Regions: Unova
    Home Region: Unova
    Appearance: Tanned skin, Dark brown hair, and has dull brown eyes. Is 5'11, Very fit, and usually wears an brown hoodie. Carries pokeballs in an inside pocket of his hoodie, and usually has an green shirt underneath. Carries an brown backback.
    Personality: Started his journey a bit later then others, as he was 14 when he received his starter snivy. This was mainly due to an accident that occured when he was younger, and gave him an fear of Psychic types. It isn't as bad as it was before, but still makes him flinch when he sees one. He is also notorious for destroying the unova gyms in 5 months, using 3 pokemon only. Also only has 6 pokemon, and refuses to catch any more. Also very silent and unfriendly, though will give some advice to new trainers.
    Current Team: upload_2017-1-14_20-14-55.png
    Serperior (Overgrow) Hydreigon (Shiny, Levitate) Volcarona (Flame body) Gigalith(Sand force) Golisopod(Emergancy exit)
    Giga drain Dragon dance Flamethrower Sandstorm Ice beam
    Leaf storm Dragon rush Bug buzz Earthquake First impression
    Aerial ace Tri attack Quiver dance Stone edge Liquidation
    Frenzy plant Earth power Solar beam Hyper beam Leech life
    Chandelure(Flash fire)
    Will o wisp
    Shadow ball
    Other: Is an highly experienced trainer, and can offer some advice.
  7. C.C grinned as she sat in a booth in Hau'oli city's Malasada shop. She caught them selling the Mythical Malasada's, and quickly she bought the famed treat, sitting down with her team. It cost a pretty penny to buy enough, but she'd built up a lot of savings over the years and had an income now, so she could afford it. There was a warm big Malasada for Fross in a box, since the Aurorus was too large to fit inside the shop, and each member of her team had a normal sized Malasada all to themselves. Except for Snowwe, the young Vulpix would never eat the entire thing, so instead C.C shared hers, feeding the snowy little fox tiny bites at a time.
  8. Joseph smiled slightly as he reached Hau'oli city. The busy locals all went from one place to another, making it seem like an swarm of humans. It bothered him a bit but he ignored it in favor of heading towards the mall. He was running a bit low on supplies and that mall was almost better then the shopping mall from route 9 in Unova. So after heading inside and wallet a lot lighter, he stepped out again.
  9. Amber and her Cinccino, went to Hau'oli City. She smiled at the sight of beauty. She quickly got out her sketch pad, and drew some parts of the city. "This is amazing. Come on. Let's go." She went to sit on the bench, sketching again.

    [Admin edit: Do NOT post stolen art in the RP forums or anywhere else on Pokecharms for that matter. Describe your character rather than use images that you did not make to cheap out on description]
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  10. "Okay,it's time to move on!" Lucy said to her Pokemon who just ate their last Pokepuff. Lucy paid her meal and went from the caffe. "We, have a lot to explore,girls." Lucy said
    Rose's climbed on Lucy's shoulder and her eyes sparkled. Rose just can't wait to explore and meet new friends. Foxy followed Lucy to Hau'oli City.
    "Wow,look how beautiful this city is!" Lucy exclaimed when she arrived in the Hau'oli City. "This is awesome view!" Lucy shouted
    Rose was enjoying the view.
  11. "Come on, lets go for real." Amber said. She and her Cinccino went on. "Lets find as much Pokemon to draw as possible." Cinccino nodded following.
  12. Lucy and her Pokemon climbed on tree where they enjoy the view. "I just can't wait to explore whole region and meet as many friends as I can." Lucy smiled
    Rose and Foxy nodded. They wanted to meet some Pokemon because they are really friendly Pokemon.
    Foxy climbed higher on tree to picked some berries. Rose sat in Lucy's leap. Lucy petted Rose. "Well,I guess it's time to explore!" Lucy said to her Pokemon
    Foxy jumped next to Lucy and gave her some Aspear Berries and Pecha Berries.Lucy petted Foxy. Rose and Foxy climbed on Lucy's shoulders and Lucy jumped from tree and landed on her feet like cat.
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  13. Amber and Cinccino went to the edge of the city looking at it before they leave. She smiled. "This was a beautiful stop. But now we're going."
  14. Watching the amount of trainers and their pokemon was giving him a small headache. The amount of sheer noise generated was unbelievable, and he decided to head towards the coastal shore. So after releasing hydreigon just to shut some people up he got on his back and headed towards the shore.
  15. C.C grinned as all her Pokemon finished their treats with various yips of excitement. She bought an extra Mythic Malasada, storing it away in a container to keep it warm before stepping outside the shop. Everyone was back in their Pokeballs, except for one which C.C tossed into the air. Right then and there outside the Malasada shop materialized a very large and quite beautiful Aurorus. "Hello there, your majesty." the trainer quipped, opening the box with the larger Malasada, a little steam coming off the warm food. "I got you something, Fross."

    Fross sang out her pleasure, dipping her neck down to begin eating while C.C held the box. Freeing her other hand, she lovingly rubbed her Kalosian Pokemon on the head. Discarding the box, C.C hopped onto the gentle giant's back, directing her to walk to the beach. Fross treaded carefully and lightly, as smaller Pokemon and children found it fun to dash between her legs to the chagrin of some very worried parents, not that they were worrying that Alola's soon to be newest captain would let any harm fall upon anyone.
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