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Ask to Join A Call to Action

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by MelodyMay, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. The weak afternoon sun washed over the city streets. A tall figure wandered the alleyways, her slit pupils keeping an eye put for trouble. She wore a purple, black and gold suit. She was pleased to note that, at least this close to the suburbs, there wasn't much litter; at least, not a lot by a big city's standards. The volunteer groups were really trying to help out in any way they could.

    The earpiece built into her suit crackled before the voice of an older woman came through. "Maya, where are you? I turn my back for five seconds and you wander away from the security cameras!" Despite having raised her voice towards the end, the woman spoke in a bland monotone that betrayed no emotion at all. The teen know better, though.

    "Corrina, I know you worry but I can't always fight crime in front of cameras," she replied with a chuckle. "Criminals may usually be dummies but even the dumb ones know to stay clear of the cameras," she added as she scratched her head. "Hey, do you think we could switch this hood out for a separate hood and mask piece? Keeping my hair under this body is super itchy," she pointed.

    "I'll talk to your tailor about it," Corrina grumbled in her typical monotone. "Anyway, it's a busy day for heroes. There's been a carjacking near the Fisher building, the First National Park in the Palmer Park area is being robbed. The police have the culprits cornered in the back but they have hostages! Also, there's an eight car pile up on the I-75 near you."

    "How far have rescue efforts gotten? Do either the carjackers or the bank robbers have powers?" Maya asked as she started to race north. While she didn't have super speed, she could use her strength to propel herself faster than any regular person. She couldn't help but hope the wreck was almost dealt with. She had been a hero for nearly a month now and had barely gotten to fight bad guys like she always saw in movies and Corrina's old comic books.

    "They've barely cleared one vehicle; two of the occupants are on their way to the hospital. The driver was dead when ambulances arrived. As for the assailants in the other cases, it's all inconclusive. They very well may," Corrina answered after a moment.

    Maya quietly whined. She so badly wanted to bash some bank robber heads but she was bright enough to know where she was needed most. Moving cars and tearing off stuck doors was child's play for her; the rescuers would need her help. Stickler cops may be an issue, though. "I'll head to the pile up. Do I keep heading north?"

    "Yes. I won't be able to check in with you for another hour or three; I have a business meeting in a few minutes. It'll just be a conference call but I won't be able to help you," the older woman warned as she pulled up the necessary charts and graphs.

    "Cool, I get to fly solo for once," Maya joked as she jumped between the backed up cars trying to get onto the interstate. Luckily for her, the traffic was practically at a standstill. "Is it for Corrin Electronics or Core Proctetion?" she asked. Corrina's power's let her directly interface with any electronic device; she could access all files and data- even the internet- just by placing her hand on a computer. This unparalleled ability to view the direct inner workings of technology let her be able to build the fastest models of computers yet. Core Protection was her own brand of virus and malware protection. 'And all by the time she's thirty-two,' Maya thought proudly as she dashed between cars.

    "Both; the government is wanting to invest in our technology for their research labs here in the city," she reluctantly revealed.

    "Uh, haven't you made a whole public statement thing about how you won't be doing business with the feds?" Maya asked. It had been controversial but her sister had been firm. There was no way in hell that her company would deal with the government until the laws prohibiting the use of powers- this labeling all empowereds as criminals by nature- were abolished.

    "They were very... insistent that I hear what they have to say. I won't say anything else on the matter; you're almost there. You focus on your job and I'll focus on mine," Corrina stated firmly.

    "Fine, but don't you dare let those people bully you," Maya said as the wreck started to show on the horizon.

    "I never do," Corrina sighed before the line went dead. Oh, how she hated these federal talks...

    The wreck was massive and at least one engine had caught fire. At the base of the wreckage was a tour bus, no doubt on it's way to see the great lakes. Between the sounds of sirens, cries for help, and orders and shouts between rescue officials, Maya could barely hear herself think. "Let's get started," she muttered.
  2. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Cain had disguised himself as one of the victims from the car crashes, having eaten the original driver of one of the cars that were piled up. He examined the area around him, moving only his eyes as he was moved towards an Ambulance by two Paramedics. He spotted a strange figure walking upon the scene. 'Strange.. that doesn't look like a Police Officer, nor a Paramedic...' he thought to himself. His body was very burned up and littered with glass shards, self-inflicted for added effect. He took a closer look on the person, just before he was moved into the vehicle and the doors were shut.

    As the Ambulance drove off, it soon started going slower and slower.... then sped up again. A few loud noises had come from inside the Vehicle, almost as if someone was being murdered, and people were screaming in fear. The back doors of the vehicle had busted open from the sheer amount of speed the driver was forcing into the ambulance, and out flew two disfigured bodies. Parts of which were bitten and torn off, almost as if a wild animal was inside the vehicle at the time. The only other thing that the Ambulance had left behind was a cloud of dust, as it sped downwards onto the street, moving around as if the driver had just learned to drive.
  3. "Dude, You're sparking near burning cars. We don't need another casuality." Zidane said to himself, his other head letting sparks fly as it gritted its teeth. "There are people hurt, allow me to spark!" "You can spend your time better, allow me." Zidane's body turned to face away from the cars and slung both of his heads back, the horns on top of them piercing the roof of the nearest car and tore through the metal as if it was cardboard. With little effort the car opened up and Zidane got the victims out. "Not bad, right?" In response the left head huffed and began to tear up the tour bus. "Stop your babbling and get your head in the game!" They spat, causing the right head to grin and join his brother in the rescue job.
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  4. Victor started to prepare for the meeting. He looked like he normally did. A young man with short black hair and a grey suit. Which some days were hard for him. He didn't always remember what his original form was but it always came back to him in time. He packed down some important documents in his suitcase and sighed. He hoped the meeting would go well. He had been in lots of meetings earlier but couldn't help but to feel really nervous every time. Which he had good reasons for. He was aware of his condition and it could be dangerous for him to go to meetings if he's personality switched. It didn't look good for a CEO to have a multiple personality disorder. It could make clients worry. But this time he had a little bigger problem than that. The government was involved with this meeting and if he's multiple personality disorder would show, they could sniff out who he really was. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves and called on his secretary using the phone on his desk and asked him to hold his calls until the meeting was over. The secretary agreed and Victor thanked him. He walked out of his company building and got in his car. It was a pretty calm day, he hadn't had a lot of calls. Almost none in fact. Which wasn't a good sign for the business but it was nice to have some quiet days. Although, the calm days had always worried him. They always made him think something was going on. Maybe the government were blocking out calls? He often shrugged it off as paranoia and continued with his day, but the feeling would still linger through the entire day.

    He got to the foot of the building the meeting was held in and parked his car. He entered the building and used the elevator to go to the floor the meeting was supposedly held. He was often early to all meetings he went to. And if he wasn't early, it wasn't an interesting or important meeting. This one was one he considered to belong to both categories as it had elements relating to the powers he had seen developing over the centuries with his brother. He sat down on one of the chairs, intoduced himself to those who were already present and skimmed through the documents he had in his suitcase before everyone else arrived.

    (Holy shit, this is probably the longest post i've ever written in a roleplay @.@)
  5. ~•~Maya~•~
    There was already another hero on scene by the time Maya arrived. His appearance was strange to her; the man had horns and a second head! She tried to keep it from showing, though; she knew she had no room to talk as she had scales on her hands and feet. She rushed to meet him at the wreckage and gasped when she saw one head was sparking.

    The little sparks were falling to the ground. Given the nature of this accident, she kept an eye on their landings. "Oh, no!" she grumbled as she saw a few fall near a puddle of some kind- likely leaking oil or gas. She ran as fast as she could and crushed the sparks beneath her foot. "Careful!" she snapped as the man tore the roof off of the neighboring car.

    She groaned as she carefully lifted the car and carried it away from the rest of the wreckage. "You almost started another fire!" she added before carefully tearing the door off, the metal folding beneath her hands as though it were some Reynolds Wrap. The poor man inside was pale from blood loss and sat out cold in the driver's seat. After checking for other passengers, she waved over the firefighters and EMTs.

    Once the poor, unfortunate soul was in their hands, she met with the two headed fellow. Tapping his shoulder to get his attention, she gave him a smile. "Hi, there! I'm Cottonmouth; nice to meet you. Uh, I will be helping out with this pile up today and if you need me, I'll be up there so you can have more room to work on the bus," she told him with a bright smile; her almost bleached white gums sparkled almost as much as her fangs in the afternoon sunlight. To make her point clearer, she pointed to the several cars that, in the pandemonium, had wound up on top of the tour bus. No doubt the tour bus was the big rescue; it was likely being crushed by the other cars and undoubtedly had the most people trapped inside. But it was for that reason that Maya wanted to focus on the cars first. This whole thing was like an unsteady Jenga tower! She didn't want the top cars jostled out of place or crushing the bus more by messing with the base of the stack first.

    So, with that in mind, she climbed with ease until she reached the topmost car. The driver, a young woman, was staring glassy eyed through the windshield with a large gash and glass chucks in her head. "No..." the young hero moaned at the sight. It wasn't necessarily the first time she had seen a dead body- she was a hero in Detroit, after all- but it was always hard. A quick search of the rest of the car turned up an unconscious, but very much alive, little girl.

    Going back to the front of the car, she grabbed the front and tilted it up so the the car rolled gently, albeit jaggedly, on its rear tires until the first responders could grab the little girl. After that she just dropped it at the bottom. She was all too aware of the police on scene glaring at her. Oh, sure, they wouldn't say a word about her breaking vigilante and power laws so long as she was in the process of saving lives but the second that was over they'd be trying to cuff her. She tilted her head back and glared in response before getting back to work.

    The young platinum blonde was already dressed for her big meeting. Her hair, which was stick straight and reached the end of her shoulders, was kept in a neat, tight bun. She wore a black business suit and black heels. All she wore for makeup was a clear lip balm.

    She still worried for Maya but what kind of trouble could her little sister get into at a car crash? Actually... it was probably better she didn't seriously think about that question. She did take some solace in the fact that, as she was attending this meeting via electronic call due to the rest of her workload- which covered meetings, paperwork, interviews, and all other sorts of tedious nonsense from centers for her company all over the country- keeping her at home today. This way, as long as she kept her hand on her computer, she could maintain a watch on the crash site while tending her company.

    She patched herself through to the corporate office meeting room and was quickly answered by her intern- a bright young girl who Corrina saw as having a future in the company. Sitting at the board table was Victor Howlett, a wealthy businessman interested in her business and products, Lee Nye, a representative of the GSA- a branch of federal agencies that handled purchasing things for federal agencies- and his two bodyguards, as well as four people from Corrina's board of directors. They would handle any drafting or signing of contracts or other legal documents should such a thing be needed.

    Making note that she had arrived at 3:45, the same time the meeting was to start, she smiled at her audience. However, feeling any emotion was nearly impossible these days. It came with her backlash and using her power like candy for as long as she could remember.

    Interfacing with technology let's her completely immerse herself in the systems and codes. Her thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, it all becomes swamped in zeros and ones that form images in her mind. When she was younger, it was completely overwhelming. Not totally unlike a drug, if she was being honest. Nowadays, she could think through and control the endless sea of codes but that didn't stop the effect it had upon her mind. The more she swamped herself in code, the more machine like she became. Her emotions were already a lost cause; only her sisters could stir them at all any more. But her morals and her methods were slowly losing sight of right and wrong and solely following logic. It had gone so far that she worried her mind was actually being replaced with code; it wasn't beyond the realm of imagination that, while interfacing, she herself could be hacked.

    Turning herself back to the meeting, she smiled at her guests, despite knowing her smile lacked any warmth and her eyes held all the emotion of a fully functioning robot. "Gentlemen! So good to see you. You have both expressed interest in my company and I couldn't be happier for it. Mr. Nye, your clients were extremely persistent; I think they could do with a lesson in patience so I will allow Mr. Howlett to make his entire proposition first," she explained, a slight edge in her tone. The government had all but threatened to fully uproot her company if she didn't hold this meeting. Turning her smile on the nervous looking businessman, she made a conscious effort to bring warm to her gaze and grin. She had no ire with Mr. Howlett and it did worry her that she was unintentionally causing some of his unease. She would have granted him the respect of a private personal meeting had it not been for the need to get a message across to these GSA bastards.
  6. Melty

    Inside a clean, pristine office a purple, girl-shaped blob lazed back in a rolling chair. Her bare legs pushed idly against surfaces, walls, desks, the floor, other chairs, anything she could find really, as she casually milled back and forth in the room. She whistled a perky tune while she overlooked a white-collar worker whose fingers flew furiously across the computer before him. The scene didn't seem too odd, a bored girl lazying around her parent's office after a day of school... but a few key details vehemently protested against any perceived peace.

    The first detail was the whirring of police sirens just beyond the boundaries of the building -clearly, there was trouble afoot. Detail number two, the white-collar worker seemed...tense, and it certainly wasn't the anxious panic of an approaching deadline. Instead, his face was deathly pale, eyes beady from fear. His pupils trembled, flickering anxiously from the screen of his computer to the Slime-y girl who innocently rolled across the room in her chair. She was anything but innocent.

    His eyes shifted once again, this time directed at a small pool of oozing slime that seemed to be dripping from the ceiling. As a purple droplet fell to the floor and joined its viscous brethren, the man's eyes looked up to the droplet's origin. There on the ceiling, cozy as bugs in a rug, were several people, white-collar workers like himself, in fact, they were his co-workers. How'd they managed to stick themselves to the ceiling? Well, the answer was smeared across their bodies. A thick viscous slime coated them like a blanket, gagging their mouths and restricting their arms and torsos. Their legs were left free to dangle in the air mostly useless.

    "He~y, are you done yet? We are quite impatient, we don't have all day you know?"

    Shivering, he got back to work. Whispering into his ear was the silky voice of his captor, the Slime girl who held the First National Bank hostage while the authorities fumbled about outside. She styled herself Scheleim Kaiserin and had demanded an absurd amount of money almost clearing the Bank's reserves. No one knew how she'd infiltrated the bank, but within minutes it had become her stronghold. The doors and windows had been sealed tightly by an adhesive slime, and save for himself, every member of staff and customer of the bank had been globbed onto walls, ceilings, tables, chairs, doors, and even the windows -one poor lad had even been unlucky enough to be caught on the porcelain throne. They were her hostages and her shields. By sticking the civilians to the points of entry, she ensured that the authorities would not rashly attempt to barge their way in for fear of harming the innocent.

    While the police and others buzzed around like headless flies, she began her task of sweeping the bank clean. She'd swiftly had the workers spill the bank's secrets under the threat of death, and now, she waited impatiently as the man transferred the bank's assets to a card electronically. Since she obviously couldn't make off with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bank notes by herself, she'd chosen to have the money placed into a card which she could easily slip away with. Once her money had been safely secured she would cripple the bank's electrical systems and be on her way. By the time they got the bank up and running again, she'd have already taken the money from the card, rendering it a useless piece of plastic.

    What she fought against was time itself, the authorities were of no concern to her, their feeble minds and squishy bodies could not hope to compare to her illustrious brilliance and even squishier countenance. There existed not a man, woman or child on earth -or off it- who was a match for Laspia Melatina Viola! Soon they would know their place. The peasant working force for her Imperial Slimetatorship!

    But such big dreams needed equally big pockets, and that's why she was robbing the bank. Well, she wasn't really robbing. In a Monarchy, the people belonged to the Monarch, and naturally, the people's possessions were also that of the Monarchs. Their money was her money, so in truth, she was merely taking money from one pocket and placing it into the next.
  7. Nicole was unlucky enough to get stuck on a toilet. How could this happen, you ask? Long story short, he was coming to First National Bank so he could scout it for his next robbing target but someone else beat him first. It's like that thing came from nowhere. One second he was sitting in the toilet while observing the location with his drone eye, the next second the bank was flooded with goo, sticky goo.

    He already scanned the bank while trying to unstuck himself from the toilet so he knew what happening here. He was sure of one thing: somebody would be fired. Probably that guy who was typing and transferring those money to save his life.

    "What should I do... " Nicole mumbled to himself. This goo was way stickier than it looked. He couldn't remove himself... Or maybe he didn't need to? He might even be able to mug some money from this mugger. He thought to himself as a plan formed in his mind and a grin dawned on his face.

    He relaxed himself. Using both his power would made him really sweaty, but at least he would be able to hold it for a long time since this was considered a short distance. With his drone eye, he looked for one particular object, the fuse box. He immediatrly found one in the basement. With his telekinesis, he opened the box and shut the power of the bank. Rendering the whole place dark.

    He then quickly took a flashlight from one of the guard, a pen and a notebook. Those items hover from their place into the main office. Where the scared guy and the robber was in. He used the flashlight to attract attention to what he would write on the hovering notebook.

    Hello, I'm unarmed. Please don't hurt me.

    Also, I'm the one who shut the power off. Let's make a deal? I want 50% of the money. If we deal, I put back the power on. If no, I'll crush the power source. Easy, right?

    Write your answer on that paper on the desk, I'm deaf.
  8. Zidane looked at the girl who stepped on some sparks he created with both heads. "Told you, but you wouldn't listen." "Shut up, or you'll never be in control again!" As the girl in question left to get the person inside some medical aid, both of the heads continued to tear the side of the tour bus apart so that he could enter. Just as he was about to enter the bus, the girl from before tapped on his shoulder and introduced herself. "Our name is Lighter, nice to meet you Cottonmouth." "You'll see the reason for our name if we get attacked. Let's hope that it won't happen, we have enough to work with right now." Both heads said as they entered the tour bus.

    There were a lot of people inside, which wasn't really surprising given it was a tour bus. Some people groaned as they were in pain and desperately trying to get out. Multiple people were bleeding and crying, and his appearance wasn't helping them calm down. "Relax please, I won't hurt you." He said as he got the crying and hurt people out, even some kids. One girl screamed when she looked at a person in a chair. Both heads looked at it and gasped, quickly covering the eyes of the young girl. In the chair there was someone who has mangled by the crash and impaled by a metal bar that was being pushed down by the weight on top of the tour bus. "Oh, that is vile. That is nasty." The right head said before the left head smacked itself against it. "Did you lose your mind? We can comment on that later, but there are people here that need to be rescued!" The right head nodded and they continued to clear the bus. Soon the bus was cleared, or so he thought.

    He heard a small whimper from the front and he saw a young child trapped underneath a hunk of metal. "Damn it, that isn't good." He ran towards the child in distress and forced the horns on his heads underneath it. "One, two, three! Heave!" The heads lifted with all their might and the body attempted to lift as well. The chunk was incredibly heavy and Zidane could hear his bones protesting, but they did manage to lift the metal chunk high enough for the child to crawl away from it. The debris was soon dropped and the child tried to stand up, yet couldn't. Their pelvis and legs were crushed underneath the hunk of metal and couldn't feel a thing. Zidane lifted the child up and carried him personally to the ambulance. "Legs and pelvis are probably crushed, be careful." He told the hospital workers before returning to the crash. "My neck hurts after that, sheesh." "So does mine, but you don't hear me whining about it. Cottonmouth, the tour bus is cleared!" The left head shouted to the other hero on the scene as he began to open other crashed cars.
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  9. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    'How the hell do I drive this thing?!' Cain thought to himself as he kept moving the steering wheel left and right while keeping his foot on the gas pedal, hitting people on the sidewalks, running over fire hydrants, and the like. It was like a drunk driver was holding a race, and was desperately trying to catch up. The people in the back kept being swung left and right, constantly hitting against the walls of the ambulance.

    'Oh, to hell with this!' Cain tore the seat next to him to the front and jumped inbetween the two into the back of the vehicle, leaving it to drive itself. Just as he went to grab the two people in his back, who had passed out from the pain and shock, the car fell over, flipped around, and crashed right into the lobby of a tall building. " This is why I prefer walking.. " He grumbled to himself, getting up from being thrown against the wall. He looked to his sides, spotting the two bodies of the now dead paramedics he had kidnapped. One had their neck broken by flying face-first against a wall, the other had a chunk of metal stuck in the head.

    " ..Great, now they're dead... well, as long as I can eat them, I guess.. " Cain had hunched over, turning to the bodies, examining any other unedible spots he needs to patch.
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  10. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    Niccoló or Nico as he was known to his brother. He had no other "friends", They would just get in his way. That did not mean he was lonely, He had his workers. The Benefit of being a mafia boss. But something was troubling. Nico looked at the report he had just gotten in from his worker. He was sure it was him, sure it was another last name but he was sure. Victor Howlett was his brother or known by his real name Victor di Angelo. He hadn't kept up with his brother after the murder of his fiancee and unborn child. But he was sure. He sighed "hmmm maybe it's time to catch up" He thought to himself. "GET MY CAR READY. I AM GOING FOR A RIDE!" He screamed the orders to his workers. He then quickly looked up the phone number on "Victor Howlett". He would call him when he was on his way to him.
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  11. Detroit was a great place for Vincent. Plenty of abandoned homes, lots of dark allies, and streets full of people up to no good. Makes it easy to hide, easy to blend in, and that's exactly what he wanted.
    While its true that Vincent's past isn't in his favor, he likes to tell himself that everything happens for a reason. At least with that mindset, he would have an excuse for shacking up in an abandoned apartments basement for the past few years.
    It wasn't as bad as it sounded really. He had a small roll up bed placed neatly in the corner, a stained grey easy chair in the middle of the room, and even an old dart board he'd come across. All in all, things could be worse. Little did he know, today might just be the day that it happens.


    "What the hell?" The pale figure shot up from his recliner, being pulled out of his usual trance by the sound of a loud crash occurring right outside his fortress of solitude.
    "That definitely hit this building... better check it out." He mumbled to himself, knowing full well that he wouldn't get involved, he never did.
    The young man quickly made his way to the ground floor, peaking out a nearby window to get a full view of what appeared to be an ambulance, crumpled against the cement foundation of the building he resides in.
    "Not good. This'll draw attention. I guess....I should probably get out of here."
    Within minutes, Vincent had his sleeping bag rolled up and slung over his shoulder, along with the dart board which was dangling off the side of said sleeping bag.
    The tired eyed man had pulled his hood low, covering most of his features from sight, before exiting the back entrance of the building with great haste.
    "There are plenty of sights nearby I could camp at until I've got the time to get my easy chair back, until then..." Vincent's voice trailed off as his eyes caught sight of the totaled van in full view. Its likely that no one survived a wreck of the magnitude, and he'd never been one to interfere with others issues, but....
    "...everything happens for a reason..." He spoke in a nearly inaudible tone, dropping his belonging before making a straight shot for the ambulance.
    "Anyone alive in there? Hello?" The dark passerby spoke up, ripping the heavily damaged ambulance doors open.
    He had to admit, he wasn't quite ready for what was to come. As the doors lurched open, both paramedics came into view, strewn out in the back of the ambulance, clearly dead. Amongst the two bodies stood a rather disfigured looking man, coated in fresh injuries. It was honestly amazing he was still alive.
    "Uh...hey, you need some help?" Vincent spoke up quietly, trying to get the injured mans attention.
  12. A perk with being 400 years old was that you could read people's expressions like a book. And with all the experience that Victor had, it was easier. He could tell that miss Taylor thought that she made him uncomfortable. That made him a little irritated because he didn't want pity but he understood her as he was a businessman himself.
    "Good day, miss Taylor. I have one thing i want to speak to you about. And that is that i want to invest in your company. One million dollars a month for 18 months. In return i want 15% of all profit for what you earn. The prize and profit can be discussed at a later date. If you have any complaints or if you just want to discuss things with me in private, a meeting can be arranged via my secretary at a later date. But now, did you have anything on mind?" Victor said with a calm and composed expression on his face, almost cold, as expected from a businessman.
  13. "Oh..?"

    Unexpectedly, there had been another empowered soul within the Bank's confines... odd. She knew she'd restrained all the people who were in the Bank... but perhaps one had managed to escape her notice? Unlikely, she scoured the entire bank before she attacked, no one could move in or out of the bank without her awareness. All the Slime she'd been utilizing came from her own body, although the connection between them wasn't the strongest, she could still vaguely receive information from those detached blobs.

    Since it was unlikely that someone has someone had escaped her detection (A quick glance at the floor beneath her, covered in the puddles of slime that dripped from the ceiling revealed no imprints, or any indication of a person standing there. Whoever this was, Melty assumed invisibility was not one of their powers.), she'd probably overlooked them because of their feeble attempts at resistance. Surely an empowered would've been able to put up a better fight than what she'd seen?

    Not that it mattered. The mistake had already been made and her opponent had capitalized on it. Bringing her amorphous fingers thoughtfully to her gelatinous lips, she thought through a proper response. After several moments of absolute silence, save for maybe the frantic pounding of her captive's heart, Melty moved forward reaching for the note book and pressing her finger to it. She was Scheleim Kaiserin, the Slime Empress. The Sovereign did not accept terms of negotiation, she provided them! Using her finger as a pen, she left line after line of gooey words.

    'Tell you what. You turn back on the Power source, and We don't come kill you. Easy, right?'

    'You're not one of the bank's workers, of that, We are certain. If so, you must be one of the 'civilians' present, give it...10 minutes tops and We'll have definitely found you. There are only so many civilians here after all. Would you like to bet with us~?'

    A bemused smirk ripped its way across her liquid face, slowly widening into a devilish grin as her mold-able lips widened far beyond anything humanly possible. The Slime thief took a moment to admire her response, and then reapplied her gel-pen to the paper.

    'We can always rob the bank another day, the building isn't going anywhere. Do you dare to stake your life on this bet of ours?'

    'We're not unreasonable, so we'll give you an alternative as well! You're quite bold to have tried 'fishing in troubled waters', to attempt to profit of this Queen's hard work took a commendable amount of courage. We respect that.'

    'We wish to put this lawless city under thumb, our thumb to be exact, care to join our cause~? This Queen takes v~ery good care of her men.'

    Money could also be gained as long as one was capable enough. There were, at the very least, 20 banks spread across the city. Failing to rob this one was but a minor set back, a paltry hindrance, hardly worth mentioning. Capable subordinates however, were things that could only be hoped for and never bought. There were only so many people who were both empowered and bold enough catch her eye. Their value was inestimable. This Man/Woman/Child/Walrus/Cat/Mystic notebook, whatever it was, had most certainly caught her eye.

    'Of course, you are free to decline. This Queen wants generals who are capable and willing. If the general is against the sovereign how is the state to prosper? Should you choose to decline, we shall consider your demands.'

    '50% is a bold claim, we shall not bequeath that much to one who is not with us. We shall acquiesce 20% at the most. That is already a considerable sum'

    Leaning back into her chair, Melty waived the note pad away. She kicked her legs up, crossing the purple-ish opaque appendages against the nearby desk. She wasn't terribly concerned that her offers would be rejected. She'd provided what she believed were very reasonable terms, and her initial claims would've assured her opponent that he/she/it had far more to loose than she did. Besides, as an essential service, the Bank most certainly had at least 1 back up power source.
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  14. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Suprised by the voice, Cain turned, staring with his only working eye at the person, while the blind one was looking onto the ground.

    " ..uh.. yeah... I..think.. " Cain coughed and stood up entirely, showing how much of a giant he was. He walked over to the person, looking at the person with his one, bloodshot eye, the blind eye looking to the left bottom corner.

    " I... think my name is John... my head hurts real bad.. I think I was stuck in a car pile on another road... my memory's a bit hazy.. so I might remember wrong.. " Cain responded, using a false trembling, faint voice.

    " Say... do you mind.. if you could move aside... so I can.. go outside.. for some fresh air? " Cain breathed heavily, his breath smelling of rotten corpses. He was hoping that that little detail didn't give him away instantly.
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  15. 50% is a bold claim? Nicole smiled at himself. Of course! He only use the money to have some fun in the first place.

    Hmm, what to do...

    The notebook flipped itself to another page.

    No need to get aggresive missy~ I might not even inside the bank in the first place. I also appreciate your job offering, you can find me on The Web.

    The notebook flipped to another page, and he wrote down a name with big size it almost covered the entire page.


    Self-advertisement at its finest. He put the components back to the fusebox, turning back on the power.

    Now you can hurry that man over there. I'm fine with 20%. Just left my card on the desk. I will take it later.

    The pen and notebook fell off on the gooey floor. As if the string used to hold it were cut off. In the toilet, Nicole wiped the sweat from his drenched face and drank some sport drink.

    Phew, let's take a break. His head felt like it was splitted in two.
  16. ~•~Maya~•~
    Thankfully, there was no one else dead on arrival. At least, not that Maya saw. As her fellow hero in arms helped those trapped in the bus, Maya took care of the remaining cars on top of the vehicle. Unfortunately, most of the cars had been packed with people. She was so focused on getting them out safely that she more often than not had to take them out individually before tossing the empty car like an empty candy wrapper.

    Finally she cleared the last car. With a huff, she grabbed the now jagged undercarriage of the vehicle and lifted it over her head. With a slight jump, she tossed the trashed hunk of metal onto the pile of cars she had made. She knew the police wouldn't appreciate the extra cleanup, but she figured this was better than leaving busted up cars all over a busy rescue scene.

    "Let's see... eight cars. One before I got here, the bus, I just finished three," she whispered to herself as she counted the vehicles on her fingers. "Three more!" she deduced with a smile as she went to investigate on the cars off to the side. The front end was beyond destroyed; she couldn't make out any of the basic features, anymore. She let out a horrified gasp at the sight inside.

    An older man was pinned, the crushed front end pushed back into the interior of the small four door. He was barely concious but clearly in a lot of pain; the metal cutting into him already had blood staining it. "EMTs!" she shouted before carefully tearing off the car door. Once the professionals reached her, she added, "I'll move the metal but be ready to grab him. I don't know for sure how hurt he is." They got into position as she started carefully feeding her arm into the tight crevice of the crushed metalwork. When she couldn't get in any further, she pushed back with all of her strength, returning the driver's space almost to its original size.

    The man didn't immediately start bleeding but the paramedics did have to save him from falling. Maya started looking for the next car when she saw a few officers approaching her. "I guess two cars left is good enough, huh?" she muttered before dashing over to Lighter. "Hey, finish up here. The cops are looking ready to nab us!" she warned.

    "That is a lot of money and you would certainly get it back; we've already rendered all computer models from the two main technological giants of the early twenty-first century obsolete. They simply haven't been able to keep up. I am certainly willing to hear your offer and I do have a counter offer for you but I feel it would be better off in a private meeting," she assured him. She wasn't sure what he was seeking. A total of eighteen million over the course of a year and a half? Few companies had such money to throw around. She couldn't help but feel suspicious; her products were worth it, of that she was sure, but why would an outsider invest so much for such little stake?

    "Not that it matters much," she thought idly. "I do have plans for that money but this will take some looking into. Now to tackle Lee," she thought, feeling anger stirring somewhere deep inside. "What is your offer, Mr. Lee?" she asked, letting her boredom dripped heavily in her tone.

    His brow narrowe,d slightly, catching her disrespect. "My clients are offering to purchase forty thousand of your newest desktop computers for our research centers here in Detroit and several buildings in D.C. My client is offering 38.5 million dollars for the units as well as specialized programming. While you have made your stance clear in the past, we believe you and your company could become an even greater asset to this nation. You could help us strengthen it from within! Of course the details are still up for deba-"

    "Mr. Nye, have federal laws change recently?" she cut him off, quickly growing tired of the charade she had been backed into.

    The man was silent for a minute, the dread in his posture revealing he knew just where this was headed. "No, Miss Taylor. Not since the bill banning the usage of powers went into effect."

    "Now, I may be mistaken but I am almost certain that I was asked a question concerning my steadfast refusal to sell anything to your clients five years ago in a televised interview. If memory serves, my words were and I quote, 'Our government has, once again, decided to participate in a broken system where it labels anyone born with powers as criminals by default. They pay no mind to how these gifts could effect or change the world for the better. I refuse to participate in such a system. I will be more than happy to aid the government when they abolish those horrid laws'," she quoted rapidly, steely gaze holding the man firm. "I can assure you that my stance hasn't changed."

    "While I understand the nature of the law can come across as alarming, people with powers are committing heinous crimes every day. Robbery, kidnappings, murders, and more I won't name here. Are you saying you won't help your own nation try to figure out anything we can regarding these powers so that we may better prepare and deal with the fugituves?"

    "If people feeling helpless and abandoned by the system to the point they take up vigilantism, then I don't think your clients are exactly 'handling it'. Now, get out of my corporate office," she all but hissed. Despite her voice remaining calm and monotone, there was an eerie coldness to it. The government official and his guards glared at her before slowly, reluctantly leaving the room.
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  17. Kaleb, having refused the mission to the car wreck for obvious reasons, instead had gone to the sight of the bank robbery. He knew that fighting a blob of slime weak to fire would be much easier for him than rescuing people from cars covered in gasoline without causing damage to them or the area around them.

    As he reached the building, he saw the thick coat of slime in front of the door. He let loose a tiny spark of fire that burnt a medium-sized hole into the slime wall. He reached through and managed to feel a doorknob. He sparked again, this time making enough room for his entire body to fit through.

    “I’m gonna need to stay out of sight of her if I don’t wanna end up like them,” he muttered to himself, looking at the captives in the building. He turned invisible right before entering through the front doors. He silently opened the door and closed it just as quietly. He looked up and scanned the area of the building.

    He entered and saw the slimy mess all over the floor. ‘I’m gonna need to avoid those puddles,’ he thought to himself. ‘And I can’t exactly use my fire power in here. Wonder how exactly I’m gonna fight them, if I have to.’

    He saw the Schleim Kaiserin interacting with Nico in an attempt to team up. He snuck around the room over to them, jumping around the puddles of slime on the ground, before tapping Melty on the shoulder in an attempt to cause a distraction long enough for him to free the people stuck to the ceiling. He then tiptoed around the puddles of goo and jumped onto the desk, trying to reach the people stuck to the ceiling.

    ‘I might need to call in for some backup,’ he thought to himself. ‘Maybe a flier or someone else who can reach up there. I sure as hell will have trouble getting enough height to reach any of those captives, let alone find a safe way back down to the ground.’
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  18. Zidane rescued the last couple of wounded people out of the cars and got them to the paramedics. "Finished, and only two deaths. Not bad!" "Don't jinx it, you fool! With that attitude you'll make mistakes!" Although both heads were bickering, they heard Cottonmouth warn them. "Don't worry, I know how to escape. Do cover your mouth and nose though, trust me on this one. No sparks though, we can't use that now." The right head said as the left head shut his mouth tight. "Pinch your nose!" The right head shouted as he spewed out a thick green gas of sorts, hiding him and Cottonmouth from the police. "Let's go!" Zidane was almost invisible in the gas cloud as he grabbed Cottonmouth's arm so that both heroes could stay together as they fled.
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  19. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    Nico was driving towards Victor's office. He was right now calling the number for Victor he got. It took a minute or two for someone to pick up the phone. It was a male voice. "Howlett investment and medicine how can I help." The voice in the phone said. "Yes I am looking for Victor Howlett. Can you direct me to him?" Nico asked. He understood that this must have been Victor's secretary. "He is currently in a meeting. I can book in a time for you when he can take the call" The voice answered. Nico was getting a bit irratted "Please put me through. It's code 1787 Red." Nico said. Most companys used this code as a "code red" of sorts. He just hoped Victor used it too. "Oh yes yes I will put you through now sir." She said back in a hurried voice. Now it was just the waiting game for Victor to answer.
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  20. Victor nodded his head at Corrina's suggestion. She was an intelligent young woman. Suddenly his phone rang. He swore a little to himself. He had made sure that his secretary wasn't gonna let through his calls. He picked up the phone to see what was going on. Then he saw the code that was written over the screen. It made him a little cautious. What was going on? And who was calling him?
    "I'm terribly sorry but i have to take this. It appears to be important" Victor said as he walked out of the room. When he was out, he picked up with an annoyed tone.
    "What's the problem? I'm in a meeting! And who is it?" He almost shouted into the phone.
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  21. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    "After 100 years of not talking that's how you answer me, brother?" Nico said. A grin slowly made it's way to his face. It had been such a long time since he heard Victor's voice. "Anyway, brother. The goverment is after you and me again. They somehow got information about us. They do not yet know of your alias but it wouldn't suprise me if they figure it out soon." Nico said in a serious voice. "I want you back in the "family" business. We need to get back in buisness. Keep your company up but a little more descretly. Now go back to the meeting and tell Ms. Taylor that you would want to give her 5 mil from an annonymous sponsor that goes through your company and that he want's 5% of the profit if they are to make it that is. I will also buy 500 of their pruducts. It's not for negotiation and she can deny it if she want's." Nico said to Victor in a voice that told him that he needed to do it. "it's for the greater good brother. Remember that I will always be your brother." Nico ended the call right after that.
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  22. Nico!? His brother actually called him after all this time!? It had to be serious. And Victor was smart enough to obey and keep his calm as there were people that could hear him where he was. And therefore he would also coded language.
    "Very well. I'll deal with that immediately. I think i'm free this evening. We could schedule a meeting then. Take it up with my secretary" he said and then hung up. He walked back into the meeting and sat down. He had no idea on how to tell miss Taylor that she had an annonymous sponsor without it being suspicious. He could be sniffed out to have connections with the mafia. He could be sniffed out anyway. That much had been clear to him during the call. So he needed to lay low for a while now.
    "I'm sorry about that. The call was from one of my sponsors. He heard that I had a meeting with you and wanted to sponsor you as well. But the money needs to go through me because he wants to be sure it's the real deal. He always does that when he sponsors a new company. He wants to sponsor with 5 million dollars and only asks for 5% of the profit. He made it clear that he wasn't up to negotiation. You can deny the offer though. If you want to call him or have a meeting with him, I can help set something up" Victor said.
  23. ~•~Maya~•~
    Maya had opened her mouth to question Lighter's orders only to be met with a mouthful of gas. She immediately started coughing but put a hand over her mouth to try and contain herself. Eyes watering, she felt her fellow hero grab her hand pull her along. She couldn't see a thing and couldn't help but whine slightly at being pulled along blindly.

    When they finally pulled free of the gas, Maya immediately grabbed her knees and coughed up the rest of the gas. "Okay, so that's why," she wheezed out. Shaking her head, she stood and wiped at her mostly concealed eyes. "Thanks, I guess," she told him with a shaky smile. She recognized the are they were; one of Corrina's access tunnels was near here. "If you need to get somewhere, I have a way of getting you there easy enough," she offered. No doubt a patrol car would be following them soon.

    The young CEO raised an eyebrow as Mr. Howlett left to take a phone call. "Well, that couldn't have been any less professional," on of her board members muttered when the man had left the room.

    "Mind yourself," Corrina warned. "For all we know, there could be a family emergency. Besides, it wasn't professional of me to use him as subtle tool of disrespect against the government. It makes my skin crawl whenever they're here," she added. The feds had threatened to do a full investigation of her companies if she turned down the meeting. There was no dirt to find on the companies themselves but many of Corrina's work devices held information about her aid to vigilantes. There hadn't been a point before to using different devices as she always had to work, one way or the other. Why not multitask and use her powers to work on both at the same time?

    The room remained silent until the man returned. Corrina reminded herself to be grateful for the short pause. However she felt a flash of genuine surprise at the news of a potential sponsor and she was sure the surprise showed. "Again, so much for so little in return. No disrespect to any of my business partners, but it has been in my experience that business men and woman such as ourselves are not usually so generous," she pointed out after regaining her composure.

    "That being said, I don't accept deals from anonymous sponsors. While our lovely city has come a long way, it is still Detroit. One can never be too careful of who they're taking money from, can they? However, don't take that as me refusing all deals from this sponsor. I am very interested in your offer and was going to invite you to a private dinner at The Oval Orchard. This anonymous sponsor can attend as well; we can all bring our legal documents and business information. Anything you two order will be covered by my personal tab. So, what do you say? We'll meet at the restaurant tomorrow at 6:00pm?" she offered.

    The Oval Orchard was no small offer. Among the highest rated restaurants in the city, it was by far the most expensive italian restaurant in the city. It was also her personal favorite. However, it didn't come cheap. A small, conservative meal could still cost you seventy dollars. A full meal, with drinks and desserts, could easily run as high as two hundred dollars per person.
  24. Vincent was now sure of it, this guy was bad news, trying to pass himself off as a victim. His injuries were far to severe, even someone in shock wouldn't be able to move how he was.
    "Yeah, sure." He replied after a long moment of silence, stepping away from the ambulance.
    "Your uh....pretty damn composed for someone surviving two massive wrecks. You should probably get to a hospital quickly..." He added, looking around at all the rundown buildings nearby, his eyes locking onto a small shop that was still up and running just across the street.
    "I'll just head this way..." The pale boy finished, casually strolling over to the front door where he dropped on one knee, covering the lock and door handles with his body.
    "Just in case this guys crazy..." Vincent fidgeted with the lock for a moment, before discretely sending a bandage down his sleeve and in between the locking mechanism. After a few moments of his probe-luke bandage at work, the lock made a satisfying clink sound, signifying his success.
    "I'm good with locks." He said aloud whilst glancing over his shoulder to make sure the mangled man hadn't gotten any closer.
    "I'll take care of help, you just sit back and breathe slowly." He added, disappearing into the store, where he proceeded to jump the counter and pick up the phone on the wall, dialing 911 before dropping the phone and walking back out.
    "Help should be on the way. Just stay put." He informed the man, slowly grabbing his belongings before departing down the wide empty street.
    "Hm....if he's normal, I likely saved that guys life. But now this areas gonna be to hot with cops.....gotta relocate."
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  25. Oliver walked through the sidewalk, get weirded out looks from other people when they saw his small dragon. Oliver sighed and decided to take a shortcut through an alley. Lucas whimpered and landed on his head, making Oliver giggle. " Relax Lucas! We'll get out soon! " Oliver said, running through, getting out after awhile. " See! Not that bad! " He said to his pet happily. He sat down, petting his dragon. " I'm glad your my friend..... we're the best duo ever.... " He said to his only friend. " Maybe one day, we'll be real heroes.... "
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  26. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Cain headed for the front door as the person turned their back, only to find out the door was locked. He sighed, and looked around the crash site. " So much for fresh air.. " He mumbled to himself, slumping back to the ambulance.

    Carefully looking if someone, including the person that he had met, was watching, he lifted one of the bodies onto his shoulder and looked for another escape, leaving the other behind. ' Hm... there has to be something breakable around here somewhere..' He had thought to himself, walking around the room. After taking some time to look, Cain had already heard distant sirens. He panicked, throwing the body he was carrying out of a window and followed after, landing atop the body.

    ' Damnit, I don't have enough time to get the other. I need to get outta here now, or else I might get caught. Or worse, risk a chance to infect the city. ' He got up quickly, dusting himself off. He crouched down and went to swap clothing with the body to seem less suspicious, despite the clothing of the body being quite bloody and torn as is. He then reached below the body, lifting it up on one shoulder again.

    He jumped up to reach for a ladder hanging from a staircase usually used incase of a fire to quickly escape the area. He climbed the ladder, and ran up the staircase until there were no more stairs left that led upwards. With mighty force, he leaped for the flat-top roof. He had to jump twice, however. One time to throw the body atop the roof, and another to climb atop himself.

    Once he managed to climb up, he had looked out below and above the building, searching for anyone that saw something, or if any aircraft came his way. When he saw nothing of the sort, he crouched down, pulled anything inedible out of the body, and begun consuming his meal.
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  27. "The gas isn't poisonous, and you inhaled too little to suffer from the negative effects it has. At most you'll have a bad taste in your mouth for a couple of hours. Just keep breathing." Zidane's right head advised Cottonmouth as his left head stayed vigilant in case any cops would follow them. "One second please." Zidane walked away towards the gas and the left head sparked, causing the gas to explode as he ran back towards Cottonmouth. "That's why my name is Lighter, and I could use a hiding place right about now. Even without my suit, I stand out due to obvious reasons. If you have one that I can use for an unspecified amount of time, then that would be delightful." He said with a double grin which was slightly unnerving due to the long teeth one head had.


    Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. The thud of heavy footsteps were heard through the streets mixed with terrified screams and a deep laughter. "Yes, run! Scream, fear for your life! It won't make a difference when I'm done with you!" Joakim let out a thundering laugh as he fired his flamethrower and set multiple cars ablaze. "Who dares to face the Tank Warrior? Come here and face your fate!" Joakim stomped around and left a trail of burning destruction where he went.
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  28. With a sigh, Sky turned his head downwards from the skyscraper he was perched upon, a bank around ten blocks away having caught his attention. Sights like these tended to be relatively normal, but they also didn't tend to be sealed sight with pink slime. So of course, Sky had decided he needed to take a look and see what was happening.

    With a step, his body immediately plummeted from the top of the building. Stopping for a second to give a cheeky wave to a group of businessmen (and women), Sky continued his descent, before pulling up on his descent mere meters from the ground before disappearing into nothingness.

    His now incorporeal form surfed the wind above the bustling metropolis, the towering buildings providing an excellent buffer to accelerate the winds up to a howling gale once you got high enough. The city had grown familiar to him over the years, his 'residence', so to speak, having lasted around ten years so far. Although he couldn't say anything about the people who lived in the place, Sky could at least find her way around, which was what really mattered.

    Nearing the bank after ten seconds or so of flying, Sky spotted something below him. Some sort of creature, preparing to... Eat the human corpses? He wasn't totally sure what he was trying to do, but considering the worried looks he was taking at everything around him, he looked fun to mess around with,

    Sky's form twisted back into a physical one silently behind the currently preoccupied creature, to whom he gave a light tap on the shoulder and asked, "Does it taste good?"
  29. Melty

    'Hmmm', Humming out a response, the Queen Slime watched on as the so-called Poltergeist agreed to one of her terms. He'd agreed to take 20% of the wealth, and she would indeed allow that. As the lights blinked back to life, she lay a slimy finger on the Bank-Worker's neck, leaving a slick trail of ooze along his skin. "After you finish, withdraw a second card and add 20% of the first."

    While she'd said that she would allow him to mooch 20% off her, she didn't actually intend to give up 20% of her own money. That would be ridiculous. She'd chosen to steal 20m dollars, a monumental amount, but not one that was gonna break any records. 20% of that would've been 4m, but she'd instructed to Bank Worker to draw an additional 4m instead of splitting her 20m to 16m and 4m respectively. In total, today the bank had lost 24m. Perhaps tomorrow it would lose a bit more.

    As the Bank Worker dove back into his work, Melty frowned as she felt a glob of slime melt away. Someone had melted away her slime... Her eyes flickered curiously back and forth, ready to splat whoever reared their ugly face from the next corner. Patient as she might've been, nothing ever appeared. The slime between her brows knotted together, wriggling in confusion as she fell into contemplation.

    Without warning, something tapped her shoulder and the girl whipped around to face it...but there was nothing. Confusion etched itself onto her face, but soon afterward, her eyes narrowed. Whipping her eyes across the room, they landed on a nearby desk -more accurately Kaleb who was a top that desk, and to be even more precise, the thin layer of Slime that had coated the boy's fingers when he so rudely probed her liquid body.

    Feigning ignorance, Melty began to search the room looking for the infiltrator. In truth, she was simply securing her avenues of escape. Several more minutes passed, and finally, the Bank Worker finished. Her retrieved two gilded cards and handed them to Melty. The two cards were Purple and Blue, containing the 20m and 4m respectively. Plucking the purple card from the man's hand, she instructed him to take the Blue card and leave it on the desk. That was all she would do for the Poltergeist, how he was going to get the card and then escape the building were not her concern.

    Pressing the card to her chest, it sunk into her slime, safe and secure. Now, it was time to make her escape -but first... Locking onto the small scraps of slime on Kaleb's body, she once again determined his location. Suppressing a smirk, she exerted her control over the viscous goop that surrounded the building. Selecting one of the Bank Workers near to Kaleb, she loosened the slime that stuck the white collared servicewoman to the ceiling, within seconds the Slime covered woman was plummeting to the ground. Should she hit the ground from that height, broken bones would be the least of her worries.
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  30. Nicola's afternoon jog was interupted when she saw a crowd forming on the street. Nerveous eyes and anxious whispers in the crowd told her that something was wrong.

    "Tomato, let's see what happen." She pulled the leash on her golden retriever and approached the center of the crowd. Tomato follow enthusiastly, but when he saw the source of the crowd, he barked like crazy.

    "Hush, hush. It's okay. It's okay." Nicola petted Tomato to calm him down. Two disfigured bodies were pinned by a police motorcycle, one had their neck chewed out and the other had half his stomach gone. The worst part was, the one with chewed neck was still moving, which was not possible considering his wound. His hands flailed aimlessly trying to reach one of the two police officers in front of him.

    "Like I said, James. He is a freakin' zombie! Pull out your gun and shoot him in the head. Do you even watch movie? I don't want to be the cause of a zombie apocalypse." a tall policewoman was yelling at the other one.

    "I-I can't. I never shoot a human before." The young policeman replied with a shaky voice.

    "Then give your gun to me! If my gun isn't jamming right now I would shoot him myself."

    "But he might still be alive. We should call ambulance, not shoot him."

    "He fell from an ambulance, James! And I just got a report that said ambulance just crashed a building several blocks away. Just shoot him, I'm sure everyone here agree with that." with that said, she turned around and scanned the crowd. "You, the one with the dog. Do you think he's a zombie? Should we shoot him?" The policewoman suddebly asked Nicola, but Nicola already detect the pinned man with her power and found no heartbeat and no breathing.

    "yes, he is. I think we should shoot him." Nicola answered.

    "See? Now give your gun to me." Without prior notice, the policewoman yanked the gun from the policeman and shoot the zombie on the head, right between his eyes. The body goes limp instantly. Nicola could sense that the policewoman was shaken too by her own action.

    "I think you done the right thing." Nicola tried to ease the policewoman.

    "I hope so."
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  31. "You're absolutely right. I'll have the two of you introduced before any sponsorship is made. The Oval Orchard you say? I'll see whether or not i'm free by then. I'll talk to the sponsor tonight as well to see if he will be able to attend. I can't make any promises right now but I'll make sure to reply to your offer before the day ends. Is there anything you would like to bring up with me, miss Taylor?" Victor said. Just like she had said, business men and women weren't particularly generous so this was a nice offer. He would absolutely do his best to show up. It wouldn't be respectful otherwise. And he could not say no to a good meal. Even less if it was free. He'd talk with his secretary when the meeting was over to make sure he'd be able to show up.
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  32. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Cain's head twisted around to look at the Person behind him, cracking a few times. His neck twisted around so much, it'd kill a normal person. After a small pause to think, he stood up, holding an arm he tore off in his left hand. He turned around, moving his neck and head back into place.

    " Not as fresh as the others.. but it helps. " Cain said, already gaining some more colour to him from his meal. He just bit another chunk from the arm in the middle of the conversation, chewing on it. When he was done eating the chunk he bit off, he gave the person a confused look.

    " Why would you come here, anyway? Haven't you heard of me before? " Cain asked, tilting his head sideways. Noone had ever come to him before without attacking him or trying to capture him. This was something new for him.
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  33. Sky looked at the person, attempting to recall whether he'd seen them before. He felt like he'd remember someone like them, but he definitely couldn't recall anyone like this person. "..No?"
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  34. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " I guess you haven't heard.. oh well.. doesn't really matter. " Cain shrugged, turning back around and crouching down. " If you don't have anything else to say or ask, I'm gonna go back to my meal if you don't mind. " Cain stated, dropping the arm he held. He put one hand on his chin and looked what part to eat next.

    He examined the body, and decided on the head. He twisted the head around and removed it from the neck by forcefully pulling it off. Then, he just turned the face of the head towards his own, and bit into the cheek, starting to eat again. 'I'm gonna have to go for the brain first. If this guy turns, someone else might find out.' He thought, biting down onto the skull.
  35. Sky shrugged. "You do you, I guess. Anyways, I've got stuff to do. Peace!" With those words, his body faded back into nothingness and a gust of wind made its way through the buildings. Once he'd reached the behemoth of stone and capitalism, he decided to hold his wind form and slip inside a burned hole in the window. His body flew up to a small corner of the room, almost directly above the supposed 'bank robber', where he stayed. Waiting
  36. ~•~Maya~•~
    An extended period of time? "Hmmm, I don't know how long you'll be able to hide down there. My sister was helping me build access tunnels all over the city; my size and outfit make me kinda hard to miss," she told him with a nervous chuckle. "The one nearest here isn't done yet so I'll probably get in trouble for taking you down there. Still, you can get all the way to uptown with what we've built already!" She clarified, not wanting him to think she had retracted the offer.

    Sirens could be heard approaching in the distance; they wouldn't be alone for much longer. "Come on!" she urged in a whisper yell. "You can at least stay in the entrance until the police move on," she explained as she jogged in the direction of the tunnel.


    Corrina gave him a wide smile, still devoid of any real emotion now that the meeting was going as per expected once again. "That sounds just fine. I have three secretaries working the office outside the board meeting rooms; they'll take your messages for me and pass them along. Good day, Mr. Howlett."

    Her goodbyes said, she quickly ended the call. Unfortunately, with the unexpected sponsors and needing to deal with federal agents, she hadn't really been able to keep an eye on Maya. She doubted she'd have a good view anyway as the wreck hadn't been near traffic cameras, but like hell would she let her sister know that! A few program navigations later and she was able to find her sister. Safe and headed for the access tunnels built for just such purposes. With a contented sigh she sat back and reached for her now room temperature hot coco.
  37. "That will do, thank you very much!" "Yeah yeah, save the pleasantries for later. We kinda have cops after us so move it!" "Right, no time to waste. I'll repay you one day Cottonmouth!" Zidane said as he entered the tunnels, making sure to not slam either of the heads against the walls. "How many of these tunnels are there? I've been in Detroit for a while now and I never saw one." "Hey, watch it! You can flirt later!" "It is not flirting, it is gathering information. These tunnels just saved us after all." He bickered with himself, although it was unknown if he was really affected by the flirting comment due to his outfit covering his cheeks.
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  38. ~•~Maya~•~
    Luckily the tunnel entrance wasn't too far away. What looked like just another abandoned building in the city was their destination. Maya walked up to one of the bricks. She tapped away at different colored patches in what just seemed to be a dirty brick but whenever she touched a patch, it would light up under her finger.

    'Three, three, thirteen, ten!' she thought with a smile as she entered the code. A portion of wall next to the brick sink into the building before sliding out of the way. Maya quickly pulled Lighter in behind her and jammed in the same code rapidly to get the door closed back. The tunnel itself was decently lit, considering how few lights had been set up. Roughly five feet away was a map hanging on the wall.

    "Well, we can stay here or keep moving. I might just go home. Just, uh, be careful in this tunnel, okay? Co- my sister made us stop building it because of unstable soil. Still, I use it all the time and nothing's happened. Keep moving or chilling out and you'll be good!" she explained.

    She couldn't stop a giggle at the bickering of the two heads. It reminded her of her sisters, she realized with a pang. Her exposed cheeks blushed lightly at the comment about flirting. Was this flirting? She had no idea.
  39. Zidane quickly followed Maya into the now exposed area, careful to not get his heads stuck between the wall and the door. The area wasn't exactly screaming home, but he could make it work. "This will certainly work, think I can survive here. If you need me, I'll probably be here. Thanks for the warning about the police and soil though, probably saved my life out there." His right head said with a grin as his left head looked around. "I think it is better if we split up. The police is looking for someone who's with a person with two heads, you'll have a better shot at escaping if I stay here wouldn't you say?" "This place needs some furnishing Zi-" "Indeed, but that can wait!" The right head suddenly snapped at the left one.
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  40. ~•~Maya~•~
    The fanged girl gave the boy- boys?- a confused look. Live here? Furnishing? 'Oh, no,' Maya thought with a sinking feeling. "You won't be found here, not by the police. They aren't on any city maps or blueprints or anything like that. But you can't stay here. Skip over to the other end of town, sure, but nothing long term. I just meant stay for an hour or two. My sister is gonna kill me just for bringing you down here, once she finds out," she explained. She couldn't help but shiver at what would likely go down tonight when this got out.
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