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What’s your favourite anime?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by JayTaku, Dec 22, 2019.

  1. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    This is just a thread I created to see what everyone’s personal favourite anime is, and the reasoning as to why.

    I personally have a few anime I would consider my favourites. Though if I had to limit it to one it would definitely be Gintama. In my opinion the most human anime I’ve seen.

    To start off the anime has exceptionally great characters, to list a few: Gintoki (My fave), Kagura, Shinpachi, Takasugi, Okita, Katsura, Hijikata and who can forget Sadaharu. That’s a lot of good characters.

    However it’s not just the characters that make the anime great, it’s the balance between comedy and drama/action. This anime is somehow the funniest of all time and one of the most intense at the same time, probably why it seems so human to me. If you want to see some good action definitely check out the shogun assassination arc: it’s one of the best in shounen.

    And let’s not forget the openings, no kidding Gintama has some of the best if not the best openings and endings.

    Just to mention Mob Psycho and Gurren Lagann are a close 2nd and 3rd respectively.
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  2. Lily May

    Lily May Previously Kasumi~chan

    This sounds fun!

    I personally like a few anime as well.
    Like, Naruto.
    I like Naruto because it has a great story, and it has made me cry...way too much XD
    I love the characters and all of the fights are awesome! Believe it! XD

    And Beyblade.
    Even if you don't like the whole beyblade thing, the story is pretty good, it's funny and there is lots of friendship in it, so that's a great show for kids! A couple of the characters are a little scary but that's it....

    And The Haunted House...
    I started watching it not too long ago and the fact that I like ghosts, the characters, and it makes my cry, means I love it! XD
    Plus, there's a cute boy...hehe.

    But yeah that's my favorites!
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  3. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    I like Naruto part 1, Shippuden I don’t like so much. I agree the fights stayed great, but it just wasn’t as unique and as great as it used to be. But overall I like Naruto, I cried quite a bit too. (Why Jiraiyaaaa!)

    I don’t really have an opinion on Beyblade and have never seen a haunted house, I’ll think about checking it out though.
  4. I like naruto ,but there are soooooo many sad backstories.

    One of my favorite underrated naruto characters is Kimimaro... his bone jutsu abilities were super cool... then he died...

    I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this ,but Orichimaru is kinda like the team rocket of the naruto world... he got his a** handed to him all sorts of times... (this is an exaggeration of course but still...)

    In my opinion boruto is actually a pretty good show. A lot better than some people give it credit for. Boruto may be a little bit spoiled, but he's shown throughout his series so far that he actually does care for others and is a good person.
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  5. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I love how each arc uses a different theme, setting and protagonist. What I really love is how Araki uses duality with the hero and villain of the arc - and it's something I've implemented in my own writing.
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  6. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    No. 1- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (No part in particular) (Edit: The Fourth Part, actually)
    No. 2- My Hero Academia(I really enjoyed 4th and 2nd seasons)
    No. 3- One Punch Man(this would be higher if there were more seasons)
    No. 4- Doctor Stone(Science is cool. Period.)
    No. 5- The first 12 episodes of SAO.(The rest is generic.)

    Honorable Mentions- The Promised Neverland, Space Dandy

    Animes I haven't watched- Most of the ones in my queue...
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  7. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Hmm... pretty hard to pick between the two anime's I've watched (that don't have a disputed anime status)... but I'm gonna pick Isekai Quartet.
    It's just so funny and has a cool opening theme~ Haven't gotten to season two yet though. Regardless, it's still got a little edge over MHA, which I've watched as far possible (stupid thing delaying the not-stupid dub in middle of a stupid arc), due to the latter getting a bit tiring to read...
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  8. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    FLCL is a gem and quite possibly my favorite anime but I can't say for sure.

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is up there.

    Has anyone been keeping up with Attack on Titan because the last two seasons have honestly been some of the best anime I have ever seen. Hyped for the final season and hope it ends the series well.

    I rewatched Death Note recently and have come to the conclusion that it's one of my favorites.

    These might be some lame answers, but sometimes things are popular for a reason.
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  9. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    FLCL was a good show, weird but in a good way. Basically the way to describe a lot of GAINAX anime.

    Brotherhood is really good too, alchemy is one of the more interesting anime power systems. And I like a lot of the characters. One of the few anime I really think of anything bad about.

    I haven’t been keeping up with AoT, in fact I haven’t watched it since the first season came out. But I’ve heard it’s really picked up and has turned into a great show.

    And Death Note’s also great. I like the protagonist is essentially the antagonist and you slowly see Light become more and more insane. And while I don’t love L like a lot of people he’s really cool too.
  10. FLCL is some straight up madness. Its random. Things happen. Things escalate way out of proportion, and its glorious actually...


    For some reason that last picture seems oddly familiar...

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  11. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Another anime I’ve come to really like is BNA. It has rushed bits and random twists, sure, but I like the idea of an oppressed society that has many problems to face from both human society and their own. I hope it gets another season sometime.

    (Also, I’m no furry, but Mirichu is too cute and quirky for her own good)
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  12. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Anyone seen Paranoia Agent? I just finished watching it the other day. It's really neat and I haven't seen an anime quite like it. If I were to describe it, I'd say it's a horror anime that explores the effect that fear can have on the human mind and society as a whole.
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  13. I have! It has some... scenes I wont talk about here ,but I really liked the story. It's a nice short show.
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  14. Cardcaptor Sakura is my most beloved anime. If asked for a more "modern" anime than I would say Sword Art Online - Gun Gale Alternative, or Love Live - School Idol Project. ... I have also watched most of the other classical ones such as Hunter X Hunter, Death Note, Code Gease, Zero no Tsukanami, Kaze no Stigma, Detective Conan, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Pokemon, Digimon, Ah! My Goddess, Air, To Love Ru, Avatar etc.

    I dread to think how many hours I have spent watching anime, and immersed into the world of Pokemon and Role-Playing. ^_^

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