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Private/Closed You are a Pokémon in Kanto

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Splashfur, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. Rules:
    -No Cussing or Romance
    -No Z-Moves, Fake-mons or Megas
    -Send me your profile in a Private Message
    -No OOC talk
    -Only rp with your Pokémon
    -You are a Pokémon, not trainer.
    -Kanto Pokémon ONLY
    -Your profile must be in this form:
    Personal weakness:
    Other important points you think you should add(optional)

    Eevee was walking around in a forest clearing. There was a big boulder and a hollowed-out log in the centre of the clearing. The log is kinda like a small tunnel. To the left is a small creek. Eevee runs around for a while, but then gets tired and crawls into the log and takes an hour-long nap.(Which is saying something.) He is still sleeping when you...
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  2. Vulpix had been wandering around the forest clearing, lost and very much confused. Her amber eyes glanced around, as if searching for somewhere to hide upon feeling a light droplet of rain tap her snout. It was that time again, when the rainfall was heavy and long lasting; meaning she'd need somewhere with food if she didn't want to die - after all, she hated the rain. She ran into the log, hoping that would be a good enough spot, when she saw an Eevee who was asleep.
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  3. Eevee woke up. He looked over and saw a Vulpix in the opening of the log. He heard the rain and let the Vulpix in. The log was pretty big, actually, about a meter and a half in length, enough room for the both of them to sit in it comfortably. But still... the rain made everything cold, this being the month of October.
  4. The Vulpix rushed in and tried to dry herself up without causing any hassle. She could see that the rain was the sole reason why she never left Celadon. Did she wake the Eevee up and accidentally make him cold? She was aware of the month and how cold the outdoors could be around that time of the year. Luckily, though, there was room for both of them.
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  5. Jolt walked around shivering "burr its cold" she whispered as she walked and she sighed looking at the ground, it seemed to being to snow and starting to get colder. jolt sighed and she sat a tree and she went under it and she curled up under the tree trying to get warm "ahh choo" she said when a snow flake got on her nose.
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  6. The snow was falling harder and harder, faster and faster! Soon enough, the snow was half a foot deep and spilling into the log. Eevee saw a bug rock next to the log and rolled it over to plug up the hole on one side of the log. Just before Eevee got the rock in, he noticed a small Jolteon under a tree. "Hey! Come into this log! There's room for one more Pokémon and it's too cold to stay outside!" Eevee yelled out.
  7. Jolt looked over and she smiled at him and she ran over and she climbed in the log and she snuggled in between them and she sighed "thank you" she whispered and she looked at eevee then at the vulpix "hi there" she said and she closed her eyes and she snuggled
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  8. Vulpix glanced over to the Jolteon and smiled lightly, "You would've caught a cold if you stayed out there any longer," She let out a sigh of relief. Whilst she wasn't cold since she was a fire type, she was well aware that the others were and thus she had to at least be a little bit openminded
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  9. Eevee closed one side of the log with a rock and sat down. "It's strange for there to be a blizzard in October." He said.
  10. Jolt snuggled up to the vulpix because she was warm "so warm " She whispered and she hugged her " yeah i know...i just couldn't find any place to hide..." she said and she looked down "good thing i'm a super tiny jolteon" she smiled. Jolt nodded "Yeah i know ...maybe some ice types are playing tricks again" she whispered
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  11. Vulpix nodded in agreement before sitting down, she smiled lightly when Jolteon hugged her and let her do so. "Could be," She chuckled lightly, more so to herself. "And I thought that it was just going be a rainstorm..."
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  12. "Could be what?" Eevee asked. "You seem uncharacteristically thoughtful."
  13. Jolt nodded and she started at the eevee "she meant it could be the Ice types playing tricks" she sighed and she smiled as she loved the warmth of the female vulpix's fur " Do you have a name miss Vulpix?" she asked "or a nice name i go by jolt"
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  14. Eevee was right though, searching for a deeper meaning was never her thing - moving on and adapting to it was. Vulpix glanced down at Jolt, "Where I live they call me Hotaru, but I'm fine with anything" She answered.
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  15. Eevee's stomach grumbled. "I'm hungry."
  16. (OOC - I've got to go do some things, I'll try to reply whenever I can but it may be late)
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  17. Jolt smiled at her " Oh ok ..Hotaru...i like that its cute" she whispered and she smiled at her. she looked a the eevee and she nodded "me too" she said and she remembered "Hey here" she said holding out a few berries she had picked before she got caught in the snow storm
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  18. "Haha, nice! Fruit!" Eevee said, then noticing there were only enough for each of them to have one or two.
  19. Jolt sighed " sorry if you want i can try and find more " she asked and she looked outside and she blushed "its still cold.." she said and she looked down "here you need them i'm not hungry right now anyway" she said.
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  20. "No, we need to share." Eevee divided up the berries so everyone had two. "Sharing is caring."
  21. Jolt nodded "of course " she said and she laid her head down again " We need to share" she smiled
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  22. Eevee ate his two berries very slowly. He wanted to save them, just in case. He ate one and put the other one inside his fur for later. Then he saw a french fry he put in there a couple days ago and forgot about. "Nice! French fry! Shall I divide it up?"
  23. Jolt looked at the them and she giggled " Really a old french fry....no thanks i'm good" she said with a smile and she sighed " Hey eevee you can have that" she smiled at him.
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  24. "Hey! I see some Pokemon there... I guess I can talk to them. They seem perfectly fine." Flare said. He then rushed to the other Pokemon with extreme speed. (Not the move.) "Hello! My name is Flare. Nice to meet you. What are your names?" The Flareon said. "Oh? My de-evolved form! Hey, can I tell ya something? PLEASE don't evolve into a Vaporeon, please? Thank you!"
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  25. Eevee looks up at Flare. "French fry?" He asks, offering Flare the gross, limp, week-old french fry.
  26. "No thanks. Hey, I got something. Just wait..." Flare said, he then rushed a bit back... And came back with a basket of Oran Berries, Apples, et cetera. Just what a Pokemon needed to survive. "Have all ya like! I just got them from Viridian Forest. Fresh!" Flare said, eating one. "Delish!"
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  27. Eevee takes one of the apples and tries it and eats it. "Pretty tasty. But I prefer french fries any day. Especially the ones that are aged. But on a more serious note, I think you just crushed our hiding spot. There is a blizzard, you know."
  28. Jolt nodded "yeah cmon dude we don't need anymore people inside here..its getting crowded " she said still snuggling up to her vulpix buddy" Hehe thanks for the berries and food" she said.
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  29. "Oops... I'm someone who's... energetic? I guess? Am I annoying? Is that it?" Flare asked to himself. "So, uh, I guess I'll leave you alone now... Well, I don't really care about the blizzard... Brrr... Except the fact that... I-It's cold... Well, see you..." Flare said, sadly. He then rushed into the blizzard, not knowing what he was doing.
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  30. "I think now we should hide in that tree instead." Eevee said, pointing to a hollow tree. The tree was in the direction Flare went. "We need shelter." Eevee said.
  31. Jolt yawned and she shook her head " I'm fine with here..anyway i wanna lay her with my friend " she said looking at her vulpix friend and she yawned and she slowly fell asleep due to her warm fur.
  33. An ammonite-like Pokémon sat in the bottom of a modest body of water that was near the hollow tree. The convection currents gave way for the warmer and rarer parts of the water to rise; while the colder and denser parts sank towards the bottom. The Pokémon shivered from the frigid envionment that reminded him of a past event. His gas chambers started to quickly fill up with the oxygen that formerly cuddled around his yellow, helix spiraled shell. He slowly twisted his sky-blue tentacles to propel himself towards the surface, while his buoyancy now started to get the better of gravity.

    The seaweed danced along with the moderate currents, as the miniscule bubbles raced along with the Pokémon to the surface. He was oblivious to the chilly weather that went on beyond the surface of his aquatic lands, as the top area of the water provided an equilibrium of heat to counteract the frosty zephyr. He continued to move towards the surface, as the movements of his tentacles gradually became faster.

    After some brief minutes, he poked his head out of the water, as he felt the bitter, hostile winds that unkindly pushed against his outer, calcium layer of his shell in a fit of petulance. He was oblivious to the other Pokémon that were within the distance, as he was preoccupied with surveying the new lands that caught the attention of his large, saucer-like eyes. He blinked for a brief moment, as he noticed a hollow tree that stood out to his visionary perception. He intensely analyzed the tree while his tentacles rubbed on the sides of his shells, as some of them perked up to the sound of some voices he heard within the distance.
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  34. (OOC - I'm back!)

    BIC - The fox pokemon had accidentally drifted off to sleep where she sat, having used up her energy trying to find a place to stay and getting far too comfortable in the now destroyed log. Her fur getting covered by the white snow that managed to get in the log. Yet, she managed to retain her body hear as she slept; being only slightly useful in the situation that her friends had found themselves stuck in given her natural body heat.

    Upon hearing Eevee, Hotaru had opened only one of her large brown eyes as she was very clearly still tired. "What do you mean the log is broken?" It was very rare, but her voice was barely audible.
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  35. "Flare the Flareon broke the log! He didn't do it on purpose, but now we have to move over to that hollow tree! It's the only way." Eevee began dragging Jolteon to the tree. "Come on- woah!" Eevee was about halfway to the tree when he was startled by the arrival of an Omanite.
  36. Hotaru rose to her four paws and assisted Eevee with the move from the broken log to the hollow tree that would hopefully shelter them. On their way, they came across an Omanyte. Aren't Omanyte fossil pokemon? She thought to herself before shaking her head as surely there would be roaming prehistoric creatures somewhere.

    "Seems that you're stuck in the storm too?" The Vulpix asked, hoping to strike conversation with the new arrival.
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  37. Jolt groaned and she blushed "hey stop pulling me" she said and she looked at Hotaru and she sighed " Hi Hotaru...you look pretty with snow covering you" she smiled at her and she yawned.
  38. Eevee jumped into the tree and shook the snow out of his fur and pulled Jolt in. However, there was not much room in the tree, so Jolt was kinda on top of Eevee. Stacked on top of each other like in 'We Bare Bears.' "Hotaru! Come on!" Eevee yelled.
  39. jolt looked at eevee and she blushed and she gasped when she felt Hotaru climb on top of her "ekk i feel like a sandwich " she whispered and she looked down at her friends and she blushed.
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  40. Hotaru joined the stacked pile also, on top of the group because of warmth. She was careful when climbing since she didn't want to accidentally hurt any of them given that she was probably bigger and heavier than them. "Say, why are we like this anyway?" She asked.
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