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Xeinzeru's Art Stuffz

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Xeinzeru, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I am Xeinzeru, and I would love to share my art with you all! All I ask is that you give me some constructive criticism on how I can improve myself. :)

    Just to show everyone an example of my art, here are a few pencil sketches and a photoshopped work to show you all! These are of my Pokemon OC's. :)

    If the images are too big, I can always resize... ;-;


  2. Sadly I'm no artist, so I can't comment on the art in that sense - but they're so great!

    Can I ask to see more? :D
  3. Of course you can see more! :D

    Here's a picture I drew for a friend to try and get him to smile. X3 I think it turned out really nice!

  4. Oh golly, dear, I must say these are rather adorable ♥

    I rather enjoy the style, and I'm sure others do too!

    ...I love the Buneary sweater ♥
  5. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    As LoN said, I'm absolutely not an artist in any sense, so my viewpoint is most often just blank staring and saying if what I see looks good or not.

    That said, your artwork, in my vague and humble opinion, looks amazing!
  6. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    These are great! I love how evil looking the girl's smile is in the second pic. I don't know if it worked on your friend, but it sure made me smile! =D The style is very pretty on all the pics. The verdict so far seems to be that your art is wonderful so I say keep it up!
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  7. I'm rather terrible at concrit, so I will say some nice things :>

    Your style is incredibly clean, and your coloring/shading looks really nice! Very good details, even down to the facial expressions of the characters- tells a lot about the type of personalities they have. I'd love to see some backstories |D

    Also your hands and feet are very impressive. Those are always so tough, and yours came out really well ^^
  8. Wow! Thank you everyone!! :'D Makes me feel better about my pencil sketches! :3

    I was drawing vigorously at a friend's house today!! :D I'll post the drawings tomorrow... when I'm not as sleepy as I am right now... it's more Pokemon OC's and a few random people from a possible story I might write in the future.

    Once again, I can't thank you guys enough! :D It make me so happy to know you like my art! :'D

    These are awesome.

    I'm jealous of you now.

    *Slinks into the shadows to stalk*
  10. Hey, sorry for not being online, I was busy. :'(

    But here's a picture I just finished! It's two characters of mine, Shihan and Ana. :3
    It's for a friend who's really sick right now, I hope he'll get better soon... :'(

  11. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Holy crap Xeinzeru that is awesome! The shading is top notch and the colors used in the hair and eye of, I'm guessing, Shihan are so professional! I also love the three dimensional look of the heart! ♥

    [me:psycho Monkey]stalks now[/me]
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  12. Thank you! :D I'm glad my work looks professional. :'D I might have a few more pencil sketches to show you guys later today. ♥
  13. ffff Xeinzeru you sexy son of a god. (Even though you're female.)

    No, in all honesty, this picture is amazing. The depth of it is amazing, including, like P_M said, the 3D style of the heart. Then there's the brilliant shading, and it is generally very detailed. We'd love to see those sketches ^^

    On another note, could you give some backstory on your characters, if any? And do you have any idea wether you will be taking requests in the future?
  14. Oh my, thank you Daft! :D that is a phrase I have never heard of! lol

    And I'm glad you like it!!! :D it gives me the warm fuzzies.

    For character backgrounds, I can give you Shihan's and Ana's for now. (Seeing as the backgrounds of my Pokemon OC's are a secret.... for now.. >:D)

    First off, these two characters are from a world inhabited by monsters and humans. The monsters in this world hunt people for food, so there are qualified monster hunters among the humans to keep them at bay. Ana lives in the capitol of this world, but it isn't all that magnificent. It has a run-down feeling to it, but it's still vastly large and has thousands of inhabitants. The President is kind of warped, and has these monster battles for the imprisoned monsters. The winning monster of these battles is spared its life if it wins. But of course that is never the outcome... they are killed anyway, but the citizens are oblivious to it.

    Before I elaborate more on Ana, I need to tell you all about Shihan first. Shihan was the product of a monster and human. But it isn't your typical beauty and the beast story with his parents. His mother was offered up as a tribute to the monster king in order to spare their town from monster invasions and such. Soon after, stuff happens and wala! She's pregnant. But she dies giving birth to Shihan, which is sad. :( So the monster king raises him to be the heir to the throne and to hate all humans, but Shihan was gentle like his mom and didn't want to kill living things. So his daddy had to resort to extreme measures to brainwash him. At a young age, he locked Shihan in a damp stone room with no windows all by himself, and chained him to the floor. He then forced him to eat human flesh for the rest of his life. Shihan never left that room, and slowly began to lose his mind. But, he managed to escape his prison one day, and ran away from his father. Although he has severe mental and traumatic issues, he still wishes to be like the humans. (even though a half-breed is considered an abomination...) So he now roams the back alleys of towns, roaming from place to place, trying to to get spotted by people. He found out the hard way not to approach people, because the woman screamed in his face and threw something at him before running away... But what I like about Shihan is that he never gives up, even in his mental state. :)

    Now, onto Ana. She's an orphan living in the slums of the capitol with other fellow homeless and/or poor people. She has heterochromia, one eye is purple and the other is red! :D She has a fascination with monsters. She believes monsters and humans can live in peace one day, but everyone is against her, saying it isn't possible. Even though her parents were murdered by monsters, she still has high hopes for this dream of hers. But once she runs into Shihan on her daily routine to the marketplace, worlds collide. It takes a while to break his shell, but she eventually gets him to speak, and eventually consider her a friend. She then begins to teach him human ways. This makes him want to learn more and more about his human roots, and more about his mother. It's a great risk for Ana to be with a mentally unstable monster, but Ana being Ana, she is extremely optimistic and believes in Shihan. Shihan has never been treating so kindly before, so he's not sure how to react to Ana.

    Here's a pencil sketch of Shihan. :3 I'm really attached to him.


    Sadly, The person I drew my last picture of Shihan and Ana for died last night... He was a good friend of mine, and I hope he's remembered through Shihan. They shared similar pasts (not in the literal sense. I'm sure his parents didn't make him eat human flesh). He lived to be 22 with Cystic Fibrosis. May he rest in peace. :'(

    I might write a story about these two later, once I get farther on my pokemon fanfiction.... I'm also trying to work on a manga/comic of mine called Monster House. I created the characters for it a year ago, and I got a few pages in pencil, but I wish I had more time to work on it...

    Here's a picture of them! :D I drew this last summer...

    From left to right is Anton the Vampire, Anya the Human, Eric the Zombie, Sam the Werewolf, Monique the Mermaid
    Wesley the Robot, Thera (Theresa) the Witch, Simon the Ghost, Victor the Fairy, and Kevin the Alien!


    Here's another picture of them! I put this one on a mug. :3


    I am also debating whether or not to open commissions... I've been extremely busy these past few weeks. :( but I believe I will be able to in due time. :)

    wow, this is a lengthy post.... I'll post some character descriptions of my Monster House people a little later. :3
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  15. Hm... I've no idea why I didn't check this out sooner, it's definitely a thread worth noting (and possibly stalking)

    I love your style, I'm not exactly sure how to break it down or what exactly I love about it, I just like the way that it looks in general. That pencil sketch of Shihan is awesome; I've sort of got a thing for pencil sketchy looking stuffz, so I like it quite a lot. But everything is top notch :3

    I'm most interested in the Monster House characters that you posted. All of them. They seem like a lively cast of characters, and I'd be interested in seeing a webcomic possibly rise in the future. You'd have one reader for sure ^^
  16. I enjoy your artwork alot its pictures like these that give people ideas for creative work...you put much detail into your work which I find refreshing. Hope to see more and maybe i'll request a pic :3.
  17. Well damn.
    Best I've seen since joining.
    Which, albeit, was not long ago, but nonetheless.
  18. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    The artwork is amazing, but you might want to check the rules of 'Charms in reguards to Grave Digging for future reference. This topic hasn't been posted in for over a year and the user hasn't been around since then either.

    Other than that, welcome to the forum :)
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