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Ask to Join Adventures Around The World

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Galaxy Sylveon, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Hey guys just want you to know that you have to have a egg in your trainer card and all the other rules too.... :) oh and not the same pokèmon but eevee!

    Abby woke up to the sound of her Ninetales, Keegan, roaring, probably at her Shiny Eevee, Lemmy. Abby chuckled and got up, and she was right. "Keegan! Get off him! Lemmy! Leave Keegan alone!" Abby said and jumped off the bed. Her two pokèmon did what they were told but not for long. "today we're leaving the house!" Abby said excitedly. She gently picked the egg that was resting in a blue blanket and placed it in a bag and wrapped it back up with the blanket.
    Time Skip!!!!
    "Bye mom!" Abby shouted as she left. Lemmy was sitting on her shoulder and Keegan by her side. The egg looked like a Dratini Egg. A few hours later they saw a park. They trotted over to it and accidentally bumped into someone "ow! Oh sorry!"
    (Start RP!)
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  2. Ariel woke up early in the morning, ready for the day, Her two best friends exited. They were a kirlia named Freya, and they were friends since she was really young, and a snover named crystal. And now with an egg from her mom to remind her to come home every now and then. Ariel gathered her things and stuffed it into her backpack. She was sure to pack snacks, berries, a blanket, extra pokeballs, potions, antidotes, full heals, and carefully on top, surrounded in blankets, the egg. She left her house and walked for sometime and she reached a park, it was a beutiful park. There was a fountain with pokemon playing in it, pidgy everywhere, minding their own business. She became so dazzled in the scenery, that she wasn't paying attention where she was going, and then she bumped into someone. "ow! Oh sorry!" She heard. Ariel looked at the girl with a concerned look, "it's fine, are you ok?"
  3. "Yeah I'm fine!" Abby said and smiled before slowly pulling off her bag and picking up the egg. "Phew! It's ok!" Abby said and hugged the egg before putting it back. Abby stood up and smiled "Hi I'm Abby Woods! And this is Keegan and Lemmy!" Abby said pointing at the two pokèmon beside her. "Soo do you want to travel with me?" Abby asked as she tried to do Baby-Doll Eyes. Keegan laughed and Lemmy did too. "Not funny you two" Abby mumbled and the two Pokèmon stopped their laughing fits.
  4. "sure," Ariel replied, "I'm Ariel, I don't really have a last name," she released her pokemon from their balls. Gesturing to the Kirlia, "this is Freya," and gesturing to the Snover, "and this is crystal." Ariel put the empty pokeballs into her sweatshirt pockets. "where are we heading?" Ariel asked with curiosity.
  5. Jerome Herin got up from nap from the sound of his Zubat, Areo flapping about. "Alright alright, I'm up I'm up" Says Jerome as he stretches. He got up from his makeshift bed and packed up his things. He then quickly fasten a necklace with a great ball around his neck containing his Xatu, Mystic. "Oops, almost forgot my egg!" says Jerome as he packed it in his pack. He quickly examined the egg. It looked to be a Tyrogue egg, but he wasn't sure.

    A few hours later, he arrives at the park to see some girls talking. One had a shiny Eevee and a Ninetales while the other had sent out a Kirlia and Snover. "Pretty cool, not common to see a trainer with a shiny Eevee." Areo then made screeching sounds. "Oh alright, I'll go talk to them if your so interested" Says Jerome as he starts heading towards the girls direction.

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  6. "Well I was planning to level up Lemmy and Keegan, well once they are at least level 30 an d there almost there, Level 28, and then afterwards, we can head to the first gym!" Abby said and her Mons nodded. Abby turned around and noticed a boy with a Zubat walking over to them. "Oh hi! I'm Abby Woods and this is Keegan and Lemmy!" Abby said and waved at the boy.
  7. Jerome stoped in front of Abby and the other girl. "Hi, names Jerome Herin." He points to Areo who nested on his shoulder. "And this energetic fellow is Areo, my Zubat. I have another partner as well." He take the great ball off his necklace and sends out Mystic. "This is Mystic, my Xatu. She was a gift from my mother before I left on my trip."

    Areo goes to the shiny Eevee and lands on its back playfully. "Seems Areo likes your Eevee" Jerome said as he chuckled. "So, you two ladys mind if I travel with you? I need an excuse to keep Areo out of trouble, and I'm quite excited to see what my egg will become" Jerome says as he takes out an egg, careful as not to drop it.
  8. "It's fine with me!" Abby said and Lemmy started batting at Areo. Abby pulled out her egg and held it to her chest "I also have a egg! It looks like a Dratini egg!" Abby smiled and Keegan rubbed his head on her hand. Abby rubbed his head and sighed.
  9. Jerome smiled, he liked seeing how other people and pokemon got so well together. "I think mines a Tyrogue egg, I'm not sure." He says with a shrug. "I guess the only way to find out is when it hatches, right?" Jerome then ties his necklace back on and looks at Areo. "Careful there buddy, you almost lost your soothe bell" He says as he goes and tightens the soothe bell on Areos neck, but not too tight.
    He then looks at Abby. "So, anywhere you guys want to go in particular?" He asks.
  10. "Well I'm planning on getting my Mons to level 30 and they are now on level 28" Abby said and Keegan nodded. Lemmy ran under Keegan and whimpered. Abby shot her gaze the way Lemmy was and saw a snarling Mightyena. "Guess it's time now eh?" Abby looked at Keegan and nodded. Keegan stood in front of the Mightyena and growled, getting it's attention and ran to Stand in front of Abby. "Flamethrower!" And Keegan did a one shot and leveled up to level 30.
  11. Jerome stood speechless. "That...was...impressive!" Areo flew back down on Jeromes shoulder. "I knew Ninetales were powerful but still. Defeating a Mightyena like that?" He offered an Ether to Abby. "Areos fairly new and low leveled, but I have a philosophy that even the weakest pokemon could become powerful one day" He says while looking at Areo. Mystic just stands still, looking at Keegan. Jerome looks at Mystic and says "Thats Mystics way of saying that she like you."
  12. "That was amazing," Ariel said with enthusiasm, changing the topic, "any way, before we head to the gym, would you mind battling my Kirlia? Be warned, I won't loose easily," Ariel said with confident gleam in her eyes.
  13. "Sure!" Abby said and Keegan stood in front of her. "No, it's Lemmy's turn now" Abby said and Keegan posted but retreated back to her feet. Lemmy jumped in front of Abby and smiled "Vee!".
  14. Jerome steped back. "Good luck you two!" he yells. Mystic steps back from where they'll fight. Jerome pets Areo gently as a soft sound can be heard from him. Jerome then takes out two sitrus berries, ready to give them to Lemmy and Freya after the battle.
  15. (witch one it witch again? is Lemmy the eevee?)
    The kirlia hoped in front of Ariel, "come on Freya, let's show them what we got," Kirlia noded and faced their foe, knowing the work they've been through, They won't give up too easily. Ariel looked to Jerome, "would you mind being our reff?"
  16. Jerome nods. "I guess I can ref" he says. "This will be a one on one match, first pokemon knocked out wins." He then adds "May the best trainer win."
    Areo flies up as Mystic then flies next to Jerome. "You both may begin when your ready" He says as he waves a quick made green and red flag.
    (I think Lemmy is the Shiny Eevee)
  17. Ariel smiles, "Kirlia, misty terrain," Kirlia relesed a cloud ring of pink smoke changing the area into a pink cloudy arena.
  18. (Yeah Lemmy is the Eevee)
    "Lemmy! Iron tail!". Lemmy's tail turned into iron and he ran up to Kirlia and slashed at her a few times before running back to Krystal.
  19. "Freya, charge at them and use double team." Obediently Kirlia charged and created at least 30 copies of herself simultaneously.
  20. "Lemmy! Bite!". Lemmy ran to the copies and started to bite at them. The last one was Freya and Lemmy ran up to her and bit her before returning to Abby. "We battled all types of pokèmon and just happend to battle a Kirlia too!" Abby said a Keegan snickered.
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    Careful, that's autoing. Remember not to force actions onto another RPer – you can try to bite Freya, but it's @Art3mis's decision as to whether it connects. :)
  22. Jerome stood by the sidelines with his quickly made flags. "Smart move, Iron tail would do lots of damage on a Fairy type like Kirlia" He says standing by. Areo flew around Jerome as Mystic watched silently. He then took out the egg from his pack. "Hmm...not quite there yet." He then puts the egg back in his pack.
  23. "You think we're gonna give up after a few strong attacks," Ariel commented,"Kirlia magical leaf, but in our special way." The leaves appeared and started to fly at abnormal patterns making it impossible to predict where they are going. They swoop in close burst out and surround from every angle.
  24. Lemmy jolted back and whimpered. A deep cut was on his shoulder but he growled. "Ok! Iron Tail again!". Lemmy ran over to Freya and used iron tail.
  25. Miles was a Maniac trying to find a friend but his only friends were his Pokemon. "I will never trade you for anything" Said Miles to his Pokemon image.jpg
  26. Then he saw two trainers battling he wanted to join them so he said loudly " Go Sudowoodo!" "Sudo" Sudowoodo said
  27. "Dodge it with double team, and counter with psyshock," The iron tail missed, blobs of psycic energy appeared from all of the duplicates simultaneously, but only one of the sets were real.
  28. Lemmy's eyes wavered and he collapsed. "Lemmy!" Abby shouted worried but Keegan held her back. Lemmy got back up and growled. "Ok then! Iron tail and Bite!". Lemmy nodded and ran up to Freya and used iron tail and bite.
  29. Jerome turned toward the sound of a man sending out a Sudowoodo. "Hello there. My friends are in the middle of a battle, your welcome to watch" Jerome said. Areo flys toward the Sudowoodo and lands on its head comfortably.
  30. "Who are you what is your name stranger?" Said Miles. " Sudo?" Said Sudowoodo
  31. "My names Jerome Herin, that energetic fellow on your Sudowoodos head is Areo, my Zubat." He then turns toward Mystic. "This is Mystic, my Xatu. Thats a nice Sudowoodo that you have, its not everyday that you find one in the wild, nevertheless catch one" Says Jerome. He then asks "Who might you be then?"
  32. " I'm Miles this Sudowoodo is Maracas and I have some other Pokemon if you wanna see them" said Miles
  33. Jerome smiled "That would be cool." He then takes out an egg "I almost forgot about my little buddy here. It's still a ways to hatch, but I think it'll be a Tyrogue when it hatches." He then checks it and says "Still a little longer." He then puts it back in the pack and looks at the battle again.
  34. "So come on out everyone" shouted Miles. "This is My Snorlax His name is Heavyweight " Snorlax" said Heavyweight this Is my Pansear his name is Hot sauce " Pan Pan Pansear " said Hot sauce , and this is my Torterra , Cherry Blossom even though he is make he still likes his name "Torterra terra" Said Cherry Blossom
  35. "Freya, dodge it." The jumped to the side and missed the bite, but the iron tail was a direct hit knocking kirlia back and knocking her out. Ariel walked up to Kirlia, "You did well Freya, now take a rest, you deserve it."
  36. Jerome raised the green flag. "Freya is unable to battle, Lemmy wins this one!" He yells. Jerome then turns toward Miles and says "These are all rare pokemon, and powerful ones too. It must have taken you a long time to find them and even longer to train them" he says as Areo flies back to Jerome screeching the way back.
  37. Lemmy groaned and slowly walked back to Abby. "Good work Lemmy!" Abby said and brushed her hand over Lemmy's wound and he whimpered. Abby gave him a oran berry and it healed. Lemmy jumped on Abby's shoulder as she got up. Keegan got up and walked beside Abby. Abby walked over to the new guy with a Sudowoodo. "Hi I'm Abby Woods!" She said and Keegan and Lemmy growled warily.
  38. Jerome went to his pack to obtain an Sitrus berry for Freya when he noticed something shining on the ground. "Hmm whats this?" He says as he picks it up. "Hmm...looks like a TM, but for what?" He holds on to it and puts it in the pack. "I'll see what it is later, right now, to find a Sitrus berry" He says as he then takes out two sitrus berries and heads back to Abby and Ariel to give to them.
  39. "Hello I'm Miles" And might I say that you have a nice Ninetails and A Shiny Eevee It must of took you a lot of time to find it And then Hot sauce his Pansear looked at Abby's Ninetails and then started going in Miles' Backpack and took out a Spicy Mocha Pokepuff and gave it to Ninetails and his eyes turned into hearts

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