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Ask to Join A Journey in the Terobris Region DISCUSSION

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Mangoez~, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    For gym battles, you don’t have to post that long like I did.
  2. Trainer Form-
    Name: Thomas Francis
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Thomas has short brown hair thats combed onto the left side he wears googles on top of his head. He wears a red hoodie and has a black singlet underneath he's got a big belt with room for keeping poke balls He usually wears baggy pants and has a deteriorating pair of brown shoes with velcro ( As Thomas doesn't know how to tie his shoes.) He has pasty white skin with a face covered in freckles.
    Personality: Thomas is very happy go lucky but has bad impulse control, usually speaks his mind and is constantly moving. When he talks he usually uses hand signs while he talks. He gets bored really easy. Altho Thomas is very happy go lucky he suffers from horrible self doubt and believes his ugly and no one loves him and is useless and doesn't do anything to help anyone. He comes of as awkward and rude in conversations.
    Starter: Elekid
    Other: Thomas suffers from ADHD
    Starter Form-
    Nickname: Tommy
    Species: Elekid
    Gender: Male
    Other: The Elekid is named after Thomas and electrocutes Thomas when he says something to outrages.
    Name: Lucy Francis
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Lucy is very attactive with long blonde and brown hair which she wears in a pony tail and is usually wearing work out gear shortie shorts and crop tops. (which Thomas teases her a-lot about.) She wears lots of wrist bands.
    Personality: Lucy is very confident and prideful. She's very flirty and appreciates her appearance. She cares deeply for her brother but blames him for her mothers death and lashes out her own frustration at him. She can seem a bit bossy and stern sometimes but most the time she's pretty easy to get along with.
    Starter: Bagon
    Starter Form-
    Nickname: None
    Species: Bagon
    Gender: Fe-male
  3. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Accepted. Also, when you join, pretend like you already got your starter.
  4. yeah sure will can I have my characters waiting outside the gym for their battle
  5. Mr.Meme

    Mr.Meme Previously DatBoiStuff

    Hey could i join the RP? im a bit late but im prob going to be a minor character anyways
    Job: Pokemart cashier
    Appearance:White with short hair and skinny
    Personality:Quite Depressed,Hates his job,Wanted to be a Pokémon Master,Low self esteem
    Pokémon:None but has a strong bond with the Wild Pidgey that lives there
    Town:Any town or city you want
  6. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    What happened to everybody?
  7. Idk, I’ve just been struggling to think of my next post; sure it’s mainly where Russel gets his Pokédex, but I was hoping to think of an excuse for Russel to get some potential interactions.
  8. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    You could just skip it if you want since the ones that are mostly active have already gotten a gym badge
  9. I'm waiting for EmoKitty to reply.
  10. Can I get a reminder on what the Professor is like? Trying to make my response now.

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