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Your Bedroom~

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Shiny Pyxis, Aug 10, 2010.

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  1. Shiny Pyxis

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    Sooooo, most everyone on this site should have a designated place where they sleep at night (or if you're nocturnal, during the day), for naps, etc. Is your room messy, with clothes all over the place? Or is it relatively neat? Have any posters? Furniture? And so on~

    I just recently switched from upstairs to downstairs, and my new room is smaller but, in my oppinion, nicer. I have a bookshelf next to my bed, a desk, and a little cabinet thing to store all my little things. I never do my bed, and I only really clean up my room once every two weeks, so currently there are a few socks on the floor and some shorts (it's right next to the restroom/shower, so I tend to change in my room). There's also a hole in one of the two windows... but meh.

    Also, my desk is strewn with SAT-related stuff, from flashcards to math textbooks to practice SAT packets. I'm so nerdy/Asian XD
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  2. Uhh..well I've been staying at my husband's grandparents more than home unfortunately, so I don't really stay in my room that much anymore.. But lemme describe it..It's a really small room. The only furniture in there is my bed, a small shelf that I turned onto its side and put my game systems on, and my dresser that holds my TV. I've got posters up, mostly Sonic and Zelda ones, alongside a few bands. The comforter and sheets on my bed are pink ♥ I have two windows, both of which I covered with cut up, dark purple, silk sheets. Those things remind me of Beast's Castle because of the way they're shredded..I'm weird >>; There's also tons of boxes stacked in my room since there's no room for all of my things to be out of boxes. Drawings are shoved under my bed. XD Alistair (my siamese/ragdoll cat) is often found lazing around on my bed ♥
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  3. My teeny room could really use a design team XD

    I'm going to clean my room eventually, but it's currently a mess. Ironic as I view myself a neat person in every other realm. My furniture includes a desk, four crates, and my bed. I have a built in shelf in my room that holds nick-nacks as well as books. I'm using the crates as bookshelves as well, but I need a legit shelf. The desk holds my (teenier) TV, Wii, Gamecube, and other misc. stuff. Whatever doesn't fit on my shelf or the crates is on the floor in piles. I have decent number of books (which includes old text books that I couldn't or didn't want to sell back) and really modest DVD collection that I'm trying to grow. My closet is in a sad state too. I've hung up a bunch of my clothes, but there is still a bunch of stuff on the floor of it. As for stuff on my walls, I have a cute calendar as well as a Twilight Saga: New Moon and an Eclipse poster. I also have a few boxes under my bed. I have one window, but the blinds are nearly always closed because I'm paranoid about people looking in.

    Meh, the messiness is getting a bit uncomfortable, so yeah XD I'd be neater if I were sharing my room with someone.

    *Ahem.* My square room is a bit too small for me. There's the door, and next to it is my dresser with my musical keyboard on top, along with my CD player. Next to that is the closet. Filled with almost everything that I can't fit outside the closet.
    My bed is on the wall connected to the closet wall. An that's pretty much it for that wall.
    The third wall was my bedside table, with my lamp, my clock, and two boxes filled with electronic stuff. And a window. With no screen, so I can escape whenever I want. XD
    The last wall has my giant desk. On it is my computer, and my TV, and a bunch of other stuff, such as my SECRET journals, my DS and DSi, a phone, my cellphone, my MP3 player, and bunch of Pokemon stuff.
    My walls are cover with everything from Pokemon posters to original works I've created. There's also a couple informational posters, a picture my dad made, my photo-board, And a Kite in the shape of a boat. And a calendar.
    My ceiling has a mobile (That no longer works) of the planets in the solar system. And some glowing stars. And randomly scattered all over my room, are hundreds of books.
    I'm going to start renovating soon, and my room will be SO much cooler.
  5. I have a rather small house, but surprisingly a medium size room at my mum's.

    My mother loves blue, so guess what colo(u)r my walls are? Dark blue. The ceiling remains white and is made out of that weird surface that crumbles if you pinch it off. I have a closet built into the wall, and it was originally supposed to have sliding doors, but they decided to be idiodic and not move, so basically you don't need X-ray vision to see my wardrobe. I also have maroon carpeting, which feels odd when I get up in the middle of the night.

    Furniture: Well, I have my bed, which is a qwueen sized bed. It has my grandmother's quilt for a bedcover, and the head board was custome painted: Chrome silver ♥ It has a small lamp in it so I can see better when little "intruders" break in, who say "Bark" alot. It holds one of those old remote controled cybernetic dinosaurs, which is just rotting up there, it also has by stereo system in it :D. Next to that, I have a small coffe table with my ventalator (that thing for asthmatics) on it, as well as a bottle of water when I want some; and against the wall I have, well I not sure what to call it ^^; It's tall, has four drawers at the bottom, and has three open spots in it. I just store all my old crap there. Next to that, we have a newly added coffee table (my mother dumps some the old furniture from the living room in my room), which is rather unique. It has an old Chinese painting on there, all protected with a sheet of glass. On top of it, I have my wind-tunnel fan (I can't sleep without noise), which is propped up by a cheap CD case filled with old DVD's and CD's, as well as old GC and PS2 games. This is also where I keep my laptop at night. The table is leaning against an indenture in the wall for holding DVD cases and other movies (such as several of the Johto series's first episodes (It was a sale at the handy Dollar Tree, don't ask -_-)). Next to the table we have a small dresser that holds the family's printer (again, another dump), as well as several of my clothes. On the other wall, we have a slightly taller dresser. It has a smooth finish, and it feels so good to touch :3 as well as my small flatscreen (which I bought with my own hard earned money), which is connected to the original XBox 360; it also holds my other clothes and junk. Towards the doorway, there a small indent from the closet's odd formation, and in the corner (which hides behind the door) is a tall shelf area. On it, I keep my old box of cards (Yugioh, Pokemon and the what-not), the next level has a RC for the dog's "Toy", which is my old RC Fourwheeler, the next level has a jar filled with coins. It used to be a swear jar, but my sister found that she was loosing her bleeping money faster than expected, so now it's just my jar of coins (filled with 100+ dollars of quarters and probably more). THe next level has my savings. THis is basically my mother's excuse for not letting me have an actual bank account, and it also holds my loose bills I get from working (Currently over 300+ dollars saved up). And finally, the top level has one of my favorite collectables:

    a 1970-something Pontiac GTO Judge (remember, it's just a model). It is orange, and even has a pop up hood with it's own engine (and a mighty fine one at that), as well as a pop up trunk (With a old Goku torso in in. It is rather small.)

    And that's my bedroom. It also has a few table chairs, but again that's just another living room dump. It's a mess, but I'm able to find my stuff better.
  6. My room... is... Teal! I got to do that crazy color on my walls because my shelving and stuff are white and I wanted them black. Su yeah.
    I have a built-in closet that hosts all of my hang-up clothes, as well as some GBA stuff and a lot of random notebooks. I have a nice built-in desk on one side of the closet that is really nice to use... when I don't have a ton of crap on it. On the other side, I have a thing of drawers that has my pants and pj's in it. Above the drawers and desk are bookshelves that hold lots o' crap, including books. There's a lot of pictures and little nicknacks there.
    On the wall by the door, there is another thing of drawers that holds my shirts, socks and underwears. It also serves as a place to put random crap.
    When the weather is cold, my bed has a really cool reversible comforter that's brown and teal (brown side up). When it's too hot for that, I put it in a hamper thing that has a cushion on top and just sleep with a blueish quilt. On my bed there are three pillows; two for my head and a body pillow that I snuggle up with. I also have an armed pillow that I use when I'm writing. There's also a lamp/chandelier thing above there.
    On my walls, there are random pictures of people and stuff. On my wall above my bed, I have this really cool Beatles poster. IT'S SO KEWL. And it has pretty colors.
    So yeah, that's my room.
  7. At my dad's house, my room's style is 'tropical'. Which means the walls and floor are sand-coloured, one wall is covered in a big tropical poster and my furniture is Waikiki blue. It's usually quite clean, because I don't have much stuff to throw around there; Most of my stuff is at my mom's.

    My other room is based on 'Zen'- there are paintings on one wall of eastern symbols, a big Yin-Yang in the middle, the symbols for 'Dragon' and 'Fortune' next to it and some other symbols below that. The wall opposite of that is completely covered in a huge wall poster of the earth seen from space with a shitload of stars around it. Under my bed are three drawers, which makes it quite high, and most of the space is taken up by a large desk made from steel bars and glass plates. Unrelated; two photo-paintings of the New York sky line~ Because I felt like it. This room is usually the messiest, because off all the stuff and I usually never think of putting my clothes in the laundry bin when I go to sleep.
  8. My bedroom in two words

  9. My room is pretty awesome, actually.

    My walls are a boring white, so I've made up for it by putting up random things- posters, pictures, and most recently, my fancy kung fu first level certificate ^__^ It's got a wood floor, which in one area is all worn out because I slide my desk chair over it ._. It also has a lovely cedar ceiling. And two ceiling fans. It's a rather large room. The closet is walk-in style, and it's an utter disaster, considering that I shoved everything in (as is my version of "cleaning").

    My bed is nicely sized, with a silver comforter. It's got squares. I enjoy it for sleeping under. The bed itself is right across from the TV, so I often can just lay around watching stuff. It's an older TV, made in '02, but damn if that thing is reliable. It's an old projection-y one- the ones where all of the projector equipment is in the base of the TV. It's pretty big. My Xbox 360 is in here with me, so I can play Halo when I want to o3o

    Against the far right corner is my desk, which presently houses Vel, my awesome desktop of win. It also hosts the little Toshiba netbook that I carry around uni. On the wall adjacent to that are two large shelving units dedicated to manga, anime, and action figures. They were actually once store shelves, and we got them when a nearby place was liquidating. It almost looks like a bookstore XD

    That's about it. There's a lot of little trinkets and whatnot I have lying around, but meh.
  10. My bedroom is a mess. It has pokemon action figures all over the floor along with a bunch of manga's and other books. My clothes are all over my bed and my ds is somewhere in this mess. Besides the mess it's a nice room. It has turquoise walls, shelves to put my textbooks on, and a closet with pink walls. But I will clean my room one day....
  11. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    You wish to know of the lair of StellarWind Elsydeon? Tread carefully, for not many have walked in and lived to tell the tale.

    As you open the door and step in you are instantaneously hit by the sight of a large desk running along the wall immediately adjacent to the door, almost to the wall opposite to the door. The desk holds a 5-year-or-so-old IBM ThinkPad laptop - my primary computing unit - and assorted peripherals - a wireless mouse, an old BearPaw 1200TA scanner, a desk lamp, speakers and a largish LCD monitor which belonged to my desktop computer before that one died a painful tragic death two years ago. Said desk also holds a few figurines (two dragons and an owl, if you absolutely have to know). The wall above the desk holds a copy of one of my artworks, the Ivy Dragon. Under the desk are two mobile units of drawers, only visible from the front, which mostly hold... paper and art supplies, really.

    The wall opposite to the door holds a hanging shelf unit that holds assorted books and CDs (as well as a few other items such as a lava lamp, an alarm clock and a Torterra figurine). Next to the shelf unit is the window (with a small AC unit above it) and at the corner, a few small hanging corner-shelves holding odds and ends - bits of my collection of dragons and crystals. Against the same corner leans my bed - a largish and very comfortable dark forest green one with an adjustable back (though it's usually constantly unplugged and in a full down position). At the moment it's got some green and white bedsheets.

    The wall this corner segues into has several things hanging on it - a pan flute, a picture of a strange archosaurid alien riding a motorcycle (that my dad recieved from a friend who drew it when I was like... 2... and I appropriated as soon as I could because I love this damn pic) and piece of art featuring crystals and zodiac symbols that once used to be a clock but the mechanism went long ago. Near my bed (which is mostly angled along that wall) is my synth-keyboard (a Yamaha PortaTone PSR410). At the end of that wall, where it forms a corner with the wall my door is on, there is another small shelf unit which holds more assorted odds and ends, not really holding anything of too major value.

    Right by that shelf unit is my wardrobe, which takes up most of the wall, only leaving a tiny bit of space between it and the door. This space also holds the light switch for the room. This unit holds all my clothes, bedsheets, and assorted other odds and ends.

    The walls themselves are currently done in two shades of mint green - one lighter and one darker - with an ivy-pattern border in a vivid shade of green connecting the two shades and blending them together. They are also in need of repainting and some repairing (since they haven't been since... frell if I can remember). All the shelf units, the desk and the wardrobe are primarily made of wood with a warm goldish-reddish-brown tone.

    Looking up you will notice a ceiling fan/lamp hybrid with wooden blades. looking down at the floor you'll notice it's mostly made of tiles, and that a sizable portion of it is (slightly longer than the desk, with a width from the foot of the desk to just a bit beyond the foot of my bed) covered in a dark red carpet with gold squares that have plant patterns on them in red and black. You will also spot two office chairs on this carpet - one being mostly dark forest green (my primary computer chair) and one being large, black-leather, and not in a good state (my old chair, which i still use as a makeshift stand for assorted things).

    And looking for too long you will not notice your death by armblades until it is too late.
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  12. Neatest part of my room is the bed-- I make it in the mornings right before I get dressed. Not because I like it neat, mind you, but because 1. it's fast and 2. I basically need to use it as temporary storage space/sitting room during the day, and the wrinklier it is, the easier it is to lose socks and other articles of clothing.

    The rest varies between "messy, but I can find whatever I want" and "here there be things worse than dragons." I have a nice Peninsula of Junk spanning out from the closet, and you couldn't motivate me to stick a hand under any of the furniture for less than thirty bucks.
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