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Ask to Join A Pokemon Ropleplay: Tyrant. (Sign Ups and Discussion Thread)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Justalonelyaxew, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Well, it's been a long time since I last proposed a new Roleplay. So... I've been working on this one for the last days. I hope you like the idea and enjoy it.

    Link to the Roleplay: https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-pokemon-roleplay-tyrant.17637/

    In a world where humans do not exist, Pokemon could advance and create their own civilizations. In a small Region, known as the Azraq Region, Pokemons lived happily until a Tyranitar and his army revealed and conquered those lands. A lot of Pokemon fought against his tyranny, but they perished quickly. Once all the cities surrendered, the Tyranitar proclaimed himself as the ruler of those lands and imposed his laws over them. The quality of life of the Pokemon that lives there has considerably decreased due to the abusive taxes and the general insecurity that the war produced. But a small group of Pokemon are starting to grouping and forming a small Resistance against the Tyranitar. In order to achieve his plan, first, they shall liberate each one of the captive cities defeating the commanders of the Tyrant Army.

    First of all, let's talk about the Azraq Region. It is formed by 6 main cities:
    • Snowflake Town: this city is situated on a mountainside, and it is the most northern city of the region. It is in the middle of a mountain range, known as Astral Peaks. The ambient is cold enough for ice types to live, as well as some Steel Types, though is populated by a lot of different Pokemon, especially Psychic and Fairy Pokemons, that find this place quite interesting due to the energy that the peaks transmit. If you want to reach the city, first you have to cross the Pine Forest of Tranquility and climb the Sharpy Cliffs. There are a lot of natural caves in the area too. River Purif borns there. Since the city was conquested, it has been covered by a perpetual snowstorm, that doesn't affect the Ice-type Pokemon, but it makes life much harder for the rest of them, created by one of the commanders of the Tyrant Army: Scar, a cold-hearted Ice-type Pokemon.
    • Windy Hills: this is the most western city of all the region. It is mostly populated by Normal, Flying, Bug and Grass Pokemons, but it has the perfect climate for any type of Pokemon. It is located in the middle of a huge esplanade, the Gaia Fields. You can go to Snowflake Town going north-west direction, directly crossing a lush forest, known as The Green Maze, and then continue following the path until you reach the Pine Forest of Tranquility. If you take the south path and follow the Purif River, you'll eventually reach Calamity Port. Surrounding the city is the Purif River. Crops can be found on the outskirts of the city. This area is constantly whipped by strong air currents that are caused by a Flying Type Pokemon that is said that is worse than any wind of destruction, named Shade.
    • Calamity Port: the city most located to the south-west of the region, situated in the Pearl Bay, with access to the Sea of the One Thousand Currents. This city stands next to an ancient battlefield, that is said that faced an Electric, an Ice and a Fire Dragon long time ago. The signs of this battles are clearly visible: huge ice piles stands all around the area, and some of them even form small ice islands near the coast; an electrifying and sizzling ambient that surrounds the terrain, propitiating most of the time rains, and some natural salty hot springs near the city, located in the Rocky Risk. Purif River finishes here, and if you follow the path next to it, you'll eventually reach Windy Hills. If you take the east path, you'll go to Tesliac Erial, that leads to the Old Eclipse Village. This city is mostly populated by Water and Electric Pokemon, even Ice Pokemon, but any type of Pokemon can be found living here (except those which extreme humidity could hurt themselves). Actually, this city is sunken in a continuous electric storm that is produced by an Electric-type Pokemon that is believed to be faster than a lightning.
    • Old Eclipse Village: a small abandoned and ruined village that is in the south-east of the Azraq Region. You can reach this place crossing the Dead Forest, next to the Tesliac Erial; a north path that connects with The Cauldron and an east path that cross a mountain range known as Anima Mountains. The Dead Forest includes a poison swamp, known as "The Waste Lands", and is the main reason why the trees are dead: a small river (Saliq River) borns in the Anima mountains and travel a short distance until it reaches the forest, where the Poison Pokemon pollutes it and stagnates. The Village itself is completely ruined, surrounded by a dark aura, so it is quite popular among Ghost, Dark and Poison Types. Though this area has never been safe, lately, the actions of Jewel, a Machiavellian Dark-Type Pokemon with a merciless and ruthless soul are creating an even more violent and crisp ambient.
    • Terrak Fort: this is the eastern city of the region. Is located in the middle of the Sunburn Desert, formed naturally since most of the rains are stopped in the Anima mountains or in the Astral Peaks. You can reach the Desert following a path from The Pine Forest of Tranquility or from Anima Mountains, though the route to Terrak Fort is not marked, so reaching the city is a venturous travel. It is said that following the Ruins of the Ancients Dry-Livers can help you finding the Terrak Fort. There are few oases. The Terrak Fort is a small fortification surrounded by a small oasis and several rock houses, that, normally, is not the victim of too many sandstorms, though the acts of Cutter, a brave Earth-Type Pokemon whose strength can cause the same damages than an earthquake, is making the Terrak Fort to always be in the centre of one. Each and every type of Pokemon can live in the Terrak Fort, though it is particularly preferred by Earth and Rock Pokemons, while Steel Types try to avoid it due to the extremely hot temperatures. There is also a well-known group of Fighting Pokemon living there that believes that the extreme climate of those lands help them to be stronger. The Terrak Fort is near some Ancient Pyramids and an Ancestral Temple known as the Earth Pillar.
    • The Cauldron: In the middle of the Region, the Obsidian Volcano stands. It is an active Volcano. By its mountainsides, lava lakes and continuous waterfalls can be seen. Though there is a path from literally everywhere to reach this place, most of them are insecure, all of them ending in caves filled with lava. The only safe path is the one that leads from the Old Eclipse Village. The city is located in the crater, while a huge castle stands in the middle of the area, surrounded by a lava lake. It's the only city that relatively stays safe and sound. Steel and Ice Pokemon cannot stand the heat, so they live in houses outside the crater. The village inside the crater is mostly populated by Earth, Rock, Fire and Dragon Types. Most of the residents agree with the Tyrant Army. The castle is the actual residence of the Tyranitar, the leader of the Tyrant Army that managed to take control of the region. The city and the castle are guarded by Komodo, a brave Kommo-o whose determination and strength are the Pride of the Tyrant Army.

    Well, that's enough talk for the Region itself. Now, let's talk about the rules:
    • Follow all the Pokecharms Rules.
    • Always respect the other Roleplayers.
    • Keep the violence and swearing on a medium level: no gore scenes and no swear words.
    • Romance is allowed, but don't go too far with it.
    • No one lines, please. Always try to post a minimum of three or four lines with each one of your characters.
    • Try to post regularly (at least once each three days). Don't forget that other Roleplayers may be waiting for you to reply.
    • Maximum of 3 characters for Roleplayer (though it may be changed depending on the number of interested Roleplayers).
    • If you have more than one character, don't forget about the others.
    • Always try to use a proper grammar and vocabulary. I'm the first that commits mistakes and I'm not a vocabulary or spelling expert, but I also try to avoid them. It's not comfortable to read a text filled with spelling errors and a horrible grammar.
    • We'll use this thread in order to present our characters and talk about the story of the Roleplayers.
    • No Legendaries. And, for the moment, Megaevolution and Z-Moves are forbidden.

    Now, before I talk about the Character Sheets, I'd like to clarify some points:
    • Keep a little coherence. I mean... The Tyrant Army is supposed to be a powerful and well-trained army. And I'm not saying that is impossible to beat them, but I don't want, for example, one of the Roleplayers fighting against a bunch of soldiers and winning easily without getting injured. I mean... In this case, you lose, you escape from battle or win with the character being extremely injured. I just want to warn that if I see things like that, I'll notify this and probably ask to change it.
    • If you read the story above, you'll see that there are some underlined roles. They are important roles for the Tyrant Army, known as Commanders. Once a commander is defeated, he or she will retreat to the Cauldron and help with its defence or return after some time and take control of the Town again. You can ask for this role (only one for Roleplayer).
    • You can choose to be neutral, a rebel or a member or ally of the Tyrant Army. At first, I thought to only accept first or seconds evolutions if you were not related to the Tyrant Army, but never a final evolution; but I've been thinking about that and it is something unfair. Yet still, I want to give an advantage to the Tyrant Army (we don't want easy things, don't you?). The commanders will have a maximum of 2 special traits or abilities, while the leader of the Tyrant Army will have a maximum of 3. The commanders and the leader will start with these traits or abilities. Rebels will only have one of these abilities or traits, but it must be earned. If you post regularly or your posts are from a good quality, I'll give you permission to have one for your character or characters. But please, don't forget that is something which finality is to make your character a little stronger or give him a certain advantage in certain occasions, and not turning him or her into an overpowered character.
    • You can use all the moves from your evolution line. You can eventually learn a maximum of 2 movements from a TM, though it will not be from a TM. You should ask an elder of a village where its type is strong (that's why I have spent time describing which Types of Pokemon predominate in a village). For example, if you want your character to learn Rock Slide, you should go to a Village where Rock- Type Pokemon predominates, such as Terrak Fort or The Cauldron. Commanders can start with these movements.
    • Of course, if you have a non-fully evolved Pokemon, you can make him evolve during the Roleplay if you want.
    • Write Toothless in the "Other" Section to make sure you have read everything.
    • As I said earlier, Z-Moves and Megaevolutions are not allowed, at least for the moment. If after some weeks, I feel the people are still interested and making a great job, I'll ask for permission to allow them.
    Well, let's talk about the Character Sheet:

    Appearance and Accessories:
    Start Location:
    Affiliation with the Tyrant Army: (from 0 to 10)
    Extra Moves: (Remember, maximum of 2, only available from the beginning to Commanders and the Tyrant Leader)
    Special traits or abilities:
    • (Once I have given you permission; maximum for the ones not related to the Tyrant Army).
    • (Maximum for Commanders; you start with them from the beginning).
    • (Exclusive and Maximum for the Tyrant Leader, you start with them from the beginning).

    And now, my three characters:

    Name: Komodo, also known as The Dragon Fighter.
    Species: Kommo-o.
    Gender: Male.
    Appearance and Accessories: A normal Kommo-o, though he has some bandages wrapped around the tail, and his forehead scale also shows a small drawing of a Tyranitar, showing his affiliation and his actual status. He has some scars on his belly.
    Personality: A calm and reflexive Kommo-o. He is proud of his strength and his actual position in the Tyrant Army. He will give everything for defending The Cauldron. His strong affiliation to the Tyrant Army is due to the ignorance and the disbelief of what the Tyrant Army does in the other cities (let's remember that in The Cauldron, the ambient is calmer than in other cities, with a lot of Pokemon that supports the Tyrant Army.). Brave, loyal, hesitant, stubborn.
    Start Location: The Cauldron.
    Affiliation with the Tyrant Army: 8.5/10
    Ability: Soundproof.
    Extra Moves: Poison Jab and Payback.
    Special traits or abilities:
    • Dragon Pride: being one of the chosen to maintain the order in the area fills you with determination, avoiding any type of decrease on Komodo's statistics.
    • Iron Will: once Komodo is considered mildly-injured, his scales will be strengthened, reducing the incoming physical damage in a very significant way, trying to stay there and deal as many damages as he can.
    Backstory: Komodo was born in The Cauldron a very long time ago. His father was the previous commander of The Cauldron, so he always expected to substitute his father once he was old enough. He made a good job controlling the local rebels, so, once his father decided to leave his job, Komodo took his job due to his impressive career. Proudly, he spends a lot of time standing in front of the castle of the city, making sure that everyone that enters there is allowed by the Tyrant itself and repelling any type of unwelcome Pokemon. He also acts as a strategist.
    Other: -

    Name: Crow, also known lately as the Restless Merchant.
    Species: Honchkrow.
    Gender: Female.
    Appearance and Accessories: A normal Honchrow. She has a long red feather in her hat. He also carries a small necklace with the shape of a heart around his fluffy chest. He also carries a relatively big shoulder strap for her.
    Personality: Crow is a grumpy Honchrow. Normally she only shows kind when she is near someone she appreciates or when she tries to make a deal. Quite greedy, especially with shiny things, a hard dealer and talkative. Determined to achieve a better life. She follows her interests, always choosing the option that is better for her.
    Start Location: Windy Hills.
    Affiliation with the Tyrant Army: 2.5/10.
    Ability: Super Luck.
    Extra Moves: None at this moment.
    Special traits or abilities:
    • None at this moment.
    Backstory: As a little Murkrow, Crow always dreamed about exploring the world, but she couldn't go until he fully evolved. She met a young Staravia, which fell in love with her; a love that was corresponded. One day, he found a Night Stone and offered it to Crow, evolving. Since then, he started to travel around the world, selling different products. Time passed, and the Staravia also evolved. But one day, the war started, and the Staraptorleft his family in order to defend his family. The Tyrant Army won, and her dear loved never returned. She still hasn't lost hope. She agrees with a central modern of government, helping her with her job, yet still, he strongly disagrees on how the Army is treating the inhabitant of the reign. She has to pay the Tyrant Army for protecting her and her son along with their travels as merchants. The abusive taxes of protection also obliged her to take a messenger job too.
    Other: -

    Name: Malphas.
    Species: Murkrow.
    Gender: Male.
    Appearance and Accessories: Just a normal Murkrow with a red gem medallion on his chest.
    Personality: He is quite childish, and will try to be friends with everyone that helps him. Fearful of the world, though he will act quite bravely during combat. He is not willing to keep on seeing her mother suffer and will do anything to help her, even if he has to leave her.
    Start Location: Windy Hills.
    Affiliation with the Tyrant Army: 0/10
    Ability: Moxie.
    Extra Moves: None at this moment.
    Special traits or abilities:
    • None at his moment.
    Backstory: He is the son of Crow. He didn't meet his father. His mother tells him that he is still fighting, trying to freeing the Region from the Evil Tyrant. Despite his short life, he has travelled with his mother through most of the region, accompanied with some of the Tyrant Army Soldiers. He knows that his mother didn't like to be accompanied with them, but he knows also that is for their own security. Lately, he has noticed that his mother is sadder than usual, and he will do anything to make her happy again.
    Other: -

    I hope you like the idea, and, as I always say, I'm open to hearing your ideas about how to improve this Roleplay.
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  2. Name: Jewel
    Species: Sableye
    Gender: Male
    Appearance and Accessories: A normal Sableye, with a Tyranitar drawn on his Jewel on his chest.
    Personality: Jewel is very merciless, and is a bit insane. He looks for excuses to hurt people, in cunning ways. Always punishes Pokemon that are not following the rules, with very malicious punishments. Jewel will make sure no one will make it past him to get to his King.
    Start Location: Old Eclipse Town
    Affiliation with the Tyrant Army: 10/10
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Extra Moves: Swagger, and Punishment
    Special traits or abilities:
    • Darkness: When in danger, the area will become dark and will spread fear until taken down. This area only is 50 feet in all direction from the point of origin.
    • Soul Steal: The rumors were true, somewhat. When Jewel's eyes flash with light, anything looking at the eyes will be thrust into a deep sleep, and will suffer through nightmares, and will slowly be drained of power. The only thing that can wake the sleeping Pokemon up is if they are hit with a powerful move, or is hurt enough.
    Backstory: Jewel at a young age was the same as he is now, but less cunning and crazy. After attacking other kids and nearly killing them on accident, he was sent to the jail cell in the middle of town, so the town can see what a terrible Pokemon he is. After a few years in there, he went a tad bit insane, and learned many things such as how to deceive, and be sneaky. When the Tyrant army toke over, they realeased a now much older Jewel to cause terror. He was very grateful, and helped them during their take over, like killing the person that put him in jail. He was promoted to Commander of Old Eclipse Town.
    Other: -
  3. @montymike Your character is accepted. Now, let's wait and see if other people want to join too.
  4. Are Fakemon allowed?
  5. Name: Akira, the Fallen Child
    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Male
    Appearance and Accessories: Wears a blue jacket and he uses his Focus Sash as a scarf, it was given to him by his mother, a Blaziken named Pyriah. He also wears a blue poncho.
    Personality: Unlike the stoic stoned faced of his species, Akira is seen to be always smiling. He also seemed to be a lazy Pokémon, and doesnt really like physical activities a complete opposite of his species which earns him the name 'The Fallen Child'. But it his lazy and smiling facade lies a every intelligent and manipulative creature although this 'side' of him is what he despise the most. According to him once he embrace this side, also known as his 'True Self', he will stop or forget the feeling of remorse, happiness and love, and he could only feel it again by doing very wrong things.
    Start Location: Snowflake Town
    Affiliation with the Tyrant Army: 0-10
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Extra Moves:
    Special traits or abilities:
    : His true origin or birthplace are in The Cauldron but due to his father's insubordinate towards the Army they were exiled and his father imprisoned. They lived in Snowflake Town and in there time living there Akira had completely change, instead of being a war machine like many of his species had become for the Army he throw that side away and become a complete lazybone.

    Name: Venus
    Species: Elgyem
    Gender: Female
    Appearance and Accessories: Wears a simple camouflage hoodie poncho
    Personality: She's a caring and kind Pokémon, she usually acts like a big sister and a mother hen. She doesnt like seeing her friends getting hurt which will result to her using herself as a shield.
    Start Location: Snowflake Town
    Affiliation with the Tyrant Army: 0-10
    Extra Moves:
    Special traits or abilities:
    : She just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life until the Army attacked. She still lived normally but its a little hard now that the army had completely abuse the taxes of the Pokémon in Azraq Region.

    I'm still a bit confuse on the Extra Moves and Special Traits. If the characters are not commanders can they have one special trait and extra move or none at all?
  6. Your characters are acepted. And, yeah, don't worry. I understand why they are confusing. The non-commander characters are allowed to have only one extra ability, though you must earn it later in the Roleplay, when I give you permission. Extra moves are equal for everyone, having a maximum of 2. Though commanders can have them since the beggining, the rest of the characters must learn it from an elder Pokemon of that type in an area where their type is strong. I mean... If you want to learn, for example, Dragon Claw, you should ask to a Dragon Type Pokemon that lives in The Cauldron.
  7. Name: Pop
    Gender- Female
    Species: Popplio
    Appearance and Accessories:
    Wears a necklace with a thunder stone on it
    Pop is... a non-social type. She doesnt like to be around any Pokémon, and despises the Tyrant Army. She takes unnecessary dares to show she is better.
    Start Location: Snowflake Town
    Affliction with the Tyrant Army:
    Extra moves: Not really sure XD
    Special traits or abilities: *shrug*
    Backstory: Pop used to work for the Tyrant Army with her mother, sister, father, and brother, but a commander found out that her brother was helping pokemon that weren't in the Army. So, he took him and everyone else in Pop's family, except Pop. Then, she ran away and started to settle in Snowflake Town and sell berries she finds in her travels.
    Other: I think it was Toothless?

  8. @SammyLovesPokemon Your character is accepted.
    (And I'm glad that you remember to put Toothless. I completely forgot about it. Guess I have too many things around my mind just to remember that).

    Anyways, I guess that we'll wait for two more Roleplayers to get started. Anyways, we should get starting to talk about how should we getting started. Though most of you are starting in Snowflake Town, I guess that my characters should be moving there and form the Rebellion there. Anyways, we should get going to Old Eclipse Town in order to defeat the forst commander (I was thinking to leave The Cauldron as the last city to be free, since it's the residence of the Leader of the Tyrant Army). What do you think?
  9. I like that idea.
    i may not respond, since I'm starting school in...
    *awkwardly counts on fingers*
    TWO days.
  10. Well, don't worry. Anyways, I'm going to wait until someone else joins, and, fortunately, getting started as fast as we can.
  11. Anyways... I'm happy to see that more and more people are joining. Since English it's not my original language, it took me a couple of hours trying to redact the idea of this Roleplay adequately and all of that stuff. Yet still, I will welcome any idea that any of you propose to me, so don't be afraid to tell them to the rest of us.
  12. No worries, English isn't my mother tongue as well. And just to help out @SylvieTheSylveon, @9012_dirt calling if you guys are interested.
  13. Ooh lala! I like this RP! :D I haven't read EVERYTHING, cos I'm a little busy right now, but cool! I will 98% probably join this RP! :D
  14. Oh yeah forgot to warn you, she's a talker. Anyway is the special trait a made-up trait? And also what's the name of the Rebellion or are we sticking to Rebellion?
  15. Don't worry :) I hope to read your character soon, @SylvieTheSylveon

    And, according to the special traits... Well, yeah, it can be a made-up trait, though it's not obligatory either. Let's say that special traits can be considered just as a secondary ability to the... Well... The ability of that Pokemon. It can affect actions in combats, the way you perceive the world, interactions with other Pokemon... Of course, you can have an ability that corresponds to another Pokemon, for example:
    • Insomnia for a Decidueye (instead of a Noctowl).
    • Pressure for an Empoleon (instead of a Vespiqueen).
    • Mold Breaker for a Gengar (instead of an Haxorus).
    As long as it can be reasonable. An example of a not reasonable use of these traits would be having Dark Aura (Yveltal's ability) for a Fletchinder. I'd prefer made-up traits with a brief explanation of it, though, as I said, it is not obligatory (it's just that I like being creative). Some examples of it:
    • Archer Soul for Decidueye: after years of training, you managed to truly domain the art of archery, allowing you to attack first if you decide to attack with arrows.
    • King's Aura for Empoleon: you seem more imposing and more respectable, inspiring nearly Pokemon, that will show them more collaborative following your orders.
    • Ghost Sight for Gengar: you are more focused on your environment, detecting small details that can help you during your adventures detecting possible ambushes or important objects that can be crucial for the adventures, such as berries, valuable objects... That may seem inadvertent for other Pokemon.
    Well, and answering your question about the Rebellion... I was thinking about small and separated resistance centres, but nothing organized. So, I think that the better option to that is organizing a new Rebellion (the name is up to all of you).
  16. Ooh! Name making! I have names! XD
  17. The Rebellions have there own leaders, right? Or are the rebels going to act independently but they are allied with the Rebellion center in there town/city?
  18. Name: Sylvie
    Species: Sylveon
    Gender: Female
    Appearance and Accessories: Sylvie is considered to be a bit of a warrior, as her ribbons, bows, tail, and ears are damaged from training. She has a couple scars, and her fur is also messy, as well as her paws being regularly bruised or scratched up. She wears bandages, nearly always all over her body, made from leaves and mud, as she can't afford anything else because of the harsh taxes, because she always hurts herself in training.

    Personality: Sylvie isn't shy with people at all, more confident with people, but otherwise she is very tough. She devotes herself to her training in her goal to stop the Tyrant army, as she can barely survive with the harsh taxes and all the wars and battles going on with them. She is very stubborn and doesn't like admitting she is wrong. She doesn't stop training until she is forced to, and will always stand up for others, ESPECIALLY if it has something to do with the Tyrant army. She will always step in to help somebody out, even if it is none of her business, whatever the situation is. She is caring and kind, but she doesn't show it - she is more seen as an anti-social, bitter Pokemon who likes to be nosy, however, this isn't what it is actually like at all. She hates anybody rude and is willing to fight for whatever is right.
    Start Location: Snowflake City
    Affiliation with the Tyrant Army: -10000000000 / 10
    Extra Moves: None
    Special traits or abilities:
    • When Sylvie is tired in battle, her moves power up, and her Moonblast becomes as powerful as how tired she is. This helps Sylvie, as most of the time she can't take care of herself, due to being homeless and having no money, so she is mostly always tired, hungry or thirsty.
    Backstory: Sylvie was once a shy little Eevee in her family of twelve - her mum and dad, her uncle and aunt, her grandma and granddad, her two cousins, her two brothers and two other sisters, living in the Windy Hills. She was a fragile little girl, who was weak from birth, and suffered a weak heart, disallowing her to do any sporty activities or hard activities in general. She hated this and was confined to the underground burrow she lived in, with her grandparents, uncle and aunt and mum and dad, hearing her brothers and sisters playing by the river. She was jealous and didn't want to be weak and fragile anymore, but because of this, she spent more time with family. She was also secretly told by her mother and father that she was their favourite, because being confined, she had more love with them, and she grew up to be affectionate, evolving into Sylveon. This all changed when the war happened, and her whole family were injured and still lived in the burrow, being treated by kind nursing Pokemon - leading to the burrow being transformed from a home into a hospital centre, where injured Pokemon always went. Sylvie hated seeing her poor family hurt and having to live with the terror of seeing hurt Pokemon, she ran away, determined to destroy the Tyrant army. Sylvie made a little treehouse shack for herself when she ran away, and from then on she started training. However, she had to begin paying taxes. Soon she had sold all her handcrafted furniture just for paying the taxes, and THEN was put homeless, her shack being destroyed. She learnt to survive off berries and continued to devote her life to training, knowing she could save tons, maybe even hundreds of Pokemon in the defeat of the Tyrant Army. This encourages her to keep training, however, she does regularly become ill and severely injured from doing so. She crafts everything she has by herself and swears on her own life to not stop training until the Tyrant Army is defeated. She has no friends and doesn't want any, unless they will help her in her quest to claim back the land the Tyrant Army took over.

    Other: Toothless! Also, great RP! And sorry about the massive backstory, got really carried away XD Also, Sylvie is a rebel against the Tyrant Army.
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  19. I guess that the Rebellion should have some leaders too, yeah, though I was expecting some of the Roleplayers to become some of them. And I think that it can be a good idea that the rebels of each city acted independently. I mean... When I thought about the idea of a Rebellion in this RP, I imagined a fragmented group of warriors around the different cities, without a central core or central mandate (I don't know how it is said in English, I think it's guerrilla warfare). Once the oppressed Pokemon (mostly the ones that the Roleplayers will be using) starts to group and fight, they would become eventually the core of the Rebellion, travelling to the rest of the towns and helping the inhabitants in case of extreme urgency.

    Also, @SylvieTheSylveon Your character is accepted, and don't worry about writing too much. I wish I could write as much as you for the backstory of my characters.

    Anyways, one more Roleplayer and I think that we can start.
  20. I've been thinking and... Is anybody interested in roleplaying as the commander of Snowflake Town? Maybe it would be better to free that Town first since practically everyone lives there. And maybe we could get started too. Also, @montymike ... If that's the case, wouldn't you want another character for the meantime? I'm just saying it because maybe it takes a lot of time to reach Old Eclipse Town.
  21. I can make another character to be the commander. That is, if you want.
  22. Well, don't ask me then. Only if you want, I am not forcing anyone to do anything that you don't want to do. I am just proposing an idea, that's all.
  23. I'm okay with it. I'll post it tomorrow night. I have school then I have to watch my sisters soccer practice.
  24. Ok, don't worry. Anyways... Since I am pretty sure that I am in a different time zone, I have to say sorry in advance, though I'll try to post as regularly as I can and as fast as I can.
  25. Name: Shade
    Species: Crobat
    Gender: Male
    Appearance and Accessories: One of his wings has a picture of a Tyranitar
    Personality: Shade is rude, and mean to people. He would normally go out of his way to make someone's day bad. He also is a big Hot Head, and very lonely.. But he cares for people he is close to.
    Start Location: Windy Hills
    Affiliation with the Tyrant Army: 4/10
    Extra Moves: Poison fang, and Mean Look
    Special traits or abilities:
    • Hot Head: Some people can not take stress well. When stressed, Shade will be blinded by anger, and deal massive damage, but won't use any kind of strategy.
    • Poison Touch: Over usage of poison type moves, makes you poison. When using a Poison type move, the target will get Badly Poisoned.
    Backstory: At a Young age, he had a strange friend, who would keep on yelling at him. But one day, the kid found a knife, and threw it at Shade. Shade flew away, barly missing the knife, and flew to Windy Hills. There he was very grumpy, and lonely. When the take over occurred, they made him become commander, due to his power. He doesn't really want to be one, but it helps him avoid the hard taxes.
    Other: Toothless
  26. Name: Cutter
    Species: Sandslash
    Gender: Male
    Appearance and Accessories: Cutter is a tough Sandslash who is very strong. He has very fast legs and extremely sharp claws which she sharpens every other day. He trains very hard every single day and that has earnt him some scars. He wears a choker of chains which he stole from other Pokemon around his neck and is also always equipped with a sword he made himself made out of rough, sharp tree bark.
    Personality: Cutter is cruel and harsh. He likes to give punishments for Pokemon that don't pay their taxes and punishes them by challenging them to a Pokemon battle - and due to his (MLG SKILLZ XD) battling skills he always wins - but trust me, you don't want to battle this Pokemon. However, with the rest of the Tyrant Army, he is extremely kind and caring. He only shows his cruel, dark side with the non Tyrant Army Pokemon. He adores the leader Tyrannitar and practically worships him.
    Start Location: Terrak Fort
    Affiliation with the Tyrant Army: 10/10
    Extra Moves: Poison Jab and Stone Edge
    Special traits or abilities:
    • Earthquake Extravaganza: When Cutter uses three or four Ground Type moves in a row, his Earthquakes will become 200 power two times.
    • Super Sandstorm: When Cutter gets angry or more enthusiastic to battle, his Sandstorms will get so powerful they will last ten turns and have 50% more sand.
    Backstory: Cutter wasn't always cruel. He was once sweet and affectionate with his two brothers and two sisters. He lived in The Cauldron with his family, but then when the war came, his whole family took on the Tyrant Army. They got incredibly injured, and Cutter hated to see this. He surrendered and begged the Tyrannitar to take him in as a commander, but for this, leave his family alone. The Tyrannitar accepted, as there wasn't that many other Pokemon in the Tyrant Army back then. He was only six, but he trained extremely hard every day, twelve hours a day and became as strong as one of the other commanders at the age of twelve. He is now twenty, and nearly as strong as Tyrannitar. He grew into becoming a cruel, harsh Sandslash, commander of Terrak Fort when he turned fourteen, and stayed loyal ever since. However, when all the Pokemon started being charged harsh taxes, he threatened Tyrannitar he would quit the Tyrant army if he kept forcing his family to pay the taxes - which the Tyrannitar also accepted. To this day, Cutter's family is safe, but even though his plan was to NOT ACTUALLY join the Tyrant Army, and was ONLY to protect his family, he has now sworn to the Tyrant Army that she would always, forever stay loyal to them.

    Other: Toothless. Cutter's moves are - Earthquake, Sandstorm, Stone Edge, Poison Jab (Am I allowed Poison Jab? Sandslash could jab with it's sharp claws, but its your choice obviously)
  27. Ok got the commander :D
    Name: Scar

    Species: Abomasnow
    Gender: Male
    Appearance and Accessories:
    Scar is a shiny Abomasnow with a cracked skull on a cuff on his left arm and a large and very noticible scar on his eye. He wears chains that clank when he walks.
    Start Location: Snowflake Town? Not sure where the commanders start XD
    Affliction with the Tyrant Army: 9/10
    Extra Moves: A Move he somehow made up, Ice Claws and Oce Punch
    Special Traits and Abilities:
    •Broken Skulls:
    When Scar tries to inflict hard damage onto his opponent and fails, he gets really angry and throws skulls around the battlefield which fuel him and make him stronger.
    •New Scars:
    When Scar gets real excited with a really close to win moment or angry with a near loss, he will take out sharp claws that will inflict HEAVY damage into the opponent, sometimes doing a one hit KO. However, he can do heavy damage to himself too, and the One Hit KO is extremely rare.
    When humans were still around, when Scar was a Snover (he is VERY old, almost 300,000 years old) he had a kind trainer who cared about him. Then, the owner's father, who despised Pokémon, threw his pokeball away into the forest, kicking him out with it. Many, many years later, he evolved and found the Tyranitar who lead the Tyrant Army and let him join, which let him have a chance to be Commander. Now, he craves power, and Tyranitar told him he could be the ruler of the land (Tyranitar was lying) and then left him to guard Snowflake town.
    Other: Toothless.
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  28. Both characters are accepted.
    Answering your question... Yeah, he can have Poison jab.

    I'll try to start the Roleplay thread as fast as I can, if not today, tomorrow as early as I can.
  29. Oh, and I just saw yours, @SammyLovesPokemon You can have the commander role, but... It would be better for the Pokemon to be an Ice-type Pokemon, sorry for the inconvenience
  30. Oh ok. Just gonna change it :D
  31. There. He is now a...
  32. My introduction sucks. I cant think of anything else to put so I'm sorry if its lame. Oh and where can my characters sign up for the rebellion?
  33. Is my introduction to Sylvie okay? I'm acting as if the Pawniard and Crabrawler are taking her to one of the commanders because she couldn't pay her taxes.

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