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Your Shinies and Shiny Hunting in LGP/E

Discussion in 'Let's Go! Discussion' started by Linkachu, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Due to the catch combo mechanics in Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, and the simple fact that you can actually see shiny Pokemon on the overworld, it's opened up new doors for shiny hunters. Have any of you seen/caught shinies yet in Let's Go, or catch combo hunted for them? ^^

    While I've already hunted for two shinies thus far (shiny Pidgey and shiny Diglett), the RNG gods have not smiled on me yet. ;_;

    When I first hunted for shiny Pidgey I only knew about the catch combo trick and had no idea that Lures uped the rate of shiny encounters too - not that I even had access to them yet. Probably hunted for about an hour and a half to two hours before giving up.

    With Diglett, I did everything right - caught 31+ in a row and constantly had lures going from that point on - but even after hours of standing in Diglett's cave I never encountered a single shiny.

    I've debated chaining for Gastly as well but, after my previous two experiences, I think I may just wait to get the Shiny Charm first. :@

    Who's fared better than me?
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator


    Just happened to be wandering around in the tower.

    Can't say I've played far enough in yet to consider hunting for a shiny Pokemon, so this will likely be the only one for a while.
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  3. I got lucky and randomly stumbled across a shiny Doduo which I immediately replaced the other Doduo I was training. For a green shiny it's actually a pretty nice one so I'm happy with it. I do on doing some more in depth shiny hunting, but I'll probably do that after getting the shiny charm. It's very achievable in this gen, provided I can find people to help me with the trade evolutions (or rather, just Alakazam as I have the others in Pokemon Go). Damn Game Freak assuming that I have friends.
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'd be happy to help you sort your trade evolutions if you still require assistance later. Just drop me a PM about it at the time! ^^

    Also, ditto to what you've said here. Thanks to Pokemon Go and the smaller PokeDex in general, I'm definitely going to aim to grab the shiny charm ASAP once I've beaten the main scenario. It's very achievable, and it will likely cause me much less headache (and heartache) when shiny hunting than my previous attempts.

    Now that I've seen pics of shiny Staryu, I'm planning to add it to my list of shinies that I want. >:D
  5. Loyaldis

    Loyaldis Previously Polarnacht

    I damned myself to go through the tiresome act of hunting a shiny Vulpix.

    The first was actually pretty fast to appear, only 44 Vulpix had to be caught until the stars finally appeared.

    But since it was female I continued, my craving for a shiny male Ninetales is just to strong...


    So close... Still happy with her.


    And suddenly, he was there, standing right beside me...

    The hunt was nearly longer than the time I needed for the entire game.
    I'm trying my luck now with a shiny Jigglypuff, this time with the shiny charm.
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  6. In my experience, hunts take at least 24 hours after completion of a minimum chain of 31 to spawn a shiny with or without a lure. Anything less is tremendous luck.
    Most of my hunts took at least a week and like the individual above, most of the time I as well had to hold out longer than one spawn for a preferred gender.

    I have:

    - Charizard (this guy took 3 weeks and a chain swap from Spearow to Ekans)
    - Ivysaur
    - Bulbasaur
    - Pikachu x 3 (My second one, the male I wanted was a spark, no pun intended of luck having only taken a few hours to spawn)
    - Spearow x 2
    - Fearow
    - Ekans
    - Pidgy
    - Pidgetto
    - Bellsprout
    - Drowzee
    - Mr. Mime
    - Ratatta x 2

    I had about ten spawns during the couple weeks my Bulbasaur hunt lasted, consisting of almost every Pokemon in the area. It was painful to ignore them but ignore them I did. That is the one thing I hate about the chain method in these games.

    Tips for easier shiny hunting:
    1. Run if a Pokemon doesn't catch after a maximum of 2 tries. It's after this point that a Pokemon becomes increasingly likely to run and break your chain. You, however, can run with the chain intact.
    Note: Don't worry about not having enough Pokeballs or running out. It's safe to visit a PokeMart during a chain.
    2. To maintain a chain for several days at a time, put the console in sleep mode DO NOT shut it off or close the game software when stepping away or calling it a night and keep it plugged in at all times. DO NOT let the console battery die as that's akin to turning it off.
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  7. My Dad hunted for a shiny Vulpix for my Mom.
    It was unsuccessful.
  8. One time on pokemon omega ruby while traveling to mauville city I accidentally came across it. Naturally I just had to catch it... so I did it.

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