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What kind of people do you hang out with in school

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Salamence Commander, May 10, 2011.

  1. This topic is mainly for us younger Charmsians that are still in school ,like in high shcool for example but those of you who graduated are also welcome to state your opion here

    Anyway to the question: What kind of people do you hand out with at school?
    At my school I mostly prefer to hang out with the "airhead" girls mostly because of 3 reasons:
    1)They praise my intellect unlike most of the idiots at my school
    2)"Airheads" are fun to hang around
    3)the "Airhead" girls are actually pretty smarter then other people give them credit and they appreciate when I say that they're not actually dumb

    I also hang out with fellow gamers and fellow people who match my intellect.
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  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I'm usually around the shyer, though I do just as fine around the crazier girls as well. However, one thing you'll find in common with all of the people I hang out with: they're extremely competitive about something, be it music, GPA/rank, art, sports, whatever. Oh, and most of them are Asian in ethnicity, but I do hang out with Caucasians from time to time... not my fault that my Euro AP, Humanities, Precalculus, Orchestra, and, ironically, Spanish classes are dominated with the Asian ethnicity. <<
  3. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    I usually hang out with most of my fellow drama club members, seeing as they're the minority of people who can tolerate my awkwardness. I also sometimes hang around with the technology based kids on occasion, since they don't mind having conversations about Pokemon and stuff like that. I used to hang with the jocks back when I played football, but that ended fast. It's hard to find a more stuck-up, pretentious bunch then them.
  4. I hang out with Gamer Guys. I fit into the quintessential "Chick" role in these groups.

    As a Band Nerd, I also hang out with them from time to time.

    It's lololol fun. I love it.
  5. I pretty much hang out with...well... The "other" group. Ecery school has thier nerds, jocks, etc. We're a combination of the sort. We all, of course, play games, but we are rather different people. One could be popular if he wanted, and he practically has a different girlfriend every week. Sam is a football player, but he also has to put up with the ginger jokes. Another is of Indian (not Native American, actual Indian) descent, and while he's a bit quiet, he likes to rap, and could easily get along with the idiots. And I'm the fat guy who's always making people laugh, as well as the guy who's afraid to go out, and doesn't get the "hip" talk of today, like "Cut up", "Get wild", "Do the dougie do", etc. So basically we're the group that can't get along with others. Yayz :)

    However, we're all pretty much nerds too. I may not specialize in shooters like they do, but there isn't anything about games we can't talk about/ poke fun at. Not only that, but we're all just a bunch of pervs gathered together (not the creepy kind, the kind that makes jokes all the kind), and we usually manage to get at least 5 "That's what she said" jokes in a day.

    Really though, if I wanted, I can get along famously with anyone. Just say whatever the person wants to hear (Say something funny to the jocks, comment about the latest game to the nerds, and say nice things to girls.).
  6. Honestly, my social skills aren't that sharp, so I usually just hang with the guys from my class- And I can't think of a better clique. Now, in this little country, there are no such things as 'jocks' groups or something like that, people just form groups in the general sense of the term, mostly class-based or friendship-based.

    There's all sorts of people among my friends; A national kick-boxing champion, a hyperactive hockey-player and the guy who thinks that the best humour is randomly screeching during class. And we all agree with him on that. This class has a really odd sense of humour, I can tell you that. I'm the guy who tends to stay in the background and who everybody wants to sit next to in Chemics, because peeking is a regular practice among us.
  7. Well, outside of school, I nerd away gleefully<3
    In school is another matter though.

    I'm only one of 60 in my year, so choice is a bit limited. Everybody usually hangs around with each other, but the people that I hang out with excessively are the technology lovers, girls in all forms but mine, and five other "miscellaneous" people that sort of fit together :)
  8. Meh. I used to hang with a strange bunch: One was a nice, quirky, though average-intelligenced girl, an aggressive though quite caring huntress, an artsy, six foot tall, dark haired musician, and a light haired fellow martial artist male. The three females all graduated and the male started taking college classes with schedules conflicting with mine, so I don't see my friends often anymore. However, I do associate myself with the most popular males in the school simply for social protection. They may not be intelligent or particularly noteworthy, but they prevent others from picking on me. Hopefully in college I find intelligent people in my major.
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    School. I remember that. :'D

    I'm going to be stupidly detailed now. I just woke up, so I need to work my brains. :)

    My family moved around a lot when I younger, so I hit about 5 different schools between grades 1 to 6. During that period my friends greatly varied. When I was really young, grade 1-2, nobody really gave a damn who they played with, so I guess I mingled with everyone. My best friends were girlies, and socially I'd say they were both popular and unpopular. We lived in a rich neighborhood, so, yeah.

    Then from grades 2-4, attending a totally different school now, my best friends were all male. Most of them were athletic-types because I was one myself, and again they varied between popular and unpopular. We just enjoyed playing soccer and video games and stuffs. So.. jock-geeks if you want a label? XD

    Second half of grade 4 and grade 6 (skipped grade 5), I didn't have many friends. We'd moved out to Nanaimo, British Columbia, and my classmates didn't really like me (kept telling me to "go back to PEI", lolz). Most of my friends then weren't people I actually attended class with, but the one girl I did make very close friends with in grade 6 was completely shunned by my asshole-ish classmates. There was nothing wrong with her, they just disliked her hair-style. Summed up: the kids in my class sucked. I was definitely unpopular. Happy we moved away from there when we did. :p

    Now, grade 7! The time when all my social groups truly started developing, and the longest period of time I spent at a single, non-secondary school. The friends I picked up between entering and graduating in grade 12 varied considerably, as they usually did, but none were the stereotypical meanie jock types. I couldn't stand the majority of that group. My friends were a mix... And dropping the labels here. My friends were people. Normal, friendly people. Some were uber smart/the top of our grade, some played sports but weren't buttheads, some loved gaming, Anime, art and music and stuff. A balance of popular and unpopular. I was basically friends with everyone who took the time to get to know me.

    University was all convenience friendships for me. I made friends while I was there, and it was fun, but only one of them has remained since graduating. There was virtually no divide between anyone in class, no labels, no popular vs unpopular, etc. Half the time I didn't even know these people's hobbies, we just ate out and went to movies and stuff. Don't judge me. :x
  10. Well, I went to the same school for 13 years- it was a K-12 school, a private one at that, and so everyone really knew everyone else. Not that it was a good thing- because it was a more "upperclass" school, most of the people there were vile little jerks who didn't know the meaning of work, money, friendship, trust, or anything else for that matter.

    I did manage to find myself a good circle of friends in the anime club. We were a mix- we had the more athletic, the theater geeks, the artists- many were a combination of traits. They sometimes created more drama than what was necessary, but they all had good hearts in the end. Very funny people as well. I still hang out with them when I have time. Many of them are just graduating this year!

    I got to uni, and at first things were kind of shaky. I hung out with a group of people that I still see from time to time, and they're awesome people, but the original bunch of people has split. The people I spent the most time with near the end of this year was the D&D group- and I found that I really enjoyed hanging out with these people. In fact, now that summer break has started, I have realized that I really miss campaigning XD
  11. I think with people that play pokemon and stuff, we are 4 ,I think, in the whole grade that play video games and watch anime and all that, the rest of the grade are just troublesome annoying people who like to hit you for playing pokemon (this does not include other 3 friends, although they don't play pokemon but are still fun)

    Personally I like to be with intelligent and fun people.
  12. I hung out with everyone, minus people I couldn't stand :p I was mostly classified as a Drama kid, but I also fell under the geek category whenever something that caught my technological interests came up. Oh, and the people that do nothing but sleep. I'm one of those, too.
  13. Well, I "hang out" with almost everyone. The "jocks", the airheads, the nerds, the normal. Yeah, everyone. I may not be very popular, but I dare say that every girl (and almost every guy too) in my school knows who I am. Of course I have some friends that I hang out with, and even if we don't have very much in common (except perhaps athletics, an interest I share with two of the four) we get along well and have fun.
  14. I remember elementary school mostly. Probably becuase I went to a private school from K-5 grade. Everyone knew each other, but like SineCosineTangent, it was mostly snooty "upper class" kids. Fortunatly, some were middle-class and nice. I mostly hung out with those people. When I moved from Miami to Saint Augustine though, my group of friends split and the only one I have contact with is my Egyptian-desent friend...who's father is REALLY strict with boys.

    When I entered middle school, it was very different from my private school. There were a different assortment of kids, including nerds, jocks, airheads, and people who tryed being "gangster". The deliquents who tried acting like there from the hood (which they are defenetily not lol) always pissed me off. I tried quickly finding a group, the first one I turned to was the goths. (it was kinda awkward really) Since the most black I wore was a t-shirt and pants, I went to the semi-nerdy band mates. They were nice, intelligent, and had my first girlfriend there...however short lived it was.

    When I arrived in high-school, I had a nerdy rep, but still, most girls found me cute. Which I guessed pissed off the Jocks, because on several occasions they'd give me the dirtiest looks when I talked to a cute girl. Also around 10th grade (last year) I found out my school had an anime club which I quickly joined. The nerds in high school seems more open about talking about video games then in middle that's for sure. I still had decent friends like those who played guitar and one Jock who was dating my best friend at the time. I never really liked hanging out, but my friends convinced me to go to the movies or go play guitar once in a while. I just hope that things don't change to drastically in college. Except me finding a good girlfriend -.-
  15. I don't really support grouping people in to a "type." Everybody has multiple facets to their personality, and I've never met anyone who would fall in to just one of the typical categories (be it nerd, jock, goth, theatre spazz, band geek, etc.)

    That being said, I do have two vastly diffent groups that I spend my time with.

    One is the group of friends that has developed out of our school's theater department. I'm going in to my Junior year, so I've seen two classes graduate from this group - it was just as heartbreaking each time to see them go. Really, though, none of them fell in to one specific stereotype or another; neither do the ones who have yet to abandoned me graduate. One was a complete Apple geek and just a bit narcassistic. One more or less became my older sister, her boyfriend, however...he was a nice guy, but had almost no true sense of self worth. Another was a complete egomaniac with a a dream of making movies one day. Another played football for his whole life and "converted" to theatre in his senior year. Another was typically quiet, but he wrote his own full length musical. There were plenty of other graduates....but going in to that much detail would probably kill me.

    The theatre kids that Are still left...well. One might be the smartest guy I've ever met, he's a year older than me and I consider him one of my closest friends. Another has the voice of a goddess. One is loud, hilarious, and here on a visa from England.

    And then there's the group of kids I've been (more or less) friends with middle school - though some came later. We're a healt mix I think. There's a guy on the debate team, a kid whose parents are first generation Polish immigrants, one girl plays volleyball, another one basketball, one volunteers ate the city library, and another is a section leader in the school band.

    But really....I can't lable any of these people, 'cause that's what they are - people. They're all my friends and I'm more than thrilled I can say that. I know we won't all keep in touch years to come, a depressing truth, but I hope a few ofus will stay close. If not, well, at least I'll be able to tell myself we had fun.

    (please note...I didn't go on ad stereotype everyone. That woulda have taken too long and I'm lazy :p )

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  16. I used to be really socially incompetent. To an extent where it was an issue. I hang with the same four people from grade three to grade nine (with one addition in grade seven). We were geeks, especially in the beginning. When junior high started, two of them started hanging out with jocks as well. (Only one became a jock himself though...) After a class trip in grade nine I opened up a bit, and was able to mingle more freely with people from my class.

    And then came high school.

    A lot of people remember high school as a bad time, but my experiences of it so far have been amazing. I'm an IB student. I go to a school where my entire grade consists of hipsters and geeks. U jelli? It's amazing. I can talk about Pokémon with any guy from my entire grade. One of my friends is only mildly interested, while with another I can discuss competitive play. I do not regret signing up for the IB one bit. I've finally started to live :D
  17. Do imaginary friends count, I ask?
    Because if so, only two friends.
  18. In high school, a lot of people seemed to like me for some reason (or, at the very least, I was hardly ever bullied), but I never really kept most of them very close, and the ones I did regularly hang out with are two other relative outsiders, like me. The three of us all went to the same college, where we hung out with the computer/video game/anime kinda guys.

    Nowadays, however, I haven't really kept in regular contact with most of my friends from school, and the only two close friends I have today are one of those two guys I hung out with in high school and college, and one other guy, who is the friendly, outgoing, all-around cool type of person. However, the latter had moved to the other side of the world, and I left the former behind when I moved to Arizona, so I'm pretty much alone for the most part, and I just haven't been able to make any new friends since, despite the potential opportunities (other members of the fencing club and Asperger's group I'm a part of, other competitors in a Pokemon tournament I attended (in which I came in second place), and so on...)
  19. I hang out with "the best people you"ll ever meet" ;). I am pretty shy and awkward but I can get along with anyone.I like the kind of people who dont care of what others think. I love to be able to act werid and not be judged. I am not "popular" but I am not "unpopular". I can get along with anyone as long as they are nice back, actually even if I can tell someone hates me I am still nice to them. I cant really think of a "clique" name we are all different in our own way and thats what makes them awsome.

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