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Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by VirtalLaptop, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. The sight of a crushed Pokeball imprinted itself into the Malamar's eyes as his trainer ran away from him as if he was a rampaging Ursaring. Marz could only look down at the very sight of betrayal, a cold tendril only picked up the larger shards of the capture device. Sharp ends of metal sliced up his delicate flesh as Marz stared at the path his former friend had taken just to escape him.

    What had Marz done to deserve this damnation? Why was he abandoned by his only friend in the middle of some unknown territory?

    Marz didn't know why. Maybe he was just too weak for his trainer to use him in battle anymore. Or, it wasn't even based on the Malamar's strength. It could have been the fact that he wasn't cute anymore. When Marz was an Inkay, his companion loved him so much and used him in every contest he entered.

    However, that changed when Marz had evolved into a Malamar. Slowly, he was replaced with different Pokemon and soon wasn't in any contest. His trainer didn't even let him out of his Pokeball soon after. Yet, Marz was finally let back out and only to be released with in the next moment. Now, he had to stay in this forest by himself as the Malamar started to walk.

    No one around with the only company being Marz's friend as he suffered silently.
  2. Red eyes watched the Malamar intently. Out from behind the tree, she hovered, tailing with curiosity the newly released Pokemon. The Gardevoir had been minding her own business; her den had run out of berries and she'd spent the foraging for them. However, once again she was distracted by a trainer who had decided to release his Pokemon.

    Cassie herself was a wild Pokemon, or at least, that was what she told herself, and this release was not the first one she'd witnessed. Granted, the area was a famous one for releasing Pokemon, and once upon a time, she was no different than any of the abandoned. She was just a Ralts then, newly hatched, and she was marked a runt immediately. She grew, yet she was always smaller than other Ralts, and in regards to power, she was weaker too. That must've been why she was left out there to fend for herself. For the longest time, she wondered if it had all been a cruel joke. But after years of waiting, she began to wonder about other things. Why, this, why that, and why she was now forced to watch the same, traumatic memory happen again and again before her very eyes, constantly reminding her of her defection. Why she was there.

    Her ruby irises hardened, as she watched the Malamar move. But that day, she did something out of the norm; she greeted him. "Hello there." She said softly from the bushes, barely loud enough for Marz to hear. Her colors blended just perfectly into the scenery, and in addition to that, she'd always been a bit smaller than normal Gardevoir, making it harder for him to find her. "Rough day, I see."
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  3. "Hello?" Blaze ask, waiting on the rock his trainer ordered him to sit. He has to come back, he wouldn't just leave me all alone. But where is he... The young growlithe's thoughts were interrupted by his hunger. He had been sitting there for two days and he couldn't see any berries around. Every time his thought of leaving the rock in search of food, the thought that followed was What if his comes back and I'm not here... Blaze thought back to when he was first hatched, the disappointment in his eyes as he mumbled something about 'nature' but Blaze didn't care, he loved his trainer. The next time he was let out of his pokeball, he was told to wait on a rock and there he was...waiting.
  4. "I'm only telling you one more time, stop following me!!"
    Sara was confused by the sudden anger in her Trainers' tone. She flattened her ears, wondering what she had done to make her Trainer mad.
    "You were supposed to evolve into Espeon! Maybe if you had your hidden Ability or a different Nature you would at least be a little more useful. But nooo, you had to be a Sylveon. I knew I shouldn't have let you learn Charm. Go ask some little girl to enter you in contests so you can wave your little bows around and look cute."
    Sara's eyes began to fill with tears.
    "Don't give me that look. You're pathetic."
    Her Trainer took her Pokeball and threw it over the nearby cliff.
    "I don't ever want to see your face again."
    Tears fell down Sara's face, one by one, as her Trainer left her. She cried silently and watched him go until he disappeared from sight. And then she was just sitting there, staring in the direction he'd went.
  5. Meanwhile, a hydreigon was wandering around the area, he has been released long ago by his trainer.
    as he wandered, he heard sobs and cries, when he saw where the sounds were coming from he noticed that it came from a sylveon.
    Unlike other hydreigons who are wild and vicious, this hydreigon cared for other pokemons, he couldn't handle seeing a pokemon in such sorrow.
    He knew that if the sylveon feels threatened and attacked, he would be doomed but he is to brave for his own good, "Excuse me, but I could notice that you are sad, are you ok?"
  6. Marz stopped walking almost instantly. Golden eyes instantly looking around as his tendrils ready for an attack. His tendrils already going up as a soft growl left his beak. Marz didn't need a sudden battle after being left behind. "Yes, it has been." Blue tentacles moved in such a way that it expressed pure annoyance. His body only moved back as he looked at the Gardevoir with hardened eyes. "If you're looking for a battle, I'm sorry but I'm not willing to fight you."
  7. The steel in her eyes remained, her expression unchanged. If she had an expression in the first place. Remaining where she was, hovering, the Gardevoir looked into the Malamar's eyes in thought, casually scanning through his mind with her Telepathy. "I'm afraid I'm not very good at battles." Her voice had a strange calmness to it, though she tread the topic that had turned her heart black. "I'm too weak, you see. That's why I'm here." Rubies watching intently, cautious, yet, composed. The train of her dress moved as if caught by the wind, yet she remained hidden in the shrubbery and trees. "We're all unwanted here."
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  8. Blaze looked at the sunset and his hunger finally go the best of him. I'll only be gone for a minute. I'll just find something to eat and bring it back. He thought as he wondered away for the rock. Blaze had never had to scavenge for food before, but he was confident that he would be able to find something to eat. I hope I can find something before it gets dark.
  9. Sara looked over at the Hydreigon.
    "My Trainer... left.... he said I was pathetic and worthless..... I should have evolved into Espeon like he wanted....."
  10. Marz couldn't help the loud growl that came out of his beak. His eyes narrowing even further as he took a step closer. "I don't like hearing that." The Malamar was clearly angered as he tried to tell where Cassie was hiding. His tendrils were furiously writhing around Maz's head.
  11. "You'll learn to." Cassie responded, for once, unsure how to play her cards. For one thing, she could retreat into the forest and let some other Pokemon help Marz settle in, like she always does with new arrivals. Or, she could mix it up and do it herself. The Malamar seemed rather powerful, and undoubtedly dangerous. Maybe if she's lucky, he'll end her existence as an unwanted runt and set her free. 'But you are free.' Said the voice in her head that'd kept her company since the very first day she was released, causing her to ball her fists together with eyes cast to the ground. 'But I'm not happy. I'll never be able to find happiness again. As long as I'm who I am.' She told it. Finally, the hot red irises glanced back at Marz, and Cassie finally emerged from the shrubbery. "But I'm sorry if I've offended you. I could help you get settled in, at least."
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  12. "Why? Do you think this is funny?"

    Rei cringed at the echoed sound of her angered Trainer's voice. His mega charm was steaming from the unsuccessful attempt at Mega Evolution. The Mawile had become rebellious after her trainer caught a Sableye and started completely ignoring her. It was painfully obvious to determine that he favored the Sableye, between the smug looks and the times that she was sent out of her pokeball. Rei was his first Pokemon, and at first she enjoyed his company. He was excited, ready to learn, to become an adventurer. But after he learned of Mega Evolution, and even more after he learned she could Mega Evolve, his whole attitude changed. Rei was forced into harsh training and hard battles. It paid off though...she was very strong. However, the only thing preventing her from Mega Evolving, is her will. Rei didn't want to grow another head and have more weight on her. She liked to be able to move freely in whichever way she wants when she wants. In his rage, Rei's trainer crushed the Mawile's Pokeball in her face and threw the shattered pieces at her. Rei desperately tried to pick up all of the pieces, but it was a hopeless cause. There was no way she could ever be his pokemon again. On her way to the clearing she was in now, Rei found a long red ribbon that was probably dropped by a trainer. The ribbon was now tied around her neck, the button of the pokeball attached to it by a sticky mixture of mud, sap and honey.

    Sounds of other pokemon could be heard in the distance and Rei picked up her drooped head in curiosity. Silently, Rei watched two pokemon, a Malamar and a Gardevoir discussing something a few yards away from her.
  13. Sara wiped her eyes with her bows, standing up.
    "I guess I'll have to find somewhere to live now... this forest does seem pretty..."
    She began to wander, eventually finding a Mawile with what looked like a Pokeball button tied around her neck. Did she live here?
    "Um... hello? Do you live here? I, uh... I'm new here, and was wondering if someone could show me around."
  14. Rei's eyes flashed with unnecessary anger as she opened her jaws gave a small snarl at the Sylveon. "No I don't live here and I don't ever intend to! I never ever wanted to be here! It's not my fault that I don't want to grow another head.... Actually it is isn't it? It's my fault that he left me here....." Rei plopped to the ground with a jaunt snap of her jaws closing. Her red eyes were no longer swimming in anger, but regret and remorse. "Why didn't I Mega Evolve when he told me to? Why didn't I?" She as the Sylveon, tears threatening to take over her vision. "Why didn't I?" Rei repeated as her hand flew to her neck, where the Pokeball button was on the red ribbon. "I'm sorry." She finally said as she gradually re composed herself. "It's Rei. Sorry for the weird first impression." She mumbled, standing up.
  15. Blaze keep searching for any type of berries but turned up to be unfruitful. Why am I in the one forest with any berries. Blaze thought as his stomach reminded him of his hunger. "If I keep searching I'll lose track of the rock." Blaze whined, needing to fill the hole in his stomach.
  16. "So you have the same problem...."
    Sara looked at the ground sadly.
    "My name's Sara.... and I was left here too. My Trainer wanted me to evolve into Espeon.... but..."
  17. Marz stared at the Gardevior, the blue tendrils slowly started to relax. His golden eyes watched her before looking away. "Alright..." The Malamar slowly walked over towards Cassie. An aura of regret covered him as Marz stretched out one of his cut tentacles. His eyes avoided to look at her red eyes. "I'm sorry for my, outburst...." Marz tried to apologize as he took a small glance at the female Pokemon.
  18. Meanwhile the hydreigon was watching the sylveon and mawile talking when he suddenly saw a flashback,
    "With the discovery of fairy types, you are useless and weak for me."
    "But you can't leave me!"
    "Leave! I don't want to see you again!"
    (End of flashback)
    It was there kind's fault his trainer left him, but for some reason he just couldn't harm them, he felt bad for them.
    "Excuse me, but if you are looking for a place to stay in the night, I would be glad to offer my house" he eventually said.
  19. Cassie held her ground, watching Marz with caution that was too low to be safe. Mostly because she didn't care. Or perhaps she'd given up. Oh, who was she kidding? She has definitely given up. Ruby eyes gazed curiously at the Aura emenating from Marz's form. She was all too familiar with the emotion he felt. As a Ralts, she was exposed to it everyday. Whether it was her own, or other Pokemon's. His threats had not really fazed her, she'd grown too hardened to be injured emotionally anymore. However, her attention was soon diverted when he instead held out his tentacle; injured. Perhaps she hadn't understood the gist of his motion, because instead, Cassie raised her hand and hit him with a Heal Pulse to take care of the damage. Locking her hollowed eyes with his, the Gardevoir once again drew back and hovered back towards the forest. "Follow me."
  20. Sara turned to the Hydreigon.
    "R-really, are you sure? I... I won't be there long though, only until I find my own home. I don't want to take up space for too long."
    Sara did figure that if this was a trick, she was a Fairy Type Pokemon now. She could defeat it easily with her new Fairy Wind move.
  21. Marz seemed surprised by the Heal Pulse. His arm soon looked like it had never been cut by the remains of his Pokeball. The Malamar only looked curiously at Cassie before he slowly followed her deeper into the forest. Golden eyes stayed on the Gardevoir guiding him through the forest of abandoned. Marz didn't know what to say, his beak remained closed as just followed obediently. Though, a thank you was probably in order for fixing him. "Thank you." His voice was near silent as he gave one.
  22. Cassie could feel the Malamar's golden eyes on her, glued to her form and watching every single move she made. The Gardevoir knew it was simply curiosity, yet she couldn't help but feel slightly unnerved by his gaze. Her eyes shifted to the corners upon hearing his thanks, but she kept on moving. The trees towered higher and more Pokemon ran about the deeper they were in. "I never caught your name. If you have one. Mine is Cassandra, but I do prefer Cassie." Finally she stopped, rotating around to face him. The area they were in had very thick and tall trees, some had been hollowed out for dwelling, some preferred to live underground with the roots as infrastructure, while others resided in the canopies. "This is where most of us live. I live here too."
  23. A Grovyle was wandering the forest, a routine she had gotten used to ever since she had been released into the wild, rejected. It wasn't even her fault. The Grovyle was among the failures of what humans called the "Masuda Method".

    Foresan, the name of the Grovyle, was hatched as a Treecko. While she lacked the green-blue color and red eyes most Shiny Treecko had, the newborn did have a rather odd coloring. By that, it was meant that tip of her leafy tail was magenta. The only merit the breeder gave this feature was that Foresan could be traded off for something useful.

    She was paraded around GTS as a "Poinsettia Treecko", and absurd requests were made such as a Shiny Reuniculus with a Hidden Ability. Two weeks later, no one took her. Sick and tired of waiting and wanting to attempt breeding a Shiny again, he released the Treecko at this place, barely able to fend for herself.

    The magenta marks as a Grovyle not only was on her tail, but appeared on the leaves on her head and wrists as well. Foresan more or less lived her life as a nomad, roaming and foraging as she pleased. She didn't see any point in having her own den, unlike most Pokemon. Foresan's eyes turned into a Malamar in the distance.
    "Newcomer, huh?" she muttered, despite the fact she really didn't care.
  24. Blaze only walked forward, too scared that the slightest turn in his path would lead to him getting hopelessly lost. His hunger was getting the better of him and he noticed himself growing increasingly sluggish. Blaze grew excited when he saw a bright purplish color in the distance and ran towards it. Blaze stumbled to stop in time when he realized that the color was coming from the leaves of a grovyle and looked at them with disappointment. Why couldn't it be a berry...oh. Blaze slowly stepped backwards once he realized the situation he was in.
  25. "It's Marzipan, or Marz for short." Marz was stoic as he looked at the various housings. His tendrils stayed close to his body as a pointed tentacle touched the tree's rough surface. The feeling of harsh bark on his sensitive skin caused Marz to instinctively pull it back towards his body. Slick blue skin curled around itself before his golden eyes looked back up at Cassie. His eyes only searched her before he simply stared at the tree with uncertain eyes. "Alright, but I don't think you can find a place for a Pokemon my size." The Malamar only looked at the Gardevior.
  26. "Marzipan... Like the sweets?" Cassie asked carefully. Her ruby eyes flashed with curiosity before they once again settled and froze into a steel. From his body-language, she could already tell he was anxious. Most of the Pokemon living back in the wild were. "If I could find a home, so can you." The Gardevoir began to search around for a tree she knew were vacant. "Most tend to live in burrows. But I personally hate living in dirt." Instead, she noticed two other Pokemon nearby; a Grovyle and Growlithe. "I see you've attracted some Pokemon already."
  27. "Ok follow me" said the hydreigon and started to slowly head toward a big rock nearby, he lifted the rock and under it was a tunnel.
    "Follow me, don't worry if you don't like to get dirty, it is cleaner than you think down here"
    He cept going down the hole until he reached a big cavern decorated with a few glowing gems sticking out of the walls.
  28. "Yes, like the candy..." Marz only seemed to sulk at being reminded of his full name. He had never been a fan of sweets, and yet he was named after a candy ever since he was a baby Inkay. The tendrils only seemed to stay down as golden eyes took in the entire forest before him. Marz had never been in a forest for longer than a day of training, but he might as well get use to it... "I guess, but I don't think I would enjoy feeling like a crawled out of a hole each time I woke up either." He tried to joke lightly before the two other Pokemon were pointed out. The Malamar's entire body became stiff and tense as he watched the two closely.
  29. "Woah, chill. I'm not an ax murderer," Foresan held up her hands in false surrender, seeing the reactions of the Malamar and the Growlithe. She did not understand why they were like that. Her markings might have surprised them, probably. Or maybe they never seen Foresan around before. While she does show up around here, among other areas, the Grovyle preferred to stay out of sight.
  30. Blaze then noticed the Malamar staring right at him and felt even more worried. He had never been in a fight before and hoped to not start today. Blaze turned back to the grovyle who didn't seem to mean any harm. "S...s...sorry...I" Blaze said still backing way until he bumped into a tree and jumped, putting his paws over his head. He was about to look behind him a loud grumble came from his stomach. Blaze froze, unsure what to do in his current situation.
  31. Sara dipped her head in thanks before starting down the tunnel.
    Still, I wonder why my Trainer left me just because I evolved into Sylveon... isn't one of the famous Elite Four members a dragon-type user?
  32. Cassie raised an eyebrow in amusement. It seemed she and the Malamar had similar tastes in homes. Most other Pokemon settled with the first hole or cave they could find, but Cassie took her sweet time in findig just the right one. Shelter was easy. But a home... It was far more complex. A thought passed through her head, and she mulled it over, all the while the Gardevoir watched the spooked Growlithe. "Aren't you the Growlithe that has been sitting on a rock since you've arrived?"
  33. Blaze looked at in the direction of the gardevoir that addressed him, who seemed to be the least intimating of the pokemon there. "Yeah...my trainer told me to wait there until he came back, but I got up for a second to try and find food and ended up here." Blaze said trying to regain his composer, despite feeling weak.
  34. Her eyes hardened, somehow becoming colder and more detached than they already were. The Gardevoir hovered towards the weakened Growlithe, eyes burning holes into his very being. "He's not coming back." She forced those words out with a chill in them. "Don't starve yourself for him." She held out the pile of Oran Berries she'd gathered earlier to him, waiting for him to take it. And soon after, with a whirl of her dress, Cassie hovered back to Marz, locking her gaze with his for a short moment. "You can stay at my home in the time being. If you so wish." A deep breath was taken, and soon, she was back to the neutral state she'd been in before. She didn't usually invite others to stay in her den. She hardly ever even talked to anyone. Mostly it was because she never found herself to be able to fit in amongst the other Pokemon, for there were very little Psychic types there. "I think you'll like it."
  35. Marz couldn't help but be taken aback, he couldn't help but stare at Cassie when she came back over to him. His gold eyes only shifting through the Psychic type's being before he spoke once more. "You didn't need to be so harsh with him on the truth you know." He wasn't disappointed or scared by the display she had put up, instead he was more interested in figuring out why she did it. However, the offer of staying with Cassie did catch Marz off guard. His tendrils only swayed lazily behind him in mild curiosity as the Malamar talked about the subject. "Are you sure you want me in your home? I can understand if it's meant to be a polite gesture and not suppose to be taken seriously..."
  36. The Gardevoir hovered in place. Silence enveloping her as her heart twisted and ached upon the sour topic. She looked back at the young Growlithe, and allowed a shuddering sigh to escape her mouth. "I'm sorry for being so harsh. You may come with me too if you wish. I have more room than I know what to do with." In a slight sulk, Cassie began hovering forward, not looking at Marz when she answered, "Do take it seriously. I mean it." She drifted towards a massive tree located deeper in; one of a thousand other massive ones in the forest, and she closed her eyes. There was a 'click' sound when she flicked a switch in the tree with her Psychic abilities, and a section of the bark slid open to reveal a hollowed chamber inside of it. There were furniture inside, even a kitchen. Stairs led upwards to more hollowed chambers for living quarters higher up the tree. "It was a secret base, I believe. But the person who owned it had grown old and senile, and he abandoned it for a long time. I would know. He tried to burn it down when I found it."
  37. Foresan didn't follow. Instead, she headed in the other direction. There was a bunch of berry bushes near the edge of the forest, presumably planted by a Trainer, as the berry trees were always replaced when harvested. It was one thing Foresan enjoyed about living a nomadic lifestyle. You learn things that could help you survive anywhere you go, from the little discoveries like that garden to new strategies to help one adapt.
  38. Blaze froze for a moment, shocked to here his fear out loud. Blaze was about to say something when the gardevoir offered him something wonderful, food! Without the same awkwardness he immediately started eat berry after berry until his stomach was satisfied. When Blaze heard her offer to say with her he paused and realize how lost he was. It was only to be dark soon and he had no idea how to get back to his rock, and figured an actual shelter would be great in this situation. My trainer has to come back. He has to. Why else would he tell me to wait their. I just need to find that rock again and he'll be there, I know it. Blaze thought as he followed the gardevoir to a large tree. Blaze had never seen anything like it, so many oddities everywhere. He was slightly hesitant to enter but slowly did and started sniffing around.
  39. Marz only nodded as he let the Growlwhite go ahead of him. His tendrils moving closer to his body as he looked at all of the items in the shelter. Golden eyes looked at all of the shining glass orbs hanging from the ceiling and walls. The dark marks covering the walls of the tree, and some of the items. Whoever this old man was clearly didn't care about the items inside, or the fact someone was living here. "Well, it's still looks nice." Marz only gave the compliment as he stood behind Blaze. The Malamar's body staying to itself as he looked at Cassie.
  40. Her ruby eyes latched themselves upon the black scorch marks left by the fire. Though discreetly. "Make yourself at home. I have more than enough space upstairs for the both of you." She said as clearly as she could. For no matter how many times she glanced at the burn marks, she can never, ever, get passed how much of a horrendous, unaesthetic eyesore they were. Without meaning to, the Gardevoir let out a sigh. An upset, exhausted one. "No matter how hard I try, they just won't go away." Her hands traced over the blackened marks, before looking at the Growlithe. "So try to not make any more of them." It was a light joke, but her mood was still rather sour. "Follow me." She began to ascend up the carved stairs.

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