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A Collection of Pokecharms

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Tangrow, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. (Hey everyone! So lovely to see you all! I'm still working on the Final Fantasy Fic, but in the meantime, I came across this thought in chat today. I think I'll write some simple stories on the people of pokecharms, with everyday situations and problems. Maybe it'll be fun! This first one hits close to home on my end, but I mean no ill will to anybody!(P.S. ilu Dway but I felt I like I had to post this as the opening story.))


    “Hm. How…well, I figured it might happen.”

    “I really am sorry!”

    “No, no, it’s quite alright. Thank you for your time!” Ethan briskly turned on the spot and walked away with as much dignity as he could muster. In his mind he already knew the answer, but it hit him hard. Something about being denied always made him take it personally. He knew it wasn’t, there was just no room! But all the same, it hurt a lot.

    “I…yeah, what was I even thinking? How depressing.” He said to himself, passing by and pushing through the crowded streets of Pokecharms. He could have sworn he heard someone calling his name, too. Was it Shiny? It might have been, but Ethan didn’t feel well enough to hold a conversation.

    “How embarrassing. I’m so embarrassing.” He said twice, holding his arms with his hands. It was a simple, old, ratty jacket, but it kept him warm and he liked it. He neared the gates of the grand city, and without hesitation, strolled on through, stopping only long enough to be verified by security. The path spread out in many directions from there – the land of Pokecharms itself was vast and varied. Ethan had made a small part of it his own, and was heading that way to cool down. Denial weighed so heavily on him, and he couldn’t help but feel silly about all of it.

    It didn’t take long to reach the Garden. It never seemed to when Ethan needed to get there the most. It was quaint, yet beautiful, and served as a crossroads to various locales. Most of the time, however, it was empty, save for two other residents.

    “Ethan! You’re home!”

    “Welcome back, Ethan!”

    The two tentacle monsters gave a rousing shout of glee, but Ethan simply brushed past Tangrow and Tangrelle, having no time for their silly games today. The pair frowned, realizing it was one of those days, and retreated further into the gardens. Ethan’s house was located nearby the Garden Plaza, although it was rather small. It contained a bed, a small table for two, some flowers, and a couple books. The reading material was dusty as he picked it up, and Ethan found he couldn’t focus long enough, and so let the book fall from his fingers. It made a resounding thud on the floor, and Ethan smiled before falling back on the bed.

    “Why do I always feel like this, anyway? Nobody else ever does, and I figure normally get over it, but…” He paused, brows furrowing. “Why do I still feel this way?” Silence replied as his answer. “…Yeah, I thought so.” He closed his eyes, hoping for sleep to overcome him, but was immediately jolted awake by a heavy knock on the door.

    “I’m coming in.” A gruff voice resounded from the other side before roughly opening the door. Ethan’s eyes widened, and immediately flipped up off the bed so as to look more presentable. He was in no state for visitors, especially not this one. Ethan could have sworn he locked the door, as well, and in that case, and then there could only be one person. The man came in, looking straight at him. “Hey.” Zacky said.

    “O-Oh! Hey Zacky! Uhh, take a seat! What did you come here for?” Ethan stammered through quickly. He motioned to the small table, but Zacky didn’t move.

    “Y’know,” He began. “Those tentacle monsters of yours can really talk a guy’s ear off.”

    “Oh.” Ethan seemed to droop visibly as he looked away. He tried to say something, but his voice seemed to falter every time he began. The boy ended with staring at the floor. Zacky sighed and walked over, leading Ethan to sit at the table the boy had invited Zacky to sit at. Once Ethan was seated, Zacky took the other chair, setting his sword against the wall of the small house.

    “What happened?”

    “Ah, it’s,” Ethan looked away. “No, it’s not really anything important. Just stupid, is all.”

    “Hey. No, hey. Over here.” Ethan snapped to attention. “Tell me what happened.” Zacky said, more firmly this time.

    “I just…I wanted to join an RP, is all.” Zacky looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to finish. Silence ensued, but Ethan found the voice to speak again. “And there was no room for me.”

    Zacky blinked once, taking in the information. Then he laughed, a short, sharp, series of barks. Ethan sighed in frustration, turning to get up, but Zacky prevented him, grabbing him by the arm. It was a small table, and he could easily reach past it. “Hey, no, I didn’t mean to laugh.” He sighed. “You know if you want to RP, you can always ask me, right?”

    Ethan paused, and Zacky’s grip slackened. He tenderly reached over and removed the older man’s hand from its grasp, before returning to sit. “Yeah, I know. I just…I don’t know. I just thought I could do it. It was sort of…already full up with members, but-“

    “Then why did you do it?”

    “Well, I…I don’t know.” Ethan faltered, his hands falling into his lap. “I just…everything’s too hard lately. Too many things are happening, and I just,” He got up and walked over to the bed, taking a moment to control himself. “It’s too h-hard.”

    “Hey,” Zacky replied. “If you don’t wanna tell me about it, then-“

    “No, no,” Ethan cut him off this time, hearing his voice tremble dangerously. “Ever since Dad had his heart attack, and there’s just college and my brother and my other brother and I can’t catch up on my grades and,” The boy sat on the bed, feeling tears spring to his eyes. “I, I’m-” He broke into a sob, feeling the first tears spring to his eyes. Zacky was there in an instant, sitting by his side, one arm around him. “I-I’m-” He couldn’t bring himself to finish the sentence, and he finally burst into tears, sobs, whimpers and cries, targeting Zacky’s shoulder with his woe as his hands desperately clutched the man’s clothing.

    They continued as such for some time, until Ethan found he had nothing left. He tried to keep crying, but the tears had dried up, and sobs became hiccups before the pair turned completely still. Outside, the daylight shone brightly, but all Ethan could see was the horrible future.

    “I’m scared.”

    The words came barely a whisper, and Zacky started at the noise. His arm came around Ethan to reassure him, but Zacky was sure it was in vain. “Come on. I know you can do it. You’re a tough kid.” He paused. He wanted to help, but the words were simply…not there. So he tried a different approach. “Y’want me to go beat up the fucker who did this?” Ethan looked up at him, eyes wide.

    “No! N-no! I don’t want that! Tailon’s a good person, he just didn’t have room!”

    “Maybe I’ll just kick the crap outta him instead?”

    ”Hey! He didn’t do it to be mean! He had said he already declared there weren’t-“ Ethan paused, realizing his words. “Any. Spots. Open.” The boy’s palm met his face and Zacky grinned, his point made. “Oh.”

    “And that’s all there is to it.”

    “Hah, yeah, wow. I guess I really was being, uh, stupid there.” Ethan said, cautiously making a laugh.

    “Well then, if that’s all it was, then what do you say you and I pay a visit to Toru today?”


    “Well, if you don’t want to come…” Zacky said, getting up and making to leave, but a small force stopped him, and he found Ethan tugging on his arm, smiling.

    “I’d love to.” The both of them got up and headed out the door, before taking one of the many paths out of the Plaza. The sun shone up above them, as if nothing of importance had passed.

    “Hey, Zacky?”


  2. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    ilu2 Tan. Totally acceptable. ♥
    Anyways, I love this story. It portrays a lovely friendship between Zacky and you, I love the way he consoles you. I also love that you grab onto him at the end there to stop him... oh gods, my fangirl senses are going off. XD I just... love this fluff. It is cuddly and cute, and that's all there is to it.
  3. You're really pumping them out lately, aren't you? xD

    As much as I love your 'Charms FF series, I think I might come to love this particular fic even better over time. There's nothing I love more then seeing the world and people I know from a different perspective, and this is all that and more, mixed in with a lot of creativity!

    Keep it up Tan! ♥
  4. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I had this warm fuzzy feeling when I read this. <3333333
    Zacky x Tan OTP- *shot*

    Really though, this is so cute. :') The imagery was nice, and it's kind of a nice parallel between you and Tangrow/Tangrelle getting kinda rejected from playing with you. Just... imo, if that made any sense?

    And I'm srsly looking forward to more of these 'Charms writings~

    ... like Red x Dway.


    Keep it uppppp~
  5. This is going to be the source of an endless number of Charms-related shippings...

    I like the relationship you portrayed between yourself and Zacky. He's such an older brother for you Ethan. If you do have other ideas for such short stories in mind, I'll definitely be eager to read them. This particular piece has just brightened up my day.
  6. (Here we go! I like this one, and I hope I did its characters justice.)


    The Grand Library was seated cozily smack dab in the middle of Pokecharms City. It shared its space as the neighbor to the Administrative Office and Doctor’s Clinic, and if it could speak it would say it was the most grandiose building of all. It would also add that it is the most knowledgeable of any building in the City, or even the world. For within its walls lies the largest collection of books known to mankind, all condensed in one single building.

    The Grand Library was also incredibly proud of its modern, yet pleasant atmosphere. If one were to enter the library, they would be incredibly surprised to see its vast hall full of life, save for a simple path straight down to the empty receptionist's desk. From there, the receptionist would discern what sort of book the inquirer was looking for, and they would shortly be moved into that floor, as if through magic. The library was separated into a many different floors for any and every subject, all somehow existing in one place, but not at the same time. It was a curious subject to dwell on, yet only the curator knew how it truly functioned.

    But yet, the most curious subjects of the library were its workers. Created by the Curator himself, they were a motley collection of short little robots of all shape and size. They would often be seen running around the library, carrying books or messages as best as they can to keep the library up to date. Although they occasionally caused quite a lot of mess, it would be hard to imagine the Library without them.

    After the Library was constructed, it was easily proven that the Fanfiction Section was clearly the most popular of them all, due to its ability to have simply anyone add to its incredibly grand collection. So, after a vote between the Curator and Librarian, it was decided it would be relocated to the Entrance Hall, so it would be accessible to all. As such, when one entered the library, they would find it alive with many people reading and commenting, and even writing different fictions.

    However, as for the incredibly poor pieces of writing...

    ...That is for another time.


    “There!” A woman exclaimed faithfully, seated at a table on the ground floor of the Library. Surrounding her were many, many papers with scribbles and neat handwriting in, out and around the margins. She ran a hand through her black hair, a smile playing on her lips. “Finally, the next piece on Diaries...” She then allowed her head to lay upon the table and rested it there. “...I’m really tired.”

    “Not too tired, I hope.”

    “Oh!” Carmen brought herself back up to find an older man facing her, a smile tugging at her lips. “Pheo, I didn’t see you coming!”

    “I hardly believe you would, headdesked and all that,” Pheonix replied, taking a seat opposite her. “I see you’ve finished! Good for you!”

    “Yeah,” Carmen replied, grinning. “It just feels really good to get it off my shoulders.”

    “I hope so,” The man paused, then snapped his fingers. Almost instantaneously, one of the small robots he commanded climbed upon the table and began sorting through the mess of papers. “Well, would you like me to file this away immediately, or...?”

    “Ah, well, if you could maybe, er,” Carmen blushed, looking away. “Look it over and edit it for me, It’d be awesome...”

    Pheo blinked. “Of course I will Carmi. You don’t mind if it takes some time, do you?” Being the Librarian, Curator, and essentially every other position of power in the Library had its merits, but it put a very large workload on Pheonix’s shoulders.

    “No, of course not!” She replied eagerly. “Thanks Pheo, you’re awesome.” By now, the robot had finished sorting the papers between draft and final copy. It hoisted the papers above its head, part of the material covering its eye.

    “No problem, no problem. I’ll see you later, all right? I have to sort through the latest publications.” Pheonix got up and turned around, and the robot followed, jumping off the table and running ahead.

    “Alright, I'll see you later.” She said, giving a short wave. The Librarian turned around and walked over to the front desk before disappearing in a short flash of light.


    “Amazing...she’s always so amazing.” Pheonix smiled as he put the paper down and looked up to the ceiling of his office. Like most of the library, Pheonix’s Office existed on a separate plane. It was a cluttered, yet quaint area. Papers, files, and folders were scattered about, and it was the one place he would not allow his creations to go.

    Pheonix truly had a lot of work to do. Cataloguing, sorting returned and borrowed books, and keeping his employees-if they could be called that-up and running. But whenever Carmen or another one of his good friends turned in a piece, he always made time to look it over. Such is one of the many jobs of the Editor. It was a guilty pleasure of sorts, but he loved reading their writings, and always kept a copy hidden away in the office. Pheonix remained in his current position for a while, seated in front of his desk, when a quick noise startled him out of his recollections.

    “Um, h-hello? I-I think I need some help. I-It’s my first time, you see...” The message played out all around from the walls, and Pheo could see in his mind’s eye, the young new member standing nervously in front of the empty front desk. All that lay on the desk was a simple note that stated ‘Just ask.’ And he would hate to keep them waiting.

    “Work to do, work to do. I better get to it, then.” He said to himself, before standing up and opening the one door leading out of the Office. All that lay behind it was emptiness, but Pheonix always knew where he was going.

    For although Pheonix was a busy, busy man, he loved his job above all else.


    Once Pheonix had disappeared from sight, Carmen got up from the table. She turned around and walked not towards the exit, but down the endless shelves of books. The library was quiet today, for it was rather early in the morning. It was when she preferred to work, when the Library was at its quietest. Normally it was quite noisy by the standards of such an establishment, so Carmen often worked at home. At this point, however, Carmen certainly knew her way around the library, and navigated the sorting system of fanfictions easily.

    The bookshelves held a veritable collection, and with a keen eye, Carmen skimmed through its shelves as she walked, spying titles from RX, Kalseng, Chadwyck…and Carmen. At the name, she stopped immediately, and stared at the books for a long time.

    Viewing the small collection of books nestled nicely together with each other; she could not help but feel accomplished. Moving On, Giselle Valentine, even Diaries. Although she would be the first admit to herself that most of them were far from finished, she allowed her hand to brush through her collection, stopping at the last. She smiled, and made to head to the Entrance of the Library.

    Although they were far from finished, they were hers. And that is what she loved most about writing.
  7. Pretty much how it is in general, I look out for him as I mentor him how to be a MAN :arr: (joking aside)

    From a different point of view, I was surprised that you chose me to write the opening piece, considering, y'know, I'm not the most equipped for the job, but you did portray me exactly as what I would do in a situation. The tone was set pretty good, with the mood complimenting it. And you did a wonderful job capturing my personality.

    The second part, I still liked even though the first part is my favorite part.

    Keep them coming and I want to see a ShinyxSem or a RXxRX soon. :up:
  8. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    That like... isn't going to happen. Especially not the former.

    Unless that's already a set pairing oh gosh D:

    Also, this is a very nice second piece. It's very sweet and lovely, and I feel like both of the characters were written very well (of course, I'm not them so I can't speak for them, but y'know...)

    oh gosh why is everyone better at writing than me ;_;
  9. Tan, I've gotta say that I'm really enjoying these. I think what I like about them is their simplicity (not in the writing though! In the setting!) it's nice to read something that involves ordinary situations and ordinary people who we've all come to know and love. I mean, I'm not one to talk, since all my fics are action explosions boom! and stuff, but I like where these are going.

    I'm looking forward to reading more, since they are wonderfully written and charming. Keep up the good work, and know that I'll be following these closely. (Also, more of your FF fic would be nice too ;D)
  10. Phermen shipping? I like it. xD

    This is getting more and more promising, and I for one can't wait to see continuation of your multi-spectral view on the world of PokeCharms ^^

    Needs more Darkova though... ;D
  11. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Everyone pretty much said what I was going to so I'll keep this short and sweet: These are so well done and awesome Tan! I look forward to reading more of these as they come out. :)

    My only question is who/what will I end up getting shipped with? :x
  12. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Likely me, considering how it comes up often in chat. :p

    Anyways, lovely story, Tan. I think you portrayed Pheonix and Carmen very well here, but of course you took your own artistic license. I'm definitely looking forward to more stories, keep it up. :3
  13. I haven't read these, and I don't plan to. I don't feel I know this community well enough to go reading through your interpretations of each other... But I do have a request. A challenge, even, or a dare.

    Try writing about me.

    (and PM me if you ever do it - you aren't obliged - because I'll forget D=)
  14. (Here we go! I love this one. A lot. No matter how out of character it may be! As for you, Cycloneblaze, your post was extremely off-putting! I'll see what I can do, even if it'll be a raunchy love story between you and a brick wall or something!)

    Another Day at the Office

    “New report in, Dem!”

    “Ahh, ah, leave it on the counter!” A voice called out from the back room.

    “Alright, sure! See you in chat later!”

    “Yeah, yeah!” The sound of a door opening and closing could be heard as Database exited the building.

    Demelza quickly brushed a few strands of hair out of her face and immediately got back to work. Inside the city of Pokecharms lay a simple newspaper office. In truth, it was uncharacteristically small to be in a city the size of Pokecharms, but truly, it only needed one or two person to maintain it. Demelza hurried over to the front desk of the building, snatched the papers up before running back into the back end of the room.

    Demelza’s News Studio had papers all over – while the front area where visitors came in was relatively neat, everything behind it was piled with stacks and stacks of paper. The woman behind the whole operation looked quite harried as she seemingly sprinted around the area – from the computer she operated on to the many piles of paper stacked as high as possible, and sometimes to the small shredder she kept in case of flop articles.

    “Hm…” She muttered, mostly to herself as she viewed the most recent article dropped on her desk. She plucked a pen from its resting point atop her ear and used it to keep track of her quick skim through the paper. “Pokemon Smash…Black and White…Fifteenth. Hm! Interesting!” She hopped over a knocked over trash bin and took her seat at the computer, then dropped the paper into an odd sort of machine connected to the main device. Shortly after doing so, the paper appeared on the monitor. Demelza smiled, then began scrolling through the article for edits and necessary changes.

    Most everyone interested in keeping up with news in and outside carried a Pokegram on their person or at their house. It was a small datapad, a tablet of sorts, that received the latest news and announcements. All of these news articles can be traced back to one source, and that would be the Studio. People from all over brought in interesting information, and Demelza helped decide what came through or not. Usually, she had a couple of helpers, like Rex, but he had taken the day off to work on other things. So today, she only had one person on hand. Conveniently enough, they were swamped with news today.

    “Alright, just got to send this up, and…”

    “Hey Dem!” Demelza immediately yelped in surprise at the voice that originated from right next to her.

    “C-Cody! …You scared me!”

    “Ha ha, yeah. I got some important stuff from around, and some pictures if you needed any.” Cody grinned, thoroughly pleased at surprising Demelza. He had his hands on his hips, one resting on the golden axe he kept on a belt loop. His other carried a couple of papers and images. “Whatcha up to?”

    “Ah, nothing important.” Demelza said, hitting the large and incredibly blatant green button on the middle of the keyboard. Her own Pokegram, which she kept on a nearby table, lit up and beeped momentarily, signaling the news had been sent. “I just finished.”

    “Great! That’s great!” He exclaimed, turning Demelza on her seat to make her face him. She smiled. “Say…” He said, pausing to think about his next course of action. “You wanna go down to Tun’s to grab a bit to eat? I hear they have a special on those bread moon things today.” Demelza paused, taking time to think about it.

    “Well…” She bit her lip, turning to view the large pile of papers. “I…” She stopped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

    “Come on, Dem,” Cody smiled, and Dem felt her cheeks heat up. “All you do is stay cooped up in this tiny place all day! It can’t be good for you, so,” Demelza found herself looking at the floor. “Just this once. Would you please come with me?”

    “Well…Alright.” She conceded, trying to hide the smile playing on her lips. “But only for a little while, okay?”

    “Great! That’s great!” Cody’s smile widened.

    “Just let me get my things…”

    “Nope! We’re leaving now!”


    As Cody literally grabbed Demelza by the arm and ran out the door with her in tow, she couldn’t help but think about how much she loved her employees.
  15. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    this is
    I love these
    I want more
    and more of them
    oh gosh I can't get enough of them
    this can't be healthy for me
    but I love these
  16. Haha! I'd just like to see how I'm interpreted. It's a bit of fun. But you might read some of my posts around the place to get a feel for my personality, no? And I summarised myself on my dA, but I'm not sure how accurate that is.
  17. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I love I have my own "messy" office (Trust me, that is just how I'd have it), just for news where people can come and go. I also love that I have an awesome team. ♥

    And this, she couldn’t help but think about how much she loved her employees. is very very true. :D

    Keep up the good work Tan!
  18. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I'm loving these stories so much Tan. I thought this one was really cute, how Cody basically stole Dem away from her work. XD

    I'm looking forward to seeing more from you. Especially ones that might involve me. ^^
  19. I'mma be different and not fawn over this for the fact you're putting us Charmsians in it - but mostly for the setting and how its written. They're so cute and I love this kind of writing. Its about daily lifestyles, it reminds me of a bunch of Fanfics I used to read :)

    Your skill is easily apparent, and its one of the many reasons why its such a pleasure having you here :)
  20. Hello everyone! Miss me? ♥ I've been busy busy busy with personal sorts, but this fic is longer than my others and I hope you like it ♥ Formatting may be messy, phoneposting and all. (Also if anyone has a better name for Taolang tell me because I sort of pulled that out of my oriental hooha hat)

    ...This one goes out to our three favorite azns.

    Miss You

    Far, far, to the north of Pokecharms City, nestled into the side of Foresharn Mountain, lay a homey village named Taolang. It was a calm place, attuned with nature, and compared to the modern, hustling and bustling City, it kept a more eastern feel. Trees that turn to a vibrant cherry color in spring, the simple breeze, and the modest homes of the town made it an attractive place to live, if one was looking for the quiet. Its main attraction, however, lay in the yearly springtime festival, founded many years ago by Kalseng, one of the first residents of the town. The original event was somewhat haphazard, but with the help of the residents of Taolang, The Festival of Stars had blossomed into a major melting pot for Charmsians from all ends of the country.
    Today was the day before the festival itself, and one could see Charmsians everywhere they look frantically preparing. Many booths were being set up with the help of those such as Brian and Zacky, both of whom being unwittingly conned into the job by Sem, who took over the affairs after Kalseng had disappeared a few years ago. Many questioned as to why Sem would wish to run such a joyous event, but only the aquamor himself would know the answer to that.
    The man in question was currently overlooking the affairs from the main stage, holding a fan in front of his mouth so as to conceal his visage, and possibly appear more dramatic. The stage itself was only half done, most props not even put up yet, but upon it was the main events. Charmsians exhibited their talents, not as a competition, but for the spirit of the festival, and every year Shiny would sign up to perform. It could be said she was one of the main attractions, drawing many a festivalgoer to listen to her violin. The girl herself walked towards Sem, before sitting down and letting out a quiet sigh.
    The gesture did not go unnoticed, and Sem’s eyes flickered over to Shiny momentarily. “Is something the matter, dear?” The tone was even, but a touch of concern had gone into the words.
    Shiny started, surprised he had noticed, before standing up hastily. She looked half prepared for tomorrow, sheet music clutched in her hands. “Ah, no, well, I, um, I mean-”
    “Is it because of them?”
    “…Yeah.” Shiny’s eyes found themselves preoccupied with the floor.
    “…Are you sure you’ll be okay? You don’t have to do this.” Sem said, still with a voice not meant to give even a hint of emotion away.
    “I-I’ll be fine. See you tomorrow, Sem.” Shiny replied hastily before scrambling away down the stage, likely back to her house. Sem followed her with his eyes, lingering a the place she escaped his sight, before bringing his eyes forward again, only for them to widen considerably.
    “Zacky, don’t you dare drop my bottled tears!”
    “Bite me!”
    Shiny slowed down once the bright lights of the town were behind her, and simply took to walking aimlessly up the mountain. After the landmark was settled, a path was carved so those who wished could make their way to the top without too much difficulty. She took the winding path upwards, but shortly broke from the dirt road, making her way through the foliage. Before long, she found herself on an odd outcropping of the mountain, overlooking Taolang and all before it. She closed her eyes, and the music sheets she held in her hand began to glow, changing shape into a violin. She put the instrument into position, and began to play in front of the lone gravestone.
    “…You’re really good.” Shiny started at the voice, her trembling fingers dropping the violin. She whirled around to see a dark figure lurking in the mountains behind her. “…I-I’m not scared of you! Come on out!” Shiny was younger at the time, much, much younger. She was still learning the ways of Pokecharms, and was rather shaken when many of her good friends were banned. The kicks doled out by the man who went by Nemesis did nothing to help her already fragile nervousness. She assumed a fighting stance as best as she could.
    The figure stepped out of the shadows, and a girl, likely her age, or even younger, waved her hands in a form of surrender. “Hey, hey, I don’t mean any trouble. I was just saying, you play really well.”
    “…Really? U-um, thank you!” She brightened immediately at the praise, and bent over to pick up her violin. “I’m not that amazing in front of people, you know…”
    “Then why don’t I play with you?”

    The girl raised her arm to the side, and a violin formed in her hands, crafted in the darkness itself. “I’ll play with you. It’ll be fine, won’t it?”
    “O-Oh! Yeah, sure!” She turned around and began the tune, carefully stringing the notes along. Before long, the sound of another violin came into play. The sound was…different, to Shiny’s ears. Compared to her shorter, faster, and happier notes, this girl’s were more somber, and drawn out. Much to her surprise, Shiny found the music intertwining beautifully in a melody she had not heard before. The contrast was what made it better. The two ended at the same time, and Shiny turned to the girl.
    “Wow! You’re amazing! …What’s your name?” She asked tentatively, and the girl seemed to consider her answer for a moment.
    “I…Hm, I can’t say anyone has asked me that before. I’m a lurker by nature.” Shiny had heard of the lurkers. Unseen characters, hidden in the shadows, always listening, but never speaking. She had thought them to be something akin to a fairytale. “You can call me Shado.” She seemed pleased with herself. “Heheh, Shado. A fitting name for one such as I. It is nice to meet you…” She left off, awaiting for Shiny to supply her name.
    “Shiny. Or Lyn. You can call me either!” Shado seemed pleased at the name, and gave a ghost of a smile towards her.
    “Alright, Lyn. I hear there is a festival taking place in a couple weeks. Would you like to enter with me?”
    “Shiny? What’s up?”
    Shiny opened her eyes, coming out of her reverie for a moment. She knew the voice by heart. Instead of answering, she chose to continue playing. The tune was something different from her style, or from the style of her old friend, Shado. It was indefinable, and something that reminded her of other times.
    It was a couple years after the first Festival. Although it was something of a chaotic mess, Shiny enjoyed playing with Shado. The other girl was certainly a character, often coming and going without Shiny even realizing. She had made more friends, and was becoming a more integrated member of the community. Every night, however, she always took the time to go out to where the two girls had first met and play, if only for a few minutes. And Shado was always there. Shiny would begin, and Shado would accompany the tune shortly, even if she could not see the lurker. They had just finished their piece when they met the third of their trio.
    “Wow! That was amazing!” A high voice sounded. The two girls turned around to see a smaller girl watching them. She seemed fairly confident in her appearance, despite being shorter than the two. Shiny smiled.
    “Heheh, thanks! I’m Shiny, and this is Shado!” She motioned to her friend, who just nodded. “What’s your name?”
    “I’m Jenova, but you can call me Kimzie, too! Say, uh…” The shorter girl stopped, looking to the ground. As Shiny got a close look, she saw she carried a parasol in one hand, and held it rather cutely. She was reminded of a doll.
    “No need to be shy! What is it?” She offered.
    “…Can I play with you guys?” In an instant, the parasol twisted and morphed into a violin, and Kimzie held it at the ready.

    “…Well,” Shiny looked to her friend. Shado nodded. “Yeah, I don’t see why not!” Shiny turned around and began the tune, and as per usual, Shado joined in, creating their duet. Shiny hadn’t expected Kimzie’s melodies to even compare to the duet that the duo had developed, but like with Shado, she was caught off guard.
    Jenova’s tune seemed to wrap around both Shiny and Shado’s notes, somehow combining the tune together. It was an underlying melody that seemed to fuse all three into something beautiful, and it took Shiny’s breath away. She was surprised to find herself with a grin from ear to ear as she turned to Jenova.
    “Hey…” Shado began, catching the other two by surprise. “There’s a festival coming up and, well, if you’d like to join us…”
    “I’d love to!” Before Shiny knew it, Kimzie had jumped at her and Shado an enveloped them in a hug. They all smiled.
    Shiny ended her piece, and turned around, facing Kimzie. They both had matured since they had first met, and Kimzie gave her a hug as Shiny barreled towards her, violin clattering to the ground with a face full of tears.
    “…I miss her too, Shiny. …She…She may not be dead.” Kimzie whispered into her ears, but it only made the girl cry harder. The tears stained the other girls shoulder. It had been a year since the first time Shiny had not heard Shado’s music follow her own. At first she thought it was a mistake, but as the days passed and no one had seen her, Shiny had given up hope.
    Kimzie had suggested the funeral. In truth, no one truly knew the ways of the lurker. It was a small gathering, and only a couple had shown up. Kimzie, Shiny, Ethan, Sem. In retrospect, Shiny had no idea why he was there, or how he had known about it, but Sem simply did. The gravestone was placed, and Shiny played her heart out. It was a special piece, the last one they had performed together at the Festival of Stars. An Asian Ensemble.
    Shiny found the tears had finally dried, and she brought her face to meet Kimzie’s own. “…Can you walk home with me?”
    Kimzie gave a small smile. “Sure, Shiny, sure.” The two began walking back into the mountain’s forest. Before the lone gravestone was out of sight, however, Shiny gave one last look towards the plot.
    And even though she saw nothing, her ears, as they always had, told her otherwise.
    “…I’ll always be there for you.”
    And at the edge of the moment, at the end of the line, on the finale of the performance…
    One last farewell song was shared between two friends.
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    No words, Tan. Really, there's none.
    I'll just let these... streaming tears in my eyes flow down slowly.

    Really, I feel like I relived everything we had done together as the "Asian Trio" while reading this. My thoughts would've corresponded exactly with the respective times each scene took place.

    And Sem. Gosh, including him just made me cry harder.

    Thank you so much, Tan. I can't express how touched I am to read this...

    excuse me while I bawl now.
  22. That was very, very emotional, Ethan- And equally, magnificently beautiful. There's something about the way in which you play with your words and sentences, how you manage to make everything so detailed yet flow so well, that makes these stories so amazing.

    It's nice to see a story of origin on what is probably this website's most famous trio of members, and I think I speak for us all when I say that I can't wait to see your next installment.

    Also, *hugs Shiny~*

    (The 'Bite me!' actually made me laugh out loud. It's incredibly perfect. xD)
  23. Tan, that was beautiful. Like, seriously, it was really beautiful. As always, I love the style that you've taken to writing, and the way that simple every day situations can be turned into some of the most interesting stories I've read.

    *Chadwyck hugs Shiny and gives her a piece of paper he autographed* don't cry, Shiny D:
  24. Psycho Monkey

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    And how is it I got conned by Sem again?

    Great chapter Tan! It was such a beautiful chapter and it made me realize we haven't seen Jen in awhile either. Now excuse me, I think I got something in my eye. *sheds manly tears* ;_;
  25. And now for something completely different! I may have rushed the end, but sometimes when stories get too long I lose interest altogether in writing. Oops!

    Ambiguous Beings

    “Oh, gods, take me Tangrow!”

    “I’m coming, my sweet.”


    “…Huh?” Elise said as she heard the fervent cries from the other side of the bathroom door. “What are they doing?” Today was a Crazy and Proud Meeting, as Katie liked to call it. To sum it up, it was less of a meeting and more of a casual gathering. Pokecharms was undeniably an incredibly diverse land, and the current Leader of Pokecharms did not want to get too out of touch with its peoples, because although she could be anywhere on a whim, she had a lot of business to take care of. Because of this, everyone was scattered around the Pokecharms Tower, the building where the administration did their work. At this time, Elise was wandering around the lobby when she passed by the bathroom and heard some voices.

    Unfortunately, the bathroom was marked for Ambiguous Beings only, for the likes of Pokemon, Digimon, Tentaclebeasts, and Unknown Creatures of the Deep. Because of this, Elise would not enter if her life depended on it. “Hmmm…maybe I should go ask someone!” She exclaimed after pondering for a moment. With that, she went to look around the Tower to find someone who might know what Tangrow and Tangrelle were up to.

    The first person Elise saw was just entering the Lobby, her good friend Blazikid! She merrily waved to him and beckoned him over. “Hey Blazi!”

    “Hey hey Tun!” Blazikid responded happily, going by Elise’s oft-used nickname. “What’s up?”

    “I was hoping you could tell me! This way!” Elise exclaimed, and then grabbed the fire-user by the arm, leading him to the stalls in the back. “Here, here!” She said, and pointed at the stalls. At first it was quiet, but then what Elise was waiting for came.

    “Tangrelle, keep going. You’re just…ohhh…amazing.” Hearing the voice from the bathroom, Blazi became perplexed. He racked his brain as to any idea for what was happening inside, but could come up with nothing. He shrugged.

    “Sorry Tun, I don’t really know! Maybe you should ask someone else. I’ll see you around!” He exclaimed, giving her a short hug before departing to another floor. This left Elise alone once again, only kept company by the voices in the bathroom. She shrugged as well, mimicking Indie’s actions, and went off to find someone else. Right after she did, Sem passed by and into the Ambiguous Beings Bathroom.

    He promptly turned around and walked right back out.


    Elise found herself on the fifth floor, where the records were kept. If one of her closest friends didn’t know, maybe she should ask someone smarter! With the thought in mind, Elise strolled through the many floors of the Tower. Before long, she found the kind of people she was looking for. The two of them were perusing some records from 2008. “Hey Pheo, Bara! Do you have some time?”

    The bespectacled duo looked up from their work and turned around to properly greet Elise. “Oh, hey Tun.” Pheonix said warmly.

    “Hello. What is it?” Baratron continued the greeting and got to the point. Elise hadn’t spoken to Baratron much, as she mostly worked at the Towers. The older woman was no stranger, as Elise had seen her around town from time to time, but she was mostly wrapped up in the mysterious experiments in her secret laboratory that may or may not exist. At least, that’s what the young girl had heard.

    “I think Tangrow and Tangrelle are doing something in the Ambiguous Bathrooms, but I don’t know what! I’m really curious, so do you have any idea what it is?” Hearing her question, the two older people shared both a glance and an exasperated sigh.

    “You want to, Bara?”

    “No, no, Pheo, I insist.” The scientist countered the librarian’s question smoothly. Pheonix turned a shade of red, and pushed up his glasses a touch.

    “Alright, Tun.” Pheonix began, and Elise focused her attention on him. “We are very busy, and I apologize, but we really do not have the time to explain what is going on to you. We have urgent matters to look into. It will take too much time, time we do not have. I’m sorry.”

    “Oh.” Elise said sadly, looking crestfallen.

    “Maybe you should ask someone who can enter the Ambiguous stalls.” Baratron said, giving some helpful advice.

    “Oh!” Elise said once more, but in realization. “I know just the person! Thanks, you two!” With that, she began to run off.

    “No problem, Tun! I promise we’ll answer your next question!” Pheonix called after her.

    “Don’t run in the records room!” Baratron added before she rounded the corner, hoping her warning would not go unheeded. Then she turned around to continue to search the 2008 records with Pheonix. Before she really got back in her work, however, she gave the man a sidelong glance. “…Urgent matters?”

    Pheonix chuckled nervously. “Well, I’m sure it could be urgent somewhere. Come on, did you want to tell her anything?”

    “…No. Let’s get back to it, shall we?”



    “Indie! Indie!” Elise shouted as she found Indie on the eighth floor, which was for teatime. Indie was just about to serve some tea to other members when she caught him. He turned in surprise, almost spilling the teapot in the process. “Hey Data!” Elise added to the liquid pouring utensil. It whistled in response, steam pouring out its end.

    “Hey Tun-Wha!?” The ambiguous boy shouted as Elise immediately grabbed him and pulled him into the elevator with surprising strength, taking Teapot with them. “Where are we going?” Elise simply giggled as the elevator opened on the Lobby floor and dragged him over to the bathrooms. Teapot whistled.

    “Can you go in there for me? I want to find out what’s up!” She exclaimed. Indie facepalmed and dropped Teapot, who whistled angrily at the occurrence.

    “Tun…I can’t.”

    “But I thought you could!”

    “I explained to you that-ugh, forget it. See you later.” Indie said, mildly bothered for the sake of it. He strolled back to the elevator, leaving Tun with Teapot on the floor. She looked at him expectantly, but Teapot hopped away, leaving Tun to think some more as she listened to the entangled noises from the bathroom.


    “Oh, Shiny!” Elise exclaimed as she found the musical girl taking a break from performing in the sixth floor lounge. “Do you have some time?”

    “Yeah, Tun, what’s u-woah!” Shiny responded as Elise spun her around and pushed her into the elevator, leaving Shiny’s violin behind. As the doors closed, she held out her hand, and in a flash of light, it returned to her and reformed into a fan that glowed incredibly brightly. She closed it and put it in her back pockets. “What’s this all about?”

    “This way!” Was all Elise said as she ran to the bathrooms. Shiny shrugged, and followed her. Elise got straight to the point when they arrived. “What are they doing?”

    “Ugh…keep going! Don’t stop!”


    “I…” Shiny’s face paled noticeably. She lifted a finger and opened her mouth, but decided to close it and settled for patting Elise on the head a couple times, nervously. The younger girl could feel the musician’s hands shaking. “You know what, Tun? I’ll tell you when you’re older.” With that, still noticeably jittery step, she walked back to the elevator for the next act.


    “Oh, now what do I do?” Elise said to herself as she walked around the Tower floors. She had asked a lot of people, but many of them simply did not know, or said nothing helpful on the matter! Adam had said what Shiny said and walked away, Katie was too busy to go with her, Shocari didn’t want to know, and everyone else had similar results. She sighed.

    “What’s up, Elise?”

    “Oh, hey Zacky!” She immediately brightened up when the older man came along. He would know what was up! “Can I show you something?” And so she did. They arrived at the bathroom shortly.

    “Unh! Faster, faster!”

    “Better than that! Huragh!”

    Zacky’s face was unreadable. Then his hand came up to his face and smacked it in true facepalm fashion. He turned to Elise. “You get everyone you bothered about this. I’ll be right back.” With that, he went to the elevator, intent on his goal. Elise shrugged and decided to do what he said.


    “Okay, everyone, Zacky should be here any second and he should be able to tell us!” Elise exclaimed happily to the small crowd in front of her. There were mixed emotions: Sir Red was mildly interested, Dwayna was outright bored, Indie had an unreadable expression, and Shiny’s face paled further. “Oh, there he is, with…oh, hey Ethan!”

    And it was true. Down to the bathrooms and the crowd strode Zacky with Ethan following behind, an inquisitive look on his face. The cat loving boy was roughly shoved forward by Zacky, although he didn’t seem to mind. “This is your mess. Clean it up.” Ethan looked confused, but then he heard it.

    “One more, come on!”

    “But I’m getting tired!”

    Ethan’s face immediately turned red and he stormed in the bathrooms with wild abandon. All was silent, but then his face poked out from the door. “Come on in, everyone!” Everyone filed in, mostly hesitant and uneasy. Then they saw what was truly transpiring.

    “Hey guys! I was wondering when you’d join in!” Tangrow exclaimed.

    “Yeah, this is the best dance party ever!” Tangrelle added. Most of the crowd shared a facepalm as the other half became excited.

    “Now, Grelle, Grow, what did I tell you about wild dance parties in the bathroom?” Ethan asked in a stern voice.

    “To invite other people…” The pair said, sounding ashamed.

    “Alright!” The boy shouted. “Now, let’s get this dance party started!” Everyone cheered, and began what would be the best wild bathroom dance party in the history of Pokecharms.

    Sem walked into the Ambiguous Beings Bathroom once more upon hearing the louder commotion.

    And walked right back out.
  26. Dwayna DragonFire

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    I'm a fast reader, and I know you just published this, but this is the best story ever, so call me maybe?

    In all seriousness, I was thoroughly intrigued by each mini thing that lead up to the end where they figured it out. I raised my eyebrow at the ambiguous person's bathroom, but I brushed it off as you being you. :p I laughed pretty hard at the ending, it was amazing what you did with Sem. I am definitely looking forward to more from you in the future.
  27. Shiny Lyni

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    Oh gosh, this made me laugh so much XD

    I was expecting them to be like, racing or something. Dance party works, too.

    ... brb as I die of laughter XDDDD
  28. And of course, after that deeply emotional chapter, you just had to come up with something perversely silly, didn't you? That's so you and it's exactly why we love you. xD

    Poor Tun, forever our youngest addition.

    You also managed to capture Data perfectly, just saiyan!
  29. I know I'm not really active on the forums at the moment due to my family stuff going on and everything, but I just had to make time to read the newest chapter of this because I find all these little stories so interesting. I must say that I'm really glad that I made the time XD this was really silly, and I think a really good way to follow up the super serious story of infinite sadness. I chuckled a fair amount at pretty much everything, but I do love the ridiculousness of a them having a dance party in the bathroom. Classic. Keep it up, Tan~
  30. ...

    Am I that innocent?

    Either way, I lol'd throughout the entire thing. Keep going!

    (Also yay! First appearance!)
  31. Holy mother of gerbils, this is funny! I want to read more of this!

    BTW,is my mind so dirty that when I read this I thought of more than shipping? XD

    Other than that, I find this little ficlets quite a pleasant read. I enjoy reading all the different interpretations of this community.
  32. So, Virgil got me on the subject of spirit pokemon in chat. I decided to get everyone in there at the time to run an rng between 1 and 649, and tell me what number they got. The corresponding Pokemon to the number was their spirit pokemon!

    In other words,

    what is this i dont even


    “Help me, Spirit Pokemon!” Virgil cried out in distress. The eccentric Charmsian was sitting in his house in Pokecharms City all alone, upon a chair. He had called out the phrase just when he appeared to realize something.

    In a flash, a tall creature stood over Virgil. It was blue skinned, with bulging muscles and a manly pose. Machoke wore sunglasses over its eyes as it spoke. “What.” Virgil shied back at the imposing Pokemon, turning his head away and pressing his fingers against one another.

    “Oh, uh, well…” Virgil said quietly. “I was wondering if we could play together and stuff…”

    “Play?” The Machoke appeared confused. If it had eyebrows, they would have been raised. A few minutes later, however, they were both in the kitchen.

    “OH MY GOD THESE ARE THE BEST COOKIES EVER!” Virgil exclaimed as he shoved some of them down his mouth. Machoke stoof by stoically, in his pink Kiss the Cook apron.


    Zacky was sitting at the edge of a large cliff face, resting his head on his hands. He peered out into the horizon, taking in the scenery. He sighed. “Isn’t there anyone who can match me…?” He asked, seemingly to no one. Then he had an idea, and his eyes lit up as he stood up and turned around. With a mighty roar, he shouted, “HELP ME, SPIRIT POKEMON!” The ground began to shake, kicking up a massive dust storm.

    Once the cloud cleared, Zacky laid eyes on his opponent. What he expected would be Emboar, or even Machop, however, was most certainly not. He gawked at the site.

    On the floor, laying there on the ground twitching, appeared to be a horrible amalgamation that should not be made. It appeared as some form of an Ursaring fused to a Meganium. The bear Pokemon’s upper half had replaced the Meganium’s neck and was a sickly greenish color. It was twitching and regurgitating, appearing to choke on its own fluids.

    What was left of Meganium, however, were its large green four legs. All four of them were splayed in awkward positions, and twitching violently. Its tail seemed to be half chopped off, and was pulsating on the whole. The Ursaring continues hacking on itself as fluids spilled out of it at an alarming rate while the violent seizure-like behaviors quickened. It continued until the Ursaring’s head began to expand and explode, showering the surrounding area in what appeared to be corrosive fluids.

    Zacky gawked, for he had imagined a great battle, not a hideous mess. He gave two quick looks around, shifting his eyes back and forth. After making sure nobody saw what happened, he cautiously made his way around the Ursaganium’s body and quickly walked off, pondering to himself.

    “…I think I’ll go bother Toru instead.”


    Over at the Grand Library, Carmen had sectioned herself off from the main area, surrounding herself in her works once more. The woman was working on continuing her latest chapter for Diaries, writing diligently away as inspiration had struck her and she was off to the races when it came to progress.

    …Or, that is what she would like to think. In reality, Carmen was struck with the dreaded writer’s block, and her pencil had not moved from the original place she had put it. Which, incidentally was at the top of the paper. Carmen’s head met the table in frustration. Luckily, as was appropriate for all involved, her head raised back up. She snapped her fingers and put the pencil down, choosing to stand up.

    “It’s like this, right…” She said, mostly to herself. “Alright, help me, Spirit Pokemon!”

    Almost immediately, winds began to pick up in the Library, creating what seemed to be a tornado localized right in front of where Carmen was standing. She covered her eyes and was forced to back up in the face of the strong winds. As quickly as it began, however, it ended, and in its place sat an innocent Pidgeot. It chirped.

    The Library was now in incredible disarray. All the books were off the shelves and splayed all over, badfics mixed in with proper stories and even unfinished ones. Not to mention Carmen’s items, which were now inaccessible ddue to being thrown throughout the library. Even the great tome of fiction that was Rise of Team Neos had fallen over. Carmen looked at the mess in despair and facepalmed as the Pidgeot pleasantly rubbed its feathers against her.



    Tailon was sitting down on the ground. He was doing nothing in particular, simply sitting besides the Lake of Sparkles. In reality, upon closer examination, the arcanist had gotten his fingers stuck in an Ancient Shinese Finger Trap. He kept trying to push in and then pull out, but to no avail. Out of frustration, he shouted, “Help me, Spirit Pokemon!”

    Nothing appeared to happen at first. But after a few seconds, a small pop sounded, and a Slowbro appeared in front of Tailon, staring off into the distance vacantly. Tailon grinned.

    “Oh, great, Slowbro, you’ve got to help me! Shiny gave me one of these things but it’s been a week now and I still can’t get out of-“ Tailon then stopped as he realized Slowbro was still staring off into space. “Hey, Slowbro! Slowbro!” He said, waving his arm. But Slowbro did nothing.

    Because he was Slowbro.

    “Slowbro, you’re not helpful at all!”


    “…It’s really cold.” Cloveria was sitting in her apartment room by herself. It was the wintertime, and the landlord refused to pay money for heating. He could have just as easily appealed to someone like Linkachu to provide it for the winter, but he was a stingy man. Cloveria was truly not too fond of him, but he did provide her with a place to stay, and she was still looking for somewhere to live more permanently. She was huddled under all the covers she could, but was still shivering.

    “…What can I do…” She pondered to herself, and the idea came to her head, as she had heard accounts of the fabled Spirit Pokemon before. “Alright! Um, h-help me, Sp-Spirit Po-Pok-Pokemon!” Despite the stuttering, her wishes came true, and with a sudden boop noise, a kind, and warm Cyndaquil plopped into her arms. Cloveria’s eyes lit up.

    “Oh, thank you so much, Cyndaquil! Please keep me warm tonight!” The Cyndaquil nodded happily, and shouted its own name in its high pitched voice.

    “Thank you, Spirit Pokemon!”


    “…Surrounded.” Arma said to himself, cursing inwardly at the situation. The zombies were closing in on him, and he was out of ammo. His axe was out of reach, and Arma found his back pressed against the wall as his once-friends closed in on him, hungering for flesh.

    In reality, it was a simulation, and Arma knew that, but he’d be damned if he’d lose. Regardless, his options were limited and very restricted, and Arma’s mind was running out of what he could do in the situation. However, he did have one thing. His ace in the hole.

    “Help me, Spirit Pokemon!” He cried out in panic. In a small puff of smoke, a small pink animal fell onto the floor. It stood there, smiling, and then fell on its side, unblinking. Arma’s grin fell off his face as he realized his Spirit Pokemon was a dud.

    “Audino? Seriously? Why couldn’t I get like, Scyther or something? God damnit…” He cursed. Surprisingly, however, Audino did the trick. The undead beings scrambled over to Audino’s body, ripping away at its flesh and devouring it as the Pokemon smiled blankly. Arma laughed.

    “Huh! Well, thanks Audino! You useless piece of trash!” He waved it a sendoff and scooted around the zombies, who were completely ignoring him, making his way to the next safe house where Zacky and Brian were waiting.


    “Alright, just one more chemical…wait, where is it!?” A woman in researcher’s garb whipped around from her chemistry setup, scanning the room frantically with her eyes. Then she looked to the floor. “Oh, no…” Beside her lay broken glass and an unidentifiable liquid slowly spreading out on the floor.

    “That was the last batch I had! If only there was some way to get more…but everything’s closed.” She said, mostly angry at herself. Normally, she was so meticulous and careful, and the one time she wasn’t something went wrong. “Wait…didn’t some of the kids tell me…worth a shot, even though it makes no sense.” She turned back to the counter where the complex mixture lay bubbling.

    “Help me, Spirit Pokemon! …Or something.” In an odd squelching noise, a Koffing appeared above her, floating. Baratron’s skeptical face became a grin. “Amazing! Now, I suppose I just have to ask it…Koffing! Excrete into the substance!”

    Almost appearing happy to do so, the Koffing’s relatively spherical body contracted somewhat, and then relaxed once more, causing an odd gaseous and liquid material to secrete from one of its many pores right into the beaker. The scientist smiled, picked up the container and shook it around a bit.

    “Great! It is done! Many thanks, Koffing.” With that, she bid the Spirit Pokemon farewell as it winked out of existence once more. Baratron then made for the exit of the lab, using her hands to whiff the smell of the mixture towards her.

    “Hm. I wonder what it does. Oh well, maybe Richard will try it.”


    “And I expect you to guard the premises while I’m gone, Red.”

    “Yes, milady.” The knight in question bid his mistress goodbye as Dwayna flew off in Dragon forme. He then took a look around. It was mostly a nice looking area, but there were chores to be done in the mansion, and Red was charged to watch Dwayna’s child in her stead. It was a sign of her utmost trust in him. Due to this, Red went inside, heading up to the room the nursery was located.

    The nursery was originally for baby dragons and the like, but once Mary-Anne came into existence, it had become a home for baby babies, as well. Red made his way to enter, putting his hand on the regal doorknob and turned it.

    Or he would have liked to if it wasn’t locked. His eyes widened. “This must be the work of an intruder! I must get inside!” He launched himself against the door several times, but the structure would not give. Panting, he lifted his head upwards and shouted. “Help me, Spirit Pokemon!”

    In a roar and crashing light, Dialga appeared in front of Red in its mighty glory. He leapt on top of Dialga and sheathed his sword, raising it to the sky. “QUICKLY, DIALG! WE MUST SEARCH THE MANSION FOR THE BABY-NAPPERS!” The Dialga roared in agreement.

    They then proceeded to tear the mansion apart looking for an intruder that was never there. It was pretty cool.


    Pheo sat in the Library, by the fireplace, reading a book. However, unlike normal circumstance, there had been a power outage, and therefore, it was much darker in the building than it would be. The fireplace, unfortunately was not lit. After trying to squint to see better, he sighed and closed his book. He turned his exasperations to the unlit fireplace.

    “…Technically, I could light it with some fire magic, but…” He paused. “I don’t really want to.” He went back to squinting at the book. After another failed minute or two, he sighed. “I give up. Help me, Spirit Pokemon.” A warmth began to fill the room, spreading from the fireplace. A Houndoom appeared out of seemingly nowhere, settled on the logs of the fireplace. The dog blew on them, and they sparked into life.

    “Much better.”


    “Hm.” Rex said to himself, shifting positions. He was looking through the scope, and trying to get a clear shot at the target. Sadly, from the position he was at, there was no way to get a good shot. He couldn’t afford to miss, either. The anthropomorphic otter clicked his tongue in annoyance. Standing up would give away his position. He needed an advantage.

    “…I swear, if this doesn’t work…” He muttered. “…Help me, Spirit Pokemon.” In a brilliant flash of torrenting fire, Entei appeared, essentially signaling all the enemies to Rex’s current position. Rex was currently gawking as the wild Entei fled the scene, galloping through houses, off buildings and through cars.

    “…God damn it.” With that, Rex pulled out his assault rifle and ran behind nearby cover, now trying to defend himself from the enemy team Entei had so generously alerted.


    Shocari stared at the sky. Truly, there was not much to do on the ground. The Charms Airship was hosting a party, and Shocari had just missed it, being held up by some bothersome tentacles and their lost Ethan. Who, coincidentally, was right on top of said tentacles. Ethan didn’t help matters, staying quiet as a mouse.

    “What are you doing, Sho?” The cat lover in question inquired, bending over to cover Shocari’s view of the sky.

    “Well, you sort of prevented me from getting to the party…”

    Ethan blinked once. Then he laughed. “What’s that for!” Shocari cried out, indignant.

    “Why don’t you just use your Spirit Pokemon, silly!” Ethan exclaimed innocently, as if it was the obvious thing to do. Shocari cocked his eyebrow.

    “Spirit Pokemon?”

    “Yeah, Spirit Pokemon! You just have to shout, Help me, Spirit Pokemon!” Ethan said, demonstrating the way to do it. “And your Spirit Pokemon will rescue you in your time of need!”

    “…But how do I know what my Spirit Pokemon is?”

    “You don’t! Ahahah!”

    “…” Shocari twitched. He then sighed. “Alright…Help me, Spirit Pokemon! I guess…” In a twinkle of light, a spinning star appeared at Shocari’s side. It made an odd noise, the gem at its center blinking twice. “…Starmie?”

    “Yay! Now you can go to the party, Sho!”

    “Wait, what do you-Woah!” Interrupted from his question, Starmie swept Shocari off his feet and began to fly above into the distance, gazing into Shocari’s eyes with whatever it had to gaze with.

    “Oh, Starmie…” Shocari said, swooning. “Alright! Let’s go to the party!” He exclaimed, pumping a fist into the air. Starmie seemed to agree and sped off, disappearing from view into the sunset.

    Ethan wiped a tear from his eye with a hankechief. “That was beautiful.” He said to himself, holding his hands together.
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  33. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Damnit Tan this is amazing! :'D

    I love all of the different scenarios you put everyone through and how some of the Spirit Pokemon were helpful and others... just weren't. Red and Carmen making messes of their respective areas were so funny as were Tailon's and Rex's epic failures XD

    Now I'm curious as to who my Spirit Pokemon is. *cough*Infernape*cough*
  34. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I come back and I'm laughing my head off over some of these and wondering just how perfect the others are. And sometimes doing both at the same time.

  35. I liked Sir Red's the best =B
    If anyone was wondering, my Spirit Pokémon is apparently Druddigon -according to random.org, anyway.
  36. Mine is Gallade, ooo :)

    These little stories are amazing, Ethan. I really hope you continue :)

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