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Ask to Join A Journey in the Terobris Region DISCUSSION

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Mangoez~, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. Umbre is going to evolve into an Umbreon.
  2. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Second page, yay!

    Also, I am thinking about not evolving my Eevee as well for some reason.
  3. Well this will be fun. Two eevees and two umbreons. We can have a lot of fun with that.
  4. My Eevee will not evolve. She will actually have a backstory and reasoning for having the Partner moves as well.
  5. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    I’m going to give everyone some time to post, but I will make my next post soon.
  6. Ok so I already have my team for this character so I am going to post it here.
    Umbreon (Umbre)
    Lopunny (Lola)
    Grumpig (Amethyst)

    Edit: Lola is a shiny. I forgot to meantion that.
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  7. I'm not used to a fast moving RP, but I will try to adapt as quick as possible. As for my team, so far I only have three for now.
    Which is here:
    Froslass "Lady"
    Glameow "Empress"
    I'll update it when I get a few more ideas for her Pokemon.
  8. Considering how busy I am, I dunno how well I'll respond to a thousand responses at once.
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  9. Furfru might be a good fit for her. Persian might also be a good one as well, @Hallowed.
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  10. @Hallowed Maybe a Meowstic?

    Allie’s final team will have Eevee, Gardevoir, and Roserade in it. I’m willing to take suggestions on the other 3.
  11. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Since people are beginning to make ideas for a future Pokémon team, I might as well do the same.

    Rudy (Eevee/Vaporeon/Jolteon, currently debating)
    Galvant (Gallade)
    Ray (Alolan Raichu)
    Hanna (Alolan Ninetales)
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  12. well since you guys are already debating on teams I'll do so as well XD

    Lycanroc(F)(Wolfa)(Dusk form)
    Furfrou(F)(Bella)(Depudente trim)

    Yamask(F)(Yami)(Shiny)(holds everstone)
  13. I'll try and think of one for Russel, and as I asked before, can Russel already have his Riolu with him?
  14. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

  15. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    I’m soon going to get my next post in, so I’m giving people some time until we start.
  16. I might be a little while, there are a few other things I wanna get done first.
  17. Since everyone else is doing it, I'll do it too
    Electivire (M)(Volts)
    Houndoom (M)(Lucas)
    Gliscor (M)(Alucard)
    Serperior (F)(Queen)
  18. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    @Breon Ah, my OC (his name is also Lucas, lol) would take a liking to that Houndoom.
  19. Yeah I just noticed that and was planning on changing it or is it fine with you?
  20. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    If we can have 4+ Eevees, then we definitely can have two Lucas's.
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  21. E E V E E I N T E N S I F I E S

    It seems fine. Also, yes, Allie will nickname Eevee (Eve).
  22. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Anyone have any ideas about the evil team that I’ll implement? I do have one, but that’d be probably way too much of a spoiler.
  23. Hmmm... I have absolutely no idea. XD
    I've made a villainous team before, for my Creative Corner work. I'm not going to discuss it here - because plot spoilers - but I had fun making it.
  24. I guess uhhh something like team plasma but just full-on knights trying to the restore a corrupted fallen order that disappeared years ago with the help of a Pokemon that controls time I guess

    I was looking at the description of the region you made and just thought about knights
  25. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    The medieval part is just mainly about Minburgh, but other than that, every other city is more modern/up to date.
  26. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Also, I’ll keep the “knight” idea, but it overlaps with the spoiler I have.
  27. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    looks like a cool roleplay, i’ll sign up!

    Trainer Form-
    Name: Marshall Knight
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Marshall is a tall, slim boy with jet black hair that is long enough for him to tie it in a short ponytail. He tends to wear a camo hat over his hair. Marshall has tanned skin but on his face he has a faded scar that goes from his eyebrow to his lip, it gives him negative and positive attention. For an outfit, Marshall usually wears an opened red letterman jacket with a plain white tee underneath. He wears ripped black jeans, and it doesn’t seem like they’re ripped on purpose, with red converse. He has a small backpack that has a few tears in it, like it’s a hand-me-down, and a few Pokémon patches like Dragonite, Kommo-o, Salamance, and Metagross, which are just pseudo legendaries.
    Personality: Marshall is more of a laid-back type of trainer who can get into a battle really easily. Marshall often tries to be strategic, but his ideas take to long to shine through and he ends up not paying attention to the battle. He’s kind and understanding, but is quite careless at times.
    Starter: Larvitar
    Other: Marshall is actually fluent in German and French, and he uses it as a battle tactic sometimes as he speaks to his Pokemon in those languages as well.
    Starter Form-
    Nickname: Spade
    Species: Larvitar
    Gender: Male
    Other: Spade, like his trainer, knows German and French. Since Marshall usually speaks German if it’s not English, Spade knows less French and will get confused if Marshall speaks it.
  28. I'm assuming everyone's getting their starter at the lab, maybe Russel can just go there to get his hands on a Pokedex.
  29. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

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  30. What's the professor like? Is she older or younger? Hip or stern? I don't know this stuff and it's tough to have an interaction with a character I know nothing about.
  31. I agree; I think it'd be fair if we had a bio on the professor.
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  32. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Ah, alright. I will post a bio for her soon when I am at home.
  33. Thank you @Mangoez~, that would be a big help for us.
  34. @EeviumZ I might make my next post soon, wanna have Allie bump into Russel. (Literally? lol)
  35. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    I'm going to start the bio now, sorry for the wait.
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  36. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Got it done, now. I'll post my next role-play post soon.

    Name: Prof. Julie Blossom
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Prof. Blossom, despite having an important job, is quite laid back when it comes to clothing. She does wear her usual lab coat, as well as a pink and white striped t-shirt. She wears black leggings and white tennis shoes. She has short hair with a somewhat long ponytail, as well as a blossom flower pinned to her hair. Blossom also has very slightly tanned skin and is 5'6.
    Personality: Professor Blossom is quite nice and cares about the Pokemon in her lab, and works quite an effort to research things that "help" Pokemon be able to stronger and faster. She works hard everyday, but maybe "too" hard.
    Other: No one really knows her first name.

    Assistant Pokemon-
    Nickname: Raia
    Species: Alolan Raichu
    Gender: Female
    Other: Nothing, just a normal Female Alolan Raichu.
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  37. I went ahead and made Russel's final team.

    Lucario (F, Lena)
    Salamence (M, Drake)
    Arcanine (M, Big Bernie)
    Scizor (F, Brenda)
    Weavile (F, Duchess)
    Gallade (M, Shiny, Adam)

    I plan on Lena and Adam eventually getting romantically involved, maybe even having a love triangle between Lena, Brenda trying for Adam.


    I feel like this won't be the last repetitive use of names/Pokemon.
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  38. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    @Red Gallade
    If we have 4+ Eevees, a human and a pokemon named Lucas, then we can definitely have two Gallades.
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  39. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Also, @Mockingchu, after I post my next role-play passage thing, you can auto Professor Blossom.
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