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Open Your Grievance Will Be Avenged (Hell Girl RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. It's rumoured that at the stroke of midnight, and only then, you can access the Hell Correspondence, a mysterious website which promises to take revenge on your behalf. Type in someone's name, and Ai Enma, or Hell Girl, will appear, and give you the means to exact your revenge; a doll with a red string around its neck. Untie the string, and whoever's name you typed in will be immediately sent to Hell. But this service comes at a heavy cost; use it, and you too will be sent to Hell when you die. You will never know the joys of Heaven, and you will suffer endlessly for all of eternity.

    Send the person bothering you to Hell, and damn yourself as well? The decision rests with you.

    (In this RP, you can either play as one of Hell Girl's assistants, who appear to help hertorture the targets of her service, and explain it to the client, or as someone using her service. Or, if you like, you play as someone trying to challenge her, or stop her, such as someone who has the ability to sense when someone is summoning her. But the role of Hell Girl will be played by me.)

    (Do not write out a character bio on this thread. Tell me about your characters via their actions, and by describing through prose or dialogue in character).


    "That's the fifth one this week..."

    Ai wordlessly slipped out of her kimono, leaving it at her grandmother's door, as always. The Hell Correspondence had been especially busy, thanks to more and more people hearing about it, and using it to send their grievances to Hell. So far, most had been actually bad people; an abusive husband, a cruel teacher, the leader of a gang of bullies, and a serial rapist. But, as always, Ai had had to send some innocent people to Hell too. That was the thing about Hell Correspondence that Ai hated the most; anyone could use the service to send someone to Hell, and it didn't even matter if they'd done anything wrong. And so, with no choice in the matter, she had to ferry them to a world of eternal agony.

    As always, the realm of eternal twilight was quiet. Nothing could be heard, save for the rushing of the lake water, or the flickers of the many candles Ai had lit. Each of them represented the lives of the people who had made bargains with her, and when they went out, it meant that it was time to collect their soul, and take them to Hell.

    Ai was settled in the front room, playing with her marbles, when her computer's screen flashed red. Another client.

    In an instant, Ai was summoned to the client's living room, along with her assistants.

    "You called?"
  2. Lily waltzed around aimlessly, unsure where she was at the moment, yet not caring. She enjoyed working for Ai, and she liked to see people get what they deserved. Except for the innocent ones. Lily shuddered at that thought. She sat on the ground, and thought about nothing, wondering when Ai would call for a new client.
  3. Today's client, a small girl, of Canadian descent, jumped, at Ai and Lily's presence. Ai was used to it, however; belief in such things as Heaven and Hell seemed to have dropped in humans, over the last hundred years. The belief in Hell Correspendence, naturally, was correspondingly rare.

    "Hell Girl...You're real!"

    Ai, with unblinking eyes, went on to read out the name the girl had typed into the site. "Laelette Parsons. Do you really seek revenge on that person?"

    "Yeah, of course!" the girl insisted, "She and her gang have been sending me horrible messages, day and night...I just can't take it anymore! You've gotta help me!"

    Ai glanced at Lily, nodding. "Lily, prepare a doll for her, if you would."
  4. Lily nodded nervously, and went to grab one of the dolls that had been recently prepared. She made sure the doll looked nice, dusting it off, and smoothing any strands of hair that stuck up. She soon arrived next to Ai, and handed her the doll.

    "Goodbye..." she said quietly to the doll.
  5. Ai nodded, passing the doll to the client. "If you really seek revenge, then all you have to do is untie the red string around its neck," she began, "Do it, and we will ferry your tormentor straight to Hell."

    The girl immediately went for the string. "Thank goodness! This will save me!"

    Ai held her hand up. "But know that should you untie the string, you too will have a price to pay. When you die, you too will fall into the depths of Hell."

    The girl, like many of the other clients, hesitated, horrified at the thought. Laelette was a horrible person, and she did want her gone, but was worth it?

    "Really? I'll go to Hell?"
  6. "Indeed." Lily said, vouching for Ai. "And, I must say, it isn't the greatest of places. If I were you, I'd not pull that string"

    Lily shook her head, and then gave a glance to Ai, before becoming nervous.

    "But do what you want!" she said quickly.
  7. Ai nodded. "Yes. Ultimately, the decision rests with you. But know that your soul with suffer through an eternity of unending torment, never to know the joys of Heaven."

    With that, there was only one thing left to do. Ai created an illusion of a pit of fire, and the girl sank into it, screaming, and begging for it to stop. This was Ai's way of giving the clients of taster of life in Hell, before they decided.

    She reappeared back in her room a moment later, with Ai and Lily gone. Only the doll remained in her hand.

    Ai and Lily, meanwhile, had returned to the realm of eternal twilight. The place where Ai had condemned to her tenure, as Hell Girl.

    "All we can do now, is wait."
  8. Lily shuddered upon hearing her scream.

    "I hope she doesn't do it..." Lily said quietly.

    Then, Lily started picking her nails nervously.
  9. "If she's been desperate enough to call upon the Hell Correspondence, it's likely that she will," Ai said solemnly, "She wouldn't be the first her age to do it. In fact, over the past hundred or so years, it's become mostly young people who use this service."

    In the early days, the Hell Correspondence had been advertised solely via Edo period stone tablets. Then, when newspapers were invented, Hell Correspondence appeared via newspaper adverts. And then, when the internet was born, Hell Correspondence became a website, and it had stayed that way for the past twenty years. As a result, it had become an urban legend among children and teenagers, each of them describing their own accounts of how it worked. And thus, the use of it by young people had gone up significantly.

    "We've done bullies, abusive parents, and one time, a boy called to send the school shooter who'd murdered his sister to Hell," she continued, "It seems that there is much anguish to be found in growing up."
  10. “Yeah.” Lily said, messing with her hair. “I just feel bad that they have to deal with Hell too.”

    Lily thought about the small girl. This wasn’t the first time she’d seen a child use the service, yet every time, it got to her, making her clench her stomach in disgust of herself.
  11. "When you curse a person, two graves must be dug," Ai said solemnly, "Revenge itself is a sin. I, of all people should know..."

    Ai glanced outside, at the many spider lilies growing in the garden. Four hundred years ago, Ai had been chosen to be sacrificed to the mountain gods her village worshipped. She was abandoned in the forest and left for dead, but her parents managed to keep her alive for a few years, by having her cousin, Sentaro, sneak food to her. When the village elders discovered her alive in the forest, they buried her and her entire family alive. That night, Ai, now a vengeful spirit, rose from her grave, and burned the village down. As punishment, the master of Hell had turned her into Hell Girl, forcing her to exact revenge on other people's behalf.

    The door slid open, and Ai's grandmother slipped her hands out, hanging a beautiful purple kimono, patterned with butterflies and roses on the doorframe. These were, and had been, for the past few years, Ai's work clothes; whenever someone pulled the string on their doll, Ai would put her kimono on, and get to work on ferrying the object of their grievance to Hell. For whatever reason, Ai's grandmother had been the one family member to accompany her to the realm of eternal twilight.

    "Ai, I've washed your kimono and undergarments," she announced, "I know that today's client hasn't untied the string yet, but it's best to be ready for when she does."

    "Yes. Thank you, grandma," Ai said monotonously. Soon, she would also have to think of an appropriate torture method, for the client's target.
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  12. “Um...Ai? Should I put on my kimono? Or is it unneeded?” Lily asked.

    Lily had designed her own kimono, which was a hot red. She had her own grandmother sew small flames onto it, but they looked more like red sparkles. Lily ended up drawing her own flames on it, and to make her grandmother feel better, she drew “Designed by: Mema.” Lily loved wearing it, because she felt powerful.
  13. Ai cast a glance over at the computer. Whenever someone pulled the string on their doll, the screen would flash red, and a black flame symbol would appear. This same symbol would then appear on the client's chest, forever reminding them that once they were dead, their soul would be claimed by Hell.

    It was blank, for a few seconds. And then it lit up. Now, it was time to get to work.

    "Yes. It's time," she said hastily, grabbing her kimono from its hanger, and going off to get changed.
  14. "Oh, okay!" Lily said nervously, quickly pulling off her kimono from a hanger, and heading to a bathroom.

    In the bathroom, Lily took off her clothes and changed into the kimono. Then, she straitened her glasses, and made sure her hair wasn't sticking out. Then, she ran from the bathroom, a bit nervous. She straitened herself out, and waited for Ai.
  15. Ai finished in a hurry, straightening her hair, before heading outside, to the carriage. A horseless carriage, piloted only by a wheel demon named Wanyuudou, was her mode of transportation, when it came to ferrying her targets to Hell.

    "Let's go," she said quietly, to Lily, "The case we're dealing with today shouldn't be hard."
  16. Lily nodded, and climbed into the carriage next to Ai, keeping a straight face. Lily enjoyed working for Ai, and she felt comfortable around Ai. Except for the fact that Ai scared her, and she was usually scared, so it was normal. That’s what made it comfortable.
  17. The one being sent to Hell today was Laelette Parsons, a second-year middle school student. She was out at the mall with her gang, trying on some new tops, when the carriage descended to Earth.

    "I dunno about this one, it makes me look fat," she complained, as she held up a white frilly shirt.

    "Nah, you look fine, babes," her friends assured her, "Great, in fact! That one has a nice, low collar, so wear it tomorrow, and you'll definitely get some attention from Joel!"

    "Yeah!" Laelette agreed, "He'll finally notice me, and not Caitlin!"

    Caitlin happened to be the one who wanted Laelette sent to Hell. The guy Laelette was crushing on, Joel Jones, happened to like Caitlin, and not her, so, Laelette and her gang had turned the whole school against Caitlin, in the hopes that she'd leave her man be.

    Ai held up her hand, turning the mall into a black void, as Laelette was sucked through the very mirror she stood before, landing in the void in front of Ai and Lily. The girl quickly lost consciousness, leaving Ai and Lily time to prepare an appropriate torture method.

    "Now, all that's left to do is torture the target," Ai said coolly, "Let's begin by creating an illusion of the boy she likes. Nothing will crush her more, than having him declare that he hates her. And then, what should we do to her after that?"
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  18. Lily thought the illusion was a great idea. However, she herself was not very great at progressing her own ideas in a well manner, so she came up with one she didn’t consider good, after it fled her mouth.

    “We could starve her?” she said, regretting what the idea.

    She mentally hit herself in the head, screwing herself over because it was a bad idea.
  19. "I was thinking we should choose a torture method more relevant to her sins," Ai answered, "Maybe something along the lines of...Do you remember the case we had last year?"

    The case in question featured a high school student named Asako Yukawa. She too had been cyberbullying the one who wanted her sent to Hell, so for that, she'd been turned into a giant smartphone, hooked up to a computer, and had her internal organs deleted from her body. Like many of the targets, she hadn't repented, and thus, had been sent to Hell

    "And remember," Ai finished, "Before we damn each soul, we must give them one chance to repent. Should they fail, only then can we take them to Hell."
  20. Lily nodded, remembering the girl who’s organs were deleted. She shuddered at the thought, and then she got an idea.

    “Ooh, let’s show the boy she likes, dating the girl she hates!” Lily said, smiling.
  21. Ai nodded. "Then, let's get to work on this grievance."

    The infamous Hell Girl created an illusion of the target's school's corridor, adding the boy she liked, right next to the client. They chatted happily about nothing, like couples did, until the target woke.

    Laelette panicked as she looked around. "School? How the Hell did I end up here?" she cried, "And besides, it's Sunday! I shouldn't be here!"

    No explanation.

    The target panicked even more when she noticed the boy she liked, right next to Caitlin, flirting. Just to add insult to injury, Ai made them kiss, just as she locked eyes on the sight.

    "Joel!" she cried, "What are you doing, hooked up with Caitlin, of all people?! You should be kissing me, not her! You liked me, up until that little hussy caught your eye!"

    Joel finally broke away from Caitlin, giving Laelette an evil glare. "And what makes you think that I'd choose a nasty, stuck up little bully, over the girl I like?"

    "No...What do you mean?!"
  22. Lily smirked, hearing Laelette devastated. She held up her hand to Ai, in hopes she'd be returned a high five. Then, she continued to enjoy the moment she was savoring.
  23. Ai returned the gesture, before heading back to her illusion of Joel, using it as a mouthpiece for the target's sins.

    "You're pathetic!" he continued, "You and your gang turned everyone against Caitlin, sweet, innocent Caitlin, who never did anything wrong to anyone, just because you're jealous that I like her, and not you!"

    Laelette folded her arms. "It wasn't that bad!" she scoffed, "All I did was tell her to back off!"

    "You threatened to kill her, if she even looked at me, ever again," he continued, "You even texted her pictures of your dad's hunting rifle, saying that if she didn't watch her back, you'd shoot her!"

    "I wasn't really gonna do it!" Laelette continued, "It was just teasing! Kid stuff, y'know?"

    Ai turned to Lily. "Perhaps, you'd like to finish this one off?"
  24. Lily nodded a thanks, and decided to take the illusion a step farther.

    “If anything, you deserve to die. Why would anyone even be friends with you, let alone like you.” Joel said.

    Joel then leaned in and pressed his lips against Caitlin’s. They made out for a while, and at this time, Laelette began to cry. Lily soon got out of her evil state, feeling a bit bad
  25. With the target showing no signs of repentance, and having been broken down significantly, Ai decided that now was the time to take her. A little row-boat down on the Sanzu river was already waiting, ready for the next target of Hell Correspondence.

    The Hell Girl nodded to Lily, and then revealed herself to the sobbing target, expression completely neutral. "O pitiful shadow, lost in the dark, bringing torment and pain to others. O damned soul, wallowing in your sins."

    Ai took a step closer, holding up her arms. "Perhaps...It is time to die."

    The butterflies on Ai's kimono flew off of the fabric, swarming the target. Now, all that was left for Lily to complete the process, and the soul would officially be damned.
  26. Lily raised her arms up, never liking this part of the process. The flames sewn on by Mema had started to flicker, and soon, a galloping fire arose from the kimono she was presented in. The fire circled around Laelette, and Lily was ready to damn her. The screams of targets always haunted her, but she wasn't going to let Ai down.
  27. Once the target was ferried to Hell, Ai disappeared from the human world, back into the realm of Eternal Twilight. With Laelette having been ferried to Hell, the damnation was complete, and all that was left to do was light a candle for the client.

    "I consign this grievance to Hell," she announced, lighting it, as it joined the others.
  28. Lily was sent back to the realm of Eternal Twilight with Ai, and was happy the girl had gotten what she deserved. Although, she did feel bad that the girl who sentenced her would be damned as well. She looked at the candle, and sighed. The flame's on her kimono had returned, and she faced Ai.

    "Am I able to take this off, Mistress?" she said, trying to sound formal and proper.
  29. "You may, if you truly wish," Ai answered, "The process is complete, after all."

    Ai watched the flames of the candles as they burned, the names which bore them melting with the wax. Human life was a funny thing, forever changing, with no guarantee of ever getting better or worse. The people who used Hell Correspondence sought long term solutions, for the short term problem of their lives being ruined by horrible people, but was it really worth it? Especially since, aside from the fact that they too would be damned to Hell upon death, there was no guarantee that they'd run into someone even worse later on.

    "Revenge didn't make me any happier," Ai mused, "All it did was deepen my anger, my sorrow, my hatred, for thise who wronged me. I wonder if it's the same for them..."
  30. Lily nodded, and went to change out of her kimono. After she was back into her casual wear, she came out and back to Ai, happy the damning was over. She was always annoyed that people would have the cruelty to want someone to go to Hell.
  31. Ai touched the recently lit candle, not reacting, as the hot wax dripped onto her fingers. Back on Earth, the most recent client seemed much better; with Laelette condemned to Hell, eventually, the bullying stopped, and the boy she liked even asked her out. For the first time in six months, Caitlin was actually happy. Or at least, she was, until she went to the bathroom, taking a peek at the mark on her chest. Her grievance had been avenged, and for now, it had made her happy. But only time would tell if that happiness would last, at least until she was condemned to Hell.

    "Lily," she began, "When you were alive, was there anything you wanted gone so much, that you'd have sold your soul to make it happen?"
  32. Lily thought about it.

    “No. I was generally happy. I had a good group of friends, I went to a good school, I had providing parents. It was good for me.” Lily said, shaking her head.
  33. "I see," Ai answered, "And yet still, your soul has wound up here, unable to pass on to either Heaven or Hell..."

    On top of being making her Hell Girl, the master of Hell had also taken the souls of Ai's parents hostage. He threatened to send them both to Hell, as well as Ai, should she refuse to do her duties, even if they meant sending an innocent person to Hell. And thus, this had been her afterlife.

    Ai's attention was suddenly drawn to a flickering candle, on the last thread of its wick. The name on it had long gone, but Ai remembered the case very clearly. It involved a man, who, back when Hell Correspondence was a newspaper advert, had contacted Ai to send the man who murdered his wife to Hell. His life was soon going to end, but his eternity in Hell would only just be beginning.

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