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Ask to Join A Journey in the Terobris Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mangoez~, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    If you want to join the role-play, please sign up at the Discussion Thread.

    Currently Accepted: @EmoKitty21, @EeviumZ, @Breon, @Hallowed, @Red Gallade, @Mockingchu

    It was a mid-May morning, and the sunrise began. The sky turned a light orange as the clouds began to show, one by one as they also began to show a shade of color of a bright orange. Minburgh City was awakening, as people and Pokemon began to appear in bigger numbers, heading in different paths along the city. Wingulls and Pidgeys begin flying around the bright, orange skies as lights in buildings begin to turn on. Shops, restaurants, and the arguably most important building in the city, Professor Blossom's research center.

    After a good amount of minutes later, in a hotel room in Minburgh, Lucas Winters woke up to the alarm in his hotel room in Minburgh, as he didn't live here. He lives in Sinnoh, but wanted to start his journey here in Terobris.

    He woke up, changing into his usual outfit of a blue shirt with a white hoodie, with black shorts and black and blue tennis shoes, and brushed his teeth. After a small breakfast of two bagels, heading on his way to the lab. It was closed to the public at the moment, but it was to open in 5 minutes. Lucas sat at a nearby bench, thinking about which starter Pokemon he should get.
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    Allie was awoken with a start - perhaps too quick of a start. She immediately fell out of her top bunk, crashing to the ground with a resounding crash.
    She smacked her alarm clock, tossed her usual set of clothes on, brushed her hair, and blasted out the door of her hotel room like a bullet. She was beyond excited to be beginning her journey today, as she practically inhaled her breakfast. She then skipped all the way to the lab, a huge smile on her face.
    When she finally got to the lab, she noticed another boy on a bench. She presumed that he was a new trainer as well, because he had no Pokemon with him. She walked over and sat down as well.
    "Hi! Are you starting your journey today too?" she asked, immediately launching into conversation.
  3. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Lucas was looking at his watch and the time until he noticed a brown, long haired girl ask if he was starting his journey. “You could say that,” he said, “but not really if you count traveling around some two other regions.”

    It was about 3 minutes until the lab opened, as Professor Blossom began to make preparations inside.
  4. Sparkles appeared in the girl's eyes. "Oh, wow! You must have seen a lot of places! I mean, I've been to Kalos a few times, but still!"
    She was checking the time every few seconds, barely able to wait at all. She was glowing with excitement, her mind swirling with thoughts of the journey ahead.
  5. Sarah panted as she entered her hotel room. She had gotten up early to go out for a jog, which turned into a run when she noticed what the time was. She had to get dressed into her clothes. She put on her black sweater, black ripped skinny jeans, and her red heels. She fastened a choker around her neck as well. The pink gem seemed to shine in the light. Her had been up in a ponytail, but she let it down and put part of it back up. She wanted to look nice for when she started her journey. Sarah walked to the lab located in a sunny part of town. She looked up in thought as she saw two people around her age on a bench waiting. They must be new trainers as well. Sarah jogged up to them. "Hey. My name is Sarah you guys must be new trainers as well."
  6. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    “Well, I’ve been to Sinnoh, which is my home, Kanto, and Kalos. Never battled there anyways, I just traveled solo from place to place without any Pokémon. I held my actual Pokémon journey off til now so I could continue traveling.” Lucas said to Allie, as he noticed someone join in as well.

    “Yeah, we are, basically. Also, as I haven’t introduced myself, the name’s Lucas.” He said to the girl who just talked to him.
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  7. The almost spectral young lady gently strolled down route 500, as it was the day she'd get a starter Pokemon. Upon her arrival to Minburgh City, her eyes carefully inspected the surroundings. The city was different that's for sure, it seemed as if it was lost in the past, but it held a certain charm, at least in Kanna's eyes it did.
    However, today's goal was getting to the lab, she'd have all the time in the world to marvel at the city afterwards. With her priorities in check, she continued her stroll through the city until she stumbled upon something that resembled a lab. Plus, there were kids around her age talking on a nearby bench, there was no doubt about it now, this was the place. Unfortunately Kanna arrived a little early, since the lab wasn't open yet, which must be why those kids decided to sit down on the bench. She wondered what Pokemon they would end up choosing, though it merely remained a secret, as she didn't intend to converse with them.
    She figured it was a good idea to get some rest though and decided to sit on a different bench, by herself. She'd at least have a few minutes to get mentally prepared for what was to come.
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  8. "You said that you have traveled before as I walked up. Sorry intruding on your guys convo by the way. I just had a late start this morning. I have been the Kanto and Johto regions. I started my journey in Kanto." Sarah hoped she was not talking to much for the two. She noticed a girl sit on a nearby bench and wave.
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  9. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Man, am I the only male here? Oh wow, Lucas thought as he saw another girl on another nearby bench. I guess these girls are way the opposite of shy, since they just come up to some random people and just strike a conversation.

    "Nah, you're fine. I don't mind that at all." he then said, as the lab was just about to open. Many lights could be seen from the outside of the building, as Lucas began to get somewhat excited.

    One more minute was about to pass, and Lucas had kind of chose his starter, as he wanted an Eevee.
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  10. "I'm Allie. Nice to meet you both!" She also noticed the girl sitting alone. She thought about going to sit with her, but it seemed like she wanted to be alone. She gave a friendly wave to the girl, before checking her watch yet again.
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  11. "I'll be fine," Cole insisted, phone clamped between his shoulder and his ear, as he rolled his suitcase through the airport in the urban area of Minburgh, "I'll be meeting up with Blossom real soon."

    He rolled his eyes with a cheeky smile as he heard the caller's response.

    "Yeah, yeah. I know. I'll be safe. I've got Troy, don't I? --- Okay, thanks. --- Bye."

    He hung up his phone and stuffed it in his pocket, having finished his little muffin. He boarded a crowded bus that would drive him by the Professor's lab. This was it. His first every job in another region. Birch was counting on him, he couldn't let the Hoenn Professor down.
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  12. "Well I am glad that I am not too forward for you guys. It looks like we will be inside any minute now. What starter are you hoping for?" Sarah hoped there was an eevee for her. She would love to travel with one again. She left her last pokemon an Vaporeon with her brother take care of. He said he would make sure to keep him in good shape while she was away.
  13. Kanna's cheeks bared a slight rosy hue upon noticing two of the girls waving at her. She intended to give a friendly gesture back at the two, however when the lights came on from inside the lab, it diverted her attention away from them. Her eyes gleamed from the interior lights of the lab, it was clear that she'd have to decide on a Pokemon soon.
    She didn't have a particular style of Pokemon she preferred, strong or not, as it really wasn't her dream to become the strongest trainer, or even the champion. Kanna assumed that was a pretty unrealistic dream for her, given that there were many more- qualified trainers out there. Afterwards, her gaze shifted toward the other trainers once more, before returning to the view in front of her. The people here seem to be more friendly. I wonder if they're all like that?
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  14. Beep Beep Beep
    She reached out her hand to turn off her alarm as she went to sit up on her bed. She stood up before walking into the bathroom to wash up before she pulled her long brown hair up in a high ponytail. She dressed herself before making her way put of the bathroom. She grabbed her glasses that were on the night stand before placing them on her face to make her vision clear. She wrapped her wrists and ankles with bandages before placing on her flats as she securely placed the straps around her ankles.

    She grabbed her side bag before placing it around herself. She made her way to the coat rack grabbing her black hooded cape as she put it on then to her desk where her wolf mask was. She gently grabbed it before placing it on her face. She pulled her hood up before walking out the door of her house locking it behind her. As she made her way downstairs, she saw a familiar mask right in front of her just at the bottom of the staircase. It was Mask,one of her closes friends.

    "Good morning Mask,"she said looking to him. "Good morning...JC"he answered in a gentle tone. "Sorry to keep you waiting if you were"she answered. "I was...and don't worry about it...I like to wait for you.."he said gently. "Alright well lets head to the lab, its going to open in a few minutes"she told him. "Alright...lead the way.."he said watching her. She just nodded before making her way out towards the lab with Mask.

    She and Mask made their way inside as they looked around before spotting a couple of trainers next to a bench only one of them being male. Mask remained silent like he usually does but had his eyes on them under his mask. She looked to Mask before back at the trainers as she slowly approached as Mask followed just behind. "Are you guys trainers?"she asked crossing her arms against her chest.-
  15. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Beep Beep Beep
    Noah slammed his hand down to turn off his alarm as he went to sit up on his bed.
    Noah groaned as he went to grab his clothes from the dresser and started walking towards the bathroom to do all of his personal hygiene. Noah stepped out of the bathroom refreshed with all of his clothes and his favorite purple hoodie.

    As Noah headed out of the hotel room, he went straight towards the Pokemon lab and as he got there he saw a whole group of trainers around the lab but as he arrived he heard the question of a girl with long brown hair asking if the people in front of the lab were trainers. 'That's kind of a stupid question to ask, it's pretty obvious that we're all trainers here, you can see the fire in our eyes, well......at least most of us. We all have our reasons of being here and as you can see we're all here to become a great trainer." Noah said as he walked past the long brown hair girl and the boy with the wolf mask to the group of trainers to sit down onto the ground with his upper body leaning against the lab tapping his fingers on his knee waiting for the lab to be open.
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  16. As the sun began to rise over the horizon of Thenas City, Russel woke up to see the light of the sun sneak through his curtains and on to his eyes, he lightly moaned in annoyance and turned around, he opened his eyes to see what time it was and widened them when he realized how late in the morning it was for him--even though some would still view it as quite early--"Damn it!" He said as he began to get up whilst a he looked at a nearby Riolu who slept in a little makeshift bed reluctantly wake up to see Russel get dressed.

    "Morning Lena." He said to his Pokemon as he finally put on his signature coat and walked downstairs into the kitchen to see a chubby man at the counter make breakfast, Lena wasn't far behind her trainer as she was instantly taken away by the smell of breakfast. "Good morning son!" The chubby man greeted cheerfully as he turned around to prepare two plates of omelettes alongside a miniature one with Pokemon food on it.

    "Morning dad, breakfast smells great!" Russel said as he sat down whilst Lena stood on an empty chair whilst Russel's father prepared the three dishes of food. "Lemmie guess... mum's working?" Russel asked as he took the first bite of his food. "You know her, lad." Russel's father replied as he started to eat his food and laugh lightly when he saw Lena eat her food like someone who hadn't eaten in days. "Careful there Lena, you'll get fat like me!" Russel's father said jokingly before he turned to look at Russel. "So, it appears today's the day." He said.

    Russel looked at his father and nodded. "Yep." He replied nonchalantly as he ate the last of his breakfast. "The day I go out to become a Pokemon trainer." He added as he watched Lena finish her food with a loud belch, to which Russel and his father laughed at. "Well, it's a big step that you can't afford to miss. You should take the chance while you can or you'll end up like me." Russel's father said as he lightly slapped his own belly to prove a point. "I will dad. I'll be sure to keep in touch with you and mum as well." He replied as he got up to give his father a hug, Lena joined in on the hug as well. "I'm counting on it, my boy." Russel's father said as he pat both his son and the Riolu before he gave Russel his bag which had already been packed with everything required for his journey.

    "Well, I'll see you around, dad." Russel said as he waved his father goodbye as he walked out the door, Lena jumped up and on to Russel's shoulders whilst she also waved goodbye. Russel's father waved back as he watched his son begin his journey. "Make me proud, Russel!" Russel looked back and nodded at his father with a smile.

    "Let's do this, Lena!" Russel said to his Riolu who let out a cheer as they began to make their way over to Minburgh city, of course they had to make their way through Route 500 first.
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  17. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    And, everyone is here. I just can’t wait to do my travels here solo, Lucas thought, as he even noticed someone with a mask.

    The lab door began to open automatically, as Lucas immediately stood up. He rushed inside, hoping to get he first spot available.

    “Ah, hello there.” Lucas said to the assistant. “I’m getting a starter today, do you perhaps know where Professor Blossom is?”

    “Right down the hall to the Pokémon outdoor area.” she replied, as Lucas began to walk down the path and say thank you.
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  18. Sarah walked inside right after Lucas. She noticed an assistant point to an outside pokemon area. "Hello my name is Sarah Blackwell. I am supposed to be getting a pokemon starter today." Sarah followed the instructions to get to where the pokemon roam.
  19. She huffed glaring a bit at the boy who had answered her question for her. "You don't have to be rude about!"she said stern as an anger mark was at the side of her head. She gave a irritating sigh. "Its not like I am perfect to know everything!"she said sternly seeing him walk past him as he sat down on the ground leaning against the door. "Well whatever..."she said to herself as she felt Mask's hand on her shoulder to calm her down. She looked to him under her wolf mask and just gave a gentle smile. "Thanks friend, I feel fine"she told him seeing him nod before looking back at the boy again who was on the ground.

    "I wouldn't lean on the door if I were you..."she said warning him as she probably knew it would either slide open and he would fall back or it was open forward and hit him in the head. She sighed placing her hand under her mask to touch her forehead as she pulled down her hood open to show her long dark brown hair that was pulled up in a ponytail. She walked over and leaned against the wall that was next to the door keeping a bit of distance between her and the boy as she crossed her arms against her chest thinking for the moment. Mask seemed to follow as if he was her security guard, but he only did this because he only trusts her.-
  20. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Lucas arrived at the Pokémon Lab, and the outside area was huge. Many Pokémon roamed around the area, as small as a Caterpie to as big as an Onix. It was quite huge, just almost 70% of the length of an American football field.

    Lucas waited to see Professor Blossom, as he looked around the Pokémon around the whole area, and looked especially for an Eevee.
  21. Sarah took a look around the area designed to hold pokemon. It was spacious and very large. Pokemon were all around. Sarah looked around for a pokemon that spoke to her. It took a long time for her to find the right one. There behind a tree stood a small eevee. Sarah walked over and knelt down. "Hey there little one. Would you like to come with me? I remember when my Vaporeon was your size." The eevee walked out from behind the tree and ran up to the girl with dark purple hair. Sarah held out her arm and the little eevee climbed up and cuddled into Sarah's neck. Sarah stood up and walked to try and locate the professor.
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  22. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah was confused for the warning he was given from the girl he just insulted. "Wow some random guy just insults you not 10 seconds ago and you care about his well-being you must be very considerate." Noah said as he lifted his back away from the door as it just opened. "Wow that was good timing, I guess we got off on the wrong foot, my name is Noah and yours?" Noah said as he stood up to walk towards JC and offer her his hand to pick her up off the ground.
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  23. She saw the boy who he introduced as Noah. She gently took her hand before she was pulled up. "It's JC and this fellow beside me is Mask, a friend of mine. He doesn't talk much so don't except words to come out of this mouth because its very rare" she introduced as Mask just nodded before he seemed to notice a Pokemon of interest, a Yamask but it was colored differently. He left JC for now to go approach it slowly.

    She saw Mask left her side for the moment and wasn't sure why. She looked a bit further before she saw him approaching a shiny Yamask that he caught interest in seeing it greet him with a smile. "So he found a Pokemon of interest"she said before she felt something leap on her shoulder. She turned her head to look as she saw an Eevee on her shoulder but of a different color. "Why hello there Eevee?"she said gently smiling. "Eevee!"she said giving a smile before she pointed as a yellow Pokemon with black stripes on its back.

    She noticed it was an Elekid being a bit tough. "Hey now, be nice will you, its not nice to pick on others"she told the Elekid. The Elekid was a bit mad as it used its claw hand to point at the Eevee that was on her shoulder. "Now now what did you do Eevee?"she asked her. "Eevee!("I did nothing to him") she told her. "I see well you Elekid need to stop now ok..."she told him as she seemed to look at Noah for assistance as she slightly moved her mask a bit to show her light blue eyes to be able for him to see it.-
  24. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah blushed as he saw one of JC eyes up close and quickly turned away to see the starter that he wanted to start out with and smiled. "Okay I'll deal with it, how about you go see the professor we might have to talk to him after we pick our partners." Noah said as he took a breath to calm himself and walked away from JC and headed towards elekid. "Now what's your problem with the Eevee?" Noah said as he heard a large grumble coming from a elekid's stomach. "Hahahaha...Let me guess she ate your breakfast or something." Elekid scuffed as he crossed his arms as he look down before nodding. "Don't worry about it how about you come with me on my journey you'll get to prove that you're the strongest and no one would dare mess with you ever again how's does that sound." Elekid looked back up towards Noah before extending his arm towards him for a fist bump. "Elekid" (you got yourself a deal pound on it.) He told him. Noah fist-bumped the elekid and both started walking inside the lab looking for the professor to register them into the region.
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  25. Allie followed the group into the lab. She took some time choosing her starter - until the choice was made for her.
    A small brown blur tackled her from behind, causing her to faceplant onto the ground just like she had when she'd fallen out of bed this morning.
    "I'm okay!" she shouted.
    She got back up, to see a small Eevee snickering mischievously. The Eevee saw Allie staring at her and turned redder than a tomato.
    Allie crossed her arms. "You did that on purpose, didn't you?"
    The Eevee tried to look emotionless, but failed miserably. Allie broke into a small smile.
    "You're a feisty one, aren't ya? What do you say you come with me?"
    The Eevee simply nodded, not making a noise. The Evolution Pokemon couldn't help but smile.
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  26. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Lucas noticed an Eevee with a red scarf on and walked towards it. He petted it quite a lot of times, as he then asked, “Do you want to come with me? We can have many great times!”

    The Eevee nodded in agreement, then immediately hopped on Lucas’ shoulder and both of them took a look at each other, as the Eevee winked. Noticing that many other people had Eevees, Lucas then said, “Woah, you all got an Eevee too? I guess that’s going to be quite confusing in the future, but I guess that it’s cool.”

    Professor Blossom then came out and said, “Hey, everyone. Nice to see you all. I’ve seen that everyone has chosen their starter, correct?” she said, placing a bunch of poke balls and pokedexes on a nearby table.
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  27. She watched him walk away before she looked towards the Eevee again. "Tell me the truth Eevee, what did you do to that Elekid?" she asked her again. The Eevee's ears went down a bit feeling guilty. "Eevee...(I took his food...I'm sorry...") She said glancing away from her eyes. "Now that's not nice Eevee...you need to apologize to that Elekid properly alright," she said as she saw her nodded before she saw Professor Blossom come out. "Noah, the Professor is here you should hurry as well," she said calling out to him as she seemed to moved her mask at the side of her head for the moment. Her face was viable as this was a rare sight to see since she has worn the mask ever since she was a young girl. Both of her eyes were viable, however, her bang was covering her right eye. It was slightly blind so keeps it covered to feel more comfortable.

    Mask had come back with the shiny Yamask at his side that he caught interest in before he stood next to JC again. "So that's your starter your going to choose Mask?"JC asked him. All Mask did was give a nod to her before he heard the Professor come out with a bunch of Pokeballs and Pokedex's. He went to join the other trainers so he could receive his Pokeballs and Pokedex. "He left me again..." she chuckled to herself. "That's so like him" she added as she felt the Eevee nudge her. "Tell you what Eevee, I'll nickname you Blue because of your silvery pelt," she told her. Blue smiled agreeing to the name before looking in the distance at Noah and the Elekid. "You want to wait for them huh? Well, I don't mind it either way" JC said as she waited for Noah to join her again.-
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  28. Sarah walked up to the table with the professor behind it. She saw many different colored pokedexs and groups of pokeballs. She had a few in her bag, but she would never turn down free anything. Eevee had settled on Sarah's shoulder as she walked. Sarah waited for more info before she took her items and left.
  29. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah turn towards JC direction and notice that the professor was right in front of her but before he decided to meet up with them he looked down at elekid. "If we're planning on traveling together I got to give you a cool name besides calling you by your species name so.......How about Volts?" Volt nodded as a sign of approval of his new name. Both Noah and Volt walk towards the table of Pokedex and pokeballs with Noah standing right next to JC and Volt crossing his arms standing on the other side of Noah trying to not look at the Eevee on JC shoulder.
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  30. Kanna had awoken from what seemed to be a brief slumber. That was odd, she was sure to get enough rest last night, knowing that this was the big day. It could've been her mind wearing down from the subconscious excitement stored within her. She'd rub her eyes and glance toward the nearby bench. To her dismay, every single trainer was gone! This was like a nightmare, the kind where everyone disappears around you. Though when she noticed that the lab had finally opened, she sighed a breath of relief and rose from her seat. She spent a few moments adjusting her yukata before entering the place.

    Inside, she saw many things that she was unfamiliar with and that was simply amazing. Of course her face didn't show any of her marveling, but the feeling was there and was real. She heard commotion coming from another area from within the building and made her way over. There they were, everyone choosing their first Pokemon. Kanna looked around, inspecting the area before actually going in to search. Nothing had seemed to catch her eye just yet, maybe she wasn't ready to choose after all.

    That's when she felt something tug at her feet and out of reflex, her gaze shifted downwards to check for the culprit. A Snorunt. The 'mon obviously wanted the young girl's attention, so Kanna gave in and picked the icy creature up.
    They both stared at each other blankly, as if they were studying a newly found discovery. The silence was broken when the Snorunt playfully jumped at Kanna, which caused her to flinch just a little. Luckily, Kanna managed to catch it before it hurt itself, triggering a slight chuckle from the future trainer.

    When the professor made their way to a nearby table and placed all of the "novice trainer" necessities on it, Kanna made her way over. She took a few poke balls and a pokedex, just as she was supposed to.
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  31. Cole lifted his thumbs as he fired off one last text to his parents. Yes, he had enough clothes. Yes, he'd packed toiletries. Yes, his allergy meds were in his bag. Yes, he even had deodor- oh shoot. He'd need to make a quick pit-stop at a convenience store.

    As he slid his phone back in his pocket with a slight groan, the bus jerked to a stop. He took one glance out the window and knew this was his stop. Kids were filing into a fairly large building surrounded by a gated area filled with Pokemon of all different species.

    He stood up and clambered off of the bus (accidentally knocking his bag into a few other passengers on the way out). He entered the building, and scanned the room for Professor Blossom. Instead, he found a whole flock of Eevee.
    Cole lifted his thumbs as he fired off one last text to his parents. Yes, he had enough clothes. Yes, he'd packed toiletries. Yes, his allergy meds were in his bag. Yes, he even had deodor- oh shoot. He'd need to make a quick pit-stop at a convenience store.

    As he slid his phone back in his pocket with a slight groan, the bus jerked to a stop. He took one glance out the window and knew this was his stop. Kids were filing into a large building surrounded by a terrace filled with Pokemon. Cole slipped in with the crowd and, once inside the lab, began searching for Professor Blossom. Once he'd made it past the flock of Eevees, he saw her. Not quite sure what to expect, he went for a plain greeting. After checking that he didn't have anything in his teeth with his phone's camera, he approached her.

    "Professor Blossom," Cole said, extending his hand, "I'm Cole Kimmer. Birch sent me."
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  32. She kept her arms crossed against her chest as she saw Mask come and stand next to her. She looked to him before she saw him pat her head as the Yamask hovered just next to him. She noticed Blue hop off her shoulder for the moment leaping out of the lab. "Where is she going?"she asked herself watching her leave as she turned herself to do so. She waited for the moment until she saw that silvery-colored fur again. She saw her holding a small bag filled with berries as shs leaped on her shoulder again. "Blue, what is this dear?"she asked her.

    "Vee! Eevee!("Its for Elekid as an apology...I feel guilty so I wanted to repay him with these berries I saved") Blue said pointing her paw at the Elekid as she gave a smile. "On that's sweet, well maybe you could give it to him after we are done here" she told her before she looked to Noah giving a gentle smile before she chuckled to herself as she moved her mask to cover her face again. Mask, on the other hand, remained silent as Yami the Yamask smiled shyly. "Ya!"she said circling him.-
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  33. After getting her supplies, Allie placed Eevee on the ground.
    "Hey Eevee, do you mind if I give you a nickname?" she asked.
    Eevee nodded. Allie paused, trying to think of a simple but fitting name.
    "How about.... Eve? It means living."
    Eevee seemed to consider this before nodding again. "Vee."
    "Alright, Eve it is!" She pulled out her Pokedex, and scanned Eevee with it.
    "Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon. Normal type. The latent energy within Eevee causes it to evolve when exposed to different environments. This Eevee is female, has the ability Adaptability, and has the moves Covet, Helping Hand, and Charm."
    Allie checked the data on those moves, and nodded. She glanced at the trainers that were still in the lab with her. No one seemed to be up for battling at the moment, so she decided to leave.
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  34. Sarah grabbed a dark purple pokedex and the other items that were passed out. She did not need any instructions on how to work with her pokemon. Sarah looked to the little Eevee on her shoulder. Sarah noticed a small black marking on the fluff around her neck. It was in the shape of a heart. It gave her an idea for a nickname for the little evolution pokemon. "Hey eevee, I have an idea for a nickname for you. What about Umbre. You see I got the idea from the little black heart on your fluff." Umbre smiled and nodded. She loved the name. Sarah had not paid attention to where she was going and almost bumped into the girl Allie who she talked to before. Sarah stopped. "Hey your Allie right. Sorry for almost bumping into you. I was just talking to Umbre here, and did not pay any attention where I was going."
  35. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    "You guys can all go ahead and take your Poke Balls and Pokedexes, and then you can go on and enjoy you journey! Thanks for coming, and I hope to see you all later." Professor Blossom exclaimed, as Lucas immediately took a blue pokedex and some Poke Balls.

    Professor Blossom then turned to Cole, "Hello, Cole. I heard he was sending a representative here, and I guess you are the one who he sent. What is it that you need?"

    Meanwhile, Lucas ran out with Eevee, and said, "Hey there, Eevee. I think I want to call you Rudy, because it has a nice ring to it." Eevee nodded at him, as they began to run out, and began to look at a map of the region on a nearby sign.
  36. Russel calmly walked down the quite lane of Route 500, he lightly hummed to himself before Lena slowly hummed along with him, both trainer and Pokemon looked around and took in the scenery, they both knew this was only a fraction of what they will see on their journey, but there was one last thing Russel needed to properly start his journey: A Pokedex, which was why he made his way toward Minburgh City.

    Although as they walked, they were too entranced by the scenery around them that neither of them noticed the pair they approached straight toward, nor the brown haired girl with an Eevee he was about to bump into, upon contact, Russel and Lena snapped out of whatever world they were in, the latter nearly fell off of Russel's shoulders, but the Riolu managed to keep her grip and looked at who they bumped into. "Agh, dammit. Sorry about that, mate." Russel said as he rubbed the back of his head with a clear sign of embarrassment on his face, the Riolu bowed a few times to also apologize.
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  37. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah approach the table and grabbed a yellow pokedex and 5 pokeballs. Noah looked at Volts and decided that he might as well scan him and started pointing the Pokedex at Volts.

    "Elekid, the electric Pokemon. Electric type. Elekid stores electricity in its body. If it touches metal and accidentally discharges all its built-up electricity, this Pokémon begins swinging its arms in circles to recharge itself. This Elekid is male, has the ability static, and has the moves thunderpunch, quick attack, thunder Wave, and Swift."

    Both Noah and Volt started to walk towards the exit on the lab before turning back around at JC and mask. "I'm heading towards Thenas City for my first gym badge I'll meet you guys there unless you guys want to come with me but the choice is yours." Noah said as he walked out of the lab and down the steps while reaching inside his satchel pulling out an apple and handing it to Volt, who started to devour it as he snatched it from his trainers hand.
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  38. She grabbed a black a white Pokedex with blue streaks at the top and a couple of Pokeball before she turned to make her way out. She pulled out her Pokedex to scan Blue Eevee the Evolution Pokemon, a normal type. "This Eevee is female that is also shiny" it said. She looked at what moves she had, Tackle, Swift, Shadow ball, and Baby Doll eyes. "Shadow ball is a rare move to have" she said looking to Blue as she nodded to her.

    Before she could walk down the stairs, Blue leaped off her shoulder down the stairs. "Hey! Blue wait up! Where are you going!?"she called as she ran down the stairs. She saw Blue catch up with Noah and his Elekid. "Vee!"she called. She finally caught up with Blue as she stopped to catch her breath. "Blue, don't go running off like that without telling me..."she told her.

    "Eevee..."she said before pointing her paw at the Elekid. "Oh I see...Noah..Blue here has something to say to your Elekid..."she asked him as she moved her mask to the side again to look at him before down at Blue who nodded to her while holding a small berry bag.

    Mask had grabbed a dark blue Pokedex and then a couple of Pokeballs. He decided to scan Yamask for more info on her. "Yamask the spirit Pokemon, this Yamask is female and is shiny" it said. He checked her moves, Astonish, Protect, Disable, and Night shade. "How...about Yami for your nickname..." He said to the shiny Yamask. "Ya!" She said giving a smile. He put his Pokedex away before following after JC as he walked down the stairs.-
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  39. Allie fell over yet again as one person nearly crashed into her and another pair of trainers actually did.
    She recognized the girl who hadn't knocked her over as Sarah. However, she didn't recognize the other pair.
    She began laughing, from her position on the ground. "That's the third time I've fallen today!" She got up.
    "Hey Sarah!" she greeted happily. She then turned to the other trainers. "I'm sorry, we haven't met. I'm Allie, and this is Eve." She gestured to Eve, who had recovered quickly and climbed onto Allie's head.
  40. Sarah giggled a little as she saw Allie fall. "Are you ok? I guess you are since you are laughing. Here let me help you up." Sarah held out her arm for Allie to hoist herself up with.

    Sarah turned towards the boy who knocked Allie over. "Hi my name is Sarah. It is nice to meet you. This is Umbre." Umbre peeked her head out from behind the purple curtain of hair.

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