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Yo-Kai Watch RP (Ask To Join)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by GokuPT99, Jan 11, 2016.

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  1. In This Yo-Kai Watch RP We're Gonna Be Kids In Springdale That Go To School. All Of Us Need To Be At The Same Age As Nate Adams In The Series. Each Person Has To Live In An Specific Part, One Has To Live In Uptown, Downtown, Blossom Heights, Shoppers Row And Breezy Hills.

    Downtown-Spot the minccino
    Blossom Heights-Empty
    Shoppers Row-Empty
    Breezy Hills-Blackened Flare

    After I Start With The Summary, You'll Have To PM Me, Goku, Or Spot To Join The RP With A Bio.


    3-5 Friends Of Springdale Go To Catch Bugs On Mt. Wildwood For Their Science Project, At Mt. Wildwood They Encounter A Rare Machine That Wants Them To Feed The Machine A Coin. As One Of The Friends Fed A Coin To The Machine, A Little Capsule Came Out, Everyone Tried To Open The Capsule And The Yo-Kai Buttler, Whisper, Came Out!

    Now The 3-5 Friends Of Springdale Have To Protect The World From The Yo-Kais! Are You Ready To Be Fight Life Daily Annoyances?
    Well, The First Yo-Kai We'll Get As A Friend Will Be Or A Cadin, Or A Negatibuzz! If You Live In, Uptown And Downtown, You'll Get A Cadin, In Heights, Breezy Hills And Shoppers Row, You'll Get A Negatibuzz.

    My Bio:
    Name: Tyson
    Nickname: Ty
    Second Name: Reed
    Lives In: Uptown
    Favorite Subject At School: Art
    Relatives: Mom And Dad
    Personality: Hot-Headed, Extroverted, Happy, Excited And Funny.
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  2. Hmmm my name is Zachary thats all I have also goku Chan how do you do that picture
  3. ((BTW Spot-Chan, If You Are Talking Outside The RP, You Should Use This: (( )) Just Google Search OC Creator))
  4. Mkay thanks I will be back in a few
  5. ((Spot-Chan Just Use This: (( )), Because If You Don't, We Won't Know If You Are Talking In The RP, Or Outside!))
  6. Umnm which one?
  7. ((Okay sorroy))
  8. ((The First One))
  9. Kay thanks be back
  10. ((Dude I need a plug in))
  11. ((A Plug In?))
  12. ((Yeah its saying it I should just discribe the oc))
  13. I still have to have a plug in
  14. ((There's No Plug In!))
  15. ((Ugh okay I will just explain how the charter looks))
  16. ((Okay name Zachary willams nick name the zman lives in downtown fravtiove subject gym is wearing a orange hoodie has blonde hairXD and for personality jokester and logical))
  17. ((Ok, I Guess Thats All))
  18. So we gonna start
  19. ((When You Want To, Of Course, So, You Know How To RP Right?))
  20. ((Kinda))
  21. ((First Of All, When Your Character Is Gonna Talk You Have To Use " " And There's No "I" Do! In RP, And You Have To Stay With Your Characters Personality At All Cost, And, You Can't Control Other Peoples OCs.))
  22. ((Mkay okay so who ganna be the first charter to be introduce?))
  23. ((Want To Me To Start The 1st Chapter?))
  24. ((Sure I geuss I will Come in the downtown part? Or will I will be also be in the 1st chapter))
  25. ((You'll Be In The 1st Chapter!))
  26. Kay then so what about flare
  27. ((She'll Be In The First Chapter As Well))
  28. ((So anybody else in mind who whants join))
  29. ((Nope, That I Know))
  30. ((Hmmm let's ask a bunch of people XD))
  31. ((If You Want To >_<))
  32. ((Hmm I'm thinking we can get @WindRyder here so we will have 2boys 2girls))
  33. ((Does She Know About Yo-Kai?))
  34. ((Hmm I guess))
  35. ((Ask Her First))
  36. ((Okay))
  37. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Okay. What is wrong with this picture?

    OOC blather, double posts, the fact that none of these posts are IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM an RP post...
    Yeah. I'm shutting this down.

    Read the rules. And our global rules, for that matter.
    Next time, it's official warnings for all of you.
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