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Ask to Join A Call to Action

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by MelodyMay, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. Gwenrhian

    Her pupils swam across the room, briefly, she followed Cain's movements and though they were quick, they hadn't quite escaped her heightened senses. Not that it mattered. Her ability was focused on her senses rather than sheer physical ability. Despite being able to track his movements, she lacked the ability to physically keep up with him. It was thus a great fortune that her opponent chose to bounce around the room before proceeding to attack her. That had given her plenty of time to react —by stepping back.

    As her weight shifted to the desk's edge, the inevitable happened —it flipped over. Gwenrhian huddled into a ball, wincing as the stunning roar washed over her sending her ears ringing, but safe and sound behind her office-tower-shield.



    Humming with discontent, Gweneira peered through the exhaust fumed of her temporary reprieve —the rear-end of an air-conditioner. If the metal man was here...that meant...

    Her eyelids slid shut and then, for several seconds, she was Gwenrhian. Thinking as the oldest of the sisters would, in attempts to piece together her next course of action.

    It was clear that the metal was only here because Gwenrhian had allowed it. Even if she hadn't been able to stop him, if they'd engaged in combat, she would've held him up far longer. In that case, the current situation was something her sister had intentionally created...but why?

    Her brow knotted together, Joakim's thundering steps only compounding her oncoming headache. She racked her brain, the seconds ticking to the thunk, thunk, thunk of —wait...thunk?

    The alchemist snapped to her feet, her eyes alight with a devious glimmer. She had a plan.
  2. Lifting herself with her psychic power, Glacies floated above a building. She saw a trio of Empowered fighting... someone, and it didn't look good.
    What to do, what to do...
    Suddenly, she had an idea. Her eyes began to glow blue, and she flicked her wrist towards the one that the Empowered were fighting. Instantly, spikes of ice raised from the roof of the building and smashed into the villain. No longer afraid, she floated down onto the roof of the building.
    "It's a bit too warm up here for my taste. I think I'll make it a bit... colder. How does that sound?" As she said this, the air instantly grew colder as she cast an icy wind towards Joakim.
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  3. His mind went in circles, deciding on what to do and what not to do. Come on! I got myself into this mess, now I got to get myself out of it! Suddenly, a loud crash came from behind him and he turned to see another person casting icy winds towards Joakim. Justice managed to muster up enough courage to transform back into his fiery snake form.
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  4. "You mess with me, you'll play with fire!" Joakim's flamethrower spewed out blazing flames at the frigid wind as the pieces of metal were sharpened to razor blades that were launched at the new hero. "You messed with the wrong man Popsicle! Time to die! Hehehehe! Isn't that right brother?" The Tank Warrior seemed to pat an invisible person that stood next to him, or he was losing the last of his sanity.
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  5. She held out her hands and the fire stopped. She chose not to evaporate it, having a better idea.
    "Sure, fire melts ice, but if I'm not mistaken, doesn't it melt metal too?" She flicked both wrists and the fire was sent right back.
    Wincing in pain as a couple metal daggers hit her, she created an ice wall around the Tank Warrior. She knew his fire could melt it, so she made it as thick and compact as possible. On her command, spikes emerged from the wall around him, moving slowly towards him.
  6. "BURN TO CINDERS! MWAHAHAHA!" Joakim spewed out more and more flames as he melted the ice wall in front of him, ignorant of the fire coming back towards him. The ice wall in front of him was soon melted away, but the fire that got redirected was about to give him a fiery hug. The Tank Warrior just laughed, knowing his suit could take the fire without any damage. "An ice manipulator that uses fire? What's next? A flying pig? I can provide th-"


    Some of the fire redirected at Joakim entered the funnel of the flamethrower, causing the fuel inside to ignite and explode due to the pent up pressure! He quickly severed the exploded and burning gas tank from his suit, the back being pretty damaged because of it and losing a weapon. "No! Not the fire that will scorch all the vermin that stands in my way! You will pay!" The metal menace lifted the burning tank and threw it at the ice manipulator with all his strength before bending the metal around his right arm to resemble a sledgehammer and charging at her through the hole in the ice wall.
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  7. She flinched slightly at the oncoming attack.
    Oh sh-
    The attack slammed into her, and pain unlike anything she had ever felt flooded her body. Battered, bruised, and bloody, she got up, determination flaring within her eyes.
    "No.. this isn't over... THIS ISN'T OVER!"
    She felt a dark presence emerge within her, pushing her, commanding her.
    Her pain fueled her anger, and said anger threatened to take her over once again. This time, though, she didn't bother to resist it. Her eyes went blank and began to glow an empty blue, as she hovered in the air. She quickly healed some of her wounds with ice before losing control entirely.
    Now completely lost in her own emotions, she went completely berserk. Howling with rage, she shot massive daggers of ice down from the sky. The air temperature began dropping harshly, since she no longer had any concern for even her allies below. Normally, she would be harmed for harming a hero, but since she hardly knew these Empowered her backlash did not apply. Pain flared through her body with every second and some wounds even reopened, but she ignored it, not even rational enough to speak.

    She would be taunting excessively in her normal state, but in this state she lost all rationality. The part of her that remained tried to regain control, knowing that this was not the way, but her anger would not leave. She was stuck in her subconscious until she won the battle, died, or became sufficiently injured.

  8. He watched her and the Tank Warrior fight for awhile, as he was still figuring out on how to help. Then, the girl got hit very severely, and Justice predicted that this might be a good time to hop in. But, she seemed to get back up, and he could already tell that she was very mad. The temperature dropped and ice fell from the sky. However, the temperate barely affected him as Justice was in his snake form. Yet, the ice could be a problem if he kept his position.
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  9. Rage coursed through her veins, and the temperature dropped further. Pain flared in every fiber of her soul, but she didn't care.
    She pointed at Joakim, her arm shaking. "YOU... YOU WILL PAY!"
    Her rationality increased slightly. She hovered down to the fire-snake hero, still highly volatile but able to communicate.
    Multiple ice attacks swirled around her, but she made sure none hit the hero. "B-buy me t-time. I have s-something I c-can do, but I-I will n-need all the time I can get." Her eyes blanked out and glowed again, as she rose back into the sky.
    With the last bit of free will she had, she created a thick ice sphere around herself and began to charge power. To assist in the stalling, she fired as many attacks as she could while still conserving energy.
    I just need one minute.
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  10. He looked at the girl who now hovered above him. Justice nodded swiftly, a determined look in his eyes. Justice turned back to the Tank Warrior, letting out a burst of fiery green flames at him. He didn’t want to fail this girl, so he tried his best to buy her as much time as possible.
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  11. /"The snake is back! Hehehahaha! Time to die!" Joakim made a large metal wall from the metal strewn around and parts from the stairwell, shielding him from the attack. The wall bent into a dome shape and was sent flying at Justice, trying to cover him with it as spikes began protruding out of the scrap dome. Joakim himself went for the large ice dome. "Time to make some ice cream, I will make you scream!" Manipulating the metal around both of his hands into sledgehammers, he began to bash into it.
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  12. She felt the dome began to shake, but she had filled it with so much power that it would barely budge.
    Just... a little bit longer....
    Suddenly, her power surged like never before. The dome began to shatter as her form began to change. She let out a powerful scream of rage and pain, knowing that this was the time.
    With a blinding flash of blue light, she used all the power she had. Once the flash cleared, she hardly looked human.
    Where she had once been, now stood a titanic creature made entirely out of ice. It seemed to be about twenty feet tall. She was in the center of the titan, unconscious. The creature, powered by her subconscious, roared at Joakim with a voice that made the tower shake.
    This wasn't something she had done before. This was a power she had never thought she needed. She knew that she had just used up everything she had to do this, and if this didn't work she'd be completely vulnerable.
    In her unconsciousness, she telepathically sent another message to the fire-snake hero.
    If this fails, then I will be completely vulnerable to the Tank Warrior. I will no longer be able to use my abilities for at least... one hour, so I have to trust you to take him down in that case. I know it's a lot to put on one hero, but I know you can do it.
    The creature pointed at the Tank Warrior and spoke in a guttural voice. "YOU. SCRAP METAL. TIME TO DIE." It raised a fist, and aimed it at Joakim.
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  13. Joakim was quite literally blown away by the creation of the ice giant in front of him. He was flung backwards and stood back up, clearly in awe. "EHEHEHEAHAHA! MAGNIFICENT! IT IS- !" His rank was cut short as a giant fist slammed down at the position he was at. As he was in front of the stairwell and he jumped back, he fell down the stairs. "Ow!" The Tank Warrior got up again before running outside, towards a building site. The steel beams that were present began to move as if they were liquid, bending and forming to the demented will of a maniac.

    A large draconic form began to take shape, dividing itself into more and more copies of itself, wyverns at about 6 feet tall kept appearing with lance wielding knights on top of them until there were thirty of each. One of them carried Joakim instead. "Goooooo, attaaaaackkk! HEHEHEAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!" Joakim had officially lost every bit of his sanity, if he managed to survive this battle he'd be out of the running for a month at the very least.

    Wyverns took to the skies as metal birds whose droppings will rain death upon the land, and soon they arrived at the ice titan. The knights and Joakim jumped off as they tried to attack the legs of the ice beast, whilst the wyverns kept attempting to peck at it. Joakim on the other hand was busy laughing maniacally in the middle of the chaos.
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  14. Her pain drove her into a deeper state of rage, as the titan changed forms into a winged dragon. She came out of the construct that she had created, and gave it sentience.
    This villain's insanity was taking a toll on Allie herself, driving her further over the edge. She had only one thought in her mind: kill.
    She leaped onto the dragon's back, and the dragon roared loudly. The force of the roar blew the wyverns backwards, as it sent a massive stream of blue fire at the enemies (particularly Joakim).
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  15. Joakim didn't stop laughing, not bothered by the stream of fire heading his way as a wyvern snatched him up. The other wyverns did the same with the knights, although one wyvern and knight were consumed by the fire. "Do you waaaant to seee a trick? Here it coooomes!" The wyverns began flocking together around Joakim, merging into one big blob of molten metal. The knights were nowhere to be seen, and every last bit of metal that the Tank Warrior could gather was getting pulled towards it. Soon the blob began morphing into a humanoid shape, with huge square shoulders and block-like hands. Its legs reached the street down below whilst its torso reached the top of the building. A giant metal golem appeared, with Joakim controlling it from inside! The mouth of the being opened, Joakim's voice resonating from it. "Beeehoooldd, your DemIse! Hehehehe, hahahahahahaha! Goldfish! Give me a goldfish!" The golem pulled back its ginormous fist and was ready to smash the ice dragon to pieces.
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  16. Allie had officially gone completely berserk as well, with random flare-ups of ice exploding around her. Knowing that her dragon could not survive a hit like that, she completely abandoned that plan. Commanding the dragon, they soared straight up and out of sight.
    However, Allie was not hiding. She was biding her time, slowly regenerating using Healing ice. She needed much more time than she had, and decided to throw everything she had at this titan.
    She flew back down, aboard the dragon, and put her hands together. Nothing happened at the moment, but the ground slowly began to rumble.
    The sky darkened, as blue energy flowed from the ground and into her. The ground was rumbling like a major earthquake now, but she seemed unaffected.
    Looking to the heroes, she placed an energy barrier around each one.
    Telepathically, she spoke to them. I would protect yourselves if I were you.
    She let out an ear splitting cry, and everything went blue.
    A massive explosion of ice erupted around her, as all of her charged power exploded out like a volcano. The explosion consumed all her surroundings, as the temperature dropped to dangerously low levels. The ground crumbled under this explosion, as she cackled with her sanity completely gone.
    She wasn't done yet. All the remaining ground now looked like a winter storm had just hit. Spheres of blue energy fired from her palms, as she attacked everything and anything in the near vicinity. If she survived this, her power would be gone for at least a few days, most likely longer.
    She held nothing back as she just let her power take over, with smaller but destructive explosions randomly appearing around her. Her consciousness slowly slipped away, as her body was no longer controlled by her brain, but mindlessly acting, possessed by her power. If this didn't work, then she was definitely going to die. This was her last stand.
    Howling with laughter, she continued her assault. Every ounce of her power was manifesting into random attacks, all aimed at the titan.
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  17. Yet again, he was trapped in a spiky metal dome. Oh great, guess I’ll have to melt all of this again... Justice started to breathe his green flames on a small part of the dome so he could escape. Then, he heard the girl’s voice again. Justice hesitated for a moment, no one had placed their trust in him in a long time. I’ll try my best... Finally, all his fire created a hole, which he swiftly slithered through. But, he instead came across a blizzard-hit street. Justice looked at the ice dragon and the girl on it. She was furiously attacking the Tank Warrior.
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  18. "COME OUT, COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE!" Joakim searched for the ice manipulator, but could not find her. This was bad, he had yet to master this form and he was already incredibly unstable. If this fight didn't end soon, he could very well lose his life in this fight! When the earthquake hit, the legs of the titan began to turn into a different liquid, acting as a shock absorber of sorts. "FACE ME, YOU COWARD!"

    That's when the cold hit, and the effects hit hard. The titan became very cold, and if the creaking was any indicator for the state of the titan, he needed to bail. He threw a punch at the spheres coming his way, but cracks appeared in the metal. No, not the shivers! I don't like the shivers! The titan was made almost entirely out of steel, and steel became very brittle in the extreme cold. This fight turned very bad very fast.

    He had to flee, but how? Running was out of the question, the titan could shatter at any moment. That's when the giant metal construction reached down its throat, grabbing Joakim. It pulled its hand back and threw the Tank Warrior away, falling apart soon after without someone keeping it together. The road below was now filled with scrap metal, as the person who was responsible was thrown far away and out of view.
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  19. Allie felt herself grow dizzy, as her subconscious rage dissipated. She looked around in horror, at the chaos that the fight - that she - had caused.
    "What have I done?" she said quietly.
    Seeing her foe gone, she realized exactly what had happened. She collapsed to the ground, tears beginning to fall.
    "It wasn't supposed to end like this.... no, NO!" she cried, feeling guilt. She hadn't wanted to kill anyone, but her emotions had prevailed.
    I'm a danger to society... why did I ever think I could do this...
    Her vision clouded blue, as she slowly lost consciousness.
    She mumbled incoherently for a few seconds, and then spoke out loud.
    "Well, that escalated quickly," she babbled before passing out.
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  20. Justice shot a beam of green fire when the Tank Warrior was flung away, but he was too late so his shot at him missed. He saw the girl pass out onto the ground, and that’s when Justice turned back into his human form. He ran over to her, worry clouded his eyes. He attempted to pick her up, but he was too weak and tired out. “At least the fight is over...”
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  21. Allie slowly blinked awake, seeing the other hero trying to help her up. She smiled weakly.
    She tried to get up but stumbled, her body burning with pain, not ready to stand.
    "That was one of my most powerful abilities. I'll be weak for a while now. What should we do now?" Her speech was somewhat disconnected and quiet, due to her weakness. Her mind was still foggy, and would be for a while.
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