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What kind of Pokemon are you -take two-

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Satoren, May 14, 2009.

  1. This time bypassing specific species, and personality quizzes. I repeat, Do not identify what species of Pokemon you are or your personality quiz results!

    So, as a Pokemon, what kind would you be?

    What is your typing? Are you Normal? Psychic? or maybe a little of both?

    What is your Nature? Is it Sassy, Jolly or maybe Naive?

    Thinking it over, I'd say I'm a Normal/Poison type. Its no that there's nothing special about me, rather it's the exact opposite. I like to think of Normal Types as being a rather diverse bunch, with their large movepools and multiple shapes and sizes. Defense-wise, they have no real resistances, a singular immunity and a singular weakness. I like to think of myself that way, in that I am a person with a plethora of potential and a striking personality. The reason I think I'm a Poison type is because in some form of conflict, I avoid directly attacking someone. I'm more like someone who would wear him/her down and enjoy tormenting them with the sheer irony in that I have never directly done anything to them. So yeah, I'm an evil, sadistic bastard like that. =D

    Nature-wise, I'd be Hasty, if not Quirky. Hasty in that I'm always heading into things blindly, despite my better judgement. I'm actually rather impatient when it comes to thing I take interest in. Quirky is my other option only because there's just some aspects of me I'd like to think are special, if not very strange.

    Oh, and just for fun,

    What's your EV yield if someone defeats you in battle?

    Mine would be 2 Attack, 1 Special Defense if I were a three-stage evolution. xD
  2. I think I'm a fire/fighting type personally.

    I'm always up for a fight, no matter where or when. I love a challenge. Personally, the reason I put fire up there is because my friends and family tell me I'm fiery spirited(o.0 i know right xD), I always loved fighting types since R/B/Y along with fire types. Along with my battling tatics, I like to hit fast and hard while leaving some permanent damage.

    For my nature, I have to say either Jolly or Quirky. Because I'm always in a good mood in chat and quirky because of how random I can get. I tend to speak gibberish sometimes along with doing erratic movements.

    I would yield two attack EV's with two speeds
  3. Kyaaa~ I'd probably say I'd be an Electric/Grass type. I see Electric types as a rather spontaneous, happy bunch that is full of energy and is constantly happy. I believe it fits with me mostly because I constantly laugh a lot, and love doing large hand gestures and whatnot, and take great joy in doing so. For the Grass type, although some may see it differently, I find them as those, clumsy, cute things, like Carnivine, Bellsprout, Bellossem, and Tangela. It just so happens that I constantly trip or hit random poles that suddenly pop up out of nowhere. Plus, the two typings are great annoyer types, and that's a style I play as often.

    As for the nature, I'd be totally Jolly. I love jumping around, being happy, running and whatnot. Of course, I could also be Quirky too, as everyone at my school thinks I'm pretty weird, and sometimes, I make odd, jerky movements just for the fun of it. I just find it fun to be the really happy, random kind of thing.

    As for giving EVs, I'm really oriented towards Special Walls and Sweepers, so I'd say, even if I was a three stage evo, 1 at Sp. Def, 1 for Sp. Atk, and 1 for Speed. Heh, I could totally envision myself as that >>

    EDIT: Since I feel like it, I might as well state how my Base Stats would be laid out. I'd certainly be very fast, as I like to run a lot and jump and such, but also because apparently, I talk way too fast for some people. I'd probably have below average stats in both attacks, as I really hate going into something head on, and prefer to poke around and jibe people with subtle insults in real life. As for Defenses, I'd say 100 or so in Sp. Def, as I can take lots of insults and annoyingness for a while, but after a point, it very well will get to me >> As for Defense, I'd say average. I can take a punch and dole one out, but it'll really hurt me, and I dislike getting hit also. However, since it does take a while for people to break through my hide at school, I'd say I'd have a really nice HP stat, like 110+ or so.
  4. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Typing wise, I see myself more of a flying-type. See, I enjoy looking at things from above and looking at it at different views, and what better way to do that than with wings? And I tend to be all light-and stuff, and you have to be (physically) light if you're to fly. Though, like a bird, I tend to be kind of shy-ish, trying to be as unnoticed as possible in a place where I know no one, then, if someone notices me, I either walk away or at the very least keep a conversation at a minimal, similar to a bird flying away at the first sign of danger.

    I guess I would also be part water. I see fire as a sort of thing as violence, hate, basically negative stuff, and I (at least try to) quench those things, though if the fire is strong enough, my sort of "kindness" would evaporate into nothingness and I too would go on hurting people. But then, water-types are good against rock-types, and I can easily soften people who seem so hard to approach. Water is also quite slippery, and I can slip out of tight spots easily. I crammed a bunch of stuff into my brain the night before and still got a 95 on a test grade. XD Also, I see water as a sort of healing type, and I enjoy healing rifts between people (aqua ring anyone?)

    Nature-wise, as said in the chat today, I guess I'm either jolly, impish, or naive. Yeah, the jolly part most people can see here, and yes, I act this way irl as well. Impish part, well, I like to pull pranks on people. Like, a lot. Naive I would like to think I am, and compared to most of my friends I am kind of naive. Though I'm definetly more of the jolly nature than anything else.

    Not the best comparisons, but meh. XD

    EV-wise, I guess people would get a +2 for speed because my mind works too fast for other people to comprhend, or a +1 for each special because I prefer special attacks and I like mind-ish related stuffs more than physical things. If that makes any sense at all. because I am special that way and I hate physical things. I would imagine myself to be more of a special all-rounder thingie.

    EDIT: I could be Quirky to an extent. I'm usually considered the oddball at school because I'm waaay too competative for even the simplest card games, I eat strange things like pencil GRAPHITE, plastic, aluminum foil, and paper (amung many other things), I has this cheese-song I used to sing that's now my "signature song" in my area, and my obsession with Pokemon makes people look at me strangely at times. But again, mostly Jolly. XD
  5. For me, I would probably be a Normal/Dark type. Because half of the time I am a normal teenager with normal problems, like not having the right kind of shoes to wear with an outfit, or getting yelled at for having my music too loud- or being mad for no reason what-so-ever (that is totally me. I'll be all happy and then someone says something that hits a nerve and I'm screaming.) But then behind all of that there is something not normal. Something dark, or just wierd. I don't even what to say what goes on in the other part of my mind- you would have me put in a sraight jacket in a mental institute.

    As for nature I'd be Quirky. Because when I went to public school, I was always the odd one out. I never wore all the way too expensive clothes; I wore clothes from Walmart, and I still do. Or I'll just burst out something completly irrelevent to anything. Like "DUCKS!" {I also have an obsession with ducks.} That's what makes me different. If I were a Pokemon there would never be one that looked like me. Heck, I'd probably be a shiny, just to be the odd one out.

    As for EVs... Probably 2 Def. 1 Sp. Def. I've always found my self Defensive when it comes to an argument, and I don't like to give up. I'd most likely be a wall, in the UU tier.
  6. I think for me it would be a Ground/Ghost type, for the ground part I'm pretty down to earth, I like to observe things on this planet such as nature and take my time like I have no other place to be. I can also be somewhat untidy and messy and enjoy the sweet smell of soil and dirt in the air..it's mother nature's beautiful body Oder!

    For the Ghost part I am a spiritual person deep down, I believe in life beyond the grave and I always have had a fascination with the paranormal, which can also make me somewhat of a strange person to my friends, not an outcast but somewhat creepy, like a ghost pokemon! I also love to scare people, such as my own family and friends..you can't help but laugh at the expressions on their faces when they freak out! ;D My favorite holiday also happens to be Halloween as well.

    For nature I'd have to pick between Jolly/Naughty. I'm jolly because I'm Santa (no just kidding lol)! I'm Jolly nature because i have no reason to be angry at life..I may have my moments of anger and outburst like any other human being but aside from that I tend to just be the jokester and optimistic one of the group. As for Naughty, like I said I love scaring people on occasion and I don't mind getting into a little trouble every now and then, after all what good is life if you don't take a few steps and be a bit of a little devil..have some fun!
  7. Ice/Dark Type for me XD

    Ice - I tend to act cold toward strangers in real life, and I love winter.I also love the cold, and will often give people "the cold shoulder" I'm often impartial to my surroundings, and appear to be deaf at times, as if I was trapped in a block of ice. XP (You'd act like that too if random people said Hi to you. I mean people I don't know...)

    Dark - If you talked to me, chances are slim you'd get a response back. I also tend to have a dark sense of humor at times, but not often. I am also, unfortunately, pessimistic.

    Most of my traits can fit under both D=

    lesse, nature wise, I'd be either Serious or lonely, based on my life outside the computer.
    Why I'd pick serious should be self-explanatory. Lonely, because outside of the computer I have a grand total of 3 friends XD

    For my computer personality, I'd be pure Dark or Poison/Dark. (see above for dark)

    Poison - When I get real angry in chat, I tend to make a lot of threats, but thankfully, that only happens when I really explode. Not much else, that I can think of XD

    I'd be a Modest or Serious Nature. Modest, because, according to Tangrow, I'm not egotistical XD

    I can't think of another type to go with my computer self at the moment.

    For EVs for both, I'd say 2 Attack, and 1 Sp. Attack.
  8. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'd be a pure Flying Type, no doubt about it. Aside from the fact that in everything I'm always Air - be it my star sign Libra, the vowel 'e' in my name being the vowel of air etc), I'm a very 'airy' person generally. I'm quite absentminded, as some may have noticed, and I don't always think things through. Not because I rush into things, I'm the exact opposite of that, but because I just don't seem to notice things so much, or they seem too small to worry about. Like a bird, I'd say that I see the bigger picture while missing a lot of the smaller details.

    I also consider myself quite a free person, in that I don't really care what others think of me. I don't follow trends or get bogged down in social 'mud', I just fly above it if that makes sense. I'm quite hard to tie down as well - it's not so much that I need to be doing things all the time, but rather a need not to feel trapped by any one thing. I'm quite a gentle person, I hate conflict of any sort, but on the same note I don't shy away from it and generally reason my way out of any arguments. Call me a sort of defuser, if that's a word XD

    Because the Pokemon world seems to lack pure Flying types, I'd have to go with Fire as my second typing, even though it'd be very mild. I'm a warm person, I make friends very easily and I'm very passionate about anything I'm involved in.

    As for my Nature, it'd definitely be Hardy. It takes a lot to phase me and I'm rather steadfast. I'll stand by my friends or I'll happily defend those that can't defend themselves. I look quite small and timid, so I'm told, but I'm actually pretty confident in myself. I'm a tough old bird, I am ^^

    I value Speed and strength, so my EV yield would be 1 points in Special Attack, 2 in Speed. I'm very speedy over short distances, I used to win all my 100m sprints at school and could give most of the boys a run for their money. I'm actually pretty strong too, but I'd go for special attack, because as a lady, I can has other weapons at my disposal >:D

    Edit ~ Holy crap. Spelling >_<
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Wow. I'm loving the insights some of you guys have given with these replies. It makes me wish I had a deeper look into my own answers XD

    I've given it some thought, and I've come down to two possible type combos: Flying/Ground, or Flying/Grass. I think if I look at it deeply enough, I could see traits of every type of Pokemon within myself, but I've chosen those two combos for more personal reasons. While Linkachu is my most commonly used persona online, it's never really been one of those "true representations of yourself" kinda persona's for me (I just find it adorable x3). All of my characters locked inside my mind have the ability to fly, whether it be with bird-like wings, dragon-like, bat-like, angelic, crystalline, and so on... They always have the potential to gain wings. I feel like Tobias from the "Animorphs" series sometimes, lol. I'm always staring at the sky when I'm outside alone; staring at the birds; thinking about the freedom of flying. I can get lost in those thoughts to the point that I just feel this sense of peace... That's the best way I can explain it. I just love the sky and beyond, so Flying-types suit me. But, then again... So do Dragon-types XD

    Ground & Grass to me both share similar feels. They're connected to the planet - a part of it and in tune with nature. The differences are more with their ideals I'd think. Ground, to me, seems more proud, protective, sturdy, while Grass seems more calm, peaceful, and wise. I've always felt comfortable outside in nature, particularly alone in the middle of a foresty area. Again, it's like staring at the sky for me... Just this complete sensation of peace. It's an amazing feeling, really. So hmm... Maybe the Grass-type half would be more appropriate for me. Guess it'd depend on my mood at the time x3

    Hmm... Nature is a fun question, too. I've analyzed my moods/reactions too much to be able to pick one single Nature. Sometimes, I'm completely Relaxed and Calm. Other times, I'm Timid or Lonely. Then I've got a Rash side that can get me into trouble for spouting my mouth off without thinking >>; But generally, I think Jolly or Quirky cover me most of the time. I'm not an overally unhappy person - I enjoy life, and tend to get over things very easy. Everyone has their ruts and comfort zones - I certainly do, too - but on average I'd say I'm fairly content. As for Quirky? Yeaaaah... I think that can go without saying for people who know me well XD

    And ooh, EV yield ^__^
    I wanna say 1 Attack, 1 Sp. Attack, and ... 1 Speed. Just because XD
  10. I'd definitely be a Steel/Ghost type.

    Why Ghost? I'm a clumsy sort of person, always wobbling around and knocking things over and I can see either a Ghost or a Grass type being that.

    Steel? I have metal plates in my knees, 'nuff said :p Most of you regulars have seen the X-rays, if not, gimme a shout.

    Nature... probably anywhere between Relaxed, Quiet and Serious because thats just me, in a nutshell! I dodge between those generally, though I could also be put under Naive, Jolly, Quirky or Timid as well.

    EV spread? One in Defense and one for Special Defense.
  11. I view myself as a Water/Ground type which happens to be the complete opposite my internet name usually implies. XD

    I am water in that I am like a lazy river, slowly continuing along its way, stopping here and there to play in small pools at the bank, but freely flowing around most obstacles. I like the fun of experiencing new things like a waterfall gets that momentary notion of flight before once again calming down and continuing along its way.

    I am ground because I am very simply put, grounded. I support my friends and family. I hold no illusions about my life, though I do dream just like the waterfall. I do enjoy nature a lot, though I rarely go out into it nowadays.

    As for nature, I would be either Relaxed, Hardy, Lax, or Mild. I don't have much of a temperament, and it takes a lot to get a rise out of me. I tend to be a bit lazy too, so these fit me rather well.

    As for EV spread, I would offer 1 HP, 1 Defense, and 1 Special Defense.
  12. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'd probably be a Water/Psychic type, like Starmie. Water because it matches my personality very well - I'm usually calm and docile when in my normal mood, but I can freeze over and become cold as ice when I feel the need to. The fact that my mood and personality fluctuates so much between multiple extremes, much like the flow of water in a river as it slowly moves down slight gradients and then rushes with incredible velocity upon hitting a drop, makes Water my main type. Plus, I'm quite a strong swimmer.

    Psychic is my second type since it reflects my mind - I spend a lot of time wandering inside my own head, so to speak. Also, my intelligence and strategic mind matches with most Psychic-types, as many of them are very intelligent.

    For Nature, Calm is probably the one for me, although Careful would be fitting also.
  13. I would be a Dragon/Ice type, i am passionate and cold sumtyms but i am a very nice pokemon who helps other pokemon, a lot!!! i really like kind people so i tend to lurk at areas were people are at their max kindness...

    If i had a nature it would be Quiet/Timid/Jolly...I am quiet because i tend to not talk while helping others and i will just run away after i helped someone, i don't want to be flattered...haha, timid because i am not confident and jolly because i'm a happy-go-lucky pokemon behalf of me being quiet and timid, i just not show it...

    If i am beaten, they would get 3 EV on speed
  14. I'd be a Grass type smudged with Ghost.
    Clumsy, and well, like what the Grass Pokemons do, I sip a lot of others' health too much, asking and begging and everything to the toll of others xD .
    Add on like their Solarbeam, I can tolerate till I explode one day .
    &&. being Ghost Type, cos' I'm quite the loner, and keep to myself, though I am naughty like Gengars .

    Battle wise, the opponent can easily kick me with ultimate defenses, as I'm quite the impatient sorts, and I hate waiting to end something fast, and I am not the sorts whom defend when attacking, so it's all aggression .

    Nature, I guess I'll be Naughty, and Clumsy .
  15. I would be a Water/Grass type. I'm always calm and pretty reserved. I'm also pretty clumsy at times and I like to be outside a lot too.

    For my nature I would probably be Jolly/Serious. I'm a pretty happy and energetic person, but when I need to be, I'm focused and concentrated when I'm doing something important.

    For my EV Spread it would be 2 Speed 1 Sp.Attack.
  16. Fighting/Electric i'm allways up for a good wrestle but when I get mad I explode (like Voltorb)and I would be a Lax nature I hate working I just like to relax and I don't know what EV yeild so I will just say 2 defense 3 speed.
  17. I think my type would be Electric/Fire. I see Electric types as really energetic and bouncing off the walls, which is definitely part of my personality. I see Fire types as really hot-tempered, which also describes me. My nature would be Jolly or Quirky. My EV yield would be 2 attack, 2 defense.
  18. My type is psychic through and through,
    Naughty nature
    I am calm and collectedted and I AM DA MIND LORD, the ruler of the psychics
    Ev yield special attack 3 speed 2
  19. I guess i would be a Dark/Psychic.

    Dark because i have a very dark sense of humor. (i enjoy watching idiots and brats get hurt or have their dreams crushed from their own stupidity or by the people that they have hurt. Karma, its a bitch. And fucking hilarious...) I also hate the norm and the "status quo" of society...

    Psychic because im good at getting a feel for people, and easily know where they are weakest. I like getting under peoples skin, make them suffer.

    I guess my nature would be either Lonely or Adamant. Lonely, i dont like people because they irritate me. But when im not around them, i feel like there is something missing. Adamant, when i set my mind to something it gets done, one way or another. After typing that i guess i could be Serious, and you can see why.

    EVs: 2 sp. attack because mental pain lasts longer. 2 attack because physical pain is so much sweeter.

    ps: Robo-Matt, you are a liar. Everyone has a reason to hate life, no matter how great or minuscule. Those that say they don't are either lying to the world or to themselves...

    Have a nice day. :)
  20. i like to think of myself as a fire/fighting type around my friends
    an ice/ghost type when i want to be alone
    but then i see the personality test in my sig and it tells me im a dark/fire type

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