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X & Y Gym and E4 Speculation

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Coreysawrus, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. I think the spider web shows we will likely be getting a Bug type gym and the room that moved together looked like a Psychic gym. The pillars of fire looked like they could be part of the E4 and we could be seeing a Fire E4. So what other gyms do you think we will get and in what order do you think we'll get them.

    I'm thinking

    1. Poison
    2. Ground
    3. Bug
    4. Grass
    5. Ghost
    6. Water
    7. Psychic
    8. Steel

    1. Electric
    2. Dark
    3. Fire
    4. Fighting

    Champion will be Dragon or mixed. I'm hoping for a good mixed trainer possibly your rival
  2. Why that list, Riley? You only explained a few ^^
  3. Poison seems like a good type to start off with (it isn't overpowered or anything) plus I think we have a lack off Poison gyms.

    Ground after seeing the deserty area it reminded me a little of the Virbank Complex plus Europe is quite hilly so ground seems like a good choice and again we've had a few early ground types in the past Sandshrew, Geodude, Phanpy (Crystal), Nincada, Drilbur, Diglett, Onix and Wooper

    Bug as we've seen a web perhaps hinting at a spider Pokemon. I would guess the spider is the main party member so it would be something akin to Ariados which is available at level 22 around the level this gym would be at.

    Grass fairly easy type to beat and still relevantly early game, again we have a lack of them and seeing a forest perhaps hint at lots of grass types usable for the gym.

    Ghost has no reasoning other than it is really under represented and it is in a similar place order to Morty and Fantina.

    Water we have lots of good strong water types that could be used and we always get a Water gym (minus BW1). They've been 2nd, 4th and 8th the only even number left is 6 and it seems a good place considering how strong the next two types are.

    Psychic we've seen what appears to be a Psychic gym and Psychic has always been a later game type in terms of gym leader/E4 because we've had 3 E4 members (Will, Lucian and Caitlin) and 2 Leaders (The twins (7th) and Sabrina (6th)). I've placed it in a similar position to the previous gyms.

    Steel is a really resistant type with almost everything hitting it for not very effective it could be a great type and a lot of Steel types are late game; Aggron, Steelix, Metagross, Magnezone, Bisharp and Ferrothorn to name a few. We've seen the previous 2 Steel gyms as the 6th but neither have been challenging as they've had unevolved Pokemon on their rosters here hopefully their team will be fully evolved.

    As for the E4

    Electric we see it every gen, it could make for an interesting E4 team and it has some existing hard hitters that could be used in a late game team; Magnezone, Electivire, Eelektross, etc.

    Dark has never been a gym and I don't think it will change this time. It seems to be a Game Freak favourite for E4 as it has been in every E4 minus Gen 4 since the type was introduced.

    Fire because we've seen the pillars of flame and they have some formidable Pokemon; Arcanine, Darmanitan, Chandelure, etc.

    And finally Fighting one of the most effective types in the game and has a lot of good Pokemon in Machoke, Mienshao, Conkeldurr, Lucario and Heracross say hello.
  4. This is pure speculation on my part, but here's what I'd like to see...

    The Gyms:

    Psychic - This type is usually reserved for the higher level gyms and the E4, but I'd like to see a Psychic type first gym to buck the trend a bit. To follow the trend from Gen V, none of the three starter types will be at a significant disadvantage.

    Fire - This is one of the types that has been represented well over the years at all levels. With Kanto it was a high level gym; in Hoenn it was mid-level; in Sinnoh it was an E4 type; and finally in Unova it was represented in the first gym in BW so I can easily see Fire at any ranking, but I'll put it at number 2 here.

    Dark - Because if we don't get a Dark type gym this time around, a piece of me will die and I'm not sure if can be revived.

    Rock - I'm not opposed to us having rock gyms...just as long as it isn't the first one. I put it at four because we'll get to see actual evolved forms of rock types instead of what we've gotten thus far. It'll provide a much better challenge with Pokemon such as Rhyperior. And to capitalize on the ubiquity of weather in Gen V (although Candice had this with hail in Gen IV), a sandstorm themed team would be pretty cool although that might be too advanced for the fourth gym.

    Bug - As we've seen in the trailers, there appears to be a bug type gym. In the past we've gotten bug gyms low level gyms and as an E4 type, but I'd like a challenging bug challenging gym. I'm actually tempted to list this at number 6 or 7 as a symbol for how bug types have become more powerful over the years. Better not let that Volcarona set up on you. Plus we need an improvement over Alder's atrociousness Oh, and can we get a female bug gym leader please?

    Steel - Not gonna lie, this is just personal for me. Steel is one of my favorite types, but it also has a lot of high level stuff. For once I'd like to see Lucario be used in a Steel gym.

    Ghost - As Riley said before, Ghost is a very underrepresented type and I'd like to see it as the 7th or 8th gym. There are a lot of good Pokemon to use here: Golurk, Gengar, Jellicent, Froslass, etc. Since Morty is the only male ghost type gym leader, I'd like this one to be a guy as well.

    Fighting - Another favorite type of mine. In previous generations it's been an E4 type as well and in low to mid level gyms so I'm aiming high here. There's a hueg array of powerful fighting types that would be cool to see in the final gym

    The E4:

    Grass - Yeah I know this is a long shot, but Stel reminded me that we don't really see Grass at a high level...in fact it seems to only be relegated to low level gyms. Sure we don't currently have a lot of game breaking grass types, but with Gen VI you never know. It'd be nice to see a (male) grass type trainer in the E4.

    Flying - The type that's been combined with just about every other type, so it would be interesting to see a non-champion E4 member with an otherwise varied team. Again, a long shot but it would be pretty cool.

    Electric - For pretty much the same reason as Riley's. It's a type we've never seen in the E4 so it would be nice to get a challenging electric type trainer.

    Ground - I wouldn't be opposed to seeing a Ground type E4 member again. If we don't get the sandstorm in the rock gym, we could get it here.

    Champion: Varied types because it's always cool to see the champion have powerful Pokemon across all the types just like Blue and Cynthia. We don't speak of Alder.
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    If there's no Dark-type gym this time around:


    It's hard to speculate on what kinds of gyms we'll have at this stage since we've seen so little of Gen VI, but there are a few things I'd personally like to see. A Fire-type gym would be pretty nice to have since the last Fire-type gym leader was Flannery all the way back in Gen III (Chili doesn't count) and the only one before her was Blaine. I agree with Carmen about a Grass E4 member, since Grass is definitely an under-appreciated type that could result in a very annoying challenge what with all the Leech Seed/Sleep Powder etc. strategies a Grass E4 member could utilize.

    Finally I'd like to see a mixed type champion again since as stated, they are a lot more challenging than champions that only use one type or stick with a certain theme, and you want a champion to be a reasonable challenge (Gary MF'ing Oak, Cynthia) rather than a complete pushover (Iris.)
  6. I don't have much to say for Gym Leaders, but I'd like E4 to focus on Weather. Sun, Rain, Sandstorm, and Hail. I'd also like the Champion to use either Trick Room, Gravity, or Tailwind, just because gimmick(also, all three allow for a wide variety in types).
  7. I don't really care what the gym leaders or E4 are, but i seriously need a dark type gym leader. That is all i ask! :-)
  8. I would really love to see Dark type as a gym too. Not just a gym, but possibly the 8th gym, though I would LOVE to see a mix gym like Blue had, though the chances of that happening are about 100 to not gonna happen.

    As far as the first gym... I think the first gym really serves as a symbol for the rest of the region, so possibly the psychic gym. I really hope they don't try to pull the gym leader trio again, as that needs to be something specifically reserved for Unova, sort of like Tate and Liza to Hoenn.
  9. I guess I'm the only one who wouldn't mind not having a Dark gym
  10. It just seems a bit strange that, after 4 generations with the dark-type, we STILL haven't had a gym for it yet. I know that Game Freak goes into the development of a new generation with a fresh mind each time, and tries to start anew (hence the three Fire/Fighting starters in a row), but it's a bit of a waste not to have a dark gym.

    Personally, I'd like to see a corrupt, noire-gangster city where the player didn't feel safe which had a dark-type gym. This has kind of been done with poison, but dark makes much more sense to me.

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