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Yu-Gi-Oh Underground

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Brendan Savem, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. (Insert Sonic reference here)

    As the title says, this is a Yu-Gi-Oh RP. So children's card games (on motorcycles) are guaranteed. I'm not too fixed on a plot yet, I've tried going over different scenarios for one, but most of them felt icky to me, maybe because I'm trying too hard to stay away from ungodly powers that so commonly populate the anime/manga. Either way, this is the best I've been able to come up with so far.

    In the underground town of Burrow, there is a very dark underworld. Much of the city is controlled with an iron grip by a Exodia’s Fist: a gang with massive influence in many things around the city. There are a number of smaller gangs that are in constant conflict with the gang in charge, whether they are trying to liberate their city, or dream of seizing control for themselves. There is also the local police force, which has its hands full with the crime in the city, including the sporadic gang fights, sometimes it’s too much for them though, and things start to get out of hand. Yet, despite all of these drawbacks, there is one thing that continues to draw many people: Burrow has some of the best duelling around. And with an upcoming tournament around the corner, the numbers just keep on growing. With the already delicate balance of power now strained due to the recent injuries to the leader of the dominant gang, the tournament may have a bigger impact on the social structure of the underground mining town.

    So yeah, it needs a lot of polishing, but I think the general idea has some good potential. If you happen to be interested at all, I demand your input.
  2. Totally interested! It seems like a perfect opportunity to use a YGO OC that I just made XD

    One question, though. What are the rules on our decks? Are Synchros allowed? XYZ cards?
  3. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Quick question - how are you gonna moderate the duels?
  4. I do plan on allowing Synchros and Xyz Summons, but I suspect nobody is going to use the latter. And I also plan on using the basic layout of tournament standard decks, with specific cards only allowing one copy in the deck (e.g. Monster Reborn and Call of the Haunted). Other than that, what's in your deck is up to you.

    Since El and an anonymous participant (only because he PMed) asked, I thought how confusing duels would be in an RP forum environment, so I want to try something new. I was thinking that in the event that two or more participants were involved in a duel, they could take it to a chatroom to duel it out and determine who wins, like what a few of us do in the RPHere chatroom, and then write out the duel using the resulting chat transcript. I need to make sure it's feasible though, so expect some experimentation over the next week or two.

    Is this idea okay? If you have other ways we can handle duels, then by all means, go ahead.
  5. This would be a great, free way to sort out duels, I'd think, as well as help us keep track of our decks more easily. I think El uses it as well, so he can probably vouch for it. It does require a bit of an honor system, but that shouldn't be a problem.

    So I'm guessing we're using the regular Forbidden/Limited list, then? Or are we going to go Traditional format like the show and have the Forbidden cards become limited to one?
  6. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I was gonna suggest Dueling Network, actually. Worst comes to the worst, you can set a time for two people to have a duel then have someone oversee it (as DN allows for observers during duels) to make it fair and honest.
  7. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Just curious, what makes you say that? XYZ summoning is a big part of the game now (I won using an XYZ monster last night, in fact). If anything, the more complicated rules and effects of Synchro monsters would be less likely.
  8. Throwing my name into the pot here since YGO is my waifu!

    I have some free time now so I figure I'll join in. Dueling Network is really quite useful for stuff like this, I think! It's a nice time, too - there are a lot of cool new cards and archetypes like the Brotherhood of the Fire Fist, Mermails, Madolche, and other stuff! Even some new card support came out for really old themes, like Harpies, who received a new monster, a spell, and an Xyz that threw their playability through the roof, really! It's all quite interesting.

    As for Xyz and Synchro monsters, both have their own sort of merits, but you can expect people to use either one, or even both! Some deck archetypes actually have both of these.

    The only issue I see from it is sort of bridging the gap between them, seeing as 5Ds had no Xyzs and as far as I can guess Zexal has no synchros. Could look into how both work though and sort of make it work!

    Saying because why not also works fine with me as far as I'm concerned.
  9. This was just a simple case of me being behind in the times, I said that before I saw Xyz Summons in action, and have been completely disproven in my point. (I still like Synchro summons though).

    Anyway, after trying out Dueling Network, I see that this is a great way to do dueling. So if you haven't already done so, check out the link Sho provided. It's very basic, and that actually makes it very similar to playing irl. Most importantly though, it's free, even if you're not interested in the RP, you should give Dueling Network a try.

    After all the advertising, I do have one small qualm about it; it doesn't support turbo duels or tag duels (if I'm wrong, spank me). Although I don't think it's likely that two participants will be involved in a turbo duel against each other anyway, even if everyone happens to be a turbo duelist, so that's no problem. Tag duels are another thing though, so in the event of that, whether it's two participants teaming up or whatnot, it's up to you how you deal with that.
  10. Nope, it doesn't support either turbo or tag! I don't imagine anyone here is actually /keen/ on Turbo Dueling, since the automatic field spell prevents the usage of a bunch of fun decks! Never know, though. but I don't honestly plan to motorbike around vroom vroom.

    But okay we have a bunch of gangs, and we have a tournament. So how is this tournament going to go? Are people going to form teams and win as a group, or is it every man for himself? The format of it is what I'm asking, I suppose, or if every round is a different kind of duel.
  11. The tournament itself is a basic singles tournament, very similar to the Battle City Arc. It's made up of a city-wide preliminary round with each competitor being assigned multiple target duelists that they must find and defeat over the course of a week, the type of duel in this round doesn't matter, it can be single, tag, or turbo. Those that succeed are advanced to the next round, where it becomes a singles double-elimination tournament. Where losers are allowed a second chance to remain in the tournament. This is still subject to change though, so bear that in mind. A complete tournament format will be added here once the RP starts.

    The gangs are mostly a background happening, with events related to them happening around the city, although they do have presence within the tournament itself. The main purpose for them really is for the participants should they wish to involve themselves in the gang warfare, with their characters being part of a gang, or fighting the gangs, or whatever.

    Anyway, I've already started the first post for this RP, but won't be releasing it until the 19th, which is the day after all of my assignments are out of the way. If you want to put up a bio of your character in the meantime, go for it, but it's not essential.
  12. If its not too late I would love to join. Also i know of a website that allows people all over the world to construct decks that fit regulations and duel with them. If you would like I could provide a link so people could check it out.

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