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When the time comes will you be able to handle it?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Curti, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. This question just kinda spawned out of nowhere but When the Time comes With rumours & clues of a 7th Gen in the near future.
    Will a lot of pokemon fans be able to deal with the potential of losing Serena? Yeah Clemont & Bonnie are great characters too and will be missed too. But There's something unique about Serena being a companion to Ash & not just because of the backstory they have but pokemon in some ways hit the right now with Both Ash's character & Serena's too. The work the best since D&P With Dawn. I'm not gonna bring up Hoenn group or the original 3 since i'm talking recent.
    Actually the whole Kalos group is pretty solid as a unit. once again since Ash, Dawn & Brock. Do't get me wrong there was some Chemistry with Cilan and Iris and it was good but nowhere near as close as D&P and from what i've watch X&Y.
    So will you be able to handle losing Serena?
    Also is it possible in Gen 7 pokemon might decide to give Serena,Clemon & Bonnie a second go like they did with Misty & Brock?
    Whats your thought when you think aboot this?
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    My first thought is that, in spite of your Canadian nature and commitment to the stereotype, 'About' is spelled with the letter u, not with two Os.

    Second, Serena absolutely failed to leave any lasting impression on me, so I cannot say I particularly give a damn about her being thrown to the same lions every other female non-character companion of Ash's has been thrown to before. Similarly, Clemont and Bonnie are fun characters but I'd hate for them to become as stale, and later downright annoying, as Brock became over time.

    The Pokemon anime sort of fluctuates to all fuck in terms of quality, and considering the XY and DP arcs of the anime were fairly good (as far as the Pokemon anime gets anyway) but BW was absolute reeking moose turd and AdvaGen and the Original Series really zigzagged around and have not aged well in any way, I fully expect the Sun/Moon series to be shite - would be pleasantly surprised if it wasn't, but I'm not counting on it.

    So yeah. I'm sure some people would care about Serena most likely being punted to make way for the new female protagonist or some obnoxious waste of space like Iris, but really, you can only get attached to any of Ash's companions at your own peril - him, his obnoxious yellow rat, and The Three Stooges of Team Rocket are the only constants of this show and that's all there is to say on the matter.
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  3. The female character is always going to leave when the gen ends, I'm surprised 5 times in a row people expect any different. The writers bringing Misty and Brock back for multiple generations proved to be a terrible idea since their characters just got consistently worse everytime they returned, which is why they stopped doing that. Every companion introduced from AG onward has came and left when their gen concluded.

    They're going to bring in new characters from the next gen as Ash's companions like they always do. Serena's crush on Ash was probably nothing more than a ratings ploy since its one of the few female character tropes the writers hadn't played around with yet, but it obviously won't go anywhere.

    Also, at this point in the anime most people just don't care anymore. The show has been airing nearly 20 years, nobody thinks "characters leaving" is a big deal anymore. Its expected.
  4. I hope his, but it will most likely never happen.
    For Sun and Moon, I hope they replace the main characters completely.
    I mean, using Ash every new region is kinda beating a dead horse. I feel like the anime could get a nice, fresh start if they replaced Ash. Maybe if the main protagonist is from the evil team, or just a new trainer like Ash was, or maybe a experienced trainer.
  5. I think they should keep Serena but kill off Ash, Pikachu, and Team Rocket. Simple.
  6. On the contrary, I think they should kill off everyone you mentioned including Serena.
    There have been no (main) female protagonists that have been interested in battling since Misty (and Iris, but battling only sometimes happened with Iris) I feel like they should replace Ash with a strong, female lead. She should be powerful and NOT HAVE A PIKACHU OR ANY POKEMON THAT TRANSFORMS FROM LEVEL 100 TO LEVEL 1.
  7. I guess that's probably what I wanted but I was thinking too hard and put Serena. I think maybe Ash should not meet a million legendaries, and team rocket should finally DIE from "blasting off", I take that back, I think Ash should DIE too, I mean it's been a freaking 20 years of Pokemon and Ash is still 10!
  8. Misty did almost no battling in the anime at all, what are you talking about? Prior to Serena, Misty did the least amount of battling of any girl on the cast. Likewise, Misty's battles on the show were all generally poor, since she bombed and failed almost every battle she was in during Kanto and had to rely on Psyduck to save herself. She only has a few decent battles at the tail-end of Johto and even then she was nothing special. Half her pokemon were utterly incompetent and unusable in battle too. The coordinators (May and Dawn) did far more battling even outside of Contests than Misty ever did.

    It would be nice to have a strong female battler who did Gyms, but as long as Ash is around that will never happen.
  9. IKR I know how a female lead could happen! In the Kalos League Ash could get beaten off by some girl, and she becomes the champion and then they can have a part in the next series where she travels to a new region and tries to become Champ there!

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