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Private/Closed When it Rains

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by PentheWonderful, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. (This is a mature, closed RP between me and @Raspberry James. Viewer discretion is advised.)

    Carolee Brynn Livingston. Or as she preferred, CB Livingston. The outcast of the esteemed Livingston family of Kalos. One of many esteemed families. But the only outcast of her condition. CB was a girl who saw ghosts. She was the girl who talked to things nobody else could see, played with things nobody knew was there. And they thought she was insane.

    So they sent her off to live alone in the small town of Vanville, and supplied her with money each month so that she never needed to work a single day. Where she couldn't ruin parties and spoil balls with her strangeness. One of her mansion's many Gothitelle as her only companion, and caretaker. She was the only one who understood the young mistress' plight, and they bonded over the years as CB lived in depression and solitude. And Gothitelle finally had a master to weep the death of, after she looked into the future and saw it with her own eyes.

    That particular day had been haunted by gloomy clouds. As if preparing for a hail that just wouldn't pour. Matching the mood of the strawberry blond sitting by the window in a humble house just on the outskirts of the town. Her straight, silky hair was styled into a medium length bob, as her bangs were tucked behind her ear. She hugged her stocking covered legs, curling into further into her milk white coat. The gray of her eyes looked absently through the window's glass, finding nothing in particular to focus on.

    Gothitelle approached with a glass of hot cocoa. It was a chilly, windy day. But inside the house, you could hardly tell. Maybe that was why so many ghosts decided to enter. 'Fine.' She'd told them. 'As long as you leave right after the weather clears up.' CB had always allowed many ghosts to stop by anyway. It got desperately lonely. In fact, people in Vanville thought herself to be a ghost. Appearing by the window every now and then. Well, she couldn't blame them. She hardly ever left the house.

    'Cocoa, milady.' Gothitelle said telepathically, serving the cup on, literally, a silver platter.

    "...Thank you." She took the cup, and placed it by the sill next to her. Gothitelle restrained a sigh. It hurt her to see her mistress suffer this way. Slowly fading into mental seclusion. Yet giving a polite bow, the Pokemon turned to head outside. Her future sight had shown her that today was the day her mistress would meet a person that would hopefully change her life for the better.
  2. meanwhile, james, a wandering traveler, passes by the mansion. 'maybe there's someone inside who'll let me in.' he thought to himself. he walks up to the front door, his clothes and bag drenched from the storm, and knocks on the door. he looks around at the outer walls of the mansion, waiting for someone to answer.
  3. 'Right on cue.' Gothitelle thought, as a knock resonated from the door. The Psychic type answered the door, gazing at the man soaking on the porch. A small smile pulled at her plump, pink lips. 'Greetings.' She said telepathically. 'Do come in. Wipe your shoes on the mat, please.'

    Gothitelle stepped aside, allowing him room to enter. It was as if his arrival had been... Expected.
  4. "oh, thank you." he walks inside, after wiping his soaked shoes on the mat. 'didn't except someone to answer this quickly.' he thought to himself. but he accepts her kindness anyway with a smile.
  5. The Pokemon nodded courtly. 'Please follow me.' Gothitelle, or as CB calls her, Belle, led James to the den, where CB sat by the window, still oblivious of her surroundings. 'Milady, we have a guest.' However, the young woman did not even turn to look.

    "I see." Her voice was flat, monotonous. "Take a seat wherever you like. Belle will take care of you."

    At this cue, the Gothitelle turned to James and told him, 'Please make yourself comfortable. I will be back with a towel.' And with that, she left him to his devices, and... Well, CB.
  6. "thank you." he then turns to CB. "we've been wandering through that weather for quite some time. I hope you don't mind us being here." he gives CB a warm smile, but doesn't want to sit down as to not get the furniture wet.
  7. Moments later, Belle returned with a warm towel in her arms. 'Your towel, Master James.' How did she know his name? Well, she probably read his mind. CB, on the other hand, remained unresponsive and uncooperative. She simply ignored him. The way she ignored ghosts.

    Perhaps she had trouble telling apart people and ghosts now.
  8. he turns to belle, takes the towel, and wraps it around himself. "thanks. but... how did you know my name?"
  9. 'I'm telepathic, Master James. I can read minds.' She stated simply, bowing not long after. 'Please excuse milady. She hasn't been around another person in a long, long time.' While saying this, she pulled a dry shirt and trousers from one of the shelves. Belle really has anticipate his arrival. 'The bathroom is the first door down the hall. Once you've changed, please make yourself comfortable here.'
  10. "okay, thanks." he takes the clothes and goes down the hallway to the bathroom as belle said, leaving his bag outside the door. he closes the door, and begins changing clothes. 'the gothitelle is nice, but, it seems like she knew I was going to be here...' he thinks. once he's done changing, he walks out into the hallway and calls out to belle. "where should I put my wet clothes?"
  11. Belle stood outside the door, rather eerily. Her smile only made it all the more eerie. 'I will take them, Master James. Please make yourself comfortable in the den. Milady is waiting.' The Pokemon took his soaked clothes and backed away, disappearing around a corner. She would go to wash and dry the clothes.

    Meanwhile, CB had moved to sit on the couch, her hot cocoa in hand.
  12. "o- okay." James is starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, but he shakes it off anyway, and walks back to the den, forgetting that he left his bag by the bathroom door. once in the den, he sits in a chair across from CB. "so, what's your name?"
  13. "Carolee Brynn." She stated simply. Trailing her finger on the rim of the cup. She kept her eyes away from him purposefully. It was a force of habit. It was never a good idea to pay much attention to ghosts. She forgot people were different.
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  14. "that's a nice name." he says. "so, what do you like to do?" he's trying to not make things awkward. 'she's not very keen on conversation, is she?' he thinks.
  15. "... The storm will last a bit too long." She replies in a mumble, completely disregarding his question. Perhaps she was implying her discomfort with having him there. Or perhaps she was simply more interested in the weather. Her eyes were now back to the window, the color of her irises matching the storm outside.
  16. "well, yeah, it's been going on for quite a while..." he responds, and then asks her, "so, are you two the only ones who live here?"
  17. "Sometimes." She mumbled cryptically. It was true, of course. If you counted the ghosts tjat would drift by from time to time. "But mostly, it's just us."
  18. and of course, he thinks she's talking about real people, not ghosts. "oh, who else comes by?" he's curious to know about the others.
  19. "Lots." She said. And that was all that was said. Until a lightning struck and the electricity blinked. "What about you? Where do you drift from?"
  20. he flinches when the lightning strikes, but he regains his composure. "I come from kanto. I was born in pallet town and raised there until I was ten, when most kids go on their pokemon journey. when I reached cinnibar island, I stayed there for about a month, and continued my journey. since then, I've been wandering for years, working at hotels so I can sleep for free, winning money from battles for food, and hopping from region to region catching pokemon, though I'm not as enthusiastic about it as most other trainers. I haven't caught many pokemon, but we're quite the team."
  21. "I see." She said simply. CB hugged her legs closer. She didn't seem very interested. Or was she? "If you're not so fond of being a trainer, why do you keep doing it?" Finally, her eyes found him, despite her flat expression.
  22. "well, personally, I conider myself a trainer because it's one of the few things I'm good at. that, and I get to travel the world, see new pokemon, and record data for my pokedex. and of course, train my pokemon. they can't just sit in their pokeballs all day. I sometimes enter them in different types of competitions, and battle gym leaders to show off our skills. they're... kind of like family to me." he smiles brightly. "I may not be as enthusiastic about being a trainer as others, but that just means that I don't want to spend the rest of my life catching all of the pokemon I see."
  23. "Oh... I understand now." She turned back to the window, and resumed her rain-watching. His lifestyle didn't seem to excite her much. That was probably why she wasn't a trainer. CB seemed content on staying where she was in that humble house, watching the rain. "Where will you go next?"
  24. he thinks for a moment. "no idea. sometimes, I find someone I can see as a good friend, and live with them for a few days, weeks, sometimes months. and each time, I think about staying with them for good, and discontinuing my adventure. but later..." he mumbles: "wether it was them personally or not..." then goes back to speaking normally. "I change my mind. but other than that, I think I'll just keep hopping from place to place, discovering new pokemon, and training my pokemon to be the best they can be." he gives her a smile.
  25. Her eyes had somehow found their way to him, observing the smile on his face. He looked too... Alive, to be a ghost. So furrowing her brows, she said softly, "I never caught your name..."
  26. he realizes that what she said was true. he never did give carolee his name. "oh right! my name is James."
  27. She gives him a curt nod, just as Belle re-enters the room, carrying James' dry, pressed, and neatly folded clothes. 'Your clothes, Master James.' The Gothitelle says politely, standing still a few feet from where James sat.
  28. he turns to belle. "oh, thank you ms..." he realizes that he doesn't know her name. "um... I'm sorry, do you have a name?"
  29. 'Belle. You may call me Belle.' The Pokemon nodded as she handed him his clothing. 'I will be starting dinner soon. Is there anything in particular you would like?'

    "I'll settle for some greens." CB mumbled absently, keeping her eyes glued to a wall. Possibly seeing something.
  30. he takes the clothes and nods. "thank you ms. belle. and as for dinner, I'll have something with meat, and maybe potatoes. and my pokemon-" he looks around for his bag, trying to remember where he put it.
  31. 'You left them by the bathroom door, Master James.' Belle said, almost anticipating his question. 'I could bring your bag to you. But what would they like?'
  32. he thinks for a moment. "well, I know that luke will eat anything, and whatever he's eating, atashi will try, lilly just absorbs sunlight, squirt eats fish, lucy likes to eat salad, and lio- oh yeah, I need to pick up the minerals he eats!"
  33. 'I can prepare all of those for you. What are those specified minerals exactly?' Belle asked patiently.
  34. james thinks for a moment. "he normally eats evolutionary stones, but when I can't afford them, he's fine with things like iron and coal."
  35. 'We have coal. Will that be alright for your Pokemon?' Belle asked politely.
  36. "Yes please. That'll do." he smiles
  37. 'Very well. Please come to the dining room while I prepare dinner.' Belle gave a small bow. 'Milady, if you would be so kind to take Master James there in my absence.'

    "Hm." CB responded shortly, though not necessarily looking her Pokemon in the eyes before she disappeared to prepare the meals. There was an awkward minute or two of just silence before the strawberry blond stood and stalked through a doorway which led to a different corridor. This one had several more doors, and pictures hung on the walls, all displaying men and women of nobility.
  38. He follows after her, looking around at the pictures on the walls. "so, uh, are these members of your family?"
  39. "Oh, well. They used to be." CB stated blatantly, at the same time quickening her pace to reach the end of the corridor, where the dining room was. It was a simple, homely place with a small wooden dining table and four chairs. Obviously they didn't get many guests. The kitchen, however, seemed to be sectioned off in another area. "But they didn't want me anymore."
  40. he was startled by the fact that her family left her. "really?" he had a concerned tone in his voice saying that, as if he's experienced similar things like this before.

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